dholbachgood morning07:49
Jamalyep :D15:13
kossonfrom Romania!15:13
UllasHello from Kerala, India15:13
Jamalwhat is your role in this hangout ?15:15
Jamal(messages get there with delay )15:16
hoticeHello from Bangalore, India15:17
JamalWill Unity ever become as flexible as KDE ? I mean, sure, we have 3rd party config software, but would be nice to do this native15:18
Jamalstop teasing me with ubuntu phone :))15:19
andreas3115is this live or recorded ?15:19
=== brat is now known as Guest12301
goryzkhello łś15:21
andreas3115ok it's recorded15:21
Ullas@ <andreas3115> its live streaming15:22
=== wadie is now known as anonde
kossonHow open it will be the new system? I ask because I sense that the terminal producers will raise some IP issues?!15:25
andreas3115are u sure? because i can pause them15:25
* reborn is here15:25
romskiwhat time will it start? gmt+815:29
djjimbocomo estan15:29
djjimboque hay de nuevo en ubuntu15:29
Oussamait will start in 30 minutes15:29
faximenohola ubunteros!15:30
romskithanks Oussama. so it will be 12mn gmt+8.. ill be back later.15:30
Oussamaromski: ;)15:31
HoOnI cant't wait for the UBuntu OS images to be released! :)15:31
faximenoalguien ha probado los smartphone con ubuntu?15:31
djjimboNO YO TODAVIA NO15:31
=== duncan is now known as Guest48462
rebornyeeah it will be great15:32
=== Guest48462 is now known as dunx
reborni wanna be a developer for it to..15:32
HoOnI hope the UBuntu phone is not going to be too locked down. Unlocked bootloaders please!15:35
Tungdo you open source code of ubuntu for phone?15:41
rebornyeah it will b opensource15:42
couguarWhat's about user rights management? And does the mobile Version uses same caches?15:47
Andrei15193how's it going?15:52
ubuntu_knighthi all :)15:52
farouk225hi everybody15:53
MrDzikuPLHello everybody :)15:53
=== kiran is now known as Guest76219
buoncrihi to all15:55
eni992hi :D15:55
sgtecham from ethiopia15:55
hiyoso what is this all about?15:56
Kiguan_PortugalHello Guys15:56
farouk225we have just to listen??15:56
fabryjavierHas the hangout started?15:57
farouk225so what should we do ??15:57
hippyjakesup All15:58
Generatori just joined15:58
dholbachsome of you might have to reload http://ubuntuonair.com/ (just make sure it says "Leann Ogasawara" in the video title)15:58
Generatorcan i ask what is the topic of the discussion?"15:58
Dreeghi all15:59
bk201Hey folks :)15:59
dholbachtest test :)16:00
dholbachand we're live16:00
sgtechhajfkgh 328 2 u89fusdhjfhn 8923riouoDHJ()3u9003u; "?Kj89032oij3ur 2r23r16:00
sgtechwhats going on?16:00
aoam_why doesnt work video?16:01
dholbachcan you hear me all right?16:01
fragglewont work for me eithere16:01
hippyjake"this live event will begin in a few moments"16:01
=== bruno is now known as Guest55470
GuidoPallemans_hippyjake: go to the youtube page for anyone seeing "this live event will begin in a few moments"16:02
aoam__yea its working after reload16:02
hippyjakeoh it came up!16:02
tufanUbuntu return of Gnome 3 :(16:02
=== rakesh is now known as Guest26327
fraggleyou can watch it on youtube, works16:02
pasjrwoctxI see nothing16:03
pata_hi... cheers from Mexico16:03
NONE_OF_THEMHello everybody!16:03
fragglewatch on youtube16:03
pasjrwoctxhas it started?16:03
designbybeckyes pasjrwoctx16:04
pasjrwoctx:( nothing16:04
designbybeckpasjrwoctx:  http://ubuntuonair.com/16:04
pata_is there any way we you can go back to gnome or the old menu on future Ubuntu editions??16:04
aoam__You should filter that join spam guys16:04
Kiguan_PortugalCan we install ubuntu in our android phone, our we have to buy one phone with ubuntu pre-instaled??16:04
dholbachplease prefix your questions with QUESTION: if you have any16:04
TashaThey will release Images to install on phones.16:05
fragglewhat kind of phones?16:05
=== pat_ is now known as Guest6999
TashaThey havent released that yet, of course smart phones.16:05
nubbixSo what is the deal about Unity and why is this so important to the Ubuntu dev team?16:06
