kostkonpopsch, both of the commands are 100% safe00:00
popschkostkon, yep, autoclean cleaned up a lot00:00
GetCodeMonkeyI swear if I hit the power ball jackpot I will pay someone to fix this for me lol00:01
popschmy congratulations to the whole ubuntu community. I know how hard it is to ensure that dist-upgrades are working. all the services seem to run flawlessly. thanks00:01
ubuntu-testerWhy kernel headers are installed by default? why non-tech user would need them?00:02
kostkonpopsch, happy to hear that. i have had a similar experienced. many dist-upgrades, all successful.00:02
thedark12I always have the weirdest problems00:03
thedark12I have been using ubu tu for 5 years and I can never get a problem solved in chat00:03
kostkonubuntu-tester, i think the kernel headers are needed for dkms, or whatever is called. it rebuilds certain modules after every kernel update00:03
kostkonubuntu-tester, like for example, non-free drivers.00:04
GetCodeMonkeyI feel the same way thedark1200:04
GetCodeMonkeyI will say at least people respond here00:04
GetCodeMonkeyin the Mint Linux chat when I was asking I got silence00:04
thedark12I get silence00:05
[_-S1L3NC3-_]You Do00:05
thedark12That is why I guess my problems are weird00:05
thedark12The whhile reason I am using 10.4 is because I cant get later versions to work with tv out00:06
bubba99blkadder  r u still here00:06
thedark12Nobody could help with that00:06
thedark12Now I need to manually upgrade qt to use some software00:06
thedark12Because I cant use the repo stuck with the old version00:07
ubuntu-testerkostkon: any other examples? if i don't use non-free drivers, would i need headers?00:07
thedark12Googled and manually did make install but the software doesnt recognize that I have upgraded00:08
GetCodeMonkeyI am guessing you got silence because unless you have someone write a new driver for it your sol00:08
ikoniaubuntu-tester: if you don't need them remove them00:08
thedark12I guess00:08
ikoniaubuntu-tester: if you're not sure, leave them, they will cause no harm and take up a very small ammount of disk space00:08
=== Danausplexippus is now known as Idsi
ubuntu-testerikonia: i will, but want to be sure00:09
ikoniaubuntu-tester: sure about what ?00:09
kostkonubuntu-tester, jsut keep them, to be on the safe side00:10
ubuntu-testerikonia: sure nothing in the system would need them00:10
ikoniaubuntu-tester: why do you want to remove them ? what problem are they causing you ?00:10
ikoniathey take up about 2k of disk space, and if you are in any doubt....which it sounds like you are, why remove them00:10
=== Danausplexippus is now known as Idsi
CT1Hi all.  I seem to have grub/windows loader on the wrong hdd.  I need my  1TB (media disk) connected to boot.  Yet Win7 and Ubuntu are both on another partitioned disk.  How can I fix this? any how-to on the web would be much appreciated.00:11
ubuntu-testerikonia: well in the 1st place i learn the system. the minor reason is to save traffic updating them with the kernel00:11
ikoniaubuntu-tester: the package is about 2k - it's not really a saving00:12
ikoniaand what are you learning about the system by removing them......nothing00:12
thedark12So how about qt? There is no way to uograde it without upgraing from 10.04?00:13
ikoniathedark12: not from the ubuntu repos, is there a reason you need an upgrade ?00:13
ubuntu-testerikonia: funny, i misread it as 2M00:14
EaglemanCan i mount an existing folder as a different owner, folder: test  owner test, mounted folder: test owner test100:14
ikoniaEagleman: the permissions are at the file system level - not the mount00:14
ph4nt0mc"est quoi le nom du pack pour le son sur ubtu00:15
ubuntu-testerikonia: what about linux-libc-dev?00:15
ikoniaubuntu-tester: what about it ?00:15
ikoniaubuntu-tester: none of this is instaled by default00:15
ph4nt0mjai essayer alsamixer mais ca fonctionne pas00:15
kunjiGetCodeMonkey: 12.04 is LTS, you're looking to run 3  monitors, umm, how easy or difficult that is depends on just what your setup is.  I've had hell trying to get 2 graphics cards to output at once (one nvidia and one ATI card), but for instance, my current setup uses an A10 APU and 3 monitors was as simple as just connecting them and using the proprietary ATI driver.00:16
ubuntu-testerikonia: i have it installed in quantal. no non-free drivers, no dkms00:16
Eaglemanikonia, its not possible to add " virtual permissions"  to a mounted folder?00:17
Note_is it possible to make a new user on a ubuntu server but give that new user access to exactly what root has access to00:17
ubuntu-tester!fr | ph4nt0m00:17
ubottuph4nt0m: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:17
ikoniaEagleman: no, beyond acls00:17
ikoniabut that's not what you want00:17
BotanicI am trying to package a application when I run debuild -S however when i run it i get the following error http://codepad.org/66UKDNAa00:17
kunjibubba99: Still here?  I'm not sure what the > means.00:18
ph4nt0mwhat is the gui to mix sound plaese i tryed alsamixer but no pack in the rpos00:18
kunjiNote_: It's certainly possible, you mean via sudo right?  You just need to add them to the sudoers file.  A quick google for "add user to sudoers file" should turn up exactly how you do it.00:19
bubba99hi kunji  yes still here. i didnt want to do anymore till i discussed this. when i type a command in now it just gives me another line with the > on it00:19
Note_kunji, thank you00:19
CT1How can I see (and change) what disk my os(s) boot from?00:19
bubba99kunji in other words the leading comment on each line (initramfs) has now disappeared.00:19
Eaglemanikonia, i want some of my local folders mounted in my www directory ( owncloud ) , what would be a good way to secure those things, so when my owncloud setup is hacked,  the files are still safe00:20
ikoniaEagleman: use the correct permissions00:20
kunjibubba99: hmm, what does it show you if you use "ls -la"  ?00:20
dr_willis_CT1:  the bios settings00:21
kunjibubba99: Both are lowercase "L" there00:21
Eaglemancorrect permissions as in?00:21
ikoniaEagleman: as in set the permissions for the user you want to use the files00:21
bubba99kunji i am just preparing the livecd again on usb. this time i am doing it in IE instead of chrome and i also realixed that i was putting the ubuntu download file on the usb with the unetbootin transfer as well. so i put that in a different location on hdd this time and took it from there00:21
GetCodeMonkeykunji problem is I have two monitors00:21
GetCodeMonkeyI am sorry two video cards00:21
GetCodeMonkeyIf I had one video card that supported 3 monitors it would be so easy00:22
ubuntu-testerikonia: linux-headers-generic is a meta-package linux-headers-<version> are a real headers and thay are 12M compressed00:22
kunjiGetCodeMonkey: Yeah, 2 tends to be difficult, I've never gotten it working, but I always figured it would be easier if the ones I was trying to use were the same make, or used the same driver.00:23
bubba99kunji   that command just gives a > again00:23
ikoniaubuntu-tester: so ?00:23
kunjibubba99: No output?  Hmm, how about pressing ctrl+C does that give you back the other prompt?00:23
GetCodeMonkeyKunki that may be why it worked for me before I had the same video cards before one died and I replaced it with a cheap one00:23
GetCodeMonkeyI quit gaming so I figrued it would not matter00:23
ubuntu-testerikonia: just the answer to your "the package is about 2k - it's not really a saving"00:24
bubba99kunji  ok my usb is ready again now00:24
bubba99ctrl c  = no change   >00:24
kunjibubba99: I suppose try the usb again, I think I'm out of ideas T.T00:24
bubba99kunji  should i just try normal boot first?00:25
ubuntu-testerikonia: still interested in the reason they are installed00:25
ikoniaubuntu-tester: sure sure, but I suspect you'd be unwise to remove them as libc-dev and the headers are not installed by default (I'm sure someone running a clean install can verify)00:25
bubba99kunji  in recovery mode ?00:25
kunjibubba99: It can't hurt, but we didn't really change anything.00:25
CT1dr_willis_:  I must press F12 at boot to select my disk that I have all my media on (video/mp3/text) as the boot disk for grub to work properly.  I want to have it boot from the disk my operating systems are installed on instead (as I remove the "media" disk frequently)00:25
=== alright_fine is now known as crazy_person
GetCodeMonkeyKunji I may look into getting a new video card that will support all 3 monitors at once00:26
ph4nt0mwhat is the gui to mix sound plaese i tryed alsamixer but no pack in the rpos00:26
kunjidr_willis: GRUB might be installed to the external drive for CT100:27
Fudgeanyone use live-build, having trouble with config/chroot I think, for the kernel and also console-common though I have universe etc enabled00:27
djskiddI must be going crazy, but is there a beta out for 13.04 yet?00:27
dr_willis_CT1: install grub on the internal drives00:27
kunjiGetCodeMonkey: Hmm, I've heard of people getting it to work with different cards, I've just never managed to.00:27
floogynginx-extras - nginx web server with full set of core modules and extras00:28
floogyDoes that package lack auth_digest module?00:29
GetCodeMonkeyKunji I managed to once along time ago and then I screwed the install up. Reinstalled and never could get it right again00:29
kunjiCT1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing  Probably want to look at "Reinstalling GRUB2 from a Working System"  and do it on your internal drive.00:29
floogy [emerg] 20626#0: unknown directive "auth_digest" in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default:4500:30
floogyIt's this module https://github.com/samizdatco/nginx-http-auth-digest/blob/master/readme.rst00:31
CT1dr_willis_: Thanks for the advice.  kunji: Extra thanks for the link!00:32
bubba99kunji  i ran recovery mode. we have more info now that before  mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/b13717b1-d190-4e22 bla bla bla on /rootfailed:invalid argument . begin: running /scripts/local-bottom....done  done.00:33
kunjibubba99: So is this still the GRUB shell you're in, or the proper Ubuntu recovery one?00:34
ubuntu-testerikonia: have traced deps with aptitude: linux-libc-dev -> libc6-dev -> gcc -> ubuntu-desktop. description for the latter: "This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu desktop system. It is also used to help ensure proper upgrades, so it is recommended that it not be removed." so it's a Canonical's desision to include gcc and krenel headers in desktop system by default. even if no dkms is installed (my example). i want to know the reason for 00:35
bubba99begin: running /scripts/init-bottom mount: mounting /dev on / root/dev failed: no such file or directory then the same message below this as originally from mount syson/root no such file directory down to try passing init=bootarg00:35
ikoniaubuntu-tester: errr gcc for upgrades....don't think so00:35
smwHi all, I am right now running the 12.10 live cd. I have the installer open. I chose "manual partioning" and the screen that came up only shows two of my hard drives. The third (which I wish to install ubuntu on) isn't there. However, the "device for boot loader installation" does show it. What should I do to try to debug it?00:35
smwI want to install on sda but it only shows sdb and sdc for partitioning00:36
bubba99kunji still in grub shell (root sheel i guess)00:36
histosmw: open a terminal and sudo fdisk -l00:36
histosmw: please pastebin the output of that command00:36
kunjibubba99: b13717b1-d190-4e22-ab90-b767-c7b9952d, ok, so it is trying to load the correct uuid, Well, does say fdisk -l work now?00:36
bubba99kunji  do  i try the bios change to usb and run livecd00:36
jribubuntu-tester: gcc is a "Recommends" of ubuntu-desktop00:36
kunjibubba99: If it does, then we have the useful shell, otherwise go for running the livecd00:37
smwhisto: http://fpaste.org/nW0M/00:37
danman1453hello all00:37
bubba99kunji fdisk -l no change still says not found00:37
danman1453anybody here have experience with nginx configuration?00:37
ph4nt0manyone knos lxde?00:38
smw!anybody | danman145300:38
ubottudanman1453: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:38
ubuntu-testerjrib: you're right. i've missed this. then why it's on my system? i didn't build anything00:38
kunjibubba99: Then yeah, back to the livecd I guess.00:38
histosmw: not sure why the partitioner isn't showing sda.  Your live cd is seeing it from that pastebin.00:38
ph4nt0mwhy no sound out there00:38
bubba99gone shutdown again and try livecd on usb. i changed the files on their now since last try00:38
bubba99kunji *going to00:39
smwhisto: http://imgur.com/uxHbcXy00:39
jribubuntu-tester: well apt-get installs recommends by default and I'm going to assume the same behavior is true of the initial install00:39
kunjibubba99: Yep, hopefully it works00:39
histosmw: that's bizare00:39
smwhisto: yes it is00:39
jribubuntu-tester: as to /why/ it's there at all, I cannot tell you00:39
danman1453I have ubuntu 11.10 running, with nginx and php5-fpm installed. I can browse to the index.html (welcome to nginx page), but not the index.php page. The page generated claims "no input file specified"00:40
smwhisto: every release, I get more fed up with ubuntu... :-\00:40
ph4nt0mno help off course00:40
danman1453can anybody help me with this?00:41
ubuntu-testerdanman1453: you better ask this on #nginx00:41
jribsmw: pretty sure this bug was fixed, but check if sda is mounted00:41
danman1453oh, thanks <ubuntu-tester>00:42
smwjrib: mount | grep sda returns nada00:42
jribsmw: great, that's not it then :)00:43
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I have bash shell support unicode?00:43
smwmojtaba: it is set to utf-8 by defualt...00:43
smwmojtaba: it does support unicode00:43
bubba99kunji  do i set to usb cd rom or usb hard disk in the bios? does it matter as long as i set HDD to 6th00:43
jribsmw: one more... check if swap is getting used: swapon -s00:43
mojtabasmw: I have some file names in Persian, but it just show them reverse00:43
smwjrib: nada00:44
kunjibubba99: Hmm, it probably doesn't matter, if it doesn't work then maybe try the other way just in case.00:44
bubba99ok selected usb hard drive00:44
smwmojtaba: Persian is read right to left?00:44
mojtabasmw: yep00:44
smwmojtaba: not sure how you fix that... never had to deal with that myself00:44
jribsmw: file a bug00:45
smwjrib: got a link with instructions?00:45
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I use RTL language in bash shell?00:45
mojtabasmw: ok, thanks00:45
jrib!bug | smw00:46
ubottusmw: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:46
smwjrib: thanks00:46
jribsmw: if you want to get it installed, and can't find a way to make the live cd you have work, you might try the minimal or server install00:46
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I use RTL language in bash shell?00:47
smwjrib: this is actually my first time using the live cd00:47
smwjrib: I always used the alternative cd... but apparently that is no longer supported...00:47
jribsmw: that's right, but the minimal and server installer will use the installer you're used to from the alternate cd.  You just have to be sure to install ubuntu-desktop and you should end up with the same end-result as using the live cd00:48
Dr_Willisalternative cd is gone in 12.10+00:48
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I use RTL language in bash shell?00:49
ubuntu-testermojtaba: what language?00:50
vampirnatacould someone please type my nick? I would like to check if my highlighting is working.00:50
madpropsvampirnata: no00:50
VlanXhello, what command can i type to see which driver is used by all my NICs ?00:51
bubba99kunji  ok nothing happening - its just a dark screen with a single  _ in the top right corner. usb stick was flashing and is now constantly lit.  if i shut down again and go through recovery mode and then put the usb in I bet it will respond and give something00:51
vampirnataThanks :)00:51
VlanXahha lol00:51
smwDr_Willis: yep, I knew that00:51
kunjibubba99: Hmm, the usb is constantly lit?  Try doing a ctrl+alt+f1 when it's in that state00:51
smwDr_Willis: this is why I am trying ubiquity in the first place ;-)00:52
bubba99kunji  just beeps at me - no change00:52
bubba99still lit00:52
mojtabaubuntu-tester: Do you have any idea?00:53
kunjibubba99: Sorry, I don't know what else to try.00:54
jordan__Can somebody tell me why when installing 12.10 the options to encrypt the installation are greyed out / unavailable ?? tried googling couldnt find anything00:55
smwjrib: what package do I specify as the problem?00:55
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I use RTL language in bash shell?00:55
mojtabaDoes it support it?00:55
jribsmw: ubiquity00:55
bubba99kunji me neither. i may have  to pack it up and send it back to the seller and get him to fix it00:55
smwjrib: ah, of course00:55
ubuntu-testermojtaba: actually no. just googling. see if this can help: http://projects.arabeyes.org/download/documents/howto/arabic-howto-en/index.html00:55
AndChat330644My openvpn works on ubuntu but my Android client wants P:OpenVPN ROUTE: OpenVPN needs a gateway parameter for a --route option and no default was specified by either --route-gateway or --ifconfig options. Never asked for that until latest update00:56
bubba99kunji anyway thanks for trying to help me. you gave me plenty of things to try00:56
bubba99kunji   i do have 1 last question for you00:56
ubuntu-testerAndChat330644: latest update of openvpn?00:57
kunjibubba99: ?00:57
bubba99kunji   how do i know what system is running under ubuntu. i read that some are windows based and some are linux based. how do i know? when i did boot it before the problem it just went straight to ubuntu logo????00:59
coldpizza72ihow do i find the process that is using dpkg?01:02
lubuntu13On a Macbook 2,1 with Ubuntu 12.10 I am having problems with the wireless connection whereas with Lubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) it worked just about fine. Now pinging the router doesn't even always work, and forget pinging google.com, I might get a 700ms response and then 7 Destination Host Unreachable and then 400ms... By the way I have a Win7 right beside, with consistent ~50ms pings to01:02
lubuntu13google.com with no dropped packets. Any help immensely appreciated.01:02
kunjibubba99: Ubuntu uses the linux kernel.  It is possible to run it in a virtual environment that might have a different host OS, for instance in VMWare.  Or are you asking about the Wubi installer?  I'm not exactly sure how the Wubi installer works.01:02
lubuntu13BTW my wireless card is atheros ar541801:03
bubba99kunji  its only what i have been reading. the online shop were i got the notebook laptop from told me the OS system is ubunto 12.04LTS . the live cd we are creating from unetbootin says it is windows based. when i ran the middle option which is linux based it did not load the same on the usb? I wonder if i should try this option again????01:05
histobubba99: which vender didyou buy the laptop from?01:05
histobubba99: I would contact them as there should be support01:05
kunjibubba99: Oh, that, they're just referring to whether you're creating the livecd on windows or on linux.  You're making it on a windows machine right?  So they are referring to it as a "windows based" install.01:06
kunjibubba99: Or is this something unetbootin itself asks?01:07
smwjrib: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/110195201:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 1101952 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity does not see hard drive" [Undecided,New]01:07
bubba99histo  yeah i think they will support. they sent me a link to ubuntoforum post about the problem and that is what i have been trying. i will contact them again on monday when they reopen. they may be able to help over the phone but i expect if push comes to shove the machine will have to go back for them to sort it out01:07
ubuntu-testerwhat's the difference between linux-image-generic and linux-image-extra-generic (version omitted)?01:07
kunjibubba99: Can you link the page to the directions you're using?01:08
bubba99kunji  unetbbootin has 3 options available for creating the livecd. i dont remember what the third was01:08
kunjibubba99: Ok, if it's something unetbootin is asking, then you probably want the linux option01:09
jordan__Can somebody tell me why when installing 12.10 the options to encrypt the installation are greyed out / unavailable ?? tried googling couldnt find anything01:09
jribsmw: looks good, you can see in the UbiquityPartman.txt there's no mention of sda too01:09
smwjrib: yeah, saw that01:10
smwjrib: the reason I am upgrading is that gnome-shell starts using up a ton of cpu for no reason occassionally...01:10
kunjibubba99: I'm not seeing an option like that: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/01:10
jribsmw: what version are you on now?01:11
smwjrib: was hoping an install of the newest would fix it01:11
smwjrib: 12.0401:11
bubba99kunji  i did try the linux option but it seemed to load differently. thinking about it though, it may have been because i copied over the top of the existing windows copy on the usb. i think i will scrub the usb and start fresh with the linux option01:11
jribsmw: you know you can just do an in-place upgrade?01:11
smwjrib: I am not a fan of those... call it paranoia ;-)01:11
smwjrib: I have other problems too such as the computer not shutting down, but I believe that was caused by the fglrx driver01:12
jribsmw: I've done one fresh install (by choice) since 4.10 on this machine :)01:12
bubba99kunji  - yes its the middle blue box of the 3 at the top of the page u just posted01:12
smwjrib: the computer doesn't shut down, it freezes and I need to do a hard shutoff...01:12
smwjrib: (again, looks like the fglrx driver which steam wanted me to install is to blame)01:12
SaidKLEQ: I have a correct C++ program compiling in ubuntu 64 bit with g++ v. 4.7.2, but I am having memory allocation issues. It grabs half of the chunk taken up by one array and sticks it in another. If this possibly caused by Ubuntu?01:12
kunjibubba99: The Download for link?01:13
Crazy_Spai_I have a question: I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, My brightness setting for my LCD seems bugged. If it is not at the lowest setting the backlight flickers from high to low and the entire computer halts until you can manage to set it back to 0 or restart.01:13
smwjrib: I am right now trying to figure out what the hell I want to use. I hate unity and gnome-shell is causing my computer's fan to make noise when I am not at my computer01:13
smwjrib: xubuntu is looking like an idea01:14
bubba99kunji  yes on the link u just posted its the middle blue box that says download (for linux)01:14
kunjibubba99: You download UNetbootin for whatever system you're running UNetbootin on (the system you're using to make the usb).01:14
kunjibubba99: So, whatever OS you're on right now01:15
bubba99kunji  ok i see. well that is windows01:15
kunjibubba99: Ah, ok, so download the windows one, start the executable and you should be at that first screen shot they show.01:15
bubba99kunji  you mean execute on this laptop im writing on?01:16
smwjrib: anyways, I am going to try the minimal cd, want me to ping you with the results?01:16
kunjibubba99: yep01:17
jribsmw: I'll be in and out, sure01:17
DavisPondHow would one remove the Grub program01:17
smwjrib: adios01:17
kunjibubba99: I assume that you've downloaded a .iso file for the version of Ubuntu you're making a livecd of right?  So pick the Diskimage option, leave ISO on that pull down menu, then click the ... and find the .iso in your filesystem01:17
smwDavisPond: why do you wish to remove grub?01:17
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I use RTL language in bash shell?01:18
DavisPondI tried to restore Windows 7, it removed Windows 7 but  did not reinstall it. I'm thinking the Grub is the problem.01:19
smwDavisPond: ok, be more specific, what did you do? What is the current status of the computer.01:20
bubba99kunji yes i have the iso version of ubuntu 12.04 and then i unetbootin it using windows option and saved it on the usb01:20
kunjibubba99: Once you're there, make sure it's writing to your usb drive and not some other drive, because it will erase everything currently on the drive.  Then press ok and it should create the livecd on the usb drive01:20
smwjrib: damn it, this is why I can't come in here, I get stuck helping :-P01:20
kunjibubba99: Ok, how you were doing it and not working?  Or were you doing something else before?01:20
DavisPondI did the F9 thing while booting up. Now the computer will  only come up in Ubuntu. If the windows option is picked it kicks over to Ubuntu.01:21
smwDavisPond: you had windows 7, you installed ubuntu, then ubuntu did not show up in the boot menu?01:21
kunjibubba99: Sorry, I mean, is this what was not working before01:21
smwDavisPond: ok01:21
DavisPondNo Ubuntu was successfully installed.01:21
smwDavisPond: can you pastebin the output of sudo update-grub2 ?01:22
bubba99kunji  no thats how i always done it . but originally i was saving the .iso ubunto version file to the usb stick too and i thought that was affecting the data read when i put it in the notebook01:22
DavisPondNo I'm not that good.01:22
smwDavisPond: open a terminal, type sudo update-grub2[enter] and then copy and paste the output to fpaste.org01:23
bubba99kunji  and when i tried the unetbootin (for linux) version i copied it over the top of the windows version !!! i didnt think to delete the original first. so maybe that could have affected it01:23
smwDavisPond: then give me a link to the paste01:23
bubba99kunji  so to open the usb on this laptop which file do i need to open on the usb folder?01:24
kunjibubba99: Hmm, ah, I see what you mean.  Actually having that there probably didn't make any difference, I tend to use a usb as both livecd and for moving files around.01:24
smwDavisPond: also, pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l01:24
kunjibubba99: ?huh, what do you mean, to boot from the usb?01:25
xxxHow can I stop apache2 and cups from starting on boot?01:26
bubba99kunji  you said i should try the livecd on this laptop to see if it is loaded correctly. would i just select autorun on the usb stick folder?01:26
ubuntu-testerxxx with chkconfig for ex.01:27
kunjibubba99: Oh, no, you would try booting this laptop from the usb and see if you can get to a livecd environment01:28
smwDavisPond: still here?01:29
xxxubuntu-tester, I tried to use the option --set apache2 off - but it did not work..01:29
bubba99kunji  is that a bad idea??01:29
kunjibubba99: Nope, not a bad idea at all.  The worst that can happen is that it doesn't boot from the usb, in which case it will just boot your Windows normally.  Otherwise it will load a menu, choose the livecd option instead of the install one.  It will boot Ubuntu and then you just shut it down and take out the drive.  No harm done.01:31
BotanicI am trying to add a ppa to my system however I am getting an error http://codepad.org/Cbf35Np601:31
Botanicsystem is new install of ubuntu 12.0401:32
kunjibubba99: Double check that the bios give the usb boot priority over the HD boot of course, otherwise you'll just keep ending up with Windows booting.01:32
SaidKLEDoes ubuntu 64 bit 12.10 have memory allocation bugs in the g++ compiler? I can't get valid c++ code to work on my machine.01:33
ubuntu-testerxxx: try update-rc.d01:33
bubba99kunji  just worries me that this is my work laptop. i dont own it. and i dont have admin rights. not sure if it will let me in the bios?01:33
kunjiSaidKLE: I doubt it, pastebin your code and I'll take a quick look, those kinds of errors are usually the coders, as in, like 99.99% of the time.01:34
quimonizbubba99 bios is separate form operating system, it starts before any kind of operating system, just try?01:34
kunjibubba99: If the BIOS is password protected, then you won't be able to change it to boot from usb first, but it's easy to check, you just try it and find out, no harm done if it doesn't work.01:35
histoSaidKLE: have you searched launchpad01:35
kunjibubba99: Bothering with password protecting the BIOS is pretty rare in my experience though.01:35
kostkon!es | brayan01:36
ubottubrayan: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:36
kunjihisto: That's a good place to check for bugs, but I see people say that so often, and not once has it been a compiler error in my experience, it has actually always turned out to not be valid C++.01:37
comps_grub wont boot my windows01:37
histo!grub2 | comps01:38
ubottucomps: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:38
comps_i lost it by installing ubuntu,01:38
histocomps_: yes please refer to the second link01:38
histocomps_: for troubleshooting and information.01:38
comps_it just cycles grub when i tick my windows 701:38
g0bl1nAfter upgrading to 12.04, can't seem to print to a Samsung laser printer via IPP. Cups is installed and seems to work, but nothing prints. Any hint ?01:39
histocomps_: did you manually partitoin yoru disk or let the installer do it?01:39
comps_from windows i skrinked 60gbs then let it do its thing.01:39
comps_it took the 6gb part, and extended it01:40
histocomps_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting01:40
quimonizWhen my ubuntu goes into screen-saver mode, as in, the screen turns black after 10 minutes without input, the CPU is being used 100% by compiz - is it normal that compiz eats my cpu while my pc is supposed to wait for me to return?01:40
kunjicomps: Check out those links, and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 then let us know if you're still having trouble.  That documentation most likely has the answer unless you wrote over windows by accident, but that should be fine unless gparted complained about something.01:40
qualiaAfter installing bsd into another partition, now ubuntu doesn't boot as well. (EFI)01:41
comps_i tried boot-repair, same results01:41
qualiahey do u have the same problem perhaps ? :)01:42
comps_ring any bells?01:42
qualiayeah, it's these new ones that ship with the new win8 protection stuff01:43
qualiagiving me a headache01:43
kunjicomps_: boot-repair isn't that great, you should probably reinstall grub, and if that doesn't work then add windows to the menus manually.01:43
comps_walk me thru? please01:43
kunjicomps_: That documentation does a really good job, I learned everything I know about GRUB2 from it and it alone, but I'll be happy to help if you have more particular questions.01:44
comps_i am medicated stoned, please:/01:45
kunjiEFI has actually not been an issue for me, if it's not working for you, then shouldn't turning off the boot protection in the BIOS really make it not an issue?01:45
qualiai think there are new issues with the newest ones01:45
comps_z77 mpower01:46
histo!uefi | qualia01:46
ubottuqualia: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:46
comps_i have uefi..01:46
qualiayeah i have the same thing i did my research, i installed GRUB2 on it's own with bsd only01:46
quimonizoh, the compiz bug is related to fglrx proprietary driver... lucky I got google skillz01:47
qualiai installed it with ubuntu, knowing that ubuntu has UEFI solution and it works, but they don't dual boot. I added a boot menu on my OWN but it didn't work, i did boot-repair it didn't work01:47
kunjiTurn off the boot protection in the UEFI01:47
comps_my windows 7 shows in grub, just when i click it, back to grub.01:47
qualiaplus, i still don't understand how can a new os installed in a new partition, destroy the whole thing and not even ubuntu boots up now01:47
comps_not sure but i think i will need my uuid:/01:49
kunjiMost be some manufacturers really botching things then01:49
comps_just cant think of why01:49
DavisPondWell this is not too good. It lets me into Ubuntu, takes my pass word, the mouse works for a few seconds then it locks up. CTRL ALT T does not return a terminal window at that point.01:49
DavisPondTried reboot several times to no avail.01:50
kunjicomps_: You can get the uuid for a partition by running blkid /dev/sdax x being the partition number and a being the driver letter, as you see from sudo fdisk -l01:50
histoDavisPond: can you ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a console?01:50
DavisPondNo joy.01:50
kunjiI'm using a UEFI motherboard right now http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681315733901:50
kunjiHasn't given me any problems at all01:50
comps_kunji, so i am going in my uefi to turn off boot protection?01:51
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
DavisPondMaybe I have a hardware problem?01:52
kunjicomps_: That's the recommended way to get it booting if it doesn't want to cooperate, of course mine has cooperated nicely, so I don't have personal experience with it's success rate.01:52
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
comps_kunji, i will try, hope for best.01:52
histoDavisPond: did you check the iso you downloaded for errors?  Also have you check the burned cd or usb for errors?01:52
jjgalvez__I've written a python script that loads an XML file relative to the python script. now I've make a soft link to the bin loader, and when I run the script from the link the path is all wrong. So how do I get the path of the python script, not the link?01:53
smwjrib, just to let you know, the debian installer found it01:53
histo!ot | jjgalvez__01:53
ubottujjgalvez__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:53
histojjgalvez__: Maybe try a python channel01:53
DavisPondNo. That reminds me I shall try the new boot USB I made01:53
bubba99kunji  r you here ?01:54
kunjibubba99: yep01:54
g0bl1nOn cups error log I get a "Unknown directive SystemGroup on line 3 of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf"01:54
qualiaOk I have an idea, it's possible to install GRUB 2 from the Ubuntu 12.10 LiveUSB terminal right ?01:54
kunjiqualia: yep01:54
bubba99kunji   ok the problem is defo the usb stick01:54
kunjiqualia: I believe it involves chrooting and then installing like on a working install01:55
qualiakunji, without installing any OSes though01:55
bubba99kunji  i changed bios to boot from usb   and tried 3 times - nothing it just goes straight to windows load01:55
ubuntu-testerJust updated to 3.5.0-22 kernel. intel video driver failed to initialize. found in Xorg.0.log: "open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory". how do i trouble shoot this?01:55
kunjiqualia: yeah, you just install GRUB201:55
qualiaok i understand01:55
qualiakunji, thank you, have a lovely day01:55
kunjibubba99: Hmm, well, I guess that's good and bad, bad that it doesn't work, but it sounds better for the computer.01:56
=== zak is now known as Guest86187
Guest86187wassup peoples01:57
comps_no boot protection..01:57
comps_just bss options01:58
comps_and the windows 8 feature is off01:58
DavisPondUsing Grub ver 1.9901:59
smwhi DavisPond01:59
smwDavisPond, did you ever pastebin those things for me?02:00
bubba99kunji  yeah do you think i should try the linux download version again?02:00
DavisPondI cannot get the Eee netbook to boot up now.02:00
kunjibubba99: Not unless you've got another linux machine to try doing it from02:00
smwDavisPond, nothing boots?02:00
comps_kunji, are you there? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550765/02:01
DavisPondWell it boots, goes into Ubuntu when I select it in Grub 1.99 and then lets me log in to my user account. Then it freezes up.02:01
kunjicomps_: yeah, I'm looking at it right now02:01
smwDavisPond, :-\02:02
bubba99kunji no i havent. so you sure i need the windows download?02:02
kunjibubba99: yep02:02
DavisPondThe netbook was booting up before and letting me on.02:04
bubba99kunji  ok well its getting very late here in uk. im going to give up for tonight. thanks for your help and if and when i sort it I will try and let you know. thanks again02:04
kunjicomps_: What happens when the boot fails, is it a blank black screen, or does it give you an error message, or what?02:04
kunjibubba99: No problem, I hope you get it working.02:04
comps_just flashes to grub again02:05
comps_no errors, it goes black for a second and back to grub (10 seconds to boot ubuntu etc)02:06
kunjicomps_: oh, hmm, I remember that happening before, I don't remember what the problem was though T.T02:06
bubba99kunji  i hope so too. i dont really want to have to send it back for repair but if i have to I will. im sure if the worse comes to worst then they will just wipe it and reinstall. i dont have any files/folders on it yet anyway02:06
comps_i could repair mbr02:07
comps_just run windows repair02:07
folorndoes anyone know  what the name of  skype would  for linux?02:07
comps_and ovride boot manager02:07
comps_cause i am about too:/02:07
bubba99comps  whats that you say?02:08
comps_one sec02:08
folornbeen trying to find a skype client but can't remeber the name of it.02:08
kunjicomps_: You could try that, bubba99's situation is a bit different than yours though, he never had Windows on there, and is trying to get Ubuntu to boot.02:08
comps_ubuntu fail to boot?02:09
comps_try adding --no ahci?02:10
kunjicomps_: Hmm, I'm curious if maybe you need special firmware?  I just notice the section on line 299 of what you posted that is empty.02:10
