sylphieIkline; what error?00:00
Iklineif it's of any help, it does it right after init-bottom00:00
CLUSTERfooHelp: I did a dist-upgrade and now Ubuntu is all screwy. One of my screens is cut in half and Ubuntu desktop doesn't fully load (have to manually restart as it won't respond). Xmonad desktop logs in. -- Booted up right one time after the Grub2 screen came up randomly, but I can't bring the Grub2 screen up again manually (shift makes the computer restart)00:00
sylphieIkline; is it a hardware error?00:00
usr13Ikline: smartct -a /dev/hd?  |less  or hdparm -i /dev/hd?00:00
usr13sylphie: More-than-likely00:01
Iklinesylphie: not that I can tell, I've run a memtest, and all peripherals seem to work fine under the live cd00:01
shadejanybody who knows how the iptables work?00:01
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, sounds like X might be misbehaving ... try ALT+F2 to bring up a terminal window, kill X, and then restart it00:01
usr13Ikline: hdsentinel: http://www.hdsentinel.com/hdslin.php00:01
CLUSTERfoonot hardware: screen looks normal on during boot. also, entire gnome desktop seems to not function properly when it boots up screwy, while xmonad desktop does. randomly it'll boot up fine sometimes.00:01
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, never said it was hardware ... X is the display client/server00:02
dpurgertshadej -- a little ... what're you trying to do?00:02
Iklineusr13: botting up live cd, will check it out as soon as I can00:02
sylphieIkline; then most like one of the installed drivers got corrupted when the power failed00:02
usr13Ikline: Okeydokey.  Good luck00:03
CLUSTERfoodpurgert sorry i read different message00:03
Iklinesylphie: my assumption has been that there was a file being written to when it happened and that's the source of the problem, now I could be completely full of it00:03
usr13Ikline: Sometimes you have to run fsck a couple times.00:03
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, no worries mate, there's about five different things happening.00:03
sylphieIkline; ssds write really fast ...00:03
Iklineusr13: will fsck tell me if it has done something?00:04
usr13Ikline: Yes00:04
usr13If there are errors, it will say so, it will say that it has done something, (changed something).00:04
sylphieIkline; if some device driver or part of the kernel got corrupted, fsck won't fix it00:04
Iklinesylphie: I know that, but if it's a filesystem error, it will00:05
IklineI am just trying everything I can because this error seems to havve a billion reasons for showing up00:05
DarkSim_Hello, I wanted to ask if I can run the latest version of Gnome on 12.04=00:05
dpurgertyeah, but with init choking ...00:05
sylphieIkline; if it was a filesystem error, it hould already be fixed00:06
dpurgertDarkSim_, yes... though you may need to do some "convincing" with gnome00:06
Ben64!latest | DarkSim_00:06
ubottuDarkSim_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.00:06
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DarkSim_dpurgert, what exactly is in need of "convincing"00:07
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wwarriorwhat happened with ubuntu-restricted-modules ?00:08
DarkSim_brb, reboot00:09
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> can't find pid of x. looked in system monitor and ps ax | grepped for "x".00:09
dpurgertDarkSim_, who knows ... you may need to compile binaries, or something00:09
dpurgertit's 'X', CLUSTERfoo (i.e. capital)00:09
wwarrioror ubuntu-restricted-* ?00:09
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, "ps -ef | grep X" -- it should return an entry with to the effect of /usr/bin/X00:10
Iklineusr13: ok, downloaded hdsentinel, ran it, it gave me my hard drive info, now what?00:10
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sylphieIkline; btw, what filesystem are you using?00:11
usr13Ikline: hdsentinel: http://www.hdsentinel.com/hdslin.php00:11
Iklinesylphie: ext400:11
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Iklineusr13:yes, i went to that site, i downloded it, and ran it, it just gives info00:13
usr13Ikline: Health: ___________?00:13
usr13Ikline: Well, that's good.00:13
usr13It means it's probably not a hardware issue.00:14
Iklineusr13: so do you think reinstalling init is a viable option for correcting this?00:14
martianI have 12.04 running on a dell poweredge eight core machine, but it seems like core 1 is doing all the work. Its temp is twice that of the rest. Why would this be?00:14
sylphieIkline; is this one of those server-level ssd'd that uses battery backup insted of flash?00:14
Iklinesylphie: it is an OCZ-VERTEX400:15
CLUSTERfoodpurgert: didn't fix it. it logged me out, but the problem already exists at login screen. (my ipad doesn't seem to be connecting to chatroom so I have to do do this on the same computer I'm trying to fix :/ what a day)00:16
CLUSTERfoodpurgert: is there another way to bring up grub? pressing shift during boot instantly restarts my computer. -- Is there a way to undo last night's dist upgrade?00:18
sylphieIkline; according to the OCZ website, it's flash-ram based. which means it has a write limit. You might have exceeded that limit00:18
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Iklinesylphie: please read a bbook, there's no way in hell I've exceded the write cycling on this hard drive since it has over a million cycles and I won';t even live that long, I guess i should just go back to windows00:19
Iklinegoodbye linux people, good luck dtaking eight times as long fixing issues thatn in windows00:19
sylphieI'm insulted00:20
usr13Ikline: WHat?00:20
phy1729usr13: Ikline quit00:20
DarkSimand he is using Ubuntu too00:20
DarkSimUbuntu is the reason I can use Linux at all00:20
usr13phy1729: Yea I see he did.  He is really lost.  Sorry about that but he's just lost and frustrated.  I feel sorry for him.00:21
DarkSimOh my god! Why doesn't everyone use Gnome, this is amazing00:26
DarkSimSo clean, so beautiful00:26
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dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, not sure what you mean? after you killed X, did you restart it?00:30
Coded1where do kernel headers normally install to?00:30
PatrickDickeyCoded1 typically /usr/src00:31
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CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> I did "sudo kill X", I was instantly logged out (the log-in menu showed up). I then logged back in.00:32
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, oh, sweet, it auto-restarted :) ... no dice on things working though?00:32
jrwagnerhi all, could someone help me with some tablet troubles? about to pull my hair out here...00:33
dpurgertjrwagner, what's the trouble?00:33
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> nope. only time it booted up proper was after Grub menu randomly showed up (I just chose "Ubuntu" option). I tried to repeat the process, but holding SHIFT instasntly restarts my computer instead of bringing up Grub menu.00:33
jrwagnerso i've got a new monoprice tablet00:33
jrwagnertrying to use it with GIMP00:33
jrwagnerset up the wizardpen drivers, but can't for the fucking life of me calibrate it00:34
jrwagnerit wants me to edit an etc/xorg.conf file but that file does not exist00:34
jrwagnerand evidently has not existed since 9.0400:34
jrwagneri'm out of ideas and just really frustrated00:34
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> I really don't want to re-install everything. But this is my work computer and I've already lost all day to this problem. And what happens if it just happens again after I upgrade the fresh install :/00:34
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, did you happen to get a new kernel maybe? if you did that ... it could be causing the trouble00:35
PatrickDickeyjrwagner https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config might help you out. It talks about how to create the X.Org.conf file, if you need it.00:35
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, what do you get from uname -a00:35
jrwagnerokay, patrickdickey, that's really helpful. i'm a bit new at this, so how do I go about taking those instructions and turning them into what i need? just paste into wordpad, or...?00:36
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> I think I did (I know, dumb not to check, but it was late and I did it without thinking). I get "Linux computer-dev 3.5.0-22-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 8 21:47:00 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"00:37
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, no worries :)  -- check /boot and see if there are older kernels in there00:38
dpurgert(ls /boot)00:38
rdp1408Hey I'm having a problem installing Ubuntu on my laptop. I installed it with the Windows installer and after rebooting it sits at a blank black screen with a blinking cursor and doesn't do anything. Can anyone help?00:38
PatrickDickeyjrwagner from a command line (terminal) type gksudo gedit /etc/xorg.conf and enter your password. That's if you need to create the file. If you can get by using the daemon (the one that ends in .d) then you'll use sudo /etc/xorg.conf.d and enter your password.00:38
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> yes, a few. is there a way to choose one without Grub menu?00:38
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, OK, do this now -- "ls -l /boot"00:39
dpurgertis one of them dated yesterday?00:39
jrwagnerPatrickDickey, I could fucking kiss you right now00:39
PatrickDickeySorry jrwagner I misread that. /etc/xorg.conf.d is the directory that the xorg.conf file will be located in. So I'd check there for the file, and create it, if it doesn't exist.00:39
jrwagnerit didn't exist, so i just created it00:40
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CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> "15238739 Jan 17 23:55 initrd.img-3.5.0-22-generic"00:40
PatrickDickey!wubi | rdp1408 The information here might help you to troubleshoot your installation.00:40
ubotturdp1408 The information here might help you to troubleshoot your installation.: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe00:40
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, well, that might be the culprit.  this is "slightly" dangerous (i.e. you could break things if you don't kill it all)00:41
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, but you should be able to remove all *3.5.0-22-generic files00:41
PatrickDickeydpurgert have you ever used Bleachbit or something similar to clean out older kernels? I'm not sure if that would help in CLUSTERfoo's situation or not, as I came in a bit late.00:44
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> do I just rm the file?00:44
dpurgertPatrickDickey, nope, I do it manually -- figure that way if (when) I break it, I'll have broken it good :)00:44
* PatrickDickey is good at breaking it good...00:45
alamihow can i solve this errorrshttp://pastebin.com/n3zvK0tp00:45
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, there will be 3-4 files that you'll have to get rid of -- vmlinuz, initrd, config, and maybe something else00:45
dpurgertyou'll need to use sudo though00:46
dpurgertand then after you've deleted the files, run sudo update-grub00:46
PatrickDickeyalami, what are you trying to do that's creating those errors? And was there anything above what you paste-binned?00:46
alamiPatrickDickey: i want to install matlab00:46
PatrickDickeyalami can you pastebin everything from when you started the installation to the end please?00:47
chaotixhey...  so i noticed that with some youtube videos, i can take the url from the address bar of my browser, and copy it, and if i open that with vlc media player or the default media player, it plays the video...  but with other videos, this doesnt work...00:47
chaotixwhy is this?00:47
dpurgertthough, tbh, you have an OLD kernel ... I'm sitting on 3.2.0-34 (and only because I don't have the space to build the new one)00:47
chaotixi dont understand why it even works some of the time00:47
dpurgertchaotix, depends on the video stream ... not sure if youtube is fully HTML5 yet...00:47
dr_willisnot all youtube videos are html500:48
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> it's old? now I'm confused. I'm on 12.10... maybe I should try to upgrade to a newer kernel? no clue how to do that TBH. pretty new to linux so I don't know a whole lot about the upgrade process.00:48
chaotixi just dont get why i can put the url of the page in my video player, and it plays the video00:48
alamiPatrickDickey: how can i make all that in a file like ./install echo -> log.txt?00:48
dr_willisBest thing i find for youtube are the various video-downloader extensions. they can normally download the video in differnt formats that are easy to play00:48
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, Ubuntu is built for "stability" moreso than "new stuffs" ... so they don't always have the newest release of things00:49
chaotixits cool...  jsut wondering why it works...   i do use video download helper, it is an awesome tool00:49
PatrickDickeyalami ./install > log.txt should do it00:49
dpurgertPersonally, I went and hunted down the newer headers ... so, yeah00:49
jhutchinsCLUSTERfoo: That is NOT an old kernel.00:49
DaemonicApathychaotix, chances are VideoLAN purposely made that a feature.00:49
jhutchinskernels have very little to do with video anyway - and why are you removing it manually instead of using apt?00:50
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> oh ok, if it's safer I'd rather go back a version and when they release a new kernel update I'll do that and skip this version. how do I find those other files to remove?00:50
alamiPatrickDickey: -bash: log.txt: Read-only file system :(00:50
dr_willistheres flash-replacer plugins for  firefox that play flash videos in an embeded vlc or totem window. or can play them in a external vlc window00:50
dpurgertshould all be in /boot00:51
PatrickDickeyalami, there's your problem then. Are you in Recovery Mode by chance?00:51
jonascjdoes anyone know the name of the system-settings application/gui which can be launched via the "gear symbol" in the upper right corner?00:51
shadejmy ubuntu is out of date00:51
dpurgertjhutchins, um ... because ...00:51
chaotixkk...  thanks00:51
shadejhow to fix?00:51
SnapSnapHi. I just tried to update my computer and got this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1547343/00:51
alamiPatrickDickey: no i'm not00:51
dr_willisshadej:  clarify whata you mean00:51
jhutchinsCLUSTERfoo: If you installed it with the package manager, remove it with that.00:52
shadejwhen i login it says "ur ubuntu is not supported any more"00:52
jhutchinsCLUSTERfoo: If you just delete files from /boot you won't get all the libraries and drivers.00:52
PatrickDickeyalami you could try sudo ./install and see if that works. But, if it's saying your on a read-only file system, it means that something caused your / partition to mount in read-only mode (meaning it won't let you make changes).00:52
dr_willisshadej:  and what release is it?00:52
dr_willisyou can give us details ya know. ;)00:52
DaemonicApathyshadej: You can download the latest Ubuntu and reinstall.00:52
dpurgertjhutchins, he's not really sure what he did ... just kinda killed his system after updates/upgrades ... so trying to step back one kernel if he can ... I'm probably going about it the "difficult" way though  :|00:53
dr_willisand thers no need to msg people.00:53
dr_willis!eol | shadej00:53
ubottushadej: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:53
alamiPatrickDickey: yes the install files is on iso so i mount it on /mnt s it's read only00:53
alamiand also with sudo the same errors00:54
PatrickDickey alami are you trying to install this on the operating system you're actually on, or on one you mounted?00:54
pablomJust out of curiosity, anyone here on PPC?00:54
CLUSTERfoo<jhutchins> just apt-get remove it?00:55
alamiPatrickDickey: my ubuntu is normal installed on hard drive00:55
dr_willisshadej:  thers no need to be msging me.. and we asked what Version of ubuntu are you using exactly.00:55
PatrickDickeyalami do you have a GUI desktop, or just a command line?00:55
alamialso gui00:55
alaminormal ubuntu00:55
jhutchinsCLUSTERfoo: Yes, that's the right way to do it.  It will run update-grub and remove it from the boot menu as well.00:55
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PatrickDickeyalami if you open your file manager, does the iso show up as a drive on the left side (showing the name of the iso with the little eject symbol next to it)?00:56
dpurgertapt-get autoremove linux-headers-3.2.0-##-generic should do it ... sorry CLUSTERfoo ... I'm used to the difficult way :/00:56
alamiPatrickDickey: no00:56
SnapSnapHi. I just tried to update my computer and got this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1547343/00:56
alamii think that's the Problem?00:56
PatrickDickeySnapSnap try sudo apt-get -f install and see if that works. If not, try sudo dpkg --configure -a00:57
dr_willisshadej:  you can upgrade to newer releases.. see the urls the bot gave. or backup your imporntant stuff and do a clean install to the latest00:57
dr_willis!eol > shadej00:57
ubottushadej, please see my private message00:57
PatrickDickeyalami yes. I don't think it's mounted like a CD.00:57
alamibut i use mount -o loop file.iso /mnt disk00:57
alamibut i use mount -o loop file.iso /mnt/disk00:58
alamiwhat's wrog here?00:58
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.00:58
dr_willislooks right to me alami00:58
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> <jhutchins> so with autoremove (that gets dependencies too right?) -- the package is called linux-image-3.5...00:58
dr_willisshadej:  in either case - i would backup imporntant data first.00:59
alamimy ubuntu is 64bits so it's alot buggy :D00:59
dpurgertbwa? 3.5?00:59
dr_willisalami:  my ubuntu is 64bits - and i cant recall any bugs that are due to the 64bit-ness00:59
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> sory 3.5.0-22-generic01:00
SnapSnapPatrickDickey, I tried both. See here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1547391/01:00
DaemonicApathydr_willis: +101:00
PatrickDickeyalami and dr_willis (since you replied also), about the only thing I can think is that you need to be in a different directory when you run it. Right now, you're in /mnt/disk. Try going to your home, and then running ./mnt/disk/install from there.01:00
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> mine is called linux image, not headers.01:01
dpurgertah, yeah, that's the full image01:01
dr_willisa file on a cd may not be 'executable' so cant be ran PatrickDickey    that way01:01
CLUSTERfoo<dpurgert> k, I'll see what happens. Thanks so much for the help! I hope when I sign in again the problem is fixed.01:02
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, hopefully will be ... jumping kernels causes weird errors sometimes01:02
alamiPatrickDickey:sudo: ./mnt/disk/install: command not found01:02
PatrickDickeySnapSnap try sudo apt-get autoremove After it's done, then try sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:03
dpurgertalami, what're you trying to install01:03
dr_willisalami:  its not ./mnt  its /mnt/01:03
dpurgertoh, right ...01:03
PatrickDickeyalami try removing the . at the beginning then. That's my mistake.01:03
dr_willisalami:  unless mnt is in your current directory. ;)01:03
alamithe same errors01:04
alamii get the same errors01:04
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dr_willisalami:  and     ls -l /mnt/disk/install     shows ?01:04
PatrickDickeyalami type ls /mnt/disk and tell us if it's install or install.sh01:04
dr_willisalami:  and     ls -l /mnt/disk/install*     shows ?01:05
alamii thing that's a java problem01:05
* PatrickDickey will step back from alami's problem as dr_willis has a good handle on it and is quicker than me.01:05
alami-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root   23526 Dec 29  2011 /mnt/disk/install01:05
alami-r--r--r-- 1 root root    9305 Dec 29  2011 /mnt/disk/installer_input.txt01:05
alami-r--r--r-- 1 root root 3684419 Jan  4  2012 /mnt/disk/install_guide.pdf01:05
alamithanks PatrickDickey01:06
dr_willisi dont even know what we are insgtalling..  seems theres an insgtall guide for reading..01:06
dpurgertyou _might_ need sudo /mnt/disk/install01:06
alamidr_willis: matlab01:06
PatrickDickeyHe's trying to install it as root right now.01:06
dr_willisalami:  and     file  /mnt/disk/install*     shows ?01:06
alamidpurgert: don't work01:06
dpurgertthen again, you may ... wait, is there a makefile?01:06
dr_willisactually no * for that one01:07
dr_willisalami:  and     file  /mnt/disk/install     shows ?01:07
dpurgertyou might need to do more stuff ( configure, make, etc)01:07
alamidr_willis: /mnt/disk/install: POSIX shell script, ASCII text executable01:07
PatrickDickeyalami try just /mnt/disk/install no sudo01:07
SnapSnapPatrickDickey, It's telling me that linux-headers-3.5.0-21 needs to be autoremoved but that "Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should01:07
SnapSnap reinstall it before attempting a removal." update and dist-upgrade won't work because of linux-headers03.5.0-2101:07
dr_willisalami:    so try    sudo sh /mnt/disk/install01:07
alamiPatrickDickey:same errors01:07
dr_willisits not an executable file.....01:08
alamisame errors01:08
dr_willisor its confused..01:08
PatrickDickeydr_willis alami is at a root prompt, not a normal user prompt.01:08
dr_williswhat  'same error'01:08
alamithis one i have pasted01:08
alamii thing it's java Problem01:08
dr_willisfile says the install scripot is a shell script.01:09
alamibut all errors have jre01:09
dpurgertsweet! I just broke something \o/01:09
dr_williserr... 'input/output' errors - point to the disk image being bad...01:09
dr_willisor some other filesystrem issue01:10
PatrickDickeySnapSnap sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-3.5.0-21 linux-headers-3.5.0-21-generic01:10
dr_willisalami:  id make some directory in your home. and copy all the files from  /mnt/disk/  TO  that directory. ie:   /home/yoruusername/myinstalldir01:11
alamii will try to download it again01:11
alamidr_willis: can  i see the capacity of a file with df -h?01:11
dr_willisdf shows disk free space01:12
dr_willisdu = shows disk ussage01:12
dpurgertalso -- eww, wonder why apt choked on the 3.5 kernel ... hmmm01:12
dpurgertoh, that's why01:12
dpurgertno space :)01:12
PatrickDickeyalami, which version of ubuntu and matlab are you working with?01:12
CLUSTERfoodpurgert: it works! thanks for the help, you saved me hours of frustration!01:12
Controlsfreek_what kind of disk is it alami? a cd image you downloaded and burned?01:13
dpurgertCLUSTERfoo, thank jhutchins  more than me :) he had you use apt01:13
SnapSnapPatrickDickey, looks like no more problems. Thanks!01:13
PatrickDickeySnapSnap that's great to hear. :)01:13
usr13dr_willis: df shows disk space usage  du gives  estimate file space usage01:13
alamii mean file size01:14
PatrickDickeyalami dr_willis https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB Depending on which version of Matlab and Ubuntu, this may be a lost cause.01:14
CLUSTERfoo dpurgert: right, thank you as well jhutchins!01:14
alamiPatrickDickey: ubuntu 12.10 matlab 2012a01:14
dpurgertwell, this is annoying ... totally out of space on this hdd :(01:15
sylphiedpurgert; how dig was it?01:16
usr13dpurgert: Well, just another project;  Free up some space01:16
sylphiedpurgert; how big was it?01:16
dpurgertsylphie, 10G virtual box :)01:16
sylphiedpurgert; not hard to use 10gb01:16
usr13dpurgert: sudo fdisk -l  #Send resulting URL01:16
usr13dpurgert: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #Send resulting URL01:17
duhamelhello all. i am trying to install a copy of xubuntu-12.04-amd-64.iso via Unetbootin onto a new machine. i am getting an error after installation starts saying that installation failed due to the cd being dirty, or the hardware being too hot. i have ran an md5sum check and all is good. just wondering if anyone else has had this or knows what it could be. this is not the first time it has happened and i have used different usb stick on01:17
duhameldifferent machines with different isos.01:17
duhamelafter error message installer crashes.01:18
dpurgertusr, working on killing off some old kernels ...01:18
usr13duhamel: Desktop or laptop?01:18
duhamelits happened on both, but this time its desktop.01:18
sylphiecan you said this was the net install cd?01:19
usr13duhamel: "hardware being too hot">?01:19
duhamelis it a bug with linuxs unetbootin? i dont think ive had the problem with windows version but not completely sure?01:19
dpurgertusr13, it's just a virtual host anyway that normally is connected to network shares ... just ran out of space for updates :)01:19
dpurgertproblem solved by killing off 3 old kernels :)01:20
usr13duhamel: Even though you have a good ISO, could be that the media is bad or somehow data on it is corrupt.01:20
usr13dpurgert: Okeydokey.  Good.01:21
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sylphieduhamel, is the install getting as far as trying to access the net before it fails?01:21
duhamelyeah? it does seem to happen with xubuntu the most, now that i think of it.01:21
PatrickDickeyalami are you logged in as root in the terminal? Through su or any other way?01:21
dpurgertusr13 -- haha, yep.  I should really build a 20-30G VM so I can mess around with building my own kernel ... back in a bit01:22
duhamelyeah. its allready found my timezone and everything.01:22
usr13dpurgert: IMHO:  You are upside down.  Linux should be host.01:22
sylphieduhamel, any chance the error message is incorrect and the failure is in not finding things online?01:23
* PatrickDickey uses slackware to build kernels.... 01:23
phunyguydoes anyone have any experience "tweaking" pulseaudio? I am trying to set it up so that I can use my TV and Receiver, and when the receiver is on, the sound goes there, and when not on, the sound goes to the TV instead?01:23
alamiPatrickDickey: i have try with su and sudo -i and normal user so i have try everythings :D01:23
phunyguyreceiver is set up via optical cable01:23
duhamelyes. that might be possible.01:23
phunyguyTV via HDMI01:23
sylphieduhamel, like going after the actual files to install and not being able to access them01:24
PatrickDickeyalami you don't want to use su at all. you should be able to do it from your normal user as sudo /mnt/disk/install01:24
dpurgertusr13, linux is the host -- VM boxes are for breaking things so I don't hose my install01:24
Ben64phunyguy: why don't you have everything go through receiver01:24
phunyguyBen64, because that is too loud sometimes01:24
usr13dpurgert: Oh, sorry.  I missunderstood your situation.01:24
phunyguyI'm not the only one that uses this, and my house is small.01:24
alamiPatrickDickey: i have tryed01:24
Ben64phunyguy: fair enough. how about having it go through hdmi to the tv, and then the tv can send it to the receiver if you want?01:25
PatrickDickeyalami could you try again, and pastebin the results?01:25
alamithe problem is , i have found a sum file to check if the iso is damaged01:25
phunyguyBen64, because the TV won't passthrough things like AC3 and DTS01:25
Ben64oh :(01:25
phunyguyonly passes as PCM 2 channel01:25
duhamelim not sure that its even getting that far actually.01:25
PatrickDickeyalami, and was the file damaged?01:25
dpurgertusr13, lol, no worries ... I just hope I didn't offload the ISOs to the NFS box which is still disconnected and in a box somewhere (just moved ... )01:25
alamiPatrickDickey: trust me i get the same errors by alll trys01:25
phunyguyI thought pulseaudio was made to do things like this?01:25
phunyguyis it still too young? :(01:25
duhamelmaybe i should try again and watch a little closer.01:25
Ben64phunyguy: optical i don't think is two way01:26
alamiPatrickDickey: i don't how to check it without sum501:26
phunyguywhat do you mean 2 way?01:26
phunyguyfull duplex?01:26
phunyguyBen64 ^^01:26
Ben64phunyguy: how is your computer supposed to know if the receiver is on?01:26
PatrickDickey!md5sum | alami01:26
ubottualami: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:26
phunyguyBen64, I can tell it knows because the device appears in pulse when I turn the receiver on01:26
duhamelbut it's not just this iso image. its a few different ones and it seems random, but once the machine has refused that iso it wont change.01:27
Ben64well i'm sure there is a way then01:27
Ben64i just don't know much about pulseaudio, i don't use it01:27
phunyguyBen64, the onboard video/sound goes through HDMI, and I have a separate Creative Sound Blaster USB soundcard01:27
phunyguy(with Optical)01:27
phunyguymaybe someone else can help?01:27
usr13alami: "Input/output error" usually means bad media or corrupted data.01:27
sylphieduhamel; but are those isos going after the same things online?01:28
Ben64phunyguy: probably. theres 1681 other people01:28
alamiusr13: how to check if the file is corrupted?01:28
rdp1408I'm trying to boot Ubuntu from a disc on my laptop and I'm having problems. Anyone up for helping?01:28
usr13alami: I dono01:28
dpurgertwait, I have a better idea ... just add a second hdd to this install for storage of crap01:28
PatrickDickeyalami read the link that I'll have ubottu post for you again.01:28
PatrickDickey!md5sum | alami01:28
sylphiephunyguyl why not have the sound come out the receiver all the time?01:29
sylphiephunyguy; why not have the sound come out the receiver all the time?01:29
usr13PatrickDickey: What will he run the checksum against?01:29
rdp1408I'm trying to boot Ubuntu from a disc on my laptop and I'm having problems. Anyone up for helping?01:30
duhamelprobably, theyre all variants of ubuntu. usually 64 bit.01:30
usr13rdp1408: Sure01:30
PatrickDickeyusr13 he downloaded an iso file from the matlab site.01:30
dr_willisrdp1408:  better to give some details. then just repeating ;)01:30
duhamelactually its done it to me with fedora too.01:30
PatrickDickeyand has the md5sum file, if I understood him correctly.01:30
phunyguysylphie, what do you mean?01:30
phunyguysylphie, you mean JUST use the receiver?  Ben64 JUST asked me the same thing and I answered him01:31
usr13PatrickDickey:  alami Ok.  md5sum image.iso  and google it.  #Have you done that yet?01:31
rdp1408Ha, sorry. So I changed the boot order to boot from disc. It begins to read from the disc, I see a purple screen for a few seconds with some sort of icon at the bottom center and then after that screen it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor but doesn't respond to anything01:31
sylphiephunyguy; like run the sound output of the tv into the receiver?01:31
phunyguyI answered that question as well.  It only supports 2 channel as a passthrough option01:32
usr13!nomodeset | rdp140801:32
ubotturdp1408: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:32
phunyguysylphie, meaning the TV will only put 2 channels back out to the receiver01:32
usr13rdp1408: ( just guessing... )01:33
usr13JakeR5555: Jello01:33
sylphiephunyguy; stereo mixers are easy to come by01:33
sylphiephunyguy; so something like computer and tv both go into a stereo mixer and then into your stereo01:34
JakeR5555usr13 is there a possible way to make my ubuntu check unoffical updates?01:34
JakeR5555comunity updates01:35
usr13JakeR5555: If you have the ppa's yea01:35
PatrickDickeyphunyguy so you don't want to go through the receive all of the time, is because sometimes it's too loud, right?01:35
JakeR5555ok do you know a site with a good one ?01:35
usr13JakeR5555: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:35
JakeR5555i don't want an upgrade01:35
JakeR5555and the update is not doing alot01:36
JakeR5555i want to add unoffical updates01:36
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: The "upgrade" just pushes all the packages to their current versions01:36
usr13JakeR5555: What do you mean by unofficial updates"?01:36
JakeR5555i had to manually patch metocity i tink because it was leaking too much memory01:36
JakeR5555it went form 3MB to over 200MB01:36
JakeR5555so is there a site that will do this for me ?01:36
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't "upgrade" your system. It resolves the dependencies needed to do the updates (along with what SonikkuAmerica said)01:36
JakeR5555me ubuntu is natty01:36
sylphiephunyguy; with a stereo mixer, you could set the levels so the tv would never be too loud when played through the receiver01:37
JakeR5555don't tell me what is right for me.. give me options and i will choose what suit me01:37
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: Well... Natty is not supported anymore.01:37
usr13JakeR5555: Then you take it up with the package maintainers.  (If you go outside the package management system, you are on your own.)01:37
JakeR5555god have mercy on our souls01:37
JakeR5555o god01:37
usr13JakeR5555: EOL was October 28, 201201:38
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 the short answer is this: You find the packages that you want, and see if they offer a ppa for natty (which they might not anymore). Then you use sudo apt-add-repository to add their ppa to your system.01:38
usr13JakeR5555: Why don't you want to do-release-upgrade ?01:39
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 the better answer is that you upgrade to Oneric or Precise and see if the packages are in the official repositories. Plus you're more likely going to get support in the channels. I realize you don't like that option, but it's like saying "I'm using Windows 98, and don't want to upgrade to anything newer."01:39
JakeR5555PatrickDickey thank you.. but is there a general PPA that will check for all updates?01:39
JakeR5555not going to happen.. not upgrading01:40
JakeR5555i like the old gnome interface01:40
JakeR5555100% used to it.. feels like XP interface. best01:40
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: Umm... the old GNOME interface is still in 11.10 Oneiric at least01:40
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 no there isn't. PPA's are basically individual developers repositories (I know that's not the accurate definition, but for this it works).01:40
JakeR5555i don't want high blood pressure from uing the 3D interface01:40
JakeR5555already losing my sight01:40
usr13JakeR5555: So what. Try xfce or lxde  (There are other DEs)01:41
JakeR5555maybe i will go blind in few yrs01:41
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: Besides Unity 2D is still even in 12.04 Precise01:41
sylphieJakeR5555; xfce isn't hard on the eyes01:41
usr13JakeR5555: Make everything bigger so you can see it.01:41
JakeR5555go learn about it01:41
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 have you looked at Gnome 3? or Cinnamon (Linux Mint's version)?01:41
SonikkuAmericausr13: Not to be detrimental but LXDE gives a rather ... bluing... effect. :)01:42
JakeR5555linux mint is wonderful01:42
SonikkuAmericausr13: Or at least Lubuntu01:42
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: I'm usin' it right now01:42
usr13SonikkuAmerica: Well, I dono, I use xfce01:42
sylphiecolors schemes can be changed01:42
JakeR5555but i don't want to change from natty cuz i just want to see if i can update it for more few yrs01:42
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 then why don't you upgrade to their latest version?01:42
dakochanHi, how to kill a hanged-application in Ubuntu 12.04?01:42
usr13JakeR5555: You can't01:42
JakeR5555update.. not upgrade PatrickDickey01:42
PatrickDickeydakochan kill -9 processid01:42
JakeR5555nothing is broken in it and there is no security ricks at all01:43
SonikkuAmericadakochan: Yep.01:43
SonikkuAmericadakochan: That. (I was typing it while Patrick was answering.01:43
dakochanOk... now how do I know the processid?01:43
dakochanI use top but cannot see the application.01:43
sylphiedakochan; unless it's hung due to hw probs, "top" will give you a list of processes and it's "k" command for killing them01:44
usr13JakeR5555: See my PM01:44
PatrickDickeydakochan ps aux | grep processname where processname is the name of the application01:44
usr13JakeR5555: What is so special about what you have now?01:44
DaemonicApathyJakeR5555: You realize apt-get update just gets you the newest list of program updates, while apt-get upgrade installs them, right? If not, you can use the update manager to manually check what you want updated...01:44
PatrickDickeydakochan if you have a desktop, you can open System Monitor and kill it from there (or at least get the processname and processID01:44
SonikkuAmericadakochan: To do it the manual way (using the [ ps aux | grep whatever ] method), the process ID is the number after your username, and the application is listed at the END of the line.01:45
DaemonicApathydakochan: htop > top01:45
JakeR5555DaemonicApathy yes i know01:45
JakeR5555but the latest openssl is 9.8.o still and i updated it manually to 1.0.1c01:45
JakeR5555i compiled it01:45
dakochanah ! System Monitor !01:45
DaemonicApathyJakeR5555: Ok, just checking - your response to the prior suggestion for apt-get upgrade made me curious.01:45
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 out of curiosity, why will using unity 3D give you high blood pressure?01:46
dakochanthat's what i'm looking for.01:46
JakeR5555PatrickDickey i like windows interfaces old GUI not windows 801:46
JakeR5555i will never touch win801:46
dakochanand the "aux ps | grep app_name" also working01:46
JakeR5555even for free01:46
dakochanthank you :)01:46
PatrickDickeydakochan no problem.01:46
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 you and I share a similar "hate" for that then.01:46
DaemonicApathyI got Win8 Pro for free. I'm still debating whether to sell it.01:46
JakeR5555DaemonicApathy don't throw it into the hand of a poor soul.. you will break him01:47