designbybeckScreenshots or Video on that flipping orientation??16:06
ho_diggymoney, duh16:06
factorWill be looking for a phone , would like a phone with GPL userspace i.e. ubuntu phone , are they available yet?16:06
Tuxkalle#QUESTION What kernel does 13.04 get  shipped with?16:06
suntathe picture in the backround is crooked16:06
Tuxkalle#QUESTION If i want to start with some bug testing of Kenels where to start reading?16:07
=== Tommy_ is now known as Guest20263
Leo_is there anyway to turn of entrance and exit to the channel?16:07
PrimeCl0verQUESTION: I understand that the Galaxy Nexus GSM will be one of the first phones with the public release available. Is there any chance that we will see it on the CDMA versions of the Galaxy Nexus (Toro/Toroplus)?16:07
Tuxkalle#QUESTIONIs it possible to get your autograph on a paper shipped to Norway?16:07
Kiguan_PortugalQUESTION: Can we install ubuntu in our android phone, our we have to buy one phone with ubuntu pre-instaled??16:07
localpLeo_: yes on most clients16:07
Tuxkalle#QUESTIONDo you know about "The Ada Initiative"16:07
Chris_McLQUESTION: When will Ubuntu Phone be available? Also, will it be available for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.16:07
Tung#QUESTION: When will you public source code and image of Ubuntu for Phone?16:08
stranger_@Leo_ yes. Top-Left corner of chat widget. Options.16:08
SpirinoxHi !16:08
netnotWhen is Ubuntu for phone available to public ?16:08
Leo_OH  TY  :)16:08
ba7a7chyis this live ? or id it finished16:09
hippyjakejust starting16:09
nubbixWill 13.10 be the next LTS version?16:09
suntanubbix, 14.0416:09
r4f3Could you please turn off the light behind you?16:10
heystream is working on ubuntuonair now, but now audio16:10
suntaindeed leann. pls turn of the light16:10
cielakapart from connection problems: is it just me, or is the volume super-low?16:10
Spirinox_QUESTION: Is Jono Bacon dead?16:10
hey*no audio16:10
nubbixstraem and audio works fine16:10
r4f3sound good16:10
ba7a7chydamn, screen isnt big for both image and chat :(16:11
John121I got audio without any issues.16:11
Phillip25for me volume is very low16:11
MrDevStaffSo when will ubuntu 13 be released?16:11
Spirinox_Sound ok, but put it louder please!16:11
cielakmust be something on my side, then, thanks16:11
matt275audio working here16:11
stulle_ba7a7 try F1116:11
MrDevStaffThe official build, not rc builds16:11
MrDevStaffAudio works for me too16:11
heyhad audio, now I don't16:11
ba7a7chyf11 did the trick, thanks :)16:11
Spirinox_Put the volume louder please16:11
r4f3Guys should i buy a Mac?16:11
thedoctor_audio works for me but it's stuttery and echoy16:11
JragonAudio works fine for me16:11
EuroHow can i hide the join and Quit messages with pidgin?16:11
NONE_OF_THEM_QUESTION: Have you guys responded to the invitation by XDA Developers in regards of working together?16:11
MrDevStaffr4f3, no16:11
reisi007_Audio is working here... Hi everyone ;916:11
matt275what happened to the director guy ?16:11
nubbixturn off the light source in the back16:12
MrDevStaffXDA-Developers rocks16:12
r4f3MrDevStaff: why not?16:12
NONE_OF_THEM_QUESTION: Has Google responded in any way to Ubuntu for Phones yet?16:12
Phillip25it would be nice if you turn your volume louder16:12
MrDevStaffR4f3: their computers is not worth the price16:12
pungi-manhey everyone!16:12
Spirinox_QUESTION: Is Jono Bacon dead?16:12
r4f3MrDevStaff: i agree, but they are great machines for work16:13
=== ZoSo is now known as ZoSo_un
RoryWhen is ubuntu phone being released?16:13
nubbixnerds will16:13
MrDevStaffIs there any news about the Ubuntu 13? Because I would want to know when it will be released to the public in not test builds.16:13
ba7a7chy+1 on ubuntu phone reales date16:13
jonoSpirinox_, I hope now16:13
reisi007_What's the different between the Ubuntu for phone kernel and Android'S?16:14
heybo_obsUbuntu: hey16:14
Spirinox_Oh, hi jono16:14