comps_just long time since i play on linux02:10
bubba99ok guys goodnite02:11
bubba99and thanks again for your assistance02:11
comps_well i am usining a z77 mpower board02:11
comps_msi z77 mpower02:11
bubba99i am learning more about this OS all the time02:12
kunjicomps_: Yeah, I tried looking it up quickly but I didn't see anything relating to it in particular with ubuntu02:12
comps_is there a clean windows boot entry?02:12
kunjibubba99: Yep keep at it!02:12
comps_wait --no ahci work?02:13
kunjicomps_: not sure, I think he was giving up for the night02:13
smwjrib, I officially hate the minimal cd. Too damn long to download everything!02:13
kunjiWell, I need to go, family is waiting for me, I'll probably be back in the morning.02:14
jribsmw: but the cd itself was fast :)02:14
comps_so what can i do?02:14
comps_am i going be able use grub?02:14
smwjrib, where do you vote for them creating alternate cds again?02:14
smwjrib, apparently, they are still useful!02:14
g073nksI'm having issues installing 12.x onto my asus n90 laptop02:15
bubba99comp what is ahci ?02:15
comps_kunji, i want back in windows):02:15
g073nksi can only get it to work if i lock the wireless in bios02:15
comps_i remember my old dell 460002:15
comps_using linux02:15
comps_cant use ahci02:15
comps_had to add the no ahci option02:16
comps_to make it boot02:16
ubuntu-testerJust updated to 3.5.0-22 kernel. intel video driver failed to initialize. found in Xorg.0.log: "open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory". how do i troubleshoot this?02:16
smwjrib, it takes more than twice as long to download the packages through the minimal cd than to download the entire install cd!02:16
jribsmw: I don't remember if it lets you choose a local mirror02:16
jrib(but that would help)02:16
texlaRunning Ubuntu-12.04.1 from usb flash drive...When it boots I get a panel "out of range Cannot display video mode  change computer input to 1600x1200 @ 60 mhz..How to set this up ??02:17
smwjrib, the only mirror option was us.archive.ubuntu.com (or something along those lines)02:17
g073nksCan anyone help?02:17
jribsmw: you chose ubuntu-desktop at install time?02:17
smwjrib, yep, stupid mistake02:18
comps_now i remember bubba02:18
comps_try acpi=off02:18
smwjrib, should have installed the bare minimum and then used my ubuntu live cd02:18
smwjrib, the ubuntu live cd contains all the packages, right?02:18
smwjrib, or I guess that was only the alternate cd02:18
jribsmw: you can't use the live cd in that way, right.02:19
smwjrib, ok, why the hell did they remove the alternate cd.02:19
ubuntu-testerg073nks: you can't install or can't boot with wireless on?02:19
* smw gets more and more annoyed with ubuntu with each new release02:19
comps_kunji, am i goiung to have to restore my mbr?02:20
g073nksUbuntu-tester: neither02:20
smwjrib, truthfully, I sometimes wonder why I still use it... no offense...02:20
bubba99comps  is this in ubuntu terminal? because i am working in the black screen  - grub shell kunji called it or root shell02:20
g073nksI turn wireless off to install or boot, but its my primary internet connection02:20
ubuntu-testerg073nks: can you pastebin syslog from failed boot?02:21
comps_bubba, u can edit boot line right?02:21
comps_Add noacpi, or whichever kernel option you want, anywhere in the line.02:21
g073nksNo, only other internet device is my hp touchpad02:22
comps_just add noacpi02:22
g073nksI found online to disable add on devices, but there is no option in bios02:23
ubuntu-testerg073nks: copy to usb drive02:23
comps_i want back in my windows:/02:25
g073nksHow to save syslog?02:25
g073nksSorry for grammar, typing on this sucks02:26
ubuntu-testerg073nks: cp /var/log/syslog /media/<your drive>02:26
bubba99comps add this in the bios ? or grub shell?02:27
g073nksBut i cannot boot... it justhangs02:28
usr13g073nks: What's on the screen?02:28
comps_grub shell02:28
usr13g073nks: (Where does it hang?)02:28
comps_bubba99 u dont have a boot line saved?02:28
g073nksMoment finishing installing windows then ill go back into install02:29
bubba99comps i dont have anything yet. i only been on the notebook twice. got it this week02:29
ubuntu-testerg073nks: try also Ctrl+Alt+F102:30
comps_this is starting to bug me..02:31
texlaRunning Ubuntu-12.04.1 from usb flash drive...When it boots I get a panel "out of range Cannot display video mode  change computer input to 1600x1200 @ 60 mhz..How to set this up ??02:31
comps_i just want grub to boot my windows sda1:/02:31
usr13texla: What is your video card?02:32
g073nksOk freezes on "registering the dns_resolver key type02:32
g073nksRegistered taskstats version 1"02:33
g073nksFreezes somewhere else when i tried 12.10, but at about same timestamp02:34
texlausr nvidia ge 7900gs02:34
usr13g073nks: After fresh 12.04 install?02:34
shortstraw8How do I check to see if my ssh agent is working the command BB is giving is not working02:34
comps_http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550807/ help):02:34
g073nksThats booting from usb flash drive02:34
g073nksAlso if i try to install02:34
usr13g073nks: Ubuntu 12.04 ?02:34
g073nksCurrently trying 12.0402:35
usr13g073nks: So the install media hangs.  Right?02:35
g073nksOnce i install (with wifi off) it just freezes on black screen02:36
bubba99comps thanks for the page post i took a note of the reference. ok i really gotta go now. see you and thanks again02:36
g073nksIf i tur wifi back on in bios02:36
texlausr13, Nvidia ge 7900 gs with nouvesa driver02:36
ubuntu-testershortstraw8: what is not working, exactly?02:37
usr13texla: xrandr02:38
blaizcoHi there. Does anyone know how to fix wifi problem after updating ubuntu kernel to 3.5.0-22?02:38
g073nksAny ideas? Im stumped...02:38
ubuntu-testerg073nks: try Ctrl+Alt+F1 when it freeses02:38
g073nksNothing happens02:38
usr13texla: xrandr with no arguments will show you usable screen sizes, pick one and do  xrandr -s 800x600 (where 800x600 is what you think you might want).02:39
g073nksIt only responds to hard reboot02:39
ubuntu-testerg073nks: then you should extract logs and show us02:39
neil098any issue on video play on ubuntu 12.04? issues like pixelations?02:39
shortstraw8ubuntu-tester, for some reason I can not clone my repos due to my ssh key.02:39
blaizcoAnyone can help?02:40
g073nksI cannot even boot or interact with it...02:40
usr13g073nks: What do you mean "black screen"?  Anything at all on this "black screen"?02:40
texlausr13, xrandr show current display 160x1200 @6002:40
comps_kunji, ?02:40
g073nksNo usr13, its back lit, so screen is working... but it's just black02:41
ubuntu-testerg073nks: you said you can with wireless locked off02:41
usr13texla: So it shows that you are at:  1600x1200 now?  Well, I don't know what monitor you have, but you do, so pick another one and try it out.02:41
ronnocHey all. Opened a bug report on BKO about constant K3b crashing and got a response about Ubuntu using an antiquated version of FFMpeg. I would post elsewhere but since the Devs seem to think that this might be the reason for the crash, I'm posting here as well.02:41
g073nksOk... but then no internet...  i will see02:41
ubottuKDE bug 312317 in general "K3b crashes whever a non-audio file is clicked in the file-picker dialouge" [Crash,Resolved: duplicate]02:41
ubuntu-testershortstraw8: and without agent, can you?02:41
usr13g073nks: So this is a laptop?02:41
usr13!nomodeset | g073nks02:42
ubottug073nks: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:42
comps_anyone please help me get grub to boot my windows?:/02:42
texlausr13, The monitor set at 1600x1200 4.3 also the display in 12.04 is 1600x1200 4.302:42
usr13comps_: Fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04?02:42
comps_wont boot my sda1 rawr0:02:43
usr13texla: Did you try another one?02:43
g073nksUsr13, but it boots fine with wifi off, not sure how graphics card would be cause02:43
comps_just flashes to grub again, when i pick windows 702:43
usr13comps_: Did it ever boot to Win7 after the install?02:44
neil098hi, are there any issues with video freezing after updating ubuntu 12.0402:45
texlausr13, It boot okay after a time out also works with other ubuntu just this one from usb flash drive02:45
comps_from windows i shrink partition 60gbs02:46
comps_then i ran my usb ubuntu live02:46
comps_installed aside by windows, it took the 60gbs extended it, ext4 54gbs? and a 7gb swap.02:46
usr13g073nks: Oh, I didn't realize that it boots ok with wifi off.  Well, that's different.02:48
usr13g073nks: So, what is your wifi card?  What does lspci say about it?02:48
ubuntu-testercomps_: does windows menu entry appears on boot?02:49
usr13comps_: So you resized sda1 and shrunk it by 60G ?02:49
sheroroxhello everyone. I just recently updated to 12.04 LTS. I tried to get some compiz effects but failed and some Unity crap is messed up. Can someone help me reset visual effects to stock ubuntu 12.0402:49
comps_and then ran the ubuntu live, install yea02:49
usr13comps_: And that is all you did to prepair for the install?02:49
g073nksArgh... looked up card a min ago... give me a sec usr1302:50
ubuntu-testercomps_: and what happens when you select it?02:50
comps_it did the ext/swap.02:50
comps_just puts me back in grub02:50
usr13ubuntu-tester: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550807/02:50
g073nksatheros AR928502:50
comps_blacks out for a second, and back in grub02:50
comps_(ubuntu highlighted)02:51
ubuntu-testerusr13: i've seen it. looks ok02:51
g073nksI have to disable it in io security in bios to boot usr1302:51
usr13ubuntu-tester: Yea, I dono either.....02:51
meshuggahis it safe to upgrate from 10.10 to the latest version of ubuntu?02:52
meshuggahif it is safe, can someone point me a FAQ about it?02:52
sheroroxto add to my previous post if anyone saw it, the windows move really weird.02:53
ubuntu-tester!upgrade | meshuggah02:53
ubottumeshuggah: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:53
sheroroxhey ubottu tryna help a brotha out?02:54
jakepianohi all, i have a question. i was able to successfully install ubuntu alongside win8 but i'm still not able to have an option to boot into it. it just boots straight into windows. i've heard things you can do like easyBCD or something. any ideas?02:54
usr13comps_: I'd boot to Ubuntu and get it fully updated and restore grub.02:54
comps_i'm on ubuntu..02:55
comps_i want want back in windows..02:55
usr13comps_: sudo grub-install /dev/sda02:55
comps_its there..02:55
comps_wont boot.02:55
sheroroxjakepiano: im no expert at anything but I think that if you go into windows and go into your settings, there is a way to setup boot menu with os's02:55
g073nksUsr13, i really want to go back to Ubuntu... but from what i found... asus laptops don't like Ubuntu02:56
sheroroxjakepiano: plus you can do an advanced reboot02:56
usr13comps_: Here's some additional info about grub:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub02:56
comps_how the hell can i boot windows if grub wants to play stupid, and just acts like windows is a grub loader..02:56
ubuntu-testerusr13: any chance you can help with my problem (above)?02:56
usr13comps_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:56
usr13ubuntu-tester: Let me look.02:57
jakepianosherorox do you know what settings those are under?02:57
usr13ubuntu-tester: How far back?  (time...)02:58
jakepianousr13 did you see my question?02:58
comps_this update goona take for ever on my neighbors wifi, while my business class cant be used, no linux driver for killer 2100...02:58
icebirdmisterious kernel what is the  problem out of dayli disadventages02:58
ubuntu-testerJust updated to 3.5.0-22 kernel. intel video driver failed to initialize. found in Xorg.0.log: "open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory". how do i troubleshoot this?02:58
usr13comps_: Get a neighbor with faster internet.02:59
usr13jakepiano: No, sorry...02:59
KI4ROlol @ usr1302:59
comps_i have my own business class02:59
jakepianousr13 i have a question. i was able to successfully install ubuntu alongside win8 but i'm still not able to have an option to boot into it. it just boots straight into windows. i've heard things you can do like easyBCD or something. any ideas?02:59
comps_just my is wired modem:/02:59
mehworkis there a way to make it so i can see ALL my windows when i do alt+tab? I hate having to Alt+` through a grouping of windows to see them all02:59
comps_and my nic no linux driver..02:59
sheroroxjakepiano: press the windows key + I02:59
usr13ubuntu-tester: What is your video card?03:00
jakepianosherorox ...and?03:00
ubuntu-testercomps_: maybe it's true. boot info says you have grub loader on sda1, where win bootloader previously was, i suppose03:00
icebirdwhy should u install ubuntu near win 8?03:00
sheroroxjakepiano: go to general03:01
usr13jakepiano: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub03:01
comps_how can i fix it...03:01
comps_i want back in windows:/03:01
Dr_willismehwork,  for unity compiz has a lot of settings and alternatives for the alt-tab function.  you can even have differnt metnods on super-tab if you wanted03:01
ubuntu-testerusr13: intel hd graphics (with i5)03:01
ubuntu-testerusr13: GMA2000 or so03:01
icebirdinstall ubuntu and forget about win03:01
sheroroxjakepiano: then youll see advanced startup. then click restart now. youll then see an option that says "choose a different operating system". Im not 100% if it will see ubuntu. never tried it.03:01
usr13jakepiano: You need to write grub boot loader to the primary drive, (probably sda)03:01
Harper-ftwwhere would one purchased a laptop preloaded with linux?03:02
comps_MY KILLER 2100 NO LINUX DRIVER :/03:02
jakepianosherorox ok03:02
usr13ubuntu-tester: ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf   #Any error?03:02
jakepianoand usr13 will the boot repair do that for me?03:02
usr13jakepiano: yes03:02
sheroroxjakepaino: come back and tell me ur results03:02
jakepianook awesome thanks guys. i'll be back soon i'm sure03:03
usr13jakepiano: See section:  "Using the Ubuntu CD"  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub03:03
sheroroxhey guys is anyone good with Unity/compiz? I need to do a graphics reset kinda thing.03:03
comps_just want back in my windows,,, not worry about ubuntu.. it wont work with my network,,03:03
ubuntu-testerusr13: i don't have xorg.conf, autoconfig only03:04
Dr_willissherorox,  you want to reset all unity and compiz settings back to default?03:04
jakepianousr13 got it03:04
sheroroxDr_willis yes please!03:04
Dr_willissherorox,  you basically delete the proper config files in your home dir and relog back in03:05
mehworkDr_willis: what happens if i disable the entire unity plugin from ccsm?03:05
comps_can someone now please just help me get this stupid grub to boot my windows?:/03:05
icebirddon't ever full yourself03:05
Dr_willissherorox,  the webupd8 and omgubuntu sites  have some guides on it03:05
mehworkDr_willis: will it make it work like ubuntu used to in lucid lynx?03:05
Dr_willismehwork,  you will break your desktop03:05
usr13ubuntu-tester: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log   #Send resulting URL, let's have a look.03:05
sheroroxDr_willis okay. I will look that up. Thanks03:05
Dr_willismehwork,  what release are you using?03:05
mehworkDr_willis: the latest03:05
mehwork12. whatever03:06
ubuntu-testercomps_: do you have windows disk?03:06
g073nksso usr13, am i pretty much f@$*ed?03:06
comps_not on me03:06
Dr_willismehwork,  since theres no  unity2d in 12.10  :)03:06
comps_so i am stuck in ubuntu?03:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:06
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:06
comps_thanks to ubuntu it broke my system, fucking great...03:06
usr13g073nks: Can you boot with wired connection?  If so do updates and we'll go from there.03:07
g073nksNo, no access atm03:07
usr13comps_: Whatch your language.03:07
icebirdit's a shame03:08
comps_excuse me.... i want my windows,03:08
Dr_williscomps_,  i have no idea what your original problem is.03:08
usr13comps_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  And then reinstall grub.03:08
usr13Dr_willis: He shrunk sda1 by 60G, installed Ubuntu and now Win7 won't boot.03:09
usr13Dr_willis: ... grub fails...03:09
comps_i want my windows now:/03:09
IdleOnecomps_: how is grub failing?03:09
g073nksUsr13, let me go make some cat5 cable, ill be back in a little while03:09
comps_pick windows 7, loads grub again03:10
usr13comps_: Sorry.  But it may be that it's hosed.  May need to re-install Win7.  Dono for sure, but prolly....03:10
stevo_now lets calm down03:10
mlt-It looks like in 13.04 external media is mounted under /media/<username>/<label> . How can I return it back to /media/<label> ? Is it about gvfs? GConf or where even to look?03:10
comps_grub is crap..03:10
comps_did boot-repair03:11
comps_no success03:11
usr13comps_: But you still have a working computer.  You have documents you need to access?  Just use libreoffice.03:11
comps_not ok..03:11
usr13comps_: not ok?  What?03:11
comps_i  am going miss my raid toinight03:11
comps_thanks to this shit03:12
usr13comps_: raid?03:12
IdleOnecomps_: I understand you are frustrated but you need to calm down and drop the bad attitude.03:12
IdleOne!language | comps_03:12
ubottucomps_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:12
icebirdcomps don't blame yourself03:12
stevo_i think he is referring to world of warcraft03:12
usr13comps_: You'll miss what?  raid?03:12
comps_steven, correct..03:12
kyoraid what's this?03:12
usr13comps_: I'm sure you can do what you need to do.  Just use ubuntu.03:12
comps_dowlown 6gb on a slow wifi. ur joking03:13
kyoubuntu is a nice one lol03:13
comps_and get wine to workk,, no way..03:13
ubuntu-testerusr13: failed boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550849/. successful boot (prev. kernel): http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550850/. see line 15103:13
mehworkoh yay it's so much better with alt+tab unity version disabled :D03:13
usr13comps_: Well, I don't know about world of warcraft, sorry.03:13
icebirdits hard to know03:13
comps_soo,,, what can i do...03:14
stevo_hard to not know lol ;P03:14
comps_i need grub to boot windows.03:14
usr13comps_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft03:14
comps_why i am not usuing ubuntu03:14
comps_i own this device03:14
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
icebirdu own youself03:15
kyoyes 0 003:15
Dr_willisyou may need to use a windows repair disk or tool to reinstall the windows bootloader/repair windows03:15
comps_not funny03:15
Dr_willisand worry about grub later03:15
kyoit's funny!03:15
comps_shut up..03:15
machicoladoes anyone know the purpose of this repository and/or if it is vital : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/lorenzo-carbonell/atareao/ubuntu quantal main03:15
machicolait seems to be messin with my update process03:16
ubuntu-testercomps_: from what i see, you somehow installed grub on the windows partition (sda1), overwriting windows loader. you need to repair it, then install grub on linux partition (sda5)03:16
comps_excuse you..03:16
comps_Avbused powered03:17
Dr_willisnormally grub would be on sda, not sda103:17
kyoone disk has 4 sdaQAQ03:17
usr13ubuntu-tester: You could just boot the previous kernel for now.  Right?03:17
comps_i am here only to get grub to get windows bopoted03:18
ubuntu-testerDr_willis: see his report; "Grub2 (v2.00) is installed in the boot sector of sda1"03:18
usr13ubuntu-tester: I guess that's what this is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550850/ Right?03:18
ubuntu-testerusr13: surely i did03:18
ubuntu-testerusr13: right03:18
the_fileis grub2 the default in ubuntu?03:18
g073nksUsr13, i will be back to try again in bout 30 mins03:18
comps_guess so..03:18
comps_i left it all default03:19
ubuntu-testerthe_file: yes03:19
comps_checked, installe aside by windows03:19
comps_watched it take the free 60gbs03:19
the_fileubuntu-tester: does it have any performance advantages for efi systems?03:19
stevo_anyone play an addicting linux native game they would like to share03:19
the_filestevo_: openra03:19
usr13ubuntu-tester: What is the new kernel?  And what is the one that still works?03:20
the_fileits horribly balanced03:20
sbbblike Life 4 Dead03:20
ubuntu-testerthe_file: AFAIK grub has nothing to do with performance03:20
ubuntu-testerusr13: see first lines03:20
the_fileubuntu-tester: it supports efi or something03:20
magn3tsstevo_, I'm setting up warsow right now, looks interesting..03:21
the_filewait no03:21
comps_what options should i try in boot-repair?03:21
ubuntu-tester!uefi | the_file03:21
ubottuthe_file: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:21
the_fileis horribly unbalanced03:21
usr13ubuntu-tester: Oh yea. sorry03:21
sbbbo fuck screen03:21
machicolawow, i actually worked through a problem without help03:21
IdleOne!language | sbbb03:21
ubottusbbb: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:21
usr13ubuntu-tester: Wait, they are both showing the same kernel03:22
sbbbi'm sorry03:22
stevo_warsow looks fun03:22
the_filenot good03:22
icebirdeverything needs a start at the end u will find how much u wore able to care (excuse i am not english speaking dude)03:22
iamzimhas anyone suggested a grub-update?03:22
sbbbhow to study english lol03:22
ubuntu-testerusr13: no, 3.5.0-22 and 3.5.0-2103:23
comps_this is stupid, ubuntu breaks my system, and i can get no support?03:23
IdleOneiamzim: I don't know if anyone has.03:23
sbbbbreak ? good03:23
IdleOnecomps_: you're poor attitude is what is preventing you from getting help.03:23
comps_no its the mean jokes03:23
comps_i dont like,03:23
Orkultusanyone good with Nvidia Optimus errors?03:23
comps_rest my case03:23
sbbbNvidia driver is poor one03:24
IdleOnecomps_: have you tried running sudo update-grub ?03:24
stevo_do a lot of people play warsow ?03:24
Orkultussbbb: intel is worse03:24
sbbbwarsow  0 0 like CS03:24
Orkultusstevo_: i play it from time to time03:25
stevo_counter strike ? i love that game , if it's anything like that i would be happy03:25
sbbb0 0Yes03:25
comps_used to play css03:25
dizzycan any one help me with ubuntu03:25
Orkultusstevo_: you would have a better chance with Urban Terror03:25
sbbbubuntu can't run CS QAQ03:25
sbbbHalf - Life system03:26
stevo_sbbb: soon if they port the source engine03:26
dizzyi cant figure out how to get wow on it03:26
Orkultusstevo_: source engine is already on Steam in linux03:26
dizzyye world of warcraft03:26
sbbbL4d is a example 0 003:26
comps_most steam games are on half life engine correct?03:27
sbbbL4D can run on linux03:27
Orkultusstevo_: i already play Team fortress 2 natively in Linux03:27
stevo_Orkultus: your right , what i meant was soon they will port more source game ;p03:27
stevo_games *03:27
Orkultusstevo_: Global Offensive will be on Linux soon03:27
sbbbkill windows lol03:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:27
dizzyi geuss no one knows how03:27
stevo_@Orkultus : how long do you think until global offensive ?03:27
Orkultusshush IdleOne03:27
comps_when they get my network card i will kill windows03:27
Orkultusstevo_ no idea03:27
IdleOneOrkultus: no, take the off topic chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic please03:28
usr13ubuntu-tester: From http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550850/ I see:03:28
dizzyi am new to ubuntu03:29
dizzyand know nothing03:29
Bon-chanhey, if i install libgl1-mesa-swx11 it will remove the libgl1 glx. Can i get problems with that?03:30
Orkultusdizzy: what exactly is wrong?03:30
dizzyi cant figure out how to get my game to work on ubuntu03:30
dizzyand am compleetly new to it03:30
dizzyubuntu i meen03:31
usr13ubuntu-tester: From http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550849/ I see:   [    17.695] Build Operating System: Linux 3.2.0-26-generic i686 Ubuntu03:31
comps_tried the sudo grub-update03:31
Orkultusdizzy: what game are you trying to play?03:31
comps_same sesaults03:31
dizzyworld of warcraft03:32
usr13From http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550850/ I see:   [    19.460] Build Operating System: Linux 3.2.0-26-generic i686 Ubuntu03:32
dizzyive tried the youtube videos but none of them were of any help03:32
ubuntu-testerusr13: see next line03:32
sbbb0 0 chinese don't allow to connect to google03:33
usr13ubuntu-tester: O sorry03:33
Orkultusdizzy i sent you a message03:35
ubuntu-testercomps_: please understand the cause of your problem. you have broke windows loader when installing ubuntu. compare your boot info report with mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550870/. very similar configuration, but grub is installed in proper place03:36
Bon-chanerror while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:36
iamzimcomps_: you should also do sudo grub-install after that03:37
=== uw is now known as Guest94434
ubuntu-testeriamzim: won't help03:37
comps_was in restroom,03:38
russell_btjoin kohana03:38
russell_btjoin #kohana03:38
dizzy117sorry acsadently closed out03:38
usr13ubuntu-tester: I say just use the previous kernel for now.03:39
jakepianosooo, i'm back. and it didn't work03:39
usr13ubuntu-tester: Maybe file a bug report.03:39
comps_so what did grub do wrong?03:39
usr13!bug | ubuntu-tester03:40
ubottuubuntu-tester: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:40
jakepianousr13 the program running on ubuntu didn't work03:40
usr13comps_: I don't grub did anything wrong.03:40
comps_so why wont it boot then?03:40
dizzy117can some one help me with getting wow on ubuntu03:41
usr13jakepiano: What didn't work?03:41
ubuntu-testercomps_: not grub, you somehow managed to install grub on /dev/sda1 instead of /dev/sda03:41
comps_so boot repair it to sda?03:42
ubuntu-tester!wow | dizzy11703:42
ubottudizzy117: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/03:42
jakepianousr13 the boot repair03:42
jakepianoit failed03:42
usr13jakepiano:  What error did it give?03:42
ubuntu-testercomps_: that's not enough. repair windows bootloader as well03:43
usr13jakepiano: You did:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update  ?03:43
comps_so run the mbr repair also?03:44
usr13jakepiano: And then:  sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair  ?03:44
jakepianogrub-pc purge cancelled03:44
comps_this is what i manage to have now03:44
jakepianousr13 yes i did and then i ran the program and this was the error i got03:44
jakepianogrub-pc purge cancelled03:44
ubuntu-testercomps_: mbr first then03:45
comps_can boot repair do it?03:45
comps_if i go in advanced?03:46
usr13jakepiano: What did you put in there for "Restore the MBR of: _____________?   (sda ?)03:46
ubuntu-testercomps_: now grub is in place but win loader is still missing03:46
comps_can boot repair fix it?03:46
ubuntu-testercomps_: you need windows dvd03:46
comps_if i do the mbr retore?03:46
comps_no dvd?03:47
ubuntu-testercomps_: ubuntu's boot repair doesn't contain any windows stuff03:47
comps_has mbr options?03:48
jakepianoi didn't do anything for that. all the program gave me was the recommended repair and it failed.03:48
ubuntu-testercomps_: if you have another windows machine working (same version) you can take in from there03:48
usr13jakepiano: You have to tell it what drive to install grub to, (which would be sda )03:49
comps_no way in ubuntu03:49
usr13jakepiano: And then you have to tell it which partition your Ubuntu install is on.  (you have to set both of those options.)03:50
jakepianousr13 none of the advanced options were available in the program. i tried to go in and select them but it wouldn't allow me to.03:50
usr13jakepiano: It shows no options in the drop down menu?03:51
jakepianojust the one sda option03:51
jakepianoi couldn't do anything else with it03:51
jakepianoafter googleing a bit i found this link03:51
kunjijakepiano: The Ubuntu documentation is better03:52
usr13jakepiano: Your install is 12.04, Right?03:52
abdostarwhere can I download ubuntu iso with all the updates (till today)03:52
jakepianoand comps_ this link might help with restoring windows bootloader if that was your problem. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/03:53
usr13jakepiano: Forget that one.  Use the link I gave you.03:53
jakepianoi tried already it didnt work03:53
kunjiabdostar: I don't know if there are nightly builds for stable...03:53
usr13jakepiano: You have to also tell it what partition your Ubuntu install is on.03:53
ubuntu-testerjakepiano: do you have "create bootinfo summary" option in boot-repair?03:54
jakepianoyes ubuntu-tester03:54
usr13jakepiano: Did you install 12.04 or 12.10?03:55
ubuntu-testerjakepiano: please do it and give us the link03:55
usr13jakepiano: Yea, send the bootinfo summary and let's have a look.03:55
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comps_found my dvd, cant repir):03:58
comps_says incompatible..03:58
abdostarkunji: I figure it it out, I will just use zsync03:59
ubuntu-testercomps_: what is incompatible?04:00
comps_my windows 7 ulimate dvd04:00
jakepiano_usr13 ok so the os to boot by default gives me two options, either the ubuntu or the windows partition04:01
jakepiano_which one should i do04:01
usr13jakepiano_: Well, windows boots right?  It's Ubuntu that won't boot. Right?04:02
jakepiano_haha. right.04:02
ubuntu-testercomps_: did it offer you a choice of OS to repair (of 1)04:02
usr13jakepiano_: Choose Ubuntu04:02
=== MartinS is now known as Guest2676
usr13jakepiano_: Oh yea, as the default option, (the one at top), Yea choose Ubuntu.04:03
jakepiano_usr13 choose ubuntu? well thats what i already did. and also none of the other options are showing up for me04:03
comps_at the Install now window, clicked repair.04:03
usr13jakepiano: Send the bootinfo summary and let's have a look.04:03
comps_the bottom left cornern04:04
usr13jakepiano_: Can you paste the bootinfo summary?04:04
ubuntu-testercomps_: and then?04:04
comps_then said my version of windows is incompatitable04:04
comps_its was the dvd i used to installed04:04
usr13comps_: With ______________?04:04
comps_said try using a version supported..04:05
comps_my is ultimate 64 tho:/04:05
usr13comps_: Boot to Ubuntu and see if you can read the Win7 partition.04:05
comps_and same dvd:/04:05
comps_i am on ubuntu to u guys04:05
ubuntu-testercomps_: sad04:05
usr13comps_: Grub should boot it, (if it's still there and bootable.04:06
comps_all there04:06
ubuntu-testerusr13: grub can't boot win :)04:06
usr13comps_: But something may have happened to the Win7 partition and the data may be corrupt.04:06
comps_no data there04:06
usr13comps_: No data?04:07
comps_data is there..04:07
jakepiano_usr13 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550927/04:07
comps_i see all the folders04:07
Saracan someone walk with me through partion resizing process in ubuntu?04:07
Saracan someone walk with me through partion resizing process in ubuntu?04:08
comps_bcd is there04:08
Sarai have an unlocated space on my drive04:08
r0n1nSara, you can use gparted partition manager for partition resizing, it can be downloaded from the software center04:08
Sarawant to merge it with my ubuntu drive04:08
usr13jakepiano_: For "OS to boot by default" choose  sda7 Ubuntu04:09
ubuntu-testercomps_: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit04:09
Sarado i loose my ubuntu data?04:09
comps_usr13 it looks all good in file check..04:09
usr13jakepiano_: Restore the MBR of:     sda04:09
usr13jakepiano_:  Partition booted by the MBR:  sda7 Ubuntu04:09
r0n1nSara, no, you are only resizing the partition, not formating it04:10
tjb1Could anyone give me assistance in getting the address of a PCI parallel port?04:10
SaraI press resize partition but it does not allow me to merge it with the 170 gb unlocated space .04:10
Sarait just lets me to merge ext4 with my swap space04:11
ubuntu-testerSara: there is such possibility, little though. backup your data if you can04:11
neil098hi, ubuntu noob here, any issues with laggy video playback? i got a samsung n100 netbook over here04:11
Saradon't need backup not very crucial data just prefer not to loose it04:11
ubuntu-testerSara: show your gparted screenshot04:12
comps_get the link usr13?04:12
r0n1nSara, my bad. are you logged in to your pc? then you cannot resize your system partition withou unmounting it first04:12
SaraIm running ubuntu from usb04:12
Saralive usb04:12
usr13jakepiano_:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair04:14
Sarahttp://www.mediafire.com/view/?viib7ymq2c3a8yw          my screenshot04:14
jakepiano_usr13 ok so it said the boot was successfully repaired and gave me this link http://paste.ubuntu.com/1550941/04:14
ubuntu-testercomps_: you can try to repair win boot record manually, with image from my PC, at your own risk(!)04:14
r0n1nSara, try right click the partition and see if there is an unmount option available04:14
usr13jakepiano_: Ok. Looks good to me.04:15
Saranope not available its gray04:15
jakepiano_usr13 k i'll reboot and check back04:15
ubuntu-testerSara: it's not mounted04:16
usr13jakepiano_: Ok04:16
r0n1nSara, is the /dev/sda6 you want to resize?04:16
ubuntu-testerSara: select /dev/sda4 and try to move it04:16
Sarayes sd604:16
ubuntu-testercomps_: if you want it, PM me04:17
neil098hi, ubuntu noob here, any issues with laggy video playback? i got a samsung n100 netbook over here04:17
r0n1nSara, then all you have to do is select the /dev/sda6 partition then click the arrow button on the toolbar04:17
ricardo_i had a similar problem04:18
ricardo_like sara's problem04:18
turtleJPneil098 which processor is the Samsung using?04:18
=== ricardo_ is now known as pregunton
Sarait says you cannot add a free space on the begining of sda404:19
ubuntu-testerr0n1n: don't confuse her, she can't extend logical partition04:19
Sarait causes failiour to boot04:19
neil098@turtleJP Intel® Atom™ CPU N435 @ 1.33GHz04:19
jakepianousr13 nope didn't work. booted straight into windows04:19
usr13jakepiano: wow.... I dono.04:20
preguntoni can to install ubuntu after to install windows04:20
ubuntu-testerSara: when it says so?04:20
jakepianousr13 yeah idk04:20
jakepianoits weird04:20
jakepianoi'm gonna try one other thing04:20
turtleJPvideo works well enough on my netbook AMD C-50 for most downloaded content 1080P excluded04:20
turtleJPI am using VLC for local and Chrome for internet playback04:21
neil098i got same issue with vlc04:21
tjb1Anyone here know how to find the address of a PCI parallel port card?04:21
neil098im thinking that it has to do with updates i did.04:22
usr13jakerive1: Did the grub screen come up at all?04:22
usr13tjb1: lspci04:22
neil098but what i need is a good isolation so we can figure out whats really going on04:22
tjb1usr13: I haven't been able to find a address using that, the card shows up and it tells me IO ports at 1000 and 100804:23
Sarawhen i try to resize sd404:23
usr13tjb1: lspci -vvvv04:24
tjb1Still no address from what I can see04:25
tjb1Using cat/proc/ioports on my old computer showed two "parport0" entries and one of them was the card, on this new one I only get one parport0 being the onboard card but nothing showing again04:25
xbskidIs there a way I can force Ubuntu One on Windows to recheck the files it's supposed to keep synced?04:26
xbskidClear its cache directory?04:27
=== kaiser is now known as Guest94685
tjb1In the cat /proc/ioports I see PCI Bus which has 1000 and 1008 listed under it04:27
tjb1directly above it is PCI conf1 which shows "0cf8-0cff", would the 0cf8 be the address?04:27
jjasonhello all, im trying to understand the difference between free software and open source..  im not sure what room would be appropriate so i figured id ask here04:28
ubuntu-testerSara: gparted has warned you about consequences of this action but not denied it. it has queued move operation (see at the bottom)04:28
Sarai applied it04:29
ubuntu-testerSara: show screenshot after that (press Alt+Prtsc instead of Prtsc)04:29
usr13jjason: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html04:30
Saraafter what its operating. resizing the partion. it needed to move ubuntu data to left and then extend it from right side04:31
Saraubuntu has interesting way of doing all these things04:31
Sara4.99 of 90 GB04:31
xbskidjjason: Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_software#Naming04:32
usr13jjason: The two terms pretty much describe the same thing.  free software is software that you are free to do with as you wish, you have access to the code.  open source means the same thing, (the source code is available and open to the public for you to look at and edit if you so desire).04:32
r0n1nSara: that's a very long operation04:33
jjasonusr13: yeah04:33
bullittNewb question: How do I open up a second terminal? Clicking it again on the bar doesn't do anything.04:33
usr13jjason: /join ##linux04:33
bullittUsed to slackware :/04:33
jjasonusr13: but..  open source is04:33
minondoh unity...04:33
usr13bullitt:  Shift-Ctrl-n04:33
minondtry middle click04:33
ubuntu-testerSara: you could do it all then apply one time and wait04:33
jjasonusr13:  im trying to figure out how it works that people sell proprietary plugins to opensource applications04:34
smw_I just installed 12.10. How do you configure empathy? Are there any settings? I lost the ability to have my contacts grouped04:34
jjasonand how open projects get closed04:34
bullittminond: middle-click. thank you.04:34
jjasonlike nesus04:34
jjasonand tenable04:34
