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sorenWhich component deals with the log_{host,port} boot parameters?09:39
sorenI would have thought something like base-installer or debian-installer{,-utils) but grepping through them for "log_host" seems to give me nothing.09:42
cjwatsonYou were close :)09:42
wenchienfor #944614, is this a valid fix? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~wenchien/ubiquity/precise-proposed.lp944614-ver02/revision/543009:42
cjwatsonwenchien: Using self.page seems sensible, but I don't see how setting it to None specifically in calculate_closed makes sense09:43
cjwatsoncalculate_closed only closes the special keyboard query window, not the page09:44
wenchiencjwatson: ah...09:44
* cjwatson looks around09:44
sorencjwatson: Oh. Excellent, thank you.09:46
sorencjwatson: I see that it makes no attempt at passing that information on to the installed system. Do you know if there's a d-i (preseed) option for that or do I need to manually fiddle with rsyslog config?09:47
cjwatsonThe latter, I think09:47
sorencjwatson: Cool, thanks.09:48
cjwatsonwenchien: Actually, no, I don't really think self.page is right here either.  Think about what that code is doing: it's applying the keyboard variant you selected to the running system09:48
cjwatsonwenchien: I don't think that it's correct to skip that just because the user happened to hit Enter a bit too quickly09:48
cjwatsonwenchien: The correct fix is to apply the keyboard variant even if the dbfilter has gone away, by starting up another one if necessary: that's what I meant in my previous review09:49
cjwatsonwenchien: (Or, perhaps, by inhibiting page switching if there's a pending layout change)09:50
cjwatsonwenchien: The same goes for keyboard_layout_timeout09:51
cjwatsonwenchien: Do you see what I mean?  I understand the desire to just make the error go away, but I think doing that just masks an underlying problem.09:51
wenchiencjwatson: humm, okay, so you would like a valid dbfilter in keyboard_variant_timeout(), if it's not valid, create one, right?09:54
cjwatsonIt might be simpler to hook into the place where the dbfilter is destroyed and ensure that all pending timeouts are processed09:55
wenchiencjwatson: this issue happens when you click next on the keyboard layout page, and then click back on the following page, can't see why there is a pending layout change... @@a09:56
cjwatsonstgraber explained that in his review09:56
wenchienoh, ok09:56
cjwatsonTechnically, apply_keyboard doesn't need a dbfilter as such (well, aside from being a method on one, but that could be shuffled around), so you *could* start a new debconf-communicator if you're lacking one, but that would be inefficient09:57
cjwatsonI think it'd be easier and quicker to hook into teardown of the console-setup page09:57
cjwatsone.g. I suspect you could modify Page.cleanup there to call self.ui.cleanup, then you could have PageGtk.cleanup sort out any pending timeouts and have PageKde.cleanup do nothing10:01
wenchiencjwatson: will try that, thanks! :)10:05
directhexhow do i preseed a "no items selected" value for a multiselect in d-i?15:07
cjwatson"d-i foo/bar multiselect"15:08
directhexhm, must be breaking it somewhere else15:09
directhexi'm trying to work around the vexing issue of grub-pc being pulled in (and asking me questions) during package install, and grub-installer.udeb doing it again, later on. stupid customized tasks.15:11
cjwatsonAny reason you can't just avoid installing grub-pc earlier?  It's wrong to do so anyway because that means you only cope with certain hardware.15:18
directhexi'm already overdue on this. bios-only grub nonsense is good enough for a first cut15:25
cjwatsonI'm not totally sure what you're asking for is possible, though I might be able to figure it out given a DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer log of the whole installation15:32
antaruscjwatson: do you know if it is possible to use auto-partitions (w/expert recipe I guess) but also preserve one existing partition?15:55
antaruscjwatson: essentially we have folks upgrading from lucid to precise, and they want to keep their /home, but wipe everything else15:55
antarusbut we want to build a pxe target that will just do it for them15:56
cjwatsonThat's a long-standing missing feature, really15:59
