Notethe email i want it to send it to is hosted by google apps using the domain of my website00:00
Noteand i can receive/send emails to it normally00:00
Notejust not from a form or from my server00:00
RoyKNote: try installing postfix00:15
Noteyeah i just installed postfix00:15
Notestill isn't sending it00:15
Noteno idea what I'm doing lol00:15
RoyKread the mail logs00:15
Notei followed that00:15
patdk-lapwell, postfix would be way overkill00:16
RoyKnot really00:16
patdk-lapa nullmailer would be much simpler00:16
RoyKpostfix is simple to setup00:16
Noteas long as i can get something to work00:16
Notei don't really mind what it is00:16
Notepostfix is already set up with the settings and installed00:16
Noteit just won't send00:16
Notei just got00:16
NoteHeirloom mailx version 12.5 6/20/10.  Type ? for help.00:17
Note"/var/mail/root": 2 messages 2 new00:17
Note>N  1 Mail Delivery Syst Tue Jan 22 00:14   72/2154  Undelivered Mail Returned00:17
Note N  2 Mail Delivery Syst Tue Jan 22 00:15   65/1938  Undelivered Mail Returned00:17
RoyKpastebin the content of one of those00:17
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:17
Notebut it has my domain on it00:19
Notecan i pm you it?00:19
Noteinstead of saying it publicy00:20
RoyKif you have the domain name in public, it shouldn't bother you to paste the name00:21
Notedo you know postfix?00:24
NoteOk, can I pm you with a problem? I pm'ed RoyK but he's tired and doesn't want to help00:29
NoteIf you don't mind that is00:29
patdk-lapI don't do pm's00:29
NoteDon't really want to put this into a public channel but here goes00:30
patdk-lapsorry if your stuff is that secret, you shouldn't be on the internet00:30
Note[00:20:43] <Note> ok, so firstly this00:30
Note[00:20:47] <Note> http://pastie.org/private/xhi5qzks9lh0dioopqfsq00:30
Note[00:20:48] <Note> then00:30
Note[00:20:54] <Note> http://pastie.org/private/amfpju8lt4awhzo9aea4qw00:30
patdk-lapit's postless to post anything other than postconf -n and your mail.log00:30
Notewhere would i find my mail.log?00:31
patdk-lapin /var/log00:31
patdk-lapI can guess though, that you messed up, mydestination00:32
Notehere is postconf -n00:33
patdk-lapwhy is admoxly.me in mydestination?00:33
Notewhat should it be instead?00:33
Notei want it to go to my email, hosted by google apps00:33
Notethat uses @admoxly.me00:33
patdk-lapwhatever it handles email for00:33
patdk-lapthat it OWNS00:34
patdk-lapbasically empty00:34
patdk-lapbut localhost is fine too00:34
patdk-lapnext, myhostname and myorgin should be the full name of your server00:34
Notehere is the log00:35
patdk-lapsomething like, web.admoxly.me, or whatever you call it00:36
patdk-lapand then, the name you used there should match your dns entries00:36
patdk-lapforward and reverse00:36
patdk-lapbut mydestination will fix your current issue00:36
Noteso if i remove admoxly.me from mydestination00:36
patdk-lapfixing the others will stop it from always going to spam, or getting rejected00:37
Notethe full name of my server is admoxly.me00:37
Noteor do i have to create a subdomain?00:38
PatrickDKyou didn't give your server a hostname?00:47
PatrickDKhostnames are required00:47
Noteyes, my hostname is admoxly.me00:48
Noteis that a problem?00:48
PatrickDKthat is a domain name, not a hostname00:48
PatrickDKhostname = ???00:48
PatrickDKdomain = admoxly00:48
PatrickDKtld = me00:49
PatrickDKif you want to send email from a server, it must be setup 100% correct00:49
PatrickDKor the receivers won't accept it00:49
Noteis there a command i can run in terminal to find out my hostname?00:49
PatrickDKhostname :)00:49
Noteroot@admoxly:~# hostname00:49
PatrickDKso you messed up the installation00:50
PatrickDKbut that doesn't matter at all00:50
PatrickDKall that matters is what the postfix thinks it's name is, and that all your dns entries match00:50
Notewhat is the main file that i need to edit to fix this all?00:50
Notethen if you don't mind ill ask if i get stuck on a certain part00:51
Notepostfix/master.cf ?00:52
Notewhat will my00:53
Notemyorigin = /etc/mailname00:53
Noteis that correct?00:53
Notesendmail is now working in terminal00:54
