pittiGood morning06:12
jibelgood morning07:03
seb128hey desktopers09:43
seb128pitti, hey, is https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-adt-gvfs/ something you are looking at (it seems unhappy)?09:48
pittiseb128: bonjour09:52
pittiseb128: yes, it is; the new version's test seem to have a race condition09:52
seb128pitti, salut, ok, merci09:53
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chrisccoulsongood morning everyone10:40
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?10:40
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?10:40
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks10:44
didrocksgood morning10:53
didrocksseems I'm still jetlagged :)10:54
seb128oh, a didrocks10:55
didrockshey seb12810:55
seb128didrocks, good morning, sil2100 was looking for you, nux broke abi and the daily ppa segfaults, they need an unity rebuild and don't know how to trigger one10:55
sil2100didrocks: indeed10:56
chrisccoulsondidrocks, should the launcher and panel be visible when the screen is locked btw?10:56
chrisccoulsoni noticed that this morning10:56
chrisccoulsonhi btw :)10:56
seb128chrisccoulson, no they shouldn't, compiz stacking issue?10:56
didrockschrisccoulson: not really, please file a bug10:56
sil2100didrocks: I prepared a branch for bumping the nux ABI, but the daily PPA already has a nux that has an old ABI version but an ABI breakage10:56
chrisccoulsondidrocks, ok, will do if i can reproduce it again10:56
didrockssil2100: yeah, please get the branch merge, we'll skip today's release then10:57
Laneysil2100: Yo, I'm looking at your unity-2d SRU request11:14
Laneyis there some special process for Unity SRUs?11:14
Laneyasking because I don't see the standard SRU info in the bug11:14
Laneyor do the sub-bugs have it?11:14
jibelchrisccoulson, hey, I added firefox PPAs to autopkgtest11:27
jibelhere is the result for trunk https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Raring/view/All/job/raring-ppa-adt-ubuntu_mozilla_daily_ppa-firefox-trunk/11:27
jibelchrisccoulson, aurora is running11:27
chrisccoulsonjibel, awesome, thanks! i'll take a look through those results11:38
chrisccoulsonah, TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/social/browser_social_chatwindow.js | can't do any tests without this width11:43
chrisccoulsoni probably need to tell xvfb to make the screen a bit bigger11:43
chrisccoulsonah, and some spellcheck / hyphenation reftest failures too. i probably need to install dictionaries and hyphenation patterns for those to work11:45
chrisccoulsonok, should be easily fixed :)11:45
Sweetsha1kseb128: ping?12:15
seb128Sweetsha1k, hey12:29
=== Sweetsha1k is now known as Sweetshark
notgary_Does anyone know how I can add events to the Fridge calendar http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/12:49
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seb128notgary_, try asking on #ubuntu-devel , you have a better chance there to have somebody who knows about that12:51
notgary_seb128: Thanks, I'll do just that12:55
jibelnotgary, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar#Adding_Events_to_the_Calendar13:13
sil2100Laney: the sub-bugs should have SRU-ed descriptions13:16
Laneysil2100: yeah, I saw and uploaded it13:16
sil2100Laney: this one bug I made specifically for sponsoring purposes ;)13:16
sil2100Laney: thank you!13:16
* sil2100 hugs Laney 13:17
Laneydon't count your chickens until the SRU team have responded :P13:17
chrisccoulsonah, dbusmenu, i hate you13:33
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cyphermoxgood morning desktoppers!14:24
cyphermoxand dbusmenu haters! ;)14:24
mterrycyphermox, morning!14:25
seb128hey cyphermox, mterry14:26
seb128how are you?14:26
mterryGetting over a cold that wiped me out most of the weekend14:28
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loolHi folks15:21
loolbryce, seb128: Rick mentioned to me that upcoming Xorg updates might be incompatible with whatever we're using on the Nexus 7; I wonder whether we have a channel to request updated drivers (to Nvidia I guess?), would one of you two know?15:23
ogra_lool, achiang had the task to talk to nvidia15:25
achianglool: ogra_: should be pat now15:25
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pgranerseb128, I noticed after updating today (raring) that the battery indicator is telling me I don't have a mouse or keyboard and that they have empty batteries, but yet I do and they have changed batteries... http://frylock.redvoodoo.org/~pgraner/indicators.png15:50
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jasoncwarnermorning all16:04
didrockshey jasoncwarner16:08
kenvandinehey jasoncwarner!16:09
jasoncwarnerhey kenvandine didrocks  and mlankhorst  :)16:12
dobeypitti: hey, what is the "pygtkcompat" module for exactly? twisted is using it, and latest pygobject apparently breaks it (not sure if previous twisted in ubuntu had this code though)16:12
seb128jasoncwarner, hey, welcome back in a sane tz ;-)16:19
seb128pgraner, it doesn't seem there was code changes recently to indicator-power, did you have icons for those devices before the update? did you have a kernel update in that run?16:20
seb128cyphermox, ^16:20
pgranerseb128, no extra icons before the update, I did get a new kernel tho16:21
seb128pgraner, that needs debugging, can you report a bug using "ubuntu-bug indicator-power" if that's still an issue after reboot? it might be worth trying if booting the previous kernel fixes it as well16:29
pgranerseb128, ack, let me reboot into the old kernel16:29
seb128Sweetshark, qengho, chrisccoulson, didrocks, Laney, jasoncwarner, kenvandine, mlankhorst, cyphermox, mterry, robru, tkamppeter, attente: hey, it's meeting time!16:30
* mlankhorst still unsure why he joins, ah well16:30
