chilicuilnlsthzn: hi, good day, I'm part of the crown who are organizating the loco gaming, I know you were on #ubuntu-mx asking for some info about the event =), well, currently it's sheduled to play 3 games, wesnoth, urban terror & assaultcube. the wesnoth & assaultcube games will be hosted by the ubuntu-mx team & UT for ubuntu-co (colombia), you can participate (till a maximum of 10 players by team) in 1, 2 or all the games, To do that, add the te03:21
nlsthznchilicuil, missing the last part of your message :)04:28
chilicuilnlsthzn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550961/ =P04:30
nlsthznthanks chilicuil 04:32
chilicuilnp, hope you can join us =)04:34
Kilosmorning all05:35
Kiloshi Cantide 05:52
Cantidehello :)05:56
Cantidethanks for the meeting reminder05:56
Kilosnp thats my job05:56
Cantidemy job right now is to finish breakfast05:56
Kiloslol the pro nailed me to it05:56
Kilosonly escape is moving to the happy hunting grounds06:02
Cantidehappy hunting grounds?06:02
Cantideoh :p06:04
Kilosother place is much to hot06:18
Cantidesome of us like the heat :)06:19
Kiloshows things Cantide 06:20
Cantidenot bad :p06:20
Kilosnow your tummy  is full06:20
Cantidei have more to study -.-v06:20
Cantidefull of pizza06:20
Kiloswhat now?06:20
Cantidei have a 20-page assignment to do before the end of February06:20
Cantideso i have to get cracking on that06:20
Cantidethe first step is to read 300 pages :-S06:20
Cantidei will begin that today06:21
Cantideand then review another 300 pages06:22
Cantideso in total about 600 pages to study :<06:22
Cantidethen get writing :/06:22
Kilosof what?06:22
Cantide3 novels and some poetry06:22
Kilosfor what is this06:22
Cantideone 5-page essay on each06:22
Cantidefor my final English nonsense before i can graduate06:23
Cantidei think they lost my exam06:23
Cantidebecause i demanded a remark and they gave me the run around06:23
CantideUNISA <306:23
Kilosgo for it06:23
Cantidea few weeks of hard study now, and then i can rest :)06:24
Kilosno rest till you passed everything then short rest till next studies06:24
Kilos1 week onna beach06:24
Kiloshi digigram 06:25
CantideKilos, haha06:26
Cantidenext studies might only be next year06:26
Cantidebecause my degree will be complete06:26
Cantideand then the next step is honours06:26
Cantideyesyes :D06:26
Cantidei can't study while i move to a new country and settle, so i will be forced to take a break for a bit06:26
Kilosno matter theres LPI and python and lotsa other useful stuff to study06:26
Kiloswhere you going06:27
=== Cantide is now known as CanAFK
=== CanAFK is now known as Cantide
Kiloshi acherv theblazehen 07:06
Kiloshi superfly 07:39
Cantideoh, sorry - I was afk -.-v07:41
CantideKorea :p07:41
KilosMaaz, LPI manual07:42
Kilosim working through the server guide slowly07:42
Kilosso not chatting much07:43
CantideKilos, nice :) i've saved a copy of the guide07:51
Cantidei will read it when i have time :)07:51
Kilosthats actually a good manual. if you can remember what you read07:52
Kiloshi Mezenir 07:52
Mezenirhi kilos07:52
Mezenirhow are you ?07:52
Kilosgood ty and you?07:52
Mezenirgood thanks07:53
CantideI'd like a similar one for Ubuntu :) that would be useful07:56
zerefanybod heard of: http://shoppingemall.co.za/index.php09:59
Kilosscreen working zeref ?10:08
zerefKilos: got new screen10:39
Cantidethat site is weird10:49
Cantide.co.za domain, but prices in dollars10:49
Cantidehow odd10:49
zerefKilos: yes10:55
zerefspoke to the guy via skype10:55
zerefone price made me o0o010:55
zerefhad a look at a 23"11:00
zerefits huge11:00
Kilosthey for old peeps with bad eyes man11:03
KilosMaaz, convert 69 USD to ZAR11:04
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.11:05
KilosMaaz, exchange 69 USD to ZAR11:10
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.11:10
not_found 69 USD to ZAR11:42
not_foundR612.8  (South African rand)11:42
not_foundsilly copy passte11:42
Kiloshi not_found ty11:43
not_foundno worries :)11:43
