egyDev|work 3yezen speakers12:46
thelinuxeregyDev|work: 7'ooooood speakers :D12:57
egyDev|workthelinuxer, looooooooooooooooooool :D12:59
thelinuxeregyDev|work: I had to do it ... I had to I had to !12:59
egyDev|workthelinuxer, ??13:00
egyDev|workthelinuxer, mesh f kerha dy13:00
thelinuxeregyDev|work: never mind ma3anaha eny monhar we beta3 :D13:00
thelinuxerwe ba3teref we keda13:00
egyDev|workthelinuxer, loooooooooooool :D e3trf e3trf13:01
thelinuxeregyDev|work: zbeakars leeh ba2a ?13:01
egyDev|workthelinuxer, I got approval for open source days in Benha and Menufya13:02
thelinuxeregyDev|work: that's awesome, count me out :D13:02
thelinuxerel 3adma kebret el sara7a13:02
thelinuxerwe ana mesh 7eml tanteet :D13:02
egyDev|workthelinuxer, Those poeple no nothing about open source or new tech13:02
egyDev|workthelinuxer, :D loooooooool , I know :P13:03
thelinuxeregyDev|work: dah 3'eer shewayet zoroof .. howa emta aslan ?13:03
egyDev|workthelinuxer, te3rf mn kam yom kont 3yz atsel beek a2olk yez at3lm getar :D13:03
thelinuxeregyDev|work: u got infected too!13:03
egyDev|workthelinuxer, not exactly , I want to discover my self ,13:04
thelinuxeregyDev|work: maho kollo bey2ool keda fel awel!!!13:04
egyDev|workthelinuxer, :D13:04
thelinuxeregyDev|work: when I got back to playing I only wanted to play a couple of congs13:05
egyDev|workthelinuxer, I even may try ubuntu for change :D13:05
thelinuxeregyDev|work: now I want to be a full fledged musician :D13:05
thelinuxeregyDev|work: mesh oltelak kollo bel7enneyya beyfok :D13:05
egyDev|workthelinuxer, :D , It's a trap then13:05
thelinuxeregyDev|work: YES IT IS!13:06
egyDev|workthelinuxer, I'm just kidding :D never ubuntu :D13:06
thelinuxeregyDev|work: will see about that dear ... will see ........13:06
egyDev|workthelinuxer, loooooool , keep dreaming :D13:06
thelinuxeregyDev|work: dude I am the author of "The guide to turning someone to the Dark Side"13:07
thelinuxeregyDev|work: the emperor used some of my tricks to turn anikan to darth vader13:07
thelinuxeregyDev|work: you think u're immune to my methods ?!13:07
egyDev|workthelinuxer, That's what I want to discover :D13:08
egyDev|workthelinuxer, But I know  I'm true Jedi :P13:09
thelinuxeregyDev|work: by this statement alone I can safely say ur ready to turn :D13:09
thelinuxeregyDev|work: proud much you r!13:09
egyDev|workthelinuxer, loooooooooool , Star War g3333333333333333333k :D13:09
thelinuxeregyDev|work: http://bit.ly/TXxQ5b13:10
egyDev|workthelinuxer, loooooooooooooool , Someone is high now :D13:11
thelinuxeregyDev|work: :D13:11

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