brycedkms status00:01
bryceand /var/lib/dkms/*/*/build/make.log00:01
Azelphurdkms status says "fglrx-updates, 9.000: added"00:06
Azelphurhmm, /var/lib/dkms/fglrx-updates/9.000/build is empty00:07
bryceanyway, probably you should just remove all fglrx and reinstall the driver from scratch00:10
bryce9 times out of 10 that "fixes" whatever the issue was.00:11
Azelphurwill try it now, but as I say I got this issue first time installing fglrx-updates on a fresh install00:11
brycedoesn't explain why it broke in the first place, but maybe you can reproduce it.00:11
Azelphurbryce: followed those instructions, then reinstalled fglrx-updates, same issue :(00:22
bryce1087840 is probably your bug00:45
Azelphurfun, I notice that bug report is requesting unity --replace &, so perhaps I'll post that too00:47
bryceanyway, enough looking at fglrx.  it's the weekend.  :-D00:47
Azelphurtried to do the apport collect and it says that no information was collected00:48
AzelphurPackage fglrx-installer-updates not installed and no hook available, ignoring.00:48
bryceAzelphur, I doubt that'll show anything useful.  Like I said, needs to have the build errors from dkms or whatever before can really say what the cause is00:48
Azelphurodd that it doesn't even create a log file00:48
brycecould be just a kernel incompatibility or some such00:48
Azelphuryea, at least there's a bug up, I'll watch it and see what happens00:49
brycehmm, apport-collect should have gathered it, but I bet I need to specifically add that hook.  oh well00:49
Azelphurhehe, tyvm for your help anyway, I'll keep an eye on that bug and hopefully it'll be fixed soon00:49
agrestringereGot a quick question: Is there www.launchpad.net based list of all the packages that Ubuntu-X team is responsible for?02:33
agrestringereLike a huge index style list?02:33
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bryceyeah - http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/ubuntu-x-swat/Reports/package-status.html09:09
tjaaltonhe left already :)09:10
tjaaltonhad the patience to wait full 8min09:12
tjaaltonI also use https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+packagebugs from time to time09:13
tjaaltonas depressing as it is..09:13
knittlhello. I have collected plenty of information about my graphics card/monitor configuration but I'm still not able to get it to work. If anybody has a little time to check my bug report? If more info is required, I'll be glad to provide it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/72711209:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 727112 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia-current does not detect hardware capabilities correctly" [Medium,Incomplete]09:46
knittlhummm… this looks promising: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=2039336&postcount=1109:50
knittlf*** YEAH! that did the trick \o/10:09

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