seb128mlankhorst, are you up during the evening meeting with the other xorg guys?16:31
mlankhorstnah too late for me :)16:31
seb128k, so that's why you join this one, you need to pick one ;-)16:32
seb128let's get started16:32
seb128Sweetshark, hey16:32
robruhey! I'm awake! whaaaa?16:32
seb128robru, good morning ;-)16:32
robruseb128, morning. I may go back to sleep after this meeting though ;-)16:33
mlankhorstdidn't know the other team had a meeting though16:33
seb128Sweetshark, do you have a weekly summary ready?16:33
Sweetsharkseb128: added on the wiki16:33
SweetsharkThanks to jibel, we have a LibreOffice bibisect binrepo at http://people.canonical.com/~j-lallement/libreoffice/binrepo/ being populated from the QA labs16:33
Sweetshark3.5.7 SRU still waiting for feedback from SRU-team16:33
Sweetshark3.6.5rc2 for quantal in the works (hopefully done today)16:33
SweetsharkLibreOffice 4.0beta2 in review16:34
SweetsharkPPA backports policy mess (discussed with pitti and ricotz)16:34
seb128Sweetshark, thanks16:34
seb128I will try to ping the SRU guys16:34
seb128I see you have an agenda item, we will get to it after the updates round16:34
seb128qengho, hey16:34
qengho [desktop-r-chromiumbrowser-improvements]16:34
qengho6DONE, 3deferrable / 1216:34
qengho1) getting ARM building. NEON support is a bit wonky.  LP:#108485216:34
qengho2) dependent on 1, release new v24 for raring and all stable releases.16:34
qenghoThat bug describes *a* problem, but it's not really right.16:35
seb128qengho, that bug you listed in 1) is closed for precise, does it mean you got chromium to build on precise/armfh?16:35
qenghoseb128: No.  Closed state is wrong too.16:36
qenghoseb128: I can't change it, right now.16:36
seb128qengho, thanks16:36
seb128chrisccoulson, hey16:36
chrisccoulsonhi :)16:37
chrisccoulsonright, for me:16:37
chrisccoulson- Firefox 18.0.1 release16:37
chrisccoulson- Busy upstreaming a bunch of patches16:37
chrisccoulson- Working on dropping our menubar addon entirely16:37
chrisccoulson- Investigating some memory leaks in Firefox16:37
chrisccoulsonand i've just fixed the biggest leak (bug 1103050) ;)16:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 1103050 in libdbusmenu (Ubuntu) "Leak in method call handlers for calls that don't require a reply" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110305016:37
seb128chrisccoulson, what will replace the menubar addon?16:38
chrisccoulsonseb128, support in firefox itself16:38
chrisccoulsonit's getting more difficult to support an addon now, with upstream moving more interfaces to their shiny new DOM bindings16:38
chrisccoulsoneg, https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/fd642fb004e6 totally broke our addon last week16:39
chrisccoulsonso it's time to get rid of it now :)16:39
seb128k, makes sense16:39
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks, and well done on fixing another dbusmenu bug, be careful or you will end up maintaining it ;-)16:39
seb128didrocks, hey16:39
didrockshey hey16:40
didrocksWe now have the unity stack itself as part of the daily release process. \o/ Now still need some components to finish their transitionning and having tests running. Tests are being written for it as documentation (see first blog post at http://blog.didrocks.fr/post/Unity%3A-release-early%2C-release-often%E2%80%A6-release-daily%21)16:40
chrisccoulsonheh, i want to avoid maintaining dbusmenu ;)16:40
didrocksOn another note, finished the work to have one workspace by default with the g-c-c option side and "show desktop" launcher icon support.16:40
LaneyIs there any documentation for distro people wanting to land fixes to the daily packages?16:41
seb128didrocks, thanks, not sure what other things but the unity daily landing being finally on rocks for me16:41
didrocksLaney: that is coming with the blog posts I'm writing, I'll turn that into a wiki page as well16:41
didrocksLaney: basically it's just "getting your fix upstream"16:42
didrocksand wait for the next day16:42
mterryLaney, debian/ is in trunk now16:42
didrocksfor urgent things, like retrying a landing, mterry, cyphermox, kenvandine and robru will be knowledgeable starting from thursday :)16:42
Laneyyeah but I was just confused about not pushing to the branch, what to do with the changelog and stuff like that16:42
mterryLaney, you don't push directly, but just file a merge.  Update the changelog and things in debian/ like normal, since that is in trunk16:43
* Laney nods16:43
Laneywould be good to have it written down somewhere more permenant (don't want to get into the details now) ;-)16:43
mterryLaney, though if you link your branch to a bug, debian/changelog gets updated automatically16:43
didrocksLaney: that's planned, just need time :)16:44
didrocksyou have the intro up there ^16:44
Laneymterry: (yeah, stuff ike that and the commit message you can set in MPs)16:44
didrocksmore to come :)16:44
seb128thanks for the replies guys16:45
seb128moving on16:45
seb128Laney, hey16:45
LaneyI just broke my paste, one second16:45
LaneyMore gstreamer porting. Split out a telepathy-farstream-0.4 package for universe KDE stuff & moved the main package forward. Uploaded a ported empathy. Some stragglers remain as outlined on the pad. Working on pidgin but it's crashing ATM. Also been tinkering around the language-selector/lang/fontconfig issue (bug #1043031). Made progress with ja_JP. zh is more difficult, but work continues. Helped with updating GLib to 2.35 ...16:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1043031 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "ja/zh fontconfig configuration only applied when locale is set 'natively'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104303116:46
