Guest1779hello ppl01:19
Kilosmorning inetpro  and others04:59
Kiloshi theblazehen 05:21
superflymorning Kilos 06:02
Kiloshows superfly on this rainy morning06:02
Kilosat work or home?06:02
Kilosrest a bit too06:05
Kiloshehe while kids have afternoon nap06:05
superflyand it's quite warm and sunny here06:05
superflyrest? I go to work to rest06:06
Kiloshi mazal 06:06
mazalMôre oom06:06
superflyhi mazal 06:10
mazalMorning superfly 06:10
Kilosim starting to enjoy the ssh bit06:13
zerefscreen is dead again08:14
zerefgoeie more08:16
zerefanybody seen queery, or does anybody know when the next joburg ubntu-za is?08:17
magespawnNo and no08:18
zerefmagespawn: ever used django.08:19
magespawnNo still learning the basics08:22
zerefof django?08:23
magespawnNo of python programming08:23
zerefoh, ummm working on any projects08:24
Kiloshi magespawn zeref 08:26
magespawnHey Kilos08:27
Kiloszeref, how did you fix it last time?08:38
Kilosand how did you kill it this time08:38
Kilosstop doing it08:43
Kilosreseat your graphics card maybe08:46
Kilosthe monkeys idea of reseating my ram fix my shutdown probs08:47
Kilosreboot i mean08:47
zerefk, i was a bit hammered when i fixed it.09:02
zerefdont really remember what i did09:03
Kilosso then subconsciously you know how09:03
Kilosjust sort the link between conscious and subconscious09:03
zerefmust. seek. inner. self.09:05
zerefbut Kilos 09:07
zerefthe guy who was selling screens for 35009:07
zerefis that still on?09:07
Kilosits a pc shop09:07
zerefall sizes?09:07
zerefcos i'm looking for 21 inch09:08
zerefdo they deliver?09:08
Kilossec i look09:08
zerefcos i'm in jozi, and i presume they are in pta. since u live there09:08
Kilosnope up to 19" lcd for R85009:08
Kilosyes they are just off van der hoff road in pta west09:09
Kilosdoesnt show any on the pamphlet09:09
Kilosthere must be pc shops in jozi too that arent rippoff artists09:10
zerefk. 09:10
zerefcontact details please.09:10
zerefi lost my irssi logs09:11
Kilos072361 111809:11
zerefshould i reference you or what?09:11
Kilosno im just a rare customer09:12
zerefk, so who will i be talking to?09:12
Kilosnormally the counter guy09:12
zerefcompany name?09:13
Kilosbright star tradings09:13
Kilosyou want the addy?09:13
zerefplease, in case i have to go there/09:13
Kilosalso ask if they have a branch in jozi when you fone them09:14
zerefthanks Kilos 09:14
Kiloscnr centre street and van der hoff road09:14
Kiloshercules forum09:15
Kilosopposite rand savers super market and the post office09:15
zerefnot possible09:17
nlsthznalo alo10:26
Kilosalo nlsthzn 10:27
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos , all well?10:27
Kilosyes ty and you lad?10:27
Kiloszeref, whats not possible??10:28
nlsthznyup thanks... (except I have to go the cat litter boxes now... I hate cats)10:28
Kilosai mee too10:29
Kilosim allergic to them and their flees10:29
nlsthznI just dont like them10:30
Kilosonly good cats are those in zoos and those that eat illegal immigrants on the mozambique border10:30
Kiloshi Cantide 10:35
Cantidehello '-';;;10:36
Kiloshi Tonberry 11:57
zerefKilos: they said that they dont have 21 + dont deliver12:31
Kiloswhat is the meaning of a ppa13:02
Kilosare there words for it13:02
Tonberry personal package archive 13:03
Tonberryi think13:03
Kilosand how do you kill it once you have added it13:03
Tonberrysomewere in software sources i think13:04
Kilosah ty13:04
magespawnhey Kilos13:16
Kiloswb magespawn 13:16
magespawnhectic day13:16
Kiloswhats happening?13:17
magespawnthe hluhluwe hotel's network when down completly13:17
Kilosdid you fix it?13:18
Kilosor was it internet related13:18
magespawnby passed parts of the network so that some are back online13:18
Kilosyou still gotta find the cause?13:19
magespawnno something in their switch room is faulty and the person who installed the network did not oable the cables13:19
Kiloseish thats gonna be a job tracing them13:20
magespawnyes still gotta find the cause13:20
magespawnyup can be done just lots of time13:20