SonikkuAmericaDaemonicApathy: Well, that's a new can of worms, ain't it.01:47
sylphiedakochan; xfce has a task bar at the bottom and icons01:47
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: Unfortunately I <3 Win 801:47
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 So, you like the old interfaces, is that why you won't upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu? Because at least right now (on 12.10) you do have "Gnome Classic" available...01:47
JakeR5555Patrick ok. because i like you i will download it now01:48
SonikkuAmericaJakeR5555: [ sudo apt-get -y install gnome-panel ]01:48
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 I'd go with 12.04 myself.01:48
JakeR5555what's the difference between the two?01:48
SonikkuAmericaPatrickDickey: O really? I would go back to 10.04 if it were still supported.01:49
sylphieyou're liable to cut yourself on the bleeding egde01:49
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 honestly minor things. But, if you have an older graphics card, you'll want to go to 12.04 not 12.10.01:49
Ben64i always stick with LTS01:49
dakochansylphie, i'm using unity01:49
dr_willisI always stick to the latest01:49
Ben64dr_willis: 13.04?01:49
Wh1tebirdI'm trying to setup an automatic Deploy for a webserver via Git. I've got a python script listening on port 8001, however it doesn't receive a post01:49
JakeR5555so the server ubuntu kernel timer is faster?01:50
* PatrickDickey stuck with the latest until my ATI card wouldn't show me any panels....01:50
dr_willisi dident say betaish.. but that may be getting put on    my pc this weekend so i can help test it.01:50
sylphiedakochan; that's strange you said you were using gnome and refused to use unity01:50
Ben64looks like ati is trying to be nicer with linux01:50
* SonikkuAmerica stuck with the latest until his Gateway2000 couldn't take it and went to Lubuntu on that computer instead01:50
PatrickDickeyWh1tebird you might get more help in #python or somewhere like that.01:50
dr_willisAti and Nvidia bboth come out with 'we are going to support linux better' press releases every so often... then they n ever seem to follow up01:51
Ben64nvidia has very recently01:51
dakochansylphie: ??? Maybe you refer to another dakochan. :)01:51
usr13SonikkuAmerica: 10.04 IS still supported.01:51
Ben64ati just released a new driver too01:51
Wh1tebirdWell, I didn't write the script myself and it seems to work for most people, so i think maybe the firewall? But i turned it off01:51
PatrickDickeyBen64 I hope so. My card was an ATI Radeon HD 2430, and it's not supported in 12.10. I had to use hacked drivers.01:51
Wh1tebirdand the program is listening on port 800101:51
Ben642430? that sounds ancient01:51
JkesslerRunning Ubuntu 12.04 x64, I just ran some updates,  including kernel 3.2.0-36-generic.  Now i have no sound.  When I type 'alsamixer' it says ALSA lib conf.c:3408:(config_file_open) cannot access file /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.d//pulse.conf  ..  it looks like the extra slash in the path is messing it up.  Where would I change that at?  Thank you.01:51
=== vivid1 is now known as vivid
PatrickDickeyBen64 it was supported fully up until 12.10. I upgraded to a HD 5450.01:53
usr13Jkessler: What error do you get?  play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*01:53
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
Jkesslerusr13: play FAIL formats: can't determine type of file `/usr/share/sounds/alsa'01:54
Jkesslerno error, no sound01:54
=== resistivecorpse3 is now known as resistivecorpse
usr13Jkessler: No error?  What does it do?  Does it attempt to play the files?01:55
freeadserveIf you have some time check out this video of a 18 year old planning to run to be on His local School District Board to change how it is run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OEYYt0JQyc   [SFW]01:55
BlueMintSage Naumann for Carlsbad School Board01:55
Jkesslerusr13:  i'm assuming so, no audio output, but no error, back to shell prompt01:55
=== Noskcaj is now known as Noskcaj_afk
usr13Jkessler: May be bug #66109501:55
ubottubug 661095 in unity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu button should be much more distinctive, perhaps on the circle itself" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66109501:55
Jkesslerusr13:  I'll check it out, thanks.01:56
sevenforallThere's a file that shows up in a directory, but it can't be removed because "it doesn't exist"01:56
sevenforallAny ideas?01:56
Ben64Jkessler: uh... you need a /* at the end of that command01:56
usr13Jkessler: sevenforall If the file doesn't exist, we can't help you.01:56
=== ident is now known as Guest91242
sevenforallusr13: Well that's just great... Thanks?01:56
Ben64Jkessler: "play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*" not "play /usr/share/sounds/alsa"01:56
JkesslerBen64: got that01:56
wooprecise pagolin /usr/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service error crashing Xsession01:57
Ben64because i get the same error if i leave off the asterisk, play FAIL formats: can't determine type of file `/usr/share/sounds/alsa/'01:57
Jkesslerusr13:  I've been looking at similar posts.  This one just looks like a bad path in a config somewhere01:57
PatrickDickeysevenforall if you type ls in the directory, the file is there right?01:57
usr13sevenforall: Well, I'm just being truthful.  If you can pastebin some of what you are seeing, maybe we can help.01:57
JkesslerBen64:  yeah, i missed the * the first time, retried with no output01:57
sevenforallPatrickDickey: Positive.01:57
PatrickDickeysevenforall and then if you copy the name and type rm and paste it in, you get file doesn't exist?01:58
Ben64it probably has some strange unicode name or something01:58
usr13Jkessler: I'm not sure what you were saying about the output of play...  play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*01:58
=== DaemonicApathy is now known as Demosthenes
rdp1408Thanks, nomodeset was the problem. Another question. When installing alongside Windows 7 via a DVD. How does this GUI partition maker work? How do I know which partition it will install Ubuntu on?01:58
sevenforallPatrickDickey: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/25683105/Pictures/Screenshots/2013011902%3A58%3A36%28niels%40niels-main-ub%3A-mnt-stor1-Pictures%29.png01:58
sevenforallPatrickDickey: Yes01:58
usr13Jkessler: Did it give an error that you can show us?01:58
=== Demosthenes is now known as DaemonicApathy
woohi matrix5601:59
usr13!paste | PatrickDickey01:59
ubottuPatrickDickey: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:59
PatrickDickeyrdp1408 if you only have one drive, it will shrink the Windows 7 partition, and then create the one it needs.01:59
JkesslerBen64:  usr13:  I was typing the command wrong again.    Output:  ALSA lib conf.c:3408:(config_file_open) cannot access file /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.d//pulse.conf01:59
usr13Jkessler: That was for you, (not PatrickDickey )01:59
PatrickDickeysevenforall try ls -l in the directory please.02:00
rdp1408PatrickDickey: Sorry, I don't quite understand that. It has a slider and tells you to allocate drive space by dragging the divider below. So will it install Ubuntu on the left part or the right part?02:00
Jkesslerusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1547600/02:01
PatrickDickeyrdp1408 did you choose the option to "install alongside Windows 7"?02:01
apgAnybody, take a look at this question please. http://askubuntu.com/q/244637/12418702:02
Ben64Jkessler: do you need pulseaudio02:02
usr13Jkessler: Just a sec..02:02
PatrickDickeyrdp1408 You slide the slider over until you have as much space as you want for Ubuntu, and it will handle the rest. I want to say the right part, but I'm not entirely sure. The point is that it will shrink the WIndows 7 partition and install in the space you want.02:02
sevenforallPatrickDickey: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/25683105/Pictures/Screenshots/2013011903%3A02%3A11%28niels%40niels-main-ub%3A-mnt-stor1-Pictures%29.png02:03
Ben64sevenforall: use a pastebin02:03
JkesslerBen64:  I had audio problems before, not sure what I did to get it working..  alsa and pulseaudio are a source of frustration for me.  i unded up losing the volume control in the top right corner of gnome3.  has worked fine for 6 months up until now.  I'm not sure if i need pulseaudio.   i tried to purge it and it said a lot of packages i have installed are dependent on it02:03
sevenforallBen64: This is quicker for me02:03
Jkesslerusr13:  no problem, appreciate the effort02:03
Ben64sevenforall: can't be quicker than "<command> | pastebinit" and we like text, not pictures02:04
PatrickDickeysevenforall sudo rm Collected02:04
PatrickDickeysevenforall don't put  a ./ before it.02:04
sevenforallPatrickDickey: I already did that, it's in the screen02:04
sevenforallI didn't02:04
Ben64Jkessler: did you actually purge pulseaudio? cause that can cause problems02:05
JkesslerBen64:  I cancelled02:05
Ben64Jkessler: well i'd try "sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio" and see if alsa will work by itself02:06
rdp1408Can anyone tell me which partition Ubuntu will install on here: http://i.imgur.com/5jZ4wLy.jpg02:06
JkesslerBen64:  ytmnd02:07
Jkesslerit works02:07
Ben64Jkessler: what?02:07
usr13Jkessler: You are 12.10?02:07
JkesslerBen64:  You're the man :P  it works just removing pulseaudio02:07
Jkesslerusr13:  12.0402:07
Ben64Jkessler: oh, cool02:07
Ben64i always remove pulseaudio on my systems, causes me nothing but problems :)02:08
Ben64but just remember, don't purge it02:08
JkesslerBen64, usr13  thanks for the help!02:08
madpropsrdp1408: well what to you have in each partition?02:10
madpropsthat makes no sense to me02:10
rdp1408I'm supposed to drag the slider to allocate space. I want to know if Ubuntu is going to use the left part or the right part for it's partition02:11
usr13Ben64: I guess you fixed Jkessler?02:11
usr13Ben64: Looks like he's gone.  Yea, just uninstalling pulseaudio will prolly fix it...02:12
Ben64usr13: yep02:12
madpropsrdp1408: i get you. i don't it doesn't seem to show which side. maybe you could try the advanced option02:12
usr13Ben64: Thanks.02:12
Ben64seems to fix most audio problems02:12
usr13Ben64: I know....02:12
usr13Ben64: And you can always re-install it later if you want....02:13
alamihello, how can i check if i have all drivers for my hardware and make also a better screen resolution02:15
usr13alami: jockey-gtk02:20
BroUnicornYou can make your screen have a better resolution without updating hardware?02:21
JakeR5555in classic ubuntu gnome i can't access the gnome panel when i right click on it02:22
JakeR5555you know.. add panel, new panel or options02:22
alamiusr13:jockey-gtk: is only for nvidea and graphic things02:22
PatrickDickeyalami Display (System Settings)02:23
Sweetjamesmight be in the wrong channel for this, but is there a fix for gnome shell being broke with catalyst 11 beta?02:23
usr13alami: xrandr02:23
dortikyhi all!02:25
dortikywho is not sleep &02:25
XMLnewbi_so im trying to set up a virtual host. Did a couple walk though videos but for some reason it wont go the right directory. i have to type  www.mydomain.com/mydomain      when i go to www.mydomain.com I still get apache It works"02:25
XMLnewbi_im in webmin btw02:25
Arun_hello guys i need some help02:25
JoeyB2hello all02:26
Arun_please anyone02:26
Arun_help me02:26
dortikyarun ?02:26
XMLnewbi_just post the question02:26
ncsquid22Hi guys....I am having a problem with Ubuntu 10.04. Performed minimal install with no internet connection. As a result I need to download the drivers from Intel and compile it from source..02:26
bazhang!webmin | XMLnewbi_02:26
ubottuXMLnewbi_: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:26
dortikygive me your question02:27
Arun_i just installed ubuntu 12.1002:27
XMLnewbi_well shit02:27
bazhangncsquid22, drivers for what02:27
XMLnewbi_i liked webmin02:27
bazhangXMLnewbi_, no cursing here02:27
Arun_i used linux mint and ubuntu 11.05 before02:27
bazhangArun_, whats the actual question, on ONE line please02:28
Arun_i cannot install any software packages now02:28
bazhang!paste | Arun_02:28
ubottuArun_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:28
XMLnewbi_!EHCP |02:28
bazhang!ebox > XMLnewbi_02:28
ubottuXMLnewbi_, please see my private message02:28
bazhangXMLnewbi_, if you dont know the command, /msg ubottu usage02:29
dortikybye, i go to high school02:29
Arun_should i have to install any update to install any softwares (like alien ,blablabla)02:29
JoeyB2fair enough02:29
bazhangncsquid22, its hardly necessary to compile intel drivers for the kernel02:30
bazhangArun_, whats the exact problem, pastebin the actual command and errors02:30
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
apghello, can anybody help me.02:31
bazhangapg, ask a question of the channel02:31
rdp1408How do I get an nvidia driver via apt-get?02:31
bazhangrdp1408, sudo apt-get install nvidia-current02:32
Arun_hey my question is that after i finish installing my OS should i have to update ?02:32
apgbazhang, can you help me with this: http://askubuntu.com/q/244637/12418702:32
DaemonicApathyArun_: If you did not select to download updates right away, of course.02:32
bazhangapg, please give us an overview HERE in the channel02:32
bazhangArun_, are you using MINT?02:32
Arun_no i am using Ubuntu 12.1002:33
bazhangArun_, so what is the exact problem. pastebin the errors02:33
apgbazhang, I get this error: umount2: Device or resource busy, umount:/dev/sda2 busy - remounted read-only, Will now halt. Upon shutting down.02:34
bazhangapg, and what were you trying to achieve there, as an end goal02:35
phunyguydoes pulseaudio control whether or not ac3/dts are passed through SPDIF, or is that controlled by the application playing the video?02:35
usr13Arun_: Yes.02:35
ncsquid22bazhang: The problem is that gcc is not installed and installing it requires gcc and build-essentials02:35
apgbazhang, this error came after I updated my kernel to Linux linux-kernel-3.2.0-36-generic yesterday.02:35
bazhangncsquid22, the package is build-essential02:35
usr13Arun_: If you wanna do it from CLI,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:35
ncsquid22bazhang: and each package has a lot of dependencies..02:36
ncsquid22bazhang: correct, sorry for the typo02:36
bazhangncsquid22, are/were you using a manually installed version of some software, or a PPA? to cause this conflict?02:36
ncsquid22bazhang: do you think that mounting the ISO to /cdrom and un-commenting the CD-ROM from /etc/apt/sources is going to do it?02:37
apgbazhang, and there was an orphan inode recovery when booting.02:37
ncsquid22no bazhang02:37
bazhangncsquid22, to use the cd as a repo? as in aptoncd?02:37
ncsquid22just the ethernet driver02:37
nabn/msg nickserv identify okhaldhun9a02:37
bazhangncsquid22, whats the driver02:38
apgbazhang, my goal is to know whether it was a bug or something that would affect my harddrive.02:38
bazhangnabn, time to change passwords02:38
bazhangno cursing here please nabn02:38
BlackrayJackAnd in the largest channel too, bravo02:38
ncsquid22bazhang: the driver is igb-4.1.2 after untar and gunzip02:38
bazhangncsquid22, for which device02:39
ncsquid22Intel Ethernet Controller02:39
bazhangncsquid22, YES< but which exact make and model.02:40
ncsquid22sorry bazhang the server is not currently in front of me....02:40
bazhangncsquid22, pretty hard to troubleshoot without the exact make and model02:40
ncsquid22thanks bazhang...as soon as I can get the info i will get back to the IRC02:41
usr13ncsquid22: You need drivers for an Intel Ethernet Controller?02:41
lcabreza1hi guys, need some help compiling the latest tomboy notes 1.11.4. getting gtk-2.0 error02:42
usr13lcabreza1: Why don't you just  sudo apt-get install tomboy   ?02:43
Arun_thanks it worked02:43
ncsquid22usr13: yes, but I already have the drivers....just having a problem when using "make"   dor some reason it can't find gcc02:44
lcabreza1usr13:i need the latest one ..the one available on precise is 1.10 which has lot of issues on ubuntu one sync02:44
usr13ncsquid22: Are you sure it's not working already?  ifconfig -a02:45
usr13lcabreza1: And you are 12.10?  Fully updated?02:46
=== security is now known as megha
usr13lcabreza1: Have you tried version 1.10?  Or are you just taking someone's word for it?02:46
lcabreza1usr13:im using 1.10 ..i just want to upgrade it to the latest one ..02:48
xangualcabreza1: ubuntu one no longer syncs tomboy notes if that is the issue you are refering to02:48
usr13!compiling | lcabreza102:49
ubottulcabreza1: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:49
lcabreza1usr13:thats sad ...02:49
lcabreza1usr13:what would be its replacement or alternative ? any idea ?02:49
usr13lcabreza1: Did you do  sudo apt-get install build-essential  ?02:50
PatrickDickeylcabreza1 http://projects.gnome.org/tomboy/ They should have the required dependencies listed in their wiki.02:50
lcabreza1usr13: i already have the latest version ..02:50
usr13lcabreza1: Oh, I just now saw what xangua said.02:50
lcabreza1user13: here is the error : configure: error: Package requirements (gdk-2.0 >= 2.6.0  gtk+-2.0 >= 2.14.002:51
lcabreza1  atk >= 1.2.4) were not met:02:51
usr13lcabreza1: Oh well.02:51
Arun_is it possible to install 2 softwares at a time in different terminals ?02:51
usr13Arun_: No, but you can install them at the same time in the same terminal.  sudo apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 etc.02:52
PatrickDickeylcabreza1 dpkg --list | grep gdk then dpkg --list | grep gtk+ finally dpkg --list | grep atk and see which versions you have installed.02:52
usr13Arun_: As many as you want actually02:52
usr13lcabreza1:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  ?02:53
Tecandoes anyone get an error if you put this in the shell ? "xinput create-master main"02:53
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lcabreza1libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0, gtk2-engines-aurora,gir1.2-atk-1.0,libatk1.0-0 these are the ones i have02:54
lcabreza1user13: i've done already ..02:54
usr13Tecan: Yes02:54
usr13Tecan: See: man xinput02:55
PatrickDickeylcabreza1 they should list the version numbers also. something like 2.60-ubuntu002:55
p47how can I start a service when ubuntu start ?02:55
usr13Tecan: Well, I take that back.  No02:56
Tecanpretty neat eh02:56
Tecani've got 2 independant cursors now02:56
=== mrenouf|away is now known as mrenouf
usr13Tecan: That's interesting.  Dono how useful it is but interesting....02:59
Arun_hey guys which is the best c,c++ complier?03:00
usr13Arun_: gcc03:02
Arun_whats the download link for terminal03:02
JakeR5555so an LTS will be supported for 5 years only?03:02
dr_willisArun_:  how would you measure bestness ;)03:02
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)03:02
JakeR5555hwo do i find out if my distro is LTS ?03:02
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »03:03
Arun_by its capacity of header files and includes03:03
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Tecanusr13 its goot for making wacom tablets more stable03:03
PatrickDickeyJakeR5555 if it is an even number and ends in .04, then it's an LTS. 10.04, 12.04, 8.04, 14.0403:03
usr13Tecan: I C03:04
fishsceneGreetings. I'm trying to kill rhythmbox as it is frozen and won't do anything when I try to launch it. It turns out it's already running, but I can't seem to kill the process.03:04
ncsquid22JakeL you can do " cat /etc/lsb-release"03:04
fishscenefishscene@crane:~$ ps -e | grep rhythmbox03:04
fishscene 3287 ?        00:02:55 rhythmbox <defunct>03:04
Tecanor 2 handed drawing :)03:04
JakeR5555yes mine is an LTS03:04
fishsceneHow do I kill rhythmbox? "sudo killall -9 rhythmbox" does not have any effect03:04
lcabreza1when did they remove the sync on ubuntu one ?03:04
Arun_how to install gcc03:05
PatrickDickeylcabreza1 I'm not sure what to tell you. You could do apt-cache search and see if there are -dev files for those (gdb-dev gtk+-dev, atk-dev)03:05
fishscenesudo apt-get install gcc03:05
bazhanglcabreza1, try asking in #ubuntuone03:05
ncsquid22Arun...I think its "apt-get install build-essential"03:05
Arun_not its already installed03:06
Arun_what is for C++ compiler ...?03:06
ncsquid22Arun_ are using google translate?03:07
PatrickDickeyArun_ gcc does c/c++. You can check to see if it's installed by using dpkg --list | grep gcc03:07
XMLnewbi__So I installed Zentyle ; it said it installed alright but im getting a not found when I go to my ip address03:07
PatrickDickeyxmlnewbi is it running on port 80? And are you sure it's running at all?03:08
Arun_hwo to run it ?03:08
Arun_does it also edits?03:09
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall03:09
PatrickDickeyArun_ no. You'll use an editor to make the program, and gcc to compile it.03:09
xmlnewbiyes it is on 80    ill have to check the processes to see it runniing03:09
lcabreza1PatrickDickey & user13: found a way to synchronize it ..i created a folder under my ubuntu one sync directory and create a new one and point it the sync directory there..03:10
PatrickDickeyXMLnewbi_ did you configure it03:10
fishsceneDoes anyone know how to kill rhythmbox? Lately I'll boot my computer, a few hours later I want to listen to some music, so I launch it and... nothing. Turns out it is already running, but not doing anything. My only recourse right now is to reboot, but if I'm in the middle of something, that's hardly optimal. I can settle for killing the process, but I can't seem to kill it with "killall -9 rhythmbox" Any ideas?03:10
Arun_there is any other like boldshed cpp?03:10
Arun_or devcpp03:10
PatrickDickeyfishscene ps aux | grep rhy to find out what the Process ID is, and then kill -9 that ID.03:11
pranavin which fiiles are the power on and power off logs in ubuntu ?03:11
Arun_there is any other like boldshed cpp?03:11
fishscenePatrick: The process ID is the 2nd number, right?03:12
dr_willisArun_:  most linux people use gcc03:12
PatrickDickeyfishscene yes. It should be under the PID column.03:13
fishsceneI don't have any columns. :\03:13
fishscene1000      3287  0.1  0.0      0     0 ?        Zl   Jan17   2:55 [rhythmbox] <defunct>03:14
fishscene1000     17589  0.0  0.0  13584   936 pts/1    S+   19:11   0:00 grep --color=auto rhy03:14
fishsceneThat's exactly what it spits out (sorry for the spam guys)03:14
PatrickDickeyfishscene 328703:14
PatrickDickeyfishscene the second number is the PID.03:14
fishscenekill -9 3287 [enter] then nothing03:14
fishsceneIt's as if I didn't enter that command at all03:14
Arun_how to edit the device name ?03:14
PatrickDickeyfishscene do the ps aux | grep rhy again and see if it's still there.03:15
pranavSuppose I open 4 windows, 1 terminal, 1IDE, 1Browser, and 1 musicChat or sth. Is there a way to automatically distribute each of them in different workspace ? :D03:15
fishsceneYup. It's still there.03:15
xmlnewbiyes ebox 1388 process is running, still cant start my zentyal dashboard03:15
fishsceneSame process ID, although that 2nd line that is returned has a new process ID. Although I'm not sure what the "rhy" process would be. O_o?03:15
PatrickDickeyShoot. I remember this now. LOL It's something to do with the fact that it's in your notifier.03:16
ncsquid22Does anybody know how to disable startup services in Ubuntu 12.04? I have tried "sudo chkconfig <service name> off" but that doesn't work03:16
PatrickDickeyfishscene grep rhy will show you anything that has those three letters in the name.03:16
fishsceneTrue. I'm just not sure what that is. I'll ignore it for now I guess.03:17
ncsquid22Does anybody know how to disable startup services in Ubuntu 12.04? I have tried "sudo chkconfig <service name> off" but that doesn't work03:17
dr_willisncsquid22:  check the  upstart cookbook  website. it details the ways to disable a service03:17
fishscenexmlnewbi: So you're saying the process is running, but you can't get your dashboard to start? Sounds similar to what I have. Rhythmbox is running, but it won't start. No GUI, no way to kill it (so far)..03:17
Arun_how to change device name?03:17
ncsquid22dr_willis: thank you.03:17
dr_willisArun_:  what device03:18
PatrickDickeyfishscene if you can actually open the rhythmbox window and go into the preferences, uncheck the option to show it in the notifier.03:18
PatrickDickeyfishscene also pause anything that's playing, and you should be able to quit it then.03:18
fishscenePatrickDickey: That's the issue though. Rhythmbox won't show a GUI at all. I haven't even run it since I last restarted.03:18
xmlnewbiim going to reinstall03:18
fishsceneI've literally played no media (aside from youtube videos) since I last restarted. So why Rhythmbox is running and more importantly, why it is frozen and is ignoring root commands to kill it, I have yet to figure out.03:19
fishscene"sudo kill -9 3287"  ---> No effect. No error messages (I haven't checked logs though, I don't know where they are buried)03:20
=== fishbait is now known as fishbaitXXX
PatrickDickeyfishscene it's playing because it's in your sound menu (the speaker icon). You have to figure out how to get rid of it there, so it won't start automatically.03:24
PatrickDickeyI have to run, but if you google that, you should find the answer. Or, you can uninstall rhythmbox altogether.03:24
fishsceneNaw. Rhythmbox is pretty cool. But it seems I updated and now the only way to get it to run is to reboot my computer and launch it immediately03:25
fishsceneAnyway, thanks for the help, Patrick. I appreciate it.03:25
xmlnewbiso I reinstalled zentyal and im still getting a 404 error when I go to my IP address.03:26
Tecanwatchout for the nerderer03:26
fishbait2i can't get gnome to work consistently it runs over to gnome-fallback i just upgraded kernel and i ran command dmesg | grep fail | pastebinit paste.ubuntu.com/1547915/ help me sort out these fails03:26
xmlnewbiim going back to webmin skrew this03:27
pinkpelicanIs there a good channel for wine support?03:27
Tecanare you a winer ?03:27
fishsceneAnyway, here's a picture of what I'm seeing, again, the orange dots are static: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/Fishscene/noaudio_zpsaad66e9e.png03:27
pinkpelicanNot really.03:28
Tecanif ya aint first your last03:28
pinkpelicanI want to use a program that's only compatible with Windows XP called Tactical RPG Editor.03:28
fishbait2please help me sort out these fails?03:28
pinkpelicanIt's similar to RPG Maker VX but very old.03:28
xmlnewbivirtualize with VMware03:28
pinkpelicanWouldn't that require that I have a copy of Windows XP?03:29
fishsceneYes it would.03:29
pinkpelicanI currently own 7 and 8.03:29
fishscenepinkpelican: Have you tried running it in Windows 7 in compatibility mode?03:30
xmlnewbipretty easy to get with the internet...03:30
fishbait2there are always ways to get things especially old things O.-03:30
pinkpelicanYes, it says comdlg.ocx isn't correctly registered.03:30
pinkpelicanSeveral forums mention it's not compatible with Vista, etc.03:30
fishsceneoy. Alrighty. What happens when you run this program in Wine?03:30
pinkpelicanI don't know I haven't tried yet.03:31
pinkpelicanI don't know how wine works.03:31
elferi heard if you load a program infected with a virus in wine, some viruses can leak into the host linux os03:32
fishbait2hmm no help here ...03:32
elferits not necessarily a sandbox type of thing03:32
pinkpelicanI heard that if you say Bloody Mary in the mirror 3 times she'll appear to take your head.03:32
fishsceneah. WINE is a way of executing Windows programs on Linux. It's not perfect and it is FAR from feature complete. But basically, you install WINE on say, Ubuntu, go into the configuration and tell it to simulate a Windows XP environment, and then try to run it and see what happens.03:33
elfer*certain viruses/rootkits/etc03:33
pinkpelicanI'm trying that now.03:33
fishscenepinkpelican: I tried to look up your program on the WINE database to see how well it worked with WINE... I think their search is broken at the moment as it's still loading results...03:34
comadrinhello guys03:34
comadrini have been looking for the past 2 hours for the info to configure for the first time my wireless card, and failed03:35
comadrini cannot figure out what to look for03:35
pinkpelicanWine is currently installing03:35
histo1comadrin: what type of wireless card/03:35
comadrinif i type lspci i get the list of network cntrolers03:35
comadrinand my wireless card is there03:36
comadrinBroadcom Corporation BCM4321 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 01)03:36
comadrinit is a linksys03:36
histo1!broadcom | comadrin03:36
ubottucomadrin: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:36
dogearsHas anyone had problems with todays updates? My video has gone and now I cant login?03:36
pinkpelicanWhat is PlayOnLinux?03:37
comadrinthank you for the pointer - i am going to read the link03:37
comadrinthanks again03:37
user94202comadrin, in the network settings for wireless, enter the ssid and mac address for your wireless router.03:37
Tecanoops only one cursor showed in the screenie03:37
comadrinwell that is the trick03:37
pranavwhile i do fork(), and it returns 0 for child process, and pid for parent. I write that in "if" statement to separate the processes in both. But why is it always that "if-clause" for the parent goes true first ??03:37
=== histo1 is now known as histo
user94202I installed playonlinux but can't find the menu entry (using lxde)03:37
comadriniw does not have the wireless adapters at al03:37
Marcin_<pinkpelican> front end for wine03:37
comadrini think that link might provide the answer03:38
ubuntuaddictedanyone use document viewer to view pdf that has embeded links? i am getting permission denied so i can't access the link? how do I fix that?03:38
comadrini a going to rad through it03:38
fishscenepinkpelican: I'm not 100% sure... I know there's a couple of stuff out there that tries to make working with WINE easier.03:38
ubuntuaddictedit says Failed to execute child process "exo-open" (Permission denied)03:38
pranavwhile i do fork(), and it returns 0 for child process, and pid for parent. I write that in "if" statement to separate the processes in both. But why is it always that "if-clause" for the parent goes true first ??03:38
BIGBOOMBAI just bought a Dell Inspiron 13z, which is certified hardware according to http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201105-8053/03:38
histouser94202: have you tried locate or which playonlinux   ??? in terminal03:38
pinkpelicanThere's something called CrossOver as well.03:38
pranavSuppose I open 4 windows, 1 terminal, 1IDE, 1Browser, and 1 musicChat or sth. Is there a way to automatically distribute each of them in different workspace ? :D03:38
BIGBOOMBAWhat type of SD card do I want to get to put the ubuntu image on?03:38
user94202histo...Yes it's located in /usr/bin, but i want the .desktop icon so i can drag it to the lxde desktop.03:39
histouser94202: okay locate playonlinux.desktop03:39
pranavSuppose I open 4 windows, 1 terminal, 1IDE, 1Browser, and 1 musicChat or sth. Is there a way to automatically distribute each of them in different workspace ? :D03:39
HoytAnyone know the purple color #XXYYZZ?03:39
Marcin_pinkpelicanL there is, also cedega03:39
user94202histo.  did that won't show up.  I'm guessing it hides under a different name.03:39
HoytThe default grub wallpaper color03:39
Marcin_what for u need those ?03:40
BIGBOOMBApranav, there's always libx11...03:40
fishscenebigboomba: I don't know much about SD card technology, but I imagine the larger the better.03:40
BIGBOOMBAjust kidding ;)=p03:40
pranavHoyt: E6E6FA03:40
pranavBIGBOOMBA: you want me to customize a script for it.03:41
BIGBOOMBAi didn't think it would be an issue, but there appear to be dozens of different types of sd card03:41
Hoytpranav: you sure? That's not purple here...03:41
BIGBOOMBApranav, i was just kidding.03:41
histouser94202: http://chakra-linux.org/ccr/packages/pl/playonlinux/playonlinux/PlayOnLinux.desktop03:41
histouser94202: perhaps it has caps like that one.03:41
Marcin_guys i'm just installing expert-command-line ubuntu on virtualbox and... I think which kernel should I choose generic as usually or maybe linux-virtual ?03:42
pranavHoyt: yes, I am sure. But use it with cation. purple has very less combinations03:42
histoMarcin_: generic03:42
Marcin_thanks histo03:42
histouser94202: if lxde has a debian based menu it's probably apps > system > something03:43
user94202histo:  Thanks, i found it. It's PlayOnLinux.desktop.   (not playonlinux.desktop)03:44
BIGBOOMBAthis laptop came with windows 8 and i can't say i'm impressed03:44
lubuntu13Hello, everyone. I very rarely ask for help and trust me I've been researching for days. Maybe you can help me? I am trying to use a Macbook 2,1 with Ubuntu 12.04 but it just won't boot from such burnt CD. For some reason I am clueless about, I can only boot Raring Ringtail Development Branch. I tried plenty others, i386, Mac, 12.04, 12.10... none boots. Macbook simply ejects the CD. Now, I am writing you from inside the LiveCD of Rarin03:44
lubuntu13g Ringtail Dev. Tomorrow I will have a new hard drive, and intend to setup Lubuntu or Ubuntu--can be either, really--on the hard drive as the only OS. I suppose I will be successful in installing from this Lubuntu 13 CD, but then, I fear that I will not be able to install a lot of things like Everpad and plenty of other stuff simply because Ubuntu 13 is not yet actually released. So, will I be able to downgrade after installing and will03:44
lubuntu13 I manage to do it in a couple days, or is there a way to install a 12.04 or 12.10 from within this 13 Live CD, or... Any other ideas? Big thanks.03:44
histouser94202: yes locate -i playonlinux.desktop would have found it03:44
histouser94202: -i will ignore case03:44
ubuntuaddictedevince won't allow me access external links03:45
ubuntuaddictedi have tried the solution here but it's still not working?03:45
histolubuntu13: just out of curiosity why would you buy a macbook to run ubuntu?03:45
fishscenelubuntu13: I manage a lab of 35 macbooks which last summer, we converted over to Ubuntu Linux. We had 2 machines that REFUSED to boot off of any linux CD. The solution? Install Ubuntu from a USB stick. Worked perfectly :)03:45
histolubuntu13: also you may want ot verify your downloaded iso and your cd03:46
histo!md5 | lubuntu1303:46
ubottulubuntu13: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:46
ubuntuaddictedplease help with evince and external links03:46
fishscene...We eventually discovered that those 2 machines didn't have a model/serial(?) number that was from the same production line as the rest. ...we ordered them at the same time, so not sure why that was.03:46
pinkpelicanOkay, I now have Wine and the install exe03:47
Marcin_pinkpelican: good luck :)03:48
lubuntu13histo: I have had this Macbook for many years with OS X but the hard drive broke and instead of reinstalling and restoring the backup I decided to give Linux the green light. So, I didn't really buy it for Linux.03:48
fishscenepinkpelican, click on the top-button on the side-bar. (dash) and type in "wine". You should see a wine config option03:48
pinkpelicanI already configured it.03:48
lubuntu13fishscene: I have also been trying USB, but no luck!03:48
pinkpelicanI have the terminal open, no idea how to start the program.03:48
fishscenelubuntu13: Just to confirm, are you pressing and holding the [alt] key on your keyboard while booting?03:49
Marcin_pinkelican: did u installed exe ?03:49
wwarrioranyone knows how is that now ubuntu makes nvidia and ati drivers work ?03:49
wwarriorthey are not in ubuntu-restricted-* anymore03:49
ubuntuaddictedthis is absurd, i can't even open an external link in evince?03:49
lubuntu13histo: I could try, but I have downloaded so many different ones and wasted so many CDs, and I never really have corrupted downloads for any other purpose, so, I think it's really unlikely that's the issue.03:50
fishscenepinkpelican: Is it a dos program? You should be able to execute the .exe by now. You *might* need to right-click the .exe and enable the execute bit.03:50
pinkpelicanIt's .msi03:50
pinkpelicanI clicked the installer and it ended prematurely from a fatal error.03:50
lubuntu13fishscene: I tried that, too. In my case it's not really essential, because I have no internal drive ATM03:50
histolubuntu13: worth a check of your iso.  If not continue to troubleshoot by guessing03:50
histolubuntu13: maybe you could throw darts at a dart board and decide what to do next03:51
Marcin_pinkpelican: what app u want to install?03:51
pinkpelicanTactical RPG Editor 203:51
lubuntu13histo: okay, worth taking it out of the way. brb03:51
histolubuntu13: if it's good perhaps try writing it to usb and installing that way as others have suggested.03:52
th3pun15h3rhow does one go about turning on power management for their wifi from terminal?03:52
th3pun15h3rmine is currently set to off but i wonder if my wifi overheats or something and then loses connection because of it.03:52
Marcin_pinkpelican: how large is file? if it's not much give me a link on PM i will dwl and look at it03:52
lubuntu13histo: i've tried to USB it.. will give it yet another try.03:53
fishscenelubuntu13: I dunno mate. Mac's can be VERY quirky if they aren't running Apple stuff *exactly* the way Apple dictates it. You might have to get *super* creative at this point (try to boot off another distro CD) or something, but that might be a bit of a stretch03:53
histolubuntu13: the other option is a net install.03:53
histolubuntu13: you can install from inside of rarin03:53
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone help with evince accessing external links please?03:54
pinkpelicanThe file is 15.8 MB03:54
fishscenepinkpelican: This might be a shot in the dark, but what if you copied the installed files from your Windows 7 computer and tried to run them under WINE?03:54
