jrgiffordCheri703: the i5 is definitely the minimum.00:21
Cheri703I was eyeing some hefty amd ones that were the same/cheaper than i5 :/00:22
jrgiffordalthough i'm seriously considering just getting a rackmount monster next time, and just virtualize everything.00:22
jrgiffordinstead of a proper desktop.00:22
Cheri703I will probably just wait and think about it forever until I *have* to buy something :/00:23
jrgiffordthat's also an option. and that's what i'm doing.00:23
canthus13paultag: ping18:01
paultagcanthus13: pong, but I'm really busy18:46
paultagwhat's up18:46
paultag@ the MIT hunt, puzzling hard, day 218:46
canthus13Ah.  Just curious as to this whole 'sinking ship' panic I'm hearing about over debian.  apparently the dpkg maintainer left?18:57
dzholooks like it's team-maintained http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/dpkg19:45
* canthus13 nods.19:59
jrgiffordcanthus13 wait, what? the dpkg maintainer is gone?22:05
canthus13that's what I"m hearing.22:07
* canthus13 shrugs.22:07
jrgiffordi can't find anything22:09
canthus13Meh. Looks like someone's starting rumors. apparently someone abandoned debian for alpine and things got a bit wild...22:16
jrgiffordi've never been able to use alpine, so i guess i'm ok with that.22:17
skellatCheri703: Is it possible to formally announce meeting date?  I'm trying to get the script together for Burning Circle 98 so that I can announce something.23:58
Cheri703uhm, let's go for wednesday at 7pm. do you want to send out the announcement like last time?23:59

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