magespawnor lots of people13:20
Kiloshehe we used to use tone generators you connect to one end then go to all the other ends to find which one is which13:21
Kilosand label as you locate each one if you gonna do their work13:21
magespawnthere are cable tester etc but  too expensive for me13:22
Kilosyou must be able to make one up man13:22
Kilosits ethernet cables hey13:22
magespawnyes one cable at a time, you only have to do the ends at the switch really13:22
magespawnor more specifically utp cat5e13:23
Kilosthere must be a way to send a tone on them 13:23
Kilosof then you need earphones or telkom headset to listen other end13:23
Kiloswell at least you have a start13:24
Kilossome are working13:24
magespawni have a continuity tester but takes time to walk around and check each cable end, there are about 4013:25
magespawncables that is13:25
magespawni am on my way home chat later.13:25
Kilosyo inetpro ping16:22
Kilosyou still here nlsthzn 16:23
Kilosnot bed time for ahabs16:23
magespawnWhats up Kilos?16:45
Kilosthe pros commands worked kiff to copy this machines archives to the server16:49
Kiloswanted to thank him16:49
Kilosyeah and i can sudi -i it as well so coulda been a shorter trip16:53
Kilosbut he said try stay clear of sudo -i unless you know what you doing16:53
magespawnIt makes you root16:53
Kiloscoulda gone root on server and copied these archives directly into servers archives16:54
Kilosor thse archives which i have as packsp on desktop here16:56
magespawnWith sudo -i though i think all restrictions are lifted16:59
Kilosyeah but not from both pcs at once in one command i think16:59
Kiloson same terminal17:00
Kilosnow i still gotta learn sshing to another ubuntu pc then to win pcs17:13
Kilosmethinks one will need to learn all the new dos commands17:13
magespawnI will have to scroll the logs 17:13
Kilosi can give you the commands17:14
Kiloslogs long17:14
magespawnSsh to anothe ubuntu is the same as to your server17:14
magespawnNot right now on the phone17:14
Kilosi battled doing it to maverick17:14
Kilosi have commands saved so anytime17:15
Kilosscrolling is major work17:15
magespawnWith win there is a program called putty to ssh from17:17
magespawnThink you can use cygwin to ssh to from ubuntu17:17
* nlsthzn is back17:17
Kilosi saw putty in our repos i think17:19
KilosTelnet/SSH client for X17:20
Kilosi dunno what X is but we have putty as well17:21
magespawnX is the video part/server of ubuntu i think17:23
Kilosya the X11 stuff and Xorg17:24
Kilosonly if you ssh to a win machine our commands wont work unles there is a dos/linux converter built in17:27
Kilosso ssh with gui could be good17:27
nlsthznno rugby for me online tonight :(17:28
nlsthznnot even on radio17:28
Kilosi wish i could understand better how everything works17:28
Kilosaw nlsthzn that sucks17:28
Kiloswho is playing17:28
nlsthznlions vs russia17:29
Kilosonly our dstv guys will get that. dont think we will17:29
nlsthzntrue but I often got a stream online... or at least rsg or radio pretoria17:30
nlsthznoh well17:30
Kilosdid you google17:33
Kilosmaybe there another site that streams games17:34
nlsthznyup, I am pretty sure I am screwed17:34
* nlsthzn goes and watched twitch.tv instead17:38
Kilosmaaz google free live streaming of russia vs lions rugby17:43
MaazKilos: "Rugby Free Live Streams" http://www.freefootball.org/rugby.php :: "Live Rugby - Golden Lions v Russia Live Rugby Streaming" http://www.freefootball.org/events/20130119_1700_Golden-Lions_v_Russia.html :: "Wiziwig.tv | Rugby schedules, watch live and free Rugby streams" http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?part=sports&discipline=rugby :: "Planet Rugby |17:43
MaazRugby Union News, Live Rugby Scores, Results ..." http://www.planetrugby.com/ :: "Vipsportsbo…17:43
Kilosnlsthzn, ^^17:43
nlsthznthanks uncle Kilos ... all that is spam sites to drive advertising... the real sites maintain a low profile cause they get shut down... and the game isnt high profile enough to have some of the regulars interested17:44
