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kvarleyHow can I turn off multiple workspaces in Ubuntu? And remove the switcher from the sidebar? I know this feature is upcoming in 13.04 but is there anyway to do it now?09:04
MartijnV1Swhy would you?09:04
popeyin ccsm09:04
popeygeneral options09:04
popeydesktop size09:04
meethow do i check if i have samba installed.09:11
popeymeet: dpkg -l "*samba*"09:25
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brobostigongood morning everyone,10:23
brobostigonmorning popey10:32
kvarleyConsidering upgrading my 12.04.1 desktop to 12.10, any known problems with upgrading?10:48
kvarleyAlso, new catalyst driver \0/10:48
Azelphurkvarley: seems to be very bad if your on ATI, I've had nothing but issues on all my ATI boxes10:49
kvarleyAzelphur: I heard this too but my laptop was fine and that's running an AMD APU10:50
kvarleyI want to upgrade, but don't want to break everything in the process lol10:50
Azelphuryea, seems to be hit and miss depending on what hardware you're on, my HTPC with a 5770 is fine10:50
Azelphurbut my friends 7770 is pretty much a brick10:50
kvarleyAzelphur: I'm all AMD so not sure if I'll risk it10:51
kvarleyAzelphur: Maybe it would be a good idea to wait until AFTER I've done my uni assignment ;)10:51
Azelphurprobably, I'm gonna upgrade my box but do it by keeping my old 12.04 install around10:52
Azelphurso if it doesn't work at all I can rollback10:52
kvarleyAzelphur: Fair  enough :) seems wise10:53
Azelphurhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer-updates/+bug/1087840 is what my friend on his 7770 gets \o/10:53
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1087840 in fglrx-installer-updates (Ubuntu) "1002:9991 Unity Desktop disabled after installing fglrx-updates" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:53
kvarleyAnd this is when having Unity becomes a nightmare10:53
MartijnV1Sisn't that a feature?10:53
MartijnV1SAzelphur: ATi disabling older cards?10:53
AzelphurMartijnV1S: I wouldn't call a 7770 old :P10:54
kvarley7000 series are new cards10:54
kvarleyReleased in like the last 6 months lol10:54
MartijnV1SAzelphur: The R7500 was an RV200 card, OpenGL 1.3-era :)10:55
AzelphurMartijnV1S: hehe, the HD 7770 is a new card.10:55
MartijnV1STOO NEW apparently ;)10:55
Azelphursomeone should fix that bug report, says incomplete even though all the requested information has been provided10:56
kvarleysince when was hardware too new for linux10:57
kvarleyI'm sure we never had this problem before10:58
* Azelphur shrugs10:58
MartijnV1Skvarley: except in graphics and wifi land10:58
kvarley MartijnV1S: Hmmm I guess10:58
MartijnV1Sthough Intel is good with providing new drivers before chips are out now10:58
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kvarleyLets hope more manufacturers start taking that approach11:00
kvarleyMind you Intel have a way bigger budget than most manufacturers11:00
MartijnVdSthey're also VERY open source-friendly11:01
AzelphurDoes anyone know of any cheap decent quality projectors? :)11:04
Azelphur(yes I know, world on a stick)11:05
AlanBellpick two11:05
AzelphurAlanBell: I did, cheap and quality :P11:05
* AlanBell fails at counting11:05
AlanBellpick one11:05
AlanBellactually they are all getting good now11:05
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/8w53jtnxpgwh99x/2013-01-17%2004.20.29.jpg is my use case btw, I'm thinking projector on that back wall11:06
dwatkinsI wondered if there were any with bulbs that aren't hideously expensive.11:06
AlanBellI would be tempted by an LED one11:06
Azelphuryea, the LED ones or the new laser ones I think don't require bulk replacements11:06
Azelphurat least, from my limited understanding11:07
dwatkinsexcellent, much cheaper to maintain11:07
AlanBellif you need a big image you need a brighter projector11:07
Azelphuryea, I mean that's why I'm interested in them :p11:07
AlanBellvery bright for rear projection on a translucent screen11:07
AzelphurAlanBell: well that's gonna be less than 3 metres on that wall11:07
