ronnocHey all. Opened a bug report on BKO about constant K3b crashing and got a response about Ubuntu using an antiquated version of FFMpeg. I would post elsewhere but since the Devs seem to think that this might be the reason for the crash, I'm posting here as well.02:42
ubottuKDE bug 312317 in general "K3b crashes whever a non-audio file is clicked in the file-picker dialouge" [Crash,Resolved: duplicate]02:42
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QuintasanCan has not broken --list-missing implementation08:07
QuintasanRiddell, ScottK: maliit-framework is done with the exception of tests, in 0.93.0 they did not run because of lack of X session (xvfb didn't help - they crashed) and in 0.94.0 they do not compile (unless I'm doing something wrong). Do you think it's possible to get maliit in without tests?08:29
RiddellQuintasan: yeah that should be fine09:38
QuintasanI'd still like a final review Riddell10:02
Quintasandget -xu http://people.ubuntu.com/~quintasan/uploads/maliit-framework_0.94.0-0ubuntu1.dsc10:03
soee:) http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI3ODk11:45
wakeupHello everyone,13:13
wakeupI am currently translating documents into Turkish.13:13
wakeupWhen I follow the link Help Translate on Launchpad, it suggested me translating oneiric templates. I almost complete translations, but today I saw another translations of kubuntu-docs on Raring trunk list.13:13
wakeupShould I continue the translation with oneiric (https://translations.launchpad.net/kubuntu-docs/oneiric/+lang/tr) or did I waste my time by not translating Raring files (https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+lang/tr/+index?batch=75&memo=150&start=150)? Because I cannot see my old translations in Raring files.13:13
wakeupany replies?13:22
tsimpsonwakeup: it's a weekend, give it some time ;)13:25
wakeuphehe :). but I would like to complete translations for 13.04 release :)13:26
wakeupif I translated the wrong release, then I dont have enough exciteness to translate the new version again :/13:27
Riddellhi wakeup 14:07
Riddellwakeup: docs havn't been updated for raring but we expect SteveRiley_ to do so soon14:07
Riddellso probably not worth translating yet14:07
wakeupso should I continue with oneiric?14:08
Riddellthat's only worth doing if someone bothers to package it after14:08
Riddellwhich I'd do but you'd need to poke me to make sure I do it14:08
wakeupok, because probably I can make it till 13.0414:14
wakeupthank you14:14
BluesKajHey folks14:30
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Guest4110Hi. Will there ever be a deb-package for Plasmate so it's easy to start doing plasmoid development?16:24
shadeslayerGuest4110: when they do a release, sure16:55
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Riddellallee: kscreen is out! how's the packages?18:14
yofel_allee: from a quick glance they work but need cleanup - some snapshots are in experimental18:23
yofel_er, Riddell ^18:24
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alleeRiddell, yofel_: mostly done.   kscreen-console need a manpage, I've to check what/why some warnings.  Other open items are listed in TODO.debian23:00
alleeNot sure if I find time tomorrow, probably Tuesday.  Everybody's invited to apply polishing touches 23:01
alleeRiddell: kscreen out?  Found noting in git log, projects.k.o homepage or blob 23:04
alleeWhere is it?23:04
Riddellallee: he posted to kde-packager23:04
RiddellPackages should be moved to ftp.kde.org/unstable/*kscreen shortly, tags have                                                                                 23:05
Riddellbeen pushed                                                                                                                                                   23:05
Riddell[1]http://community.kde.org/Solid/Projects/ScreenManagement/Install                                                                                          23:05
alleeI've build pkg this afternoon and pushed to bzr.  But had not much time testing them.  23:06
* allee does a bit of final polishing ...23:09

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