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brobostigongood morning everyone,10:28
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/WYNd4JMn take it it's time for this hard drive to meet with the bin?10:50
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MartijnV1SAzelphur: looks a lot like it10:54
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Azelphurlol fairly conclusive, started up a live usb and it doesn't even show up in gparted10:56
Azelphurit broke.10:56
Azelphurwhat does ubuntu use for the boot splash animation now?11:24
knightwisehey everyone11:24
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daftykinsAzelphur: breaking hardware now D:12:57
daftykinswell, more12:57
Azelphurdaftykins: fixing, turns out it was a busted cable12:57
daftykinsah neat-o12:57
daftykinswhat's worse is when you know a drive is funky, but you can't get the manufacturer diagnostics tools to admit it12:58
daftykinsi've got an OSX mountain lion VM now :O13:00
brobostigonwhats the freenode ban command ?13:06
daftykins /q ?13:06
daftykinsoh no that's mode13:06
daftykinsnever done any admin'ing on freenode ;x13:06
brobostigoni did as it suggested on http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml i e, set +b mode, and it didnt work.13:08
daftykinsare you opered up?13:08
daftykinshrmm unless the ban mask isn't applying13:11
daftykinsif it isn't just a nick13:11
bootkigftrgdsHeads up .. this is one for @czajkowski [ http://goo.gl/k8Zlm ] .. ends in 40 minutes ::: LAAANDON [Free Postage - the fools !!]  ::: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300845859363?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1431.l2649&autorefresh=true13:41
dwatkinsin the description it says 'pick up only'13:47
dwatkins"only two corners thst make up the first picture are remaining"13:48
bootkigftrgdsdwatkins: That is a dirisory comment, by you dwatkins :: Anyone can 'pick up' a Sofa .. It's who pays for the collectin .. And this is 50% of the battle as Ebay would infer it would be at the cost of the ebay Marketeer ..13:49
bootkigftrgdsIt's legit, I sear..13:50
dwatkinsyou'd need to arrange a courier13:50
bootkigftrgdsDone !13:50
dwatkinsthe description does say it quite clearly, but I see your point, it'll be interesting to see what happens13:50
bootkigftrgdsEl bill i being printed by www.NORspeed.com as we speak ..13:51
bootkigftrgds**....is being...13:51
bootkigftrgdsAlso on ebay.eu ... http://goo.gl/0MfL413:52
bootkigftrgdsAnyay, I'll back off this channel for a couple of hours .. as aspie does take over with moore planning...13:54
bootkigftrgds#join wrongplanet13:55
DJonesbrobostigon: Are you ok for a pm?14:00
brobostigonDJones: yes,14:00
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brobostigonit is preferable isnt it, to setup your wifi channel, to one, that is as far away as possible, from any around it? yes.15:55
shaunobrobostigon: big time, yeah.  wifi channels overlap a lot, so you don't just want to be on a different channel, but preferable 4-5 channels away from your closest neighbours16:51
ali1234and it's better to be on the same channel than off by one16:51
brobostigonshauno: everything is used, except for some space between channel 8 and 9 and 3 and 4.16:52
shaunothat's pretty normal.  the trick is to figure out who's using them.  I Worry more about coliding with my neighbour upstairs, than the offices across the road.  I can drown out weak neighbours16:54
brobostigonours is set to channel 6 and is atleast between 2 to three time as powerful as anything around here.16:55
shaunothe other fun one is to make sure your wifi is set to UK, because a lot are set to US out of the box, so won't have channels 12 & 1316:56
brobostigonit has 12 and 13.16:56
ali1234a lot of hardware won't allow you to use 12 and 13 under linux17:04
shaunodidn't know that.  but then I don't use linux on mobile devices17:06
ali1234not mobile devices.17:07
ali1234it can also be caused by the AP17:07
ali1234because CRDA will only allow the set of channels allowed by every device involved17:08
ali1234the AP broadcasts it's idea of what country it is in in the beacons17:08
ali1234if it broadcasts "hello i'm in china" on channel 13, linux will attempt to connect and then fail over and over17:08
ali1234and it won't give an error message17:09
ali1234it will put some message on dmesg like "disconnecting by choice"17:09
brobostigonso as shauno said, inportent to set the country properly.?17:09
ali1234setting the country doesn't make any different17:09
brobostigoninteresting, hmmm,17:10
ali1234you can't et the country in your wifi card firmware without special software17:10
ali1234and you can't set the country code at all on a lot of routers17:10
ali1234you can, but it doesn't actually affect what the beacon says due to badly designed firmwares17:10
ali1234so the router will hapily use channel 13, but your linux machine will refuse to connect to it17:11
ali1234windows doesn't do nearly as much checks so they work fine17:11
ali1234basically attempting to use 12 or 13 is a waste of time because it wont work properly on too many devices17:12
ali1234unless you are lucky and didn't buy any broken hardware17:12
SuperMattnice to see the new ubuntu icon has dropped into raring17:27
SuperMattanyone else noticed that the raring has been more stable during development than any other of previous releases?17:43
penguin42SuperMatt: It's been pretty good for me - I know a few people who are having problems getting it to boot17:44
SuperMattreally? Good job I haven't considered upgrading my work pc17:45
kvarleyAny plans yet to integrate Nautilus with Mega?18:30
penguin42SuperMatt: I think it's specific hardware, but I know 2 people with very different hardware18:32
andrewsHey all - does anyone else have problems using Ubuntu and Channel 4's On Demand service?19:17
Daraelandrews: freezing after the last of the ads?19:24
DaraelI was just getting ready to report that it seemed to be working fine from here, too.19:24
bootkigftrgdsdwatkins: Thanks- heaben's Sheffield got it right ... http://goo.gl/JZYPo aall for today, beddie-byes All19:25
andrewsDarael - yes.  Thats indeed the problem!19:27
andrewsOnly certain shows though19:28
andrewsSome work, some just go black screen and freeze after the adverts19:29
DaraelWell, no idea what's causing it, but at least it's definitely not just thee.19:29
andrewsWas trying to watch that World Without End and it just freezes after the nokia ads.  Is it some DRM lockout?19:30
bootkigftrgdspopey, Aloha [!!]20:10
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penguin42popey: Couldn't you bring some warm weather back with you?20:18
ali1234hmm... maplin sells on amazon...20:22
ali1234prices are identical, including delivery... so they are making a loss on that over the website20:25
ali1234but presumably they get enough extra business to make up for that20:25
Azelphurpopey: broke ubuntu.com, https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/session-fingerprint.html21:44
* Azelphur adds it to the list21:44
Azelphurhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/fglrx/+bug/1068661 is making my life fun atm \o/22:38
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1068404 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (openSUSE) "duplicate for #1068661 Low graphics mode in muxless hybrid ATI/Intel GPU systems after fglrx upgrade" [Critical,In progress]22:38
solarcloud_3scrnpopey, Just to let you know, They're desperate for it ... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111002225510&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:112322:53
AzelphurTrying to get Steam running on Ubuntu 12.10, problem is when I install fglrx-updates, or install the latest version of fglrx from the website, Unity doesn't start at all (above bug), any ideas? :(22:57
dwatkinssadly my ATI/AMD card just died23:03
Azelphurindeed, this is very frustrating :(23:05
Azelphurtempting to downgrade to 12.04 to work around it23:06
penguin42or upgrade to Raring23:22
ali1234Azelphur: or remove unity23:26

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