pinkpelicanfishscene trying now.03:54
lubuntu13fishscene: do you happen to know the exact model of the Macbooks you installed via USB?03:54
Botanicwhat version of ubuntu should I build on for maximum compatibility across versions? 10.04?03:55
lubuntu13histo: I like the sound of net install. So you say I can do it from inside the Raring LiveCD session?03:55
fishsceneI don't at the moment, but I can tell you they were not the A1181 series, but they were purchased back in 200703:55
Marcin_Botanic: 12.04LTS03:56
Marcin_i use it at work, and work perfect!03:56
histolubuntu13: yeah you could use debootstrap to install a ubuntu system.03:56
BotanicMarcin_, will those binaries work on older versions tho?03:56
Marcin_99% yes03:56
fishscene...maybe 2006 at the earliest03:56
histolubuntu13: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/01/debootstrap-minimal-debian-ubuntu-installation/  and I made a video a short while back you can watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiM9GOKvTI403:57
=== captain_ is now known as captainfixerpc14
lubuntu13fishscene: can I know the series of mine from the terminal?03:58
dogearsThe latest upgrade has caused my video resolution to change and I cant login to the computer? any ideas!03:58
Botanicdogears, boot into single user mode03:58
lubuntu13histo: thanks. i will go through the links.03:59
fishscenelubuntu13: For me, My model # is printed on the underside of the Mac on the small print.03:59
pinkpelicanI'm right clicking the .exe and opening with Wine Program Loader. Nothing is happening.03:59
histolubuntu13: there's also a mini.iso around that is about 7mb that is a text based net installer03:59
dogearsBotanic: Where do I find that?03:59
histolubuntu13: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:59
histolubuntu13: minimal iso may be easier if you are really unfamiliar with linux.04:00
lubuntu13fish: I didn't even remember I had things on the bottom of mine. Yeah I got the A1181 series..04:00
Botanicdogears, http://askubuntu.com/questions/132965/how-do-i-boot-into-single-user-mode-from-grub04:00
Marcin_pinkpelican: do this in that way... open terminal chmod +x TacticalRPGeditor2.msi, then open this file with right klick (open with Wine Windows Program)04:00
Marcin_works good, and installing. no errors04:00
dogearsBotanic: Thanks04:01
Botanicdogears, can also try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode04:01
Marcin_tryied open with terminal but i got error bad exe format04:01
pinkpelicanDo I need to navigate to path?04:01
Marcin_no, just open folder where u downloaded file04:01
fishscenelubuntu13: It's around that time-frame then. Sounds like you have the same issue as me. I almost forgot, the Mac was picky about the particular USB drive I was using too. One of them NONE of the 35 would boot off of. The other, they had no problems04:01
Marcin_and klick on it with right mouse button04:01
fishsceneDrive Mac's wouldn't boot from: Kingston DataTraveler 8GB (Completely erased, no e3 garbage). Drive Mac's would boot from: SanDisk Cruzer 8GB (Completely erased, no e3 garbage).04:02
lubuntu13histo: not quite unfamiliar... my first installed linux was a Redhat some 14 years ago... then I didn't spend much more time with Linux though. And I've managed a dedicated server, once upon a time. While I'm far from being a pro, I'm not unfamiliar.04:03
BWMerlinWhere would I find information about when third party drivers updates ie. Nvidia make it into ubuntu?04:04
ubuntuaddictedhow do i stop apparmor from protecting evince?04:04
fishsceneBWMerlin: I've found a good resource is phoronix.com. But it's hardly as "NVIDIA releases update on 15th!" type thing.04:04
fishsceneas = a04:05
histolubuntu13: Well watch my video see if it's something you want to do. If not you can always try the minimal iso04:05
ubuntuaddictedi can't even open an external link within a pdf???????04:05
histoubuntuaddicted: do you ahve a default browser setup?04:05
BWMerlinnvidia has released newer drivers than what I am using I just want to know where I can find the process that the ubuntu devs know about it and are looking into it04:05
pinkpelicanI need to reboot, BRB04:05
ubuntuaddictedhisto, yes04:05
ubuntuaddictedhisto, apparmor is blocking external links, permission denied04:06
ubuntuaddictedhisto, i've added a disable symlink like the web has told me but it still doesn't work04:06
cubhey i have a q, im using kde 4, with ambience window decoration, and it works for the most part except xchat,s title bar is super bright and u cant see the  title text because the font and background are the same color04:07
cuba few other programs behave the same way, what could be the cause04:07
ubuntuaddictedthis is just silly! i can't even open an external link within a pdf because of apparmor?04:08
fishsceneWell, I have to go, lubuntu13, I hope you get that boot problem solved. :)   Just a note, Linux runs hot on our machines and If you slap the alt-key a bunch of times, a keyboard shortcut hint screen sometimes gets stuck, but otherwise, not too bad.04:10
lubuntu13What do you mean it runs hot? Thanks for everything man.04:11
fishsceneWe also have a bunch of kids on our machines, and ALL kids are natural hackers. So this might be part of my issue :P   But 0 Security issues!   Hot = temperature. The power-state management on Linux isn't as refined on the native Mac OS, so the machines are generally a bit warmer and thus, the fan gets used more.04:12
pinkpelicanI'm still receiving a fatal error for install.04:12
Marcin_pinkpelican: u ran this installer through terminal or mouse clicking?04:13
pinkpelicanI typed in chmod +x through terminal then mouse clicked04:13
Marcin_strange, did u ran before winecfg for configuring ?04:14
pinkpelicanYes but I didn't really change anything.04:14
pinkpelicanJust pushed OK.04:14
Marcin_so the default system there is windows xp or other ? please check04:15
dogearsBotanic: No luck. All I get is a black screen with the purple background. Recovery mode doesnt work either. It showed an error during the update due to NX server update problem but I cant access to find if I have it in a log file04:15
pinkpelicanI got wine through package manager, not terminal04:15
Marcin_its only says fatal error? without any more output ?04:15
pinkpelicanI'm sorry, software center.04:16
pinkpelicanHold on let me try again.04:16
dogearsBotanic:  That should say blank04:16
Marcin_pinkpelican: in terminal type wine --version and paste output what version do you have04:16
pinkpelicanFatal Error: Installation ended prematurely  because of error04:17
pinkpelicanOne moment04:17
ubuntuaddictedapparmor is keeping me from opening a legit external link within a pdf, please help04:18
Marcin_hmm maybe its a wine version error i got wine-1.5.2104:18
pinkpelicanHow do I upgrade?04:19
Marcin_well in terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa04:19
Marcin_sudo apt-get update04:19
Marcin_sudo apt-get upgrade04:19
Marcin_check if wine is upgraded04:19
MrGizmo757hey, are there any good fixes for poor graphics performance with instal HD 3000 graphics?04:19
MrGizmo757i instaled Xorg Edgers and it helped but it caused ghosting when draggin gwindows around.04:20
pinkpelicanIt says I can't access ppa04:20
pinkpelicanOh typo04:21
pinkpelicanHold on04:21
Marcin_MrGizmo757: I got Atom D525MW with some shi*** intel and all I work out its only 2D acceleration with weak 3D04:22
ubuntuaddictedapparmor is keeping me from opening a legit external link within a pdf, please help04:22
JakeR5555where is the theme location in 12.04?04:23
MrGizmo757i just found a PPA      ppa:glasen/intel-driver PPA      im going to give that a shot and see what happens. nothing else has worked so why not04:23
pinkpelicanMy version still says 1.404:23
JakeR5555older atom is trash04:23
MrGizmo757i have doubts though04:24
JakeR5555intel keep releasing trash into the market04:24
JakeR5555their IGP is trash their low power cpus are trash04:24
pinkpelicanI'm just going to purge and install wine again.04:25
MrGizmo757THis is what agrivates me most about linux. a new vertion comes out. things break. it takes a millions years to get fixed. :(04:25
JakeR5555i have two atom netbooks and both won't run games without a problem. even old games have missing textures and colors04:25
JakeR5555this is on windows not linux04:25
magn3tshd4000 is much better imo, haven't had issues with any  version of any driver.04:25
JakeR5555so good luck with your atom and linux04:25
Marcin_pinkpelican: ok remember to delete .wine folder from home dir04:25
JakeR5555their performance CPUs with IGPs are okay..04:26
ubuntuaddictedapparmor is keeping me from opening a legit external link within a pdf, please help04:26
pinkpelicanWhat is the name of the wine package?04:26
magn3tswine-1.4 or wine-1.5 or wine04:26
magn3tsdepending on what you want04:26
magn3tsand what ppa you may or may not have enabled04:26
Marcin_hit apt-get install wine04:27
Marcin_check what version will be installed04:27
ubuntuaddictedapparmor is keeping me from opening a legit external link within a pdf, please help04:27
Marcin_or simply use synaptic for this :)04:27
magn3tsMarcin_, the other way of doing that would be `apt-cache policy wine`04:27
Marcin_magn3ts: true04:27
histo!patience | ubuntuaddicted04:28
ubottuubuntuaddicted: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:28
cjhornjoin #xubuntu04:29
aibI get "waiting for network..." at boot time, if my DHCP WAN connection messes up. Is there a way to turn the unavailability of this connection into a mere "meh, whatever" level problem while still keeping the DHCP client running at boot time?04:31
aibright now /etc/init/failsafe.conf is run, taking ~2.5 minutes of my life at every boot my connection is down04:32
Marcin_aib: simply disable dhcp in network settings and set them to static IP04:32
Marcin_ofc if u can set it04:32
aibMarcin_: my connection is "unmanaged" on KDE's network settings. I like how it's set up at boot time04:33
Marcin_i see04:34
aibI like having DHCP running before logging on to X. I just don't like the fact that the system thinks it's a major problem when it's down04:35
aibdescription "Failsafe Boot Delay"04:35
aibhmm maybe I should just delete/disable this completely04:35
Omen_20So do web apps work for Chrome once the web-apps preview has been installed? I haven't had any luck.04:35
Marcin_it would be the best way if u want to fast boot04:36
djonohello everyone. my facebook keeps getting hacked on ubuntu even after deleting all apps and change the password 4 times04:36
Marcin_pinkpelican: hows wine installation going?04:36
pinkpelican9 mins04:36
magn3tsdjono, that likely has nothing to do with ubuntu04:37
tylerwoodwardmake it a harder password to guess.04:37
aibwhat's the Ubuntu way to disable /etc/init/failsafe.conf ? O04:37
aibsry rogue enter04:37
Marcin_1234 isnt good one :P04:37
djonoi have a windows partition. could that be a reason04:38
Marcin_djono: no04:38
magn3tsStop getting phished.04:38
pinkpelicanCould be04:38
pinkpelicanShred your hard disk04:38
magn3tsalso, your email is probably compromised.04:38
pinkpelicanStart again04:38
aibwhat's the Ubuntu way to disable /etc/init/failsafe.conf ? I'm not very familiar with this new Upstart thing - renaming it to .conf.bak would presumably work - but is there a GUI tool or a conventional name I should rename to?04:38
pinkpelicanLike a whole new world.04:38
djonohow can i get phised if im using ununtu?04:39
tylerwoodwardI had that happen to my Gmail and someone was getting into my account. Change the password on everything from email to your Facebook.04:39
pinkpelicanUbuntu isn't immune.04:39
djonoive created a new account and instantly fish again04:39
Marcin_aib: simply rename it to conf_bak (i name bak files like this)04:39
djonoive ran clamtk and found 16 threats04:39
tylerwoodwarddjono: make sure the URL is facebook.com and not some other odd domain. That's usually the first sign something is up.04:40
magn3tsdjono, have you clicked on any "you were tagged in photos at blahblah.com, click here" links?04:40
Marcin_djono: check hosts files if anyone did not mess them up04:40
magn3tsfacebook uses SSL for login, are you bypassing SSL warnings?04:40
djononope i im logging in securely04:41
pinkpelicanI'm ultraparanoid.04:41
magn3tsif not, you're either being phished, your email is compromised or you have a keylogger. I highly doubt that you have a keylogger on your system.04:41
tylerwoodwarddjono: what browser are you using?04:41
djonoim using chromium04:41
Marcin_chromium is outdated btw04:41
lubuntu13so sorry i changed computer and lost the names of the people who were helping me, can you see me? i'm booting the mini.iso04:41
dogearsHow long should fsck take to run on a 200Gb hdd. the cursor is blinking for the past 30 minutes?04:41
magn3tsdogears, no output at all? there should be some output...04:42
magn3tschromium is outdated? wat04:42
djonochromium chrome samething right chromium is the linux version?04:42
comadrini finally managed to install the windows drivers using ndisrapper. Now I can see the wireless card and the available networks04:42
tylerwoodwarddjono update to Google Chrome. You can find it in the Ubuntu Software Center I believe.04:42
KatsumeBliskdjono: Chromium is the open source version.04:42
comadrinhowever, when i select my network and put in the passwords04:42
dogearsmagn3ts: Nothing just a blinking cursur which moves down when I press enter04:42
comadrini keep getting requests to re-enter passwords04:43
comadrinso, i cannot log in04:43
djonoive created a new email along with a new facebook and spam instantly04:43
magn3tsdogears, that doesn't sound correct, fsck should probably be outputting something04:43
comadrini know that the password is right - copy / paste04:43
magn3tsdjono, what do you mean spam instantly?04:43
comadrini am at a loss where else to look04:44
tylerwoodwarddjono: spam where? in your email?04:44
Marcin_djono: i hope u dont use facebook mail ;)04:44
djonomy facebook04:44
djonoi dont use facebook mail04:44
thomasd_Hi all04:44
pinkpelicanHi thomasd_04:44
tylerwoodwarddjono spam messages in facebook?04:44
djonomy new account just instanlty post the same things as my old one04:44
comadrinwould anyone be willing to help me out04:44
djonoyes spam messages in facebook04:44
magn3tschromium-browser in the ubuntu repos is at version 23, it's perfectly up to date, there's no need for djono to switch to Chrome unless he/she wants to04:44
magn3tsdjono, sent by you or.. ?04:44
dogearsmagn3ts: I can ctr/atl/del and it will reboot.04:45
tylerwoodwardlike actually coming as messages or are you getting post on your wall with spam?04:45
djonosent by me04:45
magn3tsdjono, if it's a new account, who is it spamming to?04:45
magn3tsdogears, Ctrl+C and try to start it again04:45
MrGizmo757dose Wubi work ok with Windows 8 Pro? has anybody tried it?04:45
magn3tsdogears, run it with `-v` to run in verbose to make sure it will work04:45
djonomy wall. the new account is spamming on my wall with name repeated as the recipient04:45
thomasd_I'm trying to start transmission-daemon as a service at startup, but I can't use another user for transmission. I would like to start it as my regular user, but it doesn't work.04:45
thomasd_Any idea ?04:45
tylerwoodwardMrGizmo757 it worked for me.04:45
magn3tsMrGizmo757, do you *really* want wubi? ask yourself that first.04:45
magn3tsdjono, send me a link or show us a screenshot, I'm still a bit confused.04:46
pinkpelicanMrGizmo757 are you thinking of buying Win 8?04:46
tylerwoodwardI wouldn't recommend Wubi either. If you burn the ISO it'll let you install it next to Windows 8.04:46
* magn3ts wonders if anyone targeted Linux with those Java zero-days after all.....04:46
tylerwoodwardThat's how I did my dual boot.04:46
comadrinanyone is willing to point me in the right direction?04:46
Marcin_magn3ts: nope :) only windows friends got it04:46
Marcin_i got win too but never had a problem with it04:47
tylerwoodwardI dumbed Java regardless if it was Windows or Linux. Just in case. ;)04:47
magn3tsJust use Click-to-Enable in Firefox and Chrome and never worry about it again I say.04:47
magn3tsFlash and Java run when I allow them and never any other time, the little pieces of ... software.04:47
djonocant do it anymore my new account has just been temporarily blocked. its wierd cause i have no friends on the new account04:47
MrGizmo757i alredy have windows 8.  i had driver issues with this current vertion of ubuntu and i found a PPA that might fix it. i just wanted to do it with Wubi incase it didnt work. if this postential fix dose work then ill go for the full install.  thats what my plan is anyways.04:47
tylerwoodwardIs that possible in CHrome magn3ts?04:48
magn3tstylerwoodward, yes, it's built into the Chrome UI and there's an about:config flag for firefox04:48
tylerwoodwardAh I might have to look into that.04:48
djonoi noticed it happening after i used jdownloader04:49
magn3tstylerwoodward, though the option in Chrome is a bit buried, if you can't find a quikc Google will get you through the screens to find the checkbox. It only takes 20 seconds and its well worth it, I promise04:49
pinkpelicanOkay configuring wine04:49
thomasd_I was thinking, maybe it's a SELinux magic, but I don't understand how it works04:49
MrGizmo757Wubi just seemed like a better option for testing since it can easily be removed if it fails. thats what im thinking anyways04:49
tylerwoodwardmagn3ts: Thanks for the heads up on that. I didn't know if Chrome had it because I hadn't seen it.04:49
rawfodogwhats the name of that ndiswrapper front end/gui ?04:49
magn3tsdjono, where did you download jdownloader from? I had a windows friend that had an issue after using jdownloader... Ironically I JUST installed it about 20 minutes ago but I haven't had any issues.... but then again, I don't type my passwords ever.04:49
magn3tsMrGizmo757, for that case, it makes sense04:50
djonoi downloaded it from terminal04:50
Marcin_Wubi is for Newbi.s :P04:50
magn3tsdjono, can you be more explicit, what does that mean exactly?04:50
pinkpelicanI'm still getting a fatal error, but it lets me type in my name now.04:51
djonoi downloaded jdownloader through termnial sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader04:51
magn3tsdjono, good, that's what I did too.04:52
Marcin_pinkpelican: wine --version what tells u ./04:52
magn3tsdjono, that should be safe, assuming launchpad is doing its job and jdownloader isn't nefearious, but I don't think it is04:52
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
magn3tsdjono, unfortunately I don't have a lot of other ideas for you. You can always format and start over with ubuntu. If you have /home on a separate partition that should be fairly painless even.04:52
tylerwoodwardmagn3ts, found it in chrome://settings under Privacy. Its all within Content Settings.04:53
Marcin_so its ok04:53
djonoive reinstalled 2 distros over eachother and i get the same issue with my fb getting hacked04:53
Marcin_when you click RMB on the file it want to open with wine?04:53
magn3tsdjono, uhm, then you got something else going on man. someone either installed a hardware keylogger or is watching you type or something.04:55
Marcin_try also in this way, right click on file chose properties, 3rd tab and there choose wine04:55
djonoi just dont see how that is possible04:56
Marcin_and try to run again04:56
magn3tsdjono, I don't either. What messages are being sent exactly?04:56
bairuiwhen did ubuntu change to using   /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/   ?04:56
djonosome turkish message i think with links04:56
_townyHey could I get some help of someone?04:56
Marcin__towny: with what?04:57
magn3tsdjono, if you can copy/paste one of them in a PM I'll look and see if I can find anything out about it04:57
magn3ts!ask | _towny04:57
ubottu_towny: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:57
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
_townyToday, I just installed ubuntu on a dual boot over my windows 7, and everything went fine. How do i uninstall windows now?04:58
=== tylerwoodward is now known as hitmantyler
djonouse gparted and partition the windows partition04:58
bairuiwhere are applications supposed to look for shared object files (.so) in ubuntu?04:58
Marcin__towny: simply delete from GRUB list and format windows partition ;)04:59
Marcin__towny: hope u used linux partitions for ubuntu?04:59
Marcin__towny: and last thing it best to install ubuntu with separated partition :)05:00
pinkpelicanWhat am I doing?05:00
pinkpelicanI went to properties ...05:00
_townyWait, i've got to restart my compuiter,, its screwing up05:00
magn3ts_towny, you don't really uninstall it, you can delete the windows partition and expand the ubuntu partition over the old windows space if you want05:00
dogearsWhat is the default editor in text mode?05:01
Marcin_pinkpelican: do you see there a wine app to choose ?05:01
magn3tsdogears, I think it's nano IIRC05:01
hitmantylerI just changed my install up a bit. I did an install and let it install next to Windows 8 and then went back with the Live CD and created a /home partition and dumbed Windows 8.05:01
threex5oh man, I have a screen tearing problem that is driving me bonkers? I'm running mint, mate edition, if that's relevant-- no proprietary gpu drivers. could anyone help me out with this?05:01
Marcin_its simply like on windows u choosing default app to open a file05:01
djonoif im getting fished does it have to do with software or hardware05:01
pinkpelicanYes, I see "a wine app"05:01
Marcin_so mark it, and set as default05:01
magn3tsdjono, "phishing" occurs when you give a website that is NOT facebook, your Facebook password05:01
magn3tsdjono, who is your ISP?05:01
magn3tsdjono, also, where do you live?05:02
djonoim an expat working in Indonesia they use an isp called speedy here05:02
dogearsmagn3ts: No just the standard editor. I usually use gedit but I have no video at the moment and there is no vim05:02
=== hitmantyler is now known as tyler
Marcin_dogears: nano ?05:03
lauratikadoes any one knows if there is a tor room or ubuntu and tor chat room?05:03
pinkpelicanWhen I go to open it with "a wine application" nothing happens.05:03
=== tyler is now known as Guest43077
dogearsmagn3ts: yes nano is it!!  Thanks05:03
magn3tsdogears, no problem05:03
Marcin_i wrote that :P05:03
Marcin_but nvm :)05:03
magn3tsMarcin_, I wrote it before you05:03
magn3tsdjono, I'm only seeing a handful of results and I'm guessing one of them might be you? Do you have mean friends?05:03
Marcin_didnt noticed lol05:04
djononope my fb is pretty closed even amongst friends05:04
islanis there any chance that despite ubuntu saying my bluetooth is on and working it is in fact not functioning properly?05:04
Marcin_but i preffer nano than vi but use them both when managing servers05:04
Marcin_pinkpelican: its really strange05:04
Marcin_i dont know how to help u more :/05:04
pinkpelicanWell good!05:04
islandjono, I ended up deleting my fb after I went to google+05:04
Marcin_maybe mono is needed05:04
pinkpelicanWhat's mono?05:05
islanI only ever seemed to use fb to leave comments on other sites05:05
islanpinkpelican, the disease or the type?05:05
djonoi use to keep to with friends  n family back home05:05
pinkpelicanI have no idea05:05
islanoh wow, wine05:06
djonopinkpelican what are u trying to open with mono?05:06
islanhas that improved at all in the past 4 years?05:06
Marcin_pinkpelican try to install mono too05:06
magn3tsdjono, you don't seem to be alone: https://www.google.com/search?q=YUHH+BEE+SONUNDA+BUNUDA+YAPTILAR could be related to your ISP though like I said, do you live in a... well... hostile nation that might be inspecting your traffic or something?05:06
zykotick9pinkpelican: re-what's mono.  mono is MS's .net for gnu/linux... :(05:06
dogearsWhat does "fatal server error- cannot establish any listening sockets - make sure an x server isnt running " mean05:06
pinkpelicanThis program runs on visual basic 605:06
magn3tsdjono, :) Open Chrome, Goto Settings -> Extensions05:07
magn3tsdjono, check and make sure nothing is there you don't recognize.05:07
Marcin_pinkpelican: do you have winetricks?05:07
thomasd_Alright, I rephrase my question : is there something (configuration, SELinux, ...) that can prevent start-stop-daemon from starting a process as a specific user ?05:07
pinkpelicanLet me look05:07
Guest43077Hey does anyone know of a good way to change the Ubuntu loading screen when starting up the PC?05:08
zykotick9thomasd_: i didn't see your origional question.  but if it's a network service - and it's using a low port, that can require root i believe.05:08
djonoonly have one extension add new tab button05:08
magn3tsthomasd_, you might take even one more step back and tell us what you're trying to accomplish.05:08
magn3tsdjono, hm, okay.05:09
pinkpelicanI have winetricks but when I select install an app a list comes up.05:09
* islan playing earthbound ... just followed a creepy guy down into his basement ... which turns out to be a cave05:09
pinkpelicanThe program isn't on the list.05:09
Marcin_no, you should choose use the default wineprefix05:09
Marcin_then next05:09
Marcin_and u see another window05:09
Marcin_choose first install windows lib dll etc05:10
Marcin_choose it and look for some .net05:10
djonopinkpelican i use mono for 1 program instead of sudo u use mono to open the program05:10
Marcin_it will download for you and install05:10
magn3tsdjono, I'm kinda out of ideas man. :( I'm sorry.05:10
magn3tsdjono, are you turkish by chance? everything I'm finding related is turkish in nature05:11
narutolinuxhello, and good evening05:11
djononope im american05:11
Marcin_narutolinux: hi05:11
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thomasd_zykotick9, magn3ts: I'm trying to start transmission-daemon as a service at startup, but I can't use another user for transmission. I would like to start it as my regular user, but it doesn't work.05:11
magn3tsdjono, I wish I could help you more :(05:11
pinkpelicanNo there's just a list05:11
narutolinuxMarcin_, nothing much.05:11
thomasd_No low port issues here05:11
pinkpelicanThe lists lead to other lists05:11
Marcin_it should lead to you05:11
pinkpelicanie install a game leads to a list of games05:11
Marcin_no no05:11
djonopinkpelican whar are u trying to open up05:12
djonoits all good magn3ts05:12
Marcin_u should check use default wineprefix> click OK> next window check install windows lib DLL05:12
Marcin_click OK05:12
Marcin_u see next window with windows app to install05:12
djonomy email seems to be fine n everything. and my bank accounts intact just facebook. if its just fb i don't care that much anymore05:12
Marcin_like dot nets, netframe, visual etc05:12
pinkpelicanOh hold on I'm not used to Unity.05:13
Guest43077djono are you installing any apps on facebook like games and invites to stuff from others on there?05:13
Marcin_2h left and end of shift yay!05:14
djononope. i have a really closed profile. i just logged on  and boom people blowin me up about spam05:14
Guest43077djono thats really odd. the only other thing i could think of was maybe some of the apps on facebook can access information about you and your profile and send messages or post on your behalf.05:15
RalliasErm... I just realized... data going to my br0 device is going from localhost to router and back to the target... how do I fix that?05:15
djonoit started after i used jdownloader on windows then i installed it on linux05:16
Guest43077djono, did you try getting rid of that?05:16
s1nkah1,can Ubuntu run on my Asus Eee Pad TF300T?05:16
djonoyes same ol thing. should i get rid of my win partition?05:16
djonoi used clamtk and found 16 threats05:17
Guest43077djono did you run anything to get rid of it?05:17
Marcin_s1nka: if it couldnt it would be odd :)05:17
djononot yet didnt want to mess the system up before asking some folks05:17
Guest43077djono run a virus scanner. could be malware or spyware on there that is getting your information such as your username and passwords.05:18
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djonoi ran clamtk and checked the files on total virus nothing05:19
s1nkaMarcin_,i know that ArchLinux is running here but i want clean Ubuntu05:19
pinkpelicanI'm not seeing what Marcin_ is talking about in the packages list.05:20
Marcin_pinkpelican: u mean mono ?05:21
pinkpelicanIs that what I'm looking for?05:21
djonolook for mono complete05:21
pinkpelicanI thought you said .net lib or something.05:21
Marcin_1st try to install additionall apps from winetricks like i said, as far i remember i installed some from there to run apps05:21
Marcin_so maybe thats why i can run it05:21
Marcin_yea yea net lips05:22
Marcin_but there are in winetricks not package list ;)05:22
Guest43077djono clamtk is for linux only right? maybe its coming from when your in Windows.05:22
Marcin_well give me a sec i will make a screen (watch out it not will be in engglish so u must look similar steps in winetricks ;)05:23
djonosomething on windows is affecting me on linux05:23
=== Jono_ is now known as jonolumb
Guest43077djono, is it a dual boot or are you running Windows in a VM?05:23
djonodual boot05:23
Guest43077djono, if its not on your linux install then run a scan when on Windows.05:24
djonocan i scan windows within linux?05:24
Guest43077djono, i'm not sure.05:24
Marcin_pinkpelican: http://postimage.org/gallery/3ufs4u98/05:24
Marcin_check those screens05:24
pinkpelicanThere's a mon210 is that what you mean?05:25
Marcin_yes also this05:25
Marcin_but first look at link i paste05:25
Guest43077djono, it might be possible if your Windows partition is mounted when on your linux install. But i'm not positive05:25
pinkpelicanOkay, I'm in the list at the last photo.05:26
djonoits not mounted it requries a password to mount it05:26
islanI have been able to move files from Windows while mounting the partition in Ubuntu05:26
Marcin_so look there u said before this app needs what visual ?05:26
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
Guest43077djono, can you mount it and then scan again?05:27
pinkpelicanI believe visual basic 605:27
djonoscanning now05:27
Marcin_so for sure dot net is needed also05:27
Marcin_install for ex 3.005:27
Marcin_or 3.505:27
Guest43077djono, maybe that will do the trick if its malware or spyware on the Windows side causing you issues. I don't know how it would if your not actually running it while your logged into linux.05:28
Marcin_visual basic 6 is present also so it would be a problem05:28
Marcin_islan: yes u will be able05:29
Marcin_besides Ubuntu automount your partitions ofc not old releases05:30
islanMarcin_, yeah, I was thinking might help about the whole "scanning Windows from linux" thing05:30
becker_11I've just setup all my video podcasts in Rhythmbox and now I find out it can't display video?05:30
Marcin_islan: u want scan for what purpouse?05:30
Marcin_virus scan ?05:30
Marcin_or what :P05:30
islanno no, I was responding to: <djono> can i scan windows within linux?05:31
Marcin_sure its possible05:31
* islan sighs05:32
Guest43077islan, djono, is it possible if you mount the partition ?05:32
islanit's treated like any other directory when it's mounted05:32
Guest43077islan, thats what I thought.05:32
Guest43077islan, djono was having problems that sounded like malware or spyware was installed and my only guess is it might be on his Windows side of things and mount it and scan.05:33
islanGuest43077, sounds like a plan, I used to just completely reinstall Windows when that happened05:33
Marcin_Guest i removed few weeks ago wiruses like that05:33
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Guest43077I finally just did away with WIndows. Although I keep XP in a VM so my wife can use Office. lol.05:34
islanI still have too much gaming purposes to abandon Windows05:35
Marcin_Guest: good that she do not play :P05:35
islanand Windows 7 seems pretty decent enough05:35
becker_11Guest43077: a mate just installed office 2007 via wine and says it runs like a charm05:35
Marcin_if its secure enough :)05:35
Guest43077becker_11, oh yeah?05:35
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=== tylerw is now known as tylerwoodward
Marcin_becker_11: if only gimp could be a little bit easyer :D but its not :/\05:36
Marcin_for me :(05:36
tylerwoodwardSorry didn't realize I was showing up as Guest. Fixed that.05:36
tylerwoodwardMarcin_ what about Gimpshop?05:36
dr_willisive only used gimp.. so i dont find it hard05:36
becker_11yeah he did it the other night no messing around just installed wine then office on top05:37
Marcin_i use now gimp 2.8 but still i cant work so easly like in ps05:37
tylerwoodwardbecker_11, we have 2010 I wonder if it works. I'll have to check the wine site05:37
Marcin_some basics ofc05:37
dogearsHow hard is it to move my HOME directory to a new partition so I can reinstall 12.04?05:38
becker_11tylerwoodward: I'd look into it for sure. We use 2010 at the office but I rarely need it at home so libreoffice works fine for me05:38
dr_willisdogears: not too hard if you know sime linux fundamentals05:38
becker_11dogears: as easy as running an rsync command05:38
pinkpelicanIs mon210 the .net repository?05:39
Marcin_u need netframework or also mono ?05:39
Samus_Arandoes anyone know how to get the Linux framebuffer to use any mode other than the maximum resolution?  the text is way too small, and I've been trying things for hours, nothing has any effect.05:39
tylerwoodwardbecker_11, yeah libreoffice works for me but she has school stuff she has to get done with office.05:39
Marcin_mono you will find in ubuntu repository05:39
Marcin_not there05:39
becker_11tylerwoodward: fair enough05:40
dr_willisSamus_Aran: try the fbset command. or perhaps fbterm05:40
Samus_AranI've updated GRUB2 to use 800x600x8bit mode, to turn off the framebuffer and use text console, etc. but they have no effect05:40
Samus_Arandr_willis: fbset alters the viewport only, it doesn't change resolution05:40
pinkpelicanThere is no entry that begins with an n.05:40
Marcin_pinkpelican: sudo apt-get install mono-complete05:40
dogearsbecker_11: I am running from the terminal  and not all that good from this end05:40
Samus_Arandr_willis: I'm not sure what fbterm is, I'll check.05:41
dr_willishmm ive changed res with it i recall. ages ago05:41
Marcin_in winetricks 3rd window05:41
Marcin_you will find dotnet05:41
Marcin_this is net framework05:41
dr_willisfbterm lets yiu have a fancier console terminal05:41
becker_11dogears: is this regarding making a copy of /home?05:41
becker_11dogears: I'll take a look hang on05:42
Marcin_dogears: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving05:43
Marcin_it should help u05:43
dogearsbecker_11: Yes I have lost my graphics and I cant login anymore since the update this morning.05:43
dogearsMarcin_: Thanks05:43
becker_11Marcin_: except he's lost his graphics05:44
Marcin_for lost files there is a app in ubuntu05:44
Marcin_recovery app05:44
Samus_Arandr_willis: fbterm doesn't solve the problem, but it works around it, and that's good enough for me.  thank you so much!  it has amazing font quality, I love it, fully antialiased and fast.05:44
becker_11Marcin_: he wants to backup his home directory so he can wipe and reinstall05:44
Marcin_Scalpel is app for recovery deleted files. hmm backup... guys 2013... we god flash drives pendrives05:46
Marcin_come on05:46
tylerwoodwardis the home directory its own partition?05:46
bhaveshI always get this when empathy starts up: http://i.imgur.com/thGIgIG.png Even when I check those boxes for "don't ask next time" they still appear every time..05:46
becker_11dogears: you want the command rsync -avz /home/dogears /media/backup/ assuming the other partition is on /media/backup05:46
bhavesh"Remember this choice for future connections.."**05:47
Samus_Aranbhavesh: I'm a designer of efficient GUIs, and it blows my mind how many programs have options to not show a message again, but still do so every time.  it's pathetically amateur programming.05:48
Samus_AranFirefox does this with downloaded files05:48
becker_11apologies :)05:48
troy_mccormickServer admin question: I've installed Citadel (http://www.citadel.org/) and wish to connect to it over POP3 from Gmail... First off, is this even possible?05:48
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: GMail can download messages from any POP3 server, if that's what you mean05:48
dogearsbecker_11: Thanks will give it a go!05:49
troy_mccormickSamus_Aran: I can't seem to get it to connect...am I just missing a config option somewhere?05:49
becker_11dogears: let me know how you get on05:49
Marcin_dogears: partiton with this method its fit the best /boot  /   /home  swap05:49
islanto bed!05:50
Marcin_islan: im at work ;p05:50
troy_mccormickSamus_Aran: I was once able to get the Gmail message that it cannot connect due to a self signed certificate...which is annoying, but I should be able to connect over non-secure still, right?05:50
tylerwoodwardI just created a home partition the other day. It didn't have its own that way if something goes wrong I should hopefully have my files still.05:50
Marcin_tylerwoodward: sure u will :)05:51
tylerwoodwardI have / /home /swap now.05:51
Marcin_good too05:51
Marcin_how many GB on /05:51
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: it would work over insecure POP305:52
Marcin_tell windows friend my system partiton have only 20gb :P05:52
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: connect on telnet and see what your POP3 server says05:52
troy_mccormick"Server returned error: "Connection closed by remote host: The other server terminated our connection. Please contact your other email provider for more information.""05:52
troy_mccormickOk..hang on05:52
tylerwoodwardI think my Windows 8 install without anything was 34GB at least lol05:52
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: most likely just check the logs for your POP3 server05:52
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: /var/log/*05:52