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://www.screeninnovations.com/tools/projector-wizard/ :)11:09
AzelphurI was just planning on projecting it onto the wall, I got big white walls here so figured it'd work?11:09
MartijnVdSAzelphur: or http://www.projectorcentral.com/projectors.cfm11:09
AlanBellAzelphur: actually white isn't ideal, a grey is better11:10
AzelphurI see11:11
AlanBellmight be worth getting a cheaper projector and some expensive paint11:12
MartijnVdSor a proper screen to attach to the ceiling11:12
MartijnVdSso you can actually use the wall for other things while not projecting11:13
Azelphurtis annoying how expensive they are, they need to come down in price :p11:14
Azelphurjeez its cold today11:15
* MartijnVdS went running11:16
MartijnVdSbut only got 5km because I was freezing11:16
AzelphurI got up and looked out of the window :D11:17
MartijnVdSThis man is extremely punny... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60OYTgs77RI11:17
bigcalmAhoy hoy12:09
brobostigonafternoonings bigcalm12:12
bigcalmGoodness, it's the afternoon already?12:12
Myrttihttp://flic.kr/p/dN2QqR ♥ wellies and socks \o/ cotton socks and wellies make my feet warm enough to bare the cold floor12:12
* penguin42 doesn't see how people can have hard floors especially in days like this12:13
bigcalmAnd bathrooms12:14
bigcalmAnd saunas12:14
MyrttiI'd have hard floors everywhere if I'd have my way12:14
Myrttibut then I'd also have a bit better built house too12:14
* bigcalm shivers at the thought12:14
bigcalmHeh. Myrtti you'd have a Finnish built house12:15
MyrttiI find it ironic that it's about 20 degrees warmer here than in Finland and it's still colder indoors12:15
Myrttiand this is a relatively new house12:16
bigcalmMyrtti: it always comes back to the fact that we don't have this weather often enough to warrant the building specs you have in Finland12:16
Myrttialso, I meant to say cotton socks underneath woollen ones12:16
bigcalmHave you knitted socks yet?12:16
Myrttibigcalm: as a one time investment that pays out when there's extreme weather, I really, really don't understand what part exactly doesn't warrant the building specs12:17
Myrttibigcalm: those ones yes12:17
bigcalmMyrtti: when you don't have the weather, it's a waste of materials, time and money. But the argument could go on for a long time. I'm sure specs are getting better with newer and newer buildings :)12:18
bigcalmMyrtti: yay :)12:18
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AmbutechGood Afternoon12:29
DJonesAfternoon Ambutech12:32
* penguin42 wishes someone would put some coal on the winehq wiki server12:33
Ambutechsnooze mode at winehq ????12:34
penguin42Ambutech: Can you get http://wiki.winehq.org/USB12:34
shaunoworks fine here, fwiw12:35
penguin42really? Hmmmm12:36
AmbutechNot available according to chrome12:36
shaunoah, no it's not.  it seemed fast enough because I used wget to see numbers for the speed.  but the returned document is an error12:36
penguin42twas working about 2am last time I was looking at that page12:36
penguin42you know, the time when I was thinking I'd go to bed and leave following it's instructions until today12:40
shaunotime to go cache-diving?12:46
penguin42or perhaps time for breakfast and see if it comes back by the time I'm done :-)12:47
penguin42hmm, I obviously should have had a longer breakfast13:32
dwatkinsyes, go have some crumpets13:34
dwatkinshttp://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://wiki.winehq.org says it's down, too13:34
dwatkins"Lattica specializes in delivering industrial strength applications for the enterprise environment" - except it's down right now :-/13:38
dwatkinshavn't we invented machines that can process landfill yet?13:46
dwatkinsmy first thought seeing that kid's cello is that it probably contained something toxic :-/13:46
daftykinsah he'll be fiiiine13:49
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Azelphurlol, 12.10 works well with my multi monitor setup14:12