nlsthznI'll watch a live sc2 tourney17:46
nuvolarianyone using btrfs?17:47
* nuvolari ponders on whether the new harddrive should go ext4 or btrfs17:47
nlsthznntfs at the moment :p17:47
magespawnOla nuvolari17:47
nlsthznI never had issues with ext417:47
nuvolarinlsthzn: is it okay if I ignore you just because of that?17:47
nlsthznor even zfs (just installed pc-bsd too)17:47
nuvolarihi oom Kilos, magespawn 17:47
magespawni tend to stay with tried an tested  for my main machines17:48
nlsthznnuvolari, :( I guess ... :p17:48
nuvolarihmm, ext4 it is then... going to be my photo drive17:48
nuvolarinot sure if I should keep the 1tb or 500Gb for photos :-/17:49
Kiloshi nuvolari 17:49
nuvolariCapturing in RAW format takes its toll17:49
nuvolariit looks like ext4 still performs better than xfs and btrfs17:50
magespawnThen the 1tb it is then17:50
nuvolarioh hi TaraLS 17:50
* nlsthzn has been sorting out photos for two days ... :( stil have 1000 to go to tag faces :'(17:50
TaraLSHi hi hi hi hi17:50
TaraLSAm I allowed to share my creations with you guys?17:51
Kiloslo TaraLS 17:51
TaraLSlo, Kilos17:51
magespawnHey TaraLS it lives17:51
nuvolarisure, why not? as long as it's PG-13-safe17:51
TaraLSmagespawn, Shup, you.17:51
nuvolarioh! she's talking dirty to him!17:51
TaraLSAre any of you interested in hearing a snippet of an original song I am working on?17:52
TaraLSnuvolari, :P17:52
magespawnHah beat my phone going flat from the beep to the charger17:52
Kiloslol @ magespawn 17:52
nuvolariI dub thee, flashspawn17:52
nuvolaritoo many ssss's17:53
TaraLSOkay, here we go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN8r2esWwao17:53
nuvolariholy bleep bleep bleep bleep 17:54
* nuvolari walks away first17:54
nuvolarisounds beautiful TaraLS 17:54
TaraLSThank you, nuvolari 17:54
Kilosmagespawn, can you transfer grapics files with ssh as well18:04
Kilosi spose they just data hey?18:04
Kilosonly a server wont see them18:04
TaraLSNow I have Windows 7 Professional, which is partly why I haven't been coming here more. :P But I'm really happy with it, and this computer (the donated one) works wonderfully, so yay. I'm off to bed now. *wave*18:05
Kilostoods kiddo18:05
Kiloslol she thinks we will vloek her for coming here from winsucks18:06
nuvolariwon't we?18:09
nuvolario wait, no we wont :P18:09
magespawnKilos you can transfer anything you want18:16
Kilosyo Vince-0 18:16
Kiloswhere are all your linux buddies18:17
magespawnnuvolari flashpawn? Really? I thought it was pg 13 here.18:17
Kilosthere must be gamers amongst them18:17
Vince-0not really hey18:18
nuvolarilol magespawn 18:28
nuvolarihi Vince-0!18:28
nuvolarioh ya, did anyone check out the dlug video yet? :P18:28
Kilosdo i just change the 11 to 13 in line 6 to increase pidgins incoming font guys18:37
Kilosor am i fiddling in wrong place again18:37
Vince-0hi nuvolari 18:41
theblazehenhi all18:42
Kiloshiya theblazehen 18:46
Kiloshows you?18:46
theblazehengood and you?18:46
Kilosgood ty18:46
theblazehenthats good.18:46
theblazehenwhats been happening lately?18:47
Kilosnot much. everyone is too busy18:47
theblazehenah ok.18:47
Kilosmonthly meeting here at 19.30 monday night hey18:47
theblazehenok sure18:47
Kilosoh are you a gamer?18:47
theblazehendepends on the game.18:48
theblazehennot much you can play on a netbook :/18:48
Kiloswe been challenged by the ubuntu mexican team18:48
theblazehenchallenge accepted.18:48
Maazaccepted: The gauntlet has been thrown at your feet. Do you accept?18:48
theblazehenwait whats the game ?18:48
Kilosbut not many gamers that can get the time18:48
Vince-0I do think the latency between here and South America could be an issue18:48
Kilossec i scroll back and see18:48
theblazehenwhats the time and date?18:48
theblazehenand I'll let my friend know18:49
Kilosoh arent you on our mailing list?18:49
theblazehenyes I am18:49
theblazehenwas it posted ?18:49
Kilosyou didnt see the mail from maia about it18:49
Kilosoh my18:49
MaazYour challenge was not met. I suggest anger management counselling18:49
