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purezenHey guys..!! I am planning to get the Samsung ARM chromebook to run Ubuntu.. would that be worth doing..??09:19
purezenAny limitations I might face...?09:19
infinitypurezen: We don't officially (or unofficially) support it, and don't ship a kernel or installer for it, but several people are using it nonetheless.  hrw is a good person to ask about it.10:14
mvt007geekwell...i am downloaded an ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4 .then i used "dd" to write image on sdcard.after that i connected sdcard to pandaboard.my pandaboard has a monitor connected to it.but it seems monitor is not working.so i decided to test pandaboard to make sure it is working well or not and i downloaded "validation" from pandasite.then i used "dd" to wrote validation on pandaboard but it need a serial port to show me the results10:24
mvt007geekmy serial port seems not work10:36
infinitymvt007geek: How did you write the image?10:40
infinitymvt007geek: "zcat ubuntu-whatever.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=4M"10:41
mvt007geek            dd if=ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4.img of=/dev/sdb10:41
infinityOh, you unzipped it first?  So you have a huge image sitting on your hard drive?10:42
infinityAlso, that paste says armel, not armhf.10:42
infinityWhich is kinda impossible, we had no armel images for 12.0410:43
mvt007geekinfinity: complete name is ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4    this is what i downloaded from site and also did checksum on it10:43
infinityThat's not the complete name.  Does it end in .img or .img.gz?10:44
mvt007geekyes. .img after zipping///////.img.gz befor zipping10:45
infinityAlright, there's no reason that shouldn't work, then.  Works here just fine.10:45
infinityUsing the HDMI port closest to the USB (not the other one).10:46
mvt007geeki did10:47
infinityAnyhow, you really should plug something into the serial and have a look.10:47
infinityEven with our images, the early boot outputs to serial.10:48
infinitySince uBoot has no idea how to turn on the HDMI.10:48
mvt007geekwhich one i use? minicom?kermit? or picocom10:49
infinityI use screen.10:49
infinityscreen /dev/ttyUSB0 11520010:50
mvt007geekright now i installed it.10:50
mvt007geeki use a usb to serial cable.one head connected to pc number1 another head to pc number210:52
mvt007geekinfinity: screen is installed in pc110:52
infinitySo do I.  Hence why I said /dev/ttyUSB010:52
mvt007geekwhat command i should use for screen?10:53
mvt007geeki am so strange to screen10:53
infinity"screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200"10:54
infinityI feel like I might be repeating myself.10:54
mvt007geekwell.i did that command.what is next step?10:55
infinityPlug in your Panda's power? :P10:56
mvt007geeknow serial port is into pc number2 as i told.shoud i plug it out?10:57
infinityErr.  I assumed "pc2" was your Panda...10:57
infinityWhich would sort of make some sense if you intend to talk to the Panda via serial.10:57
mvt007geekno problem i will connect it to panda :)10:59
mvt007geeki did this.what is next step11:05
mvt007geekinfinity: screen shows me nothing.11:08
mvt007geekonly white page11:08
infinityWhat did it say when you ran it?11:08
mvt007geekscreen told nothing11:08
infinityJust an empty screen with a blinking cursor?11:08
infinityIf so, that's fine.11:09
infinitySo, make sure the SD card is in your Panda, pull the power, and plug the power back in.11:09
infinityYou should seem some uBoot output.  And it loading a kernel.11:09
mvt007geekstill nothing :(11:10
infinityJigge the card, reseat it, power-cycle again.11:10
infinityIf it doesn't even see uBoot, you've either written the image wrong or your card is bad, or your Panda is broken.11:11
mvt007geekno.it shows nothing. let's try pcnumber211:12
mvt007geekshould i reboot that pc again?11:12
infinityThe Pandaboard, nor your PC.11:12
mvt007geekinfinity: u mean i don't connect pc2 to pc1?11:14
purezeninfinity: Hey..!! thanks there..:) ok.. I particularly needed some headers to get it working and its current state..11:25
infinitypurezen: I'm not much help, since I don't own one and have thus not been paying attention but, like I said, hrw might be of help.11:25
infinityOr his blog may have pointers, if you dig.11:26
purezeninfinity: well.. thanks for that.. and right right now he doesnt look available.. shall I pm him..?11:27
infinitypurezen: I'm not his secretary, I can't say.  But sure, go nuts. :P11:28
infinity(Do read the Chromebook entries in his blog, though, he may answer some of your questions there)11:28
kulvehow do you set the IP for usb0 for nexus7 with g_multi?11:29
kulveI might copy the same logic for my rootfs11:29
