micahgcjohnston: which patch?04:33
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siretartAdri2000: fixed libav arrived in experimental, please try again07:17
Adri2000siretart: the dependency problems with libavcodec54 disappeared, libavutil51 and 52 are still both installed, and it fails for the same reason in the end :( http://adrishost.net/~adri2000/debian/actionaz-experimental-libav-ftbfs2-buildog.txt13:10
siretartAdri2000: uh sh*t. i guess you found something serious here. let me investigate more13:11
siretartAdri2000: what package is this?13:16
siretartAdri2000: I don't get this. there is no occurance of  ff_sqrt_tab in libavcodec53. still your build log bitches about this. please investiage what exactly requires ff_sqrt_tab@LIBAVUTIL_51.13:21
Adri2000siretart: package is actionaz, and I'm trying to build the version in http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/actionaz.git;a=summary (latest master)13:24
Adri2000(or latest commit in 'debian' branch, rather)13:24
Adri2000# objdump -T /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libavcodec.so.53 | grep sqrt13:27
Adri20000000000000000000      DO *UND*0000000000000000  LIBAVUTIL_51 ff_sqrt_tab13:27
Adri2000siretart: that's what I have in my pbuilder-experimental, after installing libavcodec5313:28
siretartAdri2000: uh right, now I see what's going on13:31
siretartAdri2000: the problem is  libavutil51_6:9~beta1-113:31
siretartthat version is known to be broken, and has been superseeded by libavutil5213:31
siretartfortunately, the is also NBS, so ftp-master can safely remove it. your package should be able to build again once that happened13:32
siretartAdri2000: please poke debian's ftp-master to NBS libavutil51_6:9~beta1-1 in experimental. that should do the trick13:32
Adri2000siretart: ok, will do that, thanks for the help13:36
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mikodoCan we please have Potamus back in the repos. I have it in 10.04 very nice. It is not in 12.04  Here it is  http://offog.org/code/potamus.html     Thanks!23:36
TheLordOfTimemikodo, research shows it was removed in Debian: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=61564423:44
ubottuDebian bug 615644 in ftp.debian.org "RM: potamus -- RoQA; orphaned, unused, alternatives exist" [Normal,Open]23:44
TheLordOfTimeMOTU want to shed light on whether the same reason was why its not in Ubuntu?23:45
TheLordOfTime(and AFAICT, it does have alternatives in the repos, and a good number of them)23:45
ajmitchsame reason, removals from debian are usually done in universe as well23:46
TheLordOfTimethat's what i thought, but i wasn't sure ;)23:46
ajmitchyou can see it on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/potamus/+publishinghistory23:46
TheLordOfTimeE: timeout :/23:46
TheLordOfTimeah there it is.23:47
TheLordOfTimeRemoval requested on 2011-05-05. | Deleted on 2011-05-05 by Steve Langasek | (From Debian) RoQA; orphaned, unused, alternatives exist; Debian bug (see above lines here on IRC)23:47
ajmitchbasically it got no love in debian & noone stepped up to maintain it23:48
TheLordOfTimemakes sense to me :P23:48
TheLordOfTimeand they are right though: there's a TON of alternatives23:48
mikodoHey guys thanks for the info. I have never compiled. Should I try, or by it not being maintained does it mean it might be buggy now and might not be worth the effort?23:51
TheLordOfTimemikodo, upstream seems maintained...23:51
mikodoTheLordOfTime,  So, might be worth my effort then. Thanks23:52
TheLordOfTimepotamus-14.tar.gz06-Dec-2012 13:52 159K <-- latestupload on thier site23:52
TheLordOfTimeand yes, they have directory listing on23:52
TheLordOfTimei should slap them for that...23:52
TheLordOfTimesince that's insecure...23:52
TheLordOfTimemikodo, i'd just build it from source by hand, i agree with the debian bug that there's a good number of alternatives which exist.23:52
TheLordOfTimeand since its kinda not in debian, well... :P)23:53
* TheLordOfTime shifts attention back to figuring out why apt-mirror's timing out on mirroring from the regional archive.23:53
TheLordOfTimes/regional archive/regional mirrors/23:53
mikodoTheLordOfTime, I like it and I am going to build for the learning exp.23:53
TheLordOfTimehave fun mikodo23:54
mikodoTheLordOfTime, Thx. buddy23:54
TheLordOfTimehmm.... i should probably ask in -server, but have any of you ever had apt-mirror fail to mirror from a regional mirror, whereas the system its on is able to apt-get update/apt-get upgrade from the same server that apt-mirror's trying to mirror?23:55

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