CoreySlow learner?02:10
IdleOneCorey: could you repeat that. i didn't understand it the first time02:14
Corey"Let me dumb it down for you" and other phrases you should never use at work. :-)02:15
bazhang<julian-delphiki> marta: i can look at it if you give me an ssh login04:15
bazhangis that like *worse* than teamviewer?04:15
IdleOnewith team viewer you can limit what the user can can't do (with ssh also) but with ssh you can't see what is happening while it happens04:18
IdleOnecan or can't*04:18
bazhangthats what I suspected04:19
IdleOnewarning given, now the user can do what they like I suppose04:23
IdleOneAs a sysadmin he should know better then to even ask for ssh access.04:26
IdleOnewonder how he would feel if someone on one of the system he admins gave ssh to a stranger04:26
Tm_TI'd be against allowing "give me ssh access" requests in our support channels in the first place06:08

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