Sara56 min :) it said it may fail to boot after these. what should i do if it did fail?04:34
minondbullitt: np04:34
Sarais there anyway to repair it?04:34
usr13jjason: free software does not necessarily mean that it is free as in you do not pay $$ for it.  You may or may not pay $$ for it.04:35
jjasonor how people are able to sell open source applications without customers just downloading on their own and not paying04:35
jjasonusr13 : when i pay money for free software, what prevents me from selling it04:35
jjasonusr13: like..  just buying the software, then immediately undercutting the seller04:36
r0n1nSara: if your system failed after resizing, you can use your ubuntu live usb for repair work. there's an article on ubuntu wiki on how to do it04:36
ubuntu-testerSara: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair04:36
usr13jjason: We are encouraged to donate to the developers of our choosing.  If we like a particular package, it is a good thing to give the developers some $$.04:36
r0n1nubuntu-tester: that's what i'm referring04:36
bullittWhy does su not work, but when using sudo command (enter pw) work?04:36
Sarahave worked with boot repair before. not with the live usb for repair04:37
Sarais it the same usb that i installed ubuntu from?04:37
r0n1nSara: yes04:37
ubuntu-testerSara: yes04:37
Saranever saw repair option during install process??????/04:38
bullittIs there a way to go into text-mode from ubuntu?04:38
=== pce is now known as pce_
bullittin slackware: you could start that way, and then use startx to enter the GUI04:38
usr13jjason: See GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE    http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html04:38
dr_willis!text | bullitt04:38
ubottubullitt: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:38
ubuntu-tester!nox | bullitt04:38
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
r0n1nSara: just boot into live session from your usb, download boot-repair and run it04:39
dr_willissu lets you change to a user. but not to root.. thats how ubuntu is designed04:39
Saraso these two are the same way of repairing ubuntu. boot repair and live usb repair option?04:40
ubuntu-testerSara: there is no separate live usb repair option AFAIK04:41
dr_willisboot a live cd. and install  the boot-repair tool.  is handy to fix grub.04:41
dr_willisthere are some live cd's that comd with boot-repair04:41
ubuntu-testerdr_willis: but not the official Ubuntu one, right?04:42
usr13Sara: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair04:42
jjasonusr13: thanks04:42
usr13Sara: Insert your Ubuntu CD, reboot your computer and set it to boot from CD in the BIOS and boot into a live session. You can also use a LiveUSB if you have created one in the past. Install and run Boot-Repair:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair04:43
usr13jjason: NP04:43
dr_willisthe boot-repair wiki page has a link to a hybrid iso that works for 32 and 64bit -  that comes with boot-repair. its handy to have in your pc-toolbox04:43
Omen_20Anyone know how to move Steam to another drive on linux? I've done it on Windows before, but not sure about the beta on Ubuntu.04:44
ubuntu-testerdr_willis: oh yes, thanks04:45
SaraThanks :) guys04:45
usr13Omen_20: "move Steam to another drive"?04:46
=== cindy_ is now known as dizzy
MrClean360hello folks04:47
dr_willisOmen_20:  there may be a .steam directory you just move over04:49
usr13Omen_20: http://askubuntu.com/questions/240903/how-can-i-move-steams-download-folder04:49
dr_willisOmen_20:  or just use soft links. ;)04:49
dr_willisI need to lookinto that soon also. cant have steam filling up my ssd04:49
MrClean360that sounds like bad news04:50
Omen_20Nice. So is there no performance his in using symlinks for something like this?04:50
usr13Omen_20: No04:50
MrClean360excuse me while I leave I have something important I need to do04:51
usr13Symlinks do not require extra resources04:51
SecretFirewhat will be new in 13.04?04:55
minond(back to Gnome2 - I wish!!!)04:56
sbbbhas quit has join has quit has join quit join quit join04:59
sbbbhow do i can close the function 0 004:59
xanguaminond: and then back to gnome1 :) sweet04:59
dr_willisSecretFire:  the omgubuntu blog site has postings about whats to be new in it.. and what changes daily for it05:03
SecretFiredr_willis : thanks05:04
dr_willissbbb:  perhaps ask a question that makes sence.05:06
KylieBrooksso um05:13
KylieBrookseven in gnome classic05:14
KylieBrooksit seems firefox is slow05:14
shortstraw8how do I move a copy of my repo to the /var/www/? 12.04 ubuntu05:17
dr_willis'copy of my repo' meaning what exactly?05:17
minondcp -r path/to/repo /var/www/05:18
shortstraw8dr_willis, so that apache will load it05:19
stevo_does anyone play warsow through desura client, getting an error when launching05:20
Omen_20Was told by a guy in #ubuntu-steam that the symlink wasn't needed. After you move the whole directory all you have to do is open the client and it will ask to either reinstall or search. From there you can just direct it to the new folder. Worked fine.05:29
KylieBrookshi all05:31
szxI've system partition and now nautilus shows 0 free space in /home but there are 17 GB free (and GParted confirms that), what do I do?05:33
szxalso I have now two cursors on the screen05:34
szxand they both move05:34
_helios_something is corrupt05:35
_helios_szx, I would suggest a re-install05:36
szxthat's no a solution05:37
dr_willisor cleaning your glasses :)05:37
dr_willishow big is your home partition total?05:37
_helios_szx, sometimes that's the best solution, that's what I do when something stupid happens like that05:37
JustJoeWhere is the best place to seek an answer about studio 12.0405:42
XtremeWizJustJoe: #ubuntustudio  maybe05:43
JustJoeA broken pipe problem05:44
minondahhhh, fresh install - how great05:46
JustJoeThat was the solution05:49
mvt007geekhi .can someone help me for checksum?05:49
ubottumvt007geek,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:50
JustJoeHow does one avoid this Pipe breaking problem...05:51
elfercall a plumber05:52
JustJoeOf course.. In this case it resulted from updating 12.04...05:53
JustJoeThe drive will take a bit of work to restore05:54
stevo_can anyone help me get the game "warsow" running on ubuntu 12.04 x86_6405:57
cfhowlettstevo_, "warsow" is not in the ubuntu software center.  for support, suggest you see the game developer's site.05:58
stevo_@cfhowlett , alright thank you05:59
DaemonicApathystevo_: http://www.warsow.net/download/ubuntu_precise05:59
JustJoeI'm going to assume that no one else has experienced the broken pipe in the middle of an update running....06:00
Mary__i just installed ubuntu server how to i enable sshd06:00
Mary__or do i just need to open port?06:00
DaemonicApathyMary__, my process was: sudo apt-get install openssh06:01
DaemonicApathyThen forward port 22.06:01
Mary__DaemonicApathy: thank you06:01
Mary__i would have thought it would have been installed by default06:02
DaemonicApathySome people prefer to interact with their servers differently.06:02
DaemonicApathyBut you should have been given the option during installation, even if you may have missed it.06:02
neil098hi guys need to help in deciding if i should upgrade from ubuntu 12.04 to ubuntu 12.10, my login screen started to get and laggy as well as video playback? any suggestions?06:03
DaemonicApathyneil098: Try it from a LiveUSB, and decide for yourself.06:03
cfhowlettneil098, 12.04 is LTS.  12.10 is not.06:04
DaemonicApathyThis gives you a chance to test programs and features, but gives a bad estimate for speed.06:04
neil098Ok lets say i wanted to upgrade to 12.10, i tried it now and what happened was i had an error saying it could not calculate the chages06:05
cfhowlettneil098, verify your iso or search out what that error means.  doesn't sound good.06:05
_sam_free" indicate 0 swap space ,how to increase??06:05
neil098i tried googling it but had no luck06:06
codepython777I've a service which wont start06:06
codepython777how can i debug it?06:06
neil098it says something like could not calculate the upgrade06:06
codepython777I dont see anything in the error log06:06
cfhowlettneil098, did you verify the iso?06:06
codepython777how do i even find out - what does /etc/init.d/xyz start execute?06:06
_sam_i have 0 swap space ,help me to increase .06:07
neil098how do i verify iso?06:07
=== thegr8tiny is now known as thegreatestEVAR
DaemonicApathy_sam_: Make a new partition on your hard drive, and format it to be swap.06:07
cfhowlett!md5sum|neil098, eliminate one possible problem by verification.06:07
ubottuneil098, eliminate one possible problem by verification.: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:07
=== thegreatestEVAR is now known as thegr8tiny
cah_mendemthis room is very silent06:09
_sam_daemoniApathy: right now i am using system,suggest command to do so.06:09
DaemonicApathy_sam_: You can use gparted to make a new swap partition. How much RAM do you have?06:10
_sam_1 gb06:10
DaemonicApathySo I would make your swap 2-3GB.06:10
neil098i tried it06:12
neil098and says no such file in directory06:12
neil098any specific commands you suggest to check iso06:12
DaemonicApathyneil098: md5sum /wherever/your/file/is.iso06:13
dr_willisi would gyess you spelt the file name wrong neil09806:13
cfhowlettneil098, this is the check the installation ISO.  What you described could be a scrambled installation effect.  plug in your usb or installation dvd and run the check on the iso you installed with06:13
cfhowlettneil098, correction, check the iso you downloaded and created the installation media with.06:13
neil098i just a newbie06:14
cfhowlettneil098, did you download a file to install ubuntu with?06:14
neil098i just downloaded ubuntu from its website and installed it via usb06:14
cfhowlettneil098, right.  So you need to verify the file you downloaded.06:15
mvt007geek can someone tell me if i did checksum right or wrong? http://paste.debian.net/226654/    ihave an image in Downloads/i checksumed it/ then checked the size of the image that i copied in my sd card// and chexksumed that too//06:15
neil098how do i do that through terminal06:15
Mary__as anyone here install nagios?  I would assume i would need to install apache first?06:15
cfhowlettmvt007geek, does the readout match the listed hashsum?06:16
mvt007geekcfhowlett: what do you mean exactly?06:17
DaemonicApathymvt007geek, do you still have the unextracted gz file?06:17
cfhowlettmvt007geek, on the download page you should see a list of hashsum.  Using the one for YOUR download, you run md5sum.  The output of md5sum should match your hashsum06:18
cah_mendemany one try install ubuntu on xenserver?06:18
mvt007geekDaemonicApathy: i checkedsum the gz file befor and that was ok.06:18
neil098how to verify iso06:18
ubottuneil098,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:18
neil098dont know how to do it06:18
DaemonicApathymvt007: Great, as long as the result was a057e3cb0bd33ef0d85335c514528246, the image is fine.06:18
neil098i already tried that and it doesnt help me at all06:19
neil098all i get is no such file in directory06:19
cah_mendemyou can use md5checksum06:19
XtremeWizneil098: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto06:19
cfhowlettneil098, where is your saved iso?06:19
neil098my save iso file i think it is already gone06:19
mvt007geekcfhowlett: i checked the downloaded file.now i dd that file to a sdcard.i want to checksum the image in sdcard with the extracted img in Downloads.06:20
neil098just saved it in a usb file06:20
DaemonicApathyneil098: Time to redownload and reinstall.06:20
neil098i mean just saved it in a usb06:20
cfhowlettneil098, ah, well ...06:20
neil098well it will loose all my data06:20
DaemonicApathyneil098, have another USB or CD/DVD?06:20
cfhowlettmvt007geek, over my head.  wish I could help. sorry.06:20
neil098dont have a usb now.06:21
cfhowlettneil098, by any chance did you use the windows/wubi installer?06:21
DaemonicApathymvt007geek: afaik the sum completely changes after extraction, so you'd have to compare it to a known-to-be-correct extracted file.06:21
neil098nope, what i just did is downloaded ubuntu on my usb and followed the prompts06:21
mvt007geekDaemonicApathy: i checksumed the extracted file.is it wrong?06:22
neil098now the reason why i am wanting to upgrade is maybe it resolve my video issues and slow login screen06:22
cfhowlettneil098, saving a downloaded iso to the usb doesnt' make it bootable ...06:22
cfhowlettneil098, save a downloaded USB to your computer, md5sum, THEN create a bootable media.06:22
neil098ever since i downloaded the updates for kernels my video playback had latencies and is freezing and login screen is slow06:23
ironmanwhat games from steam are compatible with linux so far?06:23
neil098i already did a bootable usb06:23
cfhowlettneil098, boot a different kernel to compare.06:23
SunkSullenIve played the laf life series games in Linux with wine06:23
DaemonicApathymvt007geek: Not wrong, there just isn't an available value for it to compare to. There will be in 15 minutes.06:23
neil098and how should i be doing that06:23
SunkSullen*half life06:23
cfhowlettneil098, so you made a bootable usb with the usb you saved your iso to?06:23
XtremeWizI've set my default browser as chromium, but the links in xChat -- they are opened in Firefox. This is weird.06:23
SunkSullenincluding half life 1, half life 2 and all the expansions06:24
cfhowlettneil098, reboot, hit your interrupt key during power on and boot an older version of linux.06:24
mvt007geekDaemonicApathy: http://paste.debian.net/226654/  did you see this?06:24
SunkSullenironman:  also I was using the actual steam versions not the cracked ones06:24
cfhowlettironman, ask/investigate on steam.06:25
neil098i only have ubuntu12.0406:25
SunkSullenironman: I did notice problems though with using UNity and steam games but they might have fixed that by now06:25
cfhowlettneil098, and more than one kernel, you said.06:25
SunkSullenironman: I had best luck with gnome-shell or xfce06:25
cfhowlettneil098, previous kernels = older versions06:25
neil098i removed older kernels through ubuntu tweak janitor06:26
=== smw_ is now known as smw
TerminalI have a small question.06:27
DaemonicApathymvt007geek: yes06:27
cfhowlettneil098, bad move.  always keep at least ONE old kernel.  and consider carefully your use of UT.  It's not offered in the software center for a reason06:27
TerminalI am installing Ubuntu on a ThinkPad for my dad who never uses computers.  Should I download the long term support version, or latest releases?06:27
neil098i was advised to remove it06:27
XtremeWizTerminal: LTS, perhaps06:28
cfhowlettTerminal, LTS06:28
TerminalThank you guys much!06:28
cfhowlettneil098, so if the NEW kernel fails you can fall back to ... what?06:28
mvt007geekDaemonicApathy: so was my way wrong? does it mean that the sdcard doesn’t contain the complete image?06:28
neil098so what do i do now06:28
tacorwini have a question, but its completely off the topic of ubuntu..06:28
neil098how do i get it back?06:28
cfhowlettneil098, download 12.04.1, save the iso, make a bootable USB, reinstall.06:29
neil098do you think that should fix my playback issue?06:30
neil098and my login issue?06:30
magn3tsI don't understand the obsession with Ubuntu Tweak. Screams of Windows-stockhold-syndrome06:30
DaemonicApathymvt007geek: Your way was incorrect. Please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Md5sum under "create" and "check".06:30
SunkSullentacorwin:  off-topic discussion is for #ubuntu-offtopic     :-)06:30
tacorwinSunkSullen: Thanks :)06:31
cfhowlettneil098, would I be wrong in assuming you "tweaked" a bunch of system settings?06:31
neil098i only do what i was advised06:33
neil098so do you think the updates did cause the issue or not06:34
devvratany one has problem with vga driver in ubuntu?06:34
EnginI want to get the bare minimums nevessary to get a development environment in a virtual machine.New fancy stuff simply does not render.06:35
cfhowlettneil098, can't say but I DO know that UT causes more than its fair share of weird behavior ...06:35
cfhowlettEngin, tried the ubuntu/sputnik release?06:35
devvratubuntu is running very slow what to do?06:35
devvratslower than win706:36
devvratwhat to do?06:36
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
Engincfhowlett: just downloaded the latest desktop release06:37
Engincfhowlett: 12.10 I suppose06:37
XtremeWizdevvrat: this may or may not help - http://www.howtogeek.com/115797/6-ways-to-speed-up-ubuntu/06:38
cfhowlettEngin, well, if that's not meeting your dev needs, I don't know what to suggest.06:38
Enginhow can I disable this visual stuff06:38
Enginapparently not from system settings06:39
magn3tsEngin, do a server install + build-essentials. Vim to your heart's content. Or use XFCE or whatever DE you want that is lightweight enough for your needs.06:39
cfhowlett!nounity|Engin, assuming you mean unity ...06:39
ubottuEngin, assuming you mean unity ...: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic06:39
_sam_i hv one partition ,that is active so unable to create partition using gparted06:39
cfhowlett_sam_, boot an ubuntu disk and run gparted from that06:39
Enginubottu: that's the kind of information I've asked for, thanks06:40
ubottuEngin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:40
Engini love you anyway06:40
_sam_cfhowlett: to create swap of 3 gb what next i have to do06:40
thec4keubottu is dumb06:41
dr_willisits just a factoid bot.06:41
thec4keubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about is dumb06:41
ubottuthec4ke: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:41
ubottu_sam_,: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info06:41
EnginI think I'll just use xfce06:42
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest14566
cfhowlettEngin, xfce is the base for ubuntustudio.  Pretty light and tight, but don't hesitate to also install and test lxde06:42
thec4keEngin: gnome-3 based stuff now forces you to use compositing06:42
thec4keso yea try xfce or mate06:42
Enginthec4ke: well, it does work well with vmware06:43
Enginquick way to change apt-get mirrors to a closer one...t his one is slow as hell06:43
neil098@cfhowlett so you think it is time for a re-install or is there a way to fix the issue with the video playback and the slow login transition06:44
cfhowlettEngin, quick way is to edit "software sources" in the ubuntu store settings06:44
cfhowlettneil098, I'd reinstall ... and I06:44
cfhowlettwouldn't touch ubuntu tweak again06:44
=== Krenair_ is now known as Krenair
=== pce_ is now known as pce
_sam_how will i know that swap partition  is on your primary hard drive06:52
thec4ke_sam_: it's whatever is marked swap in /etc/fstab06:53
Abhijit_sam_, gparted will show you the information06:54
=== root____1 is now known as Sail
Sailhow to encrypt a external drive without reformatting it06:55
Abhijit!encrypt | Sail06:55
ubottuSail: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:55
Abhijitcfhowlett, the space! :-p06:56
ubottusail: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:56
cfhowlettAbhijit, :)06:56
Thorlol, wonderful :P06:56
SailXtremeWiz: whats the xact package name for installation06:57
Thorlooks more like it was a lack of n in encrypt Abhijit :P06:57
ThorSail: read the link, first line ;)06:57
AbhijitSail, there are many. you can try truecrypt or ecryptfs06:57
AbhijitThor, :-) Okey!06:58
XtremeWizSail: I just corrected the command, I'm sorry. I don't know anything about this. :P06:58
debiantoruseri have try apt-get -o DPkg::options::=--force-confmiss --reinstall install pulseaudio06:58
SailXtremeWiz: thn dont reply like blind06:58
debiantorusertry apt-get -o DPkg::options::=--force-overwrite --reinstall install pulseaudio06:58
Sailno offense06:58
debiantoruser i have try apt-get -o DPkg::options::=--force-confnew --reinstall install pulseaudio06:58
debiantoruserBut no luck, still have my changes: /etc/pulse/default.pa06:58
debiantoruserHow to reinstall config files?06:59
Geetwhat does Ubuntu Certification for hardwre signify?06:59
debiantoruserPulseaudio can't be deleted, cause depends of Gnome :/06:59
cfhowlettGeet, that it will "just work"06:59
XtremeWizSail: I didn't reply lol06:59
Geetcfhowlett, my laptop is listed and the tested versions are 11.10 and 12.04 amd 64 bit. Does that necessaryily mean I will have problems for other versions?07:00
AbhijitGeet, not for versions mentioned and onwards.07:00
cfhowlettGeet, no it does not indicate other versions will fail but it has been tested for the ones you listed.07:01
AbhijitGeet, if you are using a non-mainstream hardware or software then that depends.07:01
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
Geetcfhowlett, and what version would you recommend? 12.04 or 12.10? I am currently using 12.10 but it's not smooth as 11.10 was for me and also giving me heating problems.07:02
Abhijit!patience | debiantoruser07:02
ubottudebiantoruser: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:02
cfhowlettGeet, unless you need the latest/greatest/shiniest stuff, I recommend LTS, i.e. 12.04.  My free opinion and worth every cent it cost you.07:03
debiantoruserFresh config files is one of the most actual question for every user, what do you think, Abhijit?07:03
Geetcfhowlett, I plan to immediately put the gnome shell anyways so I guess I will go for it. Btw if 13.10 or 14.04 looks good.. then will I able to upgrade to thos versions?07:04
debiantoruserI was googled about 5 hour07:04
DWSRfind . -type f -exec mv {} /media/Videos/Movies ; <-- what's wrong with this?07:06
thec4keyou need to escape the ;07:06
thec4keie \;07:06
dr_willisand be carefull of files with spaces in the names..07:07
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SlaptmanHow would I put a home folder shortcut on the desktop on lubuntu12.10,and is tere any extension to Download Mp3 for youtube videos in chromium?07:11
Guest24783Is there any Open Source Software like Dragon Natural Speaking for Ubuntu ???07:18
AbhijitGuest24783, what does dragon natural does?07:20
XtremeWizln -s ~/ ~/Desktop/Home      it should work.07:21
FPSDavidanyone help me? I stupidly set my Ubuntu VM to 8GB, and now it ran out of space. Resized it to 20GB in VMWare Player settings, but can't figure out how to resize it in Ubuntu07:24
FPSDavidif i open gparted, it wont let me resize, since everything is mounted07:24
thec4keyou need to boot from an unmounted partition or use a rescue disk (image) if one doesnt exist07:26
FPSDavidthec4ke, how do I do that if its in VMWare?07:26
BillyZaneis the "apt-get" command something all debian distros share?07:26
TakeItEZBillyZane: yes07:26
BillyZanewould it work outside of debian?07:26
thec4keFPSDavid: use any livecd with gparted07:26
FPSDavidi tried to make a new VM and run the liveCD version of ubuntu07:27
savioBillyZane, redhat use rpm and debain uses dpkg for packaging07:27
thec4keyou can mount the .iso in vmware as a cd device07:27
TakeItEZBillyZane: there was apt4rpm, i don't know if that still exists for rpm-based distro07:27
FPSDavidbut then it doesnt see the other VM's stff?07:27
thec4kemake it in the VM you want to use it on07:27
BillyZanevery interesting.....07:27
BillyZaneso, ubuntu is a gang07:28
FPSDavidhow do i do that, thec4ke?07:28
FPSDavidi can mount the ubuntu .iso, but then what07:28
thec4kego to bios07:28
thec4kewhen it boots up07:28
thec4keyou have to press the key for it really quickly07:28
thec4keits F12 or del iirc07:28
BillyZanesavio: ty :)07:28
thec4kethen select the CD07:28
savioBillyZane, no problem07:29
FPSDavidhrmm thec4ke, i couldnt see the CD once i got into the bios07:35
chmacI'm trying to get a udev script to trigger on usb hotplug. I've put a script into /etc/udev/rules.d/99-usbbackup.rules and I've copied / pasted the attrs section, but it just won't run.07:38
chmacAny suggestions on how to debug?07:38
FPSDavidokay, thec4ke, i got into the Ubuntu LIVE CD07:41
FPSDavidand in gparted07:41
FPSDavidbut still cant expand the partitions?07:41
cubwhat graphics card works best with unity07:45
thec4ketype mount | grep sda07:45
thec4kein terminal07:45
FPSDavidwhats that do?07:45
thec4ketells you if sda is mounted or not07:46
FPSDavidit didnt say anything07:46
FPSDavidit lets me shrink the partitions07:46
FPSDavidbut not expand07:46
TakeItEZFPSDavid: sudo swapoff -a07:46
FPSDavidstill cant expand07:47
dr_williscub:  i would say an nvidia card thats not one of those dual-gpu optmius. and not just came out. ;) one that was high end/mid range like last yeaar. ;)07:47
lasanthaFPSDavid i'm just asking, can't you move the sda5 to left?07:47
thec4kecan you expand the swap partition (sda2)?07:47
cubah dr_willis awesome07:48
sanelssdoes anyone have eclipse uno running in 12.1? I can't for the life of me get it to work :(07:48
thec4keyou probably need to delete the swap, expand the main partition, then readd the swap07:48
thec4kethen update /etc/fstab to the new swap partition07:48
FPSDavidhow big does the swap need to be, 4GB?07:49
palassoHello I noticed on 12.10 my PC connects to wifi from unity greeter. How is that possible? Isn't the wifi password stored in gnome-keyring which is locked before login? Does it have anything to do with that I entered the password when installing 12.10? Is this a security and privacy issue?07:49
thec4keid just keep it at 407:49
thec4keit can be smaller but youre less likely to break something07:49
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FPSDavidokay, thec4ke, did I do this right? http://cl.ly/image/2B2p3w3y1A2f/Image%202013-01-19%20at%2011.51.21%20PM.png07:51
skp1hello, i just did a fresh install of ubuntu 12.10, and i want it to recognise my seperate /home partition, how do i do that?07:52
ikoniaskp1: how does it not recognise it ?07:52
thec4keyea that should work07:52
skp1well when i navigate to my homefolder there is nothing inside it and it shows my /home partition as a seperate partition. i wanted to keep all my settings with this new install07:53
FPSDavidhow do i do the update /etc/fstab part, thec4ke?07:53
SwedeMikeskp1: what gets mounted on boot is handled in /etc/fstab07:53
thec4keafter that you might need to run sudo mkswap on the new swap partition07:53
thec4keits probably /dev/sda207:53
thec4kenot sure if gparted sets up the swap automatically or not07:54
FPSDavidi right-clciked and set SwapOn07:54
thec4keit probably does07:54
FPSDavidis that good enough?07:54
thec4ketype swapon -s07:54
thec4keyoure all set then07:55
TakeItEZFPSDavid: if you recreated swap, you might change the UUID in /etc/fstab07:55
FPSDavidreboot and good to go?07:55
thec4keyou still need to do fstab07:55
thec4kefirst mount the disk07:55
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FPSDavidexplain? i dont know what that is07:55
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skp1SwedeMike: can you show me what an fstab entry might look like if i wanted to mount my seperate p[artition as /home?07:55
thec4kemount -f ext4 /dev/sda1 /mnt07:55
thec4kemount -t ext4 /dev/sda1 /mnt07:56
SwedeMikeskp1: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html07:56
skp1SwedeMike: thanks07:56
dr_willisit will be a standasrd entry only with the mountpoint being /home07:56
FPSDavidokay, did that thec4ke07:56
thec4kenow edit /mnt/etc/fstab07:56
dr_willisor you could mount it to some other location, then just link it to /home07:56
thec4kein whatever editor you like07:57
FPSDavidwhat am i adding/changing?07:57
thec4kefirst copy the the line with "swap" written on it07:57
thec4keand put a # in front of it07:57
thec4keas a backup07:57
thec4kethen change the UUID=<numbers> line to /dev/sda207:58
FPSDavidnot sure i follow07:58
szxcan someone help me with this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/245270/nautilus-doesnt-see-free-space-but-gparted-does07:59
thec4kecopy that line07:59
thec4keand put # in front of it07:59
thec4keso its # UUID= etc etc08:00
thec4kenow in the original line, delete the UUID part and the first none after it08:00
thec4kenow replace it with: none    /dev/sda208:01
FPSDavidwhat do you mean the original line08:01
thec4keug im sorry08:01
thec4kereplace is with /dev/sda2 swap08:02
FPSDavidim super lost lol08:02
thec4kethe one that you copied and put # in front of08:02
FPSDavidso leave the one i put a #, make a new line below it?08:02
thec4keyes, copied from the one you put # in front of08:02
thec4keso there are two copies of the same line08:03
thec4keone has # in front of it08:03
thec4kethats youre backup08:03
thec4kein case something doesnt work08:03
thec4ke# means "ignore this line:"08:03
TakeItEZFPSDavid: just create a new line containing this: "/dev/sda2 none swap sw 0 0"08:03
FPSDavidyeah, i got that part08:03
FPSDavidso now i have two lines with uuid=9ewhatever08:03
FPSDavidone commented out, one not08:03
thec4kek now delete the uuid=48327498237408:03
thec4keand replace it with /dev/sda208:04
thec4kenow save and youre done08:04
thec4kesend me an ss08:04
FPSDavidgood? http://cl.ly/image/101T130j0d0a/Image%202013-01-20%20at%2012.04.43%20AM.png08:04
thec4keyou should be all set08:05
kelvinellais there a bug between gimp and unity?08:06
kelvinellawhenever i switch to other window, the picture i open in gimp will disappear and i have to close gimp and reopen gimp08:07
FPSDavidthanks thec4ke, appreciate it08:07
FPSDavidall is well now08:07
thec4kegood, glad to help08:07
knittlhi. I have a really annoying bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/727112 does anyone have any ideas what the issue might be or how to properly troubleshoot this problem?08:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 727112 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia-current does not detect hardware capabilities correctly" [Medium,Incomplete]08:10
aaashow can i boot to a console rather than the login screen08:10
TakeItEZ!nox | aaas08:11
ubottuaaas: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:11
aaasTakeItEZ thanks, and how do i boot to login from the command line?08:11
TakeItEZaaas: you mean how to start the displaymanager? sudo service lightdm start08:12
aaasTakeItEZ thakns08:12
tms_after login again login screen comes. I am able to login through guest. I am using 12.04. Can any one help me in this ?08:13
dr_willistms_:  login at the console.  see if that works.   common issue is ownership of the .Xauthority file. you could just rename it. mv .Xauthority  OLD.Xauthority08:14
dr_willisYou can get tyo the console via alt-ctrl-f1 through F6 and  use alt-cgrl-f7 to get back to X.08:14
tms_dr_willis: ok will try it now08:14
dr_willisif .Xauthority dosent do it.. theres all these other confiog files you may want to move to some backup directory08:15
dr_willisalso a good test is to makea New user. and see if that user can login08:15
dr_willissudo adduser testuser08:15
TakeItEZand never forget to "sudo deluser testuser" later08:16
tms_dr_willis: TakeItEZ ok08:18
dr_willisI always keep the test user around08:18
dr_willisnot like it really takes up much space08:18
TakeItEZdr_willis: its a security issue, not a matter of space08:19
tms_mv .Xauthority  OLD.Xauthority not working08:19
cristian_cI've enabled suspend with: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend08:19
dr_willishow it it any more of a security issue then having other users on the system08:19
tms_switching to 2nd option08:19
cristian_cIt works but when I try resume, a kernel panic occurs or desktop is unusable08:19
dr_willisif the test user fails.. that would point to a deeper issue with the system08:19
TakeItEZdr_willis: in most cases those "testuseraccount has no real password (12345, secret, mummy), there you go08:19
cristian_cHow can I solve this problem?08:19
cristian_cAny ideas?08:20
aeon-ltdcristian_c: find a better way to suspend?08:24
cristian_caeon-ltd, yes08:25
cristian_caeon-ltd, I've tried with the session menu08:25
cristian_caeon-ltd, but it occurs tha same problem08:25
tms_dr_willis: I was able to make test user08:25
cristian_caeon-ltd, How can I solve?08:25
dr_willistms_:  so can the test user login via the gui login screen is the big question.08:26
tms_dr_willis: but how do I access my admin account08:26
aeon-ltd cristian_c no idea, but if you can find out any output before the panic that could help you diagnose if you are set on using this method of suspension08:26
tms_dr_willis: yes I was able to login08:27
dr_willistms_:  that points to the problem being with your other users setting files.  Depneding on how  hard core you want to get theres numerous config files that may be causing issues.08:27
cristian_caeon-ltd, The last times I tried, I come back to desktop, but it's unusable08:27
dr_willistms_:  you could start by just renameing your .config directory to backup.config   and see if the user then works08:27
cristian_caeon-ltd, for example, the browser doesn't open08:28
tms_dr_willis: hmm08:28
cristian_caeon-ltd, any ideas?08:28
aeon-ltdcristian_c: can you get to the terminals?08:29
cristian_caeon-ltd, I think, but I'm not sure :)08:30
aeon-ltdcristian_c: if you can launch applications from there, it should output some errors08:30
zvacetsince yesterday I can not shutdown or reboot what to do?08:30
cristian_caeon-ltd, and done that, then?08:30
aeon-ltdcristian_c: google the errors08:31
cristian_caeon-ltd, ok08:31
cristian_caeon-ltd, thanls08:31
tms_dr_willis: renameing your .config not working. Do I need to restart ?08:31
aeon-ltdor post them here08:31
dr_willistms_:  shoulsent have to. theres other config files in your home you could move to some Backup directory08:31
atlefzvacet, try in a terminal: sudo shutdown -P now08:32
zvacetatlef: I can tryy that but I wish if I can go back no normal procedure08:32
dr_willistms_:  one to try renameing next would be .compiz08:32
zvacetatlef: brb08:33
tms_dr_willis: ok08:33
dr_willistms_:  then perhaps .gconf  and .gnome208:33
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dr_willistms_:  if i ever have the issue i just go hard core and delte them all. ;) but ive done stuff like this so much during beta.. that i can get my settings back to how i like them in about 2 min. ;)08:34
dr_willistms_:  by renameing the dirs you can move  them back and not lose any customized settings.08:34
lcabrezahi guys, any idea how can i assign my scroll option on my mouse to the left click instead ?08:34
dr_willisYou want Midle click to be left click?08:35
dr_willisor scrolldown to be left clicn?08:35
lcabrezadr_willis: yes, thats right ..08:35
skp1can someone tell me what is wrong with this fstab entry?08:35
skp1#UUID=ee23ecaa-6d75-4139-b796-2330106a4555 /home          ext4    exec,auto,user,rw,sync 0 108:35
lcabrezaskp1: no commas ..08:36
TakeItEZskp1: its a comment08:36
dr_willisis what i got.. and you dont want a # at the start ;)08:36
TakeItEZskp1: and "auto,user" makes no sense08:36
dr_willisexec is a little pointless also i think08:37
skp1i commented it out because i couldnt login08:37
dr_willisoh wait.. mine is for my SSD drive.. so you may not want those options08:37
dr_willisskp1:  you have copied  your current home to where the new home will be?08:37
skp1dr: no08:37
TakeItEZskp1: "UUID=xxxx /home ext4 defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1"08:38
dr_willisskp1:   then when you mount your /home/ itwill be empty of all users and files.. thats going to be a bit of an issue. ;)08:38
TakeItEZskp1: make sure the UUID is ok08:38
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup08:38
skp1dr_willis: the /home i want is on a seperate partition08:38
lcabrezadr_willis: any ideas on how to change it ..middle scroll into a left or right click button instead..08:38
dr_willisskp1:  so you mount it somewhere else FIRST.. ie:  newhome    then copy the old home to it08:39
dr_willislcabreza:  not really. never had to do that.08:39
dr_willislcabreza:  you got a broken mouse? ;)08:39
lcabrezadr_willis:yeah, don't have money yet to buy a new one ...its my 9 year mouse ..08:40
dr_willisthat must be one dirty mouse. ;)08:40
* dr_willis looks at his box of about 30 mice.08:40
zvacetatlef: sudo shutdown -P now doesn´t work08:40
atlefzvacet, what msg do you get08:41
zvacetatlef: it take me to the ubuntu logo with 5 dots and that is it08:41
zvacetatlef: I tried to press enter to get message but no luck08:42
atlefzvacet, hmm08:43
atlefzvacet, try to repeat the question and see if anyone else knows08:44
Fudgeanyone use live-build, not sure how to fix packge probs, paste here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1551287/08:44
dr_williszvacet:  if you use the nosplash option, and verbose kernel options - it may disable that splash stuff so you see any error messages08:44
skp1im back, i forgot to mention that my /home partition was encrypted..would that cause problems?08:46
benedict#ubuntu-offtopic is not logged?08:46
zvacetdr_willis: what exactly  I have to add and in witch file08:47
Tecanis there some way to make only the hal realtime ?08:48
Tecanor how does that work08:48
dr_williszvacet:   you could edit the grub menu when yu boot and change 'quiet splash' to be 'noquiet nosplash verbose'   and it Might show some messages  when it hangs.. or its possble you need to edit /etc/default/grub and make the options the default (theres a quiet splash line to change) then rerun update-grub08:49
Tecanwhen its a realtime kernel whats special in the kernel to make it faster08:49
XtremeWizHi, how can I find the mac address on Ubuntu?08:49