tylerwoodwardI'm using only 6.3GB on my /05:53
troy_mccormickThank you sir...doing that now05:53
tylerwoodwardBut for /home I have 450GB and using 23GB :)05:53
dogearsMarcin_: Can you explain what you mean? /boot / /home swap05:54
Marcin_dogears: partitions should look like this05:54
Marcin_if something goes bad with boot05:55
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pinkpelicanI ran sudo apt-get install mono-complete and I'm still getting an error.05:55
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
tylerwoodwardMarcin_ is it possible to create a /boot after having only / /home and /swap?05:55
tylerwoodwardIs it a good idea to do that?05:55
Marcin_but you must then reinstall grub05:55
Marcin_i install that on whole servers managed05:56
Samus_AranI don't personally recommend a separate /boot partition.  there was a time it was quite useful, but with modern hard drives it just isn't likely to help anything05:56
Marcin_ppl are happy me too05:56
dogearsMarcin_: 4 partitions? I also have Windows as duel boot and the original image on serparate partitions. Any problems with this?05:56
tylerwoodwardHow hard would it be to to create a /boot and redo GRUB05:56
Marcin_maybe but /boot u gave only 300mb05:56
Marcin_not more05:56
Samus_Aranyou can run out of 300MB on /boot05:57
dr_willisthese days a /boot/ is nor normally needed05:57
Samus_Aranif you have many kernels installed05:57
Samus_Araneach one is rather large05:57
Marcin_thats i wroted i isntall this way on servers :)05:57
Samus_Aranplus the initial ramdisk, etc.05:57
Marcin_but on my desktop i have same tables05:57
Marcin_many ppl say swap is not need lot of space05:58
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: I don't recommend adding a /boot partition.  much more likely you will cause problems doing that, then solve any potential problem.05:58
troy_mccormickSamus_Aran: Nothing is going into mail.log (tail'd it, nothing came through)05:58
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: if you want to, dynamically resize one of your partitions, shrink it a few hundred MB, so you have free space at the end.  then format it and your /boot files there05:58
Samus_Aran*and copy05:58
pinkpelicanIs there a channel specifically for wine?05:58
Marcin_tylerwoodward: its not hard but you need doing that on livecd running05:59
troy_mccormickTotally the wrong person on that one, Samus_Aran  :)05:59
Samus_Aranpinkpelican: #WineHQ05:59
Samus_AranI imagine05:59
tylerwoodwardMarcin_ I was told double the amount of RAM for swaps.05:59
Samus_Aranthey banned me a couple years ago, I forget the channel now05:59
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:59
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: double RAM for swap is not useful05:59
pinkpelicanWere you trolling?05:59
JakeR5555i updated openssl to the latest version but ubuntu is using the older version.. how to force it to use the latest version ?05:59
becker_11tylerwoodward: only if you want to hibernate05:59
Samus_Aranpinkpelican: no, I was being logical05:59
tylerwoodwardbecker_11 I usually don't.05:59
pinkpelicanSounds like trolling to me.05:59
Samus_Aranpinkpelican: I was pointing out a Wine issue, someone took offense06:00
BillyZane|2my video card/monitor is so screwed up right now, i could cry06:00
Marcin_tylerwoodward: how GB ram u got ?06:00
Samus_Aranas far as I remember, it was years ago, haven't thought of it in a long time06:00
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
becker_11tylerwoodward: than equal to ram would b fine tbh I only have 2GB but 4GB ram on this machine06:00
tylerwoodwardMarcin_ 3GB06:00
Marcin_Samus_Aran: did you managed servers ?06:00
Samus_AranMarcin_: hm?  have I ever managed servers?06:00
Marcin_tylerwoodward give 4GB it will be good enough06:00
tylerwoodwardMarcin_ ah okay cool.06:01
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: the amount of swap should be based on the expected usage of swap.  this has nothing to do with hardware, it has to do with what programs will be run...06:01
Marcin_Samus_Aran: believe me swap is needed06:01
Samus_AranMarcin_: I didn't say swap was not needed.  I said doubling the amount of RAM is wrong.06:01
dr_willisi dont havce any swap on my 8gb Ubuntu box. ;)06:01
Samus_Arandr_willis: then you are risking sudden system crashes06:02
Marcin_guess what on server with 64GB ram how large should be swap06:02
dr_willisSamus_Aran:  none in the last 8mo.06:02
Samus_Arandr_willis: I didn't say it was often, but it is a real risk.  if a process runs away and eats all your RAM, the Linux kernel will start randomly killing processes06:02
* dr_willis adds a 1mb of swap file...06:02
becker_11Sometimes swap is not needed I'm running irssi on an amazon ec2 micro instance only using 80MG of ram currently so no need for swap06:02
Cyber_AkumaI plau to disable swap when I install ubuntu on a flashdrive actually, don't want it to wear down the flash06:02
Samus_Arandr_willis: that wouldn't help, either06:03
dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  ive ran from a 32gb flash for months.. and nevver wore it down.. but flash drives are cheap these days anyway06:03
Cyber_Akumaits got 32 gigs of ram, it should be fine shoulden't it?06:03
Samus_AranMarcin_: with 64GB RAM, the swap should be based on expected usage... of course.  same as all systems.06:04
dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  you could monitor its ram ussaage then add a swap file later if you wanted06:04
becker_11Cyber_Akuma: for web browsing sure but for stiching together 150 images in photoshop I'd add some swap06:04
Cyber_AkumaI didn't know there was photoshop for linux06:04
Marcin_cs2 works fine ;)06:05
becker_11Cyber_Akuma: yeah yeah you get my point06:05
pinkpelicanNo one in #winehq is saying anything.06:05
pinkpelicanThis is terrible.06:05
Cyber_AkumaNo, I was being serious06:05
Samus_Aranswap is not a negative thing, and most people are clueless about how it benefits a Linux session.  having swap means parts of RAM that haven't been used in a long time can be removed while there is still available RAM.06:05
Cyber_AkumaI don't know waht commercial software has a linux version06:05
Samus_Aranit balances out disk cache nicely for high performance06:05
Marcin_pinkpelican: maybe there is a wine forum and u will get better support there06:05
becker_11Cyber_Akuma: okay it was a slip of the fingers06:06
pinkpelicanI hate forums.06:06
Cyber_AkumaSamus_Aran: I don't want to use swap because it woudl be both slow and wear down the flash of a 2.0 flashdrive, not because I think its something negative06:06
pinkpelicanI hate computers.06:06
Cyber_AkumaI hate earthquakes06:06
Marcin_throw thorugh window :)06:06
dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  with a large amount of ram you  may never touch swap.06:06
Samus_Aranpinkpelican: may I recommend the door to your house, the world awaits!06:06
troy_mccormickSamus_Aran: Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction. Was able to track down the issue and resolve. You're my (current) internet hero! :P06:06
Marcin_pc ofc not earthquake :P06:06
Cyber_AkumaMarcin_: depends how crazy your rig is06:07
dr_willisCyber_Akuma:  unlike how windows seems to want to use swap from the moment it powers up06:07
Samus_Arantroy_mccormick: sounds good, glad you got it working.  :)06:07
pinkpelicanYep, he got banned for trolling surely.06:07
Cyber_Akumayeah I know06:07
Samus_Arandr_willis: and thanks again for the fbterm recommendation, it's high quality software.06:07
Cyber_AkumaMy windows install created a 33gb swap file06:07
Cyber_Akumaconsidering its on SSD... that didn't make me happy06:07
Cyber_Akuma32gb hibernation file too06:07
dr_willisSamus_Aran:  its a little  weird in how it works.. sort of like a combo of screen and  xterm ;) on the console06:07
becker_11Cyber_Akuma: that's crazy! Win7 or 8?06:07
Samus_Arandr_willis: assuming it doesn't break TERM compatibility... I'm doing console GUI programming, need the terminal capabilities to be properly working06:07
Cyber_AkumaWhen I disabled auto swap size and set it to a min of 1gb and max of 8gb... it never grew past 1gb06:08
Cyber_Akuma7 pro06:08
Cyber_AkumaApparnetly behavior for auto mode is to be at LEAST the size of your ram06:08
Cyber_AkumaI was wondering why that 120gb laptop hdd I was using to tet teh build was so full06:08
Cyber_Akumatest the*06:08
Samus_AranWindows XP and earlier were truly awful with swap usage.  Linux actually improves desktop performance with swap, Windows slows it down.  haven't used newer ones enough to know how they handle swap.06:09
becker_11Cyber_Akuma: yeah more microsoft fail06:09
Cyber_AkumaI also want to install ubuntu on a flashdrive to see hwo it performs on that pc though06:09
Cyber_AkumaNot sure what to do about drivers for the mobo chipset and my soundcard though06:09
Marcin_anyone got rasberry pi with ubuntu ? :D06:10
Cyber_AkumaWhat would be my best course of action if the manufacturer didn't supply linux drivers?06:10
dr_willisMarcin_:  they cant run ubuntu06:10
DaemonicApathyHow would I go about expanding my system partition? Live boot?06:10
Marcin_dr_willis: any linux?06:11
dr_willisMarcin_:  several disrtos out.. just no ubuntu06:11
Marcin_too bad :/06:11
Cyber_Akumaisn't there an arm version of ubuntu?06:11
Cyber_Akumaor do you mean the processor isn't powerful enough06:11
DaemonicApathyMarcin_: If they couldn't run linux, they wouldn't be computers. ;-)06:11
dr_willisits for arm7+   pi has arm 606:11
dr_willisi think06:11
Cyber_AkumaDaemonicApathy: my watch can't run linux06:12
DaemonicApathyI bet it could.06:12
Marcin_im wondering how this ubuntu phone will work out06:12
dr_willisrasbian works well on the pi.06:12
DaemonicApathyJust attach it to some storage.06:12
Cyber_Akumait has storage actually, 8mb06:12
dr_willisI will belive in the ubuntu phone when i actually see it06:12
tylerwoodwardUbuntu Phone and Ubuntu TV06:12
DaemonicApathySome decent storage.06:12
Cyber_Akumadude, its from 200506:12
DaemonicApathySo are some soldering irons. Between the two of those, you could work something out. :-)06:13
Cyber_AkumaAnd the only port is usb :P06:13
Cyber_AkumaI doubt infrared would work06:13
becker_11I'm ordering an Ubuntu phone as soon as they let me06:13
DaemonicApathySame, becker_1106:13
Samus_AranCyber_Akuma: one of the main features of the Linux kernel is its massive repository of [mostly] efficiently coded drivers.  it contains drivers that replace tens of thousands of Windows drivers.06:13
tylerwoodwardI probably won't get Ubuntu Phone on my carrier06:14
Marcin_I'll wait to see some in shop06:14
pinkpelicanHow do I view a log in xchat?06:14
Samus_AranCyber_Akuma: Linux drivers are built for chipsets, not for brand names.  so while Windows often has dozens of drivers for the same piece of hardware sold by various brands, Linux does not.06:14
Marcin_test them and will see if i like it06:14
Cyber_Akumamy soundcard will be the bigger problem06:14
becker_11pinkpelican: ask #xchat06:14
Samus_AranCyber_Akuma: so find out what hardware is in it, check for the driver.  most drivers are loaded automatically.06:14
Cyber_Akumait came out a few months ago, even the WINDOWS drivers were cd-only until an update came out late dec06:14
DaemonicApathyLove how hibernate is automatically disabled...06:14
Cyber_AkumaI know there might be a generic driver, but would there be one to actually use all the card's features?06:15
Cyber_AkumaDaemonicApathy: That reminds me, its been a while, does ubuntu still hibernate to the swap partition?06:15
Samus_AranCyber_Akuma: you have two main options for sound drivers on Linux, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) drivers and OSS (Open Sound System) v4 drivers06:15
Samus_AranCyber_Akuma: if it doesn't work with one, try the other06:15
Samus_AranCyber_Akuma: you're asking a question that can only be answered by knowing the chipset of your soundcard, which you haven't told us.06:16
dr_willispulsa uses alsa06:16
Cyber_Akumathe soundcard is a sound blazter z, not sure the chipset06:16
DaemonicApathyAh, ok.06:16
Samus_AranDaemonicApathy: PulseAudio is a library which multiplexes sound output, and adds some other features, but it does not provide sound drivers06:16
Samus_Arandr_willis: PulseAudio can use OSS v4 or ALSA output.  it's just a higher-level multiplexer06:17
Samus_Aranbut OSS v4 comes with its own higher quality multiplexing, so not usually any reason to use PulseAudio with OSS v406:18
Marcin_pulse with oss is a bad idead ;/06:18
guest85645is it possible to boot ubuntu whithout a boot loader?06:18
Samus_Arana few apps require PulseAudio, so it can be made to work06:18
Marcin_i tested on my sound blaster audigy se and sounds terrible06:18
Samus_Aranguest85645: *some* bootloader must be used, but it doesn't have to be on your hard drive.  for instance you can use the Live CD to boot your hard drive06:18
Marcin_but alsa with pulse plays better that in windows :o with 5+1 speakers06:19
Samus_Aranguest85645: there are also dozens of third-party bootloaders that can be used to select a device and boot from it06:19
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
Samus_AranMarcin_: only use PulseAudio on OSS v4 for the very few apps that strictly require it.  for everything else, OSS v4 alone.06:19
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
Samus_Aranon ALSA, find out if your soundcard can do multiple sound outputs in hardware, in which case there's no need for a multiplexer at all06:20
pranavif I do export path="$PATH:~/scripts". does it stays in the env-var after reboot06:21
Samus_Aranpranav: no06:21
dr_willispranav:  no'06:21
guest85645Samus_Aran , do you know why having an ubuntu usb pen drive connected make the computer stuck at boot?06:21
Samus_Aranpranav: you must put it into one of your startup scripts06:21
dr_willispranav:  use    ~/bin   and it will get auto added to your path on login06:21
Samus_Aranpranav: for login shells, this can be: ~/.bash_login       and for non-login shells: ~/.bashrc06:22
DaemonicApathyguest85645: some models stick with any usb device at boot.06:22
Cyber_AkumaSounds like the usb drive has a bootloader on it thats not configured properly06:22
Cyber_Akumafor that system at least06:22
Samus_Aranokay, I'm getting back to coding.  later06:23
DaemonicApathySo, best way to expand a system partition? Live CD?06:23
Azmuthhello, i need help... ?06:23
guest85645Cyber_Akuma , how can i configure it correctly?06:23
DaemonicApathy!ask | Azmuth06:23
ubottuAzmuth: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:23
Cyber_AkumaActually, it looked like he was asking if he needs help or not06:23
DaemonicApathyWe all do.06:24
AzmuthMy problem is that my ubuntu always stuck at restart/shutdown screen ?06:24
Coded1is there a keyboard shortcut in unity to switch users?06:24
DaemonicApathyIs there a message on the screen at the time?06:24
AzmuthDaemonicApathy: no06:25
Azmuthit just hangs06:25
DaemonicApathyWhich version?06:25
Marcin_Azmuth: nvidia ?06:25
Azmuthno ati06:25
Marcin_had problem similar with nvidia06:26
Marcin_gt 8800gt06:26
Marcin_drivers problem maybe same in your case06:26
DaemonicApathyAzmuth: http://askubuntu.com/questions/217587/ubuntu-12-10-64b-does-not-shutdown might help.06:26
Azmuthi think so06:26
DaemonicApathySeems to agree with Marcin_.06:26
vnc786can we bring unity launcher to bottom of screen with using some file instead of any theme or whatever?06:27
Marcin_and it was first time since long time when i had graphic problems with ubuntu -_- idk what they fu**ed up but i was sitting infront my monitor and o_O with text on my face it cant be truth :D06:28
DaemonicApathyvnc786: not without some third-party hack.06:28
AzmuthDaemonicApathy: i will try it now, i also downgraded xorg06:28
DaemonicApathyAzmuth: let us know how it goes.06:28
guest85645are there terminal commands to know motherboard properties such usb ports for instance?06:28
=== security is now known as megha
Marcin_anyone know what is command to start x in xfce4?06:29
DaemonicApathyNot "startx"?06:29
Marcin_i just installed command line ubu 12.10 upgraded to 13.04 and xfce06:29
Marcin_reboot and x didnt stared :D06:29
Marcin_going up i think06:29
DaemonicApathyHow about "exec startxfce4 --with-ck-launch"?06:30
Marcin_yay my atom rocks 5frrames per second :d06:30
vnc786ok can i export/import gnome settings06:30
Marcin_startx is just fine06:30
DaemonicApathyAh, ok.06:30
Marcin_but those intel gpu integraded in cpu is missunderstunding06:31
vnc786can i export/import gnome settings  ????06:31
DaemonicApathyI thought only AMD did that so far.06:31
vnc786how do i do that ?06:32
Marcin_not only i think06:32
Marcin_it was a strange thing, at my work we got pcs with atoms and 4gb and windows ofc... cool big resolution so we will isntall graphic drivers06:33
Marcin_checking on intel site and what06:33
Marcin_there are06:33
Marcin_but only for win 32bit06:33
Marcin_and we got 64installed06:33
DaemonicApathyvnc786: Just copy the .gconf and .gconfd directories from your home directory.06:33
DaemonicApathyMarcin_: Dontcha love irony?06:34
Marcin_yea i love it :)06:34
steripperCan anyone help me with Samba? I upgraded to the latest Ubuntu OS, and it's no longer working06:34
Marcin_then i asked that i will not work like this besided IT company managing servers though windows sic!06:35
Marcin_well we spoke with our manager to use ubuntu06:35
Marcin_idk if thhere is a xfce4 problem on virtualbox or whatever  i see name of folders but no icons :/06:36
Marcin_same in menu06:36
Marcin_have a nice day all06:38
Azmuthmy ubuntu still hangs at shutdown... but i want to try what  alex said in last post of this question http://askubuntu.com/questions/217587/ubuntu-12-10-64b-does-not-shutdown06:40
Azmuthbut i am confused...i don't know how to uninstall my ati drivers and what to upgrade etc ?06:40
* magz join #chennai-hackers06:41
tuttlemHi all, how can I change my default terminal (to urxvt) in 12.10? All of the posts I've read have suggested to use "update-alternatives", but it doesn't seem to work.06:41
tuttlemMy terminal shortcut is pointing directly to gnome-terminal - i realise this is the problem, just wondering how to get it to look at urxvt?06:42
tuttlemactually, it's all good - I just created a new keyboard shortcut to it. bye-bye gnome terminal!06:46
=== root____2 is now known as Sail
vnc786DaemonicApathy: i found only .gconf in /home/test/ and i copied that to other user directories but it didnt work using 12.0406:47
bentinataanyone know netbeans?06:48
bentinataor any netbeans-related channel?06:48
Sailbentinata: yup06:49
Saili used netbeans previous years06:49
bentinataSail, my netbeans doesn't have Java SE installed06:49
Sailwhich ubuntu version u r using06:50
bentinataSail, 12.0406:50
bentinataSail, can I copy plugin from windows computer?06:50
DaemonicDroidvnc786: you said you wanted it backed up. I'm not sure how it works with transplants.06:50
=== becker_11 is now known as becker_away
lubuntu13i'm using the minimal installer and it is stuck at the "downloading release files..." part -- what should i do?06:52
pranavusing custom font colors while running my bash ? :)06:52
bentinataanyone know??06:52
DaemonicDroidlubuntu13: are you online with that install?06:52
pranavHow to use custom font while my bash script is being executed ? :)06:53
Sailbentinata: do u have openjdk install06:53
bentinataSail, how to check it?06:53
vnc786DaemonicDroid:  i have couple of ubuntu machine and i am creating users and want all machine to have same type of settings ?06:53
pranavHow to use custom font while my bash script is being executed ? :)06:53
pranavHow to use custom font while my bash script is being executed ? :)06:53
Sailgo to synaptic package manager and search openjdk06:54
pranavHow to use custom font color while my bash script is being executed ? :)06:54
Sailpranav: dont flood if anyone know answer for ur ques will reply06:54
DaemonicDroid! patience | pranav06:54
ubottupranav: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:54
Sailso be patient06:54
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
bentinatasorry, my chat client always resetted (Connection reset by peer)06:56
bentinataSail, can I copy-paste the mobility folder?06:56
pranavbentinata: which chat client ?06:56
bentinatapranav, no, my IRC client06:57
Sailbentinata: no06:57
vnc786DaemonicDroid: what i want ultimate is instead of setting every user environment i will set one user environment and copy that setting to other. i did with kde and i got success but no success with gnome06:57
Sailremove jdk and install open jdk command is "apt-get install openjdk"06:58
Sailmaybe thn it work06:58
vnc786for example i will be removing some icons from unity and keeping only selected icons for all users06:58
bentwoI'm bentinata, I change from modem to local wireless07:00
bentwoSail, so, I must downloaded the .nbm file?07:01
=== bentwo is now known as bentinat
=== bentinat is now known as bentinata
Sailbentinata: yes  u can07:02
DaemonicApathyvnc786: All I know is to copy the hidden folders in ~/ over. If .gconf and .gconfd aren't enough, try all of the .* folders. If anyone else knows a better way, feel free to chime in.07:03
bentinataSail, can what?07:03
wzhi bentinata07:04
Sailbentinata: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87665507:04
calaveraHey, I'm trying to format a second hard drive. I'm not doing RAID0, but I would just like to be able to access it as extended storage. I used GParted, deleted the partion, and reformatted in as ext4. When I went to check out the drive, it had a single file called lost+found. I deleted and tried to put a file on there, and it wouldn't let me. Anyidead?07:04
wzhi anyone07:04
Sailcalavera: maybe permision problem07:05
vnc786DaemonicApathy: ok thanks i will work out on that...07:05
pranavwhy do people use "some scripts >/dev/null" ?07:06
bentinataSail, yes I have OpenJDK installed07:06
calaveraSail: Should I try su gparted?07:07
Sailbentinata: its better to google it07:07
blkaddercalavera: ls -al /mount where mount is the mount point of the partition07:08
bentinataSail, is there any way to copy plugin from windows computer?07:08
blkadderalso what is the output of mount?07:08
Sailcalavera: ok maybe it will work do this mount ur partiton in e.g /HDD1 thn copy07:08
steripperI tried sudo apt-get install system-config-samba, but it's not working. It says I have " unmet dependencies"07:08
Sailtry it07:08
Sailsteripper: show the output07:08
DaemonicApathypranav: to get rid of the output. It basically translates to  “all output from this command should be shoved into a black hole.”07:08
wzhi sail07:08
Sailsteripper: dpaste it07:08
steripperSail: Paste it in here?07:09
Sailsteripper: no do it on dpaste.com07:10
pranavDaemonicApathy: Thanks :) That was what I guessed for...07:10
steripperah ok...one sec07:10
sterippersail: http://dpaste.com/hold/883720/07:11
Sailsteripper: to fix broken package try apt-get install -f07:13
lubuntu13if i can use simply home directory encryption why would i want full disk encryption?07:14
sterippersail: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.07:14
blkadderlubuntu13: To protect the entire disk.07:14
blkadderNot everything of interest resides in /home.07:14
SailTry sudo apt-get install samba*07:15
Sail@ steripper07:15
lubuntu13blkadder: but will anything private go anywhere else? i don't want to prevent people from tampering with the machine, just make sure that if i lose it nobody will have access to the personal files07:16
sterippersail: http://dpaste.com/883720/07:17
Sailsteripper: which ubuntu version ur using07:17
blkadderlubuntu13: Then I would imagine that encrypting the home dir will be adequate as long as any personal files actually reside there.07:17
sterippersail: The Latest version 12.0407:18
blkadderlubuntu13: In practice I haven't seen a lot of partition/full disk encryption used.07:18
blkadderBut it is there if you want/need it.07:19
Sailsteripper: use apt-get install --fix-missing but first remove samba*07:19
Sailsteripper: its ur ubuntu fresh install??07:21
steripperit is07:21
steripperSail: wait - it's from an earlier version07:21
steripper11.02, I think07:21
Sailsteripper: did u run apt-get update07:21
Sailyea thts the problem07:21
Sail@ steripper07:21
bentinataSail, its work!07:22
hot2trotis there a command line command that would allow me to remove the last character from a txt file?07:22
lubuntu13blkadder: like anyone having software installed that could get them in trouble with the law if the computer would be seized, right?07:22
steripperSail: So, what do I do?07:22
Sailbentinata: which method?07:22
SailSail: show the apt-get install --fix-missing output07:22
savagecrochi.. my user directory is not by default accessible07:22
savagecrocto all other users07:23
blkadderlubuntu13: Well that, or laptops that might contain company intellectual property or HIPPA data, etc.07:23
savagecrocwhat should the correct permissions be?07:23
blkaddersaveagecroc: That sounds pretty correct.07:23
Sail@ steripper show the outpur of apt-get install --fix-missing07:23
steripperone moment07:24
blkaddersavagecroc: What do you want them to be able to do with your files?07:24
savagecrocblkadder: well i've heard that normal login users07:24
savagecrocshould all have access to /usr ?07:24
savagecrocread acces07:24
savagecrocis this correct?07:25
blkaddersavagecroc: Ahh.. when you said "user" I thought you meant your home directory...07:26
savagecrocah sorry, my mistake07:26
sterippersail: http://dpaste.com/hold/883723/07:26
airblastIs there a way to download the ubuntu-through-windows installer for offline install?07:26
blkaddersavagecroc: No worries. /usr should be 7507:26
blkaddererr 75507:26
savagecroc755 recursive?07:26
Sail@ steripper if this is ur freshinstall thn it recommend to run apt-get update first07:27
Sailthn install apt-get install samba07:27
blkaddersavagecroc: I believe so.07:27
bentinataSail, copying the mobility folder07:27
Sailbentinata: glad to know it worked07:27
lubuntu13blkadder: cheers. thanks for your feedback07:28
bentinataSail, but I think it's buggy07:28
cirwinI keep getting this warning when fetching https-git urls WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /run/user/conrad/keyring-mHzc2L/pkcs11: No such file or directory07:29
cirwinhow do I stop git checking with gnome-keyring?07:29
savagecrocblkadder: what time is it?07:29
blkaddersavagecroc: ?07:30
savagecroc3 oclock in the afternoon sir.... thank christ for that, i thought i'd overslept07:30
bentinataSail, yeah, it isn't worked07:30
bentinataSail, it call .exe07:30
blkaddersavagecroc: Ah, though it might be a reference. ;-)07:30
Sailcirwin: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14007630/pushing-to-github-impossible07:31
blkaddersavagecroc: Confirmed that /usr should be 755 recursive.07:31
cirwinthanks Sail :p07:32
cirwinSail: pulling works (because i don't need a username/password), but I get that warning07:32
cirwinfor authenticated access I use ssh07:32
steripperSail: samba is installed, but still no luck with system-config-samba. I'll just edit the .conf by hand07:36
pranavI can do "cat test.txt; echo $?" but why not "cat test.txt;result=$?;echo $result" ?07:39
pranavplease help07:39
savagecrocblkadder: cheers :007:39
=== Elv1313 is now known as Elv13
tsimpsonpranav: what do you mean? that works as expected here07:41
soapee01pranav see #bash or give a better example.07:41
soapee01pranav echo 'foo'; echo $? returns true07:42
savagecrocblkadder: shit07:42
savagecrocblkadder: just got locked out of sudo, and running every command07:43
=== Bon-chan is now known as random69
savagecrocafter 755'ing /usr07:43
=== random69 is now known as Bon-chan
pranavsoapee01: Man! there is separate channel for bash.. Thank You so Much :D07:43
soapee01pranav pastebin what you actually want to do and we might help.07:44
* soapee01 bash lackey07:44
phaxhi guys i recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.0.4 during which pidgin was removed and now when i try to install it i can get an error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1548385/07:45
=== blkadder_ is now known as blkadder
savagecroci've broken my server by running chmod --recursive 755 /usr.. any idea what the correct file permissions are?07:45
foggyspiderwhat is broken?07:46
blkaddersavagecroc: What do you mean you have broken it?07:46
savagecroceverything.. sudo, running any commands07:46
phaxany assistance, appreciated if i need to remove some all pkgs07:46
foggyspider644 is the default usermask07:46
savagecrochttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1672781 << sums it up07:46
blkadderThe 755 applies to the directories under /usr not all the files07:47
savagecrocfoggyspider: for /usr and EVERY subdirectory under it?07:47
savagecrocblkadder 755 is what i ran against /usr and it broke it07:47
tsimpsonit applies to all files _and_ directories07:47
foggyspiderdefault for directories in usr07:47
tsimpsona reinstall is your easiest option07:47
savagecroci've only applied it to /usr and below07:48
foggyspiderall the files in bin have different permissions, you are fucked07:48
pranavtsimpson: can't we backtrack it ?07:48
tsimpson/usr is where most of the system lives07:48
foggyspiderdon't run recursive commands on root directories.07:48
savagecrocoh well07:48
savagecrocrestore from my hourly backup then :D07:48
foggyspiderrm -r07:48
soapee01Hola: I've been running debian since potato, and Kubuntu since hardy. Anybody seen any reason precise on KDE locks up? (x.org 100% CPU). 8 cores 16gb ram, unusable desktop. Ram is fine. NVIDIA graphics.07:48
lubuntu13while selecting the software to install, on the network install, i accidentally pressed enter. how can i see that list again after the setup is done, to make sure i didn't miss anything important?07:48
tsimpsonpranav: not unless there is a backup, the old permissions are gone and there's no way to get them back07:49
foggyspiderwhy would you even recrisvely set file permissions on /usr07:49
savagecrocfoggyspider: because i was trying to fix some other permissions.. and i ls'd 3 directories07:49
savagecrocand they looked the same07:50
savagecrocthen i asked in here07:50
savagecrocthen i ran the command07:50
savagecroci do have hourly backups07:50
pranavsavage did u ran the command with -R "recursive" option ?07:50
pranavrestore them07:50
savagecrocyeah.. restoring now07:51
savagecrocso any idea what /usr/local permissions should be?07:51
savagecrocor are they all different too?07:51
foggyspiderall different07:51
savagecrocohh even better07:52
savagecroci have a backup from 20mins ago07:52
pranavfoggyspider: don't u think that copying them to the location itself needs to change their permissions ?07:52
savagecrochmmm. how do i work out what permissions particular directories should have?07:52
foggyspiderby not recursively changing them07:53
soapee01savagecroc if you have a true backup rsyc it back. see man rsync you want especially the -a option.07:53
savagecroci killed the entire VM07:53
savagecrocand restoring the entire VM from the backup from 20 mins ago07:53
soapee01savagecroc nvm if it's a VM sorry. missed too much of the conversation.07:55
pranavfoggyspider: i mean, suppose the user you are not logged into has no permission to write a particular file. using the "cp" changes the owner to the person copying it ?07:55
savagecrocthats ok.. i've learnt a new lesson (the moderetly annoying way)07:55
blkaddersavagecroc: Sorry, when you referred to the permissions on the directory I assumed that when I told you that recursively they were 755 that you understood I meant the directories, not both the directories and the files...07:57
mvt007geeki am trying to install ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4 on panda board. but i see nothing in monitor. someone told me it's because of ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4 .is it true? should i use newer versions???07:57
soapee01<mvt007geek> not to be a jerk, but does panda have an IRC channel, this one is highly unlikely to know.07:59
pranavsay inside /usr/ a folder exists which has no permission for logged user to write into. and you use "cp" to copy sub files in it. now, can you copy a file into it ?08:00
savagecrocahh right08:00
savagecrocsorry my mistake08:00
savagecrocso all the directories should be 755?08:00
elferits okay08:00
mvt007geeksoapee01: i asked there too.first:no useful answer   secind:it's about ubuntu.isn't it?08:00
blkaddersavagecroc: Not really. Assumptions on my part as well...08:00
=== bk_ is now known as Guest30569
Ben64pranav: if you don't have permission, you can't copy things into it...08:00
mvt007geeksoapee01: ah and third: when u don't know the answer be silent like other ones08:01
pranavBen64: so, is that where "rsync" comes in play with for backuping files you don't have permission ?08:01
Ben64!attitude | mvt007geek08:01
ubottumvt007geek: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:01
Ben64pranav: i'm not sure what you're trying to do08:02
=== pranav is now known as trap24
soapee01mtv007geek, embedded platforms are rough. Are you using the recommended distro for panda?08:03
mvt007geekyes i downloaded that from the site which pandabpard linked me.08:04
mvt007geekubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4 . i heard from someone that this version have some problem with monitorin.i want to make sure is it true or not.    and also i sed picocom: a serial port to show me the problem.but it showd me nothing!!!08:06
blkadderMy god! It showed you nothing?!08:07
blkadderThere ought to be a law!08:07
mvt007geekblkadder: can u see how much lucky i am ? :D08:08
blkaddermvt007geek: Well as others have said embedded is going to be pretty specific so you are unlikely to find a lot of people here that know much about it.08:09
mvt007geekblkadder: can introduce me some useful channels?08:10
blkaddermvt007geek: Well, what specific applications does the release you are trying to use have?08:11
=== yann is now known as YannT
blkadderI've dealt with some embedded but it is very industry-specific.08:11
blkadderAnd application-specific for that matter.08:12
chunkyhead__hey guys need a little help with ubuntu08:12
blkadderGPRS, etc.08:12
chunkyhead__i am running on windows 8 right now.. so how do i install ubuntu 12.04?08:13
chunkyhead__i mean will grub display the wind8 option?08:13
atlefchunkyhead__, does it have uefi enabled08:13
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:13
chunkyhead__i know what is uefi, but i am not sure my computer supports that. f2 menu gives me nothing about secure boot/uefi08:14
chunkyhead__any way to find out if my laptop is uefi enabled?08:14
atlefis it new08:14
atlefchunkyhead__, and did it come wit win8 installed08:15
blkadderchunkeyhead__: What is the make and model?08:15
chunkyhead__atlef blkadder no it isn't new. it came with windows 7 home premium, acer 574208:15
chunkyhead__i dont remember it's 1 year old or 2 years old :\08:16
chunkyhead__manufacturing date is 2011, just checked08:16
atlefok, so no uefi08:16
atlefgrub should pick it up08:16
chunkyhead__yeah but then last time i tried to intall ubuntu what was happening was the free parition was not usable, i mean whenver i tried to select it it was faded (like i can't select it) and whenever i shrunk some space from another drive, the drive would get formatted and everything else would be shaded -_-08:18
chunkyhead__although i've was using ubuntu for the past 2 years, after upgrading to windows 8 (which i kinda regret) i'm unable to dual boot it with anything else :'(08:19
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:20
chunkyhead__i'm on intel08:20
atlefforget about the AMD string08:21
atlefit is just a name08:21
chunkyhead__ok and one more thing, if grub doesn't recognise windows 8, how to restore mbr/ get win8 on grub?08:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)08:22
chunkyhead__restoring mbr not grub lol08:22
chunkyhead__i know grub restore.. that's easy.08:23
atlefyou need to use the win8 dvd i think08:23
chunkyhead__i hate windows for this kinda nonsense they do..08:23
atlefthey do not like competition08:24
chunkyhead__i can see that, hence the uefi/secure boot08:24
dr_willissecure boot is all about keeping us secure... from err.. somthing....08:25
chunkyhead__but then it was hightime they got it.. stuff like konboot was a real breach to security..08:25
chunkyhead__and has anyone tried the ubuntu mobileOS yes? ^_^08:25
chunkyhead__ok guys brb, lemme see if anything works out08:26
trap24can i install Ubuntu Mobile OS in my phone ? how.. :)08:26
gizmo_the_great_Hi. I need to edit my page here : https://wiki.edubuntu.org/TedSmith However, when I go to login, it never seems to complete. I get some tick boxes with the button to "Yes, sign me in" but when I click it it never finishes08:26
dr_willistrap24:  its just demos from what ive seen...08:27
chunkyhead__trap24 it'll be coming out soon. only for andriod though08:27
dr_willis I will belive it will be out 'soon' when i actually see it out. ;)08:27
chunkyhead__i wanted to know if any alphas/betas are avaiable though.. anyone knows a like?08:27
chunkyhead__dr_willis lol08:27
chunkyhead__245 sec ping? my god08:28
dr_willisim biases i will admit. ive seen so amny overhyped new hardware/software/things in the past.. a08:28
dr_willisso many neat ideas overhyped and then vanish08:28
tete_hi, i have ubuntu studio installed after i tested it with a usb stick where it was working like a charm. but now when i boot into the installation i can see that its automaticly logging in but my mouse (logitech wired) and keyboard (microsoft wired) (both usb) have no control, also the rescue mode is not working because of the keyboard - any ideas?08:29
Geetis gimp a perfect alternative for photoshop?08:30
dr_willisGeet:  nothing i is perfect08:30
tete_what i already tried: nomodeset, noapic, insmod usb_keyboard, insmod uhci - nothing worked yet08:30