Kilosthats a good price for a 21" screen11:43
not_foundwolfram alpha ftw11:43
Kilosi dunno whats up the python bots11:43
Kilosthey used to work11:43
not_foundit happens11:47
inetprogood afternoon11:59
inetpro20/01 06:30:13 <chilicuil> nlsthzn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550961/ =P12:00
inetpromore readable: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1551425/plain/12:00
inetproKilos: ^^ there you have the details12:01
Kiloshi inetpro ty12:01
inetproMaaz: site http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ up12:01
Maazinetpro: *blink*12:01
inetproMaaz: site pad.ubuntu-uk.org up12:01
Maazinetpro: Sorry...12:01
inetproMaaz: is pad.ubuntu-uk.org down12:02
Maazinetpro: Yes, http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ is down (Server is not responding)12:02
Kiloswe dont make mistakes12:02
Kilosonly when we do something wrong12:02
inetproKilos: sure thing12:02
inetproKilos: sorry12:03
Kilosoh inetpro ty those commands worked like a dream12:03
Kilosrsync and cp to server12:03
inetproah you mean the rsync stuffs12:03
Kilosya ya12:03
Kiloshey fix Maaz and QA12:04
Kilosthey cant do the currency thing anymore12:04
Kilosone burps and the other says The tubes are clogged!12:04
inetproMaaz: google 1 usd in rands12:06
Maazinetpro: "XE: (ZAR/USD) South African Rand to US Dollar Rate" http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert/?Amount=1&From=ZAR&To=USD :: "Convert United States Dollar to South African Rand | USD to ZAR ..." http://themoneyconverter.com/USD/ZAR.aspx :: "Convert South African Rand to United States Dollar | ZAR to USD ..." http://themoneyconverter.com/ZAR/USD.aspx :: "Exchange Rates12:06
MaazGraph (South African Rand, US Dollar) - X-Rates" http://www.x-rates.com/graph/?from=ZAR&t…12:06
Kilosit used to work with convert or exchange12:06
inetproKilos: I know12:07
inetprobut you can't blame the bot all the time12:07
Kilosfix it12:07
inetproit's the other side where things change12:07
Kilosdo they fetch that info from some site?12:07
inetproyebo yes12:07
inetprolike the weather12:07
Kilosoh no12:07
inetprodue to a lack of proper standards on these things12:08
inetproeveryone love reinventing the wheel12:08
inetproand on top of that, when they've reinvented the wheel they love doing it again12:09
Kiloswe need to advertise the12:11
Kilosif its not broke dont fix it12:11
Kilosnot_found, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1551425/plain/12:11
Kilosdunno how one will get past the time diffs though12:12
Kilosinetpro, 46mm rain total so far12:12
Kilosand others are washing away12:13
inetproKilos: that's nice12:17
inetprostill less than me though12:17
* inetpro goes to check the latest12:18
Kiloshehe hoe grooter die sonde hoe grooter die genade12:19
* inetpro now had 63mm since Friday12:21
inetproKilos: ai!12:21
* inetpro het die genade nodig12:21
Kilosdubbletjies gaan baljaar12:21
Kiloshelfde van die plot is dubbltjies en boete bos12:22
Kilosen rug te seer om te grou12:22
not_foundthx uncle Kilos saw the links12:48
Kiloshmm found himself again i see15:21
theblazehen-phonHi all15:30
Kiloshi theblazehen 15:30
theblazehen-phonHow are you ?15:30
Kilosok ty and you?15:30
Kilosi dunno if you were still here last night. them mexicans are 8 hours behind us15:32
theblazehen-phonWhat happened ?15:33
Kiloswesnoth, urban terror & 15:33
Kilosthose are the games15:33
theblazehen-phonDid it happen already ?15:33
theblazehen-phonI did a dumb15:34
Kilosthats never mind hey?15:34
Kilosah ok15:35
Kiloswhere is your school?15:36
Kilosexcuse my nosiness15:36
theblazehen-phonIn centurion15:36
theblazehen-phonNo problem15:37
Kilosah you a gautengalenger15:37
theblazehen-phonYep :)15:37
theblazehen-phonWhere you from ?15:41
theblazehen-phonOk 15:41
Kilosborn here grew here went to natal for many years and ended back here15:41
theblazehen-phonHaha ok.15:42
Kiloshi charl__ 15:52
charl__hi Kilos 15:52
theblazehen-phonHi charl_15:52
charl__good afternoon/evening all15:52
charl__Maaz: coffee on15:52
