zequenceamd64 raring uninstallable. I think it might be for all ubuntu flavors00:11
zequenceseems like it's a bug in ubiquity that has to do with a certain amount of pre-existing ubuntu installs on several partitions00:16
len-dtSomebody else ran into that too.00:19
zequenceYeah, found a bug report for it. Apparently cjwatson was requesting logs from a debug mode install. Will try that now00:31
zequenceWhenever you do something smart, you find a bug00:45
zequence..or stupid00:46
zequenceI guess I can go ahead and install with netinstall for now00:50
zequenceJust not optimal00:50
zequence..if I can find it00:52
zequencefound it00:57
zequenceSeems like it's nog ubiquity at all, but the partioner01:12
zequenceWell, seems like I'm one install short. Annoying01:19
zequencefunny. today the netinstall worked09:10
zequencemaybe my computer was just being sleepy and confused yesterday, just like me?09:10
zequenceand ubiquity also worked, but only once. Arrgh, no debug on that!09:49
ScottLi added synfigstudio to the graphcis and video seeds. whenever the metas get updated is okay (i think)18:35
ScottLmicahg, are you going to uds in may? i think i should be going and i look forward to seeing you again18:36
ScottLmicahg, also, while i'm thinking about it, do you want to discuss a plan for someone else to update the meta files (if you feel comfortable with someone else doing it, that is)18:36
zequenceI think the best thing would be for one of us to get upload rights, but the question is, how soon would that be realistically possible?18:43

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