Tung#QUESTION: When will you public source code and image of Ubuntu for Phone?16:14
r4f3Leann, do you work on a Macbook?16:14
matt275is there any development going on for better network/wifi "drivers"16:14
r4f3Is it worth?16:14
wickedyeah  when is  ubuntu phone releasing?16:14
jonoSpirinox_, :-)16:14
nubbixAre there any new modifications to the git tree in 13.04?16:14
RoryQUESTION: When is ubuntu phone being released?16:14
MrDevStaff#Question When will the Ubuntu 13 be released or when will it be finished atleast?16:14
=== Silver is now known as Guest21623
Phillip25ubuntu phone will realese in late Feb16:14
rej0hnQUESTION: will i need to root my phone to use ubuntu-mobile or will there be phones for sale with ubuntu-mobile preinstalled?16:15
=== Rory is now known as jragon
Spirinox_jono : it has been a long time since last time i watch your stream, so i was worried16:15
* nubbix Are there any new modifications to the git tree in 13.04?16:15
jonoSpirinox_, last one was last week16:16
jonowill be another tomorrow :-)16:16
matt275question about progress  of wifi/network card drivers16:16
Spirinox_jono : i'll try to be there then :p16:16
ba7a7chyWhat about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:16
jonoSpirinox_, :-)16:16
Spirinox_jono : are you still on live stream? or another one?16:16
jonoSpirinox_, I do it on ubuntuonair too16:17
talwubuntu phone will support East Asian language16:17
ba7a7chyWhat about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:17
clivendhello everyyone16:17
matt275i installed ubuntu on 3 laptops and had lots of problems gettign the network/wifi cards working16:17
clivendwhat is the topic today?16:17
SupercellAt how many WPM do you type ?16:17
rej0hnQUESTION: are there any chances to have nvidia-optimus support out-of-the-box in ubuntu 13.0416:17
ba7a7chyWhat about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:17
MrDevStaff#Question Will ubuntu phone be able to run a kernel on already existing devices like Xperia U or so with some kernel modifications?16:18
poitroaewhat exactly is he doing right now?16:18
nubbixAre there any new modifications to the git tree in 13.04?16:18
TashaQUESTION: will questions about gaming be answered here?16:18
r4f3thank you Leann16:18
jragonIt looks good.16:18
r4f3You use MAC?16:18
nubbixThanks for the light16:18
factorQUESTION: What about EFI booting,16:18
ba7a7chyQUESTION: What about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:18
NishantsinghMy organisation is using UBUNTU 12.04 machine (DELL) hardware..... and our WIFI woes are growing day by day....16:19
spobatr4f3, did he answer the question already? (I just accidientally closed the browser) :o16:19
designbybeckNishantsingh:  what are the woes?16:19
Nishantsinghwe are using this on 8000+machines16:19
Nishantsinghfrequent disconnection16:19
ZoSo_ungood luck !16:19
Nishantsinghand have a tough time reconnecting16:20
TashaQUESTION: how do you stream your desktop? I can not find a program to do so for ubuntu.. Webcamstudio is gone now.16:20
Guest21623what' your view about the brain fuck scheduler vs the stock scheduer16:20
lagos_What has the kernel team done to help improve gaming on Ubuntu?16:20
designbybeckNishantsingh:  what are the routers and connection types you are using t on the routers? I had my personal one disconnect a lot, then changed its connection type and it works fine now16:20
Spirinox_jono : i'll bookmark this adress then, thx :p16:20
cielakraring release schedule link, for your convenience: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule16:20
matt275also puleaudio problems here.. especially with skype16:21
reisi007_Where is the link to the hangout?16:21
MrDevStaff#Question Will ubuntu for phones be easy to port to Android based devices?16:21
NishantsinghMode is infra16:21
ba7a7chyQUESTION: What about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:21