Laney... (seems Debian doesn't want this in exp so we'll diverge for a bit but still maintain it in svn there). HDD failed and uncovered some plymouth/mdadm bugs but mainly mdadm saved the day ;-). Patch piloted (uploaded unity-2d to precise).16:46
seb128thanks for the unity-2d to precise, it was waiting for a while16:46
Laneyyeah, I was a bit surprised at that one16:46
seb128Laney, where are we with the gstreamer transition btw? almost done?16:47
Laneyyeah, mostly16:47
seb128Laney, thanks16:47
Laneythere's pidgin and libubuntuone16:47
seb128is dobey helping for libubuntuone? or is the u1 team porting it?16:48
LaneyLO comes with 4.0 and bluez-gstreamer is going to be part of gstreamer itself16:48
Laneyno I'll do that but it mainly deals with fluendo stuff which doesn't really exist for 1.0 yet16:48
dobeyseb128: porting libubuntuone to what?16:49
seb128ok, I've been sending some emails about that, we can discuss it off meeting if you want16:49
Laneygstreamer 1.016:49
seb128dobey, gstreamer 0.10 -> 1.016:49
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dobeyis gst 0.10 going away for good in 13.04, or just off the image?16:50
seb128Laney, thanks, moving on16:50
seb128kenvandine, hey16:50
=== pgraner-afk is now known as pgraner
mterrydobey, off image16:50
kenvandineFixed out of tree builds in libaccounts-qt and libsignon-qt16:50
kenvandinePrepared dual build (qt4/qt5) packaging branches for libaccounts-qt and signon16:50
Laney(the latter, no way we'll port everything)16:50
pittidobey: it's supposed to provide (the most important parts of) the pygtk API as an adapter to GI, as you can't mix the real pygtk and GI16:50
kenvandine /THATSALLFOLKS16:51
dobeyLaney, mterry: ok, then i think we can just ignore libu1 for now; it's already off the image (rb plug-in doesn't use it any more), and we still need to decide what to do with libu1 wrt u1ms being moved to the web only, upstream. but i may very well just rip all the gst-using code out anyway16:52
Laneydobey: ah, that would be good16:52
LaneyI'd rather get rid of shonky plugin installing code if possible :P16:52
seb128kenvandine, thanks16:52
seb128cyphermox, hey16:53
cyphermoxindicator-session should build properly today, fixing some minor issues with g_type_init() blocking build for some indicators and xorg-gtest changes also failing some builds, libdbusmenu to be looked at by charles...16:53
cyphermoxNM stuff: building the new ModemManager API in a PPA for people who want to help test it, there should be a proper release of NM (without that new API) which is what we should get in the end in Raring16:53
cyphermoxAlso trying to build/update connman in Debian and Ubuntu, but that's currently blocked on a kernel header issue.16:53
dobeypitti: so something already using gi would have no reason to use it, right?16:54
pittidobey: if it already works with Gtk through GI, I can't think of a reason to use16:54
seb128cyphermox, thanks16:55
seb128mterry, hey16:55
mterry- I've spent quite some time investigating adding support for AppArmor confined apps to gnome-keyring; work is ongoing16:55
mterry- Fixed an upgrade bug in ubuntu-release-upgrader16:55
mterry- Finished off a small UI rewrite branch for update-manager (I just blogged about it actually)16:55
mterry- And set up my new computer (a Dell sputnik) for development work; it's been very good so far16:55
dobeypitti: great, thanks16:55
pittidobey: it's mostly meant to make the porting from pygtk2 easier, as that is an "all or nothing" port, i. e. you can't test your program in the middle of porting while it's still using both16:55
seb128mterry, oh, you got one of those Dell, great ;-)16:56
seb128mlankhorst, hey, short status update?16:56
mlankhorst- doing updates to xserver lts-stack for 12.04.2 release (LP: #1086345, #927424, and various build fixes)16:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1086345 in libdrm (Ubuntu Precise) "Quantal-LTS-stack: Showing low-resolution screen on shutdown/reboot" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108634516:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 927424 in plymouth (Ubuntu Precise) "Please backport commit to enable building without irrelevant drm libs on some arches" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92742416:56
mlankhorst- working with release team to trim size of mesa down to old levels (done, I hope)16:56
mlankhorst- fixing mesa vdpau bugs (also done, I hope)16:56
seb128mlankhorst, how is the backported stack looking for 12.04.2?16:57
mlankhorstI think it's done, unless something urgent pops up16:57
mterryI like how seb128  has to solve the halting problem to determine if a status update is finished (albeit trivial examples of it)16:58
mptHmm, the Description for ubuntu-restricted-extras says "Installing this package will pull in support for ... DVD playback. Please note that this does not install libdvdcss2..." -- but as far as I can tell, it doesn't depend on any software related to DVDs at all.16:58
seb128mlankhorst, great16:58
mpt(or Recommend)16:58
seb128mterry, heh :p16:59
mterrympt, in the middle of a meeting right now, hold up a few minutes16:59
seb128robru, hey16:59
robruseb128, hi!16:59
robru* Inline some online-accounts packages for mardy (two more to go)16:59
robru* Wrote up some documentation aimed at third-party plugin developers for lp:friends16:59
robru* Add some DBus method calls to python-dbusmock making it easier to use in non-python tests. (pitti accepted my patches! Yay!)16:59
robru* Integrate python-dbusmock into libfriends' Vala testsuite. Still waiting on kenvandine to approve that MP ;-)16:59
kenvandinerobru, today :)17:00
robrukenvandine, ;-)17:00
didrocksrobru: and you are going to bootstrap the process with upstream to get integration tests running as part of webcred stack, isn't it?17:00
seb128robru, nice to see the online accounts packages getting inlined! ;-)17:00
