micahggah, 1.5MB larger....01:29
knomesleepy time!01:34
* micahg sees ISOs ballooning, time to drop more stuff04:38
knomemicahg, hurrr10:45
knomemicahg, any ideas of the cause?10:45
* kurapika is away: Je suis pu là >.<14:42
knomekurapika, please don't use public away messages. thanks!16:24
knomemaddernick, btw, how's the uploading your code for plymouth going?18:10
knomemaddernick, you need anything from us before you do that?18:10
maddernickknome: it is uploaded18:36
maddernicki did it around new years iirc, but i do need the new spinner18:37
maddernickwell i dont "need" it, but if i got it i would be done to the visual extent i suppose, i do need measurements regardless18:37
knomeit should be the same size you received18:38
knomenot done yet though18:38
knomecan you point ochosi to your branch?18:38
maddernicki did :P18:39
knomecan you do it again? i suppose he's lost the link :P18:39
maddernickoh okay18:39
knomeand sorry for asking again :P18:39
knomei've been only partly monitoring the process so i don't know all the details18:40
knomei just heard he's waiting for some code somewhere :P18:40
maddernickknome: i probably need to allow him to push or something, im not sure how to do that18:40
knomeochosi, ^18:40
maddernickalso this is the "pulsating" one18:40
maddernickthe spinner code is acctually present in this18:41
maddernickbut commented out18:41
knomemmh, that's good18:41
ochosiwell what we need is a merge-request which would best be done by maddernick beacuse itmahould include a changelog19:08
ochosiunless mr_pouit says otherwise19:09
maddernickochosi: just tell me when19:47

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