XtremeWizipconfig, iconfig -a, etc. didn't work08:49
dr_willisits not really 'faster' tecan but  quicker to respond to  specific kinds of events i belive.08:49
skp1can someone tell me how to automount an encrypted /home partition as my home?08:49
TakeItEZTecan: a realtime kernel doesn't make it faster, it just reacts in a predictible timespan08:49
Tecandoes frequency scaling still work ?08:50
dr_williseth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr f4:6d:04:9e:90:6208:50
dr_willisHWaddr = Mac i thought08:50
TakeItEZdr_willis: right you are08:50
dr_willisskp1:   Your home is currently encrypted?08:51
XtremeWizdr_willis: How do I do that?08:51
dr_willisXtremeWiz:  its right there in the ifconfig info08:51
\\Mr_C\\what file contains the info config to change for a wireless ssid and wep pass in linux ubuntu?08:51
dr_willis$ ifconfig08:51
dr_williseth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr f4:6d:04:9e:90:6208:51
skp1dr_willis: the one i want to use, yes08:52
skp1sorry, i should have mentioned that08:52
auronandace!wep | \\Mr_C\\08:52
ubottu\\Mr_C\\: WEP is totally insecure, don't use it, the full Wireless Documentation for Ubuntu can be found at:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:52
dr_willisskp1:  no idea really - theres an existing fstab entry  for your /home/ from befor?08:52
zvacetdr_willis: brb08:55
TakeItEZskp1: isn't the encrypted-home thingy handled by login-procedure? fstab shouldn't have any info on that08:56
skp1TakeItEZ: i dunno how it is handled. the /home drive is from a previous installation and i want to use it for my new installation08:59
dr_willisid login normally. and if you can get to your stuff..  copy it to  the 'newhome/yourusername' directory09:06
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chuxxsssAnyone got steam to work with two monitors on ubuntu09:19
knittlanybody got two monitors working in ubuntu …?09:19
knittlI have a really annoying bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/727112 does anyone have any ideas what the issue might be or how to properly troubleshoot this problem?09:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 727112 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia-current does not detect hardware capabilities correctly" [Medium,Incomplete]09:19
chuxxsssknittl, Yes09:19
dr_willisUsed 2 monitors all the time time with my  nvidia cards09:20
knittlany idea what might be the issue with my system?09:20
Ben64maybe if you gave more information09:20
knittlwhat more do you need? The bug report contains plenty of it09:20
dr_williscould be a bug with the nvidia drivers.. we cant really tell ;)09:20
chuxxsssAnyone got steam to work with two monitors on ubuntu09:20
dr_willisHm. dosent --> [Medium,Incomplete]  mean they want more info? or am i reading that wrong09:21
chuxxsssusing intel chipset for graphics09:21
dr_williswork in what way chuxxsss ? what is it doing09:21
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knittlI think incomplete simply means the report was not "confirmed"09:22
Ben64knittl: have you tried 31009:22
knittldr_willis: but I'm pretty much only talking with myself in that report09:22
sinanI have a broadcom 4313 wireless card, running on 12.04. It runs, but the link quality is much lower than another device in the same place, and the connection is worse than when windows is used. Any ideas?09:22
knittlBen64: yes. I've tried -current, -current-updates, -experimental-304, and -experimental-31009:22
Guest69944please i want to connect my HDMI cable to my pc running ubuntu 12.10......the connection was successful but there is no sound on the tv09:22
chuxxsssthe display drop back to the laptop screen which is the broken one as it is cracked. I have a 43 " samsung tv which I use to watch tv.09:23
Guest69944but if i use another pc running windows there is sound09:23
knittlGuest69944: have a look into sound preferences, maybe you have to set the correct output channel09:23
dr_willisGuest69944:  i have had to twiddle with the pavucontrol tool to select hdmi audio out on some systems09:23
Guest69944@willis how do u do it09:23
dr_willisrun pavucontrol   twiddles with till it worked. ;)09:23
dr_willisbut that was on 12.04,, under 12.10 i think it worked properly for me09:24
Guest69944u mean on my terminal i should run pavucontrol09:24
Ben64knittl: it might be a problem with video memory09:24
chuxxsssI get the sound stopping on HDMI to restart after first boot. Guest6994409:24
knittlBen64: how? also, it worked before with the old drivers (-173) and it works with nouveau most of the time09:25
chuxxsssback to my problem, if I fix this there will be one system in our family to rule them all09:25
DrCodehi all09:25
DrCodeI can't use hd7700 in ubuntu 12.04 , any idea?09:26
Guest69944hello any body with solution why there is no sound on the tv after connecting the hdmi to my pc09:26
chuxxsssIs there a Steam tread09:26
knittlBen64: storing a bitmap with the resolution of my monitors is just a few MB09:26
Guest69944it works on windows without any problem09:26
knittlGuest69944: go to sound options and select HDMI out09:26
chuxxsssGuest69944 reboot first09:26
chuxxsssI have the same setup09:27
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ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.09:27
knittlBen64: apart from that: it works with another monitor with an even higher resolution09:27
knittlsee the last bug-comment for this09:28
Ben64knittl: seems like its a problem with that monitor then09:28
Ben64it might be giving some weird edid stuff09:28
knittlyeah. can I tell the kernel/the drivers to ignore EDID?09:28
knittlthe other monitor does not give any EDID stuff09:28
knittlhow? :)09:28
Ben64dunno, heh09:28
atlefBen64, thx for that link09:30
Guest69944thanks guys will try that and get back to y'all09:31
purezenHey guys..!! I am planning to get the Samsung ARM chromebook to run Ubuntu.. would that be worth doing..?09:31
purezen Any limitations I might face...?09:31
fedorI have a question about chromium. It is closing whenever I try to open it. What is wrong09:32
dr_willisfedor:  run it from terminal. look for error messages09:32
dr_willisfedor:  also you may want to try its failsafe or default modes and not load any extensions, or reset it back to defaults09:32
fedorto dr_willis: how can i run it in terminal09:33
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dr_willisfedor:  type its name..09:33
dr_willischromium  i belive...09:33
zvacetdr_willis: I have to blacklist floppy and update initramfs to be able to reboot or shutdown09:33
dr_williszvacet:  your system has an actual floppy? ;)09:33
zvacetdr_willis: no but this is not first time that I get error I/O for non existing floppy09:34
westhow do I save applications that are open so that when i restart they open up automatically.09:35
dr_williszvacet:  or perhaps disable it in bios. if you have a floppy controller but no real drive09:35
fedorFlash performs poorly in Ubuntu, is it so? When I am in chromium or mozilla i have problems interacting with flashbased applications.09:35
skp1i have an encrypted home partition that iw ould like to use on my new install, can someone help me?09:35
zvacetdr_willis: smart thinking  :)09:35
dr_willisfedor:  depens on so many things - farmville works here. but theres other people that cant even get flas working at all.09:35
zvacetdr_willis: where in bios I can do that09:36
dr_williszvacet:  no idea. :) i havent used a system with a floppy in years09:36
fedorwell it works but my actions are retarded so to say09:36
dr_willisplus theres only like 10000 diffent bios's and layouts for it. :009:36
zvacetdr_willis: I don´t have it but probably bios is reading it it is 4 years old comp09:37
fedorgo to advanced and from there choose CDRom as a first device for booting09:37
* dr_willis goes to farmville to check on his crops09:37
dr_willisid be suprised at a 4 yr old computer that has floppy stuff in it09:38
fedor<dr_willis>that is sad09:38
dr_willisnow a 14 yr old..09:38
zvacetdr_willis: any way blacklist is doing it job I also tried to put back to quiet splash but no luck09:38
dr_willisI have computers older then many of the people in here. ;)09:38
dr_williszvacet:  i always keep noquiet nosplash. I hate the silly plymouth stuff09:39
dr_willisif theres a big error message i do want to see it. ;)09:39
fedori have my hard drive constantly working for 7 years09:39
histofedor: chromium-browser  to launch it from a terminal09:39
zvacetdr_willis: I experienced that just now09:39
zvacetdr_willis: ok  tnx for your time and advice  ;)09:40
skp1i have an encrypted home partition that iw ould like to use on my new install, can someone help me?09:41
histo!encrypt > akp09:43
histo!encrypt > skp109:43
ubottuskp1, please see my private message09:43
scyldis it possible that - if I use my computer between 09:00 and 21:00 only - jobs from /etc/cron.daily will never run?09:45
scyldbecause they are started only at 6:XX09:46
TakeItEZscyld: if you don't have anacron installed, yes09:46
scyldI have09:46
scyldbut it is not running09:46
TakeItEZscyld: it should care about those jobs09:46
scyldat what time ?09:46
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest96276
scyldwhere is anacron started if it is not running as a daemon?09:46
TakeItEZscyld: check /etc/anacrontab09:47
histoscyld: it runs it's jobs and then exits09:47
scyldhisto: but where it is started?09:47
scyldI can't find that09:48
histoscyld: my guess would be set to run on startup look for an upstart job09:49
scyldI have anacron i /etc/cron.d but it starts at 7:30 ... so it will not start at all if I start my computer at 9...09:49
=== dysinger_ is now known as dysinger
TakeItEZscyld: anacron is started at boottime and reads/runs /etc/anacrontab. on 24/7 systems it is also run once a day started by cron09:51
histoscyld: /etc/init/anacron.conf09:51
scyldok, tnx :>09:51
scyldand what if I put anacron in /etc/cron.hourly? Will it break anything?09:53
TakeItEZscyld: no but it makes no sense09:53
=== Krenair_ is now known as Krenair
scyldjust an experiment ;)09:54
TakeItEZscyld: it will read time/date of last run from /var/spool/anacron/* and just do nothing09:56
scyldthe problem is I need one job to be started every day and anacron, I think will not do it for me. If it fires at boottime that job at 9:15 it will not fire it up next day at 8:55, right?09:57
TakeItEZscyld: you still do not understand how anacron works09:58
scyldbut when I add it to /etc/cron.hourly it will fire that job at 10:0009:58
thunder1212hi i have a netgear wna1000m wifi card and i want to share my internet connection thrugh it plz help..09:58
TakeItEZscyld: check the values in /etc/anacron and read "man anacrontab" what they mean09:58
scyldI understand, read what I sad...09:59
TakeItEZscyld: anacron only runs ONCE a day (by default) with a given delay.09:59
scyldyes, for me only at boottime.10:00
TakeItEZscyld: cron always only executes jobs when the computer runs at the given time10:00
TakeItEZscyld: why shouldn't it run the job today 0915 tomorrow 0855?10:00
TakeItEZscyld: once a day, not once in 24hrs10:01
scyldbecause there is no 1 day between them.10:01
scyldthere is 20 minutes missing.10:01
TakeItEZif "date +%d" differs it is a different day10:01
histoscyld: anacron only monitors date not time10:01
histoscyld: look in /var/spool/anacron/*10:02
scylddamn, they say about timestamps I thought they count time between them...10:02
TakeItEZscyld: you might run it today 2355 and tomorrow 001010:02
scyldu sure?10:02
TakeItEZscyld: grep daily /etc/anacrontab10:03
scyldok, will check this out ;)10:03
scyldTakeItEZ: I know all this files ;)10:03
TakeItEZscyld: 1 5 ....       so daily 5mins after boottime10:03
histoscyld: you would know this is you read the man page10:03
TakeItEZscyld: ii highly doubt it10:03
histo!ask | thunder121210:03
ubottuthunder1212: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:03
TakeItEZs/daily/once a day/10:04
scyldhisto: which one?10:04
histoscyld: anacron10:04
thunder1212histo: hi i have a netgear wna1000m wifi card and i want to share my internet connection thrugh it plz help..10:04
histo!ics | thunder121210:04
ubottuthunder1212: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing10:04
mobherohi, ubuntu 12.04 is not shutting down again its coming back to the login prompt... pls help on this..10:04
scyldacha, ok I missed that ;)10:04
scyld"Only the date is used for the  time  calculations.  The hour is not used." ;)10:05
thunder1212histo: tried ics..  is it possible to share my 3g dongle connection on my desktop through a wifi card to my laptop10:06
root_____is there anyone here who use sylpheed email client?10:07
=== root_____ is now known as asd
asdis there anyone here who use sylpheed email client?10:08
TakeItEZ!anyone | asd10:08
ubottuasd: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:08
java_lfsHow can i do a "seek" at an offset larger than 4 GByte in Java, using Ubuntu 10.04 32bit with LFS (large file support) ? (Is there a java version wich is linked to the glibc with LFS ?)10:08
=== asd is now known as Guest75664
histothunder1212: yes it's possible10:09
Guest75664does anyone here who use sylpheed email client?10:09
TakeItEZ!anyone | Guest75664 still10:10
ubottuGuest75664 still: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:10
jonascjGuest75664: sorry no10:10
aasuhi pinky10:11
pinkyhello aasu10:11
aasuhow r u  pinky10:11
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:12
pinkyaasu: I'm well, snow's slowing things down a bit here in London though.10:12
thunder1212histo: ?10:12
MonkeyDustaasu  pinky type /join #ubuntu-offtopic for social chat10:13
aasuhow is ife there10:13
bazhangaasu, thats offtopic here10:13
cubi have a problem10:13
histothunder1212: yes?10:14
cubhow do i make it so when i have multiple instances of a program running the window preview doesnt take as long to generate or take me to window i want to view??? (12.04 unity)10:14
histothunder1212: you'r 3g device should be seen as a network interface. Possibly ppp010:14
aasupinky r u there10:14
bazhang!ot | aasu10:14
ubottuaasu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:14
lcabrezahi guys how do we set the scroll mouse speed?10:15
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:15
histothunder1212: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1313977  Old thread but you should be able to understand some of the concepts.10:15
MonkeyDustlcabreza  system settings, mause & touchpad10:15
xinglehi all10:16
aasui m new in ubuntu what all software are required for download10:16
MonkeyDustaasu  the software you need10:17
mIKEjONES aschro what are you trying to download?10:17
Guest75664aasu: ask exact question10:17
java_lfs.seek(1024*1024*1024*2-1); works but .seek(1024*1024*1024*2); does not. It will result in the error: java.io.IOException: Negative seek offset.10:17
xinglehow can i restore the correct configuration after a miss operation: #chmod 755 /etc/*10:17
aasui wanna rotate my sereen like qube10:17
bazhang!cube | aasu10:18
ubottuaasu: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubottu compiz » and « /msg ubottu effects »10:18
mIKEjONESaasu: google compiz10:18
Guest75664aasu: u can use compiz for this10:18
java_lfsI'm using ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit with large file support... Do I need to have a special version of java, to get this running ???10:18
Guest75664!cube | aasu10:18
ubottuaasu: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubottu compiz » and « /msg ubottu effects »10:18
mIKEjONESjava_lfs: 2*1024*1024*1024 is 0x80000000, or 2GB10:19
mIKEjONES0x8000:0000 is a very large negative number10:19
MonkeyDustaasu  the cube doesnt work well with unity10:19
mIKEjONESthat's why it's complaining10:19
mIKEjONESunity is bad :/ you should probably uninstall it the second you install ubuntu10:20
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.10:20
java_lfsSorry, you are completely right !!! mIKEjONES.... But i still have a probloem reading large files in java. Can you help me out ?10:20
mIKEjONESaasu: well at least you tried, now throw your computer out10:21
cubwho here works for canonical ? i need to speak to someone that does?10:21
bazhang!work | aasu10:21
ubottuaasu: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:21
mIKEjONEScub: I do10:21
mIKEjONESjava_lfs: I'm not really a java dude :/10:22
Guest75664aasu: check out this http://opensource-sidh.blogspot.in/2011/06/enable-3d-cube-with-unity-in-ubuntu-without-crash.html10:22
java_lfsOk, thanx mIKEjONES.10:23
xinglehi all, how can i fix it after a miss operation: #chmod 755 /etc/*10:23
cubmIKEjONES, cool :)10:23
Michael_87God I really hate windows 8. But I have to many files on that hardrive right now. How do I access them if say I'm on ubuntu on a jumpdrive? it won't let me mount even after I did a full shutdown. Please help10:24
cubso no one knows how to speed up program window preview in unity?10:24
ubuntuw1204i want to share my internet connection10:24
MonkeyDustcub  guess nobody has ever needed/tried it10:24
cubwell dang it takes too long for it to load on mine10:25
histo!details | Michael_8710:25
ubottuMichael_87: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:25
cub1 second10:25
cubi dont want to wait 1 second for the thing to pop up10:25
histo!ics > ubuntuw120410:25
ubottuubuntuw1204, please see my private message10:25
ubuntuw1204histo: i tried that. i created an adhoc connection and its not working10:26
histoubuntuw1204: did you create the masquerade rules etc...?10:26
ubuntuw1204histo: no10:26
Michael_87ok I'm running ubuntu on a jumpdrive right now. I do not want to do an install untill I backup all my files wich I cannot do yet. So until then I'm going to play around with ubuntu on a jumpdrive. But my desktop is running windows 8. I did a full shut down while inside windows 8 and I still cannot mount it while running ubuntu10:26
histoubuntuw1204: well that's why10:26
MonkeyDustcub  you can report it as a !bug or submit it in !brainstorm10:26
lcabrezaMonkeyDust:its not there ..10:27
histoubuntuw1204: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131397710:27
histoMichael_87: are you getting an error when you try to mount it?10:27
cubidk if it is a bug persay, im using an intel integrated graphics and unity is runing in 2d mode due to no 3d support.. also i only have about 1gb of memory10:27
TakeItEZxingle: boot from live-cd, compare the permissions of live-systems /etc and set those of your installation new. its a lot of work and you won't get all fixed. easier to reinstall the system10:27
cubso im really not sure if that has something to do with it, i was hoping i find some settings to  speed it up, that's about al10:28
Michael_87histo, yes. Unable to mount os. not authorized to perform operation10:28
cubi think the thing im talking about is called Dash..10:28
Ben64Michael_87: how are you trying to mount it10:28
=== Coffee- is now known as Coffeecoco
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:28
xingleTakeItEZ:reinstall... Orz.. thanks.. :-(10:30
ubuntuw1204histo: if i remove dns-masque-base then do i have to set forwardinf etc10:31
histoubuntuw1204: did you follow directions in the link I posted?10:31
histoMichael_87: How are you trying to mount the drive?10:31
Michael_87Ben64, going to file browser and then to os.10:31
Hiro`Hi I have different versions of a package (Ipython) installed. Is there a command that I can use that will uninstall packages *from a specific locatation*, whilst leaving other installations of the package untouched? Thanks.10:32
histoMichael_87: open a terminal.  Can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l10:32
histo!paste | Michael_8710:32
ubottuMichael_87: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:32
histoubuntuw1204: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1313977  < The beginning of this thread explains the proceedure you just need to adapt to your situation.10:33
=== wessly is now known as Guest26341
Michael_87histo, http://pastebin.com/PqbP3jWQ10:33
histoMichael_87: okay mkdir /tmp/test && sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test10:35
mvt007geek.i am downloaded an ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4 .then i used "dd" to write image on sdcard.after that i connected sdcard to pandaboard.my pandaboard has a monitor connected to it.but it seems monitor is not working.so i decided to test pandaboard to make sure it is working well or not and i downloaded "validation" from pandasite.then i used "dd" to wrote validation on pandaboard but it need a serial port to show me the results.10:36
Michael_87histo, can't find /dev/sda3/tmp/test in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab10:37
mvt007geekbut don't know how set serial port10:37
QaDeShiyas. can somehone help me updating my CA certificates on ubuntu 10.04? newest ones are from 2011 :|10:37
Michael_87histo, hold on. I think I messed up on something10:37
histoMichael_87: okay you are having a typo.   mkdir /tmp/test && sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test10:37
histoMichael_87: there is a space between /dev/sda3 and /tmp/test10:37
Michael_87histo, cannot create directory `/tmp/test': File exists10:38
histoMichael_87: okay just do the second part now.... sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test10:39
Michael_87histo, according to mtab, /dev/sda3 is already mounted on /tmp/test10:40
histoMichael_87: okay ls /tmp/test10:40
histoMichael_87: or open a file browser and browse to /tmp/test10:40
histosee if you can see your files10:40
Michael_87histo, I'm there. Theres nothing in the folder10:41
histoMichael_87: pastebin the output of mount10:41
Michael_87histo, don't know how to do that10:42
histoMichael_87: in a terminal type the word mount press enter and pastebin the output10:42
MonkeyDustMichael_87  type mount|pastebinit and paste the url here10:42
histoMichael_87: also try mkdir /tmp/test2 && sudo mount /dev/sda5 /tmp/test2     You have an extended NTFS partition I wonder whats ont here.10:43
Michael_87MonkeyDust, I just go strait to the site10:43
histoMichael_87: okay well /dev/sda3 is not mounted according to that.  So sudo umount /dev/sda3   just to be sure.  Then sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test      Please pastebin any errors youare getting.10:44
Michael_87histo, it is sayying that the unmount command is not found10:46
histoMichael_87: it's not unmount its umount10:46
Michael_87histo, oh ok10:47
histoMichael_87: you can just copy and paste the commands i'm typing.  sudo umount /dev/sda3 && sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test10:47
histoMichael_87: actually pastebin the output10:47
Michael_87histo, it is sayying /dev/sda3 not mounted10:48
histoMichael_87: okay to what?  If you don't pastebin I can't see10:49
=== Guest2461 is now known as epzil0n
Michael_87histo, umount: /dev/sda3: not mounted10:51
ubuntuw1204histo: if i use firestarter will it help?10:52
histoMichael_87: okay did you do the command after the &&10:52
histoMichael_87: specifically the sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test10:52
Michael_87histo, yes same thing happened10:52
histoMichael_87: what's that?10:53
Michael_87histo, mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda3 is already mounted on /tmp/test10:53
ubuntuw1204histo: i accidently removed my network manager..10:54
histoMichael_87: hit ctrl+l  on that terminal to clear it.  Then copy and paste this:  sudo umount /dev/sda3 && sudo mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/test    Then please pastebin the entire output including your commands10:54
ubuntuw1204now how do i connect to internet..10:56
histoubuntuw1204: why did you remove network-manager?10:56
Michael_87histo, http://pastebin.com/W0iRZRpw10:56
ubuntuw1204histo: accidental , no intention whatsoever10:57
histoMichael_87: now browse to /tmp/test with your file browser10:57
histoubuntuw1204: okay well sudo apt-get install network-manager  to reinstall it10:57
ubuntuw1204histo: how do i connect internet10:58
histoubuntuw1204: well if you install network-manager you can use that. If not you'll have to edit files manually or use some other connection manager.10:58
Michael_87histo, tmp/test folder still empty10:58
=== esy is now known as Guest85411
BelugaAny Canon printer gurus? Trying to help my neighbor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2106696 So close and yet so far..10:59
=== Guest85411 is now known as esy
AlanBellcub: you could try going to the settings panel and in the privacy area turn off online searches in the dash, to see if that speeds things up for you.10:59
histoMichael_87: okay sudo umount /dev/sda3 && sudo mount /dev/sda5 /tmp/test10:59
AlanBellcub: do you have any third party lenses installed or just the standard ones?11:00
histoMichael_87: after running that check /tmp/test again11:00
RELOLi want to associate tar.md5 files with Xarchiver11:01
RELOLbut program doesn't appear in Open with... tab11:01
=== webbeaver is now known as pce
ubuntuw1204Beluga: i use a canon printer11:01
AlanBellcub: the other thing to do is use the launcher more, drag commonly used icons out of the dash and onto the launcher, then you don't have to wait for the dash to open to get to them as they are pinned to the launcher11:01
Michael_87histo, I need to get going. thank you for your time But I guess I'll figure this one out later. good bye11:01
RELOLI'm unable to open tar.md5 with file-roller since last update11:02
cubyeah, its just mostly that like for example11:02
Belugaubuntuw1204: do you have a 64-bit system?11:02
cubi might have 2 or 3 chrome browsers running, and when i want to switch between them i have to click the icon which then takes a second to load a "window preview"11:02
cubidk if it's just my system, or if this is how it is with all of them..11:02
cubjust dont like how it is slow11:02
MonkeyDustcub  better use tabs instead of different instances11:03
TanebI upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 and now my computer won't boot11:03
ubuntuw1204Beluga: once you converted the rpms you can add printer manually and then search for the driver manually by typing the model number11:03
=== croppa is now known as croppa_
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
cubMonkeyDust, does everyone experience this behavior on unity?11:03
Belugaubuntuw1204: I first added it in the CUPS web admin interface, totally fine, except that the jobs completed without actually printing any real paper11:04
MonkeyDustcub  guess nobody browses the way you do11:04
Belugaubuntuw1204: then I found the amazing French tuto and replaced the ia32-libs with the 11.10 version, but still no luck. I'm currently not at my neighbor's, but trying to do research before I go back11:05
ubuntuw1204Beluga: i faced that similar problem until you get the right driver it will behave that way.. <the printer gets added and every time you print the job complete without print>11:05
lcabrezaanybody has an idea how to assign a specific button for scrolling?11:05
cubMonkeyDust, that's a ridiculous assertion. It's not just browsers, it can be multiple terminals, or anything else for that matter11:05
histocub: What sort of behavior are you seeing exactly?11:06
Belugaubuntu1204: thanks.. did you use alien to convert from rpm or did you use that .deb supplied by M. Gruz on launchpad?11:06
MonkeyDustcub  i guess not many people use multiple instances of the same program11:06
cubhisto, it's just laggy11:06
ubuntuw1204i used alien11:06
cubi never had this problem on XP or Ubuntu 10.0411:07
histocub: you could try a different desktop environment.  Unity may be a little bloated for your specs.11:07
cubso i'm almost thinking it's a hardware problem11:07
cubthat's what im thinking11:07
MonkeyDustcub  if that's the case, you should consider using a lighter DE11:08
ubuntuw1204Beluga: you have to select the drivers manually from the list of models and you have to select the correct model otherwise it will not work11:08
ubuntuw1204Beluga: did you install the deb using sudo dpkg11:08
Belugaubuntuw1204: as I can give calibrate command to the printer, doesn't that mean that the driver is correct?11:09
ubuntuw1204Beluga: and if it installed without error then i am sure that you can print..11:09
Belugaubuntuw1204: I had no errors.. Used "Add printer" in the CUPS interface and selected the correct model11:10
ubuntuw1204Beluga: just remove the printer and repeat the process as i have told you.. and it will be fine..11:10
Belugaubuntuw1204: I also did the procedure described in the French tutorial, which had  ccp://localhost:59787 as the location11:10
BelugaI mean the peripheral11:10
ubuntuw1204Beluga: no ... thats ok you will get the correct model i am talking of correct drivers..11:11
Belugaubuntuw1204: I used the correct ones from Canon's website11:11
cubyeah i was thinking that histo , i do have those kind of de's installed but was hoping to get this working11:11
cubi would probably need to upgrade my system :\11:12
ubuntuw1204Beluga: i know you have the right drivers..11:12
histocub: Why not use a DE or software that's more fitted to your hardware rather than upgrading hardware just to run unity.11:12
RELOLI'm unable to open tar.md5 with file-roller since last update11:13
Belugaubuntuw1204: maybe I should sudo dpkg -r the drivers and try the Gruz ones11:13
ubuntuw1204Beluga: i have canon mf 3010 the scan doesn't work but print works11:13
cubi need to upgrade it anyways, just having had the money to... I installed Linux to begin with due to a hard drive failure that held my windows install11:13
ubuntuw1204Beluga: just sudo dpkg -i11:13
=== srhb`` is now known as srhb
Hiro`I have duplicate installations of a package. Can anyone tell me how to remove one and leave the other still installed? Thanks11:17
histoHiro`: apt-get remove packagename    They shouldn't be named the same. If they are you have other issues.11:17
Hiro`When you say that they shouldn't be named the same, are you including the path in with the name?11:19
Hiro`Basically I have three copies of Ipython installed in different locations. They're all called Ipython as far as I can see.11:19
histoHiro`: how did you install them?11:20
Hiro`histo: IIRC just using apt-get install. Not sure how I've ended up with several installations.11:21
histoHiro`: please pastebin the outptu of dpkg -l | grep ipython11:21
tuxgeek_man apt-get11:22
Hiro`It's less than a line of text. Do you still want me to pastebin it?11:22
histoHiro`: no under 4 lines is fine here11:23
Hiro`histo: ii  ipython        0.12.1+dfsg-0u enhanced interactive Python shell11:24
histoHiro`: Okay why do you think you have 3 versions installed?11:24
TaZeRhey boys im workin it on ubuntu!11:26
TaZeRive never felt so free in my life11:26
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TaZeRubuntu rocks my world day and night11:27
Hiro`histo: I seem to have an instance in /usr/bin/ipython, one in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/IPython/ and one in /usr/local/bin/ipython.11:27
An_Ony_MooseI tried installing gtk-sharp2 but it failed during the configuration of this package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1551600/ resulting in unmet dependencies. Are the packages buggy somewhere or am I doing something wrong?11:28
histoHiro`: okay well the stuff in lib isn't a seperate package. I would also assume that /usr/local/bin/ipython may be a symlinked to /usr/bin/ipython also and not be a seperate package.11:29
histoHiro`: in a terminal what's the output of which ipython11:30
histoHiro`: type:  which ipython11:30
Hiro`histo: I have weird buggy errors in IPython, such as needing to exit IPython and restart it in order to get it to run updated scripts. I asked on the IPython channel and they seemed to say that I had conficting installs.11:30
MonkeyDust!find sharp211:31
ubottuFound: gnome-sharp2-examples, gtk-sharp2-examples, gtk-sharp2-gapi, gnome-desktop-sharp2, gnome-sharp211:31
Hiro`histo: /usr/local/bin/ipython11:31
Nicktttnameertyuis there a way to set autohide with unity without a delay?11:33
histoHiro`: and the output of ls -l /usr/bin/ipython11:33
NicktttnameertyuI set autohide but there is a delay to autohide, I want to reduce this delay, ty11:33
Hiro`histo: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 495 Apr 22  2012 /usr/bin/ipython11:34
Hiro` 11:34
histoHiro`: and ls -l /usr/local/bin/ipython11:34
Hiro`histo: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 304 Dec 12 19:53 /usr/local/bin/ipython11:36
WulfWhen there is someone else logged in to my system (e.g. via ssh), I cannot shutdown or reboot the system. How can I change this setting?11:37
bekksWulf: sudo shutdown and you CAN shutdown your system.11:37
ActionParsnipWulf: if you run:   sudo shutdown -r now      does it reboot ok?11:37
WulfI don't want to explain my users how to open a terminal11:38
WulfActionParsnip: yes11:38
ActionParsnipWulf: ctrl + alt + t   too hard?11:38
Wulfyep ;)11:39
WulfI don't want a workaround, I want a fix for the problem11:39
MonkeyDustWulf  if you're using ssh, then you're already in a terminal11:39
ActionParsnipWulf: are there bugs reported?11:39
__Hackuin__Hello people.  :]11:40
ActionParsnipAnd monkeydust is right11:40
ActionParsnipHi __hackuin__11:40
Wulfthe "user" is not using ssh or terminals11:40
An_Ony_MooseMonkeyDust: odd, why doesn't gtk-sharp2 appear in the list?11:40
__Hackuin__12.04 never restart/shut-down!!11:40
ActionParsnipWulf: is there a message on screen when the reboot attempt is made?11:41
Wulfhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/838792 looks similar11:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 838792 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) ""Restart" logs out, even when there are no other people logged in" [High,Confirmed]11:41
histoHiro`: that's bizaare11:41
Hiro`histo: how so?11:41
histoHiro`: I would remove the /usr/local/bin/ipython11:41
ActionParsnip__hackuin__: occasional reboots are good, specially during maintenance windows11:42
bekkshisto: Why not just rename it?11:42
xkernelhow to install myunity in Ubuntu 12.10?11:42
histobekks: He wanted to remove the other versions11:42
An_Ony_MooseI tried installing gtk-sharp2 but it failed during the configuration of this package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1551600/ resulting in unmet dependencies. Are the packages buggy somewhere or am I doing something wrong? Also: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1551641/11:42
ActionParsnip! Info myunity11:42
histobekks: that one was installed by him not the deb11:42
bekkshisto: Hmm, ok.11:43
cub!info myunity11:43
ubottuPackage myunity does not exist in quantal11:43
ActionParsnipXkernel: http://askubuntu.com/questions/203709/how-do-i-install-myunity-on-12-1011:43
ActionParsnipXkernel: guess how I found that ....11:43
ActionParsnipWulf: any messages onscreen when the user reboots the OS?11:44
WulfActionParsnip: when the user is logged in, he is logged out. When he is in the lightdm there is no message11:44
ActionParsnipXkernel: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=myunity+quantal+ppa    simples11:45
MonkeyDust<3 the duck11:45
xkernelthanks ActionParsnip11:46
ActionParsnipWulf: I recommend reporting a bug. You could setup a test OS and use gdm instead of lightdm, see if it happens there11:46
Hiro`histo: over on the #ipython channel, they told me to remove that and /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/IPython/11:46
ActionParsnipXkernel: no worries,  the web is full of how to guides. Try searching.  If you come up blsnk then ask :)11:46
WulfActionParsnip: I'll try that11:47
ActionParsnipMonkeydust: its nearly all I use these days11:47
mikodoI want to copy my /home to backup. Using cp to copy to a partition on an external drive, would this be OK and I assume it would make the backup directory for me in the external drive partition: cp /home/mikodo -r /media/<UUID>/home/mikodo11:47
ActionParsnipWulf: but do run:   ubuntu-bug lightdm      and report the issue11:47
WulfActionParsnip: I linked the bug report above11:48
ActionParsnipMikodo: could use grsync as an alternative11:48
bekksmikodo: No. cp -r will not necessarilly preserver all permissions, I recommend using rsync -av11:48
mikodobekks, OK, i'll study rsync11:49
BlackDexHello there...11:50
BlackDexmy ubuntu keeps logging me out when starting or using some programs11:50
BlackDexlike, when i start vlc it logs me out11:50
ActionParsnipBlackdex: have yoy tested your RAM? If you make a new Ubuntu user, is it the same?11:51
BlackDexActionParsnip: Ah. thas a good one.. new user :)11:52
atlef!nomodeset > atle11:52
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Hiro`histo: either way, my next question is: how do I uninstall it? If I run apt-get remove ipython, how will it know which install to remove?11:57
BlackDexActionParsnip: testing ram now11:58
BlackDexother user crashed also11:58
histoHiro`: if you do that it will remove the one in /usr/bin/ipython11:59
Ben64Hiro`: could you pastebin the result of "dpkg -S /usr/bin/ipython; dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/ipython"12:00
Hiro`histo: I'd guessed as much.12:00
=== pipopopo is now known as pipopopo_
Hiro`Ben64: In order: ipython: /usr/bin/ipython; dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/local/bin/ipython.12:03
esyHi, I installed Dropbox, but when I open it it says "Couldn't access Dropbox folder"12:03
