Cheri703anyone want to help me try to figure out some computer issues?18:53
Cheri703I'm having some random issues with my Ubuntu 12.04 installation, and I'm thinking it could be hardware issues. One is that Synergy (www.synergy-foss.org) randomly disappears every few days, also today Ubuntu one just refuses to work. Another is that occasionally the computer just starts hanging and then needs a reboot but freezes during the shutdown process so I have to press/hold the power button. From everything I can find, my HDD is ok,18:54
Cheri703but I have no idea what other hardware I should be checking/replacing18:54
toddcnbwhole p2v copy for now but i have recommended a clean os and just copy drupal 818:55
toddcnbwrong channel never mind--I hate touch pads18:58
Cheri703ok, I was like O_o18:58
thafreakyeah Cheri703 you need to p2v your machine and put it in the cloud18:59
thafreakbut seriously18:59
thafreakI've had problelems with synergy myself19:00
thafreakit's been pretty much totally unreliable anymore19:00
thafreakI had a desktop and a laptop next to each other19:00
toddcnbno just coping a real server to a proxmox vm server19:00
thafreakand basically just dropped the desktop and plugged the monitor into my laptop...works MUCH better19:00
Cheri703yeah I've been having other issues too though19:01
thafreakwell, I can attest to the synergy problems may just be synergy's fault at least :)19:01
Cheri703good to know :)19:01
Cheri703in general though this thing has been really moody19:02
Cheri703like stuff just crapping out randomly19:03
Cheri703strange things19:03
Cheri703not sure what would cause that19:04
thafreakmaybe it's going around like the flu19:04
Cheri703and same stuff happened right after a clean install19:04
thafreakskellat said he lost a bunch of hardware19:04
Cheri703things starting to display weirdly, stuff will be fine for a while, then suddenly when I click on like a panel icon the menu stuff will not display or will only display behind things, just strange hiccups and such. and again the freezing/shutdown thing19:06
thafreakwhat graphics card do you have?19:06
Cheri703interested in getting a dockable laptop, but that'll cost like 3-4x what a desktop will19:06
Cheri703uhm, some ati thing19:06
Cheri703got it on amazon :)19:06
thafreaki have the strangest problems on my work computers which all have ati19:07
thafreakbut I have my older laptop at home with an nvidia card, and it also exhibits strange graphics hiccups like you mention19:07
thafreakso who knows19:07
thafreaki think computers are just out to shorten my life19:08
Cheri703and shrink the bank account19:08
thafreakevery time I get a nice check for doing a crap ton of side work...19:08
thafreakI end up spending it all..replacing parts/building replacement systems19:09
Cheri703other than my netbook and this macbook my work gave me, NONE of my systems were purchased new19:09
Cheri703all hand-me-downs, the desktops particularly, but a few laptops too19:09
thafreakbut I'm actively working on reducing the number of machines I have now...replacing with newer/energy efficient stuff19:09
thafreakhaha...I haven't built a desktop for my self in probably 8 years :(19:10
thafreaki just end up using something that I used to use as a server here and there...so basically hand me downs19:10
thafreaklast good-ish graphics card I bought was agp...19:11
Cheri703yeah, I think I might build myself a desktop, then it can replace my tv computer/server at whatever point I buy a nice laptop in the future19:11
thafreaki still have it somewhere in my basement too...just no agp mother boards anymore19:11
thafreakthat's the way to go19:12
thafreakI'm in the process of getting a new low power machine to replace my not that old VM host...19:12
thafreaksince I don't really run that many intensive vm's anyway...19:12
thafreakthen I get the couple year old beast of a server for my gaming desktop...just needs a graphics card19:13
thafreakand honestly, I probably spend most of my money on damn hard drives realistically19:13
Cheri703yeah, for once I'm good on hard drives at the moment19:14
thafreak4 hard drives that are at that sweet spot of size/price usually sets me back $500-600...19:14
thafreakwell, I hope I don't have to replace these WD red drives for a LONG time...19:15
thafreakor I may just give up on the dream of having a home NAS box...19:15
Cheri703this thing holds a billion drives: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681111230019:46
Cheri703External 5.25" Drive Bays19:47
Cheri703Internal 3.5" Drive Bays19:47
Cheri703Internal 2.5" Drive Bays19:47
Cheri703Expansion Slots19:47
Cheri703processors are where I get lost19:52
Cheri703amd vs intel, i5, i7, athlon, phenom, I don't even know where to start. anyone a cpu guru?20:01
dzhoCheri703: when I was last building a box, I built with amd because I wanted the cheapest thing that could still do hardware virtualization23:26
dzhobut at work now I spec minimum of i5 because its the minimum Intel proc that does hardware virt23:27
dzhoI think the conventional wisdom is that Intel has left amd in the dust on the current generation of processors23:28
Cheri703we'll see.23:28
dzhoah, made your choice?23:28
Cheri703trying to decide if I should just go ahead and get myself a nice dockable laptop, even though work gave me a macbook air23:28
Cheri703not sure. looking based on price23:28
dzhoah, an air.23:29
dzhogoing to put or have you already put linux on it?23:29
Cheri703like...it works fine23:29
Cheri703I have it on vm because I have to use ms office23:29
dzhoyou could put the proprietary os on vm ;-)23:29
dzhobut yeah23:29
dzho$SPOUSE has an air23:30
Cheri703128gb ssd, so if I left osx partition, then ubuntu partition, then win vm, no space for anything23:30
dzhothe form factor I like quite a bit23:30
Cheri703yeah, the hardware is nice23:30
Cheri703the software eh23:30
dzhowell, I don't like the "we glued everything inside the case"23:30
dzhobut since it's new enough that's less an issue now23:30
dzhoor, for now, I should say.23:30

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