Notesending to my domain00:54
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Notefinally got it fully working01:11
Notethank you very much PatrickDK and patdk-lap01:11
Notebut when i receive an email from the contact form the email is www-data@admoxly.me01:12
Noteis it possible to change www-data to contact01:12
patdk-lapyou have to change that in php01:13
Notei wrote the .php file myself and no where within that does it say www-data01:13
patdk-lapthat is why it says that01:13
patdk-lapyou lacked to specify what it SHOULD say01:13
NoteI'm guessing it would be $from01:13
patdk-lapnot sure, but likely not01:14
patdk-lapthere are TWO from's in an email01:14
Notethere is?01:14
patdk-lapthe from header, that is meaningless01:14
patdk-lapand the envelope from01:14
Noteah, the $from is the from header01:14
Notei need to change the envelope from (the sender) ?01:14
patdk-lapthat should be easily googlable01:14
Notegot it01:15
Notethank you01:15
sixstringmod_proxy_html is killing me. for three days, i've been trying to make it change link URLs in response content. i'm on precise, and i just can't get the right config settings. i've tried a million different ways. anyone have a *working* reverse proxy that rewrites URLs in HTML links?02:15
sixstringhttp://blog.sam-pointer.com/2009/11/17/building-and-installing-mod_proxy_html-and-mod_xml2enc << this looks pretty comprehensive, but it's for apache, not apache2.02:21
sixstringhow the heck do i even verify that mod_proxy_html is alive? i can't see anything in the log related to it. can i force it to choke, so i at least know it's alive?02:21
sixstringis there another way i can munge content from my webapp that i'm proxying?02:26
samba35i have 3 linux system and some time confused with hostname and ip and port  so , is there any way to get login prompt with system name (and /or with  uname -a) detail at ssh login prompt02:30
sixstringholy gcc, batman! looks like i'm going to have to build mod_xml2enc.so for myself. why is there no package via apt-get?02:42
sixstringhttp://pastie.org/5802458 << it looks like mod_proxy_html isn't getting fired at all. any thoughts? (3 days of googling, and i'm about out of ideas myself)03:02
sixstringOK, how about modproxyperlhtml, instead of mod_proxy_html ?03:15
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hallynzul: I'm starting to think we need a newer libvirt for QMP stuff to work righth with qemu 1.3.004:29
hallyndon't suppose you have a candidate package sitting around somewhere?04:30
vhadilhy how to fix this, i use ubuntu server 10.1005:31
TheLordOfTimevhadil, as i said in #ubuntu, 10.10 is end of life, which means unsupported, really, you should upgrade to a supported version05:33
hallynzul: ok, so yeah, we'll need newer libvirt.  It was a pretty painless merge, but i seem to recall you had some things in mind for it - so let me know if you'd rather do it yourself, or have me do it.  (this is for bug 1102487)05:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1102487 in libvirt "VM won't boot after recent qemu upgrade" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110248705:41
* hallyn out05:42
vhadildamn reinstal again05:44
melvincvhi all. We are a small web hosting company with around 80 websites. We run LAMP, postfix+courier-imap, FTP and DNS services. Optimal server configuration?05:52
melvincvPlz let me know what hardware configuration to use to get a good performance.05:53
melvincvWe have a quad core AMD CPU with 8GB RAM, it's inadequate now.06:09
melvincv(in fact, my desktop has the same config lol)06:10
mysteriousdarenmelvincv: how much load on that machine?06:11
melvincvload average?06:15
melvincvload avg is usually 1.5 to 206:15
melvincvnow it's 106:16
voxadam_How do I mount a SMB file system on every boot?06:47
vhadilhy i want to build server, what version stabel08:04
vhadil12. ???08:04
vhadilplz comment08:04
stanman246hi anyone using nfsen or cacti?08:42
alex88hi guys, upstart shouldn't log jobs outputs into /var/log/upstart?10:20
