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MoreCowbellWHAT YEAR IS IT03:12
monkeyjuicethe year of the Monkey03:26
wolftunehi anyone have experience with dual-monitors and AMD Catalyst?04:31
wolftuneUnder KDE04:31
wolftuneof course04:31
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Guest83040join #bash06:16
KimLarouxyou forgot /06:18
Guest83040ye :)06:18
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lordievaderGood morning10:32
WizardGood. Really good.10:40
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Yamakazimlm all,,12:13
lordievaderHey Yamakazi, how are you?12:14
Yamakazifine,, and u,12:15
lordievaderYamakazi: I'm doing well, thank you for asking.12:15
Yamakaziu wlcome,12:15
invariantCan you tell me  line number and file of where X  (the X server) is started in Kubuntu?12:47
invariantI am using kdm.12:47
lordievaderinvariant: You are probably looking for /etc/init/kdm.conf12:50
invariantlordievader, I am not seeing the binary X being called.12:52
invariantlordievader, I want to influence the parameters of X.12:52
lordievaderinvariant: My lightdm script (12.10) has the line "exec lightdm", I think kdm.conf has "exec kdm". This is probably starting X on it's own. If that does not work you could disable the kdm.conf and write your own init script.12:54
invariantlordievader, so, the answer is: kdm starts X in some binary file and if you want to modify it, you need to recompile kdm, or use a different dm, but you also don't know which dm will enable me to do that.12:55
invariantIn short, the easiest solution is likely to start X manually without any dm.12:56
lordievaderinvariant: So you write your own init script, have the script start X and have .xinit (or .xsession) start the dm.12:56
invariantlordievader, is that even possible?12:56
invariantlordievader, I am pretty sure that's not how it works.12:57
invariantThe display manager needs to control the X server.12:57
invariantThat's the whole point.12:57
tsimpsoninvariant: you can configure how X runs by modifying the files in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/12:57
invarianttsimpson, there are still tons of files there.12:59
lordievaderinvariant: In that way I have modified a live-cd to start fluxbox. I made a startx.conf in /etc/init, that would run "startx" and the .xinit file had "startfulxbox".12:59
invarianttsimpson, all I want is the line which starts X and convert it into X -core.12:59
tsimpsoninvariant: /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc I think13:04
invarianttsimpson, how was I supposed to know that?13:06
invarianttsimpson, thanks for finding it, but don't you think that such things should be easier to find?13:07
tsimpsoninvariant: well I didn't know about it either, I just found it13:07
invarianttsimpson, I'd say that in a good system, you can just run something like pstree and click your way up and see on which line of which file (even if it's binary) something was done.13:08
tsimpsonthe whole X infrastructure is a mystery to most13:08
lordievadertsimpson: There are books ranting about X11...13:08
invariantlordievader, also about UNIX.13:09
invariantThey are mostly right.13:09
tsimpsonthere's probably a bunch of fork()'ing before X actually gets called13:10
wakeupHello everyone,13:10
wakeupI am currently translating documents into Turkish.13:10
wakeupWhen I follow the link Help Translate on Launchpad, it suggested me translating oneiric templates. I almost complete translations, but today I saw another translations of kubuntu-docs on Raring trunk list.13:10
wakeupShould I continue the translation with oneiric (https://translations.launchpad.net/k...eiric/+lang/tr) or did I waste my time by not translating Raring files (https://translations.launchpad.net/u...50&start=150)? Because I cannot see my old translations in Raring files.13:10
lordievaderinvariant: X11 is needlesly complicated if you ask me...13:11
tsimpsonwakeup: the folks in #kubuntu-devel would know more about how the translation system works13:11
wakeupok thanks :). i will move into that channel then...13:11
lordievaderwakeup: Good luck!13:12
invariantlordievader, I think you can only make such a judgement call if you know the current system inside out.13:26
invariantYou can write an X11 haters book if you are really sure, or an alternative implementation with the exact same features that's much smaller.13:26