cjwatsonThe problem is a lack of a good way to specify the partition in question in the recipe format15:59
nuclearbobxnox: I hear you might be able to help us with an intermittent but relatively common issue we're having doing preseeded nfs-based ubiquity installs?15:59
cjwatsonSo we can sort of do it for some limited cases (e.g. reuse a swap partition), but not I think that one, sorry16:00
xnoxnuclearbob: go ahead =) I am waiting to hear more details.16:00
cjwatsonIf you wanted to try to help figure it out, grepping for reusemethod in partman-auto would be the place to start16:00
antaruscjwatson: if we were to add this feature...16:00
antarusok partman-auto16:00
antarusI mean honestly we should have added this feature to partman-auto like six years ago16:00
antarusbut alas, we were poorly staffed then :/16:00
cjwatsonbug 19560816:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 195608 in partman-auto (Ubuntu) "[Feature Request] enhance recipe format to allow specifying an existing partition" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19560816:01
xnoxnuclearbob: how are you preseeding & what issue you experience.16:01
antarusIt is tougher to get staff to fix stuff like this now, since we run the LTS and won't actually get the fix for a while16:01
nuclearbobxnox: so since last cycle we've been using cobbler to do preseeded installs using ubiquity and a desktop image exported over nfs.  early in this cycle, we started running into an issue where sometimes, if the machine hasn't received any keyboard or mouse input, it'll get some of the way through the installer, and then the screen will go black and the machine will stop responding until it's power cycled16:01
cjwatsonantarus: Ah, heh, that bug has a link to a sketch of a solution in a branch of mine ...16:02
cjwatsonIt's limited and no doubt needs both fixes and extensions16:03
xnoxnuclearbob: and "by early in the cycle" you can pin point exact date?16:04
nuclearbobxnox: I haven't definitively reproduced the problem on any image before 2012-12-1916:05
antaruscjwatson: ok thanks for the information :)16:05
nuclearbobxnox: when I did my initial survey of working images, I was treating the problem as constant rather than intermittent, so it's possible I missed some images that might fail, but quantal and older images have never displayed the issue to my knowledge16:05
ogra_nuclearbob, is that still the same thing we discussed recently ?  iirc you claimed it started on dec. 20th back then16:08
xnoxnuclearbob: and we literarly have no logs while it's hanging?16:09
nuclearbobogra: I'm not exactly sure about the 19th, I've seen that image fail, but I don't know if it was this bug or something else16:09
xnoxnuclearbob: /me ponders if we somehow can have them on serial / tty / over the network16:09
ogra_k, i just remembered the date ...16:10
nuclearbobxnox: we can, that's setup, I just haven't goten anything useful out of it yet16:10
nuclearbobxnox: I tried just running getty on it, and every time I did that, I couldn't recreate the bug16:10
gemanuclearbob: does that suggest it may be a race?16:10
nuclearbobxnox: the logging to serial setup we use for vms isn't working on the hardware for some reason, so if you have thoughts on that, I'd be interested in alternate configurations to try16:10
xnoxrumour has it stgraber was poking this already as well?!16:11
nuclearbobgema: it may, yes, since it's not occurring on every run16:11
nuclearbobyes, he was helping me try to take a look, but I couldn't get him any logs16:11
gemaxnox: he needed us to reproduce it before he could do anything16:11
* ogra_ would rather suspect an nfs locking issue or so16:11
nuclearbobevery time I get on the machine to get logs, the issue doesn't occur16:11
gemaxnox: we need help with the reproducing it part16:11
nuclearbobogra_ do you know how we might be able to rule that out?  I don't know how else to do a remote ubiquity install on physical hardware16:11
xnoxogra_: same here, but there are no relevant nfs nor kernel changes that early in the cycle. it was still 3.7 kernel and nfs-utils didn't change. And no scary changes in ubiquity.....16:12
nuclearbobogra_ if we could get off nfs, I'd be pretty happy16:12
ogra_i wonder ... dont we have nbd support as well ? or some iscsi setup might do16:13
nuclearbobonce upon a time I tried packing the squashfs into the initrd that I used over pxe, but I couldn't get casper to pick it up since it wasn't on a device16:13