daniel_-anyone can help me? I get this when I try to deploy to my ubuntu server  "sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified"10:56
=== security is now known as megha
rbasakdaniel_-: I know what that means, but not how to help you. Can you describe how you got to that problem? How are you trying to deploy to your ubuntu server?11:48
=== cpg is now known as cpg|away
zygahi, I'm using juju o quantal with the ppa:juju/pkgs ppa12:48
zygajuju deploy $ANYTHING fails12:48
zygait fails with "2013-01-22 13:48:50,275 ERROR Error processing 'cs:quantal/ubuntu': entry not found"12:49
zygaany hints?12:49
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Tboathey all, was wondering if someone could help me to get my postfix mail to forward to gmail, I have an alias set up, but it does not seem to be working.  i can send mail to gmail via command line, however, it will not automatically forward mail from my user box to gmail13:12
zulhallyn: do you want to do it or do you want me to do it (update libvirt)13:52
phretoranybody using ipmitool? ipmitool -H ... -U ... -P ... sol set volatile-bit-rate 115.2 114:01
phretorError setting SOL parameter 'volatile-bit-rate' to '115.2': Parameter out of range14:01
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hallynzul: was there anything you wanted to play with first in this new release?  If not I can do it (later today).14:30
zulhallyn: nope14:30
hallynzul: actually.... have you been just manually moving debian/ into the new release, or using uscan or something?14:30
hallynzul: ok, i'll do it14:30
Linux39Hi all14:36
Linux39i have installed linux ubuntu 12.1014:36
Linux39may i know how to publish a small html web site14:36
=== cmagina_away is now known as cmagina
PiciLinux39: Take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/httpd.html14:43
daniel_-rbasak: I get the error "sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified", when I push a git repo to /var/git/xxx which deploys to /var/www/xxx14:47
resnodaniel_-: this is more a #git question, but are you using post-recieve hook or what?14:48
daniel_-using a deploy tool14:48
daniel_-it worked 1 month ago when I deployed the last time. didnt change any server or repo settings, now I get the error14:49
rbasakdaniel_-: git just calls ssh, which by default doesn't allocate a tty when calling a command on the other end.14:49
rbasakdaniel_-: you could configure ssh to always request a tty for that host by default - see the ssh_config manpage, RequestTTY option.14:50
daniel_-alright thx14:50
rbasakdaniel_-: or you could configure sudo to not prompt for your password on your server. That's the NOPASSWD option - see the sudoers manpage14:50
daniel_-appreciate your help. Ill check it out14:51
rbasakNo problem14:51
minorixhello all14:53
minorixanyone familiar with Snort IDS?14:53
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rbasak!anyone | minorix14:59
ubottuminorix: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:59
Donkswas running an openmediavault server with 2 3tb drives in raid 015:24
Donksunmounted my rad array and installed frsh ubuntu server15:24
Donkshow can i a. mount my raid array  or b. break down and destroy the raid array so i can start fresh?15:24
xnoxDonks: use ubuntu-server cd to activate raid and install15:25
Donksshould i be able to take a raid array from 1 system and seemlessly mount it in another?15:26
xnoxDonks: or use mdadm --zero-superblock to wipe raid of each drive.15:27
xnoxDonks: if you keep the same host name you should be ok.15:27
Donkschanged hostnames15:27
xnoxDonks: to start clean, zero out the superblock and reinstall.15:27
Donksi think ide like to start fresh for its just s fileserver.seedbox and im goiing to just rsync15:28
Donksless headaches imo15:28
mwcampbellIt just occurred to me that a good use of Ubuntu's trademark policy would be to demand that all cloud infrastructure providers use Ubuntu's official cloud images for images bearing the name Ubuntu.15:29
mwcampbellIs this already the case, by any chance?15:29
mwcampbellIt would be a means of quality control, and would help Canonical by further promoting Landscape and (I guess) Cloud Guest support15:29