lordievaderinvariant: Yes, you are quite right.13:30
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BluesKajHey folks14:30
invariantThe aptitude shipped in 12.04 is broken. How can I install the one from quantal?14:36
ikoniayou don't14:38
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.14:38
ikoniayou should never mix distro version packages14:38
invariantOk, so after I have converted my installation scripts to use aptitude I can switch it back to the less efficient apt-get again. Great!14:39
invariantThere are  over 350 people who have that problem on launchpad. Why was it even included in the distribution in the first place?14:39
invariantDon't you run automatic tests or something like that such that you don't need those 350 people to tell you about a problem?14:40
SpartanF31hallo! There is a way to see in samba shares the available machines over the lan  and at the same time hide my one?15:23
BluesKaj!crosspost |  SpartanF3115:27
ubottuSpartanF31: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.15:27
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SpartanF31BluesKaj: thanks, but i saw no answer to my question so i asked elsewere. I'm not flooding.15:46
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ed3456765456people help me, I accidently removed something from the taskbar bar and now the taskbar doesnt show active applications, the Kubuntu button, quick shortcuts are there, but if I open firefox the application button is not shown, how do I get it back?16:41
sbivoled3456765456: unlock widgets. remove all the panels you have on the desktop. then right-click on the desktop, Add Panel -> default panel16:42
sbivoled3456765456: or, right-click the panel, Add widgets, Task manager16:43
sbivoled3456765456:  (I think that widget is called Task manager in english, or something like that)16:44
ed3456765456sbivol: yes it has worked, thank you16:45
sbivoled3456765456: you're welcome16:46
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IceGuest_75hello, who can help me?20:47
theadminHello everyone. I have a seriously annoying problem. After a while after the system login, the sound completely dissapears. Nothing solves it but a reboot, so the end result is I have to reboot every hour or so if I want to keep sound working. Seems to be KDE-specific, but I'm not completely certain of that.20:59
theadminThe Phonon backend in use is gstreamer, and I do have pulseaudio installed, although I'm experiencing the same issue without pulse.21:00
BluesKajtheadmin, which sound card/ chip?21:01
theadminBluesKaj: 00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40)21:02
theadminThis happened yesterday after a kernel update, but I don't think that can be related. Who knows, though, the kernel is mysterious.21:03
theadminWell... actually I'm wrong, this started happening before the update.21:03
theadminSo, ignore that21:03
BluesKajok theadmin , first run , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , if the driver loads there won't be any output21:03
theadminBluesKaj: It did load21:04
theadminBluesKaj: Still no sound though.21:04
BluesKajthen  with root permissions open /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , and add this line to the bottom , options snd-hda-intel index=0 , then save the file and reboot21:06
BluesKajthat line should make the kernel source module/driver persistent, thea21:07
theadminBluesKaj: Done. I'll reboot, but since the sound works for a while after booting I won't be able to immediately tell whether that's worked.21:08
theadminBluesKaj: May I ask what exactly the "index" is?21:08
BluesKajindex is the sequence that alsa looks at the driver , you can have more than one if the first index listed is unavailabe the 2nd in the list will be used , that's the theory21:10
theadminHm, there are some entries with *negative* indices there though21:10
BluesKajit works for my setup , I have 2 soundcards21:10
BluesKajyes that means ignore21:10
theadminAh, I see.21:10
theadminOkay, thanks. I think that may be the problem, so hope that fixes it. I'll stop by later if the problem reappears. Thanks again.21:11
esingDoes Kubuntu already come with kde 4.10?21:13
BluesKajhi esing21:13
esinghi BluesKaj21:13
BluesKajesing, i think it does now , if you're on 12.10 it should be in the backports21:14
