sabotageany way to launch a unity lens from cli?  trying to map a keysym to open a specific lens00:38
bschaefersabotage, hmm well the shortcuts for each lens is in here00:44
bschaeferjust open up the file and under Shortcut=<letter>00:45
bschaeferand the shortcut is Super + <letter>00:45
om26eris there a public mailing list for webapps ?07:19
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ControlsfreekI'm new to this, but I'm looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/~unity-community-hackers/+bugs. Are all these bugs related to Ubuntu+1? How do i know which release I need to be testing in? Thanks for the newbie help!15:14
mhall119Controlsfreek: you can ignore the unity-2d bugs, since that codebase isn't maintained anymore15:21
mhall119unless specified otherwise, those bugs would affect current and +1 releases15:22
Controlsfreekmhall119, Oh good to know. I was just going off of that web page as a place to start. Is there a better place to start?15:22
ControlsfreekAlso the mailing list link at https://launchpad.net/~unity-community-hackers seems to be dead. Looking for the correct place to join the mailing list15:22
mhall119https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity has all the unity bugs15:22
Controlsfreekmhall119, I'm running 12.10. Should I upgrade to +1 before starting/15:23
mhall119it would be more useful, yeah15:23
mhall119plus, 13.04 is really nice :)15:24
Controlsfreekokay great. thanks!15:24
ControlsfreekI'm trying to build Unity for the first time. I've built nux successfully. Still getting errors: http://pastebin.com/1dnHXwk719:40
ControlsfreekFor some reason it gives "--   package 'nux-4.0>=4.0.0' not found" but then later on it says "--   found nux-4.0, version 4.0.0" I'm a bit confused19:42
tgm4883Controlsfreek, that is an unknown paste ID20:41
tgm4883not that I'll know the answer, but it makes it difficult to look20:42
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Controlsfreektgm4883, sorry, had set it to expire after an hour. Here it is again: http://pastebin.com/rnuh7GZf23:21

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