westhow do I save applications that are open so that when i restart they open up automatically.09:30
zequencewest: There's ladish for audio applications. A gui tool for it is called Gladish09:38
zequenceAnd for other type of stuff, there is some way of saving a session. Don't what tools though. Google on Xubuntu and you should find something09:39
zequenceor xfce09:39
westthanks. will look.09:40
Unit193In the logout window, save session.09:40
westcool thanks. I saw it on log out.10:33
spacediverhi folks14:28
spacediverthanks for great distribution14:28
smartboyhwspacediver, :)14:28
spacediverwhile installing, I've decided to jump in for a chat ;)14:28
spacediverI have a decent lenovo t420 with core i714:28
spacediverand expect to exploit it to the bones ;)14:28
spacediverit has 8 cores and 8 gigs of RAM14:29
spacedivercould you hint me14:29
spacediverwhat latency of jack should i expect to work?14:29
smartboyhwspacediver, as we all say: -lowlatency :P14:29
smartboyhwHowever if you want to exploit it to the limits then maybe you need an RT kernel14:30
spacediveri'm now at live boot, and uname says it is lowlatency14:30
spacediverLinux ubuntu-studio 3.5.0-17-lowlatency14:30
spacediverI'm asking for you experience14:30
smartboyhwspacediver, quite ok14:30
spacediverI was testing it out of the box, and the results were quite strange: even at about 7-8 ms jack latency there were some xruns14:31
smartboyhwspacediver, should I bring out the kernel guy?;P14:31
spacedivernono :)14:31
spacediverand simple playing around with yoshimi (say, 10-20 notes at once) -- and qjackctl showed aboud 80-90% load14:31
spacediverok, gotta reboot now, see ya folks, thanks for chat :)14:32
sirriffsalotI'm having some trouble booting the 12.10 version of your dist. from a USB-stick.. It works on another computer, but on this one I just don't understand what is wrong. There are many USB-[options] in my boot selection, but none of them are able to pick up the usb-stick except twice where it was a stroke of luck.. No idea what I did right. Any way of trouble shooting this further?20:05

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