esyWhere's the problem?12:03
Ben64Hiro`: well the 2nd one you installed not with apt-get, so you'll have to undo that somehow12:04
Hiro`Ben64: how do I go about doing that?12:04
Ben64depends how you installed it12:04
MonkeyDustesy  try sudo chown [username]:[username]12:04
MonkeyDustesy  try sudo chown [username]:[username] ~/Dropbox    <-- correction12:05
OpicaHi! Quick question, i need to format the system disk, i only have a usb stick availabile and a very slow internet connection. Does anyone know of a utility i can setup on my usb drive that would only format the system disk12:06
esyDidn't work MonkeyDust :(12:06
Hiro`Ben64: Unfortuately, I don't remember installing it! I'm not sure why I would need to have a second install or how it ended up on my system.12:06
mikodoI just read what I typed. Should have been cp -r. Thanks ActionParsnip and bekks I'll look into rsync -av   grsync always threw too many errors for my liking. Good day!12:06
esyI tried both Ubuntu repositories and Dropbox .deb and the error is the same.12:06
bekksOpica: How do "formatting the system disk" relate to "slow internet access" and why do you want/need to format something?12:06
esy"Can't access Dropbox folder"12:06
Opicabekks: I'm selling my old computer in an hour and i forgot to format the disk. downloading a linux img would take more than an hour :)12:07
esyI'll try to reinstall it and do it again.12:07
bekksOpica: There is no faster way rather than downloading an image.12:08
Sgt_ShultzOpica,  DSlinux12:09
esyShould I do "sudo apt-get install dropbox" or install its .deb?12:09
esyI use 12.04 btw.12:10
OpicaSgt_Shultz: thanks12:12
Sgt_ShultzI Know Nothing ....12:12
koinandablehello, is there a user-friendly way for text-to-speech output of pdf files similar to balabolka windows software?12:13
Sgt_Shultz"pdf to speech linux" is a good google search12:14
MonkeyDustkoinandable  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech12:15
ActionParsnipEsy: sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox12:15
ActionParsnipKoinandable: gnome-orca maybe12:16
mikodoWould this command make the destination directory in the Ex. drive partition for me, or do I need to have the destination directory in it first?    sudo rsync -av /home/mikodo /media/<UUID>/home/mikodo12:16
koinandableok ty, will check this out12:16
ActionParsnipEsy: is there a ~/Dropbox folder already?12:16
ubottufeng: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:17
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TBGHi all, I just install Ardour Beta 3.5 on Ubuntu 12.10 after getting a new laptop. Everything seemed to go okay but when I start Ardour and make a new project Ardour tells me that is can't make the project file in that folder. The folder is my home folder by the way and I have checked that I own it, its in my group all of the permission belong to me.12:21
ActionParsnipTbg: I suggest you report a bug. The app is beta12:21
DionIs anyone on right now? I have a bit of an emergency due to a stupid moment.12:21
ActionParsnipDion: many12:22
bekksDion: Several hundreds according to "/names".12:22
DionI tried to install Ubuntu on a MacBook, and in a moment of stupidity didn't bother to check if something was different, just went with the full install from a CD.12:23
TBGYar cool ActionParsnip will do. Strange though I had 3.5 Beta on 12.10 on my last laptop12:23
kostkonTBG, did you try to create a folder in your home and save it in there?12:23
DionWhen I had to reboot, the screen glitched up and froze, and any reboots wouldn't load Ubuntu, just this "?" symbol.12:23
=== MakOke is now known as JotaK
TBGkostkon, yep12:23
kostkonTBG, same error?12:24
Sgt_Shultzummm, formatting a mac is not stupid..12:24
TBGkostkon, yep12:24
kostkonTBG, hmm12:24
DionAnd to be honest, I'm not sure what to do right now to fix it.12:24
TBGkostkon, yes indeed12:24
Sgt_ShultzDion, can your boot from usb ?12:24
mikodobekks,    sudo rsync -av /home/mikodo /media/<UUID>/home/mikodo   will make destination directory?12:25
ActionParsnipDion: what would 'fixed' constitute?12:25
DionI have a CD, and I can boot from it. Sort of.12:25
bekksmikodo: No. Create the target before copying.12:25
DionWell, being able to actually access Ubuntu from regular boot.12:25
mikodobekks, Alright Thanks!12:25
TBGOoooh I proberbly need to reboot as I have not been added to the group that ardour is in yet12:26
Sgt_ShultzDion, What MACrap is it ?12:26
ActionParsnipDion: what video chip do you use?12:26
ActionParsnipTbg: just log off and on, same as Windows12:26
DionJust a regular MacBook. I believe it's Nvidia? I didn't memorize it and I can't exactly check right now.12:27
ActionParsnipDion: add the boot option: nouvea.blacklist=112:27
Sgt_Shultzdion, also if ubuntu boots, is install not available when booted ?12:28
DionNot sure what you're asking. I installed Ubuntu over the OSX, and when I boot from the CD again, it says it indeed installed the Ubuntu, but when I try to boot normally, it doesn't boot Ubuntu, just pops up a file image with ? on it.12:29
kubancis it possible to disable keyring in 12.10?12:30
DionOh, almost forgot to mention- the CD I used was 11.10. Is that vital? Should I have gotten 12.10?12:30
TBGdang it how it just disappear12:30
ActionParsnipKubanc: set a blank keyring password and it won't bother you12:31
ActionParsnipTbg: launch it from terminal,  the output may help12:31
TBGYeah just doing that12:31
kubancActionParsnip, where can i change password?12:32
ActionParsnipKubanc: in dash search for 'password'12:32
DionNo? Nobody?12:32
TBGHay what is the command to run Ardour from the terminal?12:32
kubancActionParsnip, password and keys?12:32
MonkeyDustTBG  try ardour&12:32
ActionParsnipDion: did you try my suggestion?12:33
TBGCool thanks12:33
ActionParsnipKubanc: yes12:33
Sgt_ShultzDion, lastest version is best, but on mac issues, a google search, "osx ubuntu install issues" gave me understanding12:33
ActionParsnipTbg: not obvious?12:33
dpurgertouch ... a blank keyring ... ?12:33
ActionParsnipSgt_shultz: best is subjective12:33
DionWell, I'm not aware of how to add a boot option, sorry.12:34
ActionParsnipDpurgert: just the password,  the keyring will be populated12:34
raheel_com88Any one can help me with rpl command??12:34
Sgt_ShultzActionParsnip, yes true, but it is what i am using12:34
TBGI have tried, ardour, ardour3, ardour35, 3.512:34
ActionParsnipDion: then asking that would be the next intelligent step, right12:34
ActionParsnipTbg: use TAB to complete commands12:35
dpurgertActionParsnip, too early :) ... still blank passwords are bad news12:35
DionI keep getting results talking about failed dualboots and the like, but I'm having a hard time finding something on the topic of actually writing over OSX.12:35
ActionParsnipDpurgert: given but it stops it asking12:35
TBGTried did't get tab complete12:35
Sgt_ShultzDion, can you boot cd live, no hd ?12:35
ActionParsnip! Bootoption | dion12:35
ubottudion: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.12:35
DionI can use Try Ubuntu from the CD if that counts.12:36
ActionParsnipTbg: I suggest you install the ardour stable version,  beta software is not for the lay user12:36
dpurgertActionParsnip, true -- but assuming the PC is trusted ... jsut set the keepalive for longer (e.g. 4 hours) ... it's still a bandaid to the "annoying" need to input the password12:36
TBGAnd double tabbing ar dose not suggest ardour12:36
ActionParsnipDion: add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=1   and it should help12:37
dpurgertand it's not as bad as leaving it wide open...12:37
Sgt_ShultzDion, that should give you the option to install12:37
ActionParsnipDpurgert: if there is only one user then its not quite as bad but its still not great12:37
TBGNar it cool I'll figure it out, my audio interface is not showing up for some mouths so I am in no hurry12:38
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nep1xhi. When I do install some package on my system with apt-get, how can I know the files and directories where the files are installed?12:38
TBGHeck Ardour 3 will probably be out by then12:39
DionAlright, trying to access boot options.12:39
kostkonnep1x, you don't need to know. why are you asking12:39
dpurgertActionParsnip, definitely ... but still, assuming that keyring is "me" ... still feel better about it when it's not wide open ...12:39
nep1xjust for curiosity12:39
ActionParsnipDpurgert: user still has to log in, this helps12:40
=== Guest62952 is now known as Termana
ActionParsnipNep1x: they are all over, they don't just go to one folder12:40
khaoshi in my ubuntu 12.10 (asus laptop) i can change brightness with fn keys but I dont have notification for this change. Is there any way to fix that?12:41
dpurgertActionParsnip, fair enough12:41
nep1xbut that a mess!! I am just trying to understand how the software is install in this kind of system12:42
ActionParsnipNep1x: common libs are installed once and loaded once in RAM unlike Windows which wastes resources with duplicated files and stuff in RAM12:42
kostkonnep1x, you only need to care about your home folder12:42
DionActionParsnip- Do I add -- before the boot option as the guide linked claims?12:42
DionIf I'm reading correctly?12:42
kostkonnep1x, that's the beauty of it12:42
rekoili have a dm-crypt on a raid i've just finished growing12:43
rekoili now want to make the crypt use the new space12:43
ActionParsnipNep1x: how, lubs are put in the libs folder and binaries are in /usr/bin etc. If other apps need the same libs then they uee the ones already installed,  fewer and smaller updates and fewer resources used12:43
rekoilbut i'm scared i'm gonna ruin something12:43
rekoilanyone have any experience growing crypts?12:43
ActionParsnipNep1x: one folder for each app is a massive waste and very wasteful. How is a central store of oibs etc a mess?12:44
rekoilsince the raid was 6tb in size (now 8tb) it is using a gpt partition table12:44
rekoildo i just delete the partition, create a larger one and off i go?12:44
TBGI just had to put the whole location in /opt/Ardour-3.0beta5_13072/bin/ardour312:45
bekksrekoil: You dont need a GPT label for sizes like that.12:45
AmhnduHi all12:45
DionBy the way, is wi-fi strength dependent on the OS? I actually have two laptops- one Acer, one Mac. The Acer keeps disconnecting a lot on both Windows and Ubuntu but the Mac has a very stable connection.12:45
rekoilbekks: msdos labels dont support partition sizes larger than 2tb do they?12:45
DionSo I thought maybe it had something to do with the laptop itself, but while I was using Ubuntu on it, the wi-fi was unstable as well again.12:46
khaosActionParsnip, we have talked some days ago about no brightness in a laptop. I fixed the prob with acpi_osi=null. Now it works but there is no notification in Unity about chaning brightness. This is not a critical prob but is there any way to fix that? Unity OSI notifications?12:46
nep1xi guess that all libraries usually go to /usr/lib and bin to /usr/bin, and there is the first place where, by default, package manager looks when going to install something and need a library12:46
nep1xno no12:46
bekksrekoil: When going to have just one big filesystem on that drive, you dont need a partition table at all, technically :)12:47
nep1xi am not saying that...12:47
rekoilbekks: but i did, and i can't just remove it now can i?12:47
ActionParsnipNep1x: the package database tells the package installer what is installed,  if its already installed then its not downloaded12:47
ActionParsnipKhaos: what make and model system12:48
bekksrekoil: No, you cant.12:48
Sgt_ShultzI lobotomized a macbook pro recently, with live cd install, VLC rules over itunes ..... it should work perfectly, using xubuntu here on acer 5733z & HP Dv6 no issues even fingerprint scanner working on hp12:48
rekoilbekks: :( so, do you know what i am supposed to do?12:48
khaosActionParsnip, asus laptop with nVidia GEFORCE 610M 2GB + nvidia Hybrid (Running Bumblebee)12:48
rekoildo i delete the partition, create a larger one beginning in the same block and resize the crypt?12:49
dpurgertDion, not the OS so much as the quality of the hardware...12:49
ActionParsnipNep1x: its al about reducing effort,  data storage and RAM use. If Linux used the Windows model,  you'd have about 20 instances if python running12:49
quick-.msg nickserv identify aloo1aloo12:50
ActionParsnipKhaos: oh jeez, I wouldn't hold your breath for that.12:50
Diondpurgert, then it would make sense Ubuntu would keep the Macbook's stable connection? I hope so.12:50
ActionParsnipQuick-: time for a password change12:50
DionAlright! Opened boot options. Here I go...12:50
quick-ActionParsnip: I know :)12:50
kostkonquick-, and do it quickly :P12:50
khaosActionParsnip, Ι didnt understand :( sorry12:50
bekksrekoil: Until now, I havent understood what you are going to do.12:51
quick-kostkon: i am done :)12:51
dpurgertDion, yeah in theory -- drivers do affect it a little, but not to the point where it's blatantly obvious12:51
kostkonquick-, fast enough :P12:51
nizorpls i need help12:51
Diondpurgert, thank you.12:51
ActionParsnipKhaos: bumblebee is far from perfect, I bet it is an issue for a long while12:51
rekoilbekks: i have an (previously 6tb) 8tb disk in my system, with a 6tb partition on it, this partition is a crypt12:52
dpurgertwhat's up nizor?12:52
rekoilas in dm-crypt12:52
nizori need to install vlc on my Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex....totally new beginner....pls12:52
rekoili want the crypt to use all 8tb12:52
nizorfine dpurgert12:52
bekksrekoil: there are no 6/8tb disks, you have a raid setup :)12:52
TBGI know why it does't show up in a locate search of a tab complete. the opt directory is not used anymore in Ubuntu so it is not in the system paths12:52
rekoilyes, but that is really irrelevant to the system :P12:52
khaosActionParsnip, yeah I know that. But is there a manual way to enable the notification from Unity Notifications or something that? I saw some forums posts that many ppl have this similar problem without having the bubmblebee driver :)12:52
rekoilthe system sees one disk12:52
rekoilit's a hardware raid12:52
ActionParsnipNixor: intrepid is EOL and has been for ages now12:53
bekksrekoil: And sorry, I never had any reason for messing around with encrypting filesystems.12:53
kostkonnizor, still on 8.10?12:53
ActionParsnipNizor: ^12:53
bekksnizor: Whats the output of lsb_release -sc please?12:53
quick-kostkon:  Yup :D12:53
dpurgertnizor, that's unfortunately EOL  -- so not so sure if it can be helped ...12:53
DionInserted the configuration line nouveau.blacklist=1 Do I hit enter or esc or..?12:53
rekoilneither do i really, i just love experimenting with things12:53
nizoryes kostkon12:53
ActionParsnipNizor: I suggest a clean install if Precise.  It is LTS and supported til April 201712:53
nizorwana start with that12:54
bekksnizor: 8.10 isnt supported for a very long time now.12:54
quick-hi , I cannot find my bluetooth device even after hcitool dev command. Please help.12:54
kostkonnizor, i don't think you will ever manage to install the latest version of vlc on it. a much older version maybe12:54
TBGAnd yep as I suspected it is a Jack related issue12:54
DionAlright, booting...12:54
DionIs it permanent, or can I only do this using the disk and the boot option?12:55
TBGWill look at it more later, thank for the help all12:56
dpurgertDion -- you need to have changed the boot option on grub for the PC ... in theory that's what the guys had you do already, so it should be permanent...12:56
ActionParsnipDion: no, get updated and install the nvidia-current package,  you'll be ok thereafter12:56
DionI'll try if the connection finally stabilizes.12:57
quick-how can i remove the system proxy fot apt-get .I am using 12.04  LTS and i have removed it from the network connections and also from the /etc/apt/apt.conf but still it says connecting to proxy but i am not using the proxy now12:57
Sgt_ShultzDion,complete, update,  a reboot would answer that12:57
DionWill Update Manager help?12:57
DionDamnation, the wi-fi just won't connect! It was perfect while it was OSX, it should be hardware-based... Da fuck?12:58
DionPardon my language.12:58
dpurgertDion, no -- you have to get the nVidia binary (should show up as some option ... I forget which though (intel gfx that "just work(tm)" here)12:59
dpurgertDion -- check that the driver is installed/working, and that you've actually told the OS to connect to your wifi13:00
DionIt registers the network and all, I've entered the password, but it keeps struggling to connect and repeatedly asks to connect again.13:01
DionAt last! It connects! Stay connected...13:02
DionFound the driver options, installing newest NVIDIA drivers.13:02
ActionParsnipDion: the wifi is always hardware based, it needs a n antenna.  How do you get software based WiFi?13:03
DionThat's 173, right?13:03
Sgt_ShultzI dont wonder why anymore why when i walk past a macshop, why there 30 red shirts & a 100 idiots asking silly questions, UPDATE DRIVERS13:03
bekksDion: We dont know which version you are seeing there.13:03
DionVersion 173 is latest, correct? It's what it's offering.13:04
sogeking99Hey guys, I am having problems with screen tearing on Ubuntu 12.04. This is very noticeable on videos. I have tried VLC, Totem and gplayer. XBCM seems to not have the issue, but I would rather not have to use that player13:04
bekksDion: No, it isnt.13:04
rekoilbekks: so ignore the encrypted filesystem, how do i grow a partition without regard to filesystem at all on a gpt label?13:04
dpurgertSgt_Shultz, because the redshirts are "geniuses" or some such.  on the upside, we can all live with the hope that they'll be the first to go13:04
DionAnnnnnd it disconnected.13:04
rekoilbecause from what i'm reading the crypt will take care of itself13:04
ActionParsnipSgt_shultz: people don't mind paying that bit more to know what they have will work13:04
rekoili just need to enlarge the space available to the crypt13:05
bekksrekoil: It will not expand itself.13:05
DionWell, we're using a router.13:05
phoenixsamprasHalp!! what is something like photoshop??13:05
ActionParsnipDion: get fully updated, I recommend a wired connection13:05
rekoilthe crypt will once i've decrypted it and told it to resize, it will use the block devices total capacity13:05
kostkonphoenixsampras, gimp13:05
DionWell, I only see options for 173 or (version current).13:05
rekoili just need to expand that13:05
phoenixsamprasbut gimp sucks, must be something more pro?13:05
ActionParsnipDion: you still didn't answer about 'hardware wifi' being a thing13:05
bekksrekoil: Then just use gparted13:06
rekoilbut parted keeps complaining it doesn't detect a filesystem13:06
rekoil(headless server)13:06
NoteHello, does anybody know what sasl2-bin package is?13:06
ActionParsnipDion: install the nvidia-current package and it will be fine13:06
Sgt_ShultzActionParsnip, yes they told me that for the lisa & classic, still waiting13:06
NoteI am trying to install Cyrus and it tells me to get the package sasl2-bin - however, upon doing apt-get install sasl2-bin - it says Unable to locate package sas12-bin13:06
dpurgertActionParsnip, hardware is (was) OK under the original OS.  Sounds like it might be the driver acting up...13:06
NoteDoes anyone know where i can get this or what it does13:06
rekoilall i want to do is manipulate the partition map, change partition 1s mapping from 64mb-6000gb, to 64mb-8000gb13:06
DionAlright. And someone here said that wi-fi is based on the hardware, not the OS.13:07
llutzNote: sasl2-bin     two-bin not sastwelve13:07
ActionParsnipDion: they don't knoe what they are talking about. Probably a mac user13:07
rekoilError: Could not detect file system.13:07
Notellutz, huh?13:07
rekoilthat's what parted says13:07
ActionParsnipDion: every WiFi is hardware based but you still need a driver to tell the OS how to use it13:08
Sgt_ShultzPs.. my ardrone has same specs as original ac only more storage onboard13:08
llutz!info sasl2-bin | Note13:08
ubottuNote: sasl2-bin (source: cyrus-sasl2): Cyrus SASL - administration programs for SASL users database. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1.25.dfsg1-5 (quantal), package size 124 kB, installed size 388 kB13:08
khaosActionParsnip, yeah I know that. But is there a manual way to enable the notification from Unity Notifications or something that? I saw some forums posts that many ppl have this similar problem without having the bubmblebee driver :)13:08
DionMoved it closer to the router, it reconnected. Downloading version current driver now. Hopefully it stays up long enough...13:08
ActionParsnipSgt_Shultz: what is 'lisa & classic' please13:08
rekoilapparently gdisk can do what i want13:08
Notellutz, so why can't i install it?13:09
Noteit unable to locate packaghe13:09
ActionParsnipKhaos: do you have libnotify-bin installed?13:09
llutzNote: lsb_release -sc13:09
Sgt_Shultzoriginal mac was a "lisa", classic is original 128 meg mac13:09
sogeking99Hey guys, I am having problems with screen tearing on Ubuntu 12.04. This is very noticeable on videos. I have tried VLC, Totem and gplayer. XBCM seems to not have the issue, but I would rather not have to use that player13:09
khaosActionParsnip, yes the sound notifications also works like a charm. only in screen brightness there is no notification13:09
ActionParsnipDion: a wired connection will help. Fully updating will help lots13:10
DionYou know what's ironic? I'm on the Acer right now, which is usually misbehaving with the wi-fi, but it's surprisingly stable right now. Of course, I probably jinxed it just now...13:10
Notellutz, i run that then type apt-get install sasl2-bin13:10
llutzNote: lsb_release -sc        what is the output?13:10
ActionParsnipKhaos: not sure then, are there bugs reported?13:10
Notellutz, quantal13:10
khaosActionParsnip, i will search again in the ubuntuforums and I will add a bug if there is not something similar13:10
llutzNote: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sasl2-bin13:11
ActionParsnipSogeking99: did you set different video output methods in vlc?13:11
DionDoes anyone here use the Opera browser?13:11
DionAny opinions on it?13:12
ActionParsnipSgt_Shultz: thanks13:12
sogeking99ActionParsnip, no, what are there?13:12
ActionParsnipDion: irs great13:12
Sgt_Shultzthe looked like a kaypro cpm box (monitor & drives in a "portable" box13:12
ActionParsnipSogeking99: in prefs, rather than just throwing in more apps, try changing the settings13:12
Notellutz, great, thank you very much13:13
DionI used to use Firefox, but it's become rather laggy and bloated, so I switched to Chrome... which quickly fell to the same fate. I tried Opera, and... well, I love it.13:13
NoteThe following NEW packages will be installed:13:13
Note  sasl2-bin13:13
ActionParsnipDion: then use it if you think its great. Why did you even ask?13:13
ithinktoomuchithinktoomuch - I have a 3g HSPA modem - Huawei which works only through the usb2.0 and not on usb3. I have tried usb_modeswitch and all kinds of solutions, but it is not working. lsusb on usb3 shows 12d1:1446 but on usb2 it shows 12d1:140b13:14
DionNobody ever talks about it. I was concerned that maybe there was some godawful flaw to it or something.13:14
ActionParsnipIthinktoomuch: why do you want to use usb313:14
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ActionParsnipDion: some dislike it as it's not open source13:14
Comps_i had to copy my data, to drobox, reinstall windows thanks to ubuntu's grub.... lost alot large data...13:15
DionAh, I see. Well, I'm not troubled by that, so that's good.13:15
ithinktoomuch@ActionParsnip - i have one usb2.0 port which is so close to the power socket that i cannot charge the laptop and use the internet together and it's very irritating at times13:15
Sgt_Shultzfirefox, needs to clened occasionally to keep it trim13:15
ActionParsnipIthinktoomuch: gotcha, is the system a desktop?13:16
Comps_i wont be usding ubuntu again...13:16
DionSgt_Shultz, I do clean it often, but lately it seems like it doesn't help as much, or the fox jumped in the mud right away.13:16
ActionParsnipComps_: want a cookie?13:16
ithinktoomuch@ActionParsnip - lenovo g580 laptop13:17
Comps_ActionParsnip, grub killed my windows13:17
Sgt_ShultzDion, java is the crim, r u usin NOSCRIPT and have JAVA disabled ?13:17
sogeking99ActionParsnip, Do you mean the output setting?13:17
Sgt_Shultzwindows needs to die ....13:18
Comps_i ab downloading over 200gbs cause of ubuntu insall aside of windows option13:18
Comps_it killed any options to boot windows right13:19
DionSgt_Shultz, I use Adblock. Used to use a script blocker, but it was indiscriminate and messed up a lot of things for me, so I tried to compromise. And I agree, Microsoft needs to keel over someday.13:19
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=== god is now known as Prosty
Comps_linux would be great, if drivers where supported,, look up bigfoot killer 2100 no linux driver13:20
Dionlol @ people who give up at the first error. Linux OSes are great, but you're gonna have to work a little for it.13:20
=== poneyarcenciel is now known as foufounette
llutzComps_: do you have any ubuntu support-related question? if not, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic13:20
Comps_not when grub breaks mbr..13:20
MonkeyDustDion  people want to do an effort to get used to anything, but linux13:21
* PatrickDickey has an *buntu related support question. :)13:21
ikoniaPatrickDickey: then ask it instead of telling us you have a question13:21
DionComps_, mbr breaks are actually rather common, and surprisingly easy to fix. Just google it.13:21
Comps_i did,, never got support, had to lose data.13:21
rekoilbekks: gdisk sorted it out13:21
rekoilall good now :)13:21
Sgt_ShultzDion, windows was always a single user system, made to adapt to www, where linux was built for www ....13:21
Comps_i did, problem is, its gpt..13:21
PatrickDickeyWould a failing hard drive cause kernel panics? I was having issues with ubuntu, so I reinstalled with Lubuntu (both 12.10 and 12.04.1) and started getting random kernel panics. I installed Fedora, and had the same problem.13:22
Comps_grub killed my gtp13:22
bekksPatrickDickey: Maybe.13:22
Sgt_Shultzyou buy windows @ kmart13:22
bekksPatrickDickey: Just check your harddrive and your RAM.13:22
ikoniaPatrickDickey: io problems are a common cause of panics13:22
k-josephhi every one, when i shrink some volume from the partition that has ubuntu installed, do i loose any data from it, is it dangerous thanks a lot13:22
rekoilComps_: a partition is a partition, regardless of partition table, those kinds of errors can mostly always be solved, tools like testdisk help13:22
Comps_dion, i was here all last night stuck in ubuntu.13:22
PatrickDickeyWell it's different processes and it's something along the lines of a SMP bug. (I can't remember the exact wording).13:23
rekoili wonder how long fsck will take to run on a 6tb partition :P13:23
Comps_any thing i did, bootrec would not show windows installsion path:/13:23
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mvt007geekwhat is the best way to write an arm image (ubuntu) into sdcard? i used dd but serial port doesn't show it and it don't boot when i put sdcard in pandaboard. is there a good software to do that?13:23
dpurgertPatrickDickey, boot off a livecd so you can run fsck on the HDD ... the memtest86 boot option is OK to test your ram (though, as with anything else here -- there's probably a handful of other utils)13:23
Guest55036please help xbmc keeps crashing ubuntu 12.1013:23
ikoniaPatrickDickey: SMP is kernel multiprocessor support, but a panic is normally a long set of lines so you maybe missing the key words13:23
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auronandacerekoil: only one way to find out :)13:24
ikoniaGuest55036: is there an xmbc ubuntu package ?13:24
hackerhow to install backtrack 5 on unbuntu 12.1013:24
ikonia!info xmbc13:24
ubottuPackage xmbc does not exist in quantal13:24
dpurgertComps_, did you happen to format the hdd?13:24
bekksdpurgert: fsck will not helpon investigating hdd errors, but just filesystem errors.13:24
k-josephhi every one, when i shrinksome volume from the partition that has ubuntuinstalled, do i loose any data from it, is it dangerous thanks a lot13:24
rekoilauronandace: damn, should have run time on it13:24
DionComps_, did you accidentally overwrite Windows instead of dualboot?13:24
auronandacehacker: not supported13:24
Sgt_Shultzcomps, did you scandisk, defrag, windows before partitioning ?13:24
hackerhow to install backtrack 5 on unbuntu 12.1013:24
rekoiljust gonna have to remember when i started13:24
Guest55036i navigate through the menus and then it crashes and wont recover13:24
PatrickDickeyOne of the messages was general protection fault: 0000[#1] SMP It looks like it was kswapd that caused that one.13:24
rekoili know that growing the raid took about 4 days13:24
Comps_dion, its just grub killed my gpt bootcode13:24
dpurgertbekks, ugh, I'll get the util right eventually ... :|13:24
mvt007geekwhat is the best way to write an arm image (ubuntu) into sdcard? i used dd but serial port doesn't show it and it don't boot when i put sdcard in pandaboard. is there a good software to do that?13:25
Comps_i have a uefi..13:25
ikoniahacker: backtrack 5 is not something to be installed "inside" ubuntu13:25
rekoilthough i suspect that would have gone quicker had i activated write-through before starting13:25
ikoniaGuest55036: what is the package name, I don't see it in the ubuntu repo13:25
k-josephhi every one, when i shrinksome volume from the partition that has ubuntuinstalled, do i loose any data from it, is it dangerous thanks a lot13:25
dpurgertComps_, did you tell it to use uefi-grub (or turn off UEFI in the BIOS)?13:25
Comps_grub killed my data, nothing ni did would make grub boot"windows 7"13:25
Comps_it did not let me13:26
bekksk-joseph: You may lose data when doing something wrong.13:26
Comps_i did not know13:26
bekksk-joseph: So create a backup before.13:26
ikoniaComps_: grub doesn't touch your data13:26
Comps_ubuntu fault, in my book13:26
Sgt_ShultzGoogle answer my questions "replacing windows boot code after linux"13:26
ikoniaComps_: your book is wrong13:26
PatrickDickeyikonia I've got a picture of part of one on my phone. Sometimes it was java that caused it, most of the time it was kswapd, and the last one was pulseaudio.13:26
Dion^ Like I said... lol people giving up and whining at first problem.13:26
Comps_when u use live edition13:26
ipv6hermithey guys, I just ran the update utility and it installed  new kernel and nvidia drivers... and as it might be  expected now the nvidia drivers are not loading13:26
ipv6hermitI ran sudo nvidia-xconfig, rebooted and still I don't think  the drivers are loading13:27
ikoniaPatrickDickey: I doubt very much java would cause a kernel panic13:27
=== foufounette is now known as spacezinzin
ikoniaComps_: grub does not touch your data in anyway13:27
ipv6hermitI run the nvidia x server settings utility adn it says "You  do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X Driver"13:27
Comps_to install. it should of used efigrub and not kill my boot:/13:27
ikoniaipv6hermit: gksudo nvidia-xconfig for x11 applications13:27
Comps_i know it didnt touch data13:27
dpurgertikonia, he's complaining about "breaking" his win7 install because grub doesn't see it (apparently he's using UEFI - I still have an "open" motherboard, so no problems there ... not to mention no need to go back to another OS)13:27
ikoniaComps_: you just said it trashed your data13:27
Comps_it killed windows from booting again13:27
k-josephbekks: will ubuntu stay on its partition workingwell? i have no much data that i fear loosing on the partition with ubuntu13:27
Comps_i said it killed my boot13:27
Sgt_Shultzrun back to windows 8, colour boxes you can click on to get a your files, just like my Commodore64 geos system, very nostalgic13:28
ikonia3:25 < Comps_> grub killed my data, nothing ni did would make grub boot"windows 7"13:28
ipv6hermitikonia: I tried and rebooted, and it still doesn't work :(13:28
Comps_gpt boots are not repairable..13:28
ikoniaComps_: note the word "data"13:28
ikoniaSgt_Shultz: please, stop13:28
ikoniaComps_: I believe they are repairable13:28
bekksk-joseph: You may lose ALL data on your harddisk, depending on what you might do wrong. So create a backup before.13:28
ikoniaComps_: I've seen the guys in ##windows explain how to repair the efi boot process13:28
PatrickDickeyikonia, I'm guessing because that was the PID that it listed once. The one I'm looking at right now says CPU0 Pid: 30, comm: kswapd0 Tainted: G    W   3.7.2-2 (it's cut off at that point on my phone).13:28
Comps_then why bootrec shopw windows installs 0.13:28
bekksComps_: I know the ARE repairable.13:28
Guest55036Its a package via the ubuntu software centre13:29
Guest55036if thats what you mean13:29
ikoniaPatrickDickey: kswapd is the swapper13:29
ikoniaGuest55036: what is the package called, I don't see it13:29
ikonia!info xmbc13:29
ubottuPackage xmbc does not exist in quantal13:29
ogist_Please help. I just installed compiz-plugins-extra and the Animations Add-on is not showing up in the CCSM13:29
Sgt_ShultzI Know Nothing ....13:29
Comps_i was force go in live ubuntu copy my inportant docs/pics to dropbox13:29
ogist_Please help. I just installed compiz-plugins-extra and the Animations Add-on is not showing up in the CCSM. I have reinstalled it and also I have rebooted.13:29
liameff that13:29
=== liam is now known as god
PatrickDickeyikonia, I understand that. I'm saying at one point, that line was pulseaudio, another time it was java, and a few times it was kswapd0.13:29
k-josephbekks: am not prepared for backup now, so cant i get guidance on how to it without any errors such that i dont loose data13:30
* god ate his own heat13:30
ikonialiam: please stop with the trying to use bad lanuage13:30
PatrickDickeyIs there a way to debug the crash?13:30
ikoniaPatrickDickey: I suspect that's not actually the case,13:30
=== god is now known as Guest4984
bekksk-joseph: Then you do not have any important data, basically.13:30
DionDeus, what a close shave! Finally installed driver, and then lost connection right after.13:31
k-josephbekks: i have very uch important data on other partitions exept the one with ubuntu13:31
DionNow installing the security updates and such. Any other drivers besides nvidia graphics I should install?13:31
dpurgertDion -- probably the wireless card :)13:32
rekoilfsck is done... that was damn quick13:32
Comps_my windows isnt mbr, its gpt, uefi board, grub turned it to mbr, made so windows repair wouldnt work i used boot-repair, restored, gpt mbr default. got repair to see it, bootrec would not fix it.):13:32
bekksk-joseph: When you are "not prepared to have a backup" you do not have ANY important data. So create abackup beforesomething might goes wrong.13:32
rekoili really really want to eliminate those 64mb prior to the start of the crypt13:32
Diondpurgert is that Broadcom STA?13:32
bekksComps_: Even on GPT, you always have a MBR.13:32
rekoili wonder if there might be a way to do that13:32
Comps_but bootrec would not see it13:32
DionComps_ do you even know what MBR stands for?13:33
Comps_google search said uefi to old br cant be fixed13:33
dpurgertDion, I dunno -- what wireless card is installed in the system?13:33
bekksComps_: Which doesnt affect that fact that the is a MBR on EVERY harddisk.13:33
Comps_master boot record13:33
DionComps_ Exactly. Think about it.13:34
ogist_does ubuntu 12.10 not have the fire effect?13:34
Comps_the part i dont get is windows repair cant fix once grub touchd it:/13:34
ogist_i downloaded compiz-plugins-extra and the animations add-on is not showing up13:34
Diondpurgert It's the only wireless driver it's offering, so I think it's safe to say that's the one.13:34
Comps_i fixed many mbrs, just never since uefi eh..13:35
dpurgertDion, works for me :)13:35
k-josephbekks: thanks alot,13:35
ipv6hermitI run sudo modprobe nvidia, and it says... FATAL: Module nvidia_current not found.13:35
DionOf course, I can't download it until it reconnects... looks like I'm waiting here until it does.13:35
Comps_grub wont boot windows on my uefi13:35
ActionParsnipComps_: still around?13:36
rekoilhow long does resize2fs take normally? is this a long process?13:36
ikoniarekoil: depends, there is no set time13:36
bekksrekoil: Yes, maybe.13:36
PatrickDickeyikonia out of curiosity, is there a way of debugging the kernel panic after it happens?13:36
ActionParsnipComps_: asked in #grub ?13:36
rekoilok :/13:36
Comps_good idea13:37
Comps_i will yap at them13:37
rekoilgrowing from 6tb to 8tb now13:37
ikoniaPatrickDickey: it's a specialist skill, it's not "basic"13:37
ogist_can anyone answer me?13:37
ogist_im running ubuntu 12.1013:37
rekoilreally wish i knew what i know now when i setup this raid :p13:37
ogist_compiz is not showing the animations add-on13:37
ogist_the settings manager13:37
ogist_i followed the instructions13:37
ogist_i just wanted the burn effect :)13:38
DionI recall reading that it was strongly suggested to NOT use compiz on Ubuntu.13:38
PatrickDickeyI may get a different drive anyhow. It's an older drive (and only 320GB). So it's probably time to upgrade anyhow.13:38
wNzI think compiz is default on ubuntu13:38
