pooliewgrant o/02:09
wgrantHi poolie02:10
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glendoes launchpad offer two way git<>bzr syncing of repos?11:40
glendid it offer one way?12:03
maxbLP can import remote git repositorie into bzr branches using bzr-git, subject to the limitations of that extension12:08
glenok, seems if i apply small patch to disable graphs in bzr-fastimport, i can do two way sync using git-bzr-ng https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/54162612:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 541626 in git-bzr-ng "'BTreeBuilder' object has no attribute '_find_ancestors'" [Undecided,New]12:29
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stokachu_hey, im attempting to do some oauth authorization through ruby and when i send a post request to grab a request_token i get a 403 forbidden b/c launchpad.net requires a referer heading15:16
stokachu_i've attempted to manually set referer in the http headers but no luck15:16
stokachu_the form has csrf protection enabled and usually that is enough but i think launchpad is special in requiring this referer option15:17
stokachu_from what ive read its the browser that is supposed to set the referrer but this happens in both firefox 18 and chrome 2315:20
stokachu_im curious if i have to setup a redirect15:26
ertai_NLcan somebody help me with getting a patch into a launchpad-project?16:03
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bpaHi all19:16
bpaI would to know if it's possible to install a packge version which have been superseded19:17
bpaand how :)19:17
mapreribpa: maybe this is not the better channel to ask it. Anyway, in debian-based distros you can do so by installing the package using dpkg and than pin it in /etc/apt/preference (see man 5 apt_preferences). Or, if you use only the gui, in synaptic there is the option "force version" and then "Pin version" (I think, I don't use synaptinc anymore...)20:21
maxbbpa: The answer hinges on whether the old versions are still listed in the repository's index, i.e. its Packages file.21:31
maxbI'm fairly sure LP doesn't list multiple versions in there, though I think there's been talk of keeping old versions around for a short while21:32
maxbIf a version is gone from the index, APT-type tools won't be able to know about it to download it, but the possibility of manually seeking out the appropriate .deb file(s) still exists - they aren't purged from disk immediately21:33
stewarthi! we have someone who keeps reassigning bugs and changing statuses and they're not involved in the project (and they're not changing them in a way that makes us think they're actually trying to contribute)22:44
lifelessstewart: are they responding to requests to stop ?22:54
stewartlifeless, no, not that i've seen.22:54
lifelessstewart: (and note that commenting in a bug they mutilated may not notify them)23:00
stewartlifeless, ahh... that's... unexpected.23:00
lifelessstewart: so when I worked on LP, the answer was - try a polite direct message via 'contact this user'23:00
lifelessstewart: and if that fails, open a ticket reporting them for abuse.23:00
stewartlifeless, ack23:00
lifelessstewart: we don't autosubscribe folk to third party bugs23:00
lifelessstewart: e.g. if you comment on a linux kernel bug, you won't be notified on every subsequent change everyone else makes.23:01
lifelessstewart: these users that make lots of 'helpful' changes are often in that bucket - they haven't opted in for notifications23:01
stewartlifeless, this is the user: https://launchpad.net/~diazalejandra200823:02
stewartlifeless, totally doesn't look legit :)23:02
lifelessdirect message, then abuse ticket23:05
stewartlifeless, oh yeah, the first message I see is a mail to a bug: "invitation to connect on linkedin"23:05
lifelessstewart: heh, correlation not causation :)23:05
stewartlifeless, yeah. couple of messages to bugs, then request to join core team.23:06
stewartlifeless, I'll just sit here and be paranoid about people wanting to trojan our software23:06
lifelessa request to join core, on that basis? Fan-person23:07
jotapeDoes anyone speak spanish?23:10
lifelessjotape: millions of people.23:13
jotapeand you?23:17
lifelessjotape: I do not.23:22

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