geordishshould squid-deb-proxy automatically be configured with the prefix from which your machines will be coming from?11:08
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roaksoaxrvba: howdy!!15:06
rvbaroaksoax: hi Andres15:07
roaksoaxrvba: So I was wondering. I need to install 2 different commissioning images15:07
roaksoaxrvba: or the same image in two different15:07
roaksoaxrvba: directories, but it doesn't let me15:07
roaksoaxrvba: so i want to install images in commissioning/ and xinstall/ dir15:08
roaksoaxit doesn't let me due to saying something like "these ephemeral images have already been installed"15:08
roaksoaxor similar15:09
rvbaWhat command are you running exactly?15:09
roaksoaxrvba: let's say I do: maas-provision install-pxe-image "--arch=$arch" "--subarch=$subarch" "--release=$release" --purpose="commissioning" --image="$tmpdir"15:10
roaksoaxrvba: let's say I do: maas-provision install-pxe-image "--arch=$arch" "--subarch=$subarch" "--release=$release" --purpose="xinstall" --image="$tmpdir"15:10
roaksoax(see the different purpose)15:10
roaksoax$tmpdir is the same image dir. It fails to install into xinstall because it already has installed the images into commissioning15:11
roaksoaxrvba: which is right cause it doesn't make sense to copy the same images to a different tftp directory15:11
roaksoaxrvba: however, we are adding a different purpose (xinstall) for installation using an ephemeral image (fast path installer)15:12
roaksoaxrvba: so, i was wondering if it would make sense to add a parameter like --symlink="place-to-symlink-to"15:12
roaksoaxrvba: so that: maas-provision install-pxe-image "--arch=$arch" "--subarch=$subarch" "--release=$release" --purpose="commissioning" --image="$tmpdir" --symlink="xinstall"15:13
rvbaroaksoax: Where is the code for maas-provision again?15:13
roaksoaxrvba: that's src/provisioningserver (maas-provision is just a wrapper that uses src/provisioningsrever)15:14
rvbaroaksoax: ah right, let me have a look at that code.15:14
bigjoolsGOOD MORNING15:14
roaksoaxrvba: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/maas/maas_fast_path_installer --> this is what I'm adding so far15:16
roaksoaxbigjools: morning!15:16
roaksoaxbigjools: us time this week?15:16
rvbaroaksoax: the path used to store the image already seems to include the "purpose" ('/'.join([arch, subarch, release, purpose]))15:16
bigjoolsroaksoax:  yeah I am in Austin15:17
roaksoaxrvba: yes. So if I try to install an image dir to purpose 'commissioning' and then the same image dir to purpose 'xinstall', it will fail due to have 2 identical dirs (which is expected). However, I need to access the same commissioning images using a different purpose15:18
roaksoaxrvba: so I was wondering if it was makes to add the --symlink option that basically does "if I install image with purpose commissioning, symlink that purpose dir into XYZ"15:18
roaksoaxbigjools: cool!15:18
rvbaroaksoax: maybe I'm missing something but what I see in the code is that the dirs should not be identical if when you install the same image to another "purpose".15:20
roaksoaxrvba: Let's look at it another way. I need to use the 'commissioning' images for a different purpose ('xinstall').15:22
bigjoolsroaksoax: too cool, it's bloody freezing :)15:22
roaksoaxso I need to symlink /var/lib/maas/tftp/<arch>/generic/<release>/xinstall to use /var/lib/maas/tftp/<arch>/generic/<release>/commissioning15:23
roaksoaxrvba: ^^15:23
rvbaAh I see.15:23
roaksoaxrvba: for that I'd like to add --symlink="purpose", which will do that (when using maas-provision install-pxe-image15:23
rvbaRight now you only have the option so re-install it right.15:23
roaksoaxbigjools: heh  I don't think is that bad is it?15:23
bigjoolsroaksoax: it depends on your relative outlook :)15:24
rvbaroaksoax: the part I don't get is why you get the error you're getting when you're simply trying to install the same image for a different purpose.  This should work all right.15:24
rvbaroaksoax: having a symlink instead of duplicating the file is nice.  But it should be just an optimisation over installing the same image twice.15:25
roaksoaxrvba: yes that's what I want to do instead of installing the same image twice15:26
roaksoaxbigjools: heh.. I live in Florida so I feel you :)15:26
bigjoolsroaksoax: EXACTLY!15:27
roaksoaxbigjools: it's 16C here and its cold for me15:27
roaksoaxrvba: the error when trying to install $imagedir into 'xinstall' purpose *after* installing them into 'commissioning' purpose is: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1559858/15:28
