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BilgeDoes `ping` not support ipv6?00:11
sarnoldBilge: there's a ping6 ..00:11
sarnoldand ping ::1 fails where ping6 ::1 works..00:12
BilgeJust found it as you said that ;)00:12
BilgeAs ipv6 becomes mainstream I hope the tools won't be so divided00:13
sarnoldthis division feels mighty old, feels unlikely to be healed if it isn't done by now :(00:13
Bilgeipv6 still isn't mainstream00:13
BilgeMy home router only just got the firmware upgrade this month00:14
BilgeI didn't even realise it could be implemented purely with software00:14
PatrickDKheh? comcast has supported ipv6 for a year now00:26
PatrickDKall .mil and contractors are suppost to be fully ipv6 enabled00:26
sarnoldPatrickDK: eh...00:26
PatrickDKI would call that pretty good support00:27
PatrickDKbesides the private sector, google and everyone else00:27
sarnoldPatrickDK: comcast offers tunnels to most of the customers that ask, iff the customer knows enough to ask for it :000:27
PatrickDKsarnold, that is really old00:27
PatrickDKcomcast has deployed native ipv6 to all customers for awhile now00:27
sarnoldPatrickDK: also, *cough* ubuntu repos don't do ipv6 :(00:27
PatrickDKthe only ones that can't yet, are those on business static ip modems00:27
sarnoldPatrickDK: no kidding, time for another phone call?00:28
sarnoldPatrickDK: do you have an url handy? :)00:28
PatrickDKsarnold, you have a docsis3 modem?00:28
sarnoldPatrickDK: I don't recall if it is or not :(00:28
PatrickDKif it is, you should see ra's00:28
PatrickDKif not, you need to upgrade :)00:28
sarnoldPatrickDK: woo. motorola.com claims the sb6120 is docsis 3.0 anyway...00:30
PatrickDKyou should be seeing ra packets then00:31
PatrickDKI forget how often they come out (I'm behind a business modem :(00:31
TSKGreetings.  Does anyone here have experience with lxc (Linux Containers)?00:35
TSKI am having an issue on Ubuntu 12.04LTS whereby lxcbr0 (and other bridge devices) which should(?) auto-create/start on startup of a given container are NOT in fact creating/starting as they should and therefore the startup of any networked container fails.00:37
TSKMy research on Google and on the various Ubuntu related sites turns up little information other than a couple of semi-related bugreports and passing mentions of lxcbr0 but not in any useful context.00:38
sarnoldPatrickDK: hrm, my wifi router's firmware changelogs don't mention ipv6, but it's probably time to try anyhow. woo. thanks again :D00:38
patdk-lapheh, try directly connecting ubuntu into it, and tcpdump for ipv6 ra's :)00:39
patdk-laptcpdump -n ipv600:40
sarnoldpatdk-lap: good idea. :D00:40
patdk-lapoh, ip6 no v :)00:40
patdk-lapalways mix that up00:40
sarnoldTSK: this bug report mentions raring by name, so it might be completely different.. but give it a skim? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/110087700:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1100877 in lxc "lxc-start fails after upgrade to raring (dup-of: 1099155)" [High,New]00:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1099155 in lxc "[raring] No ip assigned to bridge and no routes added for virtual networks" [Critical,Confirmed]00:44
TSKsarnold: Yes, indeed.  That's one of the bugreports I found.00:44
TSKIt is sadly not of any real help.  :(00:45
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TSKI have confirmed that containers run fine if I do not ask them to network, but that kinda defeats the usefulness of a container for me.00:46
sarnoldTSK: are you using libvirt with your lxc containers? does /etc/init/libvirt-bin.conf have "lxc:///" in the "libvirt_urls"?00:55
TSKsarnold: I am actually not using libvirt at all no.  I am using the ubuntu lxc userspace tools from the repositories.01:28
TSKIs that then probably the missing bit of the equation then?  Should I be looking into libvirt-bin?01:30
sarnoldTSK: meh, if the more manual way worked except for this, it's probably worth fixing. I just kinda knew about the libvirt init setting up some networking for the way I've used them.01:46