dr_willisgimp does a good job. it all depends about your needs.08:30
dr_willistete_:  ttied uplugging/plugging in the keybosrd/mouse?08:31
tete_yes also different ports08:31
dr_willistete_:  also seen a bios setting for legacy usb - that i needed ages ago08:31
tete_this is already enabled08:31
tete_otherwise i would not be able to enter the bios :)08:31
Geetdr_willis, but is it atleast at par or nearby?08:32
dr_willisGeet:  ive only used gimp. so no idea.08:32
tete_will re-check the bios, brb08:32
dr_willisif you know your tools. ;) you can most likely do everything you need in gimp.. but some tasks may be harder or easier.08:32
blkadderI plan on spending a lifetime mastering my tools.08:33
dr_willisblkadder:  if you just spent half a lifetime.. you would be better off.. ;)08:34
blkadderdr_willis: Point taken!08:34
dr_willisof course my gimp ussage these days... is making icons..  from err... pictures. ;)08:34
blkadder*cough* works of art!08:35
tete_still the same problem08:35
dr_willisand now all my old icons are a bit obsolete.. because  gnome/ubuntu and my android phone can handle such better image sizes now08:35
tete_it was already enabled (usb legacy mode)08:35
dr_willistete_:  tried it disabled also?08:35
usr13Geet: gimp is really good.  I've not used photoshop either, but some have said that photoshop is very user friendly and has more features but that may be just their inability to find or negotiate the advanced features of gimp.  I've used gimp over the years and to me it is as user freindly as an application could be with as many functions as it has.  I'm not really sure what we could be lacking.  Between gimp and imagemagic, we have just about anything you'd n08:36
tete_dr_willis, no but this makes no sense to me because it was working like a charm from the usb live stick08:36
dr_willistete_:  i do belive ubuntu-studio uses a differnt default kernel then normal ubuntu. (a real time kernel)  its possible the usb stick was using a differnt kernel then what was installed08:36
dr_willistete_:  or its possible the thing insttalled updates. that managed to break somthing, (like a new kernel)08:37
tete_sounds reasonable08:37
tete_and i even checked the box "install updates..." *arg*08:37
dr_willisid be curious if the same issue happened with a normal ubvuntu install. or a lubuntu install.08:37
tete_any idea what to do now to fix that? ;)08:37
dr_willisin theory you chould use a live cd, chroot inm and insall a differnt kernel.  and check what one the live cd uses..08:38
dr_willisassuming it IS a kernel version issue08:38
Geetusr13, thanks for the detailed answer.. maybe i will just try both of them and decide whether I am comfortable with them or go for wine.08:38
dr_willisyou could also use the live cd to install differnt kernels to test with - on your installed system. and install the ssh service. so you can ssh in and try other fix;s from a remote box.08:38
dr_willisssh would make trouble shooting a lot easier08:39
elfermy balls itch08:39
elferi mean08:39
dr_willisthat may be the best path to go.. live cd -> chroot in -> install ssh  -> reboot and then use ssh to install other stuff/kernels/try things08:39
elferinstalling stuff via root fucks shit up08:40
elfer*nods off*08:40
tete_hm jop thats a good idea with sshd08:41
usr13elfer: You have to install via root, (and watch the language).08:41
tete_thanks, will do that :)08:41
elfer*watches it*08:41
elferi thought this room was filled with headbangers ball fans08:42
usr13elfer: No. Wrong channel.08:42
MerlynKorrhow do i get the offtopic channels again?08:51
memandMerlynKorr: /join #ubuntu-offtopic ?08:51
usr13MerlynKorr: /topic08:52
MaximLacrimahi! I need to change some udev rule.I need to change file /lib/udev/rules.d/69-libmtp.rules, which belongs to libmtp-common package.  How do I do this safely? So when libmtp-common is updated my changes are not overwritten.08:52
memandMerlynKorr: /join #ubuntu-offtopic ?08:52
memandMerlynKorr: /join #ubuntu-offtopic !08:52
MerlynKorri went there and was called back here but now i will depart08:53
memandMerlynKorr: huh?08:54
usr13MaximLacrima: What version of Ubuntu do you have?08:56
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:56
MaximLacrimausr13: 12.1008:57
dr_willisreading up on rsync and  in most exaples they use the -z for compression option. even for  syncing a  file  from one directory to another on a local drive..  is that a bit redundant/wastefull?08:57
nabbletHi, yesterday I tried to do an minimal install and then building my system bottom-up but I had lots of trouble (mainly drivers and permissions) - now i did minimal install and chose "Lubuntu-desktop minimal" during install routine - and everything works out of the box! So I wonder: Can I achive the the same effect with finding & installing the require packages only, or does the lubuntu-desktop package come with comfig files I'd miss when in08:57
dr_willisor is tehre some reason to be using -z  for non network syncing08:57
nabbletan minimal -> a minimal08:58
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
usr13MaximLacrima: You can use vim or nano or gksudo gedit08:58
nabbletdr_willis: hm... afaik -z is even bad if you have fast connection08:59
usr13MaximLacrima: What do you need to do to it?08:59
dr_willislooking at some other rsync examples pages/docs now. perhaps that site was just sort of bad examples..08:59
MaximLacrimausr13: I know this. But if edit this file, it might be overwtitten later in thae time, when libmtp-common will be updated08:59
dr_willisMaximLacrima:  i belive it will notice the differance and ask you want to do09:00
MaximLacrimadr_willis: I see thank you09:00
dr_willisi definatly recall seeing the apt system ask me 'whatever.conf has changed, use original, keep changed file, show differances...' or similer09:01
tete_dr_willis, its working now... some wierd problems with the kernel, installed aptitude, did a reinstall from chrooted env with /boot and all that mounted, and now its working :) thanks!09:01
MaximLacrimausr13: I want to disable probing of some unrecognized device09:01
tete_*did a reinstall of the lowlatency kernel09:01
dr_willistete_:  its bet to not use aptitude ;)09:01
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.09:02
tete_ah ok09:02
dr_willisits showing its age..09:02
dr_williswatch out with the old task select tool also...09:02
dr_willisit aparentlly has some nasty bugs in it also09:02
tete_to be honest i always only needed apt-get install... or apt-cache search09:02
dr_willisthe old apt-get v. aptitude   argument is slowly going the way of apt-get ;)09:03
dr_willisI only use 64bit systems so i always use apt-get.09:03
nabbletusr13: hi, remeber me from yesterday (painful minimal install, could not access sound, installed gdm and things got better) -> Well i started over with a minimal install and chose "Lubuntu desktop (minimal)" in the install routine. Everything works out of the box and my weired system-freezes are not occuring anymore *knocks on wood*09:04
memanddr_willis: do you know if the autocomplete after apt-get install is a feature of apt-get or something set up in the .bashrc?09:04
usr13nabblet: Awesome09:05
nabbletusr13: concluding: building a ubuntu-system bottom up is painful, since you surely will miss packages that are important for normal use. To "solve" this go with a desktop-meta-package, preferably a small one like Lubuntu and then strip it down09:05
usr13nabblet: How do you like lxde?09:05
memandnabblet: or go for an arch install and install :)09:06
dr_willismemand: bash autocompletion09:06
ozoveheibHello All09:07
nabbletusr13: i like - as much as i like gnome3 and xfce - but I am hooked to fluxbox in combination with kupfer. kupfer is a gnome-do like application kicker that also find's files for you, controlls music players, can interact with mail/skype/messenger contacts <continue advertisement here> - it's like the gnome-dash / unity-lense on steroids09:07
usr13memand: How do you like arch's package management?09:07
ozoveheibOne question which is the best course of linux certification now ubuntu or redhat09:07
memanddr_willis: I'll have too look that up :)09:08
memandusr13: it's great09:08
dr_willisozoveheib: best would be both.  if it means getting a better job.09:08
memandusr13: I recomend yaourt for handling packages in Arch09:08
usr13nabblet: I like xfce and thunar. I tried lxde a while back but just didn't do it for me, but I'm betting it's a lot better now.09:09
memandusr13: easy and user friendly, and it has colors :D09:09
usr13nabblet: I know xfce has come a long way in the last year or 209:09
ozoveheibThanks for you reply dr_willis09:09
nabbletusr13: xfce if nice too09:09
usr13memand: Ok, thanks09:09
ozoveheibdr_willis: was thinkingb of the trends09:10
asdasdas3/3 off09:10
user82hello, is there a documentation on the arrows that appear when i use three fingers on my touchpad? like here: http://screencloud.net/v/yaj909:10
nabbletusr13: and you're right - lxde and xfce learned a lot in terms of usability and appearance09:10
usr13nabblet: I like a DE that stays out of your way, (don't need a lot of eyecandy).09:10
asdasdas3/3 off09:10
jiltdilI have more than 60g left in my sda8 but when downloading any file it is showing that there is no space left. Why? How to resolve this issue09:10
memandusr13: you can find yaourt in the AUR btw https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Yaourt09:10
usr13memand: Ok. Thanks.09:10
nabbletusr13: but i honestly hope that also these two will some day get rid of their menus and go for a nice and tidy kicker-software - it makes things so much faster and easier09:11
memandusr13: try xmonad if you like minimalism09:11
nabbletusr13: not having eyecandy is fluxbox strenght :D09:11
usr13nabblet: I dono, I use Alt-F2 alot09:11
dr_willisjiltdil: how big is it in total. 5% of ext2/3/4 is reserved by default09:12
usr13nabblet: ... and other hotkeys09:12
jiltdildr_willis, 90g  and 24 g used showing by df -h /09:12
jiltdildr_willis, But when downloading anything  message comes that no space available09:13
Ben64jiltdil: pastebin "df -h"09:13
user82found the awnser to my problem..thanks09:13
jiltdilBen64, /dev/sda8        90G   24G   62G  28% /09:14
nabbletusr13: go for kupfer - i started out with alt-f2 too and then filled my home with an endless amount of scripts until i found gnome do and later on kupfer (it has only a few python dependcies)09:14
Ben64jiltdil: the whole thing, put it on a pastebin for us to check out09:14
jiltdilBen64, Ok i am sharing09:15
Corny_I ran ddrescue on a disk, and there was I/O error which caused it to skip ~300GB. Now it says: rescued: 62000 MB ipos: 384000 MB opos: 38400009:15
Corny_Can I make ddrescue retry those areas it skipped while it couldnt read the disk?09:15
jiltdilBedMan, http://pastebin.com/eD1PTJP209:15
nabbletusr13: are you using xfce right now?09:16
usr13nabblet: Yes09:16
nabbletusr13: and arch?09:17
Ben64jiltdil: try "dd count=100 bs=1M if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/testfile"09:17
jiltdilBen64, Ok09:17
usr13no.  I tried arch a while back but was too hard for me.  I just use Ubuntu and Slackware mostly.09:18
jiltdilBen64, Tried now09:18
jiltdilBen64, Now what to do09:18
Ben64jiltdil: what was the result?09:18
jiltdilBedMan, http://pastebin.com/mkYvRMu409:19
nabbletmy first linux experience was gentoo... I am still doing therapy :P09:19
nabbletusr13: i like the rolling release approach09:19
Ben64jiltdil: then your disk isn't full09:19
usr13nabblet: My first was Slackware. Never left really....09:19
memandBen64: <Command's output you want pasted> |& curl -F sprunge=@- sprunge.us09:19
usr13nabblet: I just use separate /home/09:20
jiltdilBen64, I know it is not full then why it is showing when downloading anything09:20
jiltdilBen64, Showing that you have no space left etc etc09:20
Ben64jiltdil: it must be trying to download somewhere else09:20
nabbletusr13: separate /home is not that uncommon...09:20
auronandacenabblet: if a separate /home was mounted it would have showed up in df -h09:21
dr_willisCorny_:  ddrescue has a great number of options. so i imagien you can tell it to retry09:21
nabbletusr13: can you compare arch's/slachware's hw-support to ubuntu?09:21
dr_willisCorny_:  you did use the log option with ddrescue?09:22
usr13nabblet: See my PM09:22
auronandacenabblet: hardware support is the kernel's job, same kernel09:22
nabbletusr13: oh, srry we're alreay way ot09:22
memandcristian_c: hello09:22
cristian_cI've enabled suspend with: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend09:22
cristian_cIt works but when I try resume, a kernel panic occurs or desktop is unusable09:23
cristian_cHow can I solve this problem?09:23
Corny_dr_willis: nvm. i figured it was -T option. thanks anyway09:23
cristian_cAny ideas?09:24
memandcristian_c: Without beeing 100% sure. That does not sound like the way to do it...09:25
memandcristian_c: what version of ubuntu are you running?09:26
cristian_cmemand, lubuntu09:26
memandcristian_c: As far as I recolect (anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) suspend should be enabled by default in 12.04 if your hardware suports it...09:28
cristian_cmemand, but suspend works. Instead, the resue doesn't work :(09:29
memandcristian_c: but was suspend enabled when you installed?09:31
cristian_cmemand, I've tried some weeks ago09:32
cristian_cmemand, I've not tried before09:32
memandcristian_c: I must say I'm not sure what to do, maybe someone else has a sugestion...09:34
cristian_cmemand, ok :(09:35
StaidenHi guys, im trying to get a program to run in the background in ubuntu server, but whenever I use the ctrl-z and bg command it always stops the process in the background. I want it to stay running so I can use the terminal for something else09:41
Rienzillayou can run blah &09:42
Rienzillaor use screen to create multiple virtual terminals09:42
auronandaceStaiden: tmux to the rescue09:43
Ben64screen is fantastic, you must check it out09:43
Ben64!screen | Staiden09:43
ubottuStaiden: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen09:43
histoStaiden: screen  is the way to go09:44
thec4keStaiden: if you want to use job control type bg %<job> where <job> is the number in brackets after you ctrl-z'd09:44
Staidenk thank you09:44
thec4kebut really terminal multiplexers like screen are worth learning09:44
thec4kelike everyone is saying09:44
histoStaiden: why do you think the job is freezing?09:44
Ben64its so much easier to use screen than trying to keep a bunch of background jobs09:45
thec4kehisto: thats the default action of ctrl-z09:45
histothec4ke: not after using bg09:45
histothec4ke: he stated after using bg to control the job it's stopping09:46
ruanStaiden, disown09:46
Ben64the real answer is screen09:46
ruanafter using bg, disown09:46
thec4kehe should bring it to the fg then and see whats happening09:46
Staidenim gonna use screen lol09:46
Ben64just saying09:46
Ben64theres all sorts of ways to get background jobs to sort of work09:47
histoStaiden: if you ctrl+z that will suspend the job. using bg that should background it and allow it to run.09:47
histoStaiden: So I asked why do you think its suspended after being backgrounded?09:47
histoStaiden: it should continue to run.09:47
Ben64some things don't like going into the background09:47
histoBen64: Like?09:48
Ben64can't think of one at the moment09:48
histoBen64: the job doesn't know the difference09:49
thec4kei figured he was just typing ctrl-z then bg with no arguments09:49
thec4kelooks like we sold him on screen09:50
thec4kehes already driven away in his brand new t-muxer09:50
histooh well09:50
histothec4ke: either way bg without arguments probably didnt' create his issue09:51
=== becker_away is now known as becker_11
thec4keyea idk09:51
histoHe's probably logging out of the shell09:51
greenanthello everyone.09:53
greenantI was wondering if someone could help me with this question:  I have been looking everywhere to see whether Ubuntu Desktop is compatible with Shuttle PC's.09:53
greenantWould like to buy a mini PC like shuttle and have Ubuntu installed on it.09:53
greenantbut cannot seem to find much information on it :(09:54
greenantanyone who might know of a very good low priced mini-pc for Ubuntu?09:54
=== hp is now known as Guest42519
histogreenant: my server at my house is a acer revo machine09:57
histogreenant: Shuttle Pc's atleast when I saw them were pretty much standard hardware shoudl work with out a hitch.09:58
histo!hcl | greenant09:58
ubottugreenant: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:58
qualiahi ! I have a laptop with hdd 320gb and ssd 30gb. I uninstalled windows8 but i suspect there still might be some boot files in ssd. If I install linux or BSD in HDD, would the SSD have priority over the bootloading?10:00
pranavwhere is the "salt" for my encrypted password stored in ubuntu ?10:00
histoqualia: depends on yoru loading10:00
histoqualia: sorry depends on your bios settings10:00
qualiayes that's what i suspected10:01
qualiabut i have no idea on how to find a solution to that10:01
qualiadoes it have something to do with EFI10:01
qualiait doesn't even see any bootloaders, it just sends me to BIOS screen after i startup10:01
qualiawith GPT10:01
auronandacequalia: most computers shipped with win8 will have uefi10:01
pranavwhere is the "salt" for my encrypted password stored in ubuntu ?10:02
qualiayes that's what i have10:02
pranavwhere is the "salt" for my encrypted password stored in ubuntu ?10:02
qualiaauronandace, would DD'ing zero the whole HDD and SDD solve the UEFI ?10:02
auronandacequalia: solve? uefi is like bios10:03
ubottufrane: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:03
auronandacequalia: just access it via the right key10:03
histo!uefi | qualia10:03
ubottuqualia: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:03
qualiaohh ok. Thank you :) And, what do you mean by "right key"10:04
auronandacequalia: when you boot up it says press "whatever" to access uefi10:04
auronandacequalia: usually one of the f# keys10:05
llutzpranav: " sudo getent shadow $USER" There, the format of <encpwd> is: "$#$SALT$PWD_SALTED_HASH"10:05
auronandacequalia: have you never accessed a bios before? its exactly the same process10:05
qualiawell it doesn't give me any option, it only sends me to the bios10:06
qualiain half a second10:06
qualiaeven after i disable quick booting and secure booting stuff10:07
auronandacequalia: how did you disable quick and secure booting if you can't access the uefi?10:07
histoqualia: do yuou have a boot screen in the bios?10:08
qualiaassuming that uefi and bios are two different interfaces10:08
qualiahisto, yes10:08
histoqualia: have a look at that screen see what the boot mode is set to uefi or legacy10:08
qualiaowww im in trouble. I guess i shouldn't have zero'd the SSD10:09
qualianow it doesn't even go to bios10:09
histoqualia: No you should be okay now.10:10
auronandacequalia: you keep saying bios, you've got uefi not bios10:10
qualiaok i got it10:10
qualiaat least i got boot options now, there used to be none10:11
qualiaThere's CSM, which is enabled, and boot options with harddrive and pendrive etc10:12
qualiano uefi or legacy10:13
qualiabut it looks fine i guess10:13
auronandacequalia: take a pic and show us10:13
histo!paste | qualia10:13
ubottuqualia: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:13
pranavhow is salt string generated when we create a new user. is it random ?10:14
qualiaSorry about multilines, here are my only options that 'could' be relevant. SATA Mode, which is IDE. Boot configuration => Launch CSM =enabled  boot option (lists the harddrive here) and then we have hard drive BBS priorities. That's all there is10:15
pranavhow is salt string generated when we create a new user. is it random ?10:15
cubi asked this before but forgot, how do i install a different gnome version than unity on 12.0410:16
histopranav: it's created using the crypt function10:16
icerootpranav: the uid10:16
qualiai'll just try the bsd again and see if it works. if not, i'll go for another 3rd party bootloader10:16
qualiathank you guys10:17
icerootpranav: hash functions + uid as salt10:17
histoiceroot: what?10:17
PatyhIs there any soul around that can help me answer a question that I have?10:18
auronandacePatyh: only if you ask it10:18
iceroothisto: the salt is the uid10:19
histoiceroot: no it's not10:19
histoiceroot: look in yo9ur shadow file you will see $id$salt$hassed10:20
histoiceroot: s/hassed/hashed/10:20
PatyhI recently bought an AMD APU laptop. I would like to install Ubuntu. As we know, AMD gfx doesn't work very well with Ubuntu. So, I would like to know what kind of issue that I am looking at when I install ubuntu?10:20
histoiceroot: id is the crypt id is the algorithm used by crypt is that where you are getting confused?10:20
iceroothisto: salt is the hashed uid and the password-hash is salt+password as a hash10:21
stephiniis there a good guide i can use to set up grub? i want to have win7 auto boot and preferably have it and ubuntu's main load link together.10:21
auronandacePatyh: depends how new it is, my acer revo has an amd apu and works just fine10:21
stephinireally annoying having to reboot after each win install and walk away only to end up in ubuntu. :P10:22
histoiceroot: no it's not10:22
iceroothisto: ok10:22
histoiceroot: un hash the salt then and see10:22
PatyhSo, I am not expecting any graphical issue then?10:22
PatyhIf so, I think it's time for me to start torrenting ubuntu 12.1010:23
auronandacePatyh: like i said, depends how new it is10:23
iceroothisto: you can not unhash something10:23
iceroothisto: if you could, hashing would be useless10:23
llutziceroot:  Since the point of salt is to eliminate pre-calculated hashes it wouldn't make sense to me to use known UIDs for it10:24
PatyhWell, it's an AMD E1-120010:24
histoiceroot: okay change your passwd and watch your salt change10:24
histoiceroot: your uid didn't change but your salt will10:24
iceroothisto: as i said, ok10:25
histoiceroot: you can calculate hashes but this is all way ot.10:25
iceroothisto: "unhash" will always deliver more then one result10:26
iceroothisto: or in other words, different strings will bring up the same hash, so you cant unhash that easily10:26
pranavhisto: iceroot so, its the ubuntu that decided my salt when changing passwd10:26
=== fred_ is now known as Guest71049
pranavand it used SHA-512 on my passwd with its salt to create the encrypted string in the shadow file10:27
auronandacePatyh: hmm, thats rather new, you can try 12.10 (which would be your best bet really) or hopefully 13.04 (not released yet) would have better support10:27
histopranav: yes its a 48bit random salt10:27
PatyhYeah.. I think I will have to do a live cd boot and see how it goes..10:28
PatyhAMD needs to work better with their open source drivers man10:28
auronandacePatyh: mine is an e-450, it worked with 12.04 and now with 12.1010:30
histopranav: I stand corrected I believe 96 bit salt10:31
PatyhAhh.. gonna get a live cd running soon I guess. That's the only way to really find out I guess.10:31
auronandacePatyh: but e-450 was from 2011, so a year thereabouts before 12.0410:32
histopranav: nope ubuntu is still using 4810:32
PatyhMine came out last year I think10:32
ithinktoomuchWhat are the problems one would face with a 64 bit installation of ubuntu vs 32 bit?10:33
auronandaceithinktoomuch: almost none unless you use some annoying software10:34
nabblethi why do neither 'apt-cache depends lubuntu-desktop | grep dm' nor 'apt-cache show lubuntu-desktop | grep dm'10:34
nabblethi why do neither 'apt-cache depends lubuntu-desktop | grep dm' nor 'apt-cache show lubuntu-desktop | grep dm' show me what display manager lxde depends on10:34
auronandacenabblet: lightdm is the default display manager in all ubuntu versions from 11.10 onwards10:35
nabbletauronandace: ok, but i can't see it in the dependencies10:35
pinkpelicanHello, I want to get MSCOMCT2.OCX into wine but don't know how.10:35
histoiceroot: you need to read up on hashing but i'm not going to argue or discuss it further.10:36
pranavhisto: its the only 16chars10:36
llutznabblet: it has no such depends because you don't need a dm to run lubuntu10:37
histopranav: what is?10:37
pranavsalt in ubuntu10:37
histopranav: then yours is 96bit10:37
Ben64!appdb | pinkpelican10:37
ubottupinkpelican: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:37
histopranav: what versioni of ubuntu are you running?10:37
pranavhisto: 12.0410:38
pranavhisto: yours ?10:38
histopranav: 12.04 that's odd, are you looking at your users salt10:39
nabbletllutz: also for lubuntu-desktop?10:39
histopranav: up to 16 character string10:40
pranavhisto: ubuntu 12.04 LTS10:41
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ahlzenheimerHi, can any1 help me install wow on ubuntu ?10:45
Ben64!appdb | ahlzenheimer10:46
ubottuahlzenheimer: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:46
qualiawell WTF!?!?? how does ubuntu solves this UEFI problem but BSD can't! The boot option now only recognizes SSD but not the HDD10:47
MonkeyDustqualia  ubuntu is more aimed at the masses and desktop pc's, bsd isnt, or less10:48
qualiayeah that explains everything10:50
qualiathanks al ot10:50
pranavhow to check for users in root group ?10:50
qualiaim tired of being self sufficient and when I ask for help they don't give a fuck10:50
alex88hi guys, I've this problem on boot "alert uuid not exist, dropping to a shell", but I've checked with blkid and I've the same uuid on both grub.cfg and fstab..any idea?10:51
llutzpranav: getent group root10:51
nibbleralex88: when in the shell, see if the uuid is in /dev/disk/by-uuid/10:51
alex88nibbler: oh, you're right... let me try10:52
nibbleralex88: normally it should be, at least if you run blkid in the emergency shell.... but well... might be a controller/driver issue10:52
alex88nibbler: not sure why, I've chrooted into disk, rebooted and now it's working again.. sorry for disturbing..10:53
alex88but it was 4th restart in busybox and was still giving that problem10:53
nibbleralex88: welcome10:53
pranavcan we give binary form in chmod10:54
llutzpranav: are we supposed to do your homework?10:54
pranavllutz: haha.. no man. I got it10:55
pranavits pretty easy binary thingy10:55
elena-IKcan I see what packages are from what repository? especially ppas10:55
MonkeyDustelena-IK  try apt-cache policy and apt-cache show10:55
elena-IKk, thanks10:56
qualiafucking microsoft clowns and their UEFI. God im gonna break this ultrabook in half and buy an old lenovo thinkpad and think and dream comfortably10:56
bekkspranav: Binary form would be 0110101010:56
cubqualia, i don't think profanity is allowed in here...10:56
qualiamolotov cocktails are allowed in your office though10:56
cubjust a heads up wouldnt want you to land up banned10:56
qualiaill come back no worries10:57
Tm_T!ohmy | qualia10:57
ubottuqualia: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.10:57
llutzpranav: that's octal10:57
pranavbekks: llutz I recursively modified permission of files in home folder, so I am fixing so that scripts execute fine10:57
qualiayeah i feel like an angel and i feel safe when there's uefi and profanity filter10:57
qualialet's promote those values and keep smiling10:57
qualiastupid clowns and retards and conformists im gonna be there standing against your walls one day10:58
bekkspranav: Which does not change the fact, that it isnt "binary form".10:58
Ben64qualia: take rants away from here10:58
Ben64oh he's gone10:58
cubyes ben10:58
GlowballHow will "Install Ubuntu next to Windows" configure my partitions?10:58
pranavbekks: haha.. right10:58
cubGlowball, i would make the partitions in Windows and defrag before doing that10:59
cubor else it can screw up your windows install, unless you have a recovery disc nearby or something, i'd be a bit careful10:59
cubspeaking from expierence here10:59
pranavbekks: its 0 to 7, wonder why i interpreted as binary10:59
pranavmaybe 1 for true and 0 for false10:59
Glowballcub: No, the questions is only about what partitions it will create. I am always just creating them manually now.11:00
GlowballWill it create a separate root/home? Will it create swap? If so, how large?11:00
Ben64Glowball: if you want all that, theres an advanced option11:01
cubUbuntu will more than likely create an install partition and swap. Usually anyways11:01
GlowballBen64; I always use the advanced option :) Just wondering what the default option does.11:01
Ben64Glowball: oh11:01
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Fudgehi running lb build and coming across E: Unable to locate package debian-archive-keyring11:05
plusEVhi, wehre do I turn of monitor going black to sleep?11:05
plusEVrunning 12.05 ina  hyper-c machine11:06
Fudgewhat should the line be, I have LB_BOOTSTRAP_KEYRING="http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ubuntu-keyring"11:06
MonkeyDustplusEV  you mean 12.04, check system settings, power11:06
plusEVBLæ'æææ 12.04 christ typos.11:06
plusEVMonkeyDust: thx.11:07
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J3SSneed a bit of help11:13
dufaJ3SS: Ask away.11:13
J3SSTrying to install ubuntu 12.10. Had windows 8 installed, but ubuntu wouldn't see my partitions so I got rid of it11:14
J3SSnow, I'm getting input/output error11:14
bekks"got rid of it" means what exactly?11:15
J3SSused windows 7 DVD and diskpart clean11:15
bekksJ3SS: what does "used" mean? What did you do in detail?11:16
J3SSused the recovery console on the windows 7 install DVD to launch diskpart and used the clean command to wipe the disk11:17
savioI'm installing  one wireshark dissector and http://www.culiuliu.net/blog/2012/12/09/openflow-for-ubuntu/ this blog says apply patch but i don't understand how to apply. he provided some source how can i turn this into patch11:19
bekksJ3SS: "wipe the disk" commonly means you purged everything on it.11:19
J3SSyep, deleted all partitions11:19
J3SSdisk is blank11:19
nibblersavio: there is a command called "patch" youd execute this and pipe the code to standard-input, you might need the -p switch (try -p1 -p2 or -p3 or such) and also point it to the right soruce directory11:20
bekksJ3SS: And what are you doing exactly when getting those error messages?11:20
ASHER1i need please hel11:21
ASHER1someone try to hack in my linux ubuntu11:21
auronandaceASHER1: then you need to explain yyour issue11:21
nibblersavio: i'd give it a try without applying the patch, maybe the patch made it into the git arleady.... this blog post is > 1month old11:21
ASHER1how i can protection from my computer?11:21
bekksASHER1: How do you know?11:21
ASHER1i see11:21
ASHER1many time11:21
ASHER1someone try write pass11:21
auronandace!enter | ASHER111:22
ubottuASHER1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:22
J3SSI'm trying to create a partition table11:22
bekksASHER1: When, where, how?11:22
bekksJ3SS: How?11:22
ASHER1what is mean?11:22
nibblerASHER1: thats what people do - so if you just see bad authentications its fine. make sure you have non-trivial passwords. user/user test/test is hacked in a minute. if you are paranoid install/configure fail2ban or such11:22
bekks!detail | J3SS11:22
bekks!details | J3SS11:22
ubottuJ3SS: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:22
ASHER1i dont understand how someone is dont know my ip and is can inside to my ubuntu user?11:23
J3SSeither with the installer itself or with the disks utility. GParted gives me the same error on starting it up as well11:23
bekksASHER1: Your IP address isnt a big secret.11:23
nibblersavio: looking at how trivial the patch is, maybe just check the file packet-openflow.c your self and see how the dissector_add signature is.. you need it like in the line prefixed by "+"11:23
ASHER1but this someone from iran11:24
ASHER1and is cant see my ip11:24
ASHER1i have 5 computer11:24
trewehas anyone successfully build Siag Office? It gives me quite some headaches... particularly the (outdated) dependencies. Any advices? I'm running Xubuntu 12.0411:24
nibbler!enter | ASHER111:24
ubottuASHER1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:24
auronandacetrewe: i've never heard of siag office, whats wrong with libreoffice?11:25
ASHER1my question how i can set security in my ubuntu?11:25
bekksASHER1: Even in Iran, you IP can be seen.11:25
trewe@auronandace to heavy11:25
trewesiag is ligthweigh, but no more developed11:25
nibblerASHER1: shut down your box for maximum security. secure your box (proper passwords, fail2ban, no unneccesarry services etc) if you don't like shutting down11:26
khaosIm using 12.10 and I dont have notifications for brightness change11:26
pinkpelicanHow do I resize a partition?11:26
pinkpelicanWith gparted?11:26
nibblero_O long distance hackers... must have a hell of a phone bill11:26
auronandacetrewe: if it isn't developed then it isn't feasable to support it, its not wise using really old software11:26
ASHER1i see is try connect from VNC11:26
MonkeyDustpinkpelican  run it from a live cd, then resize unmounted partitions11:26
histoASHER1: they scan subnets for open ports. they found your ip as listening for vnc connections. They then try to brute force that connection.11:27
histoASHER1: Install fail2ban .  That program will ban them for 5 minutes after 3 attempts at the wrong password.11:27
nibblerhisto: should this not even work live? resize, reboot, resizefs?11:27
histonibbler: ?11:27
ASHER1where i can find install fail2ban?11:27
nibblerhisto: partition resizing11:27
nibblerASHER1: in your packet management tool (synaptic, apt...)11:27
histonibbler: what are you talking about I wasn't paying attention.11:28
ASHER1this name fail2ban?11:28
nibblerhisto: just wondering if a live-cd is really necessary for partition resizing11:28
pinkpelicanMonkeyDust, I just installed and I can't adjust the size of partition. Do I need to reinstall?11:28
nibblerASHER1: my motto is: its better to ask 5 times than to think once11:28
histonibbler: No. Just you just need to have the current partitions unmounted.11:29
MonkeyDustpinkpelican  no, resize the partition while running a live cd or usb11:29
pinkpelicanhisto how do I unmount partition?11:29
histopinkpelican: backup. What are you trying to resize?11:29
pinkpelicanhisto, the parition ubuntu is on so I can add win 711:30
pinkpelicanI also want to be a freak and sell it on the weekend11:30
histopinkpelican: are you booted inside of ubuntu right now?11:30
pinkpelicanhisto yes11:30
auronandacepinkpelican: installing windows after ubuntu will require you to fix grub11:31
MonkeyDustpinkpelican  reboot from a live cd or usbn then try again, but it's best to install windows first, then linux11:31
histopinkpelican: then you can't resize it.11:31
pinkpelicanHow do I repair grub?11:31
histopinkpelican: well I should be more specific. You cant resize it while you are using it.11:31
histopinkpelican: You'd have to boot a livecd as others have suggested.11:31
histo!grub2 | pinkpelican11:32
ubottupinkpelican: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:32
MonkeyDustpinkpelican  i told you three times11:32
pinkpelicanMonkeyDust I'm putting you on ignore.11:32
auronandacepinkpelican: he told you exactly what to do11:32
histoWhy was I asked?11:33
histopinkpelican: did you create an lvm partition when you installed ubuntu?11:34
pinkpelicanI don't know what a lvm partition is.11:34
histonibbler: lvm can be resized live but not a regular partition.11:34
histopinkpelican: okay then no11:34
histonibbler: actually scratch that. Since you asked you can resize other partitions just not root11:35
histoI don't know why one would want to though. That's some serious risk of data loss.11:37
ASHER1now i install fail2ban11:38
ASHER1but i know this work?11:38
histoASHER1: sudo fail2ban-client status11:40
J3SSok, I'm going to try install win7 then ubuntu to see if that gets round the errors11:40
histoASHER1: then once you see what jails you have you can sudo fail2ban-client status "jailname"11:41
histoJ3SS: what errors?11:42
J3SSI'm getting input/output error during read on /dev/sda when I try to do anything with my HDD11:42
histoJ3SS: Not good...  I would look at smartmontools and see if the disk is failing11:46
ASHER1i write this command?11:48
J3SSso, what woould I run in there?11:48
fredrik__I have managed to do something realy stupid with google drive. I have, somehow, managed to link a public drive to my own drive. When I logg in to my drive threw the browser I can't se the connection. But "insync" finds it and downloading a bunch of crap to my harddrive. Does anyone know how to fix this?11:50
AngryBirdhello people i'm using linux ubuntu can anybdy help me plz11:51
bekksAngryBird: State your actual problem please.11:51
histofredrik__: unlink the public drive11:52
fredrik__histo, How on earth do I do that! :-/11:52
AngryBirdsorry and plz tell m how to download  software11:53
ASHER1if i download fail2ban wnat i need to do now?11:53
bekksAngryBird: Which software?11:53
histofredrik__: I don't know but doesn't really ahve anything to do with ubuntu11:53
bekks!fail2ban | ASHER111:53
histoASHER1: sudo fail2ban-client status11:53
bekks!info fail2ban | ASHER111:53
ubottuASHER1: fail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 86 kB, installed size 434 kB11:53
k1l_!softwarecenter | AngryBird11:54
bekksAngryBird: "apt-get install supertux"11:54
J3SSmy HDD passes the SMART test11:54
bekksJ3SS: Which smart test?11:54
fredrik__histo, I don't know eather... I kind of has to do with ubuntu (if you stretch it) It's only insync (a program for ubuntu) that sees the connection11:54
k1l_!find supertux11:54
ubottuFound: supertux, supertux-data, supertux-data-stable, supertux-stable, supertuxkart11:54
J3SSusing smartmontools11:54
MonkeyDustAngryBird  open the software center, search supertux, install11:55
ASHER1|- Number of jail:111:55
ASHER1`- Jail list:ssh11:55
ASHER1i see this11:55
histoAngryBird: sudo apt-get install supertux11:55
histoASHER1: You'd have to add a jail for vnc11:55
histoASHER1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fail2ban11:55