spobatMrDevStaff, does this make sense? there isn't a touch/small screen optimized UI, right?16:21
cielakIt is generally a good idea for phone-specyfic questions to try #ubuntu-phone16:22
NishantsinghWPA & WPA216:22
MrDevStaffspobat, there is, Ubuntu for phones is based on real ubuntu but with a UI for phones16:22
Phillip25in late Feb16:22
ba7a7chythat was suprising...16:22
jragonOh hia16:22
Spirinox_QUESTION: Do you communicate with the Linux Organisation sometimes or not at all?16:22
Tashalol that was kinda loud and unexpected xD16:23
ImAuseroh yeah16:23
stulle_yep indeed she is much louder than he16:23
Spartan_when is comming the phone out?16:23
nubbixWill we ever see a version without Unity from Ubuntu?16:23
jragonLeann: can you turn your mic down a little?16:23
Phillip25for me to she is ver loud16:23
maxduvetvery loud for me too16:23
jarlathQUESTION: Daniel, could you turn up your microphone? I can hardly hear you. Leanne is crystal clear.16:23
markusbYour micro is too loud16:24
ba7a7chy+1 take your microphone lower16:24
mosu24why doesnt cannonical contact micro pc manufacturers like Rikomagic to make a tv dongle powered by ubuntu?16:24
nubbix+1 on the mic down a nodge16:24
factorQUESTION: How is Ubuntu dealing with Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)issues?16:25
PrimeCl0verQUESTION: Following the programming language question, coudl PyQT with QML be used in place of the traditional QML?16:25
Phillip25+1 mic16:25
ba7a7chyQUESTION: What about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:25
Tasha+1 for ba7a7chy's question16:25
factorWhy cant I compile my 386 16mhz computer to run Linux now :P16:25
jragon+1 ba7a7chy16:25
nubbixWhy cannot Unity be optional and not the default setup?16:26
aoamyou guys has different volume, can you change it? :D16:26
rej0hn+1 nubbix16:26
mosu24+1 nubbix16:26
jragon+1 nubbix16:27
rej0hnunity was the 1st thing i got rid of ;)16:28
Phillip25+1 nubbix16:28
romskijust got back16:28
hippyjakeif you dont like unity why not use a diff iso16:28
apurvtwris the meeting over?16:28
stulle_still running16:28
searchfgoldOh no, where did the video go?16:28
tension83hello evry one16:28
jragonIt's working for me.16:29
nubbixWhat are they talking about, I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....16:29
spobati really disliked unity at the beginning as it was so different from gnome. Taking a closer look you recognize that it's actually pretty similar and also a *very* bit like OS from the UI and usage16:29
spobatlike Mac OS X*16:29
spobat.. and that is awesome :pp16:29
Euroand what would be better for phones?16:29
Eurognome2? :D16:29
spobatandroid? :D16:29
huydotnetwho need ubuntu on android phone =.=16:30
ba7a7chy....we dont care about managment talk about kernel shizlle stuff16:30
Euroi mean the desktop not the system ;)16:30
* jragon yawns.16:30
stulle_i think it will take time until ubuntu phone can compete with android in ui questions16:31
markusbi hate the UI of Anroid!16:31
huydotnetwhat happend if i replace android with ubuntu on my phoen?16:31
jragon+1 markusb16:31
JoseeAntonioRif you guys have any questions, make sure to prefix them with the word QUESTION:16:31
factorHow about using libhybris to get and run android apps on desktop and mobile devices.16:31
mosu24QUESTION  why doesnt cannonical contact micro pc manufacturers like Rikomagic to make a tv dongle powered by ubuntu?16:31
spobatmarkusb, sure?16:31
spobateven the 4.2 one?16:31
spobatI love it.16:31
Guest21623#question what' your view about the brain fuck scheduler vs the stock scheduer in linux kernel16:31
spobatthe plain google Android 4.2 one.16:32
jragonQUESTION: can Leann turn her mic down or can you turn yours up.16:32
markusbhave you seen the windows phone UI?16:32
spobatwithout any samsung or htc crap is really good16:32
ba7a7chy+1 jragon16:32
jragonThe blackberry ui is surprisingly nice.16:33
Euro+1 jragon16:33
factorOn the Ubuntu phone , will I have the same access to libraries apt get remove cache etc..16:33
