arijis the image out02:51
usererrorI suppose I could say Hello04:43
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_ravenwill ubuntu phones be developed for asus padphone 2 too?11:55
popeynot sure that's been determined yet11:59
ChaozHenchmanwell it has all the specs needed for the superphone12:01
_ravenany way to make a request for it?12:01
ChaozHenchmanI guess you would need to email ASUS and ask them to work with Canonical12:05
ChaozHenchmanbut they won't make phones till next year12:06
ChaozHenchmanso don't worry about it right now?12:06
ChaozHenchmanis that phone on the market yet?12:06
ChaozHenchmanI'm not seein a price12:07
_ravenyes padphone 212:07
_ravenChaozHenchman you found it?12:11
ChaozHenchmanit doesn't say anything about US carriers and prices12:11
ChaozHenchmaneven though the articles were made in October12:12
_ravenlook at amazon for example. at least in germany its available12:13
ChaozHenchmanyeah, it's pretty overpriced12:16
_ravenyes it is but i look at the 32 gb model12:17
_ravenbut think about buying a similar tablet and smartphone alone12:18
_ravenand i need both so its nearly a combined price12:19
_ravenbut in germany its not so expensive as in $->€12:20
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spobatsorry, but I don't get it. Why to prefer ubuntu-phone over android?16:28
arijyou dont have to prefer it16:30
spobatwell if it has no advantages, why does it exist at all?16:30
spobat( sorry for the provocative language)16:31
GuidoPallemanshav you seen the industry proposition?16:32
spobatI'm not sure16:33
om26erthen you should.. I think you are even asking the wrong question ;)16:33
* om26er hides16:33
ChaozHenchmando you think that the phone will come after the April 2014 release?16:35
ChaozHenchmansince it's LTS?16:36
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