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soorajhi i'm trying to build a local repository with multiple version support for a package. I'm building it using apt-utils. the directory structure looks like "dists/stable/main/binary" and "dists/old_stable/main/binary". When i do "apt-get install package" on the client machine it is fetching the package properly. But when i do "apt-get install pkg_name=version" it is trying to fetch the package from the "web root" directory of my reposit12:19
Bilge`apt-cache show` doesn't actually show which version of a package will be installed if a PPA overrides it12:45
BilgeHow do I see what package will REALLY be installed?12:45
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shaunoBilge: try apt-cache policy packagename; I believe the asterixes indicate the default candidate13:12
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Bilgeshauno: indeed, but if apt-cache is actually aware of the correct package isn't it a bug that `show` displays the information for a different one?13:42
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note_Hello, I have set up Postfix and Cyrus on my Ubuntu 12.10 server, I can send email's within the terminal window, however they appear as root@domain.tld16:56
note_Is it possible to be able to have it so for example, my email would be note@domain.tld and I can send and receive emails within an email client?16:56
m_tadeuhi...does anyone know how to work with dell open manage, using the packages?16:56
m_tadeuhow to use it, since I already installed it17:00
TeduardoHey all, I have an Ubuntu 12.10 x86_64 box with two nics in it, if I do dmesg | grep eth it shows both eth0 and eth1 but the actual device names are like p4p1 p6p1, etc but no matter what I do i can't get it to let me bring up the 2nd nic17:16
SpamapSnote_: I'd recommend dovecot over cyrus. But anyway, you need to send as not root to have it not be 'root@domain.tld'17:19
note_SpamapS, I see, well anyways, do you know anything about Cyrus?17:20
SpamapSTeduardo: "can't get it to let me bring up" ?? can you be more clear?17:20
SpamapSnote_: I know that dovecot is better. ;)17:20
SpamapSnote_: for sending mail tho, neither dovecot or cyrus are involved17:20
note_i see, so if i did use dovecot, how am i able to add my email to a client17:21
note_so i can send/receive17:21
RoyKTeduardo: pastebin ifconfig -a, please17:21
note_within going into ssh etc17:22
Teduardonevermind it's p6p1; sorry17:22
TeduardoIt's sunday and you know =)17:22
note_SpamapS, ^17:29
note_SpamapS, Is it possible to completely remove everything mail related on my server and start again?17:32
scalability-junkhey I want to setup server with 2 disks, encryption and at least to data partitions one encrypted with raid1 and one encrypted without raid. is there a good way to achieve this?17:41
scalability-junkI tried kickstart files and preseed, but that seems to be a dead end.17:41
SpamapSnote_: yes, just apt-get purge postfix and cyrus17:42
scalability-junkWould it be possible to setup ubuntu with a kickstart file with minimal stuff say MBR on one disk + /boot + /temporary with /var /etc...17:42
SpamapSscalability-junk: pre-seed should be able to do anything the installer can do17:43
scalability-junkSpamapS, should be is, but I haven't found anything working.17:43
scalability-junkSpamapS, and setting it up manually and then use the made preseed file is not working either.17:43
scalability-junkit's not a real config file it is a mix from enter, tabs enter, which breaks with any menu point or disk added to the system *shrug*17:44
SpamapSscalability-junk: it can be confusing to figure out the partition stuff17:44
scalability-junkSpamapS, Perhaps I really was wrong, so let me write what I wanna do actually17:45
scalability-junk2 disks17:45
scalability-junkMBR on both17:45
scalability-junk /boot on both (raid1)17:46
scalability-junk /data on both (raid1, encryption, /var /etc ...)17:47
scalability-junk /data2 on both (no raid just 1 partition usable on each, encrypted)17:47
