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KlfJoatI'm trying to figure out where to file a bug.  Can someone help point me in the right direction?06:01
TheLordOfTimeKlfJoat, if its a bug in ubuntu, ubuntu-bug [package name]06:02
TheLordOfTimeand i'm assuming it is since you're here :P06:03
KlfJoatMy problem is figuring out which package.  The wiki says "anything hardware-related is kernel".  But I think my hardware is getting seen...06:03
KlfJoatLet me start toward the beginning.06:03
KlfJoatScanner shows up in lsusb, shows up in /var/log/udev, but sane-find-scanner doesn't see it.06:05
KlfJoatSo is the bug in libusb, udev, or sane?06:06
TheLordOfTimeThe wiki says "anything hardware-related is kernel".  <-- that usually means the 'linux' package06:07
KlfJoat(adding to the infuriation, it was PnP in 12.04 32-bit, but I'm having problems on a fresh 12.10 64-bit install)06:07
TheLordOfTimebut i'm not an expert in those package areas, so i would be going by what the wiki says06:08
TheLordOfTimeits also 01:00 and i have to be up in 6 hours so i'm headed off, sorry that i'm just leaving randomly :P[06:08
KlfJoatThat's fine.  I have to be up in 6 hours as well.  good night!  :-)06:08
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psusiwhat package should dist upgrade failures be assigned to?19:09
jtaylorthe package that causes the failure19:25
jtaylorwhich is normally the first which throws an error, don't bother filing bugs about the rest19:25
psusigreat, 115 separate bugs got filed for the same broken upgrade19:30
jtayloryes that happens sometimes :/19:31
jtaylorpeople just like clicking that report bug button until it disappears19:31
jtaylorbut 115 times o_O19:32
psusiapport needs to realize when more than a handful of packages fail to upgrade, it doesn't need to file separate bug reports for them all19:33
jtaylorI guess you mean stefanos bug19:34
jtaylorperl failing on upgrade, nice, that breaks pretty much everything else19:34
jtaylorhm lets see if how one dups bugs with launchpad lib19:35
psusiI had some fun the other night with everything being broken because of python's logging module was broken19:36
psusi*everything* seemed to be trying to use it via pyclean19:37
jtaylorhm someone is duping the bugs manually faster than I can figure out the launchpad api :)19:48
jtaylorI only have a list of the bugs, where is the stupid duplicate function :/19:48
psusilol, that would be me19:48
psusithank god I'll stop now before I lose my mind19:49
jtaylorfound it :)19:49
jtaylorso its working,19:56
jtaylorlets hope it are the righ bugs :)19:56
jibeljtaylor, lp-set-dup from lptools can help you there19:56
jtaylormh got the number down to 6 before it crashed :)19:57
jtaylorwhich was because it tried to dup the master bug to itself19:57
jtaylorjibel: thanks, would have been quicker, but I would have also missed out on my yearly laucnpadlib api lesson20:01
* psusi wants to dust off his api script to mass close bugs on removed packages20:01
jtaylorthe master bug is probably now among the top 10 of bugs with most dups :/20:02

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