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BluesKajHey folks14:30
BluesKajhey penguin42 , hoe goes the battle ?15:37
BluesKajerr how15:38
penguin42yeh ok15:38
penguin42I'm currently hitting my lack of understanding of Windows trying to get a reflashing tool to work under wine to unbrick a little ARM board15:39
BluesKajraspberry pi ?15:46
penguin42nah, an MK809 - much more powerful than a Pi15:47
penguin42can run a hacked Ubuntu install; 1GB RAM, dual core 1.2GHz CPU (on a good day) - although in my case currently bircked, and the firmware rewrite if you really screw it up needs this annoying windows ap15:48
BluesKajanyway gotta reboot into the new kernel ..hope it holds together15:48
john___What does it take to browse my UpNP (DLNA) collection using Dolphin?15:50
john___Kubuntu 13.04 btw15:50
drhalanhey i was wondering what filebrowser you guys are using. nautils is really unusable in 3.6... however i cannot find marlin or nemo in the repos15:50
penguin42john___: I don't know, but you might see if Kaffeine can browse it - it seems to be able to play back pretty much everything else15:52
john___penguin42: Using VLC it works, but I was wondering if Kubuntu has some sort of UpnP support, as my devices do not show up in Amarok either15:54
penguin42john___: Not sure, I've not got any upnp stuff - but I'd be kind of surprised if it didn't15:58
MrChrisDruifBluesKaj; youĺl let us know how it goes right?16:14
BluesKajI got back ok after the new kernel install , mr16:17
MrChrisDruifSo you've finally managed to install Kubuntu 13.04 BluesKaj ?16:17
BluesKajMrChrisDruif, yes , installed 12.10 on this partition and upgraded via internet , thereby bypassing the ubiquity bug16:19
BluesKajfortunately the nvidia driver is working fairly well , considering ...16:25
BluesKajthe kde upgrade also helped a lot16:27
drhalananyone knows what the plans for gwibber in raring are? development seems to have slowed down even more...16:47
penguin42one in raring is currently 3.6.0-0ubuntu216:50
ShawnRiskHow do I tell update manager of new linux kernel version, I installed? Update Manager is tell me to update to 3.2.0 when I know my version is 3.7.3 when I do uname -a in terminal on Ubuntu 12.1018:09
patdk-wkShawnRisk, that isn't an *update*, that is an backport18:20
patdk-wkthis is the wrong channel for 12.10 anyways18:21
ShawnRiskpatdk-wk: which channel should I be on?18:21
patdk-wkthis is for 13.0418:21
ShawnRiskI tried there and they said to try here and also it is not something we support.  All I am asking is how to make it so the update manager knows I am using kernel 3.7.318:23
jtaylorremove the 3.2 kernel18:25
jtayloror just install the update and run update-grub to get it to 3.7 again18:25
ShawnRiskthat will not help18:26
jtaylorwhy wouldn't it?18:27
jtayloryou can also just pin your kernel package18:27
ShawnRiskjtaylor: I have to download the 3.2.0 kernel for no reason.  Pin my kernel package?18:29
jtaylorif you haven't got 3.2 installed update manager should not update it18:30
jtaylorupdate-manager only updates what is there18:30
jtaylorit would only pull new stuff if something depends on 3.218:30
jtaylorwhich should be unlikely18:30
ShawnRiskbut I still see that there18:31
ShawnRiskI have to go so thanks for the help18:37
DreadKnightthis fail issue with 13.04 regarding libmp3lame... as the package is named libmp3lame0 and the video editing apps don't recognize it because of that and render the videos without audio *sigh*21:30
DreadKnightwhat can I do?21:30
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smallfoot-is +1 kinda stable?21:57
smallfoot-or its messy?21:57
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hggdhkinda stable. Obviously, YMMV22:39

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