sarnoldTSK: are there any log entries in /var/log/ that look remotely usfeul?01:46
vhadil for beginner c or python . plz comment01:47
sarnoldvhadil: I like C, because using it requires discipline and patience and teaches the truth about how the computer operates.01:48
sarnoldvhadil: though python will give you better, more useful results, significantly faster. :)01:48
sarnoldvhadil: C's security and safety problems are pretty horrible -- if you screw up, it _will_ hurt. Python will more likely drop a stack trace and no harm done...01:49
sarnold(how's that for broad overgeneralizations? :)01:50
vhadilsarnold, so what choice ?01:50
sarnoldvhadil: if you choose C, start with this book: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C_Programming_Language01:51
sarnoldvhadil: if you choose python, this guide looks promising: http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/intro.html01:52
vhadilsarnold, thank you friend01:53
lvmerHow do you reference a file or directory ie: /share/share/test.txt   from an html page at /var/www/index.html   ?  none of my tries work: http://paste.kde.org/650768/01:54
sarnoldlvmer: is /share/share in the webroot of your web server? or do you want the clients to access the file via another mechanism, such as samba?01:56
vhadilsarnold, but I am just learning myself, if I could?01:56
lvmerI think samba would be easier. /share/share is not in the webroot folder. It is a directory.01:56
sarnoldlvmer: then try href="//superserver/share/share/test.txt", and be sure to use IE -- probably other browsers won't do it01:57
lvmer$$$  default mount point /var/www/index.html    & again  default mount point.... then   /share/share/test.txt01:57
lvmerI did that one01:57
sarnoldlvmer: try it with forward slashes..01:57
sarnoldvhadil: sorry, I don't understand your last question01:58
sarnoldlvmer: another thing to try, \\\\superserver\\share\\share\\test.txt01:58
sarnolddaniel_-_: shouldn't you be asleep? :)02:00
lvmerit takes me to: http://www1.dlinksearch.com/main?url=superserver%2Fshare%2Fshare%2Ftest.txt&ref=http%3A%2F%2F192.168.0.40%2F&w=1672&h=915&ifc=002:00
sarnoldlvmer: hahahaha02:01
sarnoldlvmer: does your router do something horrible like replace NX domain answers with their own advertising?02:01
lvmerI'm guessing that is quit possible02:01
lvmerwhere would I find that in the router settings?02:02
lvmerI opened it up, but idk if I see it02:02
lvmersarnold, well we shall see what dlink support says. thanks for the headsup02:15
sarnoldlvmer: so, your /share/share/test.txt -- did you get that to work yet? did IE go?02:16
sarnoldoh man :/02:17
lvmerit only works if the file is in /var/www02:17
lvmerI just got it to work by pasting in the browser: \\SUPERSERVER\Share02:17
sarnoldI wonder if a security setting now prevents html from referencing unc paths02:17
lvmerit's got to be a security setting02:19
lvmerbecause it just times out02:19
lvmerbut I can copy the address02:19
lvmerand paste it02:19
lvmereven from the html doc02:19
sarnoldlvmer: hah, file://///   -- http://stackoverflow.com/a/1369164/37727002:20
sarnoldlvmer: try file://///superserver/share/share/test.txt02:20
sarnoldthough that answer says firefox won't do it for security reasons02:21
lvmerit just doesn't work for security reasons02:23
lvmerlame sauce02:23
lvmerhow do servers like cnet have a download button though? cause you can click that & download the file02:24
lvmerthat's what I'm aiming for02:24
lvmerbeing able to do that with a few files that are not in the /var/www directory02:24
sarnoldlvmer: they download the file over http02:24
lvmerno idea how to do that02:24
sarnoldlvmer: you could do the same if you added another route in your server configuration to get to /share/share02:24
sarnoldin apache it'd be something vaguely like <directory /share> .. /share </directory> (can you tell it's been years since I've done apache?02:25
sarnolddinner now :)02:25
lvmer<directory /var/www/test.txt>02:25
lvmer                Forcetype application/octet-stream02:25
lvmer                Header set Content-Disposition attachment02:25
lvmer                </directory>02:25