mosu24question - are you reading the questions?16:33
spobatjragon, the train already went on. and rim is not on it. it's too late now imo.16:33
nubbixWhere did the "Q&A" go?16:33
jragonI know. I really hope someone makes some port to make BB phones Andriod.16:33
spobat #ubuntu-on-air-q16:33
markusbin future there will be: Android, WP, iOS and Ubuntu16:34
huydotnetQUESTION: what are u guys talking about now ???16:34
markusbubuntu is used bye programmers and linux fans16:34
stulle_+1 huydotnet16:34
JoseeAntonioRnubbix: this is not exactly a Q&A, but we will try to get to your questions16:34
spobatmarkusb, I even believe WP has no chance16:34
ba7a7chyQUESTION: what about chaingin X11 with the new wayland ?16:35
rej0hnQUESTION: will the bug with the sd-card readers of dell laptops ever get fixed? :D i always have to echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan to get it mount sd-cards ;)16:35
spobatmarkusb, I am not sure. They have a lot of money to push it.16:35
designbybeckba7a7chy: I like that question16:35
markusbi have a windows phone 716:35
matt275window 8 is horribe, now is the time to push ubuntu.16:35
spobatThey started too late as well.16:35
spobatthus they missed the critical point.16:35
spobat..when everything went to android.16:35
huydotnetWP started too late ? i dont think so16:35
mosu24+1 matt but without unity16:36
markusbthat's true16:36
buddyshashankQUESTION:  Whether kernel bux fixeses are relase in pathches of current kernel too???16:36
spobathuydotnet, funny. they both started too early and too late16:36
markusbbut i love the design of WP16:36
spobattoo early: windows mobile: failed dramatically16:36
markusband the hardware is fine too16:36
spobattoo late: wp16:36
markusbtrue story, spobat :(16:36
spobatimo, MS is a operating systems company - they shouldn't try to put their "brilliance" into every branche..16:37
markusbmicrosoft have a tick-tock: fine -> bad -> fine -> bad ^^16:37
nubbixWhy is Ubuntu moving closer to a commercial oriented platform, is this true to the Linux community?16:37
markusbi think windows phone is a brilliant OS16:37
markusbbut it was to late. that's right16:37
rej0hngood question, nubbix16:37
huydotnetit will be brilliant if it can run desktop app on phone :|16:38
jragon+1 nubbix16:38
Phillip25QUESTION:  how long will this session be ?16:38
=== keni is now known as Guest40752
spobatmarkusb, do you mean the user interface?16:38
huydotnet@nubbix: open source product with commercial quality, that's cool16:38
spobatbecause I'm not sure of the entire architecture yet16:38
ba7a7chyQUESTION: what about chaingin X11 with the new wayland ? <-----!!!16:39
ba7a7chyQUESTION: What about the 3.8 kernel updates for gaming performance improvments ???16:39
spobatmy friend has one too, he upgraded a few weeks ago (I don't know the exact version) and whilst upgrading to a newer OS version his phone rebooted ~5 times.16:39
markusbif i compare android to WP7, my windows phone 7 is very very fast16:39
markusbin loading, switching, etc16:39
factorQuestion: What is the best program to use while working on the kernel/debug/etc.16:39
spobatthis, in my opinion, reveals of massive internal difficulties and lacks.16:39
spobatlinux (e.g. android) in comparison takes exactly 1 reboot at a maximum16:40
markusbbut that's the problem of android16:40
kunkI have heard some people saying that Canonical does not give back to the community by submitting patches to upstream projects. How true is this? How much does Ubuntu/Canonical participate in upstream kernel development?16:40
spobatmarkusb, that is interesting. Per se, I think the .net framework really is faster than the java vm.16:40
spobatbut what astounded me was that angry birds at the beginning was very flickery on wp, only.16:41
nubbixI feel like the Unity was forced on me as an Ubuntu user, now I really concider Linux Mint...16:41