robruseb128, well, "inlined" may be somewhat generous. mardy still has to do manual merges from code.google17:01
robruit's only "inlined" to launchpad, not in the official upstream repo17:01
robrudidrocks, yes, I suppose I will bootstrap also17:01
robruhad forgotten about bootstrapping ;-)17:01
* didrocks can't wait for that! :-)17:01
seb128oh, right, some of those are not maintained in launchpad...17:01
robruseb128, most17:01
didrocksrobru: I mean, helping them to have integration tests running so that we can have daily release on webcreds :-)17:02
seb128robru, thanks17:02
robrudidrocks, as long as they are the ones writing the tests it should be ok ;-)17:02
robruseb128, yw ;-)17:02
didrocksyep ;)17:02
pittirobru: FYI, 0.4.0 is in raring since yesterday17:02
robrupitti, excellent!17:02
seb128moving on17:02
seb128tkamppeter, hey17:02
seb128hum, not there? moving on...17:04
seb128attente, hey17:04
attenteseb128, hi!17:04
attenteright now, the gtk 2 module is not working, but the gtk 3 module could use some general testing17:04
attenteso the packages that are needed are: unity-gtk3-module, gtk 3, and indicator-appmenu, all available from ppa:attente/unity-gtk-module17:04
attenteif anyone would like to help me test this, please be very careful not to use the gtk 2 packages in the ppa since they break pretty much every gtk 2 application17:04
attentethe project page is https://launchpad.net/unity-gtk-module17:04
attentethis week should be getting the gtk 2 module working, and probably dealing with a ton of the bugs in the gtk 3 module :)17:04
seb128attente, great to see things getting in shape17:05
attentethanks seb12817:05
seb128attente, what is required to test? should gtk be rebuilt without the old patch? does it conflict with appmenu-gtk3?17:05
tkamppeterseb128, I did an improvemnt of page size recognition in the CUPS Raster driver of Ghostscript, there are problems with some HP inkjets, and I lost a lot of time fighting with the Pandaboard until I got a desktop in my monitor's resolution (incompatibility with monitor, worked only through an HDMI switch).17:06
attentethe gtk in the ppa doesn't have the menu proxy patch, so updating to that should do it17:06
attenteif appmenu-gtk3 is left alone, the module still works17:06
seb128attente, ah ok, you have a gtk in your ppa, great ... btw sorry for letting you fight with packaging, if you need help or having question for packaging stuff please ask her on the channel, we have enough tz coverage that you should have people around able to help you17:07
seb128those who feel adventurous, feel free to test ^17:08
seb128attente, I will give it a try later and tell you how it goes for me17:08
seb128attente, thanks17:08
seb128tkamppeter, ok, thanks17:08
attenteseb128, thanks for your help, it was good to learn the basics17:08
seb128me: I was at a sprint last week and travelling, in between I worked a bit on the nexus7 memory usage problems and reviewed some of the blueprints/changes in the work17:09
seb128Did I forgot anyone? any topic/comment before we discuss libreoffice backports (item from Sweetshark)?17:10
LaneyI'll have one after ;-)17:11
seb128Laney, go first if yours is short17:11
Laneyoh ok17:12
seb128I will probably dismiss the meeting and not keep everyone to discuss libreoffice17:12
seb128so those who are interested by the topic please stay a bit after the meeting17:12
Laneyso last week I raised on the ml about dropping gnome-media17:12
Laneydidn't get any real objections on there unless there's something stuck in moderation17:12
seb128the sound recorder?17:12
seb128we got several oem-high priority bugs in the past when it was not working well, including in precise, they even spent time to fix some of those bugs17:13
Laneympt said in the medium/long term they would like to include kazam which should get that functionality17:13
seb128that makes me think it's either on a list of requirement/important17:13
seb128or that they just had to make work correctly what is installed17:14
seb128it would be good to check with them which one it is17:14
seb128I will take an action to figure that out17:14
Laneyit's dead upstream but there is a sort-of gnome3-ish rewrite17:14
Laneywhich doesn't really work yet but would be a good point if we want to keep on with a sound recorder IMO17:14
seb128and there is no working sound recorder in the whole universe we could use?17:14
Laneygood point to start from17:14
seb128it seems like a simple feature and something that should have a dozen universe variants17:15
seb128but maybe it's not interesting to people ;-)17:15
Laneydepends if any of them are good enough17:15
Laneynobody chimed in with any on list17:15
seb128Laney, thanks, I will follow up on the list discussion once I figure out if oem cares about it17:16
seb128other topics?17:16
seb128seems not17:16
seb128thanks everybody17:16
seb128Sweetshark, so, libreoffice backports ... tell us ;-)17:17
Sweetsharkas for the PPA policy here is the tl;dr version of what I proposed: "never upload a never (dependency) package to the LibreOffice ppa as long we are on the same major libreoffice version as the ubuntu series"17:17
Sweetsharkso something like having libexttextcat 3.3.1-2/precise in the libreoffice-3-5 PPA shouldnt happen in the future (as precise has 3.2.0 and thats what upstream released with)17:17
Sweetsharkthis is to allow SRUs to be tested there unmodified (testing something different than what will be SRUed kinda defeats the point)17:17
Sweetsharkpreviously there where even newer deps than upstream does with a given LibreOffice major (e.g. libexttextcat 3.2.x was used upstream with LO 3.5). I dont think that is useful, given the regression risk with such an untested combination17:17