lvmerlike this right?02:25
sarnoldlvmer: oh. then try <location> ! :)02:26
lvmersarnold, well enjoy dinner. sorry to keep you too long02:26
sarnoldlvmer: not at all, not at all :) hope you get it sorted quickly :)02:26
sarnoldlvmer: (the force-download behavior is something else, of course.. a new HTTP header from the server, iirc.)02:26
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samba35is there any gui based syslog server there12:51
frojndhi hi13:01
bananapieHey, I want to recompile a ubuntu package, where can I find the parameters that were given when it was originally compiled by the ubuntu guys ?14:06
RoyKin debian/rules14:16
RoyKbananapie: that is - apt-get source 'package' and then look in the debian/rules file in the source tree14:17
RoyKor perhaps copy the whole debian dir to the new source tree and run dpkg-buldpackage14:18
RoyKdpkg-buildpackage even14:18
bananapieI'll try that14:20
RoyKthat'll build new packages14:20
RoyKeasier to manage than just your average "make install"14:20
bananapieI am trying to compile asterisk from sources, but ubuntu changes the sounds directory and therefore breaks my server. So I'll try copying the debian folder14:20
* RoyK dislikes asterisk rather a lot14:21
bananapieSo do I14:21
bananapieExecuted :D14:21
bananapieHAHAHA! That's a pretty awesome recording :D\14:22
bananapieNice :D14:22
bananapielike RoyK's recording.14:22
bananapieI actually maintain a few minor patches for Asterisk because a few options are horribly broken. DTMF is pretty bad.14:22
RoyKmost of asterisk is horribly broken14:23
bananapieactually, anything dahdi related is horribly broken. SIP has problems, but it isn't too bad.14:23
RoyKseems they've fixed up the rtp stack now so that it scales a bit better than back when I was working with it, though14:23
bananapieWhat do you use instead ?14:23
RoyKI don't work with voip anymore14:23
bananapieRoyK, I guess you don't want to be bald by 35 ?14:24
bananapie( stress is a contributing factor to baldness )14:24
* RoyK is > 35 and not bald ;)14:24
bananapieProbably because you stopped using asterisk ;)14:24
RoyKwell, stress and baldness - I don't buy it14:25
bananapieNo ?14:25
RoyKlots of other things to stress about14:25
bananapieTHere are many contributing factors to baldness. Genetics, baseball caps, stress, lifestyle, food habits, exercise.14:25
RoyKanyway - some op will probably flag OFFTOPIC soon ;)14:25
bananapieIt's just fun to exagerate the link between baldness and stress when talking about asterisk ;D14:25
bananapieanyway, I am trying copying debian directory14:25
RoyKshould work14:26
RoyKunless they've changed the code too much since last build14:26
bananapieIt doesn't want to compile, I am modifying debian/rules now14:28
bananapie"dpkg-source: error: unwanted binary file: debian/.asterisk.dirs.swp" lol14:28
RoyKheh - .swp is usually vim temp files14:29
bananapieYea, I know. I feel like a total n00b today14:29
bananapieI copied the debian from ast 1.6 to ast 1.8 source tree. I think that was a bad idea.14:30
bananapieI think I got this thing working.14:32
bananapieUbuntu is awesome14:33
bananapietoo many differences, it keeps crashing. I'll have to call configure with the proper parameters :(14:35
bananapiethanks anyway :D14:35
RoyKwhy do you need 1.8?14:37
RoyKI beleive uninett.no's service for universities and colleges in .no still uses 1.4 and won't change because of even more broken code in newer versions14:37
RoyKalso, if you really need 1.8, there should be a ppa for it14:40
RoyKseems they've changed the versioning - latest now is 11.1.214:42
bananapie1.8 has a few bug fixes I needed.14:45
bananapieasterisk.conf has the directories in it, I didn't remove the ! in the line14:47
bananapieIt's fun when comments affect how a configuration file is parsed unless the line starts with # :@14:47
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qman__oh, asterisk15:45
RoyK!language | qman__15:48
ubottuqman__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:48
qman__we use it at work, and I had zero experience with it until I was tasked with upgrading it15:49