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rbasakmwcampbell: from http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy, any commercial use requires a licence, AFAICT. So cloud providers interested in providing Ubuntu images should contact Canonical. But IANAL, and I'm just reading the published trademark policy and can't represent any official position on this.15:41
zulyolanda: ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-updates/+merge/14433315:49
yolandalet me see15:51
yolandaoh, a new package is being generated?15:52
NoteHello, I have set up a virtual host with nginx however if i go to www.domain.tld it takes me to the 'Welcome to nginx!' screen, but if i do domain.tld it goes to my website15:54
NoteWhy is this?15:54
qman__because www.domain.tld is a different domain name than domain.tld15:54
qman__you need to redirect www.domain.tld to domain.tld15:54
NoteIn my default or my domain.tld sites-available ?15:55
qman__or the opposite, whichever you prefer15:55
qman__I'm not familiar with nginx's configuration, but you need to specify an additional virtualhost with a 301 redirect15:55
pythonsnakeWhat's a decent starting guide for NGinx?15:56
miguitaspythonsnake: http://wiki.nginx.org/GettingStarted check cookbook section15:59
Notenginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed16:00
zulyolanda: did you merge the other branches yet?16:02
yolandayes, i did it16:02
yolandai havent' checked in jenkins, should we try a rebuild?16:03
zulyolanda: im doing that now16:21
yolandaare you building quantum and keystone also?16:23
kirklandniemeyer: ping16:45
kirklandniemeyer: we have a new server package written in golang, in the raring new queue, pending review for acceptance into universe16:45
kirklandniemeyer: we were wondering if perhaps you or someone on your team might like to review it for packaging correctness and suggestions?16:46
hallynzul: pushing candidate libvirt-1.0.1 to ppa:serge-hallyn/crossc, will do some testing later16:48
zulhallyn: okies16:48
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zulhallyn: hda-duplex with qemu/libvirt is telling me i need a newer libvirt right?18:02
zulhallyn: im getting this when building locally http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1560288/18:07
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hallynzul: yeah18:16
hallynunfortunatley the libvirti  uploaded has two build bugs18:16
zulthat being one of them :)18:17
hallynthe one is trivial (get the RESUME patch from upstream), but the other is more work (the dnsmasq one to make it run as user)18:17
hallynyeah :)18:17
zullooks like an incomplete transtion to me18:18
hallynjust grab commit aedfcce33e4c2f266668a39fd655574fe34f1265 from git, and replace the backported one in our package with that18:18
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RoyKIf anyone here works with raid setups, this one is rather educational in terms of differences between drive types http://kurl.no/8gly18:56
HanPHow to increase the cmoncurrent connections?19:18
RoyKof what?19:19
HanPOf a ubuntu server19:20
RoyKwell, of what service?19:20
RoyKlinux/ubuntu supports rather a lot of concurrent connections19:20
RoyKsome services are more limited19:20
HanPLast friday i had a promotion and 15 000 people connecting to my server and the apache processes was limited to 256 maxclients19:21
RoyKthat's apache, not ubuntu ;)19:21
HanPYes I know19:21
HanPWrong channel?19:22
RoyKwell, you might want to try #httpd, but I guess some people in here are able to help - what mpm?19:22
HanPthe normal one, just out of the box19:23
RoyKwith php?19:23
HanPMPM prefork19:23
RoyKthat's normal with php (since it doesn't support -worker)19:24
sarnoldHanP: so... if you know the variable you want to change (maxclients), why are you asking us for help? I'm curious if I'm missing something...19:25
HanPphp 5.3.1019:25
HanPYeas I know but can I increase the number of Maxclients?19:25
HanPto 15 00019:26
sarnoldyou might wish to try e.g. 512 first :) doubling a tunable value is not a small start...19:26
HanPYes but I don't know how to test concurrent connections19:26
