lubuntu13Hey guys. I used Lubuntu 13.04 with my Macbook 2,1 and the wireless worked well (except for the occasional drop in connection). I decided to install Ubuntu 12.10 instead in the meantime and now the wireless is not working, it connects but then has ridiculous pings to and 800ms pings to google.com when it even gets a response. QUESTION: does Lubuntu use a different WiFi driver than01:16
lubuntu13Ubuntu? Big thanks in advance.01:16
pinportali cant install my hp printer oon lubuntu02:23
pinportalmy version is 12.10 64bits02:23
pinportalcan anyone help me?02:24
pinportalanyone there?02:26
pinportali need help!!02:26
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SlaptmanHow would I put a home folder shortcut on the desktop on lubuntu12.10,and is tere any extension to Download Mp3 for youtube videos in chromium?07:04
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kristian-aalborgbeen a while, I hope all is well17:30
kristian-aalborgholstein, my man17:31
kristian-aalborgUnit193, also my man17:31
kristian-aalborgI am currently putting Lubuntu 12.04 on an ASUS Eee PC R11CX17:33
Unit193Well howdy.17:36
kristian-aalborgif anyone here has experience with this machine or one from the same line, I'm all ears17:40
Unit193Is there a problem?17:40
kristian-aalborgsmooth sailing so far17:47
kristian-aalborgmore in case if anyone had noticed heating issues or so... stuff that don't show immediately17:47
FlowRiserHey all, i'm just installing Lubuntu 12.10; Any tips on what toi do first after installation on a netbook ?18:05
holsteinkristian-aalborg: YO!18:18
holsteinthe way i see it, these EEE's are disposable.. i dont worry about heat or anything much with them18:19
kristian-aalborgholstein, you're probably right18:34
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i just make sure im comfortable getting a year or so out of them.. at the price i pay for them18:35
holsteinkristian-aalborg: so far, its been hardware that has been the issue... vga ribbons mostly18:35
kristian-aalborgnot mine :)18:39
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i have 4 EEE's.. and 2 other netbooks, in various states of repair18:50
FlowRiserhey all, how can i change lxterminal's default working directory ? i don't want it to be in $HOME, but in $HOME/Documents/19:22
qwebirc9047Hello.  Using EITHER the alternate installation CD OR desktop installation CD, is it possible to screen-capture _every_ aspect of installation, including for example, the entire screen text of every installer screen when using the alternate installation CD's text-based installer, or a screenshot of every instaler GUI page/screen when using the desktop installation CD's GUI installer?20:43
asaafji have been wasteing my time trying to install linux on a laptop that came with win8. i disabled the secure boot bullshit, then i proceeded to install ubuntu. i decided to make a clean install and delete all partitions. the installation just hung after that. now when booting the pc, i cannot even get into bios settings nor to boot from usb/cd. what can i do?20:53
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kristian-aalborghi again23:10
kristian-aalborgeverything went wrong :(23:16
kristian-aalborghttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+question/196239 << ran into this23:17
kristian-aalborgI shall proceed to try this: http://daily.siebler.eu/2012/06/ubuntu-12-04-driver-for-intel-cedarview-atom-n2000-und-d2000-serie/23:31

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