ThomasCorwinJonathanD:  Well first, i'm sorry that i will be using the channel the wrong way, but could you possibly contact e via email: tacorwin (at) outlook (dot) com03:17
JonathanDWho is ThomasCorwin.12:21
JonathanDThats the "doing a presentation near pittsburg" guy.12:22
JonathanDWonder if he was really looking for me, or for jedijf, since you've communicated with him more jedijf.12:33
waltmanThe name sounds familiar.12:35
JonathanDHe emailed the ubuntu pa list a while ago.12:37
JonathanDAbout doing some public "teach about ubuntu" thing.12:38
waltmanoh, THAT guy12:52
waltmanpleia2: Today is Penguin Awareness Day. Are you aware of penguins?12:55
waltmanYou get $10 off admission to the Philadelphia Zoo today and tomorrow if you dress like a penguin.12:56
JonathanDCome on, if I dress like a penguin you should let me in free.12:57
waltmanBut then they'd have to let all the nuns in for free.12:58
JonathanDThat seems like a small price to pay.12:58
waltmanAlso James Bond13:01
JonathanDIf james bond showed up at my zoo, I'd let him in free. Penguin day or no.13:04
waltmanOrchestra conductors?13:06
JonathanDonly if they bring the Orchestra13:06
waltmanfigure skating announcers?13:06
JonathanDWhat I would do, actually.13:06
JonathanDFree for any penguins, and your not-paid normal admission fee can still be used towards a year pass.13:06
JonathanDIncentive to sell passes.13:07
waltmanI don't think I need to be too concerned about pleia2's awareness of penguins.13:08
jedijfJonathanD: he's *all* yours14:51
JonathanDI don't mind sharing.15:40
pleia2penguins <317:07
roastedsomeone give me their opinion on a few pending storage models I'm looking at before my head explodes19:55
roasted12.04 headless server, dedicated OS drive, for storage I'm looking at...19:55
roasted4x2TB WD Reds @ 500 dollars flat in RAID 6 configuration, OR 2x3TB Seagate HDDs in RAID 1 @ 280 dollars.19:56
roasted(I've also cosnidered not doing RAID 1 and just rsync data from one HDD to another nightly in an effort to restore a higher level of "backup" vs redundancy.19:56
ChinnoDogYou can do better than rsync for your backup. Use Crashplan to backup to a local hard drive. You don't need to pay for cloud storage to use the app and the external hard disk doesn't need to be fast.20:07
roastedWhat advantages would crashplan give me over rsync?20:08
ChinnoDogcompressed deduped backups in real time20:09
roasteder - and rsync doesn't support that?20:09
ChinnoDogThey aren't real time and you can't support multiple levels of backups easily20:09
roastedwell, even still, the point is the hdd's wouldn't be raid'd20:10
roastedbut drive B would serve as a backup to drive A20:10
roastedleaving A running by itself, so if it dies I WOULD be offline (whcih is why rsync would be nice beecause then I can put drive B in A's spot and be running in minutes by changing the mount point)20:10
roastedRMA the failed drive, get the new one in, put in drive B's spot, and rsync accordingy.20:11
roastedIt's the best combination of backups vs redundancy I can find, even though it's not real time redundant much at all.20:11
roastedbut the 500 dollar price tag is unreal to justify. I have my first child on the way. I just can't stomach dumping 500 on hard drives for my home server. :(20:11
roastedbut I definitely need more space and I definitely want some sort of backup or redundancy20:12
ChinnoDogMy backup plan if the data drive dies is to go around the corner to Microcenter and get a new hard drive. If the apartment burns down I'll get my backup from Crashplan central.20:18
roastedSo you're not a big RAID guy?20:19
ChinnoDogOnly raid 0. :-) My home server doesn't have the uptime requirements of a corporate environment nor the IT budget for parts that would go with that.20:23
ChinnoDogQuality hard drives that are mounted and ventilated properly do not die very frequently.20:24
roastedyeah, I hear you.20:27
ChinnoDogOn the other hand, 15k RPM SCSI drives mounted in the upper 1/3 of a rack in a data center can get mightly toasty and have much higher usage than a disk at home. Multiply the number of disks in the data center by the failure rate in this environment and using RAID is a good idea so that you aren't constantly putting out fires.20:27
roastedYeah, but corporate environments also have corporate budgets.20:27
roastedPlus if my server is offline, I don't lose money. I just gain a level of frustration.20:27
roastedI just want to fuss with my server as little as possible, which is why RAID 6 or something looked appealing to me.20:28
roastedBut there IS a level of added functionality that comes from changing Drive B's mount point to Drive A, in the event Drive A dies.20:28
roastedI can be up and running in a minute.20:29
roastedNot to mention the fact that doing daily rsync's allows me to pull up data off the server in the event I ruined said file on my computer.20:29
ChinnoDogNot using RAID is less expensive than using it. The cost of a replacement drive in even one years time that matches the size of the other volumes will be much less.20:31
ChinnoDogI have a slow USB 1.5TB drive I use for backups20:31
roastedBut in my case, I'm debating between RAID 1 mirror or no mirror and rsync, however we're still talking 2x3TB HDDs.20:32
roastedSo both situations cost the same.20:32
roastedI'm just wondering if a mirror makes sense, or if utilizing rsync (which removes a degree of real time redundancy, but grants me a level of backup protection) outweights the need for a raid mirror20:32

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