ogra_wow, brave16:13
ogra_800MB initrd ?16:13
nuclearbobyeah, it booted16:14
nuclearbobjust couldn't get casper to use the squashfs16:14
stgraberogra_: no nbd support yet, it's on my todo for Edubuntu though. We have cifs support though16:14
ogra_ah, yeah, cifs16:14
ogra_i knew there were alternatives :)16:15
gemaso, nuclearbob, can we use cifs?16:18
xnoxbug 1096943 I am guessing =)16:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1096943 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity freezes during nfs-based desktop install from recent live destkop images on physical hardware" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109694316:18
xnoxlooks like you attached some logs?!16:18
nuclearbobgema: yeah, if we can get the kernel parameters to use cifs instead of nfs, we should be able to change the setup commands to use that16:18
gemanuclearbob: check with bjf or sconklin16:19
nuclearbobthat's what I got out of a machine when I did an empty preseeed, logged in, started ssh, and started ubiquity manually16:19
nuclearbobnot quite the same circumstances, and stgraber said when we did that the install completed, but since x locked up, I coultn'd click okay to reboot16:20
xnoxyeah, you could have preseeded just the "autoreboot"16:22
xnox"Jan  7 16:05:06 ubuntu ubiquity: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu" unrelated but looks like networking or /run is not setup properly in the live environment during the install, or the scripts that are executed =/16:23
nuclearbobhow do I use a preseed when launching ubiquity from the command line?16:23
stgraberxnox: that error is issued when /etc/hostname, /etc/hosts and /proc/sys/kernel/hostname don't match, it's unrelated to networking16:24
nuclearbobwill it still pick up one in /preseed.cfg ?16:24
xnoxstgraber: yes, true.16:24
stgraberxnox: it typically happens when you try to run sudo from a chroot that has a different hostname from the host16:24
xnoxwhich is correct. yeah.16:24
xnoxnuclearbob: one can set environment variable to trick ubiquity into running in the automatic mode. or, since we now have script hooks support, one can drop a script to preseed that when ubiquity starts.16:26
xnox"preseed that" means preseed the restart command.16:27
nuclearbobxnox: it sounds like we could use the hooks to run the normal preseed after getting an ssh server started on the machine16:28
xnoxyeah. so hooks are executable files in "/usr/lib/ubiquity/dm-scripts/install" dir.16:29
xnoxthey may not have '.' in their name.16:30
xnoxnuclearbob: or you can trick ubiquity into running in preseeded mode by simply setting "UBIQUITY_AUTOMATIC" environmental variables.16:30
nuclearbobxnox: that sounds easier16:31
xnoxand I really mean setting. as in it can be anything.16:31
xnoxev: blast from the past, I like your style =)))) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installer/Bootstrapping16:36
xnoxI tend to replace bits and bobs, but that is useful when doing complete redesign =) like you did, or I might have to do again soon.16:36
xnoxnuclearbob: you can fiddle with debconf on the command line to preseed just a couple of values. http://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/manipulating-debconf-settings-on/16:37
nuclearbobxnox: I feel like it would better recreate the bug's conditions to use the whole preseed we'd normally use, if that makes sense to you16:38
nuclearbobxnox: it'll be easy to get that into the live fs once ssh is running too16:38
xnoxnuclearbob: that would be great as well!16:38
xnoxeven better.16:38
xnoxnuclearbob: we might potentially want to do this all the time, to always get nfs logs / debug what not. Cause even if we fix this once, it will be needed again (when new hw, what not breaks down again)16:39
nuclearbobxnox: I'm working in getting the installer syslog sent over the network to the host machine16:40
xnoxwell.... if one gets rsyslogd up an running and sending it over the network that should work.16:41
nuclearbobyep, that's the plan16:43
xnoxnuclearbob: just make sure the limits are cranked up and there is no throttling, cause with debconf set to developer verbosity it can be overwhelming.16:43
nuclearbobxnox: good to know, thanks16:45
evxnox: oh god, I remember that thing16:56

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