mijI like the automatic window tile, but it doesn't work with multiple workspaces as moving a window next to the window border moves to the adjacent workspace instead of tiling. Any workaround?00:00
xubuntu-anon1Hello all, I am new here..02:02
xubuntu-anon1hello... I am looking for a way to promote linux (my favorite flavor is xubuntu), and will be putting on a small promotional event in a month or so, but I need to know, is there a way to show the install process in real time via a projector?02:02
xubuntu-anon1If anyone has any insight, I would apreciate it...02:03
xubuntu-anon1It may be a simple answer, as I think I am over looking something... I can't seem to put my finger on it.02:04
well_laid_lawn have you got the projector working with the live cd yet?02:08
NickRiversHello, when is expected that duplicate filesystem issue will be fixed. Listed here http://xubuntu.org/news/12-10-release02:31
xubuntu-anon1<well_laid_lawn>  have you got the projector working with the live cd yet? No... unfortunately I do not own one...03:07
xubuntu-anon1I have to hope the projector I get access to (the day of the event) "just works"...03:07
xubuntu-anon1I spoke with a friend of mine, and he thinks my Dell 15R I just ordered should work via VGA port, and use th eprojector as the default monitor in this senario03:09
xubuntu-anon1Thanks for your input, I apreciate it!03:09
ens1Just have a quick question for the xfce wizards out there :]04:29
ens1How can I have one xfce panel permanently above another xfce panel? The bottom one spans the entire width of the screen, and the other is only a certain width, and set to autohide. The only problem is that once I click on the bottom panel (the one that spans the entire width), it covers the one that I want to stay on top, making it impossible to get to come out of hiding. How can I set the panel that I want on top to be permanently ov04:29
apersonare there no keyboard shortcuts switchg tabs in xfce4-terminal ?05:15
Unit193aperson: Ctrl+pgup and Ctrl+pgdn, also alt+#05:54
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DoDiesisAvrei una domanda: all'avvio del sistema si apre sempre, automaticamente, una finestra con il browser Chrome. Quale comando/istruzione devo lanciare affinché questo non si verifichi?08:54
DoDiesisok, ripasso più tardi... Un saluto :-)09:00
Ronalds_Mcatfish is dependent on zeitgeist?10:10
Ronalds_MI turned Zeitgeist off, and on, now it doesn't find anything10:10
baizonRonalds_M: what search method are you using?10:17
Ronalds_Mwell, maybe it's because I'm searching on some partition10:23
Ronalds_Manyway, Installed gnome-utils10:23
Ronalds_Mand using search util10:23
Ronalds_Mit works faster10:23
Unit193What's it's backend?10:23
Unit193If you compare gnome-search locate to catfish find, no kidding it'd be faster.10:24
Ronalds_Myou mean what's installed with it?10:24
Ronalds_Mbaobab, some other tools10:24
Ronalds_Mgnome journaling10:24
Ronalds_Mtiling works weird in xfce10:27
Ronalds_Mif you push it to top panel, it doesn't go fullscreen10:27
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Myrtti!it | DoDiesis11:04
ubottuDoDiesis: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:04
DoDiesisSorry, I did not know it. I came here through Ubuntu Italia, but I can also write in English,11:05
DoDiesisMay I ask my question?11:05
MyrttiOf course, you already did11:06
DoDiesisWhy launching xUbuntu 12.04 is at the same time launched the browser Chromium? What could I do to avoid it?11:07
DoDiesisthanks Myrtti11:07
Myrttiyou must have it in your saved session then, I think11:09
DoDiesisMyrtti: it is possible, but there is an instruction I could enter via the Terminal in order to avoid this automatic opening?11:10
Unit193rm -rv ~/.cache/sessions/11:11
DoDiesisUnit193: it is an indication for me?11:19
Unit193DoDiesis: That's how you can remove saved sessions, then click log out, look for "save session" and uncheck it, log back in.11:20
DoDiesisthanks, Unit193 , will follow youtr indication. Sorry for being new for xUbuntu, but now my very old PC seems to have a new life :-)11:21
DoDiesisThanks a lot. Have a nice day :-)11:22
DoDiesisBye for now :-)11:22
DoDiesisArrivederci... e grazie! :-)11:23
tjingboemhow can i change the name of the computer+11:34
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.11:36
moetunestjingboem:  ^^11:36
tjingboemmoetunes and his friend ubottu, i thank thee!11:37
acegiakHey guys, is xfce4-xfapplet-plugin not a thing anymore?11:48
acegiakcause I installed xfce goodies but don't get xfapplet in my list of htings to add to my panel11:50
ipv6hermithey guys, I just ran the update utility and it installed new kernel and nvidia drivers... and as it might be expected now the nvidia drivers are not loading13:25
ipv6hermitI ran sudo nvidia-xconfig, rebooted and still I don't think the drivers are loading13:25
ipv6hermitI run the nvidia x server settings utility adn it says "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X Driver"13:26
xubuntu058i need some help15:57
xubuntu058i installed f.lux and when i unistalled i still have a "flux indicator applet" in the arrow next to the "All software" or "Installed" bottons in the ubuntu software center.15:59
xubuntu058any ideia how to delete it ?16:00
xubuntu323hi !16:05
xubuntu323i'm french.16:05
SanAnMy laptop battery charged out. When i try to boot xubuntu again, the X not loading, but not load, it gives me busybox. how to solve this problem ?16:13
SanAni mean the x loading, but not load16:13
SanAnand then i get busybox16:13
xubuntu623alguien me podria ayudar ?16:26
xubuntu623tengo un pc en casa16:26
xubuntu623un sboremesa muy viejo16:26
xubuntu623pero el kubunto es tambien viejo16:27
xubuntu623sabeis una xubuntu que pida poco ?16:27
noobvvWhen booting i hide splash screen with 'esc', but not see anything? How to see booting procces? i want see what errors i get16:37
TheSheepnoobvv: alt + f116:43
TheSheepnoobvv: also, make sure that you don't have 'quiet' in the boot parameters16:43
noobvvok, go to try16:47
noobvvI getting DRDY ERROR, after that im dropped to busybox, what to do ?16:58
noobvvi live with my mom17:10
noobvvand mom plugged off my pc17:11
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samsunghelpanyone know how to get xubuntu to recognize my samsung galaxy note 2 as an external device so i can transfer music to it? driver support maybe?17:34
samsunghelpi couldnt find it in the SC17:34
pleia2samsunghelp: the older androids just mounted it as usb, but you need an MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) app installed now to access data on phones from ICS on17:37
TheSheepsamsunghelp: you need a program that supports MTP17:37
samsunghelpsuggestions on a program to use? or just search MTP in SC?17:39
samsunghelpqlix looks like bad reviews17:40
pleia2I've never done it, but searching the SC sounds like a good way to start17:40
samsunghelpunder 2 stars17:40
pleia2MTP is a finicky technology and it's slow, I anticipate most apps will get poor reviews17:40
samsunghelpgmtp looks like 3 starts. guess ill try it. thanks for the help. ill see what happens17:41
pleia2good luck :)17:41
samsunghelpi forgot but im also a dummy...samsung has kies air and i can just send thru router to phone online. :)17:42
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xubuntu526I am trying to install xubuntu20:13
xubuntu526but at  reboot the screen blink, and I see nothing... neigther if I use contrl-F120:14
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Guest44194I boot live cd and want to copy my home directory from hard drive. But it is unmouted by ecryptfs... How to mount my home directory ?20:16
v1adimircopy the home directory from the hdd to.. where? :)20:24
v1adimiroh nvm, your install is probably trashed or something20:25
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apersonthank you Unit19322:02

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