sarnoldHanP: the 'ab' tool may be able to help19:27
sarnold(apache bench)19:27
HanPI was trying JMeter, Tsung, ab19:27
RoyKAFAICS, the default is 150 on 12.0419:27
qman__HanP, those variables are not strictly maximum connections, you don't want to set it to 1500019:27
HanPYEs I know but I allready increased it19:27
sarnold.. but when your users are over a modem connection or on the other side of hte world, their connection may not handle quite the same way...19:27
qman__if your server was completely overloaded, doubling is a good place to start19:28
RoyKHanP: increasing that to 15k may not be a good idea, since you'll probably run out of memory19:28
HanP95% is fast connection and the promotion is only in our country19:28
qman__and then you can use benchmarking tools to figure out what it can handle19:28
HanPYes I know but I don't know the benchmarking tools so good19:29
qman__also, prefork and mod_php are not so great for handling lots of connections19:29
qman__if you have a very high load you should probably look into setting it up differently19:29
HanPOr is nginx a better solution?19:30
RoyKHanP: there's a perfectly good reason for that limit to be low, the concurrent connections are the actual connections (typically per second, unless your hardware is really slow), so if you set it to something like 15k, DDOSing your server will be rather easy19:30
RoyKeven DoSing it from a single client19:30
HanPOk I understand19:30
qman__HanP, there are lots of options, but even just changing to worker and php fastcgi instead will reduce the resources needed per connection19:31
qman__that's not without consequence, though19:31
RoyKHanP: if you have very high load, you also should consider using a caching server in front, like varnish or squid19:31
qman__there's a reason prefork and mod_php are default19:31
RoyKcaching is important with high loads...19:32
RoyKvarnish is excellent for this, but takes a wee bit of time to get used to, especially if you're using cookies19:32
qman__when you're talking about high volumes, it takes trial and error and some testing to get it right19:32
HanPAnd what do you mean with caching because all de hostsjust getting 1 php file19:32
HanPAnd all the images are hosted in a CDN19:33
RoyKthen, really, you shouldn't be hitting a limit19:33
sarnoldwhat was memory use like when you were getting hammered? were you going into swap already?19:33
RoyKunless someone is trying to DoS you :P19:33
sarnoldit'd be possible to write a PHP script poorly enough that you'd be in a world of hurt on even light load..19:35
HanPNo totally not19:36
MraAlbertinaello. what's the best way to achieve a private grid computing system in order to run a ubuntu server environment?19:36
RoyKit's quite possible ;)19:36
MraAlbertinahello, either :)19:36
HanPYes but the php script was not poorly written19:37
sarnoldMraAlbertina: have you seen maas.ubuntu.com yet?19:37
sarnoldHanP: okay, good :)19:37
HanPIt had just to insert 15 000 inserts on 1 second to register the product sales19:37
MraAlbertinanot yet sarnold. thanks19:37
RoyKHanP: eh... url?19:37
HanPThat link is allready gone because the product isnt available anymore19:38
MraAlbertinasarnold: i just started with this idea, did a couple net searches..19:38
HanPBut next friday we have a new bigger promotion19:38
RoyKHanP: if you made a really good website and a good product etc, perhaps you should need a faster database, and perhaps front-end caching19:38
RoyKHanP: but then, if the static material is offsite, you shouldn't need too much caching19:39
qman__right, the database could be the bottleneck too19:39
qman__if you're running LAMP it's pretty common19:39
qman__it's a superb small time setup but it doesn't scale well19:40
HanPThe only thing that the server must do is put all the clients together and at 18h00 they must insert into a database and get into a queue system19:40
RoyKHanP: the default config of mysql uses rather little memory19:40
qman__HanP, the only way to know where the problem is, is to watch the server while it's under that load19:40