spobat..but then again, it might just be *bad programming* of rovio. I'm not sure about that.16:41
markusbif i think of my WP; it has a 1GHz Singlecore. if i think of other Androids, they have dual and quadcores16:41
huydotnetdon't compare OS speed by its additional products like games or blah blah16:42
markusbso you can't match it..16:42
matt275#nubbix try Lubuntu16:42
spobatmarkusb, what exactly did you compare?16:42
markusbthe OS performance16:42
spobatyes, how?16:42
markusblike switching programs, switching menues16:42
huydotnetwhat about iOS guys?16:42
beatpoetI can barely hear the guy16:43
beatpoetSPEAK UP!16:43
spobathow do you switch between apps @ wp?16:43
factorQuestion: What file system is Ubuntu going to use, being much is moving to SSD.16:43
spobatbut i hardly think it's going quicker than on either ios or android, they have very advanced multi-apps-techniques.16:43
rcnclow audio levels -- please get closer to MIC16:43
nubbix#Question Why does Leann ask the question, why are we here?16:44
markusbthere a three keys: if you hold the left one, you can switch between opened apps16:44
spobatios: slide left, right, up with 5 fingers | Android: press "task manager button."16:44
dholbachsorry, I can't change any of the mic settings :-(16:44
spobatmarkusb, since which version?16:44
spobatsince the beginning?16:44
markusbat beginning they allowed running only one app (best thing for performance)16:45
huydotnetios also started like that16:45
markusbsince 7.5 you can open 7 apps. if you switch, the other one get freezed and dont use CPU16:45
matt275i dont think the regular user cares about kernel release16:45
beatpoetcan't hear the guy16:45
spobatI don't see why they made this arbitrary 7-apps limit.16:45
matt275usability is more of a concern16:45
huydotnetthey cares about performance16:45
spobatif there's not enough ram, get some of the frozen apps out, otherwise keep them in.16:46
HoOnHe'susing a crappy Apple headset! No wonder I can't hear him!16:46
beatpoetCompare Ubuntu Mobile to Android from a developer's perspective.16:46
markusbbut there is no sense to have more opened apps16:46
matt275i would have to say  most users dont even know what a kernel is16:46
huydotnet+1 beatpoer16:46
rej0hnwhat is a kernel :O ?16:46
spobatmarkusb, but switching then is expectedly quicker.16:47
matt275i guess this is for developers tho16:47
beatpoetmumble mumble16:47
nubbixWonder if any Ubuntu employee dear to talk about Unity?????16:47
beatpoetUbuntu Mobile VS. Android16:47
Guest21623#question what's your view about the brain fuck scheduler vs the stock scheduer in linux kernel16:47
markusbbut it was a good decision16:48
huydotnetas a developer, i want to know, how much i will get if i sell my apps on "ubuntu mobile marketplace", and compare it to Google Play?16:48
factorkernelnewbies.org is good as well16:48
chrisjleeWhat's your normal day like?16:48
=== Exe is now known as Guest15698
dholbachthat's #ubuntu-kernel16:49
spobat#QUESTION Ubuntu-Phone VS Android16:49
ba7a7chyQUESTION: what about chaingin X11 with the new wayland ? <-----!!!16:49
Guest21623#question will ubuntu re support gnome session fall back.16:49
huydotnet#question this is a question16:49
chrisjlee#question What is your normal day like Leann?16:49
huydotnet#question who is this guy? why i am here?16:50
nubbixOf course they welcome new kernel testers, free labour....16:50
stulle_..and that's waht open source 's sense is16:51
matt275windows stopped booting on ly laptop..  thats why it's got ubuntu on it now... lol16:51
spobatmarkusb, do you actively use ubuntu on your `main` machine?16:51
markusbi'm out now..16:51
beatpoet#have you worked on the mobile kernel?16:51
markusbi wait :)16:51
markusbyes. my laptop has a ubuntu-partition and a windows partition16:51
huydotneti use windows on my main machine16:52
buddyshashankQUESTION:  Whether 3D acceleration is supported on letest kernel 3.516:52
