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terranczajkowski: think they'll be showing the irish match at FOSDEM? :p12:38
czajkowskialways are in bar celtica12:40
czajkowskiwhat train are you on12:40
terran10:58 on the Friday arriving 14:0512:44
czajkowskiwe're on the one after that12:46
czajkowskilooking forward to it :D12:46
terranI'm staying in a 5 star hotel this time12:47
terranmoving up in the world12:47
czajkowskiwhich one?12:48
terranEurostars Hotel Montgomery12:48
czajkowskikeith and niall are also coming over12:50
terranNice, I expect I'll meet ye all in Delerium Friday night so12:51
czajkowskimost definately12:51
czajkowskiwill try and get there early but after foods and get a table12:51
czajkowskiwe were lucky last year12:51
slashbelthere's a match on…?14:30
* slashbel thinks it could be time to have some fun with the tv-b-gone :P14:31
zmoylanyou could cause a riot with an emp generator at a geekcon :-)14:34
slashbelemp generators are largely the invention of science fiction14:35
zmoylancompany in states sells them i think as a diy project...14:36
slashbelwhen thunderstorms fail to fry electronic without a direct hit, how much power would an emp generator require to be effective14:36
* slashbel did a little investigation while looking for a means to disable sound systems14:37
zmoylannoisy neighbours?14:37
slashbelno, noisy bars14:37
slashbelhow to take out the DJ14:37
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