* RoyK has almost stopped using mysql and sticks to postgresql instead - far better 19:40
qman__so you need to set up a test page, aim some spammy benchmarks at it, and watch what happens19:41
HanPI know but its difficult because it will last only a couple of minutes19:41
HanPoke but what is a good benchmark tool?19:41
RoyKHanP: the quick way is to apt-get install sysstat and enable it + start it - it'll show the load - probably high i/o load if it's related to mysql.19:41
sarnoldHanP: so you've got 15000 users all hitting "submit" on a form at the same second?19:41
HanPIs ab really good with concurrent connections?19:41
HanPYes sarnold19:41
sarnoldwow ;)19:42
RoyKsarnold: what sort of disk subsystem?19:42
HanPThat I don't know because it is just Amazon AWS xlarge19:42
RoyKIIRC amazon has cluster setups for these type of things19:43
RoyKwith 15k users at once, a single host won't do19:43
RoyKat least not if the mysql server is running on the same host19:43
HanPBut if I run a mysql server on another host will it be fast enough?19:44
HanPBecause it must connect to another server19:44
RoyKusually the interconnect is 1Gbps, so it should do19:44
sarnoldwhat's the per-process filedescriptor limit for a default apache?19:44
RoyKand a dedicated database server is usually better equipped with memory not used by apache etc19:45
RoyKHanP: how much memory does the host have? how does your my.cnf look?19:45
sarnoldHanP: connection setup/teardown will be painful so be sure you've got some kind of connection pooling going on -- would that be better done through a fast_cgi interface?19:45
RoyKHanP: using innodb or myisam?19:45
HanPmy.cnf is just default19:45
RoyKmyisam is terrible at locking, innodb is better19:45
RoyKthen perhaps move to innodb19:45
HanPYes but I think I will use a dedicated database of amazon aws then19:46
RoyKstill, use innodb19:46
RoyKnot myisam19:46
RoyKmyisam is *not* good for 15k concurrent inserts19:46
HanPoke thank you19:46
HanPI'm going to test the server with ab19:47
RoyKHanP: better start with converting those tables locally to innodb - take dump first, though19:47
HanPThanks for the information19:48
qman__yeah, myisam has table locking, so every time a change is made, it must lock the whole table, where innodb has row locking19:48
qman__it's not faster at everything but I'm fairly certain it will help in this case19:49
RoyKHanP: or just move to postgresql - it's better in many ways19:49
RoyKHanP: if you don't use mysql-specific syntax, the move will be easy19:49
HanPIs postgres better then mysql?19:49
HanPOK I will test that also19:50
qman__I can't think of anything mysql does better19:50
RoyKHanP: better try that first19:50
qman__postgres has solved most of its issues in recent versions19:50
sarnoldqman__: I've heard from a friend that in a 99% read-dominated workload, mysql myisam is pretty speedy...19:51
sarnoldmaybe 99.9? they did updates daily..19:51
qman__yeah, myisam beats innodb in heavy reads19:51
qman__but he's got heavy writes19:51
RoyKHanP: mysql sticks to an old caching regime where the dbms must be allocated specific memory resources, where postgres uses the linux caching for most of it19:51
sarnoldqman__: oh, indeed, I'm just saying that a read-only environment, mysql may out-pace postgres. (which I'd otherwise recommend every time :) hehe19:52
RoyKqman__: exactly - mysql is like a filesystem at read speeds, but sucks rather badly on transactions19:52
HanPOK I will try19:53
qman__the only reason I still use mysql is because I can set it up from memory, where I have to look stuff up for postgres19:53
qman__but that will change as I use it more19:53
RoyKqman__: heh - I know - but recently, I've gotten to learn the postgres way rather well too ;)19:53
qman__I very much like that I don't need to set up and remember a root password19:54
qman__just su postgres19:54
RoyKor su - postgres19:54
RoyKto get the environment correct19:55
hallynkirkland: hey, question...  do you remember why we moved to preferring pa over alsa in qemu?  The launchpad bug doesn't really explain why it's needed.20:12
HanPIs ab a good benchmark tool?20:28
