dholbachgood morning07:49
JoseeAntonioRhey dholbach!08:02
dholbachhey JoseeAntonioR08:03
JoseeAntonioRhow's everything?08:03
dholbachgood good - how about you?08:03
JoseeAntonioRgreat, enjoying vacations :)08:04
JoseeAntonioRbtw, are we having any on-airs on devel week?08:04
dholbachno, I don't think so - but you're right - I should at least ask around - will do that now08:07
JoseeAntonioRsure, I've also written an announcement on the ubuntu classroom blog08:07
dholbachI'll send another blog post when I got more quotes from the speakers08:08
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dholbachJoseeAntonioR, notgary would like to use hangout on air09:56
doctormonMorning all11:59
s-foxhello doctormon12:04
doctormonMorning s-fox12:05
snap-ljcastro: New Clockwork Angels dates posted.13:47
snap-lNo MI dates, but I know you're out of town in a few months, so you might want to have a look13:48
popeywonder if the new fitbit strap thing will be released by the time UDS comes around in may13:48
popeywould like to order one to get13:48
popeybut they're only available in the US13:48
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dholbachhey jono15:07
jonohi dholbach15:07
jcastrogood mourning everyone!15:13
jcastrosnap-l: ah nuts, anything in chicago or cleveland?15:13
* popey cuddles jcastro 15:17
jcastroman, some guy wrote subtitles to the juju and maas videos15:17
snap-ljcastro: Looks like they're doing a quick costal tour before heading to England15:48
snap-ljcastro: I assume the subtitles aren't charitable?15:49
snap-lOh, it sounded like someone made bad subtitles like "ubuntu sucks"15:52
snap-lbut that was a good thing.15:52
snap-ljcastro: dndclassics.com <- PDF versions of D&D are back online15:54
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, you there?16:10
jonoJoseeAntonioR, we said 11am Pacific for my Q+A tomorrow, right?16:16
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: I'm here16:16
JoseeAntonioRjono: let me check16:16
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, we have some difficulties inviting leann in :/16:16
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: give her the link16:16
JoseeAntonioRhave you tried that?16:16
JoseeAntonioRjono: right, 11am Pacific16:17
jonoJoseeAntonioR, cool, will blog about it today16:17
jonodpm, mhall119 invite sent, join, and I will be there in a sec16:31
dpmjono, ok16:31
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow!17:13
bkerensapopey: so far the One and Zip do not work with libfitbit17:41
bkerensaunlikely the flex will since they seem to have changed radios on the devices17:42
popeyhave "we" contacted them?17:44
bkerensapopey: idk know if Canonical has but I did20:00
bkerensapopey: They gave the normal we don't support third party platforms canned response20:01
popeybkerensa: que, osx and windows are "third party platforms"20:28
popeymaybe we should be asking them to support linux directly20:28
jonomhall119, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/Clock20:29
jonothis is where I am going with this20:29
jonoworking on the design guidelines now20:29
jonomhall119, make any changes you feel we need to that page and then we can review and replicate20:29
popeyi think you broke the wiki20:30
popey500 errors20:30
mhall119popey: like that's difficult20:30
popeyjuju deploy wiki20:31
mhall119jono: what is TBC?20:31
Picithe big cheese?20:31
bkerensapopey: they officially support them with their app though20:31
jonomhall119, To Be Confirmed20:31
jonoPici, lol20:31
popeynot what I meant ☺20:32
popeyI mean they should support Ubuntu with an app20:32
bkerensamhall119: so I did get final word back on upstreams bug for the Ubuntu Button and its not something they are going to do due to branding and technical requirements and the need to maintain suh.20:39
bkerensaI just marked the bug upstream wontfix https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76300720:39
mhall119jono: you link, I couldn't view it until I logged in20:39
ubot2Mozilla bug 763007 in General "Firefox.com lacks "Download for Ubuntu" button but offers Generic Linux Download" [Enhancement,Resolved: wontfix]20:39
jonomhall119, which link?20:39
mhall119the sample app link to mybalsamiq20:39
mhall119bkerensa: thanks for following up on that anyway20:40
jonomhall119, didn't dpm set the perms?20:40
mhall119I thought that's what the 'blog' setting was going to do20:45
mhall119oh, looks like it's still private, that's probably why20:45
mhall119jono: made some small changes, otherwise it looks good to me20:47
jonomhall119, awesome20:47
jonoI am just finalizing the design guidelines and then you can replicate all the pages20:48
jonomhall119, one thing we haven't fleshed out is the implementation section20:49
jonowe will leave that to the teams though20:49
jonomhall119, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/Design20:51
jonomhall119, ok, can you go ahead and replicate all the wiki pages?20:51
mhall119jono, I will in a few, helping my father in law lift something heavy :(20:54
jonomhall119, no worries20:54
jonomhall119, I am gonna edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps21:41
jonomhall119, did you start replicating the pages yet?21:49
jonoI just thought of something I should have added21:49
mhall119jono: I'm about to start putting those pages up, are all the changes you wanted made?22:15
jonomhall119, let me make a few more changes now22:16
mhall119sure, just let me know when it's ready22:16
jonomhall119, actually, nm, go ahead22:17
mhall119ok, starting now22:20
mhall119man, the wiki hates me22:23
mhall119jono: did we get a confirmation on license?22:24
jonomhall119, not yet22:54
mhall119jono: I'm setting them all to GPLv3 for now, since that's company policy22:55
jonomhall119, fine with me22:55
mhall119jono: I'm changing the top links so that the page names and the LP project and team names follow the same conventions22:58
jonomhall119, cool22:58
mhall119jono: all app pages are created and project have all been made public/GPLv323:04
jonothanks mhall11923:04
mhall119jono: do I need to add anyting to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/, or is what you put there good for now?23:06
jonomhall119, that should be fine23:06
mhall119ok, I'll let Kevin know they're ready23:06
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