scalability-junkI only got so far as having boot and data1 as raid and encrypt data17:47
scalability-junkbut setting up lvm inside data1 or figuring out data2 not raiding with encryption wasn't really any docs on the internez ;)17:48
scalability-junkany idea SpamapS ?17:51
note_SpamapS, Are you able to recommend a good guide i could follow in order to install Postfix and Dovecot and anything else I might need for email on my server?17:51
SpamapSscalability-junk: yeah its beyond my ability to focus.. :-/17:52
SpamapSscalability-junk: perhaps send the question to ubuntu-server@lists.ubuntu.com (subscribe first)17:53
SpamapSscalability-junk: askubuntu.com might also work17:53
scalability-junkSpamapS, ^^ it would be enough if there was a solution on how to get a manual installation into a preseed file17:53
SpamapSnote_: there's a meta package, 'mail-stack-delivery'17:53
SpamapSnote_: and the Ubuntu server guide has stuff about it17:53
SpamapSnote_: also you might check out Zentyal ... gives you a nice frontend to Ubuntu Server.17:54
uvirtbotSpamapS: Error: "serverguide" is not a valid command.17:54
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/17:54
SpamapSnote_: ^^17:54
note_And they would allow me to add my email to a mail app such as Mail on my mac or Mail on my iPhone to send and receive ?17:54
SpamapSnote_: yes, 17:55
note_thank you17:55
note_i found this17:55
note_will that work for 12.10?17:55
note_its for 10.0417:55
SpamapSa lot has changed since 10.0417:56
SpamapSbut it might work17:56
note_ill try mail-stack-delievery17:56
note_thank you17:56
note_WARNING: the "mail-stack-delivery" package was deleted from this repository17:57
note_SpamapS, ok, I installed mail-stack-delivery18:03
note_now what o_o18:03
note_SpamapS, are you there?18:09
streulmahello, I want to setup a great server network, does someone have the time to help me?18:20
qman__you'll have to get a lot more specific than that18:21
patdk-wkqman, maybe he is just asking for 300 hours of your time18:21
streulmaI have 2 servers for private, 2 webservers, want to network them with openvpn, and then log in to openvpn from my computer18:22
streulmabut I want more servers18:22
streulmamaybe https://www.vpshosting.nl or https://www.cloudvps.com is a good hosting?18:23
lunaphytehi.  i'm upgrading from 12.04 [12.04.1?] to 12.10, and am seeing "Updating repository information - WARNING: Failed to read mirror file" in the midst of all of the output when running do-release-upgrade.  what can i do to figure out specifically which file it is talking about?18:37
lunaphytethe rest of the output seems to otherwise be as expected, and the command doesn't fail, but i'd like to understand what it thinks the problem is rather than just continuing blindly.18:38
patdk-wksounds like your hitting a bad pkg server18:38
lunaphyteoh hey patdk-wk  :)18:38
patdk-wkI get that from time to time18:38
lunaphytehmm, i wonder - i have a proxy configured.  let me remove that.18:39
lunaphytedo-release-upgrade seems to run in a screen now.  that's mildly annoying18:43
lunaphytewell, not going through the proxy doesn't seem to matter.18:46
patdk-wkI was thinking the mirror server didn't rsync correctly, and it failed over to another one18:50
lunaphytethe mirror server failed over to another mirror server?18:52
lunaphytesource.list was using us.archive.ubuntu.com - i just switched to mirrors.us.kernel.org and am trying again18:53
RoyKif it's a server, why upgrade to something non-lts?18:54
lunaphytewhat would that have to do with anything?18:54
lunaphytebummer.  same problem when using kernel.org18:55
RoyKonly reason I see for upgrading to non-lts is if you need this or that package or want to live on the bleeding edge18:56
lunaphytenon-lts is hardly "the bleeding edge".  but anyway, i'm not here to debate personal opinion.  i'm just trying to resolve a specific behavior.18:56
patdk-wkroyk, lunaphyte knows what he is doing, it isn't a newbee18:57
lunaphyteoh, is that the requisite disclaimer here?  :)  sorry if i offended, i didn't know.18:58