HanPI use it with gnuplot and if I see the results with concurrent connections the server accpet 500 clients without a problem20:28
axisysusing arcconf I can turn on led for disk on slot 3.. but how do I find out if that is sdd? I need to replace 4 of those raid10 disks with bigger disks..20:34
axisysI don't see fdisk with any option to trigger any read on disk sdd20:36
axisysmay be dd read lot of blocks while infront of the system ?20:36
freakynlanyone have experience with LIO as iSCSI target? Want to enable one username/password for all initiators, but it doesn't work, the parameters don't seem to exist at all. Following http://linux-iscsi.org/wiki/ISCSI under the 'TPG Authentication' section20:37
freakynl12.10 server btw20:37
kirklandhallyn: hmm20:40
kirklandhallyn: I honestly don't remember20:40
kirklandhallyn: what does upstream qemu default to?20:40
pythonsnakeWhat receives most of the load when I use a php application?20:40
freakynlpythonsnake: that would depend on how you run php and what it's doing20:43
pythonsnakeFor example, owncloud20:43
pythonsnakeI run php with php-fpm?20:43
freakynldon't know that :) just run it and monitor20:43
pythonsnakeI'm sorry for innacurate answers, I'm getting started with php and stuff20:43
pythonsnakefreakynl: What I'm trying to do is20:45
pythonsnakeI got a VM20:45
pythonsnakein that VM is installed NGinx20:45
pythonsnakeI want to kind of lend the work/load when using the server to the host20:45
hallynkirkland: not sure about upstream, but i'm trying to merge debian as closely as possible, and they have alsa first20:46
pythonsnakeI thought of a php-cgi socket on the host then forward the port to the guest20:46
hallynkirkland: the lp bug mainly mentioned having alsa enabled, then later mentioned pa over alsa without justification20:46
hallynkirkland: ok - i'll probably sync that bit bck from debian and see what breaks...20:46
kirklandhallyn: ack, I think you'll be fine there20:47
kirklandhallyn: just make sure you can launch an Ubuntu desktop live ISO and hear the sound20:47
kirklandhallyn: that was my test20:47
kirklandhallyn: back when Ubuntu had a startup sound20:47
kirklandhallyn: bum da bum bum budump bum bum badumbbbbbbbb20:47
pythonsnakeubuntu-server is cool20:50
RoyKfreakynl: IMHO using a non-LTS release for a server, isn't too good21:00
hallynkirkland: whatever happend with your surround sound startup soundn :)21:01
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kirklandhallyn: I still have the package in a PPA21:25
kirklandhallyn: I use it in my theatre room21:25
hallynto freak out the cat21:25
axisyshow do you define ntp server IP in ntp.conf with preseed?21:28
axisysd-i     clock-setup/ntp boolean true21:29
axisysd-i     clock-setup/ntp-server string
axisysdid not work21:30
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qman__problem with virsh and libvirt21:56
qman__I created a couple VMs with ubuntu-vm-builder, and they worked great, until my power went out21:57
qman__after my system came back up, the machines are not shown in virsh21:57
qman__I can start them manually using the run.sh, but this opens them in a foreground qemu21:57
qman__apparently there's supposed to be an xml file, but I don't know where, it's not in the VMs' directories21:58
sarnoldqman__: /etc/libvirt/qemu/<vmname>.xml22:00
qman__so now I'm getting unable to create cgroup when trying to start22:00
sarnolddoes mount | grep cgroup show you a pile of mounts? /sys/fs/cgroup/{cpuset, cpu, cpuacct, memory, devices, freezer}22:01
sarnold.. on my aptop22:02
qman__only one22:02
qman__cgroup on /dev/cgroup/cpu type cgroup (rw,cpu)22:02
sarnoldqman__: hrm. what release? I seem to recall .. 12.04? added the cgroups..22:03
sarnoldI was afraid of that, not very experienced there :/22:03
qman__I know I ran into this when I first created them22:03
qman__but I thought I fixed it by doing this: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2011-03/msg01816.html22:04
hallynqman__: easiest is to umount /dev/cgroup/cpu; remove that entry from /etc/fstab, and sudo apt-get install cgroup-lite22:04