theblazehendont check my mail often18:49
nlsthznlatency is over-rated18:49
nlsthznthis is for fun after all18:50
Kilosnlsthzn, you need to put your foot down with a firm hand18:52
theblazehenlooks fun :) kilos you going to join ?18:52
nlsthznthey already had a meeting or somethign about it the 12th 18:52
nlsthznI suspect we are late18:52
Kilosi dont have the data to play online theblazehen 18:52
theblazehenthat sucks :(18:53
Kilosand i think im a bit old to compete against you peeps18:53
theblazehenhey... I suck too.18:53
theblazehenjust try and outnumber them18:53
Kilosjust get friends who are good to help us18:54
theblazeheni'll try.18:54
Kiloswe cant let the tortilla munchers beat us18:54
theblazehenAssualtCube also on windows right ?18:54
Kilosnlsthzn, ^^18:55
Kilosnlsthzn, is trying to get us ready if we can get a team theblazehen 18:55
nlsthzntheblazehen, yup, that is why I was thinking I could assist the guys to practice18:55
* nlsthzn is on windows on the gaming rig18:56
Kilosguys +18:56
nlsthznalso, I am off another two days then back to the grind stone :(18:56
theblazehenis there a limit on how many people per team ?18:57
nlsthznI don't know the details, not sure they have published any :/18:58
Kilosnlsthzn, you starting days or nights18:58
theblazehenok. I was thinking if I could get my school involved ...18:58
Kiloshaha kids be good at gaming18:59
nlsthzntheblazehen, could work (problem is the games are unkown mostly)18:59
nlsthznKilos, going 2 days, then 4 nights18:59
theblazehenget a few cd's and purn the installer18:59
nlsthznthey should have celebrated steam and played tf219:00
nlsthznbut I think the issues is they have a lot of o0lder machuines19:00
theblazehenis it free ?19:00
nlsthzntf2 ius all free19:02
Kilosnlsthzn, cant you ask mexico for more details?19:02
Kilosnot sure who they were #ubuntu-me i think19:03
nlsthznlol 19:05
nlsthznmight be a bad time19:06
Kilosyeah im trying to member what they said about timezone19:06
KilosMaaz, time in mexico19:07
MaazKilos: Mexico has multiple timezones: America/Mexico_City, America/Cancun, America/Merida, America/Monterrey, America/Matamoros, America/Mazatlan, America/Chihuahua, America/Ojinaga, America/Hermosillo, America/Tijuana, America/Santa_Isabel and America/Bahia_Banderas19:07
nlsthznI suspect it is like north america so it varies a lot19:07
nlsthznbut the sun is up there on a saterday so...19:07
Kilosyou were at our reapproval werent you 19:07
mazalSleep well all19:08
Kilosnight mazal 19:08
Kilossleep tight19:08
nlsthznby accident19:08
Kilosim  trying to think if they mentioned a city19:09
Kiloswish maia was here19:09
Kilosher head works better19:09
Kilosi wonder if she be still at school19:10
Kiloshi smile19:13
smilehi Kilos :p19:14
Kilosim glad you dropped all those numbers after your nick19:14
nlsthznthey are 8 hours behind us19:15
Kilosnearly like the crash kid19:15
nlsthznthe guy there says something else?!19:15
nlsthznoh wait it is the same :p19:16
nlsthzn8 hours difference19:16
Kilosmaybe ill tease him some19:17
nlsthznthey see you trolling, they hating19:17
Kilosis that trolling19:18
Kilosmaybe we can play chess with them. they move today and we move tomorrow19:21
smileKilos: lol :p19:22
Kiloswhat a business19:25
Kilosour 8pm is their siesta time19:26
* nlsthzn needs to het up early tomorrow morning... I am babysitting :'(19:27
Kilosnight nlsthzn sleep tight19:28
Kilosim not far behind you19:28
nlsthznI am still here for a bit... (should be in bed but ya ):p19:30
Kilosnight all sleep tight. see yas morrow19:30
Vince-0peace out!19:30
nlsthznnight ki19:31
smilenlsthzn: on who? :o19:34
smilebabysitting? :p19:35
nlsthznah, friends of ours... a 2 year old and a 4 year old... :'( torture19:35
smilei see :)19:36
smilegood luck19:36
smilehave to go bye19:36
inetprogood night nlsthzn20:50
Maazinetpro: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell inetpro Mooi man, ons het 36 tot nou toe" 15 hours, 51 minutes and 21 seconds ago20:50

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