* Maaz washes some mugs15:52
charl__hi theblazehen-phon 15:53
charl__haven't been around for a while, been down with a cold, almost recovered from it now15:53
charl__how's it going?15:53
Kiloscharl__, how does a cold affect your pc and fingers15:56
charl__Kilos: hehe :) i just didn't feel like doing much i guess15:56
MaazCoffee's ready for charl__!15:56
charl__Maaz: thanks!15:56
Maazcharl__: Sure15:57
Kilosmust been a bad cold15:57
Kilosyou got a long tail15:57
charl__lol, yeah apparently one user is using charl and another charl_ so i got charl__15:57
charl__irssi does that automatically15:57
Kilostold you to register your nick15:58
charl__it just uses my unix username15:58
Kilosno one ever listens to me15:58
charl__it's interesting, somebody from south africa (i can see from the last known IP address) registered charl and haven't used it for 20 weeks15:58
Kilosthey stole my bots nick as well15:58
charl__but freenode keeps all nickname registrations on15:58
charl__i don't care really, most of the networks i use don't even allow nickname registration15:59
Kilosya they registered my bots nick as well15:59
charl__the person using charl currently (without identifying to nickserv) is a swede and charl_ is used by somebody behind a bnc15:59
charl__the benefit i have is i always irc from charl.eu so you know it's me regardless of the nickname :)16:00
charl__that was really the way irc was supposed to work in the first place16:00
charl__nickserv was a hack that was added in later16:00
Kilosoh ya16:00
charl__besides, like i said, most of the networks i use don't even have a nickserv16:01
charl__but you know which is me regardless of the network due to the hostname16:01
charl__hi zeref 16:02
charl__Kilos: so how have you been keeping?16:02
Kilosgood ty charl installed server on other pc and been trying to learn iptables and ssh16:03
charl__some powerful stuff, ssh and iptables16:03
charl__i am still amazed at how versatile ssh can be16:03
charl__iptables is also pretty powerful16:04
charl__especially when you start with nat routing and such16:04
Kilosactually very lekker using ssh16:04
Kilosjust would like to see a gui there now and again16:04
charl__a long time ago i used to play with radvd and stuff for ipv6, which replaces nat routing16:04
charl__also quite good entertainment16:04
Kiloswhenever i try something new all the guys sigh  and hide16:05
charl__i am watching a video about a dutch guy who collects old gaming consoles, he has an amazing collection already16:06
charl__heh he has stuff i didn't even knew existed :D16:08
Kilosim watching the sardine runs in sa16:17
Kiloson tv3 16:17
Kilosone of natures great events its classed as16:26
Symmetriamy god16:28
SymmetriaI found somewhere that still uses iburst16:28
theblazehen-phonIs that still a thing ?16:31
Symmetriayes, the guest house Im staying in uses it :(16:35
Symmetriahahahahahahaha omg my dad is pissed at me, this company was sending him emails in formats he couldnt open16:36
Symmetriaso he told them to send it to me but didnt tell me I'd be getting shit from them16:36
Symmetriaso I got spam from them as far as I was concerned16:36
Symmetriaso I sent back this really snotty reply that said "Don't spam me, its illegal under the ECT act, you're south african, and I'll nail your spamming ass to the wall"16:36
* Symmetria thinks its very funny16:37
Symmetriahahaha then my dad sends me an email zomg, they are saying you verbally abused them, how can you be so nasty, blah blah blah16:49
SymmetriaIm like, thats what happens when I get b.s 16:49
charl__nn all17:25
* Kilos waves17:51
* smile waves back17:51
smileI don't think you will see me waving, Kilos :p17:51
* Cantide tsunamis17:51
smileI'm too far away ;)17:51
smileCantide: :o17:51
Kilosnaand magtie 18:02
magtieHi Kilos18:03
Kilossee inetpro we need a greeter bot here18:21
inetprowat's fout?18:21
Kilos20.15 ^^18:21
inetproKilos: nee man18:22
Kiloswat nee?18:22
Kilosthats a lost member18:22
inetprosomtyds wil iemand ook net kyk hoe dinge werk18:22
