MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgrt7XZ-BQw06:23
solarcloud_AFKMorning .. http://bit.ly/UOeHDh07:22
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andylockranhey all08:21
andylockrananyone here run a company that can give me some Joomla support - 3 days per month?08:22
TheOpenSourcererAlmost certainly Andy08:22
TheOpenSourcererandylockran: ^^08:22
andylockranTheOpenSourcerer: can I have a contact nunmer Alan?08:23
TheOpenSourcerersure: Office: 0844 3576000.08:23
andylockranYou in the office now?08:24
solarcloud_3scrnandylockran: You tried Yopla ?08:30
solarcloud_3scrnscrub that... soz08:30
andylockranreading through the man page of automysqlbackup - any suggestions to have it mysqldump from mulitple mysql instances?08:54
andylockranin ubuntu, it seems you're only allowed to use /etc/default/automysqlbackup as the config08:54
andylockranwhereas I have multiple configs in /etc/automysqlbackup/$host.config that I'd like to use.08:54
diploI've always wrote my own andylockran, can take a look if you like ?08:55
TheOpenSourcererandylockran: I've hacked the automysqlbackup to do what I need. It's only bash ;-)08:56
diploI have a very simple shell script that connects and dumps from each of our customers web hosts08:56
andylockranTheOpenSourcerer: yeah, I should hack it up.09:07
iahmadHi David09:33
* popey tickles GingerDog 09:38
JamesTaitGood morning all! :-D10:10
knightwisehey JamesTait10:17
JamesTaitknightwise, o/10:19
knightwisehey michelle_ !10:22
DJonesWould anybody recommend an online radio app for ubuntu, ideally I'd like one that will let me add internet radio stations and have buttons for presets for favourite stations10:24
knightwiseI use spotify to be honest10:27
knightwisenot bad actually10:27
knightwisebut thats not what you are lookin for i'm afraid10:27
mungbeanonline app? or app for online radio?10:28
DJonesapp for online radio, i want things like radio 4 & various local radios as presets10:28
mungbeandon't they all do it? banshee, amarok etc10:29
mungbeani used to listen to internet radio on amarok10:29
knightwisemungbean: indeed.10:29
DJonesI didn't even consider those10:29
knightwiseDJones: If you have a mobile device I would give Stitcher a go.10:29
mungbeanclementine is my preferred audio player app over the last couple of years10:30
DJones+1 for clementine10:30
DJonesAlthough I thought it just did lastfm streaming for radio10:30
DJonesJust having a look at Radio Tray10:32
mungbeanyeah lol10:32
mungbeanjust foound it10:32
popeyi use tune in radio on ios and android for radio stuff10:34
popeyit's a really great radio app10:35
popeyit's my alarm clock too, it can wake up to the radio (any stream you like) and also record shows10:35
directhexi wonder whether WP8's hardware certification requires an FM radio the way WP7 did, for no good reason10:35
DJonesI use that on android, just hoping I can find a decent desktop app10:35
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:39
knightwise²hey brobostigon10:40
knightwiseyou're up late :p10:40
knightwiseits allmost noon10:40
brobostigonhey knightwise10:40
brobostigonknightwise: remeber, you are an hour ahead of us. :)10:41
knightwiseah yes :) I always tend to forget that one over here10:43
dwatkinsremember folks, if you're going to cycle to work along the canal in the snow, make sure your panniers are waterproof - I fell in tiday :)10:46
popeyyou fell in the canal?!10:47
brobostigonouchie, :(10:47
* directhex stays at home in the warm10:47
dwatkinspopey: yep, was a bit concerned for a moment that I might not get out, but was fine10:48
dwatkinsmy phones are drying10:48
popeydwatkins reminds me of https://twitter.com/Uk_Sniper1/status/29232193118365286510:49
dwatkinspopey: haha10:49
dwatkinsI hope the dog was ok10:49
dwatkinsthat's me10:50
Seeker`dwatkins: how deep was it?10:51
dwatkinsSeeker`: not sure, I couldn't feel the bottom10:51
mungbeanwhich canal?10:52
mungbeansounds cold10:52
dwatkinshaha, it's only 5 feet deep :D10:52
Seeker`Probably warmer than the surrounding air, unless it was frozen over :P10:52