ikoniaogist_: be aware a lot of the plugins won't work with unity running as it is a compiz plugin itself13:38
ogist_E: Unable to locate package compiz-fusion-plugins-main13:39
ogist_E: Unable to locate package compiz-fusion-plugins-extra13:39
ikoniaogist_: that means the package you want does not exist13:39
nabblethi, when i do minimal install and choose no packages in the install process - will the intall have dhcpcd?13:39
ogist_i know13:39
ikoniahence the error "does not exist"13:39
ogist_ikonia: are you familiar with compiz?13:39
ikoniaogist_: why are you trying to install it if it doesn't exist then13:39
DionOh good, wireless driver installing rather quickly.13:39
ogist_ikonia: there are tons of websites telling me that it does exist13:39
ogist_where did it go13:40
ogist_i installed compiz-plugins-extra13:40
compdocnabblet, you mean ubuntu server?13:40
ogist_and there is no animations add-on13:40
ikoniaogist_: it doesn't exist in your ubuntu version, probably because it doesn't work with unity13:40
ogist_ah ok13:40
Comps_can i install ubuntu with out using grub?13:40
ogist_so ubuntu 12.10 sucks13:40
ikoniaComps_: no13:40
BlackDexActionParsnip: I have fixed my random logout.. it seemed to be bad xorg.conf or drivers.. removed the xorg.conf and reinstalled the video drivers... everything is working now13:40
ikoniaogist_: don't use it then13:40
ogist_i should have installed 12.0413:40
ikoniaogist_: 12.04 still uses unity13:40
Comps_then so i cant dual boot:/13:40
ogist_ikonia: what's your problem,?13:40
PatrickDickeyogist_ You can always install a different desktop that uses the animations.13:40
ikoniaogist_: I have no problem13:40
ogist_ikonia: you are acting like a little faggot13:41
PatrickDickeyComps_ why can't you dual-boot?13:41
ikoniaogist_: you don't like 12.10, don't use it13:41
ikoniait's a simple problem/solution13:41
Comps_grub wont boot windows on my board:/13:41
rekoilok, resize2fs didn't take too long either13:41
DionExcellent! The driver warning disappeared after I installed the wireless driver. Guess that means I got them. So the nvidia graphics and wireless is all I needed? Then the Update Manager updates and then reboot?13:41
ikoniaComps_: it will you just have to set the efi stuff up13:41
rekoilall in all, 4 days >.<13:41
DionJust making sure.13:41
rekoilstupid raid reconstruction13:41
dpurgertDion, sounds about right :)13:41
Comps_ikonia, can u walk me thru?13:41
rekoilthanks for the help guys13:42
* rekoil fires up bouncer13:42
ikoniaComps_: not personally no, the guys in ##windows can possible do it, I've seen them fix a lot of EFI issues13:42
Comps_i just dont want break windows this time:/13:42
ActionParsnipBlackdex: sweet13:42
Comps_i am just trying get ubuntu, cause my new job needs it.:/13:43
PatrickDickeyIf I remember right (Comps_ and ikonia), uEFI will let you pick the operating system, and if you choose Windows, it will load the windows bootloader, if you choose Linux, it will go through Grub. I could be way off on that though.13:43
DionYou guys are very helpful, thank you. I'll report if it worked after all after it updates all 487 (dear god).13:43
DereChi guys, try to stop kernel updates, ive tried to pin kernel version but it doeasn help, will removing unnatended updates help me to stop kernel updates?13:43
Comps_my dont13:43
pindolhow can i reed m4v with ubuntu?13:43
Comps_its msi uefi13:43
PatrickDickeyComps_ is there any reason why you can't use Ubuntu in a virtual machine?13:43
ikoniaComps_: repeatig the same thing over and over, won't change anything13:43
Comps_i rather get full power?:/13:43
=== foufounette is now known as spacezinzin
ActionParsnipComps_: could virtualize Ubuntu13:43
Sgt_ShultzComps, version of windows ?13:44
Comps_windows 7 ult13:44
Comps_64 bit13:44
DionWow, wireless driver certainly helped. It's staying connected.13:44
=== spacezinzin is now known as foufounette
Comps_was 540$13:44
ActionParsnipDion: sweet,  get fully updated13:44
dpurgertactually, linux (any variant) isn't that bad in a vm ... trouble is you don't get hardware access (as easily)13:44
xsumi5Hey everyone, I have an odd problem with Ubuntu 12.10.13:45
Comps_i am wanting pci access level.13:45
dpurgertxsumi5, what's up?13:45
Dionactionparsnip In the process of doing that. 487 updates. Geez.13:45
bekksComps_: What does UEFO has to do with PCI access?13:45
Comps_why cant ubuntu be easy anymore):13:45
ikoniaComps_: ubuntu is easy13:45
xsumi5I have two types of headsets to plug into the headphones jack on the laptop13:46
PatrickDickeyComps_ which board is it?13:46
ikoniaComps_: please stop blaming your hardware on ubuntu13:46
ikoniaComps_: I've offered a place that maybe able to help you, yet you ignore this and just keep repeating the same thing over and over13:46
dpurgertComps_, no, what I meant is that there's a few hoops to hop through with a VM to hit the hardware directly13:46
Comps_no, i cant same to be able install ubuntu wout messing up mbr.:/13:46
DionComps_ Oh, I'm not even handling you, and I'm sick of your whining! Maybe people will help you more if you stop crying and listen!13:46
ActionParsnipDion: yes, its a fresh install13:46
xsumi5If I plug in a set o headphones that has vol control and a mic the keyboard will stop working.13:46
ikoniaComps_: again - not ubuntu's issue, you have picked a hardware platform that requires a specific boot config13:46
ikoniaComps_: ubuntu does support that option if you set it up correctly13:46
ActionParsnipDion: ever clean installed xp?13:46
Comps_thats i been asking for:/13:47
xsumi5If I plug in a standard set of headphones without a mic or vol control it works13:47
radek_co tam13:47
Comps_i never had efi before13:47
ikoniaComps_: and I've told you what to do, get your windows setup working again13:47
xsumi5If I plug the standard headphones before the headphones with a mic and vol control that works too13:47
ikoniaComps_: then move to install ubuntu13:47
DionActionParsnip I did that on the Acer to replace Windows 7 (it was being very troublesome). That's how I busted my MBR for the first time, haha.13:47
dpurgertActionParsnip, yeah ... but unlike ubuntu (or anything sane for that matter) it doesn't touch the internet til the offline installers for SP# get installed13:47
ikoniaComps_: the guys in ##windows will help you get your windows efi boot setup back13:47
Comps_i lost that one, i am fresh new copy.13:47
DionOr clean install meant otherwise..?13:48
ikoniaradek_: unacceptable language, please don't do that13:48
Comps_just want to install ubuntu aside windows not mess up mbr 3rd time:/13:48
xsumi5It seems that Ubuntu is getting the wrong driver / module / etc when I plug in the Logitech UE200 headphones in first.13:48
dpurgertDion, "clean install" as in "fresh off the CD"13:48
ActionParsnipDpurgert: assuming they are accessible offline13:48
PatrickDickey!uefi | Comps_ have you read this page, by chance?13:48
ubottuComps_ have you read this page, by chance?: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:48
ikoniaComps_: you've said that mulitple times13:48
dpurgertActionParsnip, have my own set of USB keys for that (joys of being the family IT guy ;))13:49
ActionParsnipDpurgert: same, plus its my job13:49
Diondpurgert Alright. Then I don't think that applies.13:49
WotWheream trying to install a 3G DataCard for ntwk access .. the default program that was bundled for a gui is asking for qt3 runtime library..13:49
WotWhereI have already updated the Qt4 package from the packmanager..13:49
WotWhereI used Unity's naetwork connection manager to configure the mobile Broadband setings and it works.. am using it right now13:49
WotWhereBut, do want to have the softwares gui.. for easier troubleshooting.. anyone?13:49
xsumi5I have a work around by plugging in a standard pair of headphones then my Logitech headphones.13:49
xsumi5It's just annoying13:50
DionHere's to hoping Ringtail will be as amazing as they claim. 12 wasn't exactly impressive. I like some of the new features they're previewing though.13:50
Comps_so i have ubuntu 64 bit usb installer, that ok?13:50
ikoniaComps_: 64bit is fine, 32bit is fine13:50
Comps_so i use something esle this time?13:50
dpurgertActionParsnip, Windows administration?13:50
ikoniaComps_: what do you mean ? something else13:51
ikoniaComps_: is there a reason you are ignoring what's been said to you and just repeating the same thing over and over13:51
thec4keWotWhere: try installing libqt4-qt3support13:51
bekksComps_: No, just use the 64bit installer.13:51
DionI have a feeling this is going to become a Not Always Right story.13:51
xsumi5It's Ubuntu 12.10 64bit13:52
Comps_ikonia, shhhh, i been reading the page, stop ur insaults:/13:52
ActionParsnipDpurgert: noc engineer for all kinds of jazz including windows, esx, unix and Windows.  Now I'm a Unix/Linux engineer starting a week monday (excited)13:52
ikoniaComps_: I'm not insulting you, are not listening though13:52
Comps_i never used efi before, dont have to say its easy, its not:/13:52
xsumi5efi errrrr13:53
ikoniaComps_: no-one said it's easy13:53
daftykinsEFI setups = latest hurdle for users13:53
ikoniawhich is adding no value13:53
xsumi5had issues with that on this laptop13:53
ikoniaComps_: however you are just repeating the same information over and over13:53
WotWherethec4ke:  just installed all packs with QT4 in the name.. do i need to restart?13:53
xsumi5what's the prob with efi13:53
thec4keWotWhere: probably not13:53
ActionParsnipWotwhere: can't hurt to try13:53
itsrachelfishuh hi #ubuntu13:54
xsumi5I had an issue with efi and the uefi bios on this laptop.13:54
varikonniemiafter installing kde the screen goes to sleep with kde:s settings also under unity.. how can i change this?13:54
WotWhereok restart it is13:54
PatrickDickeyxsumi5 Comps_ is trying to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu, but it won't let him boot into windows.13:54
itsrachelfishI just updated to 12.10 and ccsm no longer has options for alt + tab or the ring switcher13:54
itsrachelfishwhat gives13:54
xsumi5The first install of 64bit ubuntu didn't go well so I tried to use 32 bit and the laptop would no longer see the thumb drive13:54
swarfegaerm ive just had a system notification that 13.04 is out and im downloading it13:54
dpurgertActionParsnip, sounds good.  soon as I get the time/money, I'm gonna have my own stuff to maintain at home -- figure I'm gonna be living here for a while, might as well do it right13:55
ikoniaswarfega: you have not13:55
PatrickDickeyitsrachelfish they might not be compatible with Unity.13:55
itsrachelfishI'm not using unity13:55
xsumi5Thanks Patrick13:55
swarfegawhat is it then?13:55
ikoniaswarfega: the only way you would get that notifiction is if you have configured your system for development use, eg: changed your sources.list13:55
xsumi5Does it only go into Ubuntu13:55
ActionParsnipDpurgert: definitely :-)13:55
ikoniaor run update-managed -d13:55
swarfegaso i should cancel this?13:55
itsrachelfishAnd I had the ring switcher/alt tab options in 12.10 on my other laptop13:55
itsrachelfishwhere did it go?13:55
PatrickDickeyxsumi5 you'll have to ask Comps_ I don't know.13:56
DionComps_ You know how sometimes there's this one customer who keeps screaming "I want a small meal!" without specifying what he wants in it and just keeps repeating without giving even a hint to what he actually wants in the small meal? Yeah, you're doing that right now. Backtrack, think of other details you could give them so they can actually figure out what's wrong?13:56
swarfegaok i cancelled the install13:56
PatrickDickeyswarfega do you have your updater set to notify you for every new version? ANd as for cancelling it, if you're at the point where it's actually *doing* the upgrade, then no.13:56
=== dave is now known as djastram
swarfegaim not sure but it was only just downloading the files so it hadnt changed anything13:57
biopytehi, can someone confirm: oracle java 7 update 11 is broken?! (only updated last week). info on the web is rare. https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/34c80da0-8974-4ac6-83c1-6b72eab6d13e/entry/red_alert_java_7_update_11_confirmed_to_be_vulnerable_researcher?lang=en    anyway, the firefox plugin is disabled.13:57
ActionParsnipDion: updates going ok?13:58
ikoniabiopyte: no, we can't confirm this, this is ubuntu support, oracle support java, not ubuntu13:58
Sgt_Shultzdisable JAVA13:58
biopytemost of you won't bother, but for some applications a working oracle java is essential.( unfortunately)13:58
PatrickDickeybiopyte I read something about that on Sopho's facebook page. but, I haven't dug into it  at all. Either way, you're better off with Update 11 than anything earlier.13:58
ikoniabiopyte: I'm using Oracle java as I need it, but as I said, Oracle maintain java - not ubuntu, so ubuntu can confirm nothing13:58
ActionParsnipBiopyte: I don't even use it :-)13:59
DionActionParsnip - Taking forever, barely any progress, but the connection's going strong thankfully so I can wait it out. ...unlike the one I'm on right now.13:59
Sgt_Shultzbut homeland secruity can ...13:59
DionLet me see if I can get on here on the other one.13:59
biopyteok guys, i know "i dont use java, its crap anyway"13:59
biopytenot the point here13:59
ActionParsnipDion: let it have irs fun :-)13:59
PatrickDickeyI've got one of those applications installed. CrashPlan backup. It shows up as java in my system monitor, but it's their service or their desktop engine.13:59
dpurgertSgt_Shultz, they can neither confirm nor deny any allegations made ...14:00
ActionParsnipBiopyte: not that its crap, I just have no use for it14:00
DionOh dammit. Connection went down after all.14:00
biopyteanyway, java 7-11 on firefox is disabled.  .... ridiculous14:00
PatrickDickeybiopyte https://isc.sans.edu/diary/Java+7+Update+11+Still+has+a+Flaw/1498314:01
biopyteso, you are lucky that i told you  :-)14:01
dpurgertDion, aw ... guess the driver is still touchy (did you happen to restart after installing it?)14:01
ActionParsnipBiopyte: did yoy install it via ppa?14:01
Sgt_Shultzdpurgert,  JAVA never unistalls itselfs, millions of system with older copies, phones, Android based on it, i dont think it over ....14:01
DionDpurgert - It said it was already enabled, only graphics driver needed restarting. I guess it does need restart after all.14:01
=== sawyer is now known as sawyer_
biopyteAction, no i installed manually14:02
bipulHow to Disable IP redirects in ubuntu14:02
sawyer_why was twinkle removed from Ubuntu repositories?14:02
dpurgertSgt_Shultz, well, yeah ... java is a pain to get rid of at times.14:02
ikoniabipul: there are no ipredirect enabled by default14:02
biopyteAction, do you think it would make a difference?14:02
sawyer_i googled for a good while but couldn't find a reason (or indication it had actually happened)14:02
PatrickDickeybiopyte it doesn't matter. If it's java (anything other than IBM's version) it's still affected.14:03
=== JF1976 is now known as Guest78498
itsrachelfishhey #useless, the answer was  sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins-extra14:03
bipulikonia,  can you please tell me in more details about IPredirect and why it is not enabled in ubuntu. :)14:04
ikoniabipul: because it's not needed by default14:04
PatrickDickeyitsrachelfish you didn't try that before?14:04
hyliani need to install the libSDL 32 bit libraries, but I am running Ubuntu 64bit, and don't see an option in synaptic for anything other than libsdl1.2debian, which is already installed... can i install the 32 bit version somehow?14:04
biopytePatrick, i think so too, its disabled by firebox and thats it ... game over  ... by the way, the firefox guys dont answer the question in their channel14:04
ikoniahylian: you don't want to to that as it will overwrite the 64bit libs and cause a problem14:04
biopyteanyway ...14:04
itsrachelfishPatrickDickey: I didn't because no one suggested it :>14:05
DionDid I miss anything? Had to run something.14:05
vifanqApt-cache - how to obtain this effect without grep: apt-cache search a | grep 'file manager' - because apt-cache search 'file manager' returns some extra stuff14:05
PatrickDickeybiopyte They're probably taking the same position that we are. That it's not their product. If you check the link I gave you (isc.sans.edu), they refer to the CERT advisory, which lists all of the affected vendors and versions.14:06
hylianikonia: hmm, well i have a program called powder toy that is constantly giving me this error: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:06
ikoniahylian: that can also be a 64bit library14:06
biopytePatrick, they should according to this page   https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/blocked/p18414:07
DionEugh. Router itself's touchy too sometimes. Both laptops went down, had to reset the router.14:07
Guest78498Hi all, Q). Whats the best solution to desktop misconfiguration ? i was running 10.04 upgraded to 12.04 had a few issues i resolved but am now getting graphical glitches, effects cause crashes etc... i did a apt-get install --reinstall gnome-session, but i still getting issues, i need to stabilize the system as im not quite ready for rebuild..14:07
hylianikonia: i looked up the error code, and according to the libSDL group, it means sdl isn't installed. Since it is installed, I asumed it meant that I need the 32 bit version...14:07
ikoniahylian: is that file on the system....?14:07
biopytePatrick, actually it tells "Linux"  i wonder if windows is also affected ... probably14:07
Sgt_Shultzbipul, firefox & ghortery or anonymoX addons ?14:08
PatrickDickeybiopyte everyone is affected. Java is write once run everywhere. it uses it's own Virtual Machine.14:08
fedeorobuona domenica a tutti14:08
hylianikonia: are you asking me if libSDL is installed, or if powder-toy is on the hard drive? in both cases the answer is yes.14:08
DionSgt_Shultz I use Ghostery. Should I be concerned?14:08
ikoniahylian: I'm asking you if the library it's complaining about is on your physical file system14:09
Sgt_ShultzDion, bipul was looking for a ip changer i think ...14:09
ubottufedeoro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:09
shubbari need help recovering an hdd partitons, after using testdisk they are still showing zero size, they are ntfs14:10
DionSgt_shultz internet went down a bit so I missed the comment, saw you mention that, got concerned. Nevermind then.14:10
hylianikonia: according to apt/synaptic, the answer is yes.14:10
sawyer_where can i find explanations on removed packages? (why they were removed, when, etc.)14:10
ikoniahylian: that's not what I asked14:10
biopytePatrick, i wondered about one thing ... i cant even start locally the java console "file not found" ... so they have acces to my ubuntu box and delete files?14:10
ikoniahylian: I asked if the file it's complaining about is on your physical file system14:10
hylianikonia: i guess then I don't understand the question.14:10
hylianikonia: yes it is.14:10
somsipsawyer_: /var/log/apt/history.log14:11
biopytethat happened also recently with version 7 - 1014:11
biopytetoday again14:11
sawyer_somsip, i mean by Ubuntu itself14:11
PatrickDickeybiopyte no they can't delete files on your computer. All they can do is block it in their browser.14:11
ikoniahylian: where is it14:11
sawyer_i had a package that was removed, and it's no longer available in Ubuntu, i'm wondering what happened14:11
hylianikonia: it's in /home/denny/powder/14:11
ikoniahylian: then it's not installed by apt14:11
Sgt_ShultzDion, it all cool, 42 years in pc's tell me the numbers go up, i seen more ram than field of sheep, the hardware is cheaper, roll ubuntu 4 phones14:11
PatrickDickeywhich package sawyer_?14:11
sawyer_PatrickDickey, twinkle14:12
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest34352
ikoniahylian: and that's why your software is failing as it won't be looking in /home/denny/powerder for dynamic librarie14:12
somsipsawyer_: If you mean a GUI to view the log, I don't know14:12
biopytePatrick, but something happened to the files in the java folder ... usually you can start the java console locally ...14:12
sawyer_it used to be available, it no longer is, and i can't even compile it because of another package that was removed (libccrtp1)14:12
hylianikonia: no, apt/synaptic has no version of "the powder toy" available. but this software has always run before i switched to 64 bit ubuntu.14:12
sawyer_somsip, i mean an application that Ubuntu removed from their repositories14:12
ikoniahylian: what you've just said makes no sense14:12
biopytePatrick, to put it altogether , java is totally blocked , not only in firefox ....14:13
ikoniahylian: you said apt/synaptic said the library was installed, I asked you where and you said it's in place that apt-get would not install it to,14:13
somsipsawyer_: packages.ubuntu.org and links from there?14:13
PatrickDickeybiopyte that's odd. what happens when you run java -version in a terminal?14:13
hylianikonia: i used to run 32 bit ubuntu until about a month aqo, powder toy ran. Then i switched to 64 bit because I intend on installing more than 3.2 gb of ram, and now powder oy does not run,.14:13
PatrickDickeyhylian did you install ia32libs?14:14
hylianikonia: i thought you meant "the powder toy."14:14
ikoniahylian: what is the name of the file it's complaining about14:14
sawyer_somsip, you must mean packages.ubuntu.com, .org leads to something else altogether14:14
biopytePatrick, java version "1.7.0_11"     ... as normal14:14
ikoniahylian: no, that is not the name of the file14:14
ikoniahylian: give me the full name of the file14:14
hylianPatrickDickey: i don't know, i'll check it out14:14
PatrickDickeybiopyte then java is working. It wouldn't have given you that, if it wasn't.14:14
somsipsawyer_: ok14:14
hylianikonia: i don't know the name of the file.14:15
ikoniahylian: you do you gave it me earlier14:15
sawyer_somsip, so, as i was saying, this package was removed: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=twinkle&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all14:15
sawyer_it doesn't say *when* and especially **why** it was removed14:15
ikoniahylian: while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open14:15
biopytePatrick, ok, but when i try to start the console from the ubuntu console i get an error .... but, anyway thats not so important14:15
ikoniahylian: come on - please put some effort in / follow what you're saying, it's impossible to help you if you're not giving correct details14:16
hylianikonia: that's all it gives me, it never ends the error with the name of the file.14:16
sawyer_somsip, exists in Precise (http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=twinkle&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all), removed in Quantal (http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=twinkle&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all)14:16
biopytePatrick, i mean the ubuntu menu in gnome classic14:16
DionHey guys, should I skip the software updates for now and restart for the driver updates, THEN do software updates? Is that safe to do? The cnnection is being horribly shaky and software update is failing a lot now.14:16
ikoniahylian: right, so I've asked you 3 times now "is that file on your system"14:16
bipulCan any one suggest me some good and working tcp server application. for ubuntu14:16
ikoniabipul: tcp server applications ??? what ?14:16
ikoniabipul: what do you want to do/achieve ?14:16
PatrickDickeysawyer_ http://askubuntu.com/questions/226360/ubuntu-12-10-how-to-get-sip-phone-twinkle-latest-version-working-using-deb-or they link to the removal bug there.14:16
hylianikonia: how can I know if the file exists, if the error doesn't tell me what file it is or where it resides on the system?14:17
bipulikonia, i am trying to do network emulation. and i need tcp server application.14:17
ikoniahylian: the error tells you the exact file name14:17
ikoniabipul: network emmulation ?????14:17
ikoniabipul: I'm sorry, you are making no sense14:17
hylianikonia: no it does not. this is the error in it's entirety: error while loading shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:17
PatrickDickeysawyer_ per http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=673900 They're retiring it upstream (in Debian), so that's why it's no longer offered.14:18
ubottuDebian bug 673900 in ftp.debian.org "RM: twinkle -- ROM; dead upstream, obsolete components (KDE3/ QT3/ libccrtp1)" [Normal,Open]14:18
ikoniahylian: libSDL-1.2.so.0: is the file !!!!14:18
ikoniahylian: looks at the error " error while loading  shared libraries: libSDL-1.2.so.0:14:18
RawProducewhen I try to create a mysql user with:   GRANT ALL ON foo.* TO bar@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'fizz';, I cannot login to the mysql console as that user -   changing localhost to the hostname resolves this14:18
sawyer_PatrickDickey, i see14:18
bipulYes Network simulation-2 with network emulation.14:18
ikoniaerror while loading shared libraries: then it lists the library14:18
RawProducewhy is this happening?14:18
biopytePatrick, so tell the webupd8 buddy, that some work on the java installer is coming in again    ;-)14:18
sawyer_PatrickDickey, thank you!14:18
hylianikonia: ok, so then where does libSDL reside? I know it is installed via synaptic, because I looked for it in synaptic. but I have no idea where.14:19
RawProducereason I'm asking in #ubuntu is because I haven't seen this behaviour with any other distro14:19
ikoniaRawProduce: user@localhost = can only login from localhost14:19
DionAnyone? Should I go ahead and restart after driver updates and do the software update after instead?14:19
ikoniaRawProduce: because you've set th ehostname when you granted the permissions14:19
PatrickDickeyNo problem sawyer_.14:19
sawyer_have a great day!14:19
RawProduceikonia: I am connecting from localhost14:19
ikoniahylian: do a search on the file system14:19
Joshunhow do you import your own gpg key?14:19
RawProduceit's a server, I've SSH'ed in14:19
hylianikonia, ok I will14:19
Joshun*locally that is14:19
Joshunso that it can be used14:20
Joshununder seahorse it isn't a 'personal' key even though its my key14:20
bipulikonia, i am trying to animate live traffics packet's of two system on NAM (network animator). and i need any TCP server application which is best suited for ubuntu.14:20
ikoniabipul: a tcp application server makes no sense, sorry14:20
bipuloh ok i got it now.14:21
PatrickDickeyRawProduce in your mysql configuration file, is the hostname set to localhost or a hostname? If it's set to just a hostname, then it doesn't recognize "localhost".14:21
bipulThank you for you valuable suggestion.14:21
ikoniaRawProduce: do mysql -u username -h localhost -p14:21
ikoniaRawProduce: you will fine it works14:21
alex_hi! I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 in a HP Pavilion (http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c03529716&lang=en&cc=us&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=5322275&prodTypeId=321957). The hard disk doesn't appear on the installation process. I was reading about FakeRaids, but the solution seems extremely dangerous: http://askubuntu.com/a/19843814:22
Sgt_Shultzbipul, maybe a quick google 4 "ubuntu network traffic analyzer"14:22
ikoniaRawProduce: if you don't want to force it to lock to localhost, then grant the permissions to user@% or user@the_host_name_you_want_to_lock_to14:22
RawProduceikonia: hm, that does indeed work14:22
PatrickDickeyI'm off. have a great day everyone. :)14:22
=== PatrickDickey is now known as PatDickeyIsAway
* PatDickeyIsAway is now away - Reason : off to bed for a while14:22
ikonia!away > PatDickeyIsAway14:22
ubottuPatDickeyIsAway, please see my private message14:22
bipulSgt_Shultz, :) Thank you.14:23
RawProducePatrickDickey: I can't see any hostname parameters in my.cnf14:23
ikoniathere won't be14:23
ikoniait binds to interfaces14:23
ikoniayou don't need to worry about that14:24
Tecanhttps://github.com/asdfasdfsdfsdfsdf   lol move your mouse around over the 404 image it moves14:24
ikoniaI've just explained the problem/solution to you14:24
ikoniaTecan: please don't post that sort of pointless stuff here14:24
RawProduceI don't quite understand how mysql -ufoo -p   doesn't default to localhost in the first place14:25
RawProducethat's the bit I'm having trouble understanding14:25
ikoniaRawProduce: did you do "ssh localhost"14:25
Dionsgt_shultz Just restarted... crossed fingers, yeah?14:25
ikoniaRawProduce: is the machines hostname "localhost"14:25
=== nacho is now known as Guest22800
ikoniaRawProduce: if not, why would it assume "localhost"14:25
PatDickeyIsAwaySorry about that ikonia. When I wake up, I'll fix that in my chat client.14:25
dpurgertgood deal Dion :)14:25
Sgt_ShultzDion, execellent !!14:26
Dionsgt_shultz now to test the connection and see if it fully updates correctly this time.14:26
dpurgertOK, this is interesting ...14:26
Sgt_Shultzmy finger based spell checker is broke ...14:26
dpurgertonly took a minute to compile this ... wow14:27
hylianikonia: thanks for helping me. It's searching for the file, so I don't have an answer yet, but I have not left...14:27
dan1726hey, i'm have a bit of trouble with MySQL.. With the bind address.. i'm trying to connect to the server remotely so i set the bind address to Then in the python code I tried connecting to the ip address of the database server...14:28
dan1726is there something else i have to do?14:28
ikoniadan1726: I'm still waiting to hear the problem14:28
* Sgt_Shultz falls off chair waiting 4 dion's progress report14:28
ikoniaSgt_Shultz: please stop with the annoying /me commands14:28
RawProducealright, so on another server, why does this work:    # hostname --> dev,   GRANT ALL ON foo.* TO 'bar'@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'something';   mysql -ubar -psomething14:29
RawProducethe hostname is not localhost14:29
RawProduceyet it connects assuming host=localhost14:29
dan1726the problem is when i try to connect to the database remotely.. I get a error while running my code..14:29
ikoniaRawProduce: look at if dev is mapped to localhost14:29
ikoniadan1726: what error14:29
Sgt_Shultzikonia,  only did 114:29
RawProduce127.0.0.1 localhost     [external ip] dev14:30
ikoniaSgt_Shultz: yes, so please sto p14:30
RawProducein /etc/hosts ^14:30
BluesKajHey folks14:30
WotWheretrying to install qt3 runtime... to be able to use.. Mobile Broadband Gui.. the tar.gz that was bundled has an install.sh .. but when i try to install.. it asks for qt3 runtime libray... i have installed All of Qt4 through the gnome Update Manager.. but cannot find libqt4-qt3support anywhere on the fs14:30
Dionsgt_shultz You can relax now, connection is stable and update manager is working properly.14:30
ikoniaRawProduce: do a show grants and see if it's got localhost as the higher grant in the order14:30
Sgt_Shultzgood, dion14:30
WotWheredid a restart too..14:30
DionNow I have a (nearly) perfect laptop!14:31
daftykinsWotWhere: 'sudo updatedb' ... 'locate <x>' where x = thing to search for14:31
hylianikonia: after installing ia32 as PatDickeyIsAway suggested, powder toy runs. so I am assuming the answer to your question is yes.14:31
ikoniahylian: no, the answer was no14:31
ikoniahylian: ia32 is 32bit compatability libs14:31
=== dk-t is now known as 92AAB1T14
ikoniahylian: so you're removed the problem by installing the 32bit compatability libs14:31
Sgt_ShultzDion, yes you stratch out the mac stuff14:31
WotWhereshudnt the <x> be on the fs14:31
dan1726error in the connections.py line 187, and in the __init__.py of the mysqldb package14:31
dan1726module **14:32
WotWhereok will try that14:32
hylianikonia: but libSDL1.2debian was installed, and synaptic never showed me an option for libSDL-1.2.so.0, so I am still confused..??14:32
ikoniadan1726: not really something of any use14:32
ikoniadan1726: try connecting manually with the mysql client to verify the connection, then move forward14:32
ikoniahylian: don't worry about it...14:32
dan1726i can connect with no problems to the localhost.. but not remotely14:32
ikoniadan1726: that's not what I said14:32
hylianikonia: in either case, it appears my troubles are over, so thank you for helping me, and have a good day!14:33
DionSgt_shultz acer had good speed but shitty hardware, while mac had good hardware but extremely laggy and bloated. Now I have good speed and good hardware at last.14:33
dan1726okay i try thanks ikonia14:33
ikoniadan1726: the default users permissions are user@localhost, so unless you have granted permissions to the external host, you will be locked out14:33
ikoniaDion: please control your langauge14:33
Dionikonia Apologies!14:34
dan1726how do i change the default i thought for reading the online... its the bind address14:34
ikonianot a problem14:34
ikoniadan1726: bind address is what address the daemon listens, it has nothing to do with permisions14:34
Sgt_ShultzDion, Acer is industry crap, it has gone broke, been benq, a back 2 Acer, u get what u pay for14:34
yeehiI want to verify my SSD is using TRIM automatically. I don't know why I get this message: sudo hdparm --fibmap tempfile14:35
yeehi0,18: device not found in /dev14:35
Dionsgt_shultz I was dead broke and in need of a new laptop. Hoped it was better than Dell at least. It was... but only slightly. Not good enough. Passable for games at least.14:35
romhay i am on live cd, i lost my pastebin link, can someone please help me mount my hard disk??14:36
ThinkT510!mount | rom14:36
ubotturom: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:36
lordievaderrom: Something like: sudo mount /dev/sdbX <path-to-mount> (replace X with partition number).14:37
Sgt_Shultzon a Acer 5377z here, in heat dv6 cooks eggs, $300 new + 42 = 8gb ram, format windows, install xubuntu, = fast laptop14:38
daftykinsSgt_Shultz: this channel isn't for general chat14:38
=== sw is now known as Sw
Sgt_Shultzdaftykins, Sorry14:39
SwSgt_Shultz: social chat in #ubuntu-offtopic, by the way14:39
Dionsgt_shultz check private chats, I tried messaging you.14:39
romthanks guys14:40
Sgt_Shultzno private chats, we all learn ubuntu here, the day i stop learning is the day I die ..14:40
caveI have a questione:14:41
=== Sw is now known as sw
Sgt_Shultzhelpfull = asking14:41
lordievader!ask| cave14:41
ubottucave: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:41
caveIs it possible to change the style of Ubunto to Windows XP?14:41
cave(I have the newest version of Ubuntu)14:42
MonkeyDustcave  install an XP theme or so14:42
daftykinscave: there's a whole Linux distro whose sole purpose is to do that14:42
swcave: Probably, but why on earth would you want to do that?14:42
sw!theme | cave14:42
ubottucave: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:42
caveI don't know ubuntu14:43
caveand a have use xp  several years14:43
Sgt_ShultzI suffered from DOS u get over it ..14:43
romhay i am not getting a reply for sudo fdisk -l ??14:43
tapoutecho "test" | egrep "[A-Z]"    <-- why does 'test' make it thru when looking for capitals?14:43
compdoccave, it will never be very much like XP14:43
Dioncave Just try and adapt, learn about it, get used to it. Try to get over your Windows Addiction.14:44
Dioncave It's bad stuff.14:44
compdocsometimes, you have to learn new things14:44
ThinkT510Sgt_Shultz: please stay on topic14:44
MiningMarshtapout, iirc, the matching goes AaBbCc...14:44
tapoutshouldn't the character class only do.. A..Z?14:44
Sgt_ShultzThinkT510, ok14:45
tapoutA-Za-z  should pick up 'test14:45
romcan someone help14:46
MiningMarshtapout, I remember a similar issue, it was a pain to work out. Mine was just alternating, AaBbCc, so A-C would pick up AaBbC. It was some weird charset thing.14:46
fmonroybook run linux run based on ubuntu in spanish14:46
romsudo  fdisk -l is not giving me any data?14:46
lordievaderrom: What happens when you point it to the correct drive? sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb14:46
=== ken is now known as Guest61954
bekksrom: Take a look at dmesg, wether you have drives at all.14:47
tapout export LANG='C'14:47
tapoutMiningMarsh, thanks bro.. fixed it with LANG='C'14:47
WotWheredaftykins:   'sudo updatedb default locate <libqt4-qt3support>'14:47
WotWheredoesnt work with error unexpected newline14:47
daftykinsWotWhere: you ran 'sudo updatedb' on its' own yes?14:48
daftykinsWotWhere: try something less specific. 'locate qt3'14:48
dpurgertugh, it's snowing :(14:49
daftykinsdpurgert: apt-get remove snow14:49
defer_Is it possible to create a custom keymap for xubuntu?14:50
dpurgertdaftykins, E: Unable to locate package snow14:50
daftykinsdpurgert: :(14:50
defer_I want to map two special characters to one button14:50
daftykinsdpurgert: should've been in the 'universe' repo ;/14:51
dpurgertguess the matrix has us running in a VM :|14:51
jribdefer_: in what way?  Using XCompose?14:51
RawProducethis is just nuts... now the exact same commands seem to work fine - GRANT ALL ON foo.* TO bar@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'fizz';    mysql -ubar -pfizz --> logs in14:51
* RawProduce gives up14:53
Sgt_Shultzdefer settings/ keyboard ?14:53
WotWheredfatykins: /usr/share/app-install/desktop/qt3-assistant:assistant-qt3.desktop14:57
WotWherebut.. locate qt4 | grep qt314:57
WotWhereis empty14:57
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Euge_84first time 4 me here14:59
dpurgerthi Euge_8414:59
Euge_84I am looking for muscles guys14:59