esingBluesKaj, I guess I can update my applications through backports too?21:16
kotTon_kaNdiyit's KDE rc221:18
kotTon_kaNdiy4.10 rc221:19
BluesKajesing, I'm not certain , because I'm on 13.04 and it just came down pipe a few daysa go21:19
kotTon_kaNdiyjust checked it21:20
BluesKajesing, if it's not in the backports for 12.10 , wait until it is.21:20
BluesKajguess I should check my 12.10 install21:21
ikoniaI don't think as a rule of thumb un-released versoins such as 13.04 get backports until it's at least at a stable release stage21:21
BluesKajikonia, well, i'm testing for the devs and it's stable now after the last upgrade21:23
ikoniaBluesKaj: yes, but it changes a lot21:24
ikoniastable today = broken tomorrow21:24
BluesKajyeah , no kidding :)21:24
kotTon_kaNdiyso I'll wait till they release a 13.10 verion21:25
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BluesKajguess i'd better check my 12.10 like I said ...bbiab21:27
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BluesKajnothing yet , my 12.10 install is still running kde 4.9.4 . the update/upgrade/dist-upgrade didn't offer any new kde upgrades21:37
bootIf you have the kubuntu updates ppa, you should be on 4.9.521:39
BluesKaji'm using the backports21:39
esingIs kubuntu 13.04 like debian unstable to debian testing?21:39
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BluesKajesing, probly not a s stable as "debian unstable" at this stage21:40
BluesKajesing there's a bug with ubiquity installer with some 64bit AMD hardware/cpus , which i had to workaround by installing 12.10 then upgrading via internet to bypass the ubiquity installer21:44
BluesKajon 13.04 that is21:44
esingHm, I see21:46
BluesKajesing, if you're thinking of testing an RC type OS then make a separate partition for it and keep a stable one as your main OS ...I know it sound like stating the obvious , but I feel it's our duty as kubuntu supporters to say so.21:50
esingYe, that is safer to do so. Thanks for the advice21:53
kotTon_kaNdiyyou know how to setup partitions, esing?21:55
kotTon_kaNdiythere's a good linux verion for it, and it doubles as a rescue disk too21:57
esingkotTon_kaNdiy, I guess you refer to gparted live cd?21:59
ikoniayou really don't need that21:59
ikoniathe kubuntu cd will work just fine21:59
esingYe, kubuntu live cd should have that too22:00
kotTon_kaNdiynot exactly.  but that's another one you could use22:00
kotTon_kaNdiylemme see if I can track it down22:00
kotTon_kaNdiybeen awhile22:00
kotTon_kaNdiythe one I'm thinking of also had anitvirus software on it22:01
BluesKajikonia, you were mentioning a dns helper a minute ago in kubuntu is that the DNS-DN service discovery monitor in systemsettings > startup and shutdown ?22:02
ikoniaBluesKaj: I don't know how it's implemented in kubuntu to be honest22:02
BluesKajok thanks ikonia , i'll be rebooting again soon and I'll soon find out22:04
Gnosis-Hi. I am unable to log in, but I know my password is correct. How can I diagnose what the problem is? (running Quantal Kubuntu - 12.10)22:07
IdleOneI just installed unetbootin on kubuntu 12.10, when I run the app it asks me for my password but tells me the password is wrong, not sure what password it is asking for here?22:08
kotTon_kaNdiythought so, it's by AVG22:08
Gnosis-The X cursor appears for a moment, then my laptop screen turns off; then, the laptop screen turns on, but with all black, and finally, I am back at the login screen.22:09
lordievaderGnosis-: Can you login to a tty?22:09
Gnosis-lordievader: yes22:10
Gnosis-lordievader: I am logged in right now for using IRC22:10
lordievaderGnosis-: Ah ok, and your home dir is accesible and has the right permissions?22:10
Gnosis-the permissions are 75522:10
Gnosis-correct owner and group22:11
ikoniahomedir full ?22:11
ikoniaor mounted read only ?22:11
Gnosis-ikonia: no and no22:11
ikoniawonder if your video card module is crashing then22:12
lordievaderGnosis-: Check out the logs in /var/log/lightdm they might tell you something.22:12
Gnosis-hmm. is there some command line way of putting it online?22:12
Gnosis-oh wait, I know how...22:12
IdleOneyou can use pastebinit22:12
Gnosis-lordievader / ikonia: here's my /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1553482/22:15