qman__I knew I was in for a trip but didn't know just how bad15:49
qman__plus we've got a bunch of custom integration scripts to make it work with our ticket system15:50
RoyKI used to work for an ITSP that used asterisk15:50
RoyKthat was before anyone had bothered to create a jitterbuffer15:51
RoyKwe ended up hireing someone to write it and posted it to asterisk, it came in in 1.4 IIRC15:51
qman__all the dirty hacks I had to do to keep it running15:52
qman__there's a cron job that runs every minute to see if asterisk is running, and if it isn't, it restarts it15:52
RoyKdigium posted that jitterbuffer wasn't a priority, since asterisk didn't need one15:52
qman__because it just dies at random15:53
qman__that worked ok, but then it would start using 100% CPU15:53
qman__so now it also checks to see if it's going out of control over 30 seconds15:53
RoyKand then, gdb asterisk core - bt full15:53
qman__and if it is, it kills it and restarts it15:53
RoyKpost a bug report and wait for a nofix15:53
RoyKor wontfix15:54
qman__I've actually got it to a somewhat tolerable state now15:54
qman__they had it running with dahdi on a P4 xeon server with hyperthreading15:55
qman__which was causing tons of interrupts and breaking everything15:55
RoyKI had to dig into the source to fix a few things15:55
RoyKlike taking a bath in a septic tank, somehow15:56
qman__now we've got it all sip and in the datacenter15:57
qman__remaining problems are bandwidth related, specifically because it's behind an ASUS router15:57
RoyKhopefully not much nat?15:58
qman__NAT, openVPN concatenator15:58
qman__trying to convince the boss that these consumer grade routers with dd-wrt can't handle the load is not easy15:59
patdk-lapjust toss them out and use a normal server16:00
patdk-lapI mean, even an old p3 with 1gigs ram would make a killing firewall16:00
qman__they work fine for small shobs16:00
qman__but not for our datacenter, not for site to site VPNs16:00
patdk-lapoh, heh16:00
patdk-lapusing dd-wrt at a datacenter?16:01
RoyKsounds a bit "sub-optimal" ;)16:01
qman__we need real hardware for that, whether it's a cisco, or even just a full on server configured to be a router16:01
patdk-lapI kept maxing out the small consumer routers, not enough cpu for any real compression support for the vpn16:02
qman__we're doing SIP with about 40 phones connecting to it through one dd-wrt router16:02
qman__so every day when the call volume goes up, we get weird issues with calls dropping or sound not working16:02
qman__because that router just can't handle that many packets per second16:03
RoyKheh - we have a rather expensive ($100k?) cisco router at work, it maxed out recently on ipv6 traffic - didn't switch ipv6 in hardware, but pushed it all to the cpu16:03
qman__but because it doesn't drive up the memory use or CPU load above 1.0, the boss can't see it16:04
RoyKnot very new, though16:04
qman__it takes more than CPU to handle packets16:04
patdk-lapit shouldn't take any cpu to handle packets, on real hardware16:04
RoyKsure, but everything else works, just not loads of ipv6, since it tends to do all that in software16:05
qman__we use ASUS RT16N routers16:05
qman__which, for a consumer router, is very good16:05
patdk-lapthat isn't a real router :)16:05
qman__but it's still a consumer router16:05
patdk-lapin cisco, the only thing that hits cpu, is rare, like new featuresets in royk's case16:05
patdk-lapI had the same issue, <2% cisco router cpu, enabled vlans, and it went to way >100%16:06
patdk-lapfound out the same deal, vlans where cpu processed on mine16:06
RoyKany good router does the real things in ASICs (or FPGAs)16:06
RoyKseems FPGAs are getting more popular16:07
RoyKwhich is good16:07
patdk-laphmm, fpga is just a case type16:07
patdk-lapfull pin grid array16:07
RoyKan FPGA can be recoded16:07
RoyKan ASIC cannot16:07
patdk-lapoh, fieldprogrammable gate array :)16:08
patdk-laptoo many different names for that :)16:08
RoyKyes :)16:08
RoyKseems Juniper is moving to FPAGs for their high-end products16:09
patdk-lapif tcam could come down in price16:11
