RobertLaptopAny one around?04:53
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qwebirc2936Hey, what an excellent service is this11:32
qwebirc2936I have a problem with video playback using the internal player11:32
qwebirc2936When I play a mp4 file, it seems as if the colors are shifted downward11:34
qwebirc2936On the internet I found some reference to faulty hue values11:34
qwebirc2936But changing hue has no effect11:34
qwebirc2936Anybody? Or is it easier if I post on the forum?13:12
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RobertLaptopAnyone one around after upgrading last night all my frontend and secondary backend keep trying the update the DB scheme although the master backend doesn't see a change.  All systems are using the same git build based .deb18:33
tonsofpcsRobertLaptop: from what version to what?20:24
RobertLaptopI am running Mythbuntu 10.04.20:24
tonsofpcsas am I.  Myth 0.26 did similar to me, I rolled back to 0.2520:25
RobertLaptopNot sure the from what version.  I was running .26 and then did an upgrade last night and it started happening.20:25
RobertLaptopI have been on .26 for weeks I doubt I can role back to .25 without major issues.20:27
tonsofpcsoh, interesting20:30
RobertLaptopRunning mythtv-setup made my problems with the backend to go away but the front end goes to a blue screen and just sits there.20:39
RobertLaptopI just turned on Verbose debugging.20:39
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