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dholbachgood morning07:49
SergioMenesesNitin, hi18:50
NitinI have one query18:50
Nitinany one who can help to me18:50
SergioMenesesNitin, sure! tell us18:50
Nitinsee I am currently windows user18:50
SergioMenesesis bout support?18:50
Nitinbasicaly I belongs to india18:51
Nitinand I am sr software developer in .net18:51
Nitinwhat did I fell18:51
Nitinactaully 18:51
Nitinwindows users are facing a lrage problem of virus18:51
NitinSo my question is If I suggest those people about ubunto18:52
SergioMenesesNitin, you can find that kind of help in #ubuntu, this channel is for locoteams support18:52
Nitinthen what should I do offcially18:52
Nitinand If I will successfull to do this18:52
SergioMenesesNitin, are you asking about certification or something like that?18:54
NitinNo I am not asking about certification18:57
NitinI amjust asking18:57
Nitinyou are my friend18:57
Nitinand you told me 18:57
NitinI am using windows18:58
Nitinbut after every 2 month i have to make formate to my machine18:58
Nitinso I 'll suggest him use ubunto 18:58
Nitinthen you will not ned to formate your machine 18:58
Nitinin this case one user will increase of ubunto18:59
Nitinwould I get any appropriation from ubunto 18:59
Nitinor not18:59
Nitinand I am not going to do this same with my friend only19:00
NitinI'll do this in big level19:00
Nitinwaiting for your response19:00
SergioMenesesNitin, I dont think so, but Im not pretty sure19:05
Nitinwhere I;ll get this knowledge19:07
Nitinwhere I have to contact19:07
SergioMenesesNitin, maybe you can ask in #ubuntu or http://askubuntu.com/19:08

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