Azelphur"You can go to that monitor...but you can't come back, ever...muhahahaha."14:12
daftykinsoh :)14:12
daftykinsheh, they get stuck on the border? :>14:12
Azelphurdaftykins: they just recurse around inside one X screen xD14:12
Azelphurgo off the right, come back on the left again14:13
daftykinshaha, so you have to start them saying run on screen x for them to even appear?14:13
Azelphurno, once I move my mouse pointer onto either of my left two screens, I can never go back to the right pair :P14:14
penguin42Azelphur: How are they set up ?14:14
Azelphurpenguin42: 4 screens, 2 twinview instances14:15
penguin42oh don't know how twinview works14:15
penguin42isn't it all part of xrandr now on the latest versions?14:16
daftykinsi doubt even that can sort multi-card setups14:16
daftykinsand worse still, 'The Azelphur setup'14:17
Azelphuryea, you can't do multi card setups on xrandr :(14:17
daftykinsdoes it work if it's just one display on each card?14:18
penguin42hmm you might want to check that on the bleeding edge version14:18
Azelphurdaftykins: dunno, I didn't try that :P14:18
Azelphurhttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/misc/2013/Jan/screens.png is how it works lol14:21
Azelphuronce you go left...you can't go back ;)14:21
Laneymy god15:40
Laneybeen trying to play civ v over the internet for 40 minutes now15:40
Laneyplagued by disconnections15:40
Laneytechnology :(15:40
AzelphurGood news, xorg-edgers fixes the wrappy pointer \o/15:59
AzelphurDoes anyone know how I might install the fix for this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/102083015:59
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1020830 in Compiz 0.9.8 "[regression][GLES] wallpaper plugin does not build any more" [Medium,Triaged]15:59
Azelphursays it's fixed on there and in what version and so on, but I guess it hasn't landed in the main repositories yet, so just wondering how I get that patch on my system :P16:00
penguin42Azelphur: The fixed package should be built for raring and in the archive16:03
Azelphurah, I'm on precise, can I get it?16:03
penguin42erm dunno; https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/compiz/fix-1020830   has a link to the diff, and you could apply that to a source package yourself and rebuild16:04
penguin42whether it works on your version is a different matter16:04
Azelphurhehe, indeed16:05
AzelphurI wonder if I could just grab the .debs from here and install them, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+build/422419816:05
Azelphuractually, isn't there some way for me to pull specific packages from raring down onto my precise install? I'm sure I read something about doing that16:05
penguin42you'll hit a load of version conflicts probably if you try to install a raring package on precise16:08
penguin42but you've got a chance of backporting the fix16:08
Azelphurpenguin42: seems not, most of the links on that page don't work (yay)16:11
Azelphuroh no, just very slow on the diff popup.16:11
Azelphurpenguin42: mind helping me apply the patch?16:14
penguin42don't suppose you know anything about hacking stuff into working on wine?16:17
Azelphurpenguin42: not really16:18
penguin42damn, neither do I :-(16:19
Azelphurso what do I do with this patch? ;)16:20
penguin42ok, so you got the source to the package you need to patch using apt-get source packagename ?16:20
Azelphurpenguin42: I'm not sure which package this applies against16:22
penguin42looks like compiz to me16:22
* Azelphur apt-get source compiz's16:23
Azelphurpenguin42: next? :P16:23
penguin42ok, so get that diff into a text file - make sure you don't get line wraps or anything16:24
penguin42can you pastebin that somehwere, that thing isn't coming up for me16:25
Azelphurthe patch?16:26
penguin42oh yeh it has at last16:26
penguin42ok, great, now cd into the top of the source directory and do    patch --dry-run -p0 < yourpatchfile    what does it say?16:26
penguin42ok, now do sudo apt-get build-dep compiz16:28