inetprosonder dat iemand inmeng18:22
Kilosja maar as niks werk nie loop hulle18:22
Kilossjoe ek sukkel18:22
inetpronet gou kinders in die bed kry18:23
KilosCantide, you here?18:36
Kiloswas it you asked how to turn off pc from cli months ago?18:36
Cantidei am here >_>what's up?18:37
inetprook Kilos, what's up doc?18:37
inetprowhat's happenin in ubuntu-za land?18:37
Kilossomeone had some hassles months ago and couldnt shutdown from cli and all i had was sudo reboot18:37
Kilosjust tried sudo shutdown now on server18:38
Kilosfailed then looked more and sudo poweroff works18:38
inetproKilos: shutdown -r now18:38
inetproKilos: man shutdown18:38
Kiloslol the suggestions were -P and -h18:38
inetpro-r to reboot18:38
inetpro-h to halt18:39
Kilossudo reboot works kiff18:39
inetprothe shutdown command is better18:39
Kilosshutdown now stops something but doesnt switch off18:39
Kilossahame i been tapping the power button once then it actually goes through the motions18:41
Kilosshame as well18:41
Kilosit actually does it nicely18:42
Kilosjust a quick tap18:42
Kilosnow poweroff works too and i will try the -h option18:43
inetproKilos: and if your box is locked away in a different room?18:43
Kiloswell duh. why you think i been googling18:44
Kilosyou know i hate google18:44
Kilosnou lag hy18:44
Kilosanyway back to greeter bot18:45
Kiloswe need one18:45
Kiloswe lost stepan now18:45
inetproKilos: what I need is a new car18:45
Kilosgreeter bot is cheaper18:45
inetprothese things are so damn costly it's not funny18:45
Kilosyip cars arent for everyone anymore18:46
Kiloshard to fit family on scooter though18:46
* inetpro is looking for a 7 seater to replace a very old Opel Zafira18:47
Kilosthat car you were here with?18:47
inetprojust about impossible to find something decent for a good price18:47
Kilosget n kombi18:47
inetproKilos: at what price?18:47
Kilosor hiace18:47
Kilostry one of the neighbouring states18:48
Kilosthey got lotsa cheap vehicles18:48
* inetpro needs a Sesfikile18:49
Kilosthey were expensive when they were still here18:49
Kiloswhats that18:49
inetpro16 seater18:49
inetprono more hiace here18:49
Kilosland ponde18:49
inetprothere's a quantum18:50
Kilosmini bus they are called18:50
inetprostarting at R368,90018:50
Kilosyou gonna have to get another job18:51
inetprothen there's a Innova starting at R276,20018:51
Kilos2 jobs will cover vehicle costs but maybe not doctor bills too18:51
Kilosthats 7 times what i sold my house for in 9818:53
inetprothen there's the Avanza starting at R160,10018:53
Kiloswhat is it18:54
Kiloswhat make18:54
inetproand that one doesn't compare with the zafira18:54
inetproKilos: these are all Toyota18:54
Kilosah toyotas are quite good nowadays18:54
inetprogimme something else to look at18:54
inetprothose are all to pricey18:55
Kilosmerc makes one18:55
Kilosmethinks around 500k18:55
Kiloshow about hyundai18:56
Kiloslook on bidorbuy18:56
inetprothat's a very nice vehicle18:56
inetprobut is over 300K18:56
Kilostry tata18:56
inetproKilos: which one?18:57
Kiloshave they got minibusses18:57
Kilosor panel vans18:57
Kilosim not sure what modern vehicles are called18:58
inetproKilos: I can get a 38 seater from Tata18:58
Kilosthen you can charge bus fair18:59
inetproor a 27/28 seater18:59
inetproonly on Request a Quote basis18:59
Kilosno 16 seeters?18:59
inetproKilos: don't think they have19:00
Kilosya well fone them tomorrow19:00
inetproKilos: my family is not that big19:00
Kilostell them you want discount for the extra 10 seats you arent gonna use19:00
Kilosyou can use it for school sports trips etc19:01
Kilosand charge the school19:01
Kilosyous are only 4 in the family19:01
Kiloswhy you want a 16 seater19:02
inetprono I need a 7 seater19:02
inetpro4 kids plus the ouma19:03
inetprovery tough predicament19:03
Kilosand a big boot then too19:03
inetproexactly that19:03
Kilosoumas cart lotsa padkos19:03
inetproand /me is tired of old vehicles 19:04
inetprocosts to much to keep on the road now19:05