patdk-lapcould make cheap consumer routers worth something16:11
patdk-lapit's what cisco uses16:12
patdk-lapthat is what is *offloaded from cpu* normaly means16:12
patdk-lapthere is enough tcam or cam ram to not bother the cpu about it16:12
patdk-lapkind of like a hash lookup16:13
patdk-laplike store all mac addresses in it, so a switch knows instantly what port it need to go out on16:13
patdk-lapor store the routing table in the case of a router16:14
RoyKI just started working with juniper systems16:16
RoyKit's joy!16:16
RoyKno longer a dumb OS requiring all sorts of tweaks, but a full BSD OS for management16:16
frojndI have 2 ips. And I've configured dnss for only one IP. Yet nginx when I go to second IP (I dont write IP address) it writes default nginx page. Any ideas how can I disable nginx to show content for that second IP addrss?16:17
* RoyK guesses that question is better answered in #nginx16:18
qman__frojnd, your site is listening on * or; I don't know where or how to change that in nginx, but that's what's happening16:19
qman__in apache you change the virtualhost statement16:19
RoyKpatdk-lap: any idea what there is to choose from on high-end routers/switches these days? cisco/juniper? perhaps HP?17:11
patdk-laphp doesn't make any  Iknow of, just switchs17:11
RoyKany others?17:12
patdk-lapbut I'm heavy into cisco world17:12
patdk-laphmm, there is17:12
patdk-laphmm, can't think of it17:13
patdk-lapsomeone keeps harping about it to me though17:13
patdk-lapI mainly ignore cause not looking to change anything currently17:13
RoyKseems they were bought by Brocade in 200817:15
RoyKand Nortel bankrupted just after that17:15
patdk-lapprobably why I kept thinking brocade :)17:15
patdk-lapI've never liked brocade, just their sales seems shady to me17:16
patdk-lapno real issue with their products17:16
RoyKI've only worked slightly with their FC switches, some 10 years back17:17
patdk-lapI guess a new aplha or beta is coming out17:19
patdk-lapbuild servers been backed up like hell the last few days17:20
frojndqman__: thanx I'll ask in nginx17:42
RoyKany idea what this means?17:57
RoyK[1720778.526707] Buffer I/O error on device dm-8, logical block 2621438417:57
escottRoyK, what is backing dm-8?17:58
RoyKa raid-6 which is whelthy17:58
escottRoyK, mdadm raid or hardware raid17:59
RoyKseems some lvm snapshotting caused the error17:59
RoyKjust testing lvm snapshotting for performance, and created the snapshots a wee bit too small17:59
RoyKlvm snapshotting is, well, "sub-optimal" in its design :รพ18:00
RoyKI've used snapshotting on zfs earlier, and going back to trying to use snapshotting on lvm is like going back to the eightees or something18:01
PatrickDKwell, lvm isn't cow18:03
PatrickDKand I think it still uses like a4mb window18:03
RoyKI know18:10
RoyKsome patches have come lately to make it cow, but I don't know when they'll be accepted18:10
escottRoyK, cow at the block level seems weird to me18:11
RoyKescott: it works with zfs18:11
RoyKzvols are cow18:11
RoyKworks with other storage systems as well18:11
escottRoyK, but ZFS knows what blocks are structure blocks and what are data. i guess i shouldnt say block when i mean below the filesystem level18:11
RoyKa zvol isn't a filesystem18:12
RoyKit's just something onto which you place a filesystem, or export over iscsi or fc18:15
gmachine_24Hi. This might be a rookie question - but for an NAS, what are the advantages of running ubuntu server instead of just the standard version? Thanks.19:59
floryn90hi evryone22:36
floryn90first scuse se for my bad english :)22:37
floryn90i have a problem on my web server on ubuntu server22:37
floryn90i use a vhosts to host multiple sites22:38
floryn90and i use mod_rewrite module to rewrite the urls22:38
floryn90on one site when i request a page22:39
floryn90where are some images in /icons22:39
floryn90the server reply me a 404 error22:40
floryn90in server error log i found22:40
floryn90that it go to /usr/share/apache2/icons when i request the /icons images22:40
floryn90how con i risolve this ?22:41

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