urlwolfi moved away from kde, back to plain ubuntu, how do I make sure that none of the kde processes (kdeinit etc) start?11:55
urlwolfdo they come back when I launch any kde app? I still use okular11:56
histourlwolf: yes11:56
histourlwolf: some kde stuff will load when you use a kde app11:56
urlwolfso I should not worry11:56
histourlwolf: ps aux | grep kde11:56
urlwolfI seem to have a problem with global shortcuts11:56
AngryBirdMonkeyDust : i try many times to instaal but evry time i'm fail becoz when i click to intall option it don't show any reactiom why?11:56
urlwolfI see some kde thing, /usr/bin/kglobalshortcuts or so, running11:57
MonkeyDustAngryBird  and no errors?11:57
histofredrik__: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/drive/2OVn4eW8MPY11:57
urlwolfI kill it, but still problems. Not sure if conflicts11:57
AngryBirdit don't show anything11:58
urlwolfany way to list all global shortcuts, and what app owns them?11:58
MonkeyDustAngryBird  open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install supertux11:58
AngryBirdok i try and thanx:)11:59
J3SSok, i'll be back11:59
[twisti]hey, im getting this doing apt-get update on lts 12.04 servers:12:02
[twisti]WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!12:02
[twisti]  openjdk-7-jdk openjdk-7-jre icedtea-7-jre-jamvm openjdk-7-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre-lib12:02
[twisti]Install these packages without verification [y/N]?12:02
[twisti]is it ok to y that ? or does that indicate some sort of actual issue ?12:02
histo[twisti]: did you enable a 3rd party repo?12:03
[twisti]possibly, im not really sure12:03
fredrik__histo, thanks.. but thats the opposit of my problem. I still want to sync my own drive -stuff.. but somehow I'm now syncing a public drive to... but I can't find out where to unlink it. In my browser there is no link. It's only insync that seems to find it12:03
histofredrik__: You can purge isync's settings from your home directory but again I believe your problem is with google.12:04
histofredrik__: purging them would show where the problem lies.12:04
histo!paste | [twisti]12:04
ubottu[twisti]: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:04
fredrik__histo, I believe so to... but I can't find any settings in drive on web to manage "linking"...12:05
histo[twisti]: please paste your /etc/apt/sources.list file12:05
fredrik__histo, I'm gonna try purge insyncs settings and see if I can come up with anything12:05
histofredrik__: So how is that ubuntu related again?  I don't really know how to help you with issues with your google drive. I don't work for google.12:05
histofredrik__: yeah look in your home folder for .isync or something12:05
[twisti]histo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1548814/12:05
Mathrys83how can i list the devices grub can see?12:06
Mathrys83im trying to get grub or ubuntu or what ever needs to to see the rest of my sata drive wich it was doing before 12.04 live updated12:07
histo[twisti]: where did you get that mirrors name from??12:07
[twisti]the /etc/apt/sources.list list file12:07
[twisti]thats what i was supposed to do, right ?12:08
waglewhen i login to my ubuntu system, it logs me immediately back out..  how to find out why?12:08
histo[twisti]: yes but how did that information get in that file. Are you in germany?12:08
MonkeyDust[twisti]  type sudo apt-get update|pastebinit and paste the url here12:08
auronandacewagle: can you log in as guest?12:08
histoMonkeyDust: he already pasted it12:08
[twisti]i am12:09
[twisti]and hetzner is my server provider12:09
[twisti]no idea how it got in there12:09
[twisti]i would assume its always been in there12:09
wagleauronandace: i can login via the noon graphics console12:09
wagleauronandace: i can login via the non graphics console12:09
MonkeyDust[twisti]  you pasted the sources list, or part of it, not the output of apt-get update12:09
auronandacewagle: can you login to the gui as guest?12:10
wagleno guest account, but lemme try12:10
histo[twisti]: okay the next page cuz there are no errors there.12:11
[twisti]next page ?12:11
[twisti]it only printed out that link12:11
histo[twisti]: also the pkg.jenkins-ci.org is a repo you added.12:11
wagleauronandace: it does the same thing12:11
[twisti]yeah, i think i remember that12:11
histo[twisti]: go to that link you just pasted.12:11
[twisti]and ?12:12
histo[twisti]: i'm sorry I thought you also ran an upgrade not just an update.12:12
[twisti]i just did what MonkeyDust told me12:12
auronandacewagle: did you recently have an update? (especially kernel/graphics)12:12
MonkeyDust[twisti]  i see a mix of i386 and amd64, not sure if that matters12:13
[twisti]i have no idea what that means12:13
histo[twisti]: can you paste the output of apt-cache showpkg openjdk-7-jdk12:13
AngryBirdhlw people plz tell me how to insall supertux in saftware manager12:13
Ben64AngryBird: sudo apt-get install supertux12:14
AngryBirdit doesn't help12:14
Ben64thats how to install it, it does help12:15
jonascjHi, I am trying to figure out how the hotkeys on my laptop (Thinkpad t420) interacts with ubuntu. I am in a xmonad session with no gnome-settings-manager, -keyring-daemon or -session-manager. For some reason my brighness up/down keys work but all other buttons (disable touchpad, sleep when closing lid etc.) does not. How to investigate what is happening?12:15
histo[twisti]: well your hashes match mine so I'm not sure why it's complaining.12:16
cfhowlettd00ley, greetings12:16
jonascjI have been looking at the /etc/acpi/ scripts and /etc/acpi/events/ but none of them seems to be triggered when pressing the hotkeys.12:16
histojonascj: Are you running some sort of power manager?12:17
[twisti]histo: it just went through without asking12:17
[twisti]maybe it was just a corrupted download12:17
histo[twisti]: possibly the repo got out of sync for a second  or something.12:17
jacklkhi i'm 11 what age will i grow a condom i heard to need to have one to be able to have safe sex12:17
jacklkwill i grow one any time soon?12:17
Abhijit!op | jacklk12:17
ubottujacklk: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U, DJones!12:17
histojacklk: No12:17
[twisti]super convincing troll12:18
dpurgert!ot | jacklk12:18
ubottujacklk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:18
jonascjhisto: none that I know of. (ps aux | grep power only reveals /usr/lib/upower/upowerd )12:18
ActionParsnipJonascj: if you run:   xev    do the keys make events?12:19
yinis there anybody who can tell me how to intall NV driver?12:19
Ben64yin: for which card12:19
wagleauronandace: its been off-net for a couple weeks12:19
Abhijit!nvidia | yin12:19
yini have  a notebook thinkpad l430 and nvs540012:19
ubottuyin: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:19
dpurgertyin, what "nv" driver (nvidia does kind of a lot of stuff...)12:19
histojonascj: well then what do you expect to interperut the key presses of those buttons to perform any action?   They are just keyboard buttons.12:19
ActionParsnipYin: isn't the nv driver superseded by nouveau12:20
[twisti]oh well, thanks for trouble shooting with me histo and MonkeyDust12:20
AngryBirdBen64 : see i'm go to software manager than i choose categories and click on game option than i saw more software and i click supertux and it shows two option one is not install and 2nd is install and when i click install option than it don't show me ongoing action as well as any errors12:20
histojonascj: wow butchered a few words there.12:20
jacklk!fi | ActionParsnip12:20
ubottuActionParsnip: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)12:20
Myrttijacklk: this isn't the place for fooling around, move along.12:20
d00leyI'm having the following issue: When installing bumblebee, and now any package using apt/dpkg, I find myself stuck at "update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-22-generic". Any clue to unlock the situation?12:20
bekksAngryBird: You've been told to use "sudo apt-get instal supertux" several times.12:20
jonascjActionParsnip: they do, both the brightness up/down keys and the other keys which do not work. I thought for a time that it was just the /etc/acpi/ scripts which was called upon pressing the keys, but I no longer think that is the case12:20
ActionParsnipYin: if you run: sudo lshw -C display   do you see sn Intel and an Nvidia GPU?12:20
dpurgertd00ley, it's trying to re-configure (update) your grub bootloader...12:21
jacklk12:10 < plusEV>  origin can suck my ass12:21
histojacklk: and buhbye12:21
d00leydpurgert, Do you see any to get out of this?12:21
MonkeyDusthisto  ignore her12:21
d00leys/any/any way/12:21
histoMonkeyDust: ?12:21
ActionParsnipJacklk: being English and from the UK, I doubt I need the !fi factoid12:22
k1l_!rootirc > root_____12:22
ubotturoot_____, please see my private message12:22
Myrttidpurgert: for future reference, in the future don't point obvious trolls to other channels12:22
Ben64histo: don't feed trolls; ActionParsnip: they are gone now12:22
ActionParsnipBen64: feed til they pop :-D12:22
auronandacewagle: the first thing that comes to my mind is a graphics issue, how did you install the drivers?12:22
dpurgertMyrtti, "obvious" isn't obvious right after logging in ... :/12:23
dpurgertd00ley, are you perhaps out of space?  I've never seen update-grub hang like that before ...12:24
d00leyI'm not, it's a fresh install :(12:24
wagleauronandace: standard ubuntu install12:24
=== root_____ is now known as aail
wagleauronandace: its got 1 G left on the disk, but when I sudo'd, it complained about being out of space12:25
dpurgertd00ley, OK well, that's a good thing ... you didn't happen to cancel apt, or maybe scroll the terminal window?12:25
auronandacewagle: ahh, you'd need to free some space12:26
wagleauronandace: ok, already figured out how to clear space for the app that's been running12:26
jonascjhisto: the thing is that the brightness keys work and they are just the "End" and "Home" key modified with the "Fn" button. So I'm wondering what makes those keys different form for example disable/enable touchpad (which is Fn+F8)12:26
d00leydpurgert,  I did, but when I run dpkg --configure -a it's falling back to the same step (& freezing aswell)12:26
wagleauronandace: that worked..  thanks12:26
auronandace!yay | wagle12:27
ubottuwagle: Glad you made it! :-)12:27
histojonascj: if you use xev you should be able to see the key presses.12:27
jonascjhisto: I am affraid I do not know what you mean here "jonascj: wow butchered a few words there.". I am sorry if I've been rude or anything.12:27
d00leyHere is what I'm getting12:28
histojonascj: I had a bunch of typos in my response to you is what I meant by that.12:28
histoWow i'm geting tired time for break12:28
ActionParsnipWagle: uninstall unused kernels, frees lots of space12:29
d00leygonna switch my locale to soon btw12:29
jonascjhisto: ah okay. btw xev displays all the key presses, both brightness up/down (which works) and the other which do not work12:29
ActionParsnipJonascj: are there any bugs reported?12:30
BluesKajHi all12:31
jonascjActionParsnip: bugs reported in regards to thinkpads and hotkeys and the current version of ubuntu?12:31
ActionParsnipJonascj: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkWiki   may help12:32
cfhowlettlasa greeetings12:32
J3SSfixed my problem12:33
d00leyANy clue to my issue?12:33
J3SSwhat issue?12:33
d00leyI'm geting frozen here12:33
jonascjActionParsnip: Maybe my originally stated goal have been lost in conversation, but it was to find out how things work. It all works (all hotkeys) with gnome running. Now I'm just trying to make it work without gnome12:33
d00leysince I tried to install bumblebee12:33
chosigI've managed to make my own .desktop - and I got it in the starter with the correct icon, but no when it's on the sidebar... any clues to what I've missed?12:33
J3SShold on12:34
J3SSwhat laptop?12:34
d00leyan Asus n56v12:34
UnidentifiedFlyiciao a tutti12:34
jonascjActionParsnip: but you are right, that page definitly holds some information and it might help me (I am reading it and have been earlier)12:35
MonkeyDust!it | UnidentifiedFlyi12:35
ubottuUnidentifiedFlyi: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:35
J3SSit's a bit ooutdated, but I'll be updating it within the next few days12:36
d00leyI'm going to try this, hoping it gets me out of that freeze (cannot install any macket from now :()12:37
=== root____3 is now known as Ail
ActionParsnipD00ley: also try XFCE12:39
d00leyI'm running it right now ;)12:39
chosigFigured it out.12:39
Ailis there any lightwight html/css live preview editor fot ubuntu?12:39
ActionParsnipD00ley: cool12:39
ActionParsnipAil: bluefish maybe12:40
ASHER1someone can explaim to me i can install in ubuntu nod32?12:41
ix_hello, can anyone help me configure a dongle with wvdial?12:41
waglethanks all12:42
ActionParsnipAsher1: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/eset-nod32-anti-virus-comes-to-linux12:42
ix_when I run sudo wvdialconf, it says that no modem was detected, I don't know how to use usb-modeswitch to set it to serial12:42
ActionParsnipIx_: run:  lsusb    and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides12:44
d00leyWell J3SS it seems to be a nice tutorial for installing the nvidia suite, but unfortunately, it won't get me rid of the package problem12:44
J3SSwhat package problem?12:44
ix_ActionParsnip, 12d1:1f0112:44
d00leyI'm getting frozen at this part: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-22-generic12:45
ActionParsnipIx_: ok, try that in web searches12:45
d00leyit let it run during all night & nothing happened...12:45
arkanabarWhat's a good live distro for cleaning malware from a windows PC?12:45
ix_ActionParsnip, thank you12:45
ActionParsnipArkanabar: you can use ubuntu and install clamav12:46
ThinkT510arkanabar: better asked in ##linux12:46
d00leyWould I be the champion of unknown problems?12:47
cfhowlettcah_mendem, greetings12:47
J3SSfor me, yes12:48
J3SSthis may or may not help: http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,9363.0.html12:49
d00leyhehe ok ty12:49
J3SSspecifically the corrupted part12:50
J3SSwrong link12:51
J3SSgive that a try12:51
J3SSthe last part12:52
d00leyokay it's no more freezing ;)12:54
somsipnvidia-current in 12.04 is 295.4, but how does this translate to Nvidia version (173.14xx, 86.43xx, etc) to check supported products?12:54
d00leygreat atm, I wonder when I will be able to change it back12:54
Ailis there any lightwight html/css live preview editor fot ubuntu?12:54
FreeaqingmeWhen reloading my networking config, I get "Failed to bring up eth0", how can I debug why that is?12:54
somsipah - just found the archive :-) 295.X is in there12:55
midohi there12:58
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Nyticianhi there13:02
NyticianI haven't got ubuntu yet and the last time I tried it was back in high school but after using windows 8 and seeing the general direction OS' are going in I've started to consider it again, just curious though is it likely I need to dual boot to continue running all my games and future ones?13:03
ThinkT510Nytician: dual boot is usually best if you game on windows a lot13:03
Nyticianand ahh okay no way to get out of that13:04
yinhi, i still unclear what i could do for my installing nvs 5400 drivers.when i install it ,only remind me "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."13:04
ThinkT510Nytician: it depends on the game, wine can work but it really depends on the app13:04
ThinkT510!app | Nytician13:05
ThinkT510!appdb | Nytician13:05
ubottuNytician: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:05
Nyticianhmmm interesting okay13:05
Nyticianyes I remember wine now, but whatabout for future games like 'simcity' etc these require origin from EA will this be impossible to play without windows?13:06
ThinkT510Nytician: wine is always improving13:06
MonkeyDustNytician  better ask the game's developpers13:07
ThinkT510Nytician: if you insist on playing windows games then windows will obviously be the best solution13:07
ShapeShifter499so my current router sucked, not upto cable speeds, broken anntena, and old. So I had the idea of taking my acer aspire one (zg5 model) and using it as my wifi router and maybe for a server (media, file, and maybe web). Was a great idea till I found that my android tablet and my wii hate ah-hoc wifi connections and refuse to connect. Any way I can change my wifi to "master" or "infrastructure mod13:07
ShapeShifter499e"?   My netbook is running Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit13:07
midohi monkey13:08
Nyticianhmmmm I guess, I just don't want them removing the desktop mode in the not too distant future and everything becoming obsolete hah13:08
TakeItEZShapeShifter499: check your wifi-chipset and if that is supported by hostapd13:08
yinmy notebook run ubuntu 12.04 64bit13:08
yinsorry , i will leave now .enjoy the day .13:10
BluesKajyin , did you run nvidia-xconfig at the tty13:11
BluesKajoh well , no patience13:11
rastafrxhi can i halp you13:12
Abhijitrastafrx, http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved13:13
_raven_which options to stress my graphics card in ubuntu to check out a hardware error?13:15
ShapeShifter499TakeItEZ, thanks for the push in the right direction, started looking this up via google, seems I might be able to use it13:15
BluesKaj_raven_, what error?13:18
nullby7ewhen should be ubuntu release a new version13:18
MonkeyDustnullby7e  april13:18
ThinkT510nullby7e: april13:19
_raven_BluesKaj sudden freezes with strange graphics error. ram is not the problem so far13:19
ThinkT510nullby7e: the version numbers are based on the date13:19
ThinkT510nullby7e: 12.04 = april 201213:19
MonkeyDustnullby7e  13 = 2013, 04 = the 4th mont, april13:19
napnapHi all, I've downloaded tremulous 1.1 from http://tremulous.net/files/ but when I launch it I take several errors like :  Error: file ui/joinserver.menu, line 1: file ui/menddef.h not found . I'm on Ubuntu 12.04, what happen  ? How can I resolve this problem ?13:20
BluesKaj_raven_, paste the error in pastebin , or here , if fewer than 3 lines13:21
BluesKajnapnap, open a terminal in your downloads file and do " ./tremulous-gpp1-installer.x86.run" , without the quotes to install the app13:24
_raven_BluesKaj there is no error to paste as i said13:26
napnapBluesKaj, ok I will dl this file and install it, thx.13:27
BluesKaj_raven_, check /var/log/syslog for the error13:27
BluesKajnapnap, I thought you already DL'd it13:28
napnapBluesKaj, no, only 1.1 version files13:28
Andy-Hey guys, I've rather moronically foobar'd my fstab with pysdm13:30
Andy-the OS now won't boot, I've tried using "recovery" and entering the command line through root, I can't edit fstab or rename it so I can use fstab.old13:31
Andy-and now I've got a live disk loaded and that can't edit/rename the file either13:31
TakeItEZAndy-: mount your /-fs, then sudo nano /mnt/whatever/etc/fstab13:32
napnapBluesKaj, same things, I've installed *gpp* in /usr/local/games/tremulous directory which contains 1.1.0 installed files, but the errors are still here13:32
Andy-through live disk or through root prompt from recovery?13:33
TakeItEZAndy-: live-disk13:33
napnapI don't know why a file is missing file "ui/menddef.h not found"."...13:33
Andy-I think I've got the wrong live disk, there are no apps/dashboard menu it seems13:33
TakeItEZAndy-: any linux live-cd coming with a terminal and an editor will do13:34
Andy-what's the command to mount correctly? I've seen a handful based on others having the same problem but no clear standard13:35
TakeItEZAndy-: what device is your / on?13:35
Andy-sda2 iirc13:35
TakeItEZAndy-: "sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt"13:35
TakeItEZAndy-:  then "sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab"13:36
Andy-kk I'll confirm the device first then try13:36
BluesKajnapnap, have you run the file in the terminal in the directory as i suggested to install the game ?13:37
nonix4Umm, is the recovery procedure for unattended-upgrades filling /, /boot, /var and /usr documented somewhere? I'm supposed to run dpkg --configure -a some time, but I'm not really interested in building the 20+ unnecessary kernel images while out of space...13:42
Andy-TakeItEZ, is there a standard config/reset version of fstab which should work assuming I know my / device?13:43
Andy-turned out to be sdb113:43
ThinkT510nonix4: why do you have 20+ unneeded kernel images?13:43
TakeItEZAndy-: i don't think so, just create a new one13:44
TakeItEZAndy-: do you have extra /home?13:44
Andy-an empty one?13:44
nonix4ThinkT510: because of unattended-upgrades running on a system that hasn't been rebooted in half a year13:44
TakeItEZAndy-: UUID=<your UUID of /dev/sdb1> / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 113:44
ThinkT510nonix4: why haven't you tried to remove the unneeded kernel images?13:44
TakeItEZAndy-: ^^ new one containing one line like the line above13:45
napnapBluesKaj, yeah "sudo tremulous-1.1.0-installer.x86.run" and "sudo tremulous-gpp1-installer.run"13:45
nonix4ThinkT510: doing just that, but guess I have to use dpkg directly instead of usual apt frontends13:45
nonix4doing dpkg -P for their headers seems to be a good place to start, since nothing depends on those :)13:46
BluesKajnapnap, sudo ./tremulous-1.1.0-installer.x86.run , but make sure the path to the run file is correct, or open a terminal where you downloaded the file13:47
=== sergio is now known as Guest52697
napnapBluesKaj, it is correct. I see the all installation process13:47
=== Guest52697 is now known as sergios
vifanqInstallation: I need simple setup, with 1 user (root) and some encrypted partition. I see quite exclusive option: a) "encyrpted home", b) LVM + encrypted "/home". Should I choose b)? Does b) require additional non-root user?13:49
napnapBluesKaj, ok, if I launch /usr/local/games/tremulous/tremulous-gpp.x86 instead of "tremulous" the game seems to launch13:49
ThinkT510vifanq: if it is a desktop system then you must have a user, using root on a desktop system is very bad practice13:50
vifanqThinkT510: not a desktop, although I am not so against having an user account13:51
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torremhello guys14:00
cfhowletttorrem, greetings14:01
CrestedNewtYO!! Torrem14:02
torremwhat is everybody lurking for?14:02
CrestedNewttorrem - I just watch out for problems that I can fix and also learn a bit more - u?14:03
compdocfor $5014:03
cfhowletttorrem, if you have a specific ubuntu related question???14:03
ThinkT510torrem: lurking is permitted, you can learn from observation14:03
mesqukatorrem: I do pretty much the same thing14:04
mesqukatorrem: but I try to help when I can14:04
CrestedNewtOK, I have a question on 12.10 - I keep getting a system error and I *think* that it may be due to changing wireless networks14:05
CrestedNewtas this is when the error pops up very quickly14:06
torremCresTedNewt, what eror are y getting?14:06
mesqukaright now, i'm busy adding a home built DAC amp to my crappy apple headphones to add an equalizer, make them less tinny14:06
CrestedNewttorrem - it just comes up with a system error - haven't noted down the exact failing module but I've sent the report14:06
=== god is now known as Guest28593
Guest28593this may sound like a stupid question but how do i gmake it to where everything i put in my tray loads on rythymbox?14:08
cfhowlettGuest28593, greetings14:10
CrestedNewtGuest28593 - I have no idea's14:10
Guest28593it was doing fine untill a few minutes ago14:11
Guest28593now it just wants to load cds through the home folder14:11
torremok I have a question how do i disable unity on 12.10?14:11
torremi want gnome only14:12
ubottutorrem,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:12
ThinkT510torrem: you don't disable it, just use a different desktop14:12
torremok got it thanks14:13
=== rafael is now known as Guest88221
matancHey folks. I need your help. I've reformatted my dual boot laptop and now I get a grub rescue screen14:16
matancCan anyone help me? I get this after I reformatted the laptop with the windows installation.14:16
ThinkT510matanc: how exactly did you reformat?14:16
vifanqCryptography: has ubuntu some tools, to setup an encrypted partition/loop-file - on running system (after installation)?14:16
matancI used my laptop's windows 7 installation partition14:16
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
torremmatanc, use grub repair from live cd14:17
matancI read somewhere that I needed to remove grub before I reformatted. I want to do that now but I can't14:17
matancThat's my problem. It won't boot from the liveCD14:17
matancI'm not sure if it's because I didn't create it correctly or if something is wrong14:17
ThinkT510matanc: you don't need to remove grub, if you install windows it overwrites the mbr14:18
torremmatanc, live usb is an alternative14:18
ThinkT510matanc: if you want to restore a windows mbr it would be better to ask in ##windows14:18
matancWhat will the grub repair tool do?14:19
matancI need it to boot windows14:19
ThinkT510matanc: grub will only work if you have a linux installation on the harddrive14:20
matancSo what do I do with the liveCD so that it'll boot windows?14:20
brian_Greetings all. I'm a newbie to Ubuntu. Can anyone tell me what is the "nullmailer" that I see in my syslog?14:21
cfhowlettmatanc, to restore windows boot, you need a windows disk.  Ask for details in ##windows14:21
cfhowlettJell-E, greetings14:21
Jell-EI have a problem14:21
ThinkT510matanc: if you want the windows bootloader then ask in ##windows, if you are keeping ubuntu and windows and want to repair grub then here is the right place. which one do you want?14:21
Riosi have also an problem14:21
=== Guest88221 is now known as Rafael__
cfhowlett!details|Rios Jell-E14:22
ubottuRios Jell-E: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:22
Rioshow can i load files more than 2 gb with de wget ?14:22
Jell-Econcerning windows 814:22
TakeItEZJell-E: simple forwarding mailer,14:22
TakeItEZbrian_: simple forwarding mailer,14:22
TakeItEZsry Jell-E14:22
cfhowlettJell-E, this is ubuntu support, not windows ...14:22
matancThe windows bootloader for now. Okay I'll go to windows. thanks.14:22
Jell-EI'm running windows 8 and try to run ubuntu 12.10 next to it14:23
Jell-EI installed it but grub doesn 't show up14:23
Jell-EI disabled secure boot14:23
cfhowlettJell-E, did you use the windows installer or are you dual booting14:23
ThinkT510!uefi | Jell-E14:23
ubottuJell-E: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:23
Jell-EI installed ubuntu next to windows using the ubuntu installation disk14:24
brian_TakeItEZ : what is it trying to do? It make an entry to the syslog every minute, about.14:24
cfhowlettJell-E, sounds like a uefi issue.  see the link14:24
TakeItEZbrian_: it tries to forward mails, coming from a webserver or wherever. i don't think its installed by default, so you should know why it is there14:25
TakeItEZbrian_: see http://untroubled.org/nullmailer14:26
Jell-EI didn't know Ubuntu has a boot-repair program, thanks for the help!14:26
urlwolf_if I install a ppa, don't like it, can I revert to previous state by apt-get autoremove?14:27
brian_TakeItEZ : I have no idea. I am worried that it is using up my bandwidth. Any suggestions as to find out what it is trying to forward?14:27
cfhowletturlwolf_, that's ot prurpose ...14:27
cfhowletturlwolf_, that is its stated purposed but YMMV14:27
urlwolf_cfhowlett: this is why I ask14:28
urlwolf_maybe config files are different14:28
cfhowletturlwolf_, ppa purge is the search term you want.  I think it's an actual ubuntu app14:28
TakeItEZbrian_: sudo apt-get -s purge nullmailer                       and watch the list of packages going to be removed. it might give you an idea why it runs at all. (-s = simulate only)14:28
urlwolf_tempted by gnome3 ppa. How risky is it?14:28
cfhowletturlwolf_, never tried it14:29
urlwolf_any way to estimate ppa's reliability?14:29
urlwolf_gnome3 is an stablished org14:29
urlwolf_not a single hobbist guy14:29
MonkeyDusturlwolf_  12.10 has gnome3 by default, no ppa needed14:29
urlwolf_MonkeyDust: but nautilus is old14:30
TakeItEZbrian_: if aptitude is installed "aptitude why nullmailer" would help too14:30
ANubive multiple networks and if i browse one network (through network places) and then go to another network then ubuntu does not refresh new network ..........unless i logout and login again into the GUI..........ubuntu is 12.0414:30
ThinkT510!aptitude | TakeItEZ14:30
ubottuTakeItEZ: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.14:30
ANubive multiple networks and if i browse one network (through network places) and then go to another network then ubuntu does not refresh new network ..........unless i logout and login again into the GUI..........ubuntu is 12.04.........Any help how to solve it.......?14:30
MonkeyDusturlwolf_  nautilus is now called 'files'14:30
TakeItEZThinkT510: i'm very aware of this and his has nothing to do with some of aptitude nices features14:31
MonkeyDusturlwolf_  what do you mean by 'old'?14:31
brian_TakeItEZ: only nullmailer* (1 to remove...)14:32
urlwolf_MonkeyDust: it's 3.4 vs latest 3.614:32
rjagathehi ...all14:32
TakeItEZbrian_: then you could just purge it to get rid of it. i wonder why it was installed then..14:32
Azmmuthhello,i want to know if ati catalyst 13.1 support ubuntu 12.10 and ati readon hd 4xxx series ?14:32
cfhowlettrjagathe, greetings14:32
ThinkT510urlwolf_: a whole desktop environment is a big thing, i'd expect major breakage with a ppa of something like that14:32
brian_TakeItEZ: aptitude is not installed14:33
TakeItEZbrian_: not by default, ok.14:33
rjagatheToday I had a problem.I could login into ubuntu 12.04 as a guest ,but not as a administrator.Why?14:33
urlwolf_ThinkT510: I'm using gnome3 already. But thanks14:33
compdocbrian_, I love nullmailer, but if its not set up correctly, you'll have mail stuck in /var/spool/nullmailer/queue14:33
TakeItEZbrian_: sudo apt-get purge nullmailer                 to get rid of it14:33
urlwolf_any alternatives for a tool that manages global shortcuts?14:34
urlwolf_xbindkeys fails14:34
rjagatheIs anybony over there listening to me?14:35
ubotturjagathe,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:35
TakeItEZrjagathe: root account is locked, use user-account and sudo14:35
brian_TakeItEZ: Removed - Watching the log for now.14:36
rjagatheHow to unlock root account thro' guest login?14:37
brian_compdoc: Could you elaborate on that? Anywhere I can do some reading on the app?14:37
ThinkT510rjagathe: you don't14:37
TakeItEZbrian_: see http://untroubled.org/nullmailer14:37
ThinkT510!noroot | rjagathe14:37
ubotturjagathe: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.14:37
ubotturjagathe: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:38
compdocbrian_, do you know whjat nullmailer is? some program, or you, must have installed it14:38
MonkeyDustrjagathe  basically, you won't find support here on how to ruin your system14:38
* cfhowlett thinks to myself; if it's his system14:39
=== john__ is now known as __j0hn__
KylieBrookscfhowlett: well, this is a ubuntu channel14:39
KylieBrookscfhowlett: and if we support one person14:39
KylieBrookscfhowlett: others wil think its ok14:40
cfhowlettKylieBrooks, monkey dust gave the cogent and correct response to the request, I think.14:40
ThinkT510KylieBrooks: i think he means he might be trying to gain root access to somebody elses system14:40
brian_compdoc: Something must have installed it14:41
=== daftykins is now known as rudykins
compdocbrian_, are there files in /var/spool/nullmailer/queue   ?14:41
TakeItEZbrian_: some packages need a mail-transport-agent, and therefor nullmailer is the "smallest" solution. but since nothing was depending on it on your system, its hard to tell why it was there14:41
=== rudykins is now known as daftykins
brian_compdoc: i have no access to view the contents14:43
compdocbrian_, you might need to use sudo14:44
cixmanhi some server speacialist for ubuntu server 12 ?14:44
ThinkT510cixman: there is also #ubuntu-server14:44
XtremeWizHi, is it possible to update teamviewer via terminal?14:45
XtremeWizOr do I need to download and re-install the package?14:45
Nyticianwhy is 32bit recommended for ubunutu?14:45
brian_compdoc: I noticed that when I removed nullmailer it did warm me that the directory was not empty and there was not removed.14:45
MonkeyDustNytician  because it runs on both 32 and 64bit14:45
ThinkT510Nytician: in case you don't know what processor you have14:45
Nyticianahhh okay I know I have a 64bit cpu should I go ahead and get that inside14:46
ThinkT510Nytician: indeed14:46
MonkeyDustNytician  yes,14:46
Nyticianokay and also 12.10 or LTS version?14:46
compdocbrian_, if you have programs that need to send mail as warnings and information, that wont happen now14:46
ThinkT510Nytician: up to you14:46
NyticianIm relatively computer savvy but I don't want a poor experience either14:46
MonkeyDustNytician  depends on how long you want support for your distro14:47
Nyticianahh okay14:47
brian_compdoc: None that I know of. How do I apply using sudo to view the contents of the dir?14:48
ix_can anyone tell me a program which tracks the amount of data that goes through an ethernet interface?14:51
Nyticianhow much space does ubuntu take?14:53
Nyticianlike installed14:53
Nyticianwindowss is about 20-25gb I think14:54
MonkeyDust!requirements | Nytician start here14:54
ubottuNytician start here: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu14:54
ix_Nytician, about 3 GB I think14:54
Nyticianoh wow very small14:55
ThinkT510Nytician: a default ubuntu install comes to under 5gb14:55
osmanhello world14:56
liquidmetalWhat are some applications that I can use for quickly prototyping animations?14:56
ix_Nytician, you need a partition of at least 5 GB, I'd recommend 10 GB because you might want to install stuff14:56
Nyticianix_ I have a 50gb ssd for it14:56
osmanantalyadan merhaba14:56
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:57
brian_compdoc: Sorry - I'm a raw newbie at this.14:57
Nyticianbig concern, will ubuntu be going the way of microsoft with new interfaces and dropping backwards compatibility or am I safer with this?14:57
MonkeyDustNytician  with what?14:57
ix_Nytician, ubuntu is not only about unity and other silly interfaces, you can use kde, lxde, xfce or anything you like, really, I like openbox with tint214:59
* MonkeyDust does not know MS policy14:59
linuxmanmy laptop comes with WIN8 preinstalled. however i want to remove it and install Linux, would that be possible?14:59
Nyticianoh cool so its really up to me how it continues, I don't mind the tile based interface from windows 8 but I don't like the closed nature of it especially when I want to learn to code also15:00
Azmmuthwhat is Gallium3d ?15:00
ThinkT510!uefi | linuxman15:00
ubottulinuxman: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:00
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MonkeyDustAzmmuth  "Gallium3D is a free software library for 3D graphics device drivers. It has been developed by VMware"15:02
ix_can anyone tell me a program which tracks the amount of data that goes through an ethernet interface?15:02
linuxmanthinkt510, my plan is to use gparted live and delete the windows8 partition then install linux, would that be possible?15:02
ThinkT510linuxman: i guess so but i don't have a uefi based system15:03
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TakeItEZix_: vnstat15:03
AzmmuthMonkeyDust:Can i install Gallium 3d as my display driver in ubuntu 12.10 ?15:04
brian_compdoc: Worked it out. There are 11 files in the dir. Would it be safe to remove them?15:05
ix_TakeItEZ, thank you15:05
compdocbrian_, those are emails - read them15:05
MonkeyDustAzmmuth  not sure, i had never heard about it, before you asked15:05
ThinkT510Azmmuth: its not a driver, its a library15:05
MonkeyDustAzmmuth  why do you want it, if you don't know what it is?15:06
brian_compdoc: Ok - Will do. Please be patient15:06
savioAzmmuth, driver are build into kernel you don't have to install it in normal case15:06
AzmmuthMonkeyDust:i want to install drivers for ati readon hd 4350...15:06
AzmmuthMonkeyDust:but i have to downgrade xorg to install them,which make my ubuntu stuck at shutdown15:07
compdocbrian_, if you find the information in those emails useful, you might want to reinstall nullmailer, and set it up correctly15:07
MonkeyDustAzmmuth  is this useful? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver15:08
saviohere is patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549232/ for openflow switch package but i don't know how to apply it please anyone help?15:09
savioshold i make patch file or what ?  I'm really confused ?15:09
AzmmuthMonkeyDust:my card is under Accelerated 3D support15:10
MonkeyDustAzmmuth  then found what you need?15:11
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Guest91954can someone help me. i'm trying to install suse but when its almost done and onto the grub install it comes up with an error saying there was an error generating the initrd. then once i hit ok it comes up with failed to install grub. i have 4 hard drives, only 1 is being used to install suse but when i go to look at the grub install it says boot will be in /dev/sdc (which i assume sdc is hard15:18
Guest91954drive #3 and not the harddrive with the os on it). why am i getting this error?15:18
MyrttiGuest91954: this is #ubuntu, not the Suse IRC channel15:18
Guest91954opps sorry15:18
ProfessorBaconi hate the opensuse installer15:19
ProfessorBaconnothing but problems15:19
brian_compdoc: Looks like warning send from Apache2. If memory recalls then that is the webserver in Ubuntu. This must have been installed when I installed weather station software. And that has been uninstalled too a while ago as it did not upload properly.15:20
saviohere is patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549232/ for openflow switch package but i don't know how to apply it please anyone help?15:21