SweetsharkI fear we still need an extra PPA for precise SRU testing (were we cant take back the existing upload with is likely widely deployed) as the libreoffice-3-5 PPA has already dependency updates that prevent a unmodified SRU to land there17:17
Sweetsharkdoes this make sense or does somebody have a better proposal?17:17
seb128Sweetshark, what's the purpose of the ppa? you wrote backports on the wiki page ... is that for backports or SRUs?17:18
seb128Sweetshark, we are getting libreoffice 4 in raring, is that going to a ppa for older series?17:19
seb128or is the ppa e.g for the libreoffice 3.5.7 update for precise?17:19
Sweetsharkseb128: currently we have four ppas: the generic ppa, which will ideally hold the newest major LO version on all ubuntu series (that is 4 on all series) and libreoffice-3-6 (which has the latest 3.6 version on all series), -3-5 (same for the older LO major) and prereleases (which holds upstream betas)17:21
Sweetsharkso what I want is that I can upload a 3.5.x SRU for precise unmodified in the libreoffice-3-5 ppa and a 3.6.x SRU for quantal to the libreoffice-3-6 PPA17:22
seb128can't you just make a sru ppa and upload 3.5 to the precise serie there and 3.6 to the quantal one?17:23
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, except that most users are on the existing ppas. so I would lose testers.17:24
seb128ok, so what do you need to change exactly compared to today and why?17:25
seb128sorry I miss a bit of context there17:25
Sweetsharkseb128: the change is essentially not to update libreoffice dependencies to something newer than the upstream major release did. E.g. libreoffice-3-5 PPA has a update of libexttextcat which need a slightly different LO package than the one that would be SRUed as the latest libexttextcat version in the PPA is different from the one in precise/main.17:28
Sweetsharkthus if I copy the SRU package to that PPA it breaks stuff for people.17:29
seb128Sweetshark, staying on the same serie seems to make sense to me yes17:30
Sweetsharkseb128: my point is that one should only upload a newer dep of LibreOffice to the libreoffice-3-5 PPA if that is intended to be SRUed.17:32
seb128Sweetshark, right, that makes sense to me if the goal is to test what is SRU material and not to have the crack of the day current version17:33
Sweetsharkif one uploads a newer LibreOffice _major_ version than was in the Ubuntu release (e.g. in the generic PPA LibreOffice 3.6.x for precise), then its perfectly fine to upload newer deps along as that version wont be SRUed anyway.17:35
Sweetshark(we dont SRU a different major, heh)17:35
seb128Sweetshark, it's a bit confusing that you use the same ppa for SRUs candidate and new series17:35
loolseb128: I poked Oliver and Steve L on the Nexus 7 stuff, and updated the notes but I've discovered https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/raring-targets today, so will have to digest that; that might be the best place to contribute the smem instructions to17:36
loolthere seems to be a lot documented there already17:36
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, but thats how users see it: "I use the -3-5 ppa and when I want to update I can go to -3-6 or the generic ppa".17:37
seb128lool, ok, thanks, do you know who is working on those targets/defining them?17:37
Sweetsharkseb128: The complexity is for the packagers.17:37
seb128Sweetshark, ok ... well in any case what you described before (e.g "keep the libraries on the same versions when the ppa has SRU candidate packages") seems fine to me17:38
seb128I would probably have made the ppas differently17:38
seb128e.g one "SRU" and one "current serie"17:38
loolseb128: it's a myriad of blueprints https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-raring-desktop-targets-for-embedded17:38
seb128rather than 3.5, 3.6 etc17:38
seb128lool, do you know who is driving them?17:38
loolseb128: some workitems on Oliver, Martin etc.17:38
loolseb128: As a whole?  no; I know ogra_ is running some Nexus 7 meetings though17:39
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, then people would complain that they want to update to 3.6.x on precise now (because upstream 3.6 is reasonably stable), but they dont want the possibly not-that-stable-yet LibreOffice 4.0.0 yet, bit instead stay with the stable 3.6.x updates ....17:42
seb128Sweetshark, well, you should have a ppa for SRU, one for "current stable", I wouldn't bother doing 4 for old series atm17:45
seb128stable should be current 3.617:45
seb128Sweetshark, but, well, you are doing the work, so your call17:45
seb128your way just seems a bit more confusing17:45
seb128and it's a bit harder to know what/where can get new libraries17:45
Sweetsharkseb128: I have some 10-20 mails in my inbox on LO4 release day screaming for backports for at least precise/quantal, possibly also for lucid. Im quite happy if ricotz does those and I can point people to that.17:49
Sweetsharks/I have/I will have/17:49
mterrympt, heyo, btw.  Maybe libavcodec-extra-53 has some codecs used in decoding DVDs?17:49
seb128Sweetshark, ok17:50
ogra_seb128, victorp and achiang17:50
victorpogra_, ugh?17:51
ogra_victorp, the blueprint above17:51
Sweetsharkseb128: anyway, I will discuss with ricotz -- maybe he likes you proposal.17:52
seb128ogra_, victorp: we were talking about the number of different team/groups working on similar nexus7 work items, communication seem suboptimal at best17:52
victorpogra_, yes that is the blueprint "topic" used to report on status.u.c17:52
ogra_seb128, i agree, i stated the weekly meeting again last week though17:54
victorpogra_, that will help17:54
seb128do we have a public mailing list for nexus7 work?17:54
victorpseb128,  as this is a desktop image, are you the lead for this?17:54
