hanniecqfd93, good afternoon. I just sent you an email15:58
cqfd93Good afternoon Hannie!16:07
hannieI just wanted to say that you are most welcome at the meeting this weekend16:07
cqfd93I just got the message you sent to the ubuntu-manual list, thank you16:11
hannieI'm trying to catch up with my emails (117 unread :(16:12
hannieIt appears that a spammer found the ubuntu-docs mailing list address16:13
hannieSo I can delete a whole bunch of them immediately16:13
hanniehey CarstenG16:28
CarstenGHi Hannie16:28
CarstenGDid you have success with merging precise to quantal in Dutch?16:30
hannieCarstenG, yes, more than 300 fuzzies, which is better than empty16:31
hannieBut I still must go through them befor approving them16:31
CarstenGSo you decided to publish the Dutch version?16:32
CarstenGNice to hear :-)16:32
hannieCarstenG, I am currently applying for a job. If I get it, I will not have time for Quantal manual16:33
CarstenGWe are still working on translation of precise for German...16:33
hannieIs it almost finished?16:33
CarstenGYeah, then good luck for your new job. :-)16:34
hanniethanks, tomorrow I will hear if I passed the test16:34
hannieI had a qualification training the past week16:34
CarstenGWell, 518 strings to translate...16:35
CarstenGAnd I can only make suggestion...16:35
hannieay, is there a previous completed German translation?16:35
CarstenGyes, lucid was the last one.16:36
hannieLike Lucid for instance16:36
hannieHave you merged Lucid with Precise?16:36
CarstenGNot me, but yes, we did.16:36
hannieCarstenG, I just have a look at doodle to plan the meeting for this weekend16:37
CarstenGYes, nice, that there are so many people who want to join.16:38
cqfd93Hi CarstenG!16:38
hannieLooks like Sunday 22:00 CET is the best option16:38
CarstenGHi Sylvie!16:38
hannieOnly Sylvie can't be there then :(16:39
CarstenGSaturday would be better IMHO, but Sunday is also ok.16:39
hannieI will contact C7P and Kevin about this16:40
hannieTomorrow I want to close the poll16:40
cqfd93What's 22:00 CET ? Is it 22:00 UTC ?16:41
CarstenGCET is UTC+1h16:42
CarstenGsee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_European_Time16:42
cqfd93thank you16:43
CarstenGso 22 CET is 21 UTC16:44
CarstenGOk, I’m away for ca. 30 min...16:45
CarstenGSee you later.16:45
hanniegottogo, see you all16:45
cqfd93Hannie and CarstenG: I added 20:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC to my available hours16:49
CarstenGNice, Sylvie. So you can join :-)17:13
CarstenGAnd typo hunting is very good.17:14
CarstenGDuring the translation, you will find a lot small things.17:14
cqfd93Yes, I can join17:35

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