patdk-wkna, royk is strict in his beliefs :)18:58
lunaphyteheh, i can appreciate that. :)18:58
RoyKwell, just a bit conservative on servers18:59
RoyKI use btrfs on 12.10 on my desktop, but not on servers ;)18:59
patdk-wkfsck yet for it?19:00
RoyKyes, some months back19:00
patdk-wkused btrfs on a system for almost a year, till a sudden power outage caused the whole thing to selfdestruct19:00
mattthi all, having issues blocking emails w/ postfix using reject_client_rbl in smtpd_recipient_restrictions, any suggestions ?19:02
RoyKmattt: #postfix may be a better arena...19:02
* patdk-wk wonder if this channel and postfix channel got swapped today19:03
lunaphytesign must've been spun around in the windstorm last night19:04
matttthis was working fine before i migrated my server, probably ought to find out what i was running before :P19:07
matttwas on 8.04 before, on 12.04 now19:08
matttpretty much copied my main.cf as is, everything works but no emails are getting rejected19:09
matttwhich exist in RBL list19:09
lunaphytehow can i prevent do-release-upgrade from running within screen?19:12
scalability-junkcan I setup two encrypted partitions one raid1 one without raid and let ubuntu ask for decryption passphrase on boot for both?19:18
scalability-junkor would this be the default behaviour in alternate install?19:18
qman__what you're asking for doesn't make sense, what is your goal?19:22
scalability-junk2 disks, encryption, one raid1 partition for os data, 2 partitions non raid one on each disk qman__ that's the goal19:24
scalability-junkthe goal is to have encryption and keep os data redudandant and have non important data encrypted but not redudant19:25
qman__ok, well you can set up three encrypted partitions19:26
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qman__but that still isn't a very sensible setup19:26
qman__OS data is generally replaceable/reconstructable, it's the user data that you'd want safe19:26
scalability-junkwith os data I meant /etc /var etc. not /boot19:26
scalability-junk /boot is meant to be outside of encryption19:27
qman__I'm referring to the raid19:28
qman__as for the passphrase, it asks at mount time19:29
qman__whether or not mount time is at boot depends on how you configure fstab19:29
scalability-junkqman__, but you would probably suggest to use raid1 + encryption for all data and not put it on 3 partitions ?19:30
scalability-junkok so I loose a bit of storagespace for less complexity mhh19:32
qman__yes, for less complexity and more reliability19:32
qman__when you get greedy, that's when you lose data19:32
scalability-junkqman__, probably yeah19:32
matttwell bugger, changed my dns resolvers from google's to level 3's and now my RBL filtering is working19:32
lunaphyteoh, haha19:32
scalability-junkqman__, yeah I will go for raid1 + encryption then thanks19:33
lunaphytemattt: thing is, level3 does not offer "public nameservers"19:33
lunaphyteand you will eventually have that same problem anyway19:33
lunaphytewhy are you using other people's nameservers anyway?  that's foolish19:34
eedfwchrishey all… how can i view a change log for a specific php package?19:40
eedfwchrisor package19:41
patdk-wklunaphyte, I actually had someone the other day tell me it's not legal to query the root servers yourself, your required to use your isp nameservers19:45
lunaphyte:O  ?!19:45
lunaphytelegal as in *literally* legal?19:45
patdk-wkya, suprised my servers wheren't blacklisted yet19:45
lunaphytethat's hilarious.  where do people come up with this stuff?19:46
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lifelesshallyn: so what I wanted to ask, is how to get virt-manager to run a windows VM with spice rather than VNC for display21:52
lifelesshallyn: I found some generic stuff that talks about the feature, but nothing clear for doing it on Ubuntu21:52
lifelesshallyn: I'm sure I can sit down and fiddle, but if there is some docs or even a quick brain-dump, that would be cool.21:53
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lifelesshallyn: (I need Windows for some occasional things in my new job :()21:54