saviohere is patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549232/ for openflow switch package but i don't know how to apply it please anyone help?15:21
savioshold i make patch file or what ?  I'm really confused ?15:21
FloodBot1savio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:21
BrittanyWeird issue here. I'm trying to get audio drivers for my X-Fi Titanium (Creative) card, but I get this. http://pastebin.com/7qHtMuV415:21
BrittanyI'm not all too sure what I can do.15:21
BrittanyShould Clarify: Ubuntu 12.10, 64b15:23
AzmmuthDoes direct rendering enabled means 3d card is working ?15:23
brian_compdoc: Would you say it is safe to remove them? Won't hold anything against you for your input.15:24
compdocbrian_, it is safe15:29
brian_compdoc: Done. Removed the files. Which directories can I remove?15:29
compdocbrian_, no need to remove directories15:29
viper474Hello, I'm using ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I'm having trouble with the Startup Applications tool. Whenever I restart my computer my audio resets to full blast every time. The only solution I've found is to run 'pacmd set-sink-volume 0 3500' at whatever specified volume. I want to run this in Startup Applications. I make a SoundFix.sh file, add the command, chmod +x the file, and add an entry in Startup Applications as: sh location/15:31
viper474SoundFix.sh . Problem is, this has no affect on restart. What am I doing wrong?15:31
brian_compdoc: Thanks. You have been a great help. I'll definitely go and do some reading about this app. Could you perhaps suggest a good place to read up on this?15:31
saviohere is patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549232/ for openflow switch package but i don't know how to apply it please anyone help?15:31
savioshold i make patch file or what ?  I'm really confused ?15:31
compdocbrian_, the answers to everything, even life itself, are on google15:31
brian_compdoc: Ok cool. Thanks a mil for the help. You are greatly appreciated.15:32
brian_TakeItEZ: To you too. Thanks for the help. Also you are appreciated.15:33
sahu9431walikum slam15:37
ProfessorBaconhey i had that beer once15:38
noobatlifeI have a problem15:47
ThinkT510noobatlife: then you need a solution15:47
noobatlifeMy school has a course which requires MS ACCESS15:48
noobatlifeI am running Linux ubuntu15:48
noobatlifeDo you know any alternative software that can open accdb files15:48
noobatlifeThey are using MS Access 200715:49
k1l_noobatlife: what about running access in wine? or in a windows VM?15:49
k1l_!wine | noobatlife15:49
ubottunoobatlife: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:49
noobatlifeI really need to try that....15:49
iorianoobatlife: i remember a program running in linux similar to access15:50
noobatlifeDespite the bronze rating it received in the WineHQ appDB15:50
noobatlifeIt might be different since that was a long time testing15:51
noobatlifeI heard about a KDE database creator15:51
noobatlifenames Kixie?15:51
noobatlifeAnyone familiar with that?15:51
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noobatlifeIts in my repo but requires KDE15:51
iorianoobatlife: give me a sec it's on anather pc15:51
Darnrepod car15:51
noobatlifeShoot. Kixie only supports MDB(old). it doesnt support Access 2007 format(accdb)15:53
noobatlifeIf only my stupid colege would stop relying on windows products15:53
mamece2hello, i have problem when i connect my GS3 to ubuntu 11. "unable to enumerate USB device on port 1"15:53
noobatlifeit pisses me off so much15:53
omimy results with ubuntu have been less then stellar so far :o, started with not even being able to login after a fresh install15:53
saviohere is patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549232/ for openflow switch package but i don't know how to apply it please anyone help?15:55
savioshold i make patch file or what ?  I'm really confused ?15:55
savioand How?15:55
omilike kubuntu?15:56
iorianoobatlife: sorry, yer is Kexi15:56
justsome1Update installer on Ubuntu 12.10 is complaining about /boot partition being full!:( Can I increase its size at runtime without losing the content?15:56
k1l_omi: you got a hybrid grafics card?15:56
omii have a nvidia gtx 880015:56
omii got it working eventually by doiny ctrl alt f1 think it was to get to the console where i logged in and did apt update and dist-upgrade15:57
yeehiHow can I do all these 3 things, installing Quantal: Manually decide the partitions and file systems, (easy) and encrypt (easy) and also have LVM? (doing the last thing too is difficult for me.)15:57
omialso followed some other instructions about installing nvidia-current15:57
ThinkT510!lvm | yeehi15:57
ubottuyeehi: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:57
omibut still, all that just to get logged in?15:57
omii just came from mint 1215:57
BrittanyStrange issue: On my X-Fi titanium card on Ubuntu 12.10 64b, on Minecraft, A regular noise will play, and then shortly after that, a second, quieter, lower resolution version of that noise will play. Does anyone have any idea what the heck?15:58
omididn't have any probs there15:58
yeehiThanks, ThinkT51015:58
zambahow can i set up a wireless access point from my laptop? it doesn't support master mode (i checked with iw list and iwconfig mode master)..15:58
k1l_omi: it should load with the free nvidia driver. but maybe that doesnt support your card.15:58
k1l_omi: so installing the nvidia-current does the trick15:59
iorianoobatlife: maybe openoffice base15:59
omiyea i suppose, still seems like something that should be handled out of the box15:59
omifor something as mainstream as ubuntu16:00
k1l_omi: IIRC you can check to let the drivers and updates be installed at the installation, too16:01
nima_i want canon mf 4400 series for ubuntu there was n't anything in  software sources16:01
jhutchinsnima_: What is cannon mf 4400 series?16:01
omii did that option16:01
justsome1Please someone tell me: Can I enlarge the /boot partition (it's ext2 on sda1) and therefor make the other partition smaller (which is sda2 extended, containing crypt-luks as sda5) ?16:01
omito download and install any updates while installing16:01
nima_multi functioning printers16:02
omialthough doesn't appear that it did much as there was a bit to update when i ran apt update and dist-upgrade16:02
nima_i dunno what to do16:02
jhutchinsjustsome1: 1) back up the system.  2) Either mess around with parted trying to resize, or repartition and restore (which is faster).16:02
jhutchinsnima_: cups.org16:02
jhutchinsnima_: xsane handles the scanner portion.16:03
omiand since being up, i just got it all working last night, lottanzb keeps crashing or not responding randomly but just installed another client that i think i'll like better16:03
justsome1jhutchins: But how can I back up the system when it's encrypted? I used quantal's new full disk encryption option, when I installed it.16:03
nima_what do you mean by xsane handles?16:03
LuftiI suddenly have a problem with wlan on my Dell Vostro 3750 with Ubuntu 12.04. Suddenly the latency explodes from 2ms to ~5000s for a long period. Impossible to open webpages while wlan on my mobile phone works perfectly. When I connect a cable to my pc everything is fine. Any Ideas?16:03
jhutchinsjustsome1: If you're resizing partitions you'll want to use something like rsync to do a file-level backup, not partclone or dd.16:03
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omiand i had xorg crash last night after first getting logged in although haven't had it since and just like 5 min ago nautilus crashed when doing open containing folder in download i did in firefox, but those are 1 time crashes so far so i'll take them with a grain of salt16:04
justsome1jhutchins: Okay. And how to do the re-partitioning after I backup'ed my files?16:05
justsome1might gparted work to do that at runtime (while logged into the system)?16:06
mamece2i have problem when i connect my GS3 to ubuntu 11. "unable to enumerate USB device on port 1"16:06
yeehiThinkT510 - it looks a bit complex setting up the LVM manually. If i allow quantal to do the lvm partitions and whole disk encryption automatically, would it be simple to afterwards make /home a separate partition?16:06
ThinkT510yeehi: sorry, i have no idea, i've never used lvm or encryption16:07
yeehiok, thanks, ThinkT51016:07
justsome1jhutchins: Gparted offers a "resize" option for sda2, but not for sda1 (which is the "/boot" partition)16:08
zyngawowUbuntu is a hassle to get working16:10
zyngawowI install it, GPU lag. I get the propietary driver, compiz crashes. Wifi doesnt work16:11
zyngawowReally nice OS16:11
ThinkT510justsome1: you can't resize partitions that are currently mounted16:11
nnawesome can't input chinese (firefox ,gimp) help me16:11
k1l_zyngawow: this is not the place for ranting. if you got a problem describe it and people will try to help you16:12
zyngawowAt least you can connect to the internet :)16:12
k1l_!rootirc > nn16:12
ubottunn, please see my private message16:12
zyngawowk1l_: I think I described it well enough. Wifi doesnt work. GPU lag16:12
zyngawowThe weirdest thing is wifi works sometimes... I have reinstalled 12.10 5 times.. three of the times it worked sometimes16:13
k1l_zyngawow: ok, then i tell you: gpu and wifi works here :)  can you name the exact model and chipsets and which ubuntu you are running etc16:13
Aikiloxhello. if anybody successfuly installed Intel+Nvidia drivers please message me16:13
meghacan i setup cinnamon on ubuntu ?16:13
justsome1ThinkT510: ok, thanks. So using a boot-CD should be possible to resize those partitions without losing its content?16:13
ThinkT510megha: yes but it isn't supported here16:13
k1l_!mint | megha ask the mint support since its a mint program16:14
ubottumegha ask the mint support since its a mint program: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:14
zyngawowk1l_: i3 520, MSI Iona GL8E(intel h57?), sapphire radeon hd 777016:14
ThinkT510justsome1: yes16:14
meghai want to install cinnamon on ubuntu even than it's not supported here ?16:15
zyngawowk1l_: i3 530, sorry typo16:15
meghacan i install it through minimal cd and then build up16:15
ThinkT510megha: then you are on your own16:15
justsome1ThinkT510: Great, thanks. And will that work too for the full disk encrypted system? (crypt-luks)16:15
meghaThinkT510: ok16:15
ThinkT510justsome1: no idea sorry, i don't used encryption16:15
k1l_zyngawow: im not familiar with amd/ati stuff. but if you explain your problem more specific maybe someone will help16:16
zyngawowk1l_: My main issue is the wifi now16:16
zyngawowI mean, why the heck doesnt it work? Even the guys at microsoft make it work..16:16
justsome1ok, shutting down and trying...;) thanks, guys16:16
k1l_which wifi chip or usb stick do you want to use?16:16
zyngawowk1l_: It is integrated on the mobo16:17
Aikiloxhello. if anybody successfuly installed Intel+Nvidia drivers please message me16:17
k1l_zyngawow: the guys from microsoft recieve drivers from the manufacturer. which linux doesnt16:17
ThinkT510zyngawow: i think you'll find the manufacturers write the drivers for windows, not microsoft16:17
k1l_zyngawow: so give the line of "lspci" which names you wifi card16:18
zyngawowk1l_: Network Controller: Ralink corp. RT3092 Wireless 802.11n 2T/2R PCIe16:19
ubottufrancbel: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:22
zyngawowk1l_: That also woundt explain why it worked sometimes16:22
matancHey guys quick question about ubuntu and drivers.16:22
jhansonximatanc:  Just ask, don't ask to ask16:22
ThinkT510matanc: go for it16:22
matancMy laptop's wireless hardware switch stopped working one day16:23
matancafter reformatting it to windows and installing the drivers it works16:23
zyngawowubuntu is making me will to break something16:23
Frank_LeachHey guys...am running 12.10 and had trouble installing drivers. Now, I have it isntalled (b43 broadcom drivers problems) but everytime i turn on my laptop i have to type in a command (sudo modprobe b43). Any permanent solution to my wireless problems?16:23
matancCould I have fixed this issue (which seems like a driver issue) without returning to windows and installing the drivers there?16:23
=== brontosaurusrex_ is now known as brontosaurusrex
ThinkT510matanc: depends on the hardware (if you are talking wifi some drivers do funny things on windows that affects linux)16:24
zykotick9Frank_Leach: you might want to checkout /etc/modules16:24
Frank_Leachthanks zykotic916:24
zykotick9!tab > Frank_Leach16:25
ubottuFrank_Leach, please see my private message16:25
RB2Hello... I updated my kernel the nvidia drivers started acting crazy. So, I uninstalled them, installed the linux headers for the new kernel, re-installed the nvidia driver and now it works great if I go into Recovery mode and wait 30 seconds (the gui automatically starts up)... however, on a normal boot, I get a black screen.16:25
ThinkT510!nomodeset | RB216:25
ubottuRB2: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:25
RB2Thanks ThinkT51016:26
ubottufrancbel: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:26
jhansonximatanc: First you need to identify your exact wireless chip and laptop model.  From a terminal (or terminal window) try "lspci" or "lsusb".  Don't post the entire output here, just the relevant line.16:26
matancThinkT510: And are those things fixable? Could ubuntu somehow fuck with windows drivers?16:26
matancWhat would I do in that case?16:26
ThinkT510!language |  matanc16:27
ubottumatanc: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:27
mesquka!language | ThinkT51016:27
ubottuThinkT510: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:27
zyngawowseriously, ubuntu is pure shit. An OS in which you cant connect to the internet due to driver lack...16:28
matancSorry about that.16:28
Tm_Tmesquka: please don't16:28
ThinkT510matanc: it entirely depends on the chipset16:28
zyngawowThe most weird thing is that things work sometimes. extremely realible16:28
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matancjhansonxi: I can't check that right now since I've already fixed it by reinstalling windows and deleting ubuntu.16:29
jhansonximatanc: You can find the same info from Windows device manager.16:30
jhansonximatanc: You also just boot with a LiveCD to run commands without installing.16:30
matancThe wireless chipset is Intel Centrino N 6230.16:31
RB2ThinkT510, just a quick question... my nvidia drivers (after a battle to get them installed) have been working fine for the last month until I updated the kernel.16:32
RB2Why would a small update change that?16:32
ThinkT510matanc: wow, i've never had trouble with intel wifi in linux16:32
RB2and now require the nomodeset setting16:32
ThinkT510RB2: a kernel update is not small16:32
KrustyklimberI'm trying to access my external hard drive and get an error message, that says it16:32
Krustyklimber*says it's busy16:33
ThinkT510RB2: if you used the drivers from the repo, rather than the website, then you wouldn't have this problem16:33
RB2ThinkT510, I am using the drivers from the repo.16:33
jhansonximatanc:  Here's a forum thread about a similar problem with a Dell system: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197773816:33
BluesKajBBL, gotta push some snow16:33
matancThinkT510: How would I reinstall hardware drivers when in linux?16:34
RB2ThinkT510, I purposely chose to use the repo so I wouldn't have these problems.16:34
matancDo most manufacturers make drivers for linux as well?16:34
jhansonximatanc:  Next time you try Ubuntu keep that thread in mind.  You could dual-boot with Windows and Ubuntu sharing the drive until you work around the problems in Ubuntu.16:34
ThinkT510matanc: most are already in the kernel16:34
nanofaHi, does anybody knows how to see patch/release notes of an update/upgrade of an application in the console? Thank you very much16:35
ThinkT510RB2: sorry16:35
matancCould it have to do with the fact that my laptop uses a hardware wireless switch?16:35
ThinkT510RB2: i've always stuck to the open source drivers, never had a problem16:35
jhansonximatanc:  Some do, some don't.  The "proprietary" drivers are generally closed-source so Linux (and Ubuntu) users are entirely dependent on them to make the hardware function.16:35
jhansonximatanc: "them" being the hardware manufacturers.16:36
RB2ThinkT510, I'll have to take another look at them. Last time I used them, the performance was less than stellar. But, that was a long time ago.16:36
matancI assume that makes linux support and performance worse on laptops then?16:37
KrustyklimberI'm trying to access my external hard drive and get an error message, that says it is "busy"16:37
ThinkT510RB2: i don't do much gaming so they work great for me16:37
user82how can  i link a binary to /usr/bin that is somewhere else?16:37
user82ln -s /path/binary /usr/bin/binary?16:37
jhansonximatanc: A hardware switch is just a regular switch that directly controls the wireless chip.  Most wireless switches are software-controlled so the correct Linux kernel module is needed.16:37
RB2ThinkT510, my question is why does the desktop load automatically in recovery mode after enabling networking.. is that something new in 12.10? And, why do the drivers work perfect then and not during a normal boot? :(16:37
ThinkT510RB2: sorry, i've never used recovery mode16:38
matancOkay, I think I got it. Thank you jhansoxi and ThinkT510 for the help :) Have a good day16:38
nanofaHi, does anybody know how to see patch/release notes of an update/upgrade of an application in the console? Thank you very much16:40
Krustyklimberis there a way to use my external hard drive... I can't get in16:41
jhansonxiRB2: Does it actually boot into recovery mode or just show the Grub menu?  Grub2 shows the boot menu automatically if it thinks the last boot had a problem: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:41
KrustyklimberI plug it in and get an error message16:41
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: What kind of drive, what kind of connection, which release?16:42
jhansonxiKrustyklimber: What error message?16:42
mesqukahttp://www.zdnet.com/the-5-most-popular-linux-distributions-7000003183/, ubuntu is 3rd most popular??????16:42
RB2jhansonxi, it actually boots into recovery mode.. then I enable networking (have to Press Ctrl-C after due to another bug or it hangs) and it drops me to a login.16:42
Krustyklimberit's a WD drive, usb connected, 12.0416:42
RB2jhansonxi, After that, about 30 seconds later, it loads the GUI and I have to Alt-F1 to get back to the console16:43
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: What's in dmesg right after you connect it?16:43
jhansonxiRB2: Is the login prompt "initramfs" or similar?16:43
Krustyklimbererror mounting: mount: /dev/sr1 already mounted or /mediaWD Smartware busy16:43
PeyamHi I have a two dvi ports on my desktop computer. I connect one my monitors into one and the other monitor to the second port. But it doesn't show anything on my second moniter. How i do ? Ive test to go to Displays and it wont detect my second monitor :(16:44
RB2jhansonxi, it's the normal username@machine16:44
yeehiDoes Quantal automatically detect that it is being installed onto a SSD and tweak as necessary? If so, why does it set up a swap space?16:44
jhutchinsyeehi: No.16:45
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: It sounds like the GUI is mounting it.16:45
jhansonxiRB2: When you enable networking, does the system spontaneously reboot?16:45
yeehiOh, thank you jhutchins - I thought it would all be automatic by now. So what will i manually have to do, since it is on a SSD? There is TRIM setting or something, and checking that partitions are correctly aligned. I don't know if these things are necessary16:46
RB2jhansonxi, no, it hangs after re-mounting the drives... I press Ctrl-C (the work-around as per the bug ticket) and it presents me with a prompt. No rebooting.16:46
KrustyklimberI am for all practical purposes, nearly computer illiterate lol16:46
jhansonxiRB2: Ticket?  Do you have a bug number or link I could check?16:47
RB2jhansonxi, not for this issue, just the Enable Networking bug...16:47
RB2This just started happening this morning ;)16:47
Krustyklimberjhutchins, what is GUI? and how do I access it?16:48
jhansonxiRB2: Were any updates applied before the bug started occurring?16:48
RB2jhansonxi, yes... I think it was the kernel update because it didn't update the headers package... I had to manually do that from the recovery console and then re-install the nvidia drivers so it would correctly compile the kernel module16:49
jhansonxiRB2: A simple test - reboot, hold the shift key down to get the Grub menu, then select the previous kernel version from the list and try booting with that.  If the bug doesn't reoccur then it's something specific to the last kernel update.16:51
RB2jhansonxi, ok, I'll do that. I've already installed the nvidia driver and it compiled the driver against the new kernel headers.. won't that cause a problem when booting into the previous kernel?16:52
RB2jhansonxi, also to note is that the driver work PERFECT in recovery mode when the gui starts.16:52
jhansonxiRB2: I don't think so.  I think the older kernel will have the previous version of the module.16:53
jhansonxiRB2: That behavior is the odd part.  I haven't seen that before.16:53
RB2jhansonxi, I'll try and report back in a few minutes.16:53
RB2jhansonxi, I didn't think the gui would spontaneously load in recovery mode after enabling networking... seemed a bit strange to me.16:54
jhansonxiRB2: I may not be around because I'm busy with a CAD project.16:54
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com16:54
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:54
KrustyklimberI'm still not understanding this GUI... I type it in my dash and get three songs16:54
jhansonxiRB2: But this will help narrow down the cause.16:54
RB2jhansonxi, ok, thanks again for your help!16:54
folornAnyone got a idea how to get a new release installed for a new labtop? if someone has time drop me a message please16:55
folornoh and... does ubuntu work/detect fine for hp labtops well or is there some other distro i should use?16:55
xanguafolorn: you can get latest ubuntu from ubuntu.com16:56
JoeyB2ubuntu worked fairly well on my old HP16:56
Hilikusi'm trying to upgrade my server to 12.10 but when i do do-release-upgrade it says "no new release found"16:57
Hilikusany idea how to do the upgrade then?16:57
jribHilikus: edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades16:57
folornthis is fairly new, im not great with the hps much less new comps joeyB2 does it detect the  wireless card fines16:57
folornI've rebooted loaded the disk but its like iso image wont load the installer any ideas then for that?16:58
ioriaHilikus: try install update-manager-core16:58
Teufelchenhello, when was the ability removed from lauchpad.net to add new bugs?16:58
ircSonesthi to all, can anybody help me on a network driver problem ?16:58
jrib!bug | Teufelchen16:58
ubottuTeufelchen: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:58
Teufelchenthe bug tracker wont let me open a new bug16:59
jribTeufelchen: did you read the link?16:59
k1l_Teufelchen: first choose a paket which contians the bug16:59
Teufelchendid you read what i say?16:59
jribTeufelchen: yes.16:59
Teufelchenaskubuntu was closed aswell17:00
Krustyklimbercan someone tell me what the GUI is?17:00
jribKrustyklimber: what do you mean?  GUI for what?17:00
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Graphical User Interface17:00
Krustyklimberhow do I access it?17:00
jribKrustyklimber: why?17:01
Krustyklimberso I can get to all my music etc on the ext harddrive17:01
jribKrustyklimber: what do you see now on your screen?17:01
Krustyklimberbesides this chatroom.... nothing17:02
ircSonestcan anybody help me with a network driver installation ? I'm running backtrack 5 r1 on a macbook air and the network card is not installed. The network chipset is a Broadcom BCM43224. Thanks!17:02
Krustyklimberjust an empty desktop17:02
delacrecently networkmanager has started claiming (when opening Network Settings) that hotspot is on, even though it is not. Trying to stop the hotspot from the  Network Settings causes Network Settings to crash. Fixes or related bug reports?17:02
jribKrustyklimber: GUI just means the graphical interface; you're in that now.  If you open nautilus (the default file manager) you should be able to browse the files on your external hard drive17:03
Krustyklimberwhat's nautilus? sorry I am so dumb :)17:03
jribKrustyklimber: the default file manager17:03
ioriaircSonest: firmware-b43-installer or something like that ... :P17:03
yeehi1) Does Quantal on a SSD need manual configuration to have TRIM happen? (I think so: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/enable-trim-on-ssd-solid-state-drives.html )  2) Is there a package that we can install, that will set this up automatically for us? Thank you!17:03
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  the file manager, where you open your documents17:03
k1l_Krustyklimber: nautilus is the "explorer" from ubuntu17:03
Krustyklimberlike the home file folder thing?17:03
jribKrustyklimber: yes17:04
Krustyklimbernot in there17:04
jribKrustyklimber: on the sidebar, you should see your driev17:04
Krustyklimbernot there either17:04
ircSonestioria: yep ... something like that, or a patch on kernel ...17:04
jribKrustyklimber: pastebin the output of « sudo fdisk -l; mount »17:04
ircSonestbut I'm newbie on linux and there are big changes that need to be made. so I really need help on this17:05
OerHeks!backtrack | ircSonest17:05
ubottuircSonest: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)17:05
Hilikusthank yo jrib17:05
ircSonestok, thanks17:06
tharkunWhat is the package that need to be removed to get rid of the ads on ubuntu?17:06
ircSonestoops, i'm banned on backtrack-linux ... why ?17:06
Krustyklimberstill no drive showing in folder or sidebar17:07
SonikkuAmericaircSonest: What's your issue?17:07
OerHeksircSonest, because you run as root, or not registered17:07
MonkeyDustircSonest  probably banned without a reason17:07
whoeverircSonest: well is your nic registered17:07
tharkunircSonest: Ask there, really hard to solve from here17:07
k1l_ircSonest: that could be a topic for #freenode17:07
ircSonestI'm registered on backtrack forums I should use that nickname?17:07
ircSonestit's first time when I'm using the irc on that server17:08
k1l_ircSonest: maybe you need to login to freenode first. so better ask in #freenode to get support for login in17:08
ircSonestwow, so bureaucracy :)17:09
Krustyklimberoh well just one more thing I can't do on Ubuntu I geuss... thanks anyways guys17:09
HoldSteadyhello ubuntu, do you have any recommendations for a command line googletalk chat client? (or does such a thing exist)17:09
tharkunircSonest: try joining #freenode you will get your answer there17:09
ircSonestok, thanks17:09
k1l_ircSonest: how others run their channels is not the business of the ubuntu support channel. so please keep this channel clear for the ubuntu support. thank you :)17:10
tharkunHoldSteady: IIRC there was an effort to include google talk on bitlbee, but then take that as gossip17:10
ircSonestyeap, your right k117:10
jribHoldSteady: google talk uses jabber; works fine with bitlbee17:11
xanguaHoldSteady:  there should be several xmpp command line clients17:11
Krustyklimberok one other issue... can anyone tell me how to add a contact to empathy?17:11
jribKrustyklimber: you never pastebinned what I asked17:12
KrustyklimberI dunno if I know what pastebinned means... I typed what you wrote in a terminal17:13
jrib!pastebin | Krustyklimber17:13
ubottuKrustyklimber: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:13
jribKrustyklimber: it's a way for you to share the output with us.  Visit http://paste.ubuntu.com, paste the output, submit, give us the url17:13
Krustyklimbersorry I'm lost17:14
jribKrustyklimber: you typed commands in and got output, yes?17:14
Krustyklimberpaste everything the terminal had?17:14
ChallengerX*offers a cup of coffee to ubottu17:14
jribKrustyklimber:  Visit http://paste.ubuntu.com, paste the output, submit, give us the url17:14
tharkunWhen was the last LTS version released?17:15
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:15
jribtharkun: 12.04 is the latest LTS.  12.04 means 2012 April17:15
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: be careful about using console commands you don't understand.17:15
tharkunjrib: Thanks17:15
HoldSteadythanks for the recomendations, trying bitlbee17:15
tharkunjhutchins: Nice to see familiar faces around17:16
Krustyklimbercareful? I just follow the advice I'm given :P17:16
jhutchinstharkun:Certain other OSs are too reliable - not enough to support.17:16
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Yes.  Not everybody giving advice on irc really knows what they're doing.  If they don't understand the situation, they could give you bad advice.17:17
tharkun!tell b3nj ask17:17
ubottutharkun: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:17
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Pretty much any command will have a man page, so you can check to see if it does what you think it will do.17:17
tharkunb3nj: just ask17:17
Krustyklimbermain page?17:17
Krustyklimberoops man?17:17
Krustyklimberoh manual... that thing just confuses me more (often)17:18
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Linux has what's called a "steep learning curve".  When you're first getting started there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to learn.  Once you get through the basics though, you have a LOT of power and control over your system.17:18
the_hydrajhutchins: second that17:18
Krustyklimberwell I'm on that slippery slope... I feel lost17:18
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  first time using linux?17:18
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: There are good man pages and bad man pages.  The more you read, the more you'll be able to get out of either kind.17:18
Krustyklimberhad it a month or so17:18
b3njtharkun: i want bash to search in current working directory for programs17:19
the_hydraKrustyklimber: try to focus on  what you really need17:19
tharkunKrustyklimber: Deep breath, If someone made it you can understand it and usee it :)17:19
CUB4so how long does it take to get through the basics? on average??17:19
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: in a console, man <command> will give you a man page.  apropos <subject> will show related man pages.17:19
KrustyklimberI don't know enough to know what I need17:19
tharkunb3nj: man find17:19
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  first get familiar with the graphical interface17:19
the_hydraKrustyklimber: say you want to learn how to list directories content, then start with ls17:19
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Many browsers will display man pages as well.17:19
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: This is a good place to start: http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:20
onelinerhello there, i ve noticed that after switching between two apps that use sound, one of them stops working, mainly skype calls and vlc17:20
Krustyklimberwait y'all are going too fast... let's stick with the pastebin thing for now?17:20
ioriaKrustyklimber: O'REILLY Learning the Unix OS17:20
KrustyklimberI have the terminal open with the cammand you gave me17:20
onelineris there a way to know what config may be causing this issue?17:21
Krustyklimbercopy it to the other link?17:21
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  what was your first question, you came here for?17:21
=== rslacke is now known as |Slacker|
b3njtharkun: for example when i type    program    in shell it searches for program in current working directory17:21
KrustyklimberMonkey Dust, I am trying to access my ext harddrive17:21
SonikkuAmericab3nj: This is a bad thing?17:23
tharkunb3nj: nope, it doesn't work that way. If you type program it will search for that program in $PATH (echo $PATH to see it)17:24
tharkunif you want to run a program on certain subdir you either suply the full path or if you are on that subdir you run it with ./program17:25
tharkunWhich is a relative path to your current location (man pwd)17:25
b3njtharkun: i tried to add    $PWD   to path but did'nt work17:25
the_hydraother non popular trick is to insert "./" in PATH17:25
onelineranyone knows of conflicts in sound that may make vlc stop outputting sound properly?17:25
the_hydralike export PATH=./:"$PATH"17:26
SonikkuAmericaJust a random musing (but notable enough, not trying to be offtopic): I hate the fact that Unity doesn't use the GNOME lock screen.17:26
the_hydraoneliner: just idea....does your VLC use pulseaudio output?17:26
the_hydraoneliner: so does the Skype?17:26
MonkeyDustSonikkuAmerica  try ctrl alt L17:27
onelinerno i killed pulseaudio using asla only17:27
b3njthe_hydra: why PATH='$PWD'$PATH didn't work?17:27
tharkunb3nj: It doesn't work that way the_hydra stated a way to do that. But if you want to make  your life simpler add the full path to your command line17:27
the_hydraoneliner: if one of them directly grab the sound channel using ALSA API, well, that's the quirk AFAIK17:27
the_hydrab3nj: IIRC it needs : as separator between entry17:27
onelinerwhat queries could i run or what would be a googable reference of methods?17:28
Krustyklimberso I pasted it... anyone read it?17:28
the_hydrab3nj: also, PWD varies between invocation17:28
histoKrustyklimber: is your external hard drive plugged in?17:28
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: The drive does not appear to be detected.  This is not normal for usb drives.17:28
SonikkuAmericaMonkeyDust: I guess you don't get my point: When you lock GNOME Shell or GNOME Classic, you get a blank screen but also with the date/time and person who locked it at the top. When it senses activity, it shows the GNOME lock screen (which looks like it's modeled after the Win 8 lock screen). I wish Unity had THAT.17:28
Krustyklimberyes Histo17:28
b3njthe_hydra: i did that with :17:28
Krustyklimberok not normal is normal for me17:28
MonkeyDustSonikkuAmerica  missed that part in your question17:29
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: if you unplug it, then plug it back in, then run the command "dmesg", the last few lines should show what the system thinks has happened with the hardware.  That may help us track it down.17:29
SonikkuAmericadom_: Hello17:29
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: You can run dmesg to see what it says now, then reconnect the drive and pastebin the new lines.17:29
onelinerthe_hydra, what could be a command to "reset" audio for alsa?17:29
Krustyklimberdmesg in a terminal?17:29
histoKrustyklimber: okay lets try this. In a terminal sudo dmesg -c   then physicly unplug your drive. Wait a second plug it back in.  Then in the terminal type dmesg .  Please pastebin the output of that when you are done17:29
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Yes.17:29
b3njthe_hydra: with : didn't work17:29
Krustyklimberin a new terminal or the one I have open now?17:30
the_hydrab3nj: really? strange17:30
histoKrustyklimber: the one open now17:30
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Sorry, I forget that we need to use sudo dmesg instead of just dmesg.17:30
SonikkuAmericahisto, Krustyklimber: Careful, not all devices are hotpluggable!17:30
histojhutchins: only need sudo to clear the -c option17:30
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Doesn't really matter.  Once you get back to the prompt the terminal is essentially reset.17:30
histoSonikkuAmerica: it's a usb external17:30
b3njthe_hydra: my $PATH is now /home/benjamin/bin:/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:$PWD17:30
SonikkuAmericahisto: OK, that's good.17:30
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  my advice: forget the external drive for, first get used to the system's basics17:31
MonkeyDustfor now*17:31
Krustyklimberso... sudo dmesg17:31
KrustyklimberMonkey I need to get to some old homework on the HD to cite for current homework17:31
b3nj the_hydra17:32
histoKrustyklimber: sudo dmesg -c     This wil clear the current log. Then unplug the drive and plug it back in.  Then run dmesg    by itself this will show what is going on when the system detects the drive.17:32
the_hydrab3nj: ok17:32
b3njso help me17:32
blkadderHelp me Obi-Hydra!17:33
histoKrustyklimber: keep in mind that a bunch of stuff will fly by on the terminal when you run the sudo dmesg -c command. We don't care about that. Only the output from dmesg after you unplugged and plugged the drive back in.17:33
b3njthe_hydra: ./ works17:34
KrustyklimberI didn't unplug... forgot that part17:34
the_hydrab3nj: okay, good to hear17:34
SonikkuAmericaKrustyklimber: Seems like that's just 5 lines repeated a gazillion times. All rejecting DRIVER_SENSE17:34
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: This is what my system shows when I plug in a flash drive, which is mounted and opened in the file manager automatically with xfce: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549615/17:34
b3njthe_hydra: i want to know why $PWD don't17:34
KrustyklimberI'm not smart enough to use U b un tu17:35
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  it's because you're not starting with the basics17:35
blkadderthe_hydra: PWD is indicated by "."17:35
the_hydrab3nj: because $PWD expands into whatever you're currently in17:35
Krustyklimberdefine basics?17:36
tharkunbecause $PWD is a variable constantly checking but if you need more insight on that you need to man bash and read how it works17:36
histoKrustyklimber: Has this drive worked on this computer before.17:36
the_hydrab3nj: but just at that time17:36
Krustyklimbernever tried this drive, I had misplaced it :P17:36
MonkeyDustKrustyklimber  the basic actions, the GUI, some simple commands17:36