purezeninfinity: ok.. :D :D .. will do that.. thanks again..:)11:31
wookeyxnox: I tried using dh_autoreconf but it doesn't seem to work. just do "dh  $@  --with-autoreconf", right? Doesn;t work for json-c for me12:01
wookeywhat am I doing wrong?12:02
infinitywookey: "--with autoreconf"12:04
infinitywookey: No dash.12:04
infinitywookey: "--wish-autoreconf" isn't a dh(1) option, so it'll just pass it down to all the sub-dh modules (as you see it doing).12:07
infinitywookey: "--with foo,bar,baz", however, means "include dh_foo, dh_bar, and dh_baz in the list of fancy things you do"12:08
wookeyaha. cheers12:09
mvt007geekwhat is the best way to write an arm image (ubuntu) into sdcard?13:21
mvt007geeki used dd but serial port doesn't show it and it don't boot when i put sdcard in pandaboard. is there a good software to do that?13:22
cobalt60mvt007geek welcome to the wonderful world of Linux on ARM14:20
robclarkrsalveti (or anyone), I don't suppose there is a working gnome-shell somewhere for 12.10?  http://pastie.org/pastes/5735819/text14:22
Rjskulve: my solution to setting the IP is to have something like this in /etc/network/interfaces: auto usb0\niface usb0 inet static\n  address\n  netmask
Rjs(possibly also set gateway if you want a default route through it - I mostly just use a http proxy on the same 10.1.2.x network so a default route is not needed)14:49
Rjsand I have something similar on the computer(s) that I connect the nexus7 to: iface usb0 inet static\n  address\n  netmask
kulveRjs: thanks but my rootfs (Mer based) doesn't parse /etc/network/interfaces. I'm looking for e.g. udev rules that run a script when usb0 emerges14:54
lilsteviekulve: you should probably ask Mer support14:56
Rjskulve: hmm, at least for me the interface seems to exist all the time after the gadget driver is loaded, regardless of whether the usb port is connected to something not - so maybe you might as well run the script just once after the driver is loaded14:58
Rjs(as long as you don't set a default gateway, it shouldn't be a problem that the extra interface is up even though it isn't connected to anything - except that the IP network you configure for it it should be private enough that it doesn't clash with anything you use elsewhere)15:00
Rjsat least I haven't had any problems with this kind of setup on my openmoko gta02 (whose g_ether gadget driver also behaves like that)...15:01
kulvebasically I need to make sure that the script that loads the g_multi is run before the script that sets up the IP. That's why an udev based thing would have been nice15:02
kulvebut nm, I'm sure I'll find something from the google :)15:03
Rjsok :) I've not done much with udev so I'm not quite sure how it works... from a quick glance, I think that debian stable (which I happen to be using now) has a rule in /lib/udev/rules.d/80-drivers.rules to run /lib/udev/net.agent which is a shell script that runs ifup or ifdown as necessary15:09
Rjsmaybe Mer has something similar, I don't know...15:09
kulvemaybe this could work: "KERNEL=="usb0", ACTION=="add", RUN+="ifconfig usb0 up"15:09
_Takashi_Hi, just flash the latest raring on a nexus7, the screen isnt't drawn correctely at all and it's stuck at system config, does anyone else had the same problem. Thanks in advance .16:12
magartAnyone here using Ubuntu on their Nexus 7?17:33
Tassadarmagart: I think you can presume that at least one of 146 people on this channel does17:34
magart;)) I'm looking for a way to solve the touch problem. Basically whatever you touch, the OS then sticks to it so you can't switch between windows or click some buttons.17:36
magartAlso it would be nice to know if there's a place where a changelog is kept so I know what was changed each day (because there is a new image every day).17:37
Tassadarwell, the thing with touch is known and reported bug in X - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/106899417:38
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1068994 in ubuntu-nexus7 "button1 gets stuck after a while" [Critical,Confirmed]17:38
magarthow can you enable meatcity on Nexus 7?17:56
magartI meant metacity* :)17:56
cobalt60Metacity?  How about IceWM-Lite?18:50
cobalt60or OpenBox if you prefer GUI config tools18:51
magartYea...whatever. How do you enable them?19:02
Tassadarjust install them like on normal desktop ubuntu I would guess19:02
robclarkanyone know what package /usr/bin/jockey-gtk is in?  dpkg-query -L jocky-gtk only lists /usr/share/doc/... for me19:13
robclark(not sure if that is anything to do with why gnome-session --session=ubuntu doesn't work for me.. but that is one thing it complains about.. fwiw compiz itself does work)19:14
robclarkoh, hm. nm, I think I see the issue..19:37
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