dwatkinsmungbean: surprisingly it wasn't that cold, despite other parts of the canal being iced over10:52
dwatkinsI think I was about here: http://goo.gl/maps/YSrqz10:54
dwatkinsit was almost worth it for the look on my boss's face, though10:54
dwatkinsI calmly told her how I'd fallen in and she couldn't believe it, especially since I was standing in front of her in dry clothes (they'd been in the pannier which hadn't gone under water)10:55
mungbeancycling naked again...10:55
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* dwatkins makes a "keep calm and cycle on" poster10:56
mungbeankeep dry and stay on the path10:57
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=== davidM_ is now known as davidmarais
michelle_Hey knightwise :)11:33
davidmaraiscan anybody help me? My computer crashed and now I have lost all my IRC channels. My channels are still under my preferences but my IRC is not logging into them.11:35
davmor2czajkowski: prod just cause I haven't in ages12:24
davmor2davidmarais: what client do you use12:25
davmor2michelle_: hello stranger12:25
diplohah you scared them off davmor2 :D12:26
davmor2diplo: it's my magnetic personality some I attract other I repel :D12:27
davmor2morning all by the way, I got caught up in discussions else where12:28
brobostigonthat reminds me of a joke, data made in the star trek film, generations.12:28
davmor2brobostigon: you suck at this don't you, you don't come out with half a statement like that and not complete it with the joke ;)12:36
brobostigondavmor2: haha, i am sure most here have seen it, and know the bit i was refferring to.12:38
davmor2brobostigon: I've seen it but when it was first released I can't remember that far back ;)12:39
brobostigondavmor2: ah, i see. ok.12:39
knightwisedata joke ! Lol :)13:13
Laney*yesterday* I bought a subscription to the Guardian crossword app13:46
Laneytoday: Unfortunately, since introducing this subscription model, the uptake has been less than we would have hoped. As a result, we have taken the13:46
Laney+difficult decision to end our work on and support for our Android crosswords app.13:46
Laneyperhaps it has something to do with the fact that there was no in-app indication that there even was a trial period13:50
Laneyso after two weeks the crosswords just stop coming with no message to tell you why13:50
gordaren't there thousands of pre-existing crossword apps?13:53
czajkowskidavmor2: ello just going on lunch bbiab13:53
* popey pokes jnick_tait with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTpUVAcvWfU13:57
ali1234lol eraserhead13:58
jnick_taitmr popey, you were very correct and i was very kerrong... in my defence i would say that i was think of this curiousity.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpgyVxP8OG813:59
Laneyoh gord13:59
popeyok thats odd14:00
jnick_taitpopey, i thought it might appeal to your sense of the not quite right14:08
directhexapparently adding openjdk-7-jre to an ubuntu iso makes it not fit on a cd.14:17
d3ngarThat's very sad...14:18
popeyit doesnt fit on a cd anyway14:19
directhexif i pulled openjdk and crashplan back off, it'd fit14:20
directhexremoving qt helps14:20
knightwiseIck !14:20
knightwiseJava !14:20
* knightwise is wrestling with the current java expliot at work14:23
directhexknightwise, yeah, i know, java is basically worse than hitler. sadly, that's business for you14:24
directhexi don't think i can free up another ~45 meg to make this fit on a CD.14:29
knightwisedirecthex: dump Java :) be nice to the users14:31
directhexknightwise, do you have a non-java version of CrashPlan's backup client?14:32
knightwisedirecthex: I feel your pain14:35
dwatkinsdirecthex: I would like to see that, as it slows my Mac at work down14:42
* d3ngar actually likes Java a lot14:55
directhexsadly, java is still the top choice for cross-platform Enterprise(tm) software14:58
dwatkinsindeed, directhex14:58
directhexdoesn't make it any less bad than hitler though14:59
d3ngarI'm no developer, but in our company I do the occasional bit of deskopt app14:59