roaksoaxrvba: but anyways I guess I'll simply add the --symlink option15:29
roaksoaxsince that does make more sense15:29
rvbaroaksoax: Sounds like an useful optimisation.15:29
roaksoaxrvba: cool thanks15:29
rvbaroaksoax: but you should not be getting that error.15:29
bigjoolsroaksoax: you in Miami?15:29
roaksoaxbigjools: yes I am :)15:29
bigjoolswarm :)15:30
roaksoaxindeed :)15:30
roaksoaxi love the weather15:30
rvbaroaksoax: I'm looking into your error now…15:30
roaksoaxrvba: yeah but i guess it is comparing all the already installed dirs to check if there's one installed already15:30
roaksoaxrvba: cool thanks15:30
rvbaroaksoax: it's not that clever :).  I suspect it's failing because of something else.15:31
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rvbaroaksoax: when you install an image, the source gets cleaned up afterwards.  That's why the second run fails: it does not find the image to import.15:38
rvbaroaksoax: if you duplicate the directory containing the images first and run the second import on the copy, it will work.15:39
rvbaroaksoax: note that the symlink thing won't solve that pb :).15:39
roaksoaxrvba: ah I see that now15:40
rvbaheh :)15:41
roaksoaxrvba: good catch though!15:41
* roaksoax needs some coffee apparently15:41
roaksoaxrvba: I have a question... say i have 2 node controllers and 1 region. In order for me to deploy 2 different networks (on of each of the cluster), do I still need to be accessible to the region controller?16:55
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rvbaroaksoax: not sure I understand the question… but every cluster needs to be able to contact the region if that's what you're asking.16:57
roaksoaxrvba: so the clusters/region communicate through, while I want each cluster to deploy on nodes using
rvbaroaksoax: that's fine, so the clusters will have 2 interfaces.17:01
roaksoaxrvba: so they don't have to be able to contact the region then17:01
rvbaYes they do17:02
roaksoaxrvba: so all the deployed nodes have to have 2 interfaces then17:02
rvbaroaksoax: Either that or you need to add the appropriate routes so that they can contact the region through the cluster.17:04
roaksoaxbigjools: there's no merge bot for packaging.precise.sru ?17:22
bigjoolsroaksoax: no, because it's not a recognised release branch17:22
bigjoolsit's an integration branch17:22
bigjoolsso you need to merge manually17:22
bigjoolsand push up17:22
roaksoaxok cool17:22
roaksoaxthanks :)17:22
bigjoolsI turned on appendrevisions for it so it should be safe17:22
roaksoaxrvba: btw.. it is now the cluster that runs the tftp server and stores the images ?17:32
rvbaroaksoax: yes17:32
roaksoaxok cool17:32
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roaksoaxbigjools: btw... i was wondering whether you guys were planning to SRU the kernel_opts tag stuff to precise branch19:24
roaksoaxt/win 919:30
roaksoaxmatsubara: ping?19:47
matsubararoaksoax, hi19:47
roaksoaxmatsubara: howyd!! quick question. Have you played with tags much?19:47
matsubararoaksoax, yes, a bit. How can I help?19:47
roaksoaxmatsubara: a ny ideas? ubuntu@maas:/usr/share$ maas-cli admin tag update-nodes "xinstall" add=node0119:48
roaksoax{ "removed": 0, "added": 019:48
matsubararoaksoax, did you create the tag xinstall first?19:51
matsubaraalso the doc says: The nodegroup parameter, which restricts the operations to a particular nodegroup, is optional, but only the superuser can execute this command without it.19:51
matsubaramaybe you need the nodegroup parameter as well since you seem to be running with the ubuntu user19:52
roaksoaxmatsubara: yeah: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1560577/19:52
matsubaraor node01 is not matching any node in your cluster. are you sure that's the system_id for the node?19:53
roaksoaxmatsubara: ah!1 that's why then19:54
roaksoaxthanks for the info :)19:54
matsubarano problem :-)19:54
bigjoolsroaksoax: no plans to backport any tags20:25
roaksoaxbigjools: ok20:29
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roaksoaxbigjools: why do I need maas-dns installed in order for the UI to not fail: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1560879/21:51
roaksoaxj/win 1422:02
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bigjoolsroaksoax: well that sucks.  Ask rvb about it, he wrote the start up wsgi stuff.  I am a little surprised that this happens but it might be an untested setup :(23:39
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah anyways, I already filed a bug. I'll check with him tomorrow23:54

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