seb128victorp, well, I started leading work from our side, but we discovered that some people were doing similar work on non ubuntu channel and not communicating, which is what raised the issue ... we need to sort that out and get everybody at the same place17:55
victorpseb128, ok - but I thought the "official" channel is #ubuntu-arm17:56
ogra_well, friday 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting ;)17:56
ogra_and yes, #ubuntu-arm beyond that17:57
ogra_and ubuntu-devel for mails17:57
seb128victorp, I didn't even know we had an #ubuntu-arm, we have been doing our work on "normal" channels, e.g #ubuntu-desktop and #ubuntu-devel17:57
victorpseb128, we had #ubuntu-arm for ever17:57
seb128I guess it's time to get everybody Cced in one email and to sort out who works on what and what channels/lists we use17:57
seb128victorp, well, I was never on that and I didn't know about it, I though one of the goals was to stop having difference between arch/images and work on "Ubuntu"17:58
seb128anyway, let's move on17:58
ogra_its only 4 years old :)17:58
victorpseb128,  seems like you need to read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Developers - General info17:59
seb128ogra_, I'm not on all ubuntu channels, enough activity by following 10 of those17:59
ogra_yeah, agreed17:59
seb128victorp, thanks17:59
ogra_i'm not on all either17:59
victorpseb128, but I guess by non-ubuntu channel you dont mean #ubuntu-arm17:59
seb128victorp, well, I wish the work was in "mainline ubuntu" and no specific to arm, we said we need to make the image fit for mobiles targets, it's not arm specific work for most part18:00
seb128victorp, it's like plugging leaks in standard services, being smarter about what we run, that will impact the intel image in the same way18:01
ogra_well, ubuntu-arm surely doesnt need to be our work channel, it is traditionaly the arm support channel though18:02
victorpseb128, If you want to me channels I am fine with that. I would rather focus on knocking work items from blueprint to be honest18:02
seb128victorp, well, we discovered that some work was duplicate (e.g resources wasted) because different groups worked on similar things within knowing about each others, which is what I'm trying to sort18:03
ogra_seb128, well, it would help if people attended the meeting for a start18:04
seb128victorp, ogra_: who need somebody in charge of coordinating ... who would that be (I'm happy to step up if needed)18:04
ogra_well, achiang used to do that... alex, are you out of the project now ?18:06
victorpogra_, no he isnt ;) it needs to be someone from the desktop team18:06
seb128ogra_, sorry I was in SF for a sprint last friday18:06
victorpyou should ask jasoncwarner18:06
ogra_seb128, yeah, not blaming you, it was also short notice last week18:07
achiangogra_: for one, i'm just maxed out at the moment, but even if that wasn't true, the real answer is that the role is properly owned by the desktop team. it would be weird if i was in charge. :)18:07
ogra_but someone had to start it again18:07
ogra_achiang, well, you were in charge of the preparation18:08
achiangdesktop are the stewards, i'm just a helper who can go shake the appropriate trees if needed18:08
ogra_and kind of left a gap18:08
achiangogra_: nod, we were filling a gap, and then yeah... created a new gap. :-/18:08
ogra_well, we'll get it filled again18:08
achiangogra_: seb128: so let's figure out how to close the gap. 1) weekly meetings are starting back up, so that's good. 2) seb128 volunteered to lead coordination efforts18:09
achiangdo we need a (3) ?18:09
ogra_we can make up 3 at the meeting ;)18:09
chrisccoulsonseb128, can we have this in our cairo? http://cgit.freedesktop.org/cairo/commit/src/cairo-xlib-surface-shm.c?id=5d21c9e224617110678a5b854a6a41049a02fca218:09
chrisccoulsonit fixes another leak in firefox ;)18:10
chrisccoulson(and probably everywhere else too)18:10
seb128ogra_, achiang, lool: ok, let's sort that out friday at the meeting, I will pick coordination up from there18:10
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, firefox uses system cairo now? ;-)18:10
seb128chrisccoulson, when do you apply for coredev btw? :p18:10
achiangseb128: ogra_: thanks18:10
seb128achiang, thanks as well ;-)18:10
chrisccoulsonseb128, it doesn't use the system cairo directly, but it gets used by the native theme rendering18:11
ogra_seb128, do you think he'll get approved ?18:11
chrisccoulsonheh, coredev ;)18:11
ogra_with less than 5 years experience18:11
seb128ogra_, likely not :p18:11
seb128ogra_, will give me another reason to be grumpy ;-)18:12
* ogra_ pondersbto apply for DMB since that mail thread started18:12
chrisccoulsonheh, i was thinking about doing that too18:12
seb128ogra_, you should18:13
seb128chrisccoulson, anyway, I can get the patch in, or sponsor an upload for you... ;-)18:13
ogra_heh, yeah, looking if i can free up the time is the issue18:14
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, is there no bzr branch for cairo?18:17
seb128hum, I don't think so, I think we were in sync for Debian too regularly for that18:18
seb128just put a debdiff online ;-)18:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, i'll do that in a second. just testing to make sure this build works18:24
chrisccoulsonand need to do another run with valgrind too, which is slow ;)18:24
chrisccoulsonit's been a productive day today, getting to the bottom of the 2 largest firefox leaks :)18:25
achiangogra_: poke, how's your bandwidth these days? any chance you could try this? LP: #108173418:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 1081734 in eglibc (Ubuntu Precise) "malloc hangs when ltp mallocstress is run repeatedly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108173418:38
achiangogra_: nvidia want to get that SRU'ed into precise, but i don't have any cycles to test18:39