GH0I seem to be having an issue where isc-dhcp-server starts before my network interface is actually considered up and ready. It attempts to start 8 times during the boot process, and then fails staying off/disabled after boot is completed. At the moment this is the error/problem (dmesg output) http://pastebin.com/MkdJaF3Z , and when doing an ip addr and ifconfig http://pastebin.com/ktYxji1G cont....22:16
GH0http://pastebin.com/hF4hafYg however, when I manually start the service after boot is complete, everything works fine: http://pastebin.com/7drUhY7G22:17
ikoniaGH0: how is your interface getting an IP address22:17
GH0I have set the init script to listen only on eth1 the interfaec that I have.22:17
GH0ikonia: it's static22:17
ikoniaGnosis-: line 47 is key22:18
ikoniaGH0: then why is it taking so long for the interface to come up22:18
Gnosis-ikonia: thanks! I'll have a look22:18
lordievaderGnosis-: I'm seeing a few times /usr/bin/startkde exiting with value 1.22:18
GH0ikonia: No idea.22:18
Gnosis-lordievader: how can I see logs for startkde?22:18
GH0This started happening after I removed a NIC card that wasn't being used.22:19
ikoniaGH0: thats why you need to work out22:19
lordievaderGnosis-: I think the problem is the same as the one ikonia mentioned.22:19
GH0Is there any tools (or logs) that can help me figure that out?22:19
ikoniaGH0: disable dhcpd, check the time for the IP to assign22:20
lordievaderGH0: Eth1 does still exist, I presume.22:20
Gnosis-lordievader: you mean the video card module crashing?22:20
ikoniaboot it into single user mode, start the networking, see how long it takes22:20
ikoniajust work it through22:21
GH0lordievader: yes, it is up right now.22:21
GH0Hm, alright.22:21
lordievaderGnosis-: In line 48 you can see that session 1340 has exited with value 1, session 1340 is:#Import *just* the sqrt function from math on line 3!22:22
lordievaderfrom math import swrt22:22
lordievaderErr: Session 1340 running command /usr/sbin/lightdm-session /usr/bin/startkde22:22
lordievaderI allways forget firefox does not copy on ctrl+shift+c...22:22
BluesKajGH0, have you added the nameserver(s) , domain and search gateway to  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head , because it overwrites /etc/resolv.conf  ..just ignore the warning, btw22:24
GH0BluesKaj: No, I haven't. Didn't know that would be required when running isc-dhcp-server or bind922:25
Gnosis-lordievader: is that a Python problem, then?22:25
GH0Both bind9 and isc-dhcp-server are on the same machine anyways.22:25
BluesKajGH0, well , I'm not sure about isc-dhcp server , but for static without network manager it's the method we use .22:26
GH0I am using network manager.22:27
lordievaderGnosis-: No, I had forgotten that firefox does not copy with ctrl+shift+c, there was still some python stuff in my cache, see 2 lines under that.22:27
Gnosis-ohhhhh, got it :)22:27
Gnosis-lordievader: how can I see logs for /usr/bin/startkde? Also, I should mention that I can execute startkde from the command line if I start an X server and set $DISPLAY22:28
BluesKajGH0, your setup is foriegn territory to me  ..NM with static unusual IME22:30
lordievaderGnosis-: Hmm seems there is no such log, you might try the Xorg log or in the lightdm folder the x-0-greeter and x-0 logs.22:32
Gnosis-okay, thanks22:32
naftilos76hi everyone, i have been in kubuntu for quite some time andd finally switched to ubuntu 10.10 basically due to some major problems of the new akonadi system working with kmail2 which i could not trust with my business emails. It just looked toooo unstable and problematic. What about now? Is everything running smoother in 12.04?22:49
naftilos76your silence is a clear answer to my question . kmail2 is still a *ucked-up app will will crash every now and then.ok then, i will just keep using thunderbird. Thanks guys...22:54
naftilos76i will give it a try in 10 years!22:54
naftilos76too soon?22:55
naftilos76well 15 years then...22:55
wolftuneanyone know is there a way to clone a panel complete with all the widget's settings in the plasma desktop?22:57
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blip99hi all, I have some executable files that start some graphical programs, instead of manually running it in command line i want have the program appear in my "start menu".  How can I do that ?  thanks23:38
assishi everybody23:49
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