markusbi use win for programming .Net (visual studio'), and some software16:52
spobathuydotnet = markusb ?16:52
stulle_buddyshank. 3d acceleration is quite well supprted in ubntu for years16:52
markusbon ubuntu i programm other things16:53
markusband do other things16:53
shiva_Spobat may i know what is going on?16:53
spobatI'm also currently using w7, but intend to switch to macos :o16:53
spobatjust for the unix-likeness16:53
matt275I was going to dual boot..  but i found software replacement for just about everything i needed..  except for Photoshop..  so i didn't bother putting windows back on it16:54
buddyshashankstulle   i was trying today on 3.2.35 but didn't got sucess, may be i am lacking16:54
markusbi will never use mac ^^16:54
Euronext time please sync your mic level...16:54
markusbthey are too expensive ^^16:54
shiva_how can we interact with this video?16:54
beatpoet*****dude turn up your mic16:54
spobat(iosdev and the *great* hardware [retina, touchpad])16:54
rej0hnlol it was filed since 10.0416:54
spobat[macbook pro]16:54
rej0hn*11.04 i mean16:54
stulle_buddyshashank what graphics card?16:54
rej0hnby a bunch of ppl16:54
vRBacan't hear what is he talking16:54
markusbretina.. okay.. but it's tooo expensive16:54
spobatit's very portable, thin and i need to travel alot.. but let's get back to ubuntu :P16:54
beatpoet*************************tell the guy to turn up his mic**************************16:54
markusbbut our discussion is nice :)16:55
matt275issuses with wifi cards16:55
markusband the masters don't read this ^^16:55
nubbixUnity UNITY?16:55
beatpoetI like to get whipped by giant fish heads while eating cold gravel16:55
Guest15698anyone here have experience with Ubuntu joining in a Active Directory?16:55
markusbbut now i leave you :)16:56
rej0hnBug #703180 incomlpelete since 10.10 ;)16:56
ChristaeonI recently ditched Ubuntu for mint, don't like it and goin back to Ubuntu today16:56
rej0hn<- sd-card reader16:56
markusbhave a nice day :)16:56
beatpoetThis guy has the quietest voice in the world16:56
dholbachany more question?16:57
dholbachbeatpoet, sorry - I seem to have mic problems16:57
dholbachtried to fix it16:57
beatpoetCan you ask about Mobile development? I'm a mobile developer. lol @mic16:57
GuidoPallemansQUESTION Leann what kernal is the phone built on?16:58
Christaeonnow your talking, I'd like to know more about the mobile Ubuntu16:58
kunkHow does the Android kernel differ from upstream?16:58
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Spartan_so... ubuntu phone until april 2014?16:59
matt275can i put ubuntu os on an Iphone ?16:59
factorDoes thephone  use BIONC libc or GNU libc16:59
buddyshashankstulle i am using nvidia, but correct version i am missing as i am not having system right now16:59
factorReally good, thanks.16:59
thanassissome laptops have over heating whats going on?16:59
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rej0hni hope they keep the logs...17:00
stulle_budyshashank i can't tell as i'm using radeon, sorry. but it's working fine for me17:01
matt275i'd like to get involved in ubuntuTV..17:01
Guest86747how to isntall vpn hotspotshield on ubuntu?17:01
dholbachthanks everyone17:01
JoseeAntonioRkirbylife: ya no estamos al aire17:07
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mibofrahi :)17:54
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montiwhat is the best programming language you advise us to learning for developing application under ubuntu ?19:30
sanonline4uwhen is it starting?19:45
sanonline4uIs this live? Or I am seeing a recorded one?19:50
sanonline4uPlz can anyone respond?19:57
sanonline4uis this a recording?19:57
cielaksanonline4u: this stream has finished few hours ago20:10
cielakwhat you see is a recording20:10
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vijaywhat is this hangout agenda22:46
vijayis ubuntu kernel a open source ?22:47
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