ogra_achiang, hmm, libc is more infinity-land18:40
achiangogra_: yeah, i poked him, but he's ignoring me. ;)18:40
ogra_might be off today18:40
ogra_i havent seen him all day18:40
ogra_oh, he just showed up in #ubuntu-release18:41
achiangogra_: it might just be a matter of applying the patch and then running the ltp test18:42
achiangogra_: ah, he just woke up in -devel too. :)18:42
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
mterryIs autologin broken for anyone else?19:36
mterry(in raring)19:36
seb128mterry, dunno but I can test later, I don't want to reboot now (my user is ecryptfs so I don't use it, but I can turn on autologin for my test user and see on next boot)19:38
seb128mterry, I see you just uploaded accountsservice, maybe a bug in that version?19:39
seb128mterry, do you want me to fetch that one or try with current raring?19:39
mterryseb128, OK thanks.  The version of accountsservice shouldn't matter.  That just affected the reporting of whether autologin was enabled or not19:40
mterryseb128, which was broken.  But in addition, the feature itself isn't working for me19:40
seb128mterry, shouldn't/doesn't :p19:40
mterryI can see it try in the lightdm logs19:40
mterryseb128, doesn't.  Was broken for me before and after that update19:40
seb128let's see19:40
* mterry reboots to try again19:42
seb128mterry, works for me19:45
seb128mterry, is the account you try to log in ecryptfs protected (just asking in case)19:45
mterryseb128, yeah you gave me the idea to check a non-ecryptfs user19:45
mterryseb128, it worked for me too then19:45
mterryseb128, so I'll file a bug and give it to rob19:45
seb128that's a bug, autologin is not supposed to be possible to set for ecryptfs users19:46
seb128that used to work in the past19:46
mterryseb128, oh god19:46
mterryseb128, you're right.  I forgot about that19:46
mterryseb128, good that it's working 'correctly' then.19:46
seb128mterry, if lightdm can figure how to log you in, your ecryption is not as strong as you think it is ;-)19:46
mterryseb128, yeah yeah.  I'm just an idiot.  :)19:47
mterrylet me see why gnome-control-center is being so generous19:47
seb128mterry, 55_user_accounts_hide_controls.patch is supposed to take care of it19:48
seb128mterry, bzr seems to point you as the author of the patch btw ;-)19:49
mterryseb128, yup19:51
jbichanice :)19:59
jbichait'd be nice to get accountsservice 0.6.30 into raring as it would be 1 less thing to maintain in the gnome3-staging ppa20:01
jbichagthumb now uses Ctrl+Delete for send to trash too :(20:11
mterryseb128, hmph.  Seems *someone* that updated to 3.6.3 didn't double confirm that my patch still worked.  Upstream changed code out from under me, but I'll fix it in a sec20:14
seb128mterry, /me looks somewhere else, dunno what you mean by "someone" there ;-)20:14
seb128mterry, thanks for fixing it20:14
mterrycyphermox, I see that indicator-session isn't doing daily builds yet?20:19
cyphermoxit should be working since this morning20:29
robruanybody else seeing bug 1099589?20:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1099589 in devscripts (Ubuntu) "wrap-and-sort crashed with TypeError in save(): must be str, not bytes" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109958920:50
robruxnox, ^^ ;-)20:51
mterrycyphermox, oh neat.  Looking forward to it!  I've got a work item sitting in indicator-session trunk  :)20:57
mterryrobru, I get it too20:58
robrumterry, thanks, I'm not crazy ;-) somebody had marked it as a duplicate of something else that got fixed, but I'm still experiencing it21:04
robrumterry, btw, you in a rush for that mp you sent me? I'll probably get to that tomorrow21:05
mterryrobru, no rush21:06
jasoncwarnerRAOF TheMuso bryce hey AU folk. Meeting reminder https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2013-01-22 (I think my calendar switched to the right time ;) )22:01
* bryce waves22:03
brycejasoncwarner, so I hear you're the infection vector this trip?22:04
jasoncwarnerbryce I think didrocks was patient zero ;)22:05
jasoncwarnerbryce anything you wanted to update for the meeting? TheMuso same question? RAOF you would be last ;)22:06
brycecurrently working on nexus7 patches for some touch issues.22:07
jasoncwarnerbryce: nice22:07
brycemeeting tomorrow with tvoss to coordinate some display server integration stuff22:07
brycelast week focused on getting bunches of fixes into xdiagnose; still have a few follow ups to do there but it looks good22:07
jasoncwarnernice, thanks bryce22:08
bryceoh, and fixed vnc4 on armhf22:09
bryce(wasn't building)22:09
brycejasoncwarner, think that covers it22:09
bryceoh, one issue I wanted to bring up22:09
jasoncwarnerbryce: ok22:10
bryceI looked into our currently pending SRU's the other day.  Things generally look good, except for the proprietary drivers which are a mess22:10
brycefor both -nvidia and -fglrx we have a gob of SRUs blocked on verification failures or other misc. problems22:10
bryceI'm not sure what to do with these22:11
jasoncwarnerthanks, bryce.22:12
RAOFAh, good. This morning is my SRU day; I thought that last time I'd pushed everything appropriate for testing in -proposed.22:12
TheMusoNothing from me other than whats on the wiki page.22:13
jasoncwarnerRAOF perhaps take a look at the things bryce raised? :)22:13
jasoncwarner(perfect timing)22:13
bryceRAOF, the problem is mostly SRUs were verification has failed or we're waiting endlessly on someone to do verification on quantal or something22:14
RAOFStory of SRUs in general ☹22:14
bryceI added all the SRU's to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/TODO with what it looked like the next action is for each22:14
bryceRAOF, any you can help plink off or move forward will help; I'll pitch in as well as I have time22:15
brycejasoncwarner, done for real now :-)22:15