Euge_84are there any?14:59
bekksEuge_84: Not on freenode.14:59
Sgt_ShultzExcept ALL ubuntu users ...15:00
Euge_84u know where bekks?15:00
dpurgertEuge_84, try spinach ... that seemed to help Popeye... :/15:00
bekksEuge_84: I am not using dating networks, dating channels, etc. - this is a support channel.15:00
WotWherelocate qt315:01
WotWhere/usr/share/app-install/desktop/qt3-assistant:assistant-qt3.desktop +15:01
WotWhereqt3-designer:designer-qt3.desktop + qt3-linguist:linguist-qt3.desktop + qt3-qtconfig:qt3config.desktop15:01
WotWhereLocate qt4 gives a bunch of stuff..15:01
WotWherebut No ...  locate qt4 | grep qt315:01
FloodBot1WotWhere: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:01
WotWhereits empty15:01
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note_hello, I'm following a tutorial on the ubuntu website to set up Cyrus with Postfix15:02
note_However, after completing all of the tutorial, I get to the last step and get this15:02
note_localhost> cm user.toto15:02
note_createmailbox: Permission denied15:02
note_does anyone know why?15:02
llutznote_: the user you used to login in cyradm is admin? (imapd.conf)15:05
note_llutz, i tried with 'root'15:06
note_so the answer would be yes?15:06
llutznote_: the user you used to login in cyradm is admin? (imapd.conf)15:06
llutznote_: cyrus admin, not root15:06
note_ah, i left admin in imapd.conf to cyrus15:07
denebeimAnybody up to fielding a nfs4 idmap issue?15:07
note_and i ran15:07
note_cyradm --user cyrus localhost15:07
note_is that correct?15:07
dpurgertdenebeim, what's up?15:08
llutznote_: haven't used cyrus for a long time but i guess it is ok. what is the permissions of "/var/spool/imap/"15:08
deadmundI have a 7200RPM sata laptop harddrive.  It's attached to my _desktop_ using a simple USB adapter (480MB/s) I am using the "wipe" program to securely delete the data because I'm going to sell the HDD.  It's giving me ETA of 1week!  I don't want to wait that long.  I want this done in a few hours at the most.  What alternatives are there?15:08
note_there isn't a /imap/ within /var/spool/15:09
WotWhereneed qt3 help15:09
dpurgertdeadmund, how big is the HDD?15:09
denebeimokay, this is it, nfs4 ubuntu server debian client, NIS yp.passwd, when I mount a directory all the users are mapping to nobody/nogroup15:09
deadmund320GB according to the case, 298GB according to gparted15:09
llutznote_: grep partition-default imapd.conf15:09
denebeimdomain matches (using the default), works find ubuntu/ubuntu15:09
dpurgertyeah, that's "right" according to the setup instructions (that I remember, it's been a while since I actually made a share)15:10
note_llutz, grep: imapd.conf: No such file or directory15:10
llutznote_: add path to that file /etc/cyrus...??/15:10
dpurgertdeadmund, yeah, that's gonna take a while since you're over USB (remember that the 480MB/s is theoretical maximum)15:11
denebeimit's looking like idmapd is using the uid value to search for the login  (iow '1004' instead of 'denebeim')15:11
MiningMarshdeadmund, there is always the simple dd if=/dev/urandom of=/hard/drive/path. You can play witht he blocksize until you find a good one.15:11
note_llutz, /etc/cyrus/ doesn't exist15:11
llutznote_: where is your imapd.conf located?15:11
note_ /etc/imapd.conf15:12
deadmunddpurgert: yeah, I mean, is there an alternative data wiping program that does every 4th bit or something?  I think re-writing _every_ bit of data is a waste of time.  I mean, the harddrive wasn't full of data to begin with, and a good chunk of what was on there was a copy of windows 715:12
llutznote_: grep partition-default /etc/imapd.conf15:12
note_llutz, partition-default: /var/spool/cyrus/mail15:12
bekks!nomodeset > bekks15:12
ubottubekks, please see my private message15:12
deadmundMiningMarsh: Can you explain the blocksize parameter?  I am familiar with bs=XY syntax but I'm not really sure what it does or how I might make the process faster by changing it15:12
llutznote_: ls -ld /var/spool/cyrus/mail15:13
note_llutz, drwxr-x--- 3 cyrus mail 4096 Jan 20 13:00 /var/spool/cyrus/mail15:13
Sgt_Shultz!nomodeset > Sgt_Shultz15:14
ubottuSgt_Shultz, please see my private message15:14
llutznote_: looks right, sorry no idea then15:14
note_thank you15:14
denebeimany ideas dpurgert?15:14
MiningMarshdeadmund, well, data is copied in blocks. So a bs=1mb makes copies 1 mebabyte at a time. Basically, drives will be faster or slower depending on the blocksize, as they all have a different sized internal cache to hold the data. I find that 8mb is a good block size usually.15:14
alamihello how can i run aprogram in verbose mode15:14
MiningMarshdeadmund, and a higher blocksize is not always better.15:15
denebeimalami, it's usually either -v or -d15:15
WotWhereneed qt3 help using Gnome15:15
icerootalami: depending on the program, normally -v15:15
deadmundMiningMarsh: So it's still re-writing every bit on the drive but it's doing so in chunks.  What does this wipe program do?15:15
denebeimalami, but that's up to the program15:15
llutznote_: old but maybe this gives you an idea where to look at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-822388.html15:15
MiningMarshdeadmund, no idea.15:16
denebeimalami, -h almost always works for getting help, you might also want to type 'man commandname'15:16
deadmundMiningMarsh: Alright, thanks for the help.  Hopefully dd is faster15:16
SpartanF31My computer is on lan with few other computer. There is a way for me to see in samba shares the lan available machines  and at the same time hide my one?15:17
MiningMarshdeadmund, if you want to find a good blocksize15:17
MiningMarshjust do somehting like time dd if=/dev/urandom of=/file/on/that/drive with different blocksizes. Find which is fastest.15:18
defer_I want to map < and > to one key how can i do it?15:18
deadmundMiningMarsh: why urandom and not random?15:18
bekksdeadmund: the blocksize should be the same size as the hdd cache size for optimized performance.15:18
WotWherewhere can i find libqt4-qt3support lib ?15:18
MiningMarshdeadmund, random has the possibility of running out, urandom lasts forever. Just a good diea to always use urandom.15:19
deadmundbekks: MiningMarsh how can I tell which is "faster" sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdc1 bs=8192  gives no output until it's finished.15:19
bekksMiningMarsh: /dev/[u]random is pretty slow and normally slower than a harddisk. And writing into a file is not a good idea since you have a filesystem layer, which affects performance, too.15:19
mguydeadmund: you can send the dd pid a signal and it will repot15:19
note_llutz, hello, after reading that i realised the guide i followed (same guide the guy from that archive followed) and i didn't uncomment admin: cyrus15:19
note_after uncommented it allowed me to create it15:20
note_thank you15:20
bekksdeadmund: It will never finish until the target throws an EOF error.15:20
MiningMarshbekks, well, zero is fast but a little less secure. And thats the best way I know of to find a good blocksize.15:20
MiningMarshgparted uses the same.15:20
llutznote_: things start to work if you do it right :)15:20
bekksMiningMarsh: I just pointed out why thats a pretty useless way to find a valuable blocksize.15:20
alamiwhow can i fix that http://pastebin.com/yCqcUdnx15:20
FlowRiserHey guys, i have a notebook and i'm looking for a lightweight linux distro;  I narrowed it down to either Xubuntu or Lubuntu. So uhmm, Xubuntu vs Lubuntu ?15:21
deadmundmguy: thanks15:21
SpartanF31 hallo! My computer is on lan with few other computer. There is a way for me to see in samba shares the lan available machines  and at the same time hide my one?15:21
bekksdeadmund: Usable results can be produced with using a bs=16M (when having 16M cache on your hdd) and a count= value that exceeds the physical RAM to ensure you will be using the I/O cache instead your harddisk.15:21
OerHeksFlowRiser, Xubuntu needs 512 and Lubuntu can run on 256 mb systemmemory15:22
llutzdeadmund: if you want some status from dd, use"killall -USR1 dd" in a 2nd terminal, it will force dd to tell you something15:22
deadmundbekks: Thanks, how can i determine the cache on this hdd?15:22
FlowRiserOerHeks, how about their desktop environments ? I'm thinking of heavily customizing them ...15:23
bekksdeadmund: By looking up the model at the manufacturers site.15:23
NERO_Hey! I'm looking for help regarding the battery management in my lenovo G580 laptop.15:23
NERO_I've ubuntu 12.04 installed.15:23
daftykinsSpartanF31: why?15:23
deadmundbekks: ugh, thanks15:23
OerHeksFlowRiser, try them both and see what you like15:23
note_llutz, after doing all of this, is it even possible for me to add this email address to a mail app, like someone would with googlemail etc?15:24
FlowRiserNERO_, look in settings, you have power management15:24
dan1726thanks guys I found out what was wrong... remote access to mysql is block by default in iptables..15:24
alex_I finally was able to install ubuntu with Windows 8, but... I can not see grub or any bootloader, it always boot in Windows. Any suggestion?15:24
FlowRiserOerHeks, will do, thanks for the info15:24
deadmundllutz: that command does not give any output15:24
llutznote_: sure15:24
FlowRiseralex_, did you install windows before or after linux ?15:24
note_I can!?15:24
llutzdeadmund: it gives output in the terminal dd is running15:25
deadmundllutz: Oh!  I see it does on the dd terminal15:25
deadmundllutz: yeah, thanks.  sorry! :P15:25
SpartanF31daftykins: becouse i'm on a public network and that net isn't mine, so i want to avoid my notebook is visible in windows network places15:25
NERO_In brief: I've had this battery management software for windows that charges the battery for 60% and runs on AC power. However I'm unable to find a s/w in ubuntu.15:25
deadmundthis is still going to take a _long_ time15:25
daftykinsSpartanF31: so you've already got it installed and some shares configured, i assume?15:25
FlowRiserSpartanF31, Usually windows users don't know that they can see other pcs on lan =)15:25
daftykinsFlowRiser: of course they do, you open explorer and it shows them...15:26
SpartanF31daftykins: exactly.15:26
deadmundAs I said before, I don't need to re-write every bit.  I think the fastest way to do this would be to re-write every 10th bit or something.  This would still thoroughly scramble the data but theoretically would take 1/10th the time.  Is there any tool like this?15:26
note_llutz, where do i find out my incoming/outgoing mail server that I 'potentially' would have set up with postfix/cyrus15:27
NERO_Flowriser are u on?15:27
alamihow can i fix that http://pastebin.com/yCqcUdnx15:27
mguydeadmund: What are you trying to do? Secure erase a drive?15:27
daftykinsdeadmund: what's up? are you trying to zero fill a drive but it's too slow? are you writing with a blocksize of 2M when running dd? that speeds it up15:27
deadmundmguy: Yes, I'm going to sell it.  The data isn't really sensitive, just personal15:28
FlowRiserNERO_, you are vague about software charging your battery ...15:28
llutznote_: point your mailprogram to the hostname/ip of that server you just configured15:28
mguydeadmund: fill it with zeros it shoudl run at the top speed of your disk15:28
deadmunddaftykins: Yes, but I'm doing it over USB cause it's  laptop hdd and I have a desktop.  The blocksize on dd is not going to make this go fast enough for me.15:28
note_llutz, thank you15:28
deadmundmguy: Ok, I'll try that instead of random (/dev/null right?)15:28
daftykinsdeadmund: really? have you run it for 15 mins and seen how far it got using kill -USR1 PID ?15:28
vlacadeadmund: afaik, hard drives write in blocks of at least 512 bytes so writing a bit takes as much as 512 bytes15:28
note_hm, it says the password for my user is wrong, but i didn't create a password, what would it be?15:29
mguydeadmund: Or just drag a bunch of video/mp3 files to it and keep doing it till you fill the disk15:29
daftykinsdeadmund: yeah i was meaning use zeroes. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=2M15:29
NERO_flowriser, I'm aware. Its the Lenovo battery management for windows. Now how do i stop the charge at 60% in ubuntu?15:29
llutznote_: i guess you have to configure a password15:29
mguyNERO_: Why would you want to do that15:29
deadmundMost recently: 1765 bytes (1.8 kB) copied, 350.191 s   The hdd has 320 billion bytes15:29
SpartanF31daftykins: i have a normal kubuntu installation, and sometime i need to access the nas over the office network where i work. But at home i want be not visible because if so the wifi owner as happened will shut down the AP.15:29
deadmunddaftykins: ok, i'll try that and see how fast it goes15:30
mguydeadmund: That's odd it should run at 25MB or so15:30
NERO_That will help my battery functioning for a long time.15:30
SpartanF31daftykins: so i need a way to not broadcast my computer name over windows  network.15:30
Pinkamena_DHello, can anyone tellme what package i cna use to disable the onboard wireless in favor of a USB one15:30
mguyNERO_: No it won't, this isn't 1994 batteries and chargers have brains15:30
deadmundWriting 0's is _much_ faster15:30
deadmundthanks! :)15:30
Pinkamena_Dthe onboard keeps connecting by itself and slowing everything down15:31
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NERO_*as in It will improve the life of my battery.15:31
deadmund161480704 bytes (161 MB) copied, 2.98418 s15:31
bekksdeadmund: Why dont you use a reasonable bs= and count= parameter for finding the best performance?15:31
daftykinsdeadmund: :)15:31
SpartanF31mguy: u can use the terminal, and putting down the internal wifi.15:31
mguydeadmund: USB 3.0?15:31
bekksdeadmund: writing zeros is the same speed as writing random data. GENERATING zeros is much faster than random data.15:32
FlowRiserNERO_, oooh, you mean that ... hmm, let me see15:32
kmicuCrackling, clicking, popping sounds only when I have multimonitor setup (USB X-FI card) :/ Under xfce/gnome/unity the same, and with 12.04 and 12.1015:32
deadmundbekks: cool, thans15:32
deadmundmguy: usb215:32
Pinkamena_Dif you were referring to me, i have tried using the terminal to set wlan0 down with ifconfig, but iwconfig does not seem to have a simmilar feature?15:32
sevenforallHm, Ubuntu stops loading during the splash screen with all dots filled. Any ideas?15:32
deadmundbekks: please, I am.  of course doing that15:32
Pinkamena_Dor is one of the modes you can set it to "disabled"?15:32
daftykinsSpartanF31: just don't start samba when you're at home. simples.15:32
vlacabekks: yes, but is generating random data slower than the writing speed of the drive? :_15:32
bekksvlaca: In some cases, yes.15:33
mguydeadmund: something might be up - it's impossible for USB 2 to transer 160MB in 2.9 seconds.15:33
Toph2if you 0 fill your hdd, is it totally, safely erased?15:33
daftykinsSpartanF31: also stop stealing someones wireless network :P15:33
bekksdeadmund: Then whats the complete command you are using?15:33
mguyToph2: yes15:33
bekksToph2: Yes.15:33
Toph2ok,, thanks15:33
mguyvlaca: some random generation is SLOW15:33
vlacabekks: maybe /dev/random :)15:33
NERO_The more times you charge a battery to a 100% and get it down to 15 % or anything near everytime would hamper the life of any battery. So, I have this energy management by lenovo that will charge up the battery for a 60% and run on AC power.15:33
bekksvlaca: Which is slower than /dev/zero15:33
deadmundbekks: still figuring that out silly!15:33
bekksdeadmund: Then whats the hdd cache size of your hdd?15:33
mguyNERO_: That's baloney15:34
vlacabekks: yes, it definitely is, but is still might be faster than the drive's speed15:34
SpartanF31daftykins: ahhaah, it's public, opened.15:34
deadmundmguy: It's slowed down, now it's at like 29MB / s15:34
daftykinsSpartanF31: doesn't make it right.15:34
Sisterhi. after updating ubuntu 12.04 (not distro change, just regular update over a fresh install) the sound stopped working. my keyboard has a "mute key" that i press and ubuntu says the mute/unmute works, but the keyboard key keeps with the red light on as if it were always deactivated. and despite ubuntu saying it has unmuted, there's still no sound15:34
denebeimsevenforall: hit F10 while booting and watch what's happening.  There's like a thousand programs that get run when you're seeing 'dots'15:34
bekksvlaca: It might be faster, but not necessarilly.15:34
mguydeadmund: that's more like it15:34
bekksdeadmund: And now please give us the command you are running.15:34
FlowRiserNERO_, gnome-power-preferences, have you looked at it ?15:34
deadmundsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc1 bs=8M    and it's getting about 30MB/s15:35
NERO_mguy, I'm not trying to be a cynic or waste someone's time around here by creating an illusion or a hoax. What I mentioned about the battery is logical and sound.15:35
SpartanF31daftykins: i know, i'm sorry. But, my houselord doesn't want activate a flat, and the mobile 3g signal is very bad.15:35
sevenforalldenebeim: I figured the latter. Let me see.15:35
bekksdeadmund: And whats the hdd cache size of your disk?15:35
alex_FlowRiser: I installed it before (it was the one that comes with the pc)15:35
bekksdeadmund: And where is the count= parameter I told you to use several times now?15:35
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know how to do this? im in the place of public wifi now and still having the problem15:35
NERO_mguy, I'm not trying to be a cynic or waste someone's time around here by creating an illusion or a hoax. What I mentioned about the battery is logical and sound.15:36
vlacabekks: well I'll be damned... on my setup /dev/urandom comes at 14MB/s15:36
vlacadeadmund: use /dev/zero15:36
NERO_Flowriser, they dont make any impact.15:36
bekksvlaca: :P15:36
sevenforalldennenboom: It stops at 'Checking battery state'15:36
deadmundbekks: I'm getting around to it!15:36
deadmundbekks: gosh15:36
sevenforalldenebeim ^15:36
SpartanF31daftykins: however, stopping the samba server means i couldn't see other pc connected. Is it true'15:36
bekksdeadmund: Did you look it up at the manufacturers site?15:36
deadmundbekks: I didn't look up the cache size, i'm just empirically determining it15:37
bekksdeadmund: Well, then I am out of your ticket, good luck.15:37
Pinkamena_Dhow about just uninstalling an interface? how can i do that?15:37
daftykinsSpartanF31: you don't need to be sharing to connect to shares. i'm not sure if it stops it15:37
NERO_I've read the ubuntu forums and questions regarding the same from askubuntu.com, but they do not highlight any answers regarding lenovo G580 battery issues. Its more of the thinkpad genre there.15:38
deadmundsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc1 bs=16M count=3G   is a little faster at 31MB/s15:38
deadmundbekks: Thanks for the help :)15:38
daftykinsPinkamena_D: you still use 'ifconfig <interface> down' if it's a wifi interface15:38
Tex_NickNERO_ : i just entered channel ... saw your post about charging battery to 100% ... harms battery ... what type of battery are you refering to and how are you charging it ... older batteries had memory retention problems ... most newer batteries don't suffer from that :)15:38
SpartanF31ok, thanks... soon i'll try something.15:38
Pinkamena_Dthen if just comes back up in 10 seconds15:38
NERO_Tex_Nick If I may ask, to what memory retention were you implying?15:39
denebeimsevenforall: at the grub prompt edit the load line and put 'single' at the end15:39
Pinkamena_Dbecause the management software i assume15:39
note_llutz, didn't work :/ it logs me in but it can't send it out15:39
note_or receive15:39
sevenforalldenebeim: Holding shift, right?15:39
denebeimsevenforall: that stops the boot really early on.  then poke around /etc/init.d to find where it's checking for the battery15:40
denebeimsevernforall: I usually hit esc or the arrow keys when the boot menu comes up15:40
FlowRiserNERO_, you can make yourself a script, that will notify you when the battery reaches 60%, then just unpluc the ac power15:41
FlowRiserNERO_, if you are using Ubuntu 12.04, it15:41
sevenforalldenebeim: Btw, I can get into a console while it's stuck booting, can I continue from there?15:41
Tex_NickNERO_ : in particular most older NiCad batteries needed to be drained to about 5% or so before recharging ... if not they would not fully recharge ... that's OLD technology ... the rumor still exists though15:41
FlowRiserNERO_, it will be fairly simple ... using notify-send15:41
Pinkamena_Dok, here is a better question. how do i turn off the wireless management software if i canno control it the way i want15:41
Tex_NickNERO_ : was just wondering what issues you were having :)15:42
NERO_FlowRiser The whole point of my question is to have the adapter plugged as long as I'm using the laptop.15:43
denebeimsevenforall: Oh really?  That's bizarre, I've never seen anything like that.  ssh into the machine sometimes, sure, but not that.15:43
sevenforalldenebeim: I'm absolutely clueless of where to look in init.d15:43
Pinkamena_Di am a noob but i didnt think this would be [i]that[/i] complicated...15:43
Sisteroh wait. the mute key light goes on only if the headphones are connected15:44
FlowRiserNERO_, do you have a key combo (fn+f12 or smthng) that does that ?15:44
sevenforallI don't know if anyone can SSH into my machine and have a look15:44
denebeimsevenforall: those are the scripts that are run during initialization, I'd grep around for like 'battery' and so on to try to find which script is hanging.15:44
countleysomeone help me im about to blow my brains out i cant get my new acer v3-531 wireless drivers to work on backtrack 5 r3 im about to mash the laptop on the floor help!!!!!!15:44
NERO_Tex-Nick See, I's on windows earlier. there's this batterymanagement software by lenovo that charges the laptop until 60% and post charge, the laptop runs on AC power.15:44
FlowRisercountley, smash it! :P15:45
sevenforallI can't find a script that looks battery related, hmmm.15:45
denebeimanyway, I'm not having any luck getting my own questions answered, so I'm going to try some other irc server.  thanks guys15:45
sevenforallI don't even know what it's about, it's a bloody desktop, not a laptop.15:45
NERO_FlowRiser that function is a FFWD action on my keyboard if I'm playing any audio or video.15:46
FlowRiserNERO_, what kernel do you have ?15:46
vifanqis wine actually usefull these days ?15:46
FlowRiserNERO_, type uname -r in the console15:46
Pinkamena_Dcountley, their is a backtrack channe;15:46
countleyok ill check it out thank Pinkamena_D15:47
denebeimsevenforall: well your linux seems to think there's a battery there.  or rather the hardware is hanging looking for a battery.  it will probably end up being a BIOS setting that clears your problem.15:48
sevenforallWell, I'd be surprised, I didn't alter the UEFI and I'm pretty certain there's not much to change in there related to batteries.15:48
sevenforallUEFI knows it's not a laptop.15:49
NERO_I'm on Linux15:49
note_llutz, you there?15:51
sevenforalldenebeim: Fixed the issue. Apparently I made a typo in xorg.conf15:53
Toph2NERO_,,, just pose your question15:53
denebeimsevenforall: Ah, yeah, there's a battery monitor app that gets run when gnome starts.  I'm kinda surprised it was running before the login screen15:54
NERO_Toph2 One moment! I'm retrieving the sentences.15:55
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:55
novusordocould somebody point me in the direction of the config file ubuntu stores the IPs of DNS servers in?15:57
novusordothe network utility says i'm using opendns, but when i do an nslookup it uses google's dns (what I was using before)15:58
daftykinsnovusordo: /etc/resolv.conf15:59
Sisterhi. i'm still having this problem after an update. ubuntu mutes sound when headphones are connected16:01
Sisteralready tried changing levels on alsamixer16:01
Sisterunplug = sounds work normally. plug = immediate mute.16:01
OerHeksSister, does the headphone mute also, because muting the speakers sounds normal16:04
daftykinsSister: http://superuser.com/questions/431079/how-to-disable-auto-mute-mode16:04
=== Mi-- is now known as Mi`
Sisteryes, mutes everything. even the "mute key" on the keyboard lights up, as i had pressed it. pressing it again makes no difference16:04
Sisteri see no automute option on alsamixer, daftykins16:05
daftykinsno idea then16:06
note_ Is it possible to use postfix and add an email to a mail client such as Mail app on Mac or 'Mail' on iPhone to send/receive emails through my vps ?16:06
daftykinsnote_: yes if your VPS has a domain with MX records pointing to it so it can handle email16:06
note_daftykins, i have set up postfix and cyrus and can send email to someone with root@domain.tld within ssh in terminal16:08
note_but i can't seem to add it to my client, where would i set up mx records, namecheap?16:08
daftykinsnote_: sounds more like you need to look up a guide on how to enable IMAP/POP access16:09
note_i see16:09
rikibenvenuti al sud16:09
Tex_NickSister : only thing that i can think of is that the heahphones aren't working ... as OerHeks pointed out " muting speakers is normal" ... a bad headphone cable could lead to your conclusion ... can you try other headphones16:11
Sisterit works on windows 7, Tex_Nick16:11
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest54244
SisterTex_Nick, with alsamixer open, i see exactly the moment when i plug in the headphones, the "speaker 1" goes to zero  (there's speaker 1 and 2 instead of headphones and speaker)16:12
nizori need someone to help me with the ubuntu 12.04....i'm downloading it now16:14
novusordodaftykins: thanks16:14
ThinkT510nizor: you'd need to be more specific16:14
Tex_NickSister : ok, just thought i'd offer that ... i don't know what thee issue is ... keep asking, someone will probably be able to help :)16:15
Sisteryep, thanks :)16:15
xubuntu_Sister, what happens when you increase the volume level?16:16
Sisterit goes up like it had changed, but headphones are still mute. also, i'd like to note that i i have "speaker 1  /  speaker 2"  instead of  "headphone / speaker" bars. and only speaker 1 makes a difference (in the speakers, not the headphones). changing speaker 2 doesn't change anything16:17
Sisterwait, alsamixergui has more options16:19
Sisterand it shows a mute key over each bar16:19
qenghoI have a sdcard I need to write a disk image to, so I can boot on some other hardware. "dd" hangs.  "dd if=... of=/dev/disk/by-id/foo-disk-not-a-partition bs=4M" as root.  It gets a little into it, and then nothing.  "strace" sees both open()s, then 20 something read()/write() syscalls, then silence.16:19
media-centrehey can anyone help withubuntu16:19
qenghoAny idea?16:19
NERO_Countley respond.16:20
media-centrei cant seemm to play my dvd video on vlc or anything16:20
nizormedia-centre be more specific16:20
xubuntu_Sister, did you intall any new multimedia codecs or something lately?16:20
NERO_media-centre what do u mean by that?16:20
media-centrewell i stick in my dvd and open vlc and then i click play on the button after loading it16:21
media-centreand then it doess nothing16:21
media-centrenot even a error message16:21
Sisteri only updated, xubuntu_ .  now i see that i can unmute the headphones in alsamixergui since it has a mute/unmute button for each bar  instead of only the option to higher/lower volume like in alsamixer. clicking that makes the headphones work properly. but when i unplug/plug it goes back to mute. now i'm searching for a way to save the setting so i don't have to manually fix it every single time16:21
xubuntu_media-centre, !dvd16:21
Sisterno idea why ubuntu did this. the sound was working perfectly -_-16:22
xubuntu_are you using pulse audio?16:22
Tex_NickSister : Yeahhhhhhhhhh ... that's a start ... good for you :)16:22
xubuntu_Sister, PAC?16:22
Sisterit says pulseaudio is running, xubuntu_ , but i have no access to anything related to it, i think. just alsamixer and the sound options16:23
ioriamedia-centre: did you install css ?16:23
Sisteryep, Tex_Nick . at least i can listen to music, though it's ridiculous to have to go there press buttons every single time ._.16:23
xubuntu_Sister, open pulse audio control and see the audio output settings16:24
media-centreok ill givee that a try16:24
Sistererm.. where is it or what is the terminal command, xubuntu_ ?  -_-16:24
Sister"pulseaudio" on terminal only says "daemon already running"16:24
media-centrewwhts the package called16:25
xubuntu_sister you can find it any tool like application earch16:26
Sisternope. nothing related to pulseaudio in the application search16:26
ioriamedia-centre: lbdvdnav - libdvdcss2  etc... etc ...16:27
xubuntu_Sister, if the daemon i running ..it must be there...16:27
OerHeksmedia-centre, follow this part https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs  libdvdread4 and install-css.sh16:27
OerHeksmedia-centre, restart VLC after that16:27
Sgt_ShultzInstall VlC, Sister, LOOK IN Ubuntu Software Center/Multimedia16:28
Sisteri have vlc16:28
Sgt_ShultzVLC should play ALL updated...16:29
Sisterthe volume meter for pulseaudio is not installed if that's what you mean, xubuntu_16:29
xubuntu_oh ok16:30
folornso any ideas how to get a new distro to run ? it came with a loader etc the works but just wont boot from the CD- ive got a hp labtop quite new so what gives if someone could help that would be great.16:30
media-centrerestricted extras16:30
media-centreyea i got that package16:30
Sisterinstalled it, same thing as alsamixergui, xubuntu_ . when i unplug/plug the headphones, the tab changes output to "headphones" and it's mute. if i change it to "speakers"  (with headphones connected) the headphones come back to life16:30
media-centreim running ubuntu 12.0416:30
Sisteralas, who knows what the hell that update did16:30
xubuntu_Sister, install it from software centre and hopefully  your issue would be resolved16:31
Sgt_ShultzSister,  look in log16:31
Sisteri already did, xubuntu_ . as i said, it's the same behavior as alsamixergui16:31
Sisterwhat, Sgt_Shultz ?16:32
rainbowwarriorhi, i am running Ubuntu 12.10 and I have some Sennheiser pc 8 headphones, my problem is I am no longer getting sound threw the headphones, how can i check to see if its detecting them and also fix the problem please ?16:32
rainbowwarrioras it was working before and now they aint :(16:32
Sgt_ShultzSister, in Ubuntu Software Center, HISTORY16:33
Sisterah, to see what the update did, Sgt_Shultz ?  it installed new headers, it seems16:34
Sisternew headers, some stuff for pidgin and something called libgtkspell0 and that's all.16:34
folornnobody has any ideas ?16:35
Sgt_ShultzSister,  hehe, life is fun isn't it16:35
media-centreok thanx for that16:35
Sisterand on the day before it updated pulseaudio too16:35
* rainbowwarrior slaps Ubuntu16:35
xubuntu_Sister, pulse audio16:35
denebeimYou know rainbowwarrior throwing things around just because they don't work doesn't help16:35
xubuntu_maybe problem lies there16:36
Sisteralways pulseaudio16:36
vlacarainbowwarrior: does it at least show up in dmesg?16:36
xubuntu_lol yeah16:36
Sisterhow do i shot web, xubuntu_ ? or rather, how do i kill it forever?16:36
denebeimOh and you're missing a ',' after 'threw'16:36
NERO_what is the issue?16:36
alamiwhat does that mean http://pastebin.com/KR5Nktuj16:37
ioriafolorn: your bios options are ok ?16:37
alamiproblem with libstdc++???16:37
BluesKajthe pulseaudio GUI , pavucontrol, might help with output and volume settings , Sister16:37
Sisterhave all those, BlueEagle . as i said, i can fix it, but it doesn't stay fixed if i unplug and re-plug16:37
folornso dunno what to do ioria16:38
Sisterthe worst part is that this is like the icing in the cake, as ubuntu already does not work with the hybrid card i currently have, being to use anything other than ubuntu 2d. so it's a shitstorm of utter annoyance16:38
t7after installing xmonad tty7 is allways blank after boot, i have to goto tty1 and work from there, why is this?16:38
BluesKajSister, hybrid card ?16:39
siavoshkcwhats a hybrid card?16:39
rainbowwarriorvlaca, the only one i see in dmesg is some Nvida headphones, but these are Sennheiser headphones16:39
SisterBlueEagle, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1930450&page=6216:39
siavoshkca graphic card?16:39
xubuntu_Sister, i would ask to reinstall pulse audio16:39
Sisterhmn okay16:39
BluesKajSister, it's BluesKaj16:40
Sistersorry, tab and autocomplete, ya know  :|16:40
BluesKajthe other blue becomes annoyed if this keeps up16:40
vlacarainbowwarrior: try to unplug/plug and see if you get new entries in dmesg about Nvidia headphones... it might be some mis-detection16:40
folorncould i run the cd through virtual box or something maybe?16:40
rainbowwarriorvlaca  , nope no new entries16:41
noobvvwhen i hide booting screen with 'esc' i dont see anything... i want see booting process, so i can see what errors i get. how to do that ?16:41
Tex_NickSister have you tried ... in terminal ... ubuntu-bug audio16:42
vlacarainbowwarrior: what does lsusb tell you?16:42
BluesKajwhich sound card Sister ? The one in the post is a hybrid graphics card16:42
Sisteryou asked about what i was talking about with hybrid cards, that was the complaint, it's unrelated to the audio issue i came talk about. sorry for the confusion! :)16:43
ioriafolorn: you have to enter the bios ... in a way or in another16:43
folorni agree ioria..16:43
ioriafolorn: esc - canc - f1 don't work ?16:43
rainbowwarriorvlaca , http://paste.ubuntu.com/1552630/16:44
folornwell like F2 brings me into the bios menu but i looked around and couldn't find the damn bios option for boot sequence.. im very new to Hp's so dunno what to do really.16:44
xubuntu_Sister, i think the problem is with just settings of pulse audio write in terminal "pavucontrol" and check the input and output devices settings....16:45
Sgt_Shultzfolorn, I run Xubuntu on a HP D^, even got fingerprint scanner working with google search16:45
rainbowwarriorhmm looks like it is not detecting the headphones anymore :s16:45
Sgt_Shultzfolivora, DV616:45
ioriafolorn: there you are... good16:45
vlacarainbowwarrior: yeah... have you tried different usb ports?16:45
ioriafolorn: look for boot options and sub-menus16:46
Sisterok, xubuntu_ . maybe i wasn't clear. with pavucontrol running (the graphical thing), headphones unplugged. sound plays normally.  i plug headphones, the "output" drop menu goes from "speakers" to "headphones" and everything mutes. if i manually click the drop menu and select speakers (with the headphones plugged), the headphones work perfectly. the issue is having to do this manually every time i unplug and plug headphones16:46
rainbowwarrioryes, don't seem to matter what usb port I use, its not detecting them , let me try my headphones on another laptop to check my headphones are not broke :O16:47
folornbasically the issue Sgt_shultz is ive got a new BT 5 live cd i wanna play with but it wont run at start up and dunno how to make it do that ..ive looked for the boot sequence but dont know HP's very well so might have missed something.16:47
Sgt_Shultzfolorn, checking16:48
vlacarainbowwarrior: good idea16:48
folornthanks alot sgt_shultz16:49
ioriafolorn: don't panic ... and keep searching .... the option is there...16:49
klynccan anyone tell me how my particular model of dvdrw would have been written into /etc/udev/rules.d/ ? This must've been done by a script that scanned my hw at one point; I'd like to regenerate it16:49
Sgt_Shultzfolorn, ESC16:49
kunjifolorn: So for BIOS try all of f1, f2, f10, f11, f12, and del, will probably need a few boots to get the right one, and you might end up in something else before that (like the boot menu for choosing what to boot from just this time).16:49
xubuntu_Sister, whats the profile in configuration tab?16:50
Tex_NickSister : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1585047 discusses your problem ... no solution on that link, however it does give related information16:50
folornahh k... thanks alot guys16:50
folorni owe ya16:50
Sisteranalog stereo duplex, xubuntu_16:50
Sgt_Shultzenjoy Ubuntu16:50
ioriafolorn: yippi ya ye16:51
kunjiTex_Nick: turns out it wasn't flash, IRC was just keeping the computer awake, I had the same issue after rebooting with no flash running (The screen turning off and one core going to 100% problem).16:51
rainbowwarriordarn it16:52
rainbowwarriorvlaca , looks like my headphones are broke ty for your help16:52
vlacarainbowwarrior: np, that's too bad though :(16:53
Sisterlol rainbowwarrior16:53
Sisterthat's tragic16:53
rainbowwarriorI know, have not even had them that long :s :(16:53
Sisteryep. and stressing over trying to fix what can't be fixed XD16:53
Tex_Nickkunji : hey goodto see you ... and thanks for the post ... that one had me troubled, as it was a similarf problem for me:-)16:54
ronniei have backedup my ubuntu 12.10 by remastersys.but i am finding the backup file. where the backup saved.pls tell me the location.16:54
xubuntu_Sister, i guess you reinstall pulseaudio it would automatically fall back to default settings16:54
rainbowwarriorhehe yeah but its fun to take things apart sometimes and see what is wrong :D16:54
kunjiTex_Nick: It might be possible it's a screensaver: http://askubuntu.com/questions/216783/ubuntu-12-10-turn-screen-off-when-inactive-for-never-still-turns-off16:54
Sgt_Shultzelectronic crosswords puzzles ....16:54