Kilosbeen there done that19:05
inetproso please give me a solution19:05
Kilosnew ones cost more19:05
Kiloscheck service fees19:05
Kiloscoupla grand per service19:06
* inetpro ponders keeping the old one and just getting a small new vehicle as a 2nd car19:09
inetproso which do I choose19:10
inetprochoices, choices,..19:10
inetprotough predicament19:10
* inetpro hates having to choose19:11
Kilosi had good service from vw's19:11
* inetpro must choose wisely19:11
Kilosyip making skuld is frightening19:11
Kilostell your wife to decide19:11
Kilosthen you got someone to blame19:11
* Kilos hides19:11
inetproyou better hide very far away19:12
inetproand don't let the kids choose either19:12
Kilosgo flip a coin by her and say she just decided19:12
inetpromy daughter likes the Chrysler Grand Voyager19:12
Kiloslovely vehicle19:13
Kilosnot cheap19:13
Kilosand V8's eat juice19:14
inetproKilos: that is only R464,990 for the cheapest model19:14
inetproand she wanted the full house one 19:14
Kilostell your daughter she must stand at the gate every day for 4 years and sell chickens and eggs19:15
inetprothink it was the one going at R659,99019:15
Kiloskids have rich tastes19:15
inetprothat was when I was looking for a cheap fiat yesterday :-)19:16
Kilosmy sis rides a small uno19:16
Kilosvery light on juice19:16
inetproyou still get them even?19:16
Kilosi think they got new names too19:17
inetprolike a Fiat Pop19:18
inetpronot very practical19:18
Kilosthings are hard with a family19:19
* inetpro loves the look and feel of the Kia Picanto19:19
inetprobut they have no ABS19:20
Kilosso what19:20
inetprocompared it to the Ford Figo which has ABS at about the same price19:20
Kiloscant you drive19:20
Kilosor you also got a checkers license19:20
Kilosabs is a modern thing19:21
Kilosand there are more road accidents now with all the modern stuff19:21
inetproit sure is nice to have19:21
Kilosspose more vehicles is why19:21
Kilosyou dont even feel its not there if you can drive19:22
Kilosgo practise onna skid pan19:22
Kilosim not a ford fan19:23
Kilosfabrikaat onbekend reparasies daagliks19:24
inetproso what do you like?19:24
inetproplease don't tell me VW19:25
Kilosor first on rubbish dump19:25
Kilosi tust vw19:25
inetproPolo Vivo?19:26
Kilosgot over 250 thou on 16v jetta and over 500 thou on first gli19:26
Kilosyou dunno the song19:27
Kilosvee double you and me , we all believe in quality19:27
inetprothey not the same any more19:28
Kilosprove it19:28
Kiloswhat changed19:28
inetpro"When VW dropped the iconic CitiGolf from its line-up in 2010, the company’s marketing bigwigs ingeniously replaced it with a rehashed fourth-generation Polo dubbed Polo Vivo"19:29
Kilosused to be a matter of pride with them19:29
inetproVERDICT: "...the Ford Figo wins. Yes, it’s the cheapest car in this company but it’s also the most versatile, covering all key areas with aplomb."19:30
inetproanyway, now you know what I did yestedray19:31
Kilostopcar did a test for a tv show and didnt cart a family around in it for a few years19:31
smilebyee :)19:31
Kilostoods smile 19:31
Kilossleep tight19:31
* inetpro head is still spinning from the multitude of options19:31
smilethanks Kilos :) good night19:31
inetprobye smile19:31
smilebye inetpro, lekker slaap19:31
Kilostough decision inetpro and you stuck with it for years19:32
inetproKilos: exactly19:32
inetprobut I tired of sukkeling19:32
Kilosget 5 scooters19:33
inetprobrilliant idea19:33
Kilossmall kids on backpack19:33
inetproKilos: and ouma making the wheelies19:34
Kilosmy mom used to ride with me on the bmw and moto guzzi19:34
Kilosmy dad had his own 125 scrambler thing but she wouldnt ride with him19:36
Kilossaid he was too wintie19:36
Kilossjoe late again. night all sleep tight19:55
KilosMaaz, announce Meeiting tomorrow night all. no excuses not to be here19:55
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Meeiting tomorrow night all. no excuses not to be here19:55
Kilosmeeting too19:56

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