qman__hmm, nothing in fstab22:05
qman__I'll search for it22:05
hallynmight grep for it in /etc/init/* /etc/init.d/* ...22:07
qman__yeah, I've got a /etc/init.d/cgconfig and /etc/init.d/cgred22:07
hallynqman__: d'oh.  do remove those.22:08
hallyn(that's actually subject of an on-going SRU)22:08
qman__just want to make sure they're not part of installed packages22:08
qman__I've got cgroup-bin and libcgroup1 already22:08
hallynqman__: remove those22:08
hallynthat is, apt-get purge them22:08
qman__this is a really old system and I can't remember half the things I did to it, been upgraded since 7.0422:09
qman__couldn't find cgroup-lite22:11
hallynyou're on precise?22:11
qman__no, lucid22:11
hallynoh!  sorry i thought you had just updated from 10.04 to 12.0422:11
hallynsigh.  then i guess you can run cgroup-bin if you like, though it can cause problems with libvirt22:12
hallynyou can also just add 'cgroup /cgroup cgroup defaults 0 0' to fstab22:12
qman__that doesn't seem to work either, when I try to mount I get already mounted or device or resource busy22:16
RoyKqman__: did you manage to get those vms online?22:16
hallynqman__: grep cgroup /proc/self/mounts to see where it is mounted22:17
qman__hallyn, nothing22:17
qman__RoyK, not yet22:17
hallynqman__: can you pastebi /proc/1/mounts?22:18
qman__hallyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1560950/22:19
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hallynqman__: drat, maybe the kernel is not wanting to change existing compositions22:20
qman__oh, I found some garbage in /etc/rc.local22:21
qman__removed it, going to try rebooting22:22
hallynqman__: running out - will be back in several hours.22:23
qman__that did the trick, thanks hallyn22:29
hallynqman__: \o/22:30
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MraAlbertinahi. i have a debian installation on a computer with no  graphics at all, even console. i have access to it trough ssh. I would like to install ubuntu server on it. could you please tell me what's the best way of doing it.22:58
TheLordOfTimeMraAlbertina, is it your own system or one hosted by some company somewhere?22:59
MraAlbertinamy own systems22:59
TheLordOfTimeokay, that's a basic quesiton, but i see it come up sometimes ;P22:59
MraAlbertinais it possible to take advantage of debian installation and start from it?22:59
TheLordOfTimehate to have to ask you to wait for someone more knowledgeable on the topic, but AFAIK you can't install ubuntu from within Debian...23:00
TheLordOfTimebut again, i'm not the most knowledgeable one there23:00
MraAlbertinaohh :(23:00
MraAlbertinai know it was tricky long ago when i did this debian install, due to console and graphics capabilities on the machine23:01
TheLordOfTimepardon the asinine question, but why do you want to switch?23:01
TheLordOfTimei mean, i know Ubuntu's awesome for servers, but... :P23:01
* TheLordOfTime almost exclusively uses Ubuntu for servers :P23:02
MraAlbertinaTheLordOfTime: i want to do a MAAS with this machine23:02
MraAlbertinaTheLordOfTime: on the other hand, ubuntu has more up to dated packages...23:02
sarnoldMraAlbertina: can you do the install on another machine and just swap hard drives?23:03
MraAlbertinasander__: yes i could do it23:03
MraAlbertinaoops, sorry, damn tab + fingers, i mean sarnold23:04
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sarnoldif you had a console of some sort, it feels like it'd be alright to run .. the alternative installer? the net-install disc? .. but without even a console, it feelsl ike it'd be difficult enough to work with it that swapping drives feels appropriate, if annoying.23:05
MraAlbertinasarnold: even the MAAS? do i go ahead with that configuration too or just unitl i have ssh?23:05
TheLordOfTimeagreed with sarnold on that one23:05
sarnoldMraAlbertina: no idea there :/23:06
MraAlbertinaTheLordOfTime: + 1 more; he was the one who suggested me to use MAAS a couple hrs ago :P23:06
MraAlbertinasarnold: until i get ssh, then do the MAAS by package23:07
MraAlbertinathat's the hard way tough23:07

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