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ikoniathere is a drop down in the virt-manager gui for selecting your display service, assuming your kvm/qemu build is compiled with that option enabled22:07
hallynlifeless: i've actually never done it - last i knew you had to get a cd with the windows qxl drivers and run that from in windows.  ahs3 and mahmoh1 have done it boefe i think22:07
ikoniaI use spice as my display server, but not on ubuntu,22:07
quietonehi. I've got a new 12.04 server install. I've got an existing iptable rule set to use. how do I run iptables on boot?22:18
lifelesshallyn: ikonia: is the ubuntu kvm/qemu built with spice ?22:20
lifelessquietone: you can add an upstart job, or something to /etc/network/if-up.d/ or /etc/network/interfaces22:21
ikonialifeless: no idea if ubuntu builds with spice by default22:21
quietonelifeless, thanks we'll look into /etc/network ...22:25
Bilgentpd always segfaults moments after I start it on 12.04 LTS22:28
ikoniaBilge: start it afterwards, does it segfault22:28
Bilgeikonia: start it after what?22:45
BilgeI start it, it dies22:45
BilgeWould there be any problems with repurposing the default "backup" user for my own purposes including changing its home dir to /home/backup?23:33
patdk-wkdefault backup user?23:33
patdk-wkoh, since 12.04 it looks like23:34
BilgeIt's new?23:34
patdk-wkwell, it wasn't in 10.04, but is in 12.0423:34
BilgeI figured it must be an ancestor of Unix history23:34
pmp6nlHello, does anyone see any problems with using nautilus to connect to my server via SSH to grab some files for backups?23:34
patdk-wkbilge, probably part of the new backup, duplicity23:35
BilgeI have not heard of it23:36
BilgeAre you able to comment on whether it would be wise to manipulate the account?23:36
BilgeIt does not seem that the user actually owns any files23:36
BilgeIncluding anything in /var/backup where it points to23:36
lunaphytewell, i remembered that i filed a bug a while back for what i imagine is this same problem.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/100341123:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1003411 in update-manager "do-release-upgrade complains "WARNING: Failed to read mirror file"" [Undecided,New]23:43
lunaphyteit's a total pita to troubleshoot not what the process uses screen, so i don't know for certain it's looking for the same file, but maybe a poke will draw attention to it.  too bad it seems to have ben largely ignored so far.23:44
lunaphyte*troubleshoot now23:44
patdk-wklunaphyte, odd, I haven't had any issue23:46
lunaphyteyeah, it is odd.  i've done scores of upgrades prior to and since then, and it happens frequently enough that it's a legitimate issue, but i can't correlate anything with it so far.23:47
* patdk-wk just upgraded to win2008r2 sucessfully23:48
patdk-wkfirst time it worked, out of 80 attempts23:48
lunaphytethe disconcerting part is that it *appears* to be fine if you proceed with the process, and i've not yet had some latent issue come up that i could trace back to that error, but that's not a rational argument.23:48
patdk-wkdunno why the others won't upgrade, but manually replaced those23:48
lunaphytethe first question that comes to mind wrt that bug is does that file exist for other people?23:53
patdk-wkI can't say23:54
patdk-wkscrolls off the screen for me atleast23:54
lunaphyteyeah, me neither.23:54
lunaphytewell, when the process is sitting at the "do you wish to continue" prompt, you can look int /tmp/... and see if the file i mention in the bug is there or not.23:55
patdk-wkI'll look next time23:56
patdk-wkall my machines are upgraded, except for the batch that normally don't get upgrades23:56
TheLordOfTimehave any of you ever had apt-mirror fail to mirror from a regional mirror, whereas the system its on is able to apt-get update/apt-get upgrade from the same server that apt-mirror's trying to mirror?23:56
patdk-wkI had nothing but issues with apt-mirror, and droped it years ago23:57

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