WatsonITHello all. I am running Ubuntu Studio 12.10 alongside a standard Ubuntu 12.10 installation. Until I a comfortable that all is working as needed in Studio. The first thing I notice is that the Bluetooth is no longer recognized. Any advice?03:57
tete_hi, i cant get ubuntustudio runningon my workstation. in live mode with usb stick its working as expected, but after installing it to a custom partition layout, it boots fine but i can not get move the mouse nor execute alt+f2 to execute any command. but the screen does not look frozen, as its popping up saying that there are few updates - so i chrooted with the usb stick and did the updates, still no luck07:46
tete_also the resolution is pretty bad, i guess vesa is chosen, thats not a problem as i can install the drivers later but i could imagine that this is somehow connected with my usb driver problem (microsoft keyboard, logitech mouse)07:47
tete_so even the rescue mode is not working because - i guess - of missing modules in initrd or such stuff...08:16
tetractysHi there! proud to be here. I just bought my Akai EWI 4000s (a sort of electronic sax). Anyone has some initial info on how to see a fresh MIDI USB device on ubuntustudio? thanks in advance!08:45
zequencetete_: Check the downloaded image for corruption. Something's gone really bad09:41
zequencetetractys: Do you have more than one audio device?09:41
zequencetetractys: If not, just stick your usb device into the computer. Make sure no audio applications are running, including any browser. Open Qjackctl. Click "Start" (will start the jack audio server). If all went ok, open Hexter (synth). Use "Connect" in Qjackctl, and find the "Alsa" tab. Connect your midi device to Hexter.09:44
zequenceIf it works, you can then close Hexter. Stop jack from qjackctl, by pressing "Stop". In "Setup" set frames/period to something like 64 or 128. Save. Start jack, open Hexter, do the connection. Play09:45
zequence.. This will reduce latency09:46
zequencetetractys: If jack was unable to shut down properly, use this in a terminal: killall -9 jackdbus09:46
tete_zequence, got it working, was some problem because of - i guess - i checked the update option in the installer... did a chroot, mounted everything (proc, dev, ..) and reinstalled the kernel09:46
zequenceThen retry09:46
zequencetete_: Weird09:47
tetractys@zequence: thank you very much. i'll try as soon as possible. :)09:58
zequencetetractys: I'm assuming you have installed Ubuntu Studio. If not, then there will be more steps10:08
tetractyszequence: ubuntustudio 12.10 64bit. only one device anyway.  i'm reinstalling a fresh one on an i7 notebook right now. (this notebook will be used *only* for audio affairs) ;-)10:26
zequencetetractys: All right. Just remember, there's a couple of bugs, so starting jack when you have desktop audio running will most likely not work. And, jack often crashes on shutdown, so use the command: killall -9 jackdbus, when that happens10:38
jbermudesWhat does "Parameter value mismatch: was expecting 'i', got 'u'." mean when trying to start Jack?11:16
tete_how can i see whats blocking my audio device?11:30
tete_when i try: alsa_in hw:Adapter, jackd gets started, and then alsa_in is complaining about: Capture open error: Device or resource busy - when i use fuser to find the process which is blocking the card, its jack itself11:36
tete_... qjackctl did not save the configuration11:44
zequencetete_: qjackctl starts jackdbus by default as well. If you want to start jackdbus from the commandline, you can use the jack_control tool12:11
zequencejbermudes: post the entire message at http://paste.ubuntu.com12:12
zequencetete_: Oh, and make sure that one of them is not already running12:15
zequencejackdbus || jackd12:15
jbermudeszequence: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1548843/12:17
jbermudesSome folks over at #jack mentioned that the error is related to a wontfix bug: http://sourceforge.net/p/qjackctl/tickets/2/12:17
zequencejbermudes: So, jack did start anyway, right?12:22
jbermudeszequence: It appears so, but I can't seem to figure out what settings to use in Audacity to test it out12:23
zequencejbermudes: Just use jack in audacity.12:23
zequenceaudacity won't show ports in jack connections until you start it12:24
zequenceI mean, play something12:24
zequencejbermudes: You don't need jack with audacity though. What are you planning to use it for?12:24
zequenceaudacity is an audio wave editor, and is best used for that. I know many people use it as a recording tool as well, which is usually fine for stereo recordings. If you want to do multitrack recordings, I recommend Ardour or qtractor12:25
jbermudesI'm trying to record 4 microphones into a 4 track audio file by hooking them up to the PC via an Alesis iO4 audio interface device12:25
jbermudesWell, actually in the end I guess they'd be 4 separate audio files12:26
zequencejbermudes: I really recommend ardour or qtractor for that. They are also much nicer when mixing, especially Ardour12:26
zequenceArdour is a pro multitrack DAW, specifically designed for studio recording12:27
zequenceaudacity on the other hand is really nice when you want to edit audio files12:27
cfhowlettjbermudes, ardour all the way for that set up.12:27
jbermudesDoes ardour have commandline options that would allow me to do things headless like starting and stopping a recording session, exporting, etc.?12:31
zequencejbermudes: Are you about to record a live session, or convert audio files? It's the best Linux audio tool you can find for studio recordings.12:33
zequenceAs for starting and stopping, there are a bunch of ways you can control ardour12:33
zequenceI think the simplest one is just keyboard short cuts12:34
zequence..while ardour is running, of course :)12:34
jbermudesRight, but then you can't really do it remotely.12:35
zequencejbermudes: You can use midi, or OSC12:35
zequenceBut, I haven't done either myself12:35
zequenceI think you can even use the network12:35
jbermudesYeah, control via network is what I'm aiming for. So I can make a script to ping a server and it starts recording, then after I ping it to stop it exports it, etc.12:36
zequencejbermudes: Why are you doing it remotely? Is the recording happening in a remote location?12:36
jbermudesNot a remote location per se, I just want to automate it so I can tie it into another system that's running on a different machine12:36
zequencejbermudes: Maybe you're looking for a command line tool all together then12:37
jbermudesThat'd be fine. I don't need to do any post-processing other than just exporting it12:37
zequencejbermudes: Don't know if the tool jack_rec handles multi channel12:38
zequenceThen there's jack_net* as well12:38
zequenceOn ardour, I'd ask about it on #ardour. And there you might also get help on jack, though there's also #jack where you can ask about the jack net stuff12:39
zequenceAudacity might work as well, of course, but the already mentioned might prove simpler12:40
zequenceAudacity doesn't connect with jack very nicely12:40
jbermudesI couldn't seem to get Audacity to record stuff but in the 5 minutes I've spent with Ardour I've already gotten something recorded, yay12:51
zequencejbermudes: I think OSC, if you can get it to work with ardour is probably the best choice. I know there are tools for using it over the network, but can't advice on which they are13:03
jbermudesSweet. I love Open Source!13:04
tetractysjbermudes: you love open source and overall Ubuntu in his artistic expression: Ubuntu Studio! spread the world with this!13:07
jbermudesI'm a member of the Ubuntu California LoCo =)13:08
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Guest59093What command could I assign to the superkey to get it to open the menu in the top left?17:22
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FloatingGoatwhat's better?19:06
FloatingGoatrealtime or low latency?19:06
zequenceFloatingGoat: realtime involves a patch, which you can only get for every other linux version. It gives you deterministic realtime. It's better.19:13
zequencelowlatency is better in another way. It only involves a couple of config options, and you get it with every linux version19:13
zequencelowlatency is safer also19:13
zequenceAnd almost as good19:13
FloatingGoatthanks man19:19

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