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sabotageanyone know a recommended replacement for mtview in Quantal?21:32
sabotageor any other tools that report/visualize the number of supported points on mutli-touch screens?21:33
bregmasabotage, there's a number of tools that report the touches, I'm not sure if there are any visualization tools any more21:56
bregmayou could try installing the frame-tools package and run frame-test-x11 and see if it's what you're looking for22:01
sabotagebregma: well, it may have to do for now, thanks22:18
sabotageI see it at least reports the "Number of Touches: <n>"22:18
sabotageseems to me that I had some app like mtview on a different device running 12.10 (upgraded at each release since 10.04 iirc)22:19
sabotagethat tool would open a window and show visual feedback of the touch points with colored circles, the darkest one being the primary touch point input22:20
sabotageanyway, seems mtview was deleted from the Quantal repos and I can't find any similar alternative22:21
sabotageI even devoted a few minutes to building mtview from src, but alas, the utouch-evemu libs do not appear to be available in Quantal either22:22
sabotageand I've got better things to do with my time than descend into dependency "hell"22:23
bregmamtview worked by reading MT events from the kernel and displaying them22:27
bregmathat's not really valid, expecially if you;re using the MT extension to X22:28
bregmaunfortunately, as far as I recall, the visualizer was never replaced22:28
bregmaalthough I definitely recall seeing some visualization tools, but I can't find them now, so they mau have been one-offs22:29
sabotagewell, thanks for the reply anyway... that frame-test-x11 at least has a nice concise and easily regex'd output for what I need right now22:33
sabotagejust not as pretty :/22:33
sabotagebregma: fwiw, I fumbled my way through the PyMT instructions and finally have a /visual/ way of seeing how many inputs are being recognized23:51
sabotagemissing from that wiki is the info that you must run as root in order to use the "probesysfs" input provider type23:52

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