Sisterdo i have to uninstall it or is there a reinstall command, xubuntu_ ?16:55
xubuntu_go to software centre uninstall and reinstall16:55
vlacaklync: have you tried deleting the current rules file for your cd and rebooting? it should regenerate it16:55
BluesKajronnie, remastersys ? ..never heard of it16:56
xubuntu_or from package manager just reinstall16:56
Sisterah okay, i thought there should be a reinstall button somewhere that i wasn't seeing, xubuntu_ . thanks XD16:56
vlacaklync: also, see /lib/udev/rules.d/75-cd-aliases-generator.rules file16:56
kunjiTex_Nick: Also that would explain the cpu use, it probably just keeps rendering the blank screen as often as it can.16:56
vlacaklync: seems a write_cd_rules script is generating the rules file16:57
=== tensorpuddin is now known as tensorpudding
BluesKajSister, have you checked alsamixer in the terminal , there may be an option/setting for your headphone out16:57
Tex_NickSister : don't know what distro or hardware you're running ... but an identical issue on Gentoo was solved here ... http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-885736-start-0.html16:57
Sgt_Shultzchecked da switch on da fones themselves ?16:58
ZadYreeHello :)16:58
klyncvlaca: thanks ... i didn't want to go editing that file before i knew what i was doing; that helps a lot!16:58
vlacaklync: np, you're welcome16:58
ZadYreeI'd like to know if it's possible to boot in UEFI mode using a 32bit Ubuntu version.16:58
vlacaklync: btw, the script is in /lib/udev/17:00
ubottukisko: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:01
Sisterhmn same thing, Tex_Nick . still have to manually go to the drop menu and set "speakers" instead of headphones, with headphones plugged in, to get sound17:01
noobvv Im getting DRDY ERROR, after that im dropped to busybox, what to do ?17:01
Sisteralas, at least there is a way of making it work17:01
Sisterit's one of those bizarre voodoo issues that has no reason to exist.17:01
Sisterthanks for the help everyone!17:01
xubuntu_Sister, :(17:02
Tex_Nickkunji : agreed ... i've monitoring my cpu usage more often since we had that discussion ... seems that my cpu usage is not quite as symetrical as i stated the other day ... ffmped transcoding does some funny things ... it switches between cores while transcoding the sane file ... each core goes to 100% for a bit ... then another is used17:02
note_Hello, I have set up Postfix and Cyrus on my Ubuntu 12.10 server, I can send email's within the terminal window, however they appear as root@domain.tld17:02
note_Is it possible to be able to have it so for example, my email would be note@domain.tld and I can send and receive emails within an email client?17:02
Sisterbut xubuntu_ , it's reason to smile! it can always be worse. it could, i don't know, have exploded and caught fire in the bedroom and then the house and then in all the connected apartments and 20 people could have died17:03
Sisterall i have to do is click a drop menu, certainly not tragic  :|17:03
llutznote_: http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html17:03
noobvvhow to fix DRDY ERROR ?17:04
xubuntu_Sister, its the price that we have to pay when we want linux as a OS to control the system17:04
folornbrb im gonna try the boot menu again thanks all for your help17:04
note_llutz, that makes no sense to me, i'm new to ubuntu :\17:04
Sisterxubuntu_, and that's not to even go in the effing impossible graphic issues i'm having because of the hybrid card17:05
llutznote_: setting up a mailserver isn't a trivial thing, you have to learn it...  check http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html#canonical17:05
Sisterbut alas, i have faith in linux. maybe not so much in ubuntu anymore17:05
xubuntu_Sister, haha ...thats sad:(17:05
Sisterwhen i'm back in homeland and with time, i'll migrate to debian maybe. but for now, ubuntu it is :D17:05
Sisterthanks again for the patience, xubuntu_17:06
BluesKajsis  after Tex_Nick 's suggestion you have to reboot to make the addition in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf  stick17:06
xubuntu_no prob17:06
Kraghot_Hello everyone17:06
Sisteryes, i was just wondering about that, BlueEagle17:06
* Sister has been blinking the poor unrelated blue for eons now17:07
Kraghot_I need some help with my ubuntu: Today I installed a fresh copy of ubuntu and when it all updated and the computer restarted only the background image appeared along with the icons.. There is not Unity (I hope I'm using the term right)17:07
BluesKajhehe , ok Sister .. good luck ..I have to go push some snow , one of the lovely things we hewre in the great white north in winter :)17:07
llutznote_:err, this is the one http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html#generic17:07
Sistergood luck and have fun, BluesKaj !17:08
llutznote_: create a file /etc/postfix/generic, add a line "root@domain.tld  itsme@myowndomain.tld"    (replace to fit your wishes)17:09
Kraghot_anyone? any idea how I might try to restart it and/or reset it?17:09
note_llutz, and what would that allow me to do?17:10
llutznote_: then "sudo postmap /etc/postfix/generic"17:10
llutznote_: you want your email-addresses rewritten, this is one way17:10
note_I want to be able to add my email address to a client17:11
rubiconjoshKrahot_: You should restart and see if that fixes it17:11
Sgt_ShultzKraghot,  , Can u reboot from live CD ?17:11
noobvvi live with myh mom17:12
llutznote_: yes, and? you need to create a user in cyrus, setup saslauth in postfix, then you configure your mailclient17:12
rubiconjoshKraghot_: If you are unsure how to reboot hit ctrl+alt+t to open a terminal then sudo shutdown -r now17:12
Kraghot_solved it just had to do unity --reset17:12
Kraghot_let's see if it works after a reboot now17:12
note_llutz, the only problem i'm having is that my mail client does not know/cannot find an incoming and outgoing mail server17:12
note_i have put in the IP of my server, it allows me to add it to my client17:13
Sgt_ShultzPatience ...17:13
note_but it doesn't receive or send emails17:13
llutznote_: your question sounded more that you wanted to rewrite root@foo into note@foo17:13
llutznote_: have you configured your postfix/cyrus to listen to the public-IP?17:13
note_I followed a tutorial on postfix/cyrus, i'm not quite sure what i've done, like i said, I'm new to all of this o_o17:14
llutznote_: sudo lsof -i :2517:14
llutznote_: sudo lsof -i :14317:14
note_master  11829 root   12u  IPv4  31149      0t0  TCP *:smtp (LISTEN)17:14
note_master  11829 root   13u  IPv6  31150      0t0  TCP *:smtp (LISTEN)17:14
note_is the :2517:14
FloodBot1note_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:14
note_llutz, http://pastie.org/private/je5hgbd1ihh8vj069gdg17:15
llutznote_: well, create an account in your mail-client, outgoing server is your vps-IP port 2517:15
note_and what about incoming?17:16
llutznote_: for incoming  its an imap-account, your vps-IP port 143 (if you don't use tls/ssl)17:16
note_llutz, ty17:16
llutznote_: hint: if you already are root, you don't need to use sudo17:17
note_its a habit :P17:17
defectorhi folks, i need some help, just installed ubuntu for first time, (10 years since i've used linux) and i'm having difficulty changing my refresh rate on the monitor to 120hz, i've tried xrandr -s 1680x1050 -r 120 but it is not allowing me to do it17:17
note_hm, i don't quite know the password for my email17:17
defectorcan anyone offer some asistance17:17
note_what would it be?17:17
xauth120Hz? Wow, uncommon. Sure both card and monitor can do it?17:18
defectorviewsonic 22" monitor, and not uncommon at all17:18
llutznote_: the one you configured when adding the cyrus account17:19
defectorstaring Looking at a 60hz monitor is burning a hole in the back of my eyes17:19
defectorxrandar says.... DVI-I-3 connected 1680x1050+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 474mm x 296mm17:20
defector   1680x1050      60.0*+  120.0    110.0    100.017:20
defectorhow do i force it to 120hz?17:20
xauthHa. That's why I used white on black back then. If it's not there, it can't flicker.17:20
defectorthats not a very good answer :(17:21
Sgt_Shultzdefector,  http://www.osnews.com/story/1777917:23
defectorSG_Shultz going to check it out17:23
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Tex_Nick!who | defector17:23
ubottudefector: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:23
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Sgt_Shultzdefector, not as much as u think, google is great, lots of clues there try, "viewsonic 22 widescreen lcd monitor ubuntu", yeilded loads of info17:28
=== gmagno is now known as gmag
gushi folks!!17:30
gushow can find new file created in a computer use find ..I have try find /folder/ -ctime 60 but nothing happend17:30
=== gus is now known as morfo_81
morfo_81hi folks!!17:31
morfo_81how can find new file created in a computer use find ..I have try find /folder/ -ctime 60 but nothing happend17:31
Sgt_Shultz aliens got it17:31
defectorI have Viewsonic VX2265WM monitor running at 1680x1050 resolution at 60hz, but would like to change the refresh rate to its native 120hz.  Can any one please offer some assistance with this?  xrandr is stating 1680x1050      60.0*+  120.0    110.0    100.017:31
compdocmorfo_81, do you know the file's name?17:32
morfo_81<compdoc>:no... I want to list everithing new17:33
morfo_81for move17:33
ziadi just instaled ubunto 13.04 with win8 but when i log to ubunto account that i set before instaling  sayes wrong user or pass and i log with guest sission and cant boot grub shif or esc :(( and says device nam localhost.localadmin17:33
iceroot!ubuntu+1 | ziad17:34
ubottuziad: Raring Ringtail is the codename for Ubuntu 13.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+117:34
ThinkT510!13.04 | ziad17:34
ubottuziad: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:34
Sgt_Shultzdefector, according 2 viewsonic is not capable of those frequencys17:34
morfo_81how can find new file created in a computer use find ..I have try find /folder/ -ctime 60 but nothing happend17:35
xangua!13.04 | ziad17:35
ubottuziad: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:35
compdocmorfo_81, might try:    http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-finding-files-by-date/17:35
MonkeyDustmorfo_81  try -mtime17:35
ziadsry :)17:36
defectorSgt_Shultz:  http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824116402CVF17:36
defectorI've been running it using 120hz for last 2 years17:37
dwarderi have installed i386 ubuntu 12.10 alongside windows 8 box (with uefi bios) and it doesn't allow me to boot into my ubuntu, i tried to use boot-repair (in try ubuntu mode) and it said that i should use x64 version of ubuntu, i have 2 questions: 1) if i remove widnows 8 can i use my 386 ubuntu install cd and use this ubuntu 2) are there other options for my 386 install?17:38
Sgt_Shultzdefector, google search "viewsonic VX2265WM monitor ubuntu" was helpful 2 me17:39
morfo_81So I don't understand If I have file made today why if I use mtime  I don't see17:40
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest63646
Guest63646@ morfo_81 : do u remember file name?17:41
shadejhow can i handle keyboard inputs from two d/t keyboards in ubuntu?17:41
xauthmorfo_81: According to my manual the time arguments are in days.17:41
morfo_81<xauth>: Ok but if I write -1  seem means today17:42
morfo_81<Guest63646>:I want to search all different files created today..not only one name17:42
xauthmorfo_81: Could you rephrase that?17:43
morfo_81<xauth>:  If I use -mtime -1   I don't found nothing of my new files17:45
=== Sgt_Shultz is now known as JamesTQuirk
herdingcathi, how to install a local package w/ proper dependency resolution like "yum localinstall pkg" in Fedora?17:46
xauthmorfo_81: Hmm... use -mtime -0?17:46
xauthmorfo_81: Never mind, doesn't work here.17:46
Guest63646morfo_81 : mtime 0 for same day17:46
Guest63646mtime -1 for last 1 day17:47
MonkeyDustmorfo_81  just tried it, it's -mtime17:47
Sisterjust to let people know that rebooting solved the sound issue without the need to manually do so every time! :D17:47
morfo_81<xauth>:  I try in this way but show all files17:47
Tex_Nickmorfo_81 : a neat tip to know ... if you type the first few letters of a persons nick and then hit the TAB key ... the nick will autocomplete ... Example : as above , type guest63 and hit TAB ... will prevent you from copying the nick17:47
morfo_81Tex_Nick, thanks17:48
e66how can I add a mirror server to synaptic?17:48
nizorneed help....downloading lattest Ubuntu 12.04....will need future help in its operation17:48
e66The mirror server is custom.17:48
bipulHow to do ip forwarding17:48
e66how can I add a **custom**  mirror server to synaptic?17:48
nizor2 months new on ubuntu17:48
Tex_Nickmorfo_81 : np :)17:48
BluesKajSister, the entry in alsa-base.conf solidified the output settings17:48
Sisterthanks for the help, folks!17:49
Tex_NickSister : so it works now ?17:50
Sisteryes :D17:50
Tex_NickSister : after reboot17:50
morfo_81MonkeyDust, If I use  mtime 0  I collect all files.. I have 10 file created today and 20 other days..I I use that comand I see all 30 files..what cna I do?17:50
Sisteryes. changing that line in alsa-base.conf and rebooting solved it, Tex_Nick . reboot was needed17:50
BluesKaje66 , if it's a working mirror , it's easier to add in /etc/apt/sources.list and then sudp apt-get update in the terminal17:51
MonkeyDustmorfo_81  i guess the people in #bash know best17:51
BluesKaje66, sudo apt-get update17:51
e66BluesKaj:  I dont want to add it in sources.list. I want to add it so I can select the server in synattic17:52
Transfusionsynaptic is a front-end for apt..?17:52
morfo_81MonkeyDust, thanks!17:53
BluesKaje66, synaptic and apt both use the dpkg system , so where you add the mirror doesn't matter ,... both use the dpkg base17:53
Tex_NickSister : hey good to know that ... i'll make a note of that for people with same problem ... thanks for reporting back ... helps the community ... and HEY stick with ubuntu ... it's not to bad ... has no less problems than any other OS :-)17:53
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
SisterTex_Nick, it took me a while to return and said it worked cause i was also updating graphic drivers. and as the time before, i couldn't login again because the .xauthority file changed ownership to root instead of my user. THAT one took a whole day to figure out the first time it happened. thankfully now i already know this is the issue when updating and can't login17:54
RalliasIs there some sort of package I can use that I put in a web url into a web interface and have it automatically wget that file to a specified directory?17:55
dwarderi have installed i386 ubuntu 12.10 alongside windows 8 box (with uefi bios) and it doesn't allow me to boot into my ubuntu, i tried to use boot-repair (in try ubuntu mode) and it said that i should use x64 version of ubuntu, i have 2 questions: 1) if i remove widnows 8 can i use my 386 ubuntu install cd and use this ubuntu 2) are there other options for my 386 install?17:55
ActionParsnipRallias: gnome-terminal will do it17:55
SisterTex_Nick,  as for staying with ubuntu, i'm not sure i'll do it for longer. since 12.04, even with a fresh install, i'm having so many issues. like this "problem has been found with xorg whatever" every 5 minutes and the endless graphic woes with hybrid cards17:56
RalliasActionParsnip, It's a remote box17:56
Tex_NickBluesKaj : on the Sister issue ... ^5 for instructing reboot :-)17:56
ActionParsnipRallias: connect via ssh17:56
Sister^5 indeed :D17:56
e66BluesKaj:  I have setup a mirror for my fellow network peers. I'll submit it to ubuntu later. Right now I want to just change some config file so that my peers get my servers name at the server seelection dialog in Synatpci17:56
RalliasActionParsnip, That's what I'm trying to avoid.17:56
e66I think it can be done using mirrors protocol17:56
ActionParsnipRallias: why? It's more secure than a web interface?17:57
ActionParsnipRallias: fatrat has a web ui you can perform http and ftp downloads with17:57
ActionParsnipRallias you will need an x server and need to enable the web ui as its not enabled by default17:58
BluesKajTex_Nick, Sister in some cases manual entries into asla-base.conf don't work.  It's still a mystery to me whynot.17:58
BluesKajcould be wrong setting in puklseaudio/pavucontrol17:59
Tex_NickBluesKaj : i understand and agree :-)17:59
iLogic /j reddit18:00
ActionParsnipRallias: it can also manage torrents.  Android client coming soon18:00
Rallias*sigh* So I won't accomplish a goal of 128mb ram with preexisting software?18:01
BluesKajTex_Nick,sis sometimes adding the soundcard driver entry helps solve issues that are intermittent as well18:01
Sister"sis" blinks me too ^^18:02
BluesKajfor example , options snd-hda-intel=card0  for intel driver18:02
ActionParsnipRallias: should be fine with minimum iso and openssh-server.  It also gives an SFTP server18:02
RalliasProblem is, I _really_ don't want to log into ssh18:03
BluesKajfor example , options snd-hda-intel index=0  for intel driver, rather18:03
iLogicanyone has experience with dual boot linux/windows in with hybrid issd+hdd?18:03
ersanyone english native speaker ???18:04
ActionParsnipRallias: you can manage SFTP with nautilus18:04
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.18:04
jnixis there any way to speed up apt-get?18:05
RalliasActionParsnip, I like to be able to turn my computer off at night.18:05
Sisterok, now to try the thing that breaks the most. graphics update.18:05
iLogicubottu: because it's very specific to that setup, which I'm guessing most people aren't familiar18:05
ubottuiLogic: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:05
ActionParsnipErs: Englishman living in England here18:05
iLogicok, sorry18:05
jnixi bought Bastion in the ubuntu software center last night, downloading a 1.1GB deb package and it's taking forever18:05
BluesKajok , back out I go ...pushing snow is hard on old guys18:05
RalliasAt the point of using nautilus, I might as well just mount my NFS on my laptop and use that.18:05
itryGood Evening! I have a problem: I have debian 6 in an encrypted partition with a LVM. So I set up a boot partition that sets up the encrypted lvm and boots it. Now I updated Ubuntu on another partition and it looks like it fucked up the system somehow. When I boot my boot partition, I end up in a shell, not in Debian. Any ideas how to go about it?18:06
ActionParsnipRallias: it has a -n  option for no gui18:06
Tex_NickBluesKaj : i'm old, but texas doesn't have that issue :-)18:06
itryI thought only windows is so rude to destroy Grub...18:06
ActionParsnipRallias: http://fatrat.dolezel.info/faq18:06
BluesKajNorth Ontario here , Tex_Nick :)18:07
caveSpricht jemand deutsch?18:07
ActionParsnip! De18:07
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:07
ShawnRiskHow do I tell update manager of new linux kernel version, I installed?  Update Manager is tell me to update to 3.2.0 when I know my version is 3.7.3 when I do uname -a in terminal on Ubuntu 12.1018:07
Tex_NickBluesKaj : bless you sir ... you live in god's land :)18:07
agent_my password isn't working. Can anyone explian what has happened?18:08
ShawnRiskBluesKaj: I am in Southern Ontario18:08
=== Guest85151 is now known as Clauxz
ThinkT510ShawnRisk: we don't support newer kernels18:08
ThinkT510ShawnRisk: the only kernels we can support are the ones in the repos18:08
ActionParsnipShawnrisk: raring is supported in #ubuntu+118:08
sharp15anyone familiar with how to get a usb tv tuner working?  i have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 850.  it works with linux,  i have tested it on my gentoo box.  Problem is playback only works if the device is plugged in at boot on my ubuntu machine and I cannot run a channel scan.18:09
ShawnRiskThinkT510: there is no way for the update manager to stop telling me to update to 3.2.0?18:09
BelugaStill no luck with Canon LBP7018C printer after trying a different driver package: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210669618:09
sharp15only looking for ubuntu related help here.  gentoo is working perfectly.18:09
ShawnRiskActionParsnip: thanks18:09
ActionParsnipSharp15: run   lsusb    and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides18:09
ThinkT510ShawnRisk: using a kernel not from the repos is something you do at your own risk18:10
ShawnRiskThinkT510: okay I understand18:10
Belugaadvising my neighbor to get a Canon printer was a gamble, but I didn't think it would lead to considering a Windows install :(18:10
ShawnRiskThinkT510: thanks18:10
ActionParsnipBeluga: did you check Canon Europe website?18:10
BelugaActionParsnip: yes, in that thread I linked I document everything I did. I first used alien to create a .deb from the Canon supplied RPM (64-bit)18:11
ThinkT510Beluga: why didn't you pick a hp?18:12
BelugaThinkT510: the price was too tempting, 99 euros18:12
sharp15ActionParsnip: tried that.  all documents are too old, everything is in the kernel now.  trying to figure out what ubuntu specific action is required.18:12
sharp15erm.  by 'all' i mean the first page of the google results.18:13
ThinkT510Beluga: i consider linux support to be a big factor when buying something like a printer18:13
javierf_Hi! I changed envelope icon for message-indicator and it worked fine for sometime. But now it looks just as in this pastebin: http://picpaste.com/Selecci_n_010-vaTNbn7j.bmp I don't know how to revert it. someone could help me? Thanks a lot!!!18:13
caveHow can I break up a installationprocess in the Ubuntu Software-Center?18:14
Belugabut I found a French forum thread, where at least 2 guys got the LBP7018C working with the French tutorial.. so it should work18:14
Belugathe main problem might be the 64-bitness18:15
usr13cave: Ctrl-c  ?   But not sure you wanna do that.18:15
ThinkT510Beluga: i got a lexmark printer working via alien but that made me appreciate how hit and miss it gets, next time buy from a vendor that offers proper linux drivers18:15
usr13cave: Oh, it's GUI... well, just uninstall afterwards.18:16
ActionParsnipBeluga: is there no deb in the archive you downloaded?18:16
itryWhat would be the standard way to repair a grub that ubuntu destroyed?18:16
usr13!grub | itry18:16
ubottuitry: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:16
ActionParsnipItry: omgubuntu has a guide called 'sticking it to grub'18:17
BelugaActionParsnip: Canon doesn't supply 64-bit .deb for the printer, only 32-bit.. but alien worked fine.. and Michael Gruz offers .debs for 64-bit18:17
ert3goHello, I cannot bookmark any folder on ubuntu.Any idea why?18:17
itryusr13: well, i dont know what to make of that. i used debian 6 so far. now somehow ubuntu fucked it up and i cannot boot debian properly anymore.18:17
BelugaI have tried both the alien and Gruz debs18:17
ActionParsnipBeluga: maybe turboprint can help18:17
ert3goctrl+D and bookmarks-->Add bookmark both are unresponsive18:17
oblivianWhy is freenode.net portscanning while connecting?18:18
ThinkT510oblivian: ask in #freenode18:18
MonkeyDustitry  no such language here please18:18
usr13itry: Whatch the language.  But, I doubt that ubuntu actually messed it up, that is a different issue, what you need to do is just fix it.18:18
itryso the guess is that ubuntu replaced grub with grub2 and that is the problem?18:18
BelugaActionParsnip: Turboprint doesn't seem to support Canon LBP line18:19
MonkeyDustitry  ubuntu uses grub2, that is correct18:19
ActionParsnipErt3go: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue18:19
sevenforall1I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with the AMD Radeon 6850, and I was wondering if there's a way to fix the splash screen so it displays at 1920x1080 rather than the too-low resolution it's displayed at now.18:19
itryusr13: well, "messed it up" means debian booted before i updated ubuntu and now debian does not boot anymore.18:19
ActionParsnipItry: grub2 has been default for ages now18:19
usr13itry: Is there an entry for it?18:19
ert3goActionParsnip, Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS \n \l18:19
=== Jyothis is now known as J-Away
itryusr13: yes, i still can boot into the debian boot partition. but it throws me in a shell now and seems to not set up the encrypted partitions with the rest of debian.18:20
Belugathis machine (my neighbor's) has Mint 13 KDE, might try with my laptop which has Mint 1418:20
alusionHey is there a command line variation of www.asciitohex.com   [ a base64/rot13/hex/binary encoder ]18:20
ThinkT510!mint | Beluga18:20
ubottuBeluga: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:20
ActionParsnipBeluga: I bet its near identical in mint18:21
BelugaThinkT510: please.. this problem has nothing to do with Mint :D18:21
ActionParsnipBeluga: think about it....mint is based on Ubuntu.....how will it be drastically different18:21
ert3goActionParsnip, drag and drop doesn't work either.18:21
itryI think I will try to: 1) boot into debians boot partition 2) run grub-install /dev/sda18:22
BelugaActionParsnip: you read it wrong: Mint 13 -> Mint 1418:22
usr13itry: Well, if you can still boot to the OS, it's not grub that is the problem.18:22
ActionParsnipBeluga: how do you mean?18:22
Belugaand different machine18:22
itryusr13: so why doesnt debian come up normaly anymore?18:22
BelugaI quote myself from 2 minutes ago: this machine (my neighbor's) has Mint 13 KDE, might try with my laptop which has Mint 1418:22
ActionParsnipBeluga: mint isn't supported here18:22
usr13itry: it "seems to not set up the encrypted partitions"?18:22
usr13itry: Can you elaborate?18:23
usr13itry: Exactly what do you get when you boot to Debian?18:23
itryusr13: i installed debian encrypted. it uses a small boot partition to set up the other partitions, which are in an encrypted lvm.18:24
itryusr13: so normaly it asks me for the password and proceeds booting.18:24
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
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itryusr13: now it just ends in a shell and thats it.18:24
BelugaActionParsnip: consider your statement: it pertains only to the areas where Mint is different from Ubuntu. This issue is not in such a category18:25
Belugabut I need someone with canon expertise, so bye18:25
usr13itry: Hummm... well, I'm not sure what to do about that.  Maybe someone else knows....18:26
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
usr13itry: Maybe it IS a problem with grub18:27
itryusr13: if ubuntu only changed grub, then it must be a problem with grub.18:27
MonkeyDustitry  put the issue in one line, mention debian, encrypted and lvm, then repeat it every 10 minutes or so18:27
itryMonkeyDust: Ok. Here is my initial question: I have a problem: I have debian 6 in an encrypted partition with a LVM. So I set up a boot partition that sets up the encrypted lvm and boots it. Now I updated Ubuntu on another partition and it looks like it fucked up the system somehow. When I boot my boot partition, I end up in a shell, not in Debian. Any ideas how to go about it?18:28
MonkeyDustitry  and omit profanities18:28
itryOk. Another try: Ok. Here is my initial question: I have a problem: I have debian 6 in an encrypted partition with a LVM. So I set up a boot partition that sets up the encrypted lvm and boots it. Now I updated Ubuntu on another partition and it looks like it messed up the system somehow. When I boot my boot partition, I end up in a shell, not in Debian. Any ideas how to go about it?18:29
ert3goCan someone help me with my bookmark question?18:29
usr13itry: Here is an atricle that discusses such an issue, maybe you'll find the solution here: http://archimedesden.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/yet-another-full-disk-encryption-with-ubuntu-11-10/18:30
sogeking99Hey guys, if I want to install the new drivers by ATI, which are apparently a huge step up, do I need to remove fglrx first?18:30
=== Shogoot_ofwork is now known as Shogoot
Tex_Nickalusion : see if this helps ... http://stefaanlippens.net/catrot1318:31
alusionhey that's pretty neat18:32
ShogootHi people. Was wondering what would be right, ubuntu server or ubuntu client to set up a machine that only has some torrent software on it and take care of my rss feeds by itself :) I apreciate all sueggstions and advice.18:32
Tex_Nickalusion : hey hope it points you ina good direction :-)18:33
itryusr13: hmm... its not really about the problem what to do when grub has been killed. more about the general topic of encryption. if grub had some sophisticated config and that is now gone, im probably f..<profanity>..ed18:35
usr13itry: I see there is an app called  grub-customizer  Maybe that is what you need.18:35
cruzfirehi all18:35
usr13itry: http://askubuntu.com/questions/205358/grub-menu-is-always-displayed-ubuntu-12-10-with-full-disk-encryption18:35
cruzfireI'm runnig ubuntu on a crossfireX machine ..18:36
cruzfireand whenever i use su18:36
cruzfireand then start a program18:36
MonkeyDust!enter | cruzfire18:36
ubottucruzfire: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:36
cruzfireit tells me .. can't open display ..18:36
Tex_Nickalusion : keep in mind though that rot is old school encryption :)18:37
usr13itry: Is this a laptop?18:37
itryusr13: yes, a thinkpad.18:37
usr13itry: http://askubuntu.com/questions/205358/grub-menu-is-always-displayed-ubuntu-12-10-with-full-disk-encryption18:37
cruzfireok .. all in one sentence ..18:37
cruzfirewhen trying to run a program as su i get cant open display .. running on crossfireX18:38
itryusr13: how is that "grub is always displayed" thingy related to my problem?18:38
jribcruzfire: what program?18:38
cruzfireeg xterm18:39
usr13itry: I don't know really.18:39
jribcruzfire: you shouldn't really be running graphical programs as root.... what are you trying to accomplish?18:39
ThinkT510cruzfire: what is crossfire?18:39
usr13itry: You are the one that think's it is a problem with grub, I'm just going on your assumption.18:39
Geetwhich ubuntu based distro can i run easily as from a live usb?18:40
cruzfirecrossfireX .. amd graphics stuff ..18:40
DJonesGeet: Ubuntu18:40
usr13Geet: I suppose any of them.18:40
itryusr13: im confused. because i still can boot into the debian boot partition. but it behaves different now. i dont understand why.18:40
Tex_NickThinkT510 : hardware graphics card daisy-chaing18:40
cruzfirejrib: trying to run wow on wine ..18:40
ThinkT510Tex_Nick: oh18:40
jribcruzfire: then you definitely should not be running that as root.  Just run it as your user18:40
Geetusr13, I mean i want it to be light and small sized.18:40
cruzfirei did that already ..18:41
jribcruzfire: so what's your question?18:41
cruzfiregot Handleevent "auth validation event" .. from wine ..18:41
GeetDJones, it might be too heavy for my college computers.18:41
cruzfirebut nothing happens ..18:41
ThinkT510!appdb | cruzfire18:41
ubottucruzfire: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help18:41
DJonesGeet: Try xubuntu or lubuntu, they're both lighter18:42
MonkeyDustcruzfire  better ask in #winehq18:42
usr13Geet: http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/usb.html18:42
Geetusr13, i guess it's not ubuntu based.. is it?18:42
Fujoor_elementary os, although in beta, is very fast18:42
Fujoor_its based on ubuntu 12.04.118:42
usr13Geet: Are you wanting small in size, or small as in small RAM footprint?18:42
MonkeyDustGeet  i thing puppy is ubuntu based18:42
Geetusr13, both18:43
cruzfirestill i'd wanna run xterm as root ..18:43
Fujoor_Geet: elementary os, luna beta 1 is blazingly fast, and based on ubuntu18:43
usr13Geet: I dono, puppy or dsl  maybe...?18:43
ert3goHello, I cannot add a folder under bookmarks tab.ctrl+D, add bokmark, drag and drop are all unresponsive.Any help people?18:43
=== Fujoor_ is now known as Fujoor
Geetok.. thanks everyone.. will check them out18:43
Geetbtw has anyone used edubuntu?18:43
texlaGeet, Puppy lucid 5.28 based on ubuntu-lucid18:44
Geetwhat educational tools does it provide?18:44
ThinkT510Fujoor: and not supported here18:44
cruzfirequestion is how to configure crossfirex correctly on ubuntu ..18:44
cruzfirewhat i did was using amdconfig18:44
parth__hello anybody help .........I am not able to change gnomeshell theme from tweak tool18:44
itrySo it looks like I lost my good old debian partition because ubuntu somehow destroyed it :(18:49
bekksbecause the user did something wrong, apparently.18:49
ThinkT510itry: what does gparted show?18:50
Tex_Nickitry : tis unlikely that ubuntu would destroy a partition with out being instructed to do so18:51
BluesKajalways use manual partitioning when dual booting..it should be a rule18:51
itryThinkT510: a lot of partitions18:51
ThinkT510itry: thats lovely18:51
itryTex_Nick: well, debian does not boot normaly since i updated ubuntu.18:51
sogeking99Hey guys, if I want to install the new drivers by ATI, which are apparently a huge step up, do I need to remove fglrx first?18:52
BluesKajitry, did you do sudo update-grub18:52
sogeking99Sorry about before I was having crazy connection issues18:52
itryBluesKaj: one thing i tried was to boot into the debian boot partition and run grub-install /dev/sda18:52
itryBluesKaj: it changed the appearance of grub but debian still doesnt boot normaly anymore.18:53
BluesKajitry, no , in ubuntu18:53
itryBluesKaj: no18:53
BluesKajdo it18:53
Tex_Nickitry : when you say "debian does not boot normaly since i updated ubuntu" what exactly happens18:53
I_broke_amazonHi - I uninstalled the amazon ads from 12.10 and now when I click the login button on amazon.com firefox hangs18:54
itryBluesKaj, ThinkT510, Tex_Nick: Im not sure if you are aware of the details of the problem. So here some info: I have debian set up like this: it boots from a small boot partition, mounts an LVM in an encrypted partition and then starts gnome etc.18:54
biioI'm having some issues with the 12.10 install on my laptop (using EFI bios), it keeps crashing on the part about installing the bootloader, I ran an error check on the install medium, and it was ok, any ideas?18:54
ThinkT510!uefi | biio18:55
ubottubiio: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:55
itryBluesKaj, ThinkT510, Tex_Nick: Until today, when I updated ubuntu from 5 to 12 on another partition. Now I can still boot into the debian boot partition. But it does not ask me for my password anymore but just stops at a sehll.18:55
BluesKajwhy a boot partition ?18:55
itryBluesKaj: you need something unencrypted to boot from.18:55
ThinkT510itry: 5 to 12?18:55
bekksitry: Which is not true.18:55
BluesKajinstall grub on ubuntu18:55
usr13itry: Can you do anything from the shell?  Can you bring up the gui?  Like startx or startxfce4 or what-ever, (I don't know what GUI you use so...).18:56
BluesKajitry  listen to bekks18:56
itryThinkT510: maybe it was not 5. i dont remember. it was a very old partition i havent touched in years.18:56
biioThinkT510: I've been trough that, but something just hit me, do I need the EFI partition to be re reformated for the ubuntu install maybe?18:56
itryusr13: startx without the / partition? i doubt that.. i can try...18:56
ThinkT510itry: so you mean you fresh installed over it?18:57
itryThinkT510: no, i just clicked "yeah, update the distro, whatever" when it asked me. and than it worked for about 90 minutes...18:57
usr13itry: startblackbox  startkde startfluxbox startvwm2 startxfce4   (Don't know what your using but...)18:57
itryusr13: im using gnome18:57
ThinkT510itry: thats not how you update18:57
usr13itry: mount  #See what is mounted and what is not...18:58
itryThinkT510: well, it happened like that. i was not dreaming...18:58
usr13itry: Are you logging in as user?18:58
itryusr13: nothing is mounted except for the boot partition18:58
itryusr13: root18:58
=== tjb1_ is now known as tjb1
itryusr13: "startx: commmand not found"18:58
sogeking99Hey guys, if I want to install the new drivers by ATI, which are apparently a huge step up, do I need to remove fglrx first?18:58
Tex_Nick!details | itry18:59
ubottuitry: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:59
kunjisogeking99: I don't know for sure, but my best guess is yes.18:59
usr13itry: Ok.... well, I'm just grasping at straws here.  I've yet to encrypt a drive.  (I just have my laptop boot to console mode and I start the gui of my choosing.)18:59
tbrockhey everyone, trying to use inconsolata font for my terminal and it looks very blurry19:00
tbrockbut when i launch vim it looks great19:00
tbrocknot sure why19:00
sogeking99okay thanks19:00
itryTex_Nick: here is my original question from an hour ago: I have a problem: I have debian 6 in an encrypted partition with a LVM. So I set up a boot partition that sets up the encrypted lvm and boots it. Now I updated Ubuntu on another partition and it looks like it messed up the system somehow. When I boot my boot partition, I end up in a shell, not in Debian. Any ideas how to go about it?19:00
wNitry: i believe the shell should provide the tools you need to unencrypt manually and mount as /dev/root19:01
wNis the dracut shell right?19:01
itrywN: maybe19:01
itrywN: i dont know which shell it is.19:01
wNwhat kind of prompt do you have?19:01
itrywN: root@mymachine: ~#19:02
itrywN: and a blinking cursor :)19:02
kunjiitry: Hmm, first can you give us your disk layout.  Results of sudo fdisk -l19:02
usr13itry: fdisk -l && mount #See what partitions you are using.