dwatkinsthat escalated fast14:59
d3ngardirecthex: as a Jew I don't like the Hitler comparison, I know you are trying to be quirky, but it's not that great15:00
d3ngarAnd when I do need to write something that works on all platforms, I generally like using Java15:00
d3ngarI quite like Python as a language, but you have to install all sorts of additional things to make the same programme run on different machines15:01
d3ngarNot so good15:01
d3ngarJava is better in that regard15:01
directhexjava's fine as long as you don't expect end-users to interact with it (since java apps always feel extremely heavy) and have buckets of ram lying around (since java's ram consumption is extraordinarily high). funnily enough it's fast, for pure cpu-bound code.15:03
d3ngardirecthex: agreed. Which they would have done something about Java's extensive RAM usage, but I guess it's what it is.15:05
Laneyalways freezing when returning from lunch15:05
directhexquit moaning. i'm still snowed in15:05
dwatkinsLaney: I refuse to accept any complaints about it being cold, I fell into the canal this morning on my bike ;)15:06
Laneyhow was the rest of the journey?15:06
Laney14.6° in here15:07
dwatkins12 parsecs here15:07
Laneyactually that's downstairs, colder up 'ere15:07
dwatkinsoh sorry, that's degrees, that is pretty cold15:07
dwatkinsparts of the canal were frozen15:08
Laneydid the electronics survive?15:08
dwatkinsone phone did, I think - the other is still drying15:08
dwatkinsthankfully I didn't have my iPad nor laptop with me (don't normally take them on the bike anyway)15:08
LaneyI wonder if my waterproof panniers would survive a dunk like that15:10
dwatkinsLaney: I hadn't done mine up correctly, big mistake15:10
dwatkinsthey hold water very well, though.... once it's got in15:11
LaneyI know a guy who got hugged off his bike into a canal by a drunk chap once15:11
dwatkinshow mean15:11
Laneyit was a brompton as well, which I bet made it look even more amusing15:12
* Laney looks at sladen15:12
einonmHmm. Looks like Ubuntu got a +1 due to Fedora getting a -1 from Alan Cox https://plus.google.com/u/0/111104121194250082892/posts/aCiB7kTLXTh15:40
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Seeker`popey: that 1080p phone definitely has a good GPU :D15:57
daftykin1omg @ client running a .exe from a .zip on a spam email FedEx fake18:03
solarcloud_3scrn❄ Here is a snow flake , do you have any where you are ?? ❄ ❄❄  ❄❄❄  ❄❄❄❄    ❄❄❄❄❄    ❄❄❄❄❄❄     ❄❄❄❄❄❄     ❄❄ ❄❄ ❄❄ ❄18:08
davmor2a +alancox comment :D Unity seems to be "mostly harmless" - not quite my choice of desktop but not aimed at me either18:14
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AzelphurSeems I'm still getting this gedit issue, it's odd nobody else seems affected, I did a fresh install to 12.10 and it's still happening :s19:04
Azelphurthat is, minimise gedit -> you no longer have a text cursor19:05
daftykinscarat plays hide and seek?19:05
popeya text cursor?19:06
popeyhow are you minimising gedit and where dont you see the text cursor?19:06
AzelphurI'll make a video to be more descriptive, one second19:07
Azelphurah, more interesting, it seems to only happen when I'm doing a mouse gesture, perhaps it's related to me holding middle click while minimising19:13
Azelphuryea this seems fairly reproducible, hold down middle click and use a keycombo to minimise gedit (usually alt+F9)19:14
Azelphurand now you have no text cursor, enjoy xD19:14
AzelphurI bet someone can replicate that now I understand what causes it19:15
Azelphurpopey: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nn3qu5e4cjf8s1w/2013-01-22%2019.08.12.mp4?m video uploaded19:17
popeyalt+f9 doesn't minimise here19:21
Azelphurpopey: yea, I've had it set in compiz for a few releases, I guess they changed it at some point19:25
AzelphurI dunno what it's set to now, it'll be in the general tab of ccsm I think19:26
Azelphurjust thought, I can easily try and replicate this on my laptop, see if I get anywhere19:27
Azelphurnope, gah. Can't reproduce it on my laptop19:36
daftykinsthe voice of Azelphur :O20:15