penguin42so that patch --dry-run didn't actually change anything, but it showed it will go in ok, so the easiest thing is probably hmm,    do the patch without the --dry-run16:29
penguin42ok, now cd into the source dir and run debuild16:31
penguin42if you haven't got it it's in devscripts16:31
penguin42Azelphur: It'll give an error about something like unexpected changes and tell you the command to run to fix it16:34
Azelphurfun, it's still running atm16:34
penguin42oh and you might want to do an   export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=1016:35
penguin42equivalent of make -j16:35
Azelphurhaha, bit late now it's still chugging along :P16:37
daftykinslies, ctrl+c!16:38
Neoti_DesktopHi Folks, Whats the recommend Operating system for Kdenlive? and what are some general getting started best practases?16:39
daftykinsNeoti_Desktop: looks like Ubuntu has it16:40
daftykinsthough given as it's KDE, 'kubuntu' might be wise16:41
Neoti_Desktopwith out sounding off. i know ubuntu has it but id like to know what the recommended OS of choice is for it...  :)16:41
daftykinsmaybe ask them16:42
daftykinsthey made it :D16:42
Neoti_Desktopright kubuntu.. i'll have a play with that.... yeah i have asked the question on IRC of them so many times but keep getting ignored.... :(16:42
penguin42you can mix and match; kde apps work under gnome etc16:43
daftykinsit would involve downloading a bunch more libs though, right?16:44
penguin42probably, but less than reinstalling with the other one16:44
penguin42so if you have gnome installed just install the app you want and all the associated libs will download as well16:44
Azelphurthis takes a long time xD16:46
Neoti_Desktopreason i am asking is i keep getting some rendering problems, like blocks and stuff appear in the video all over the screen no matter what i do, and no matter what the input is or render output... so i would like to know a recommended/most supported Kdenlive OS, so that when/if i have problems i can get some "support" etc... i have been using Ubuntu for years , not on 12.10 yet.. im giving it a few more months for al16:46
penguin42Azelphur: yeh that's why the parallel option is good :-)16:47
daftykinsNeoti_Desktop: is your system stable? memtests clean?16:47
Neoti_Desktopyep, the system is stable and clean... i have made sure..16:47
penguin42Neoti_Desktop: Are they in the produced video or just in what it shows while using the editor?16:50
Azelphurok it's done, said it failed to sign it16:51
Azelphurbut apart from that I think it went through16:51
penguin42Azelphur: OK, that's normal - you should find some .deb's in the directory above it16:52
Azelphurinstall *.deb, profit?16:53
penguin42good luck :-)16:53
Azelphurpenguin42: well I installed em, but yea wallpaper still don't build :(16:56
Azelphuroh hey, but I have wallpaper now16:56
Azelphurcan't complain xD16:56
Neoti_Desktopits in the monitor and render16:56
Azelphuryep, success16:57
Azelphurty :)16:57
SuperEngineerUbuntuOne music question - purchased stuff download not finished , am I safe to shut link & continue later? [as in normal sync behaviour]17:04
SuperEngineerSpeed here is currently so slow I need to switch to 3G dongle17:04
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: yes -- downloads go to Ubuntu One storage17:07
MartijnVdSso when you come back later it'll sync it up with your disk17:07
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: thanks17:08
SuperEngineer-time to drop conxn & use dongle methinks ;)17:08
Azelphurwow, compiz in 12.10 is terrible17:12
Azelphurstep 1) remove all the features, step 2) here you go17:13
Azelphurthat be disappointing :(17:13
SuperEngineerThanks MartijnVdS ... downloads now continuing [SuperEngineer hugs his Three dongle!]17:13
popeyAzelphur: which features?17:50
jacobwi don't compiz changed much from a user's perspective between precise and quantal18:15
ali1234nothing was actually removed. the default options were changed18:47
ali1234the non-unity defaults that is18:47