b3njthe_hydra: maybe i need to add / there?17:36
the_hydrab3nj: whereas using ./, it points dynamically at whatever you're in...at any time17:36
KrustyklimberI don't know any commands... I surf the net, listen to music, write...17:36
the_hydrab3nj: / ? i don't think so17:36
=== rafael is now known as Guest12956
histoKrustyklimber: it's not that you don't know the basics. Using an external hard drive is rather trivial. Usually you just plug them in and the file explorer will start to browse them.   You are experiencing an issue/bug right now.17:37
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Normally these things just work, so you're having to get into the system to figure out why this doesn't work.17:37
histoKrustyklimber: Now to troubleshoot the issue you would need to know more things like using a terminal viewing logs etc....  That's the parts you don't know.17:37
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: From what you've been able to tell us, there's a chance the drive is bad.17:37
zykotick9b3nj: fyi, if it's not clear, having ./ in your PATH isn't a great idea... stuff that gets copied from MS filesystems is typically marked executable by default, also is slight security issue, as "system" commands can be superseeded by what's in your current directory...17:38
histoKrustyklimber: I would try the drive on another machine.  I'd bet the enclosure is faulty.17:38
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: At this point I would suggest that you assume it's bad until you can test it on another system.17:38
Krustyklimberholy smokes, I just unplugged and plugged back in... and found it in the sidebar17:38
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: ... or there's that.17:38
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Run dmesg again and see what it says differently.17:38
yeehijust logged into Quantal. All the desktop icons have gone. There is no launcher and no panel. I can't seem to get a terminal. How do I fix this? Why did it happen?17:39
b3njthe_hydra: but i add $PWD to $PATH so bash should use $PWD to search for programs17:39
Krustyklimbersudo dmesg with or without -c?17:39
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: just dmesg17:39
blkadderb3nj: You sound add "." to PATH17:39
tharkunb3nj: wrong you will get into trouble because that will only be evaluated when you set up the $PATH17:39
histoyeehi: ctrl+alt+t I believe launches a terminal.  But I suspect your gui is locked up.17:39
blkaddererr should.17:39
yeehihow do i unlock the gui histo? Thanks for the info17:40
histoKrustyklimber: dmesg with the -c option is just to clear the previous logs.  Typing dmesg by itself will just print the current log without clearing it.17:40
b3njtharkun: echo $PATH prints $PWD17:40
tharkunb3nj: if you want to run a program on a specific place of your filesystem you either provide the full path to it or from the working directory you run it using ./program thats it17:40
neil098hi guys is i got issues going on with my samsung n100 netbook running ubuntu 12.04, first is the video when on full screen there this line appearing, like the video freezes or gets delayed17:40
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: sudo is not needed to just display the messages.17:40
histoyeehi: well you could hit ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a console.  You could then sudo restart lightdm    to restart the gui17:40
=== sysroute is now known as Guest17747
blkadderb3nj: If you want the present working directory in your PATH you use "." not $PWD17:41
histoyeehi: ctrl+alt+F7 will get you back to the gui console.  If you need to but restarting lightdm should automatically take you there.17:41
b3njblkadder: $PWD should expand to current working dir17:41
blkadderb3nj: "." denotes the present working directory.17:42
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Do you see what's different?17:42
b3njblkadder: $PWD does too17:42
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: Heh.  Niether do I.17:42
Krustyklimberm line I have access to HD, that's what I really need17:43
histoKrustyklimber: I don't see the difference in those either. I suspect your enclosure or drive is bad still if you continue to experience problems.17:43
Krustyklimber*bottom line17:43
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: We'd only be interested in the last 10-20 lines anyway.  One trick is dmesg | tail -2017:43
Krustyklimbernot ready for tricks LOL17:43
jhutchinsKrustyklimber: did you save that link I posted earlier?17:43
ANubI have multiple LAN networks and I want to access Windows shares using Places---> Network. Now when I access shares of any one network for the first time , all goes well. Then I make my Ubuntu part of other network and tries to do the same Places---> Network but, this time it does not show me the shares of new network rather shares of previous network are displayed, no matter how much i refresh the screen (Ctrl +R). Then I logout my Ubuntu box and login aga17:44
ANubin and then it is able to refresh the new network shares.17:44
ANubI wonder why it happens and how it can be fixed...???17:44
Krustyklimberwhich link I have like 6 windows open17:44
b3njblkadder: so?17:44
neil098anybody can help me?17:44
blkadderb3nj: So technically it works but I wouldn't do it that way.17:45
b3njblkadder: $PWD does not work for me17:45
Krustyklimberyou're right, I can't open the drive still17:45
histoKrustyklimber: close the pastebin windows and create a new one with jhutchins command17:45
blkadderb3nj: So just use "." and be done with it.17:45
ANubI have multiple LAN networks and I want to access Windows shares using Places---> Network. Now when I access shares of any one network for the first time , all goes well. Then I make my Ubuntu part of other network and tries to do the same Places---> Network but, this time it does not show me the shares of new network rather shares of previous network are displayed, no matter how much i refresh the screen (Ctrl +R). Then I logout my Ubuntu box and login aga17:45
ANubin and then it is able to refresh the new network shares.I wonder why it happens and how it can be fixed...???17:45
Krustyklimbernot following you Histo17:45
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:46
johnjacobjingerCOOOOOL  http://www.break.com/video/the-coolest-new-vr-tech-you-ll-see-today-2407551/17:46
b3njblkadder: i want to know why $PWD does not work17:46
johnjacobjingeru can preorder now17:47
blkadderb3nj: If I was to hazard a guess it is because $PWD is a variable that is evaluated once not every time you run a command17:47
blkadderb3nj: But in any case the easiest, most appropriate way to refer to your current directory in $PATH is "."17:48
zongogreetings, anyone could tell me if chipset AR9485 has issue with linux ubuntu 12.10 ?17:48
histoKrustyklimber: pastebin the out put of dmesg | tail -2017:48
b3njblkadder: i quoted $PWD17:49
blkadderb3nj: So that is going to get literally a directory called "$PWD" not the variable expansion you want.17:49
b3njblkadder: why bash does not do that?17:49
blkadderb3nj: Because bash has a nice way to refer to the present working directory in your PATH. It is called "."17:50
Gneab3nj: it's standard to use ., not ${PWD} when setting ${PATH}17:50
b3njwhy bash does not expand variables?17:51
Gneab3nj: when you use $PWD, you're calling a memory-set variable that can be flushed at any given time. "." is good from the get-go.17:51
blkadderb3nj: It does, once.17:51
Gneab3nj: that question is likely better asked in #bash17:51
histoKrustyklimber: you typed something wrong copy and paste my command exactly dmesg | tail -2017:52
neil098my ubuntu slowed down after i downloaded the updates?17:52
Gneaneil098: it did?17:52
Krustyklimberok lemme try again17:52
MonkeyDustneil098  maybe you need to remove old kernels17:52
escottb3nj, you cant add the string literal '$PWD' to the path. it won't be expanded17:53
neil098how do i do that monkeydust17:54
neil098@gnea yeah it did17:54
b3njescott: why will it not be expanded?17:54
Gneab3nj: when you add $PWD, it only provides the PWD of the directory that was set while setting that variable. It doesn't change everytime you change directory.17:54
blkadderOh boy.17:54
escottb3nj, because it just wont be. probably a security concern17:54
MonkeyDustneil098  what's the output of lsb_release -sd;uname -r ?17:54
histoKrustyklimber: yeah that hard drive is still throwing errors17:54
neil098the log screen screen also slowed down, like when selecting from one user to another17:55
Krustyklimberoh well17:55
korfurihi folks, i have an odd behavior, my grub doesn't show the kernel selection screen anymore, and it boots a kernel that panics. any ideas on how i can force grub to let me pick another kernel?17:55
Gneab3nj: it's like asking why a glass of water will freeze when put into a freezer for 10 hours.17:55
Krustyklimberthanks for trying to help17:55
histoKrustyklimber: i'd save whatever data is critical while it's working.17:55
neil098Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS17:55
Krustyklimberit's saved... I just can't get to it LOL17:55
escottb3nj, there is also no guarantee that the user is running an SH type shell17:55
neil098@MonkeyDust Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS17:55
Krustyklimberit works on the lil woman's puter (running windows)17:56
b3njGnea: $PWD changes every time i cd17:56
Gneab3nj: only within that particular shell environment.17:56
Gneatry this:  export PATH="${PATH}:${PWD}"17:56
Gneathen cd /17:56
Gneathen echo $PATH17:57
tharkunb3nj: What is your ultimate goal to make $PWD part of $PATH ?17:57
Gneawhat do you see?17:57
MonkeyDustneil098  open synaptic and delete kernels older than ...-3617:57
Gneabe sure that you do the export in ~17:57
neil098how do i know that it is older than -36 (sorry, am a a little dummy here T.T)17:58
Gneab3nj: if you open 2 terminals, that opens 2 different shells.  if you cd / in one and cd /usr in the other, and if you run echo $PWD in both, will they result in the same result or different results?17:58
MonkeyDustneil098  of the number after the dash is less than 3617:58
b3njtharkun: i just want to know why it does not work17:58
Gneab3nj: I'm trying to explain why it doesn't work. if you're unwilling to try the experiment I have given, you will not understand why.17:59
b3njGnea: but when bash searches in $PATH it operates in current window17:59
seeqwellhey umm, how would I switch my spoken language to another language on my keyboard and well, back to English please?17:59
Krustyklimberhow bout now... http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549693/17:59
neil098ok, not really good at deleting kernels havent tried that before18:00
folornno luck ....of anyone know how to trigger a fresh distro i just got ? for some reason its not allowing me to do the install and dunno why...the  cd tray starts up but wont load the boot loader for some reason.18:00
Gneab3nj: yes, and that window has its very own process, which contains a set of its own variables. $PWD is one of those variables.18:00
neil098how should i remove them ive got synaptic package open18:00
SonikkuAmericafolorn: Which type?18:00
tharkunb3nj: Because it is not intended to work that way. You need a full insight of bash to understand it. Please read "man bash" at the deepest level then /j #bash for further assistance18:00
folornubuntu ive tried gentoo as well18:01
b3njGnea: so why not to expand variables18:01
Gneab3nj: your $PWD variable is going to be different between various instances of bash, unless they all happen to be cd'd to the same path at the same time.18:01
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
folornall of them dont open ive restarted it afew times dunno sonikkuamerica18:01
Gneab3nj: it DOES NOT WORK. now /join #bash before you are kicked for repeating the same question over and over after it's been explained to you in explicit detail already.18:01
yeehihisto - restarting lightdm hasn't worked - good idea though. I think it might be due to compiz crashing - this is happening now and happened on another installation. What should I do? I still can't see any panel, launcher or icons on the quantal unity desktop18:02
SonikkuAmericafolorn: Sounds like a bad image writer.18:02
b3njGnea: okay ;(18:02
folornits so i tried to change the boot sequence but dunno hp's all that well so kinda stuck any ideas then sonikkuAmerica?18:03
SonikkuAmericafolorn: Well, how are you trying to boot, DVD or USB image?18:04
Krustyklimberok I give up... thanks again for eveyone's help18:04
folorndvd as far as i know...18:04
MonkeyDustfolorn  did you use a disk or a usb stick?18:05
ircSonestcan anyone help me installing a network driver in backtrack5 ? I was asking in #backtrack-linux and no one could help me ...18:08
MonkeyDustircSonest  type /join #backtrack-linux for support18:08
ircSonestI was asking in #backtrack-linux and no one could help18:08
MonkeyDustircSonest and backtrack is not supported here18:09
ircSonestbut it's the same linux ...18:09
MonkeyDustircSonest  if it were the same, it would be called ubuntu18:09
ircSonestlol, that's true ..18:10
matancHey guys. So I've got a problem with ubuntu and turning off wifi. At the top right corner when I hover over the wifi icon and click Disable wireless it won't let me re-enable it.18:10
ircSonestdamn, i'm tired. I have about a week trying to fix this problem.18:10
matancI do have a hardware switch and it was turned on, but turning it off from ubuntu seemed to screw it up. What can I do?18:11
SonikkuAmericamatanc: What did the machine do?18:11
korfuriok, i made some progress. new question: anyone has an idea of how i can fsck an ext4 partition from initramfs when fsck.ext4 is on that partition itself?18:12
matancWhat do you mean?18:12
tonsofpcskorfuri: you use fsck.ext4 from somewhere else.18:12
ircSonestone more question. Did someone used ubuntu portable (installed on a usb stick) in a MacBook Air 2012 (Intel Core i7) ?18:12
korfuritonsofpcs: that's my idea too, but i don't have access to another boot media at the moment18:13
korfuriworst case i'll just have to wait until tomorrow to get one18:13
blkadderkorfuri: It is unsafe to make changes to your running partition.18:13
tonsofpcskorfuri: do you not have any other media?18:13
blkadderkorfuri: As it fsck might need to repair areas that could potentially take down the OS.18:14
korfurisadly no18:14
tonsofpcscan't you just make some other media bootable?18:14
tonsofpcsor chain to a ramdisk and migrate fsck over?18:14
=== adriano is now known as Guest65130
korfuriblkadder: yeah i know. i don't think there is any clean solution besides finding an fsck somewhere magically :)18:14
korfuritonsofpcs: but where would i migrate it from?18:15
blkadderkorfuri: Why can't you boot from a USB drive/dvd, etc.?18:15
tonsofpcsthe internet? the drive that already has it? write it from scratch?18:15
tonsofpcs(two of these are viable, the other is kinda crazy)18:16
blkadderIn ed.18:16
SonikkuAmericamatanc: You said the hardware switch screwed things up. Be a little more specific.18:16
korfuriblkadder: because i don't have any removable medias available here :)18:16
blkadderkorfuri: Bummer.18:16
korfuritonsofpcs: i was hoping for a "hey just do <magic> and fetch it from your unmounted partition"18:16
korfuribut that's a bit unrealistic :)18:16
xauthkorfuri: can't you just copy fsck.ext4 to the ramdisk, umount the partition and check from ram disk?18:16
ithinktoomuchi installed 12.10. I have an internet usb stick18:17
matancWhat I meant was the following: I've got a hardware switch on the front of the laptop. It was turned on (so I had internet connection). I accidentally turned the wifi off using the "Enable/Disable Wireless" icon at the top right corner.18:17
korfurixauth: sure, but i have no removable media to copy a fsck.ext4 from18:17
blkadderYou don't need any.18:17
SonikkuAmericamatanc: So what's the problem with turning the software switch back on?18:17
blkadderIf you copy it to the ramdisk.18:17
matancIt doesn't let me18:17
blkadderAssuming you have enough space18:17
tonsofpcskorfuri: well, you could mount the partition, copy, then unmount....18:17
matancIt's grayed out18:17
xauthkorfuri: you can copy it from the ext4 partition. mount it read-only first .18:17
the_hydramatanc: try rfkill command18:18
bobesponja /join #ubuntu-co18:18
ithinktoomuchi installed 12.10. I have an internet usb stick which works only on the usb 2.0 port on my lenovo g580. It doesnt work on the other 2 usb 3.0 ports. Any idea how to fix this?18:18
matancIt says: wireless is disabled by hardware switch. It has nothing to do with the switch though (it's still on).18:18
the_hydramatanc: i forgot the exact parameter to use18:18
the_hydramatanc: read "man rfkill"18:18
korfurii might have a bigger issue then. mounting readonly doesn't work, i assumed it was because the partition was unclean18:18
blkadderkorfuri: So you can't mount the partition at all?18:18
SonikkuAmericamatanc: And switching the wireless on and off using the hardware switch didn't do anything?18:19
korfuriotherwise ofc i'd have fsck'd that way18:19
matancNope. The hardware switch was still on when I clicked "disable wireless".18:19
the_hydramatanc: just try rfkill command18:19
ithinktoomuchi installed 12.10. I have an internet usb stick which works only on the usb 2.0 port on my lenovo g580. It doesnt work on the other 2 usb 3.0 ports. Any idea how to fix this?18:20
rubiconjoshithinktoomuch: internet usb stick?18:21
the_hydraUSB modem I guess18:21
the_hydraUSB 3G modem, to be precise18:21
matancthe_hydra: I've looked it up in the manual. It says to use "unblock" but that doesn't seem to work18:22
the_hydramatanc: really?18:22
StevenXdoes anyone know where I can get some help with testdisk utility / recovery RAW partition18:22
the_hydraStevenX: what help?18:23
the_hydramatanc: if you do "sudo rfkill list", what do you see regarding your wifi interface status?18:23
the_hydramatanc: is it soft blocked? hard blocked? both?18:23
matancOne moment18:24
neil098@MonkeyDust i managed to take off all old kernels and still the same thing18:24
arshavinStevenX: see the man page or testdisk --help18:24
matancI get "no" on both soft block and hard block. The hardware switch seems to work now (the little light is on) but it still says "wireless is disabled by hardware switch"18:25
MonkeyDustneil098  try sudo apt-get autoremove;sudo shutdown -r now18:25
the_hydramatanc: hm, I don't know then, could be a bug in networkmanager18:26
neil098then after that?18:26
MonkeyDustneil098  don't know yet, depends on what happens18:27
ithinktoomuch_@rubiconjosh : I mean I am using a data usb stick to connect to the internet, It is basically a mobile broadband service18:27
matancSo any suggestion as to what I should try doing?18:27
the_hydramatanc: or you could try sudo ifconfig wlan0 up18:28
the_hydramatanc: assuming wlan0 is your wifi interface name18:28
rubiconjoshithinktoomuch_: you could type 'lsusb' find out what it reports itself as then google search for that identifier18:28
the_hydramatanc: and see if it picks up any SSID with "sudo iwlist wlan0 scan"18:29
FanfyCan anyone help me with this magicseteditor thing I can't get it to download. I'm starting fresh encase something went wrong. But my computer refuses to work with anything at this point18:29
neil098@MonkeyDust i just did it. the log in screen transition is slow and the videos are pixelating minimally all videos are doing that18:30
matancthe_hydra: I don't know what SSID is, but it seems to pick up on wireless networks18:31
matancI can see my wireless network's name there18:31
MonkeyDustneil098  i'm out of idea's, maybe someone else can come up with something new18:31
the_hydramatanc: so, your wifi interface actually works18:32
WolfybearHey anyone know of a good tutorial on installing Ubuntu 12.1 on an external hard drive?18:32
matancBut it shows that it's not?18:32
matancSo what alternative ways are there for me to see the wireless networks in my area and connect to them?18:33
neil098help anyone?18:33
iorianeil098: ps -A ?18:33
the_hydramatanc: I can't help on that part. All I can up to this point is to make sure you have functioning wifi interface18:33
FanfyAnyone able to help me? ._.18:34
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pw-toxichi, is it a bad idea to write data while a raid is beeing rebuilded after first creation?18:35
the_hydrapw-toxic: IMHO it will be just queued in18:36
neil098@iora  PID TTY          TIME CMD18:36
neil098    1 ?        00:00:01 init18:36
neil098    2 ?        00:00:00 kthreadd18:36
neil098    3 ?        00:00:00 ksoftirqd/018:36
neil098    6 ?        00:00:00 migration/018:36
neil098    7 ?        00:00:00 watchdog/018:36
FloodBot1neil098: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:36
the_hydrapw-toxic: so you just hog the disk18:36
ircSonestDid someone used ubuntu portable (installed on a usb stick) in a MacBook Air 2012 (Intel Core i7) ?18:36
iorianeil098: that's all ?18:37
matancthe_hydra: one more thing. Someone on the forums said to run the following command: sudo rmmod -f sony-laptop. Can this do any harm?18:38
neil098its on paste.ubuntu.com18:39
matancI read that the command removes a module from the kernel, but I don't know if it'll screw stuff up18:39
neil098@iora on paste.ubuntu.com18:39
MonkeyDustneil098  then paste the url here18:39
pw-toxicthe_hydra, i just copied 10GB on the new raid and i could read it - even over samba18:40
pw-toxicthe_hydra, im just wondering if i should wait one day until the raid is rebuild or start copying now18:40
the_hydramatanc: ehm not sure18:41
neil098@iora @MonkeyDust here is the link:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1549812/18:41
escottmatanc, its a temporary removal18:42
iorianeil098: silly question.... did you reboot, don't you ?18:42
the_hydrapw-toxic: better wait...anything could happen during RAID rebuild18:42
neil098i already rebooted twice18:42
hmmany news about ubuntu phones ?18:42
MonkeyDusthmm  #ubuntu-phone18:43
hmmwhen will ubuntu phone be coming out and what type of models ?18:43
matancescott: and could that fix my problem?18:43
matanca few people on that thread said it might18:43
johnjacobjingerhmmm if an invoice has parantheses around the total doesnt that mean they owe me that money?18:44
neil098@iora i already rebooted twice18:44
johnjacobjingerif so my school says I overpaid them by 7k18:44
xubuntuhi to all18:44
FanfyGuessing no one can help me huh..18:44
johnjacobjingeroops wrong window18:44
hmmubuntu tv needs any specific hardware or it only deals with net braodcast ? can ubuntu tv make use of home cable ?18:44
johnjacobjingersorry i know it was off-topic it was a mistake18:44
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SonikkuAmericajohnjacobjinger: I was about to say....18:44
escottmatanc, i did not read what your problem was, but an rmmod is easily "undone" by rebooting18:44
MonkeyDusthmm  you too, type /join #ubuntu-offtopic18:45
learnLinuxwhenever I put comp to sleep and go back to it, wireless  internet NEVER reconnects.  any help? I have tried connecting wired and reboot to recovery and ? dspk? but it didnt help18:45
escottFanfy, not without a statement of your problem18:45
ShinobiRunning 10.10 and want to upgrade to 12.04. Will my apps and such remain in tact?18:45
MonkeyDustrubiconjosh  you can't, fresh istall is needed, after backup18:45
Bon-chandoes someone knows if there is a emulator for 3DO for linux?18:45
matancescott: okay so I'll give it a try18:45
iorianeil098: are you sure it depends on updates you did ?18:45
MonkeyDustShinobi  you can't, fresh istall is needed, after backup18:46
escottShinobi, 12.04 is fairly different from 10.10 but if your application exists in 12.04 and is installed in 10.10 it will still be installed in 12.0418:46
Shinobidamn! All of a suddon my pc starts rebooting randomly. It seems to pass diag tests though...18:46
Guest20096you mean zx spectrum18:46
neil098well the update that i did are the ones that appeared on ubuntu itself,18:47
ShinobiCrashes with flash/maps type of content...18:47
neil098@iora i down know whats causing the issue with the fullscreen videos and the slow log in transitions18:47
iorianeil098: can you change session with another DE ?18:48
Guest20096just messing in Voyager os18:49
MonkeyDustGuest20096  wrong channel18:49
yeehiunity --reset is deprecated. Which command replaces that?18:50
neil098change session18:50
neil098@iora change session with DE? what do you mean18:50
Guest20096log out change session18:50
iorianeil098: at log in screen you can change session.... openbox - lxde - xfce (if they are installed)18:51
neil098i only have gnome18:51
pw-toxicthe_hydra, thank you18:53
neil098@ioria i only have gnome, should i try it there?18:53
iorianeil098: try to log out and look for  - change session - or similar18:53
nickinwalesHello, can anybody help me with an update problem. I'm a newbie with Ubuntu but with a little experience with other distros. When I updated ubuntu (32bit) yesterday, after reboot the menu bar had vanished, so had the task bar. The screen was unresponsive. I re-installed ubuntu (this time 64bit) and did an update, the same thing happened again! I have now disabled updating and have got a totally stable system. I am using a Dell 9200 wi18:53
the_hydrapw-toxic: you welcome18:53
iorianeil098: you should have a menu in the login screen18:54
esyHi, what's the difference between apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade?18:54
neil098@ioria i only have gnome18:54
jrib!dist-upgrade | esy18:54
ubottuesy: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.18:54
esyThanks jrib18:54
Fanfyescot - same problem I came in with yesterday I ran out of time18:55
GunrunHey guys, I'm running a liveCD to try and recover a windows drive, and I'm wondering if I'm going to run into any issues copying My Documents and stuf18:55
Gunrunsince I know Windows password protects that. I can't try right now but it'd be nice going in beforehand18:55
esyAnother question, what's the name of that window theme which is like Adwaita Cupertino (Mac-like) but without colors on the window buttons?18:56
escottGunrun, i've never heard of any kind of encryption on My Documents in windows18:57
mamece2ok so ive tried google and forum and i havent a solution for my problem. I connect a GS3 to my ubuntu laptop and it doesnt seem to recognize it18:57
escottnickinwales, sounds like your graphics drivers are not installed. either install them or install and use unity-2d18:58
Gunrunits not encryption but user permissions, like within Windows one non admin user can't access another users My Documents18:58
escottGunrun, that doesnt matter18:58
nickinwalesThanks escott, I tried to install the graphics drivers and the screen ploughed so I think it may be a graphics driver problem.18:59
Gunrunalright cheers19:00
nickinwales@escott I could not find anything in the updated packages that mentioned graphics drivers.19:01
neil098@iora i tried a different desktop and it is the same19:02
neil098@iora i tried a different desktop environment and it is the same19:02
iorianeil098: yep19:02
escottnickinwales, check the additional drivers tab of software-sources19:02
mamece2ok so ive tried google and forum and i havent a solution for my problem. I connect a GS3 to my ubuntu laptop and it doesnt seem to recognize it19:03
nickinwalesescott. thanks I'll try that.19:03
neil098@ioria the issue still there19:03
yeehiunity --reset is deprecated. What command should I use instead?19:06
iorianeil098: /etc/rc.local ?19:06
esySomebody knows which is the theme showing on this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDHBtg9t2kk19:08
esy(the window theme)19:08
mamece2ok so ive tried google and forum and i havent a solution for my problem. I connect a GS3 to my ubuntu laptop and it doesnt seem to recognize it19:08
machicolaI'm trying to use CTRL + F for string searches in webpages & documents but Ubuntu keeps popping up an unfamiliar terminal window (it is not the gnome-terminal that comes up with CTRL + ALT + T). CTRL + F is not listed in keyboard shortcuts or xbindkeys either. Does anyone know anything about this?19:14
jribmachicola: is it actually a new program?19:14
KI4ROmachicola, CTRL F works fine on 12.1019:16
machicolai think i've found help jrib, sorry, i didn't think this would be a common problem19:16
exiffI'm having trouble with logging in.. it seems encryption has consumed my home directory and now i am unable to log in. Help! ;_;19:16
machicolaseems like there are quite a few threads on it19:16
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machicolayeah I'm running 12.10 as well19:16
blarggWhen I enable bluetooth on my phone, I want a script to automatically run on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine. What do I hook into do detect this event?19:17
escottexiff, did you change your password and not tell ecryptfs?19:20
ffixeescott, exiff here, let me sort out this disconnection quick.. will get right back to you.19:23
_helios_Well I'm giving up on this wireless adapter ndiswrapper says everything is working hardware is present but still wont show up as wlan019:23
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SmallR2002_I have foolishly done a linux raid with a partition table and then lvm partitions on top, is it possible to migrate the lvm partition to plain lvm pv?19:26
wNSmallR2002_: what?19:28
wNSmallR2002_: you want to migrate the LVM PV from a partition to a raw device? so sda1 -> sdb?19:28
wN(for example)19:28
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SmallR2002_wN: yes, but worse, I want to move my /dev/md0p1 to /dev/md019:30
SmallR2002_see the problem?19:30
SmallR2002_all my storage is in one array19:30
wNSmallR2002_: why did you think that was foolish?19:30
wNSmallR2002_: you'd have to have another disk to move everything to, then remove the partition table, then move it back19:31
SmallR2002_well, it turns out it is now because I can't work out how to resize /dev/md0p1 so I can grow /dev/Mapped/Drive19:31
SmallR2002_that's what I thought was the case wN19:31
wNSmallR2002_: do you have unpartitioned space on the md0?19:31
wNSmallR2002_: why not create a new partition, and add it to your volume group?19:32
grim21updated to ubuntu 12.10 today, and i'm just wondering why the dialog that would prompt me to install nvidia binary drivers is no longer there19:32
wNit will provide extra space to grow the logical volume19:32
SmallR2002_/dev/md0p1 is about 49% of the space19:32
SmallR2002_I did consider that19:32
wNwhat is md0p2?19:32
SmallR2002_there is no md0p219:32
gunnHOW TO REMOVE Grub Customiser ?????????????19:32
SmallR2002_just one partition19:32
wNSmallR2002_: i would create a second partition, pvcreate on it, then vgextend over it, then lvextend to use the free space19:33
theadmingunn: sudo apt-get remove whatever-the-package-name-for-that-is19:33
gunnthis is not package I believe19:33
wNSmallR2002_: if you're using a linear LV it shouldn't cause any problems.19:33
SmallR2002_it feels tacky to have /dev/Mapped/Drive made up of /dev/md0p1 and /dev/md0p2 on the same RAID19:33
gunnit is modification of original Grub219:33
escottSmallR2002_, why do you say "foolishly" sounds very sensible19:33
wNSmallR2002_: get over it :P19:33
exiffThat took longer than i thought.19:34
theadmingunn: Well, if you didn't install the software using an Ubuntu package, uninstalling may be a serious pain19:34
SmallR2002_just using the LVM to manage partitions and keep my space dynamic19:34
gunnyes, exactly19:34
wNSmallR2002_: i would avoid using striping or mirroring though19:34
gunnI didn't install it using software center19:34
wNSmallR2002_: the great thing about LVM is you can recover from stuff like this19:34
wNSmallR2002_:  you could also just adjust your partition table to take up the whole disk19:34
gunnbut there I found a link with HOWTO19:34
gunnand it is useless19:34
wNSmallR2002_: which is actually recommended. using raw devices is a security concern. :O19:35
SmallR2002_I got the partition table to take up the whole disk I believe19:35
SmallR2002_just not the partition to grow and fill it19:35
gunnTHATS THE LINK !19:35
wNSmallR2002_: the partition table should only sit at the beginning of your disk. did you adjust the partition (md0p1) size?19:36
SmallR2002_wN: how do I confirm that it's not striping and is linear?19:36
Ronalds_Mhello everybody19:36
theadmingunn: sudo apt-get purge grub-customizer19:36
johnjacobjingergunn i thought u said you didnt install it with the package19:36
Neikiuslet me put some of my stupidity here: I want to have zfs using my entire disk no partitions... where can I put grub? It kinda spooks if I try to put in on a boot sector since it probably is already allocated to zfs... could I do better using EFI? Or is there no other way but to use a small partition for that?19:36
SmallR2002_wN: I can't work out how to grow md0p119:36
theadmingunn: Should do it.19:36
gunnokay, i will try19:36
johnjacobjingeroh software center i see19:36
johnjacobjingersame dif19:36
exiffescott ,if you are still here... No i did not change the password... i just suddenly started losing disc space, even though i did not create more files.. i sudo touched /forcefsck and restarted during which i figure the last space was used up. And now when i log in i just get shown the log in screen again.19:36
OerHeksgunn, does "part 7. Returning to Grub 2 Defaults" not work ?19:37
wNSmallR2002_: # dmsetup table | grep <lv name>19:37
wNit will say linear19:37
wNif it's linear19:37
theadminexiff: You may have a problem with your logs. Check if /var/log/ is using a lot of disk space. If so, remove everything inside it, that should be quite safe.19:37
wNSmallR2002_: how did you create the partition?19:37
theadminexiff: To prevent that from happening later, make sure "logrotate" is installed.19:38
=== becker_away is now known as becker_11
Ronalds_MI have question about gtk window decorations, since I have compiz installed on xubuntu, I wan't to change position of close button19:38
SmallR2002_wN: honestly don't remember, it's been a while19:38
Ronalds_MI tried gconf19:38
gunnno :(...I went to find the files/folder mentioned in part7, but I didn' find anything like that !19:38
exiffMy problem started similar to ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1560411&page=119:39
gunnand hey, it looks like your link worked19:39
gunnthe process done without error19:39
coldpizza72iim having problems installing a ubuntu update19:39
escottexiff, a lot of times people are confused by du when they have ecryptfs because there is some double reporting. The true ciphertext sits in ~/.Private, and the plaintext is fuse mounted to ~. So running du on ~ incorrectly counts both plaintext and ciphertext. In fact the only thing that should be counted is ~/.Private19:39
MonkeyDustcoldpizza72i  what goes wrong?19:39
Ronalds_Mgsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ':close,maximize,minimize' changes the order of buttons, not place19:39
gunnI will REBOOT the pc to see if it goes well. The main reason I remove Grub-Customiser is that it makes the pc startup hell-slow :(19:39
escottRonalds_M, put the : at the end19:39
wNSmallR2002_: i'd say the smart thing to do would be to get over feeling tacky about have 2 partitions and create md0p2 and extend over it. if you really want to use 1 partition, you will hvae to modify the partition table by hand. you could also migrate to another disk, delete the partition table, the migrate back19:39
becker_11I changed a setting or two in CCSM and I lost unity I reset CCSM to defaults and rebooted but it hasn't come back. I've lost the top taskbar, the launcher and the ability to alt+tab can anyone help?19:39
gunnanyway, thanks and brb19:39
coldpizza72iMonkeyDust: the package manager tells me to run  "sudo apt-get install -f" first19:40
Ronalds_Mwill try escott19:40
wNwN: that is how my storage is setup19:40
SmallR2002_wN: confirmed, it's a linear LVM, it's starting to make the most sense to just create another partition and grow the vg/lv over them19:40
B1ACkH3AR7hello  i wanna ask that i have ubuntu 11.04 installed and is there any way to get updated softwares without updating distro19:40
coldpizza72iMonkeyDust: then from that command i get "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. "19:40
wNSmallR2002_: :)19:40
SmallR2002_wN: much as my OCD tells me to never ever ever ever ever ever create any form of RAID/VM system over two partitions from the same disk I'll just have to deal with it19:41
Ronalds_Mit worked, thanks escott19:41
theadminB1ACkH3AR7: Not anymore, 11.04 is EOL. Meaning you need a newer Ubuntu version to get updates, packages, etc.19:41
MonkeyDustcoldpizza72i  and did you?19:41
coldpizza72ithen from that command it stalls after saying "grub-probe: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb2.  Check your device.map.19:41
coldpizza72iFound Ubuntu 9.10 (9.10) on /dev/sda119:41
becker_11B1ACkH3AR7: open a terminal and type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y19:41
FloodBot1coldpizza72i: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:41
wNSmallR2002_: lvm can handle it.19:41
SmallR2002_wN: too many awkward experiences working in end user support at a small shop where idiots would make two partitions and RAID them so they couldn't lose their data19:41
exiffescott, so how do i log in now?19:41
MonkeyDustcoldpizza72i  ok, get rid of 9.10, it's !eol, no longer supported, too old19:41
wNSmallR2002_: yeah that's dumb. heh. but thats a level lower than what you're doing19:41
B1ACkH3AR7sir i can update it but i am from small country and it will take forever to update it +_+19:42
exifftheadmin, how do i do that without logging in?19:42
coldpizza72iMonkeyDust: thats what im trying to do.. im trying to upgrade19:42
escottexiff, i would login to another account you can manage the system from or use the livecd19:42
theadminexiff:  Oh, hm. Can you get to a TTY login? (Try: Ctrl-Alt-F2)19:42