Azelphursince it seems to just be a bug with my weird setup, I found a workaround20:16
daftykinsAzelphur: curiously it appears to have left before the window even 'peels' away20:16
daftykinsunless that's just how window management goes, sorta 'animations' stop before the redraw20:16
daftykinsAzelphur: what do you mouse middle click for?20:17
Azelphurdaftykins: initiate mouse gesture20:18
daftykinswhat kind of things do you do with that?20:18
Azelphurdaftykins: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2013/Jan/2013-01-22-201924_800x1405_scrot.png20:19
daftykinsmy word20:20
daftykinsbut keyboard shortcuts :'(20:20
AzelphurI have keyboard shortcuts too, but I often have my hand on the mouse and a gesture is pretty easy20:20
Azelphurthis is why I miss the compiz fire plugin though, it was set up with easystroke to display a trail on my mouse when performing a gesture20:22
Azelphurwhich was awesome. :<20:22
daftykinsi remember a coursemate at Uni using some gesture firefox add-on20:24
daftykinsthough i didn't see that being easier to draw a line to go 'back' versus hitting the hardware mouse button, if you have one20:24
Azelphuryea, it shines with things like close/maximise/minimise20:25
Azelphuras those buttons are annoyingly small20:25
popey\o/ my hand never leaves the keyboard for the mouse ☺20:33
popeyi use alt+space, n  for minimise, and alt+space, x for maximise20:34
daftykinsi try to avoid mousing20:34
popeyhave done for many many years20:34
constrictorI am getting unable to find suitable address error when trying to mount a NAS share any help ?20:55
daftykinswhat's your mount command?20:56
constrictorsudo mount -t cifs -o user=administrator,password=mypassword // /home/kwabena/Netdrive20:57
popeyhas the IP of the NAS changed>?20:57
popeythat IP doesn't look static20:57
constrictorthe ip is the same20:58
popeyso you can ping it?20:58
daftykinsare those slashes right for the device side 0o20:58
constrictoryep I am getting 100% responses20:58
Azelphuranother thing for the Azelphur broke it list, https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2013/Jan/2013-01-22-174340_582x712_scrot.png21:00
daftykinsi prefer to idle on IRC and let others trawl that abomination of a timewasting device, linking me to the goodies instead21:01
brobostigonsorry, but what is the syntax, to pipe the output from a program into pastebinit ?21:03
popeyfoo | pastebinit21:04
brobostigonthank you popey21:04
constrictoranyway thanks guys, I got in through http, configured ftp and accessed it through there21:04
daftykinsnothin' like givin' up on your problem21:05
brobostigonpopey: thats giving me error, "You are trying to send an empty document, exiting."21:06
popeyyour program isn't outputting anything to stdout21:07
daftykinsbrobostigon: > it to a file and check21:07
brobostigonpopey: it is output form webcam, v4l2 errors.21:07
brobostigondaftykins: let me try that, and pastebinit in reverse.21:09
solarcloud_3scrnAloha, Hi there  G+comm very active today .. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/Google%20Plus%20%26%20G%2Bcomm%20very%20active%20today.png21:16
solarcloud_3scrnAnyone checked their GPlus lately ??21:17
brobostigonhttp://pastebin.com/nd0D9Ypz thats the error i am getting,21:18
solarcloud_3scrnbrobostigon: Can't help you , but nice blog all the same :D http://blog.taylorworld.me.uk/21:22
brobostigonsolarcloud_3scrn: thats my mums, for her toy bear.21:24
solarcloud_3scrnOh, sorry , thought was your bog, oh well... nice bit I'm looking at next on #aspie ??21:25
brobostigonsolarcloud_3scrn: at next on ?21:26
solarcloud_3scrnrighht, doesn't sound like a good link..so I won't click it.. #aspietalks stats  ...21:28
brobostigonsolarcloud_3scrn: thats just another irc channel i go to, they wanted channel statistics, let the ones i do for here, as they asked me, because i also have aspergers.21:30
brobostigonsolarcloud_3scrn: ie, aspie being shortform for aspergers.21:30
brobostigonor someone with aspergers.21:30
solarcloud_3scrnI well aware; as I run the #wrongplanet