jbicharicotz: were you planning to forward your harfbuzz multiarch patch to Debian?19:58
ricotzjbicha, hi, there is no multiarch patch for harfbuzz, it is multiarched already, but debian introduced the not-multiarched dep to graphite220:04
ricotzi just removed the graphite2 dep20:05
jbichaah, ok20:07
ricotzjbicha, btw do you know if it is likely to get an update for automake like 1.12.6?21:27
jbicharicotz: do you mean by default or just available?21:38
ricotzavailable would be nice already21:38
ricotzi am using a modified debian package here21:39
ricotzof 1.12.621:39
jbichawe'd probably need to modify it to install automake1.12 instead of just automake21:40
jbichayou should ask people that deal with foundations stuff about that (maybe #ubuntu-devel)21:41
jbichamy guess is that it may be too late in the cycle for it by default21:42
ricotzjbicha, yeah, that is the modification i meant, and probably an update for +1 then22:06

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