ali1234literally every plugin is disabled so now if yo run compiz without unity you can't even drag windows or have window decorations, unless you enable all the plugins manually18:48
jacobwali1234: huh? why did they do that?19:26
ali1234probably the same reason they broke empathy for non-unity users19:26
AlanBellwell it is because unity conflicts with everything because it implements stuff like a switcher and decorations20:19
popeywell we won't have to worry about that much longer will we (unless you're on 12.04)20:21
popeywell, Sam isn't up for porting compiz to wayland..20:22
popeyand Unity is (currently) a compiz plugin...20:22
AlanBelloh, but 13.04 is compiz again though20:22
popeybut 12.04 will outlive 13.0420:23
AlanBelland after judgement day there will just be cockroaches and 12.0420:24
AlanBelljacobw: compiz engineer smspillaz20:24
jacobwi think i read about him leaving canonical recently20:25
AlanBellhe did20:25
popeyyou did20:25
popeywell, you may have, he did ☺20:25
jacobwperhaps the development of not-compiz will be better for unity20:27
mh0Keeping it a plugin makes it depend on compiz.20:27
popeyIt doesn't have to though20:27
mh0What if compiz's developers were to magically disappear? ;)20:27
AlanBellmh0: they have in effect20:27
jacobwbus factors are a fact of life20:27
popeyUnity has existed in 4 separate ports20:27
mh0AlanBell: I guess20:27
popeyso another one isn't going to make a lot of difference :D20:28
AlanBellgnome shell extensions \o/20:29
AlanBellmaybe not20:29
* jacobw hopes unity is ported to QT (again, or the previous port is reused) to support wayland, QT and QML for app development20:29
AlanBelljacobw: that is likely, given the phone stuff and the claims that it is a single system across all platforms20:30
AlanBellI think reality may catch up with the marketing20:30
jacobwi really hope NIH about QT doesn't kill standardization on QT/QML as a platform for 'app development'20:32
AlanBellwho else is using QT now?20:32
popeyKDE Plasma20:33
popeyI was surprised to hear Firefox OS uses gecko20:33
AlanBellit was called "boot to gecko" up to recently20:33
popeyoh yeah ☺20:33
AlanBellB2G is all over the documentation and wiki20:34
popeyodd choice20:34
popeyunless the competition can make gecko and webkit better20:34
mgdmdid you see the post by one of the Safari guys about when Steve Jobs unveiled KHTML as the renderer for Safari over Gecko?20:35
AlanBelldunno, mozilla know gecko, everyone knows how to write stuff for gecko20:35
jacobwum, i'm not suprised that mozilla is using gecko20:35
mgdmI'd have been very surprised if they hadn't used it20:35
AlanBellXUL works fine, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't pushed further20:35
jacobwmgdm: i'd be interested to see that20:36
mgdmjacobw: http://donmelton.com/2013/01/10/safari-is-released-to-the-world/ - the last couple of paragraphs are entertaining20:37
jacobwmgdm: nice20:42
jacobwi thought it'd an ancient post from 200320:46
mgdmthe guy has a series of them, I think, recently20:46
* czajkowski pokes Laney 22:25
Laneya hole forms22:25
neuroChrome!!! *shakes fist*22:45
mgdmneuro: what's up with it?23:06
neuroit went into full screen mode and wouldn't come out23:07
neuroquit it, restarted it and it went back into full screen mode23:07
neurothe second restart seemed to have brought it to its senses23:07
neuroi'm supposed to have an interview for dell secureworks tomorrow btw23:10
mgdmoooh, cool23:10
neuroi say supposed to because the recruiter didn't get back to me on friday to confirm where i'm actually going23:10
mgdmbreak a leg, etc23:10
neuroso i know tomorrow at 1pm i have an interview23:10
neuroi just don't know where or with whom :P23:10
mgdmnot sure if that's meant to be PM? :)23:10
neuroi'm a blabber23:11
mgdmI saw a sysadminy job going somewhere nearby recently23:11
mgdmI'll see if I can find it23:11
neuronearby to ... ?23:11
mgdmI think it was Edinburgh23:11
mgdmor environs23:11
neurok :)23:12
neurowas it red61?23:12
mgdmdoesn't ring a bell - though I suspect it was via a recruiter23:12
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