jasoncwarnerbryce: :) thanks.22:15
jasoncwarnerThanks eastern update! /end22:16
RAOFbryce: Have we determined when we'll be rolling out display server integration stuff more widely?22:17
bryceRAOF, will probably have things more pinned down after tomorrow's meeting but the schedule I showed you a while back is the current plan22:19
bryceRAOF, let's plan to PM tomorrow to get some specific tasks and stuff laid out.22:21
RAOFI'll hunt down that email and see where my progress lines up.22:22
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
RAOFThat's also roughly my desktop report :)22:23
mlankhorstbryce: can I ask you to make one of those version check scripts, to check precise versions of the lts-stack against what' s available in quantal?22:23
bryceRAOF, btw I emailed you some general X status Q's a couple weeks ago.  Shoot in a reply when you get a chance22:24
RAOFUrgh. More email hunting :(22:24
brycemlankhorst, sure; do you mean like http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/ubuntu-x-swat/Reports/package-status.html ?22:24
bryceRAOF, no worries, I'll resend22:25
mlankhorstbryce: yes :-)22:25
brycemlankhorst, sure thing; adding it to my todo's...22:26
mlankhorstthe precise -lts-quantal version should be identical if you strip off ~precise* from the version number22:26
* bryce nods22:27
RAOFbryce: Ta, got it.22:28
RAOF(I got fed up with evolution dying too much and switched to Thunderbird, but am not yet comfortable)22:29
bryceheh, crashes are why I never started using gui mail programs. You would think they'd have solved all the crashes by now.22:30
brycemutt ftw ;-)22:31
RAOFGeary's winding up to be quite nice.22:37
RAOFBut then again, it's currently pretty skeletal. You get to fill in all the future awesome features :)22:37
RAOF(Such as handling >1 mail account)22:37
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, around at all?23:07
jasoncwarnerhey rickspencer3 yup yup!23:08
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, so ... I have a nexus 7 challenge for your team23:09
rickspencer3see what you think23:09
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3: listening ;)23:09
rickspencer3I'd like to be able to run Qt creator and work on my apps (with keyboard and mouse attached)23:09
rickspencer3so, get Qt5, Qt creator with our new Ubuntu loveliness all packagedup23:10
rickspencer3and find/fix any perf issues23:10
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3 seems like a generally useful benchmark for success. don't see why we couldn't target that. Would be an all around good test of the system.23:10
rickspencer3then I could play with the touch interactions and stuff23:10
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, QtCreator works well on my little netbook, fwiw23:10
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3: I'll add that as one of my usecases to the target tests.23:11
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, it would be nice to have qt Creator properly packaged anyway23:11
rickspencer3it seems like it's still slightly out of whack23:11
micahg!info qtcreator23:12
ubot2'maverick' is not a valid distribution:23:12
micahg!info qtcreator raring23:12
ubot2'raring' is not a valid distribution:23:12
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3 yeah, that goes to the whole qt5 stuff. ETA was end of month, though I'll get an update on that one from didrocks when he wakes up tomorrow.23:12
micahgqtcreator is in raring23:13
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3 though, it is all in line with our targets so I don't see a problem framing the discussion that way at all.23:13
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3: thanks for the feedback and challenge...not to mention the specific testing use case ;)23:14
rickspencer3thanks jasoncwarner23:15
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, I actually think it would be nice to be able to develop directly on a device that has touch and gesture support23:16
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3 I could see the appeal of that. particularly with your game ;)23:17
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, hah23:17
rickspencer3next I will ask for easy packaging tools :)23:17
rickspencer3jasoncwarner, I can't believe I am saying this ... but I am really enjoying having an IDE again23:19
jasoncwarnerrickspencer3 I'm pretty happy with qtcreator as well. Though, my bar is quite low...ie...not eclipse ;)23:21
rickspencer3I've been using terminal, gedit, and pydb for so long, I forgot how civilized people live23:22
rickspencer3pdb, my best friend23:22
rickspencer3with the Gimp, I can no longer find the tool for setting the pencil properties easily :/23:24
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, jasoncwarner, what's wrong with vim? ;)23:30
rickspencer3hi chrisccoulson23:30
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson sheesh...why don't you just start talking religion in the channel ;)23:30
rickspencer3I'm not man enough for VIM23:30
chrisccoulsonhi rickspencer3 :)23:30
* rickspencer3 kicks The Gimp23:31
chrisccoulsonjasoncwarner, heh. i'll end up starting a emacs vs vim debate if i'm not careful23:31
desrtrickspencer3: remember in oakland when we had a sit-down to try to get something working properly with webkit and python and some socket that you needed to read from?23:31
desrtand how insanely complicated it was...23:31
rickspencer3desrt, heck yeah23:31
rickspencer3good times23:31
desrtrickspencer3: there's a new one-call API now to do that23:31
desrtadded because of how annoyed i got on that day :)23:32
rickspencer3nice one desrt23:32
rickspencer3having users really does make one's code better23:32

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