oo-dragonhello,  I have been searching all day trying to get my LTSP in Edubuntu (12.04) to auto mount windows user shares.  I think I need some help.  The main sources I have been going to are the man page for pam_mount and a older active directory integration (says its for 9.04)23:07
oo-dragonThere are a fair amount of posts out there for this, but almost all of them are like 2009 and the ones I have tried just dont work23:08
oo-dragonAlso I already have windows AD authentication working on LTSP using likewise-open23:09
highvoltageoo-dragon: I haven't done it in a while, but just to understand, you want to mount user home directories from windows when they log on?23:12
highvoltageoo-dragon: I'm about to enter a starcraft game but if we miss each other also try the edubuntu-users mailing list23:13
oo-dragonyea, so when they login to the LTSP client machines, they auto mount their windows home dir's to somewhere in their home.  like ~/Documents or something23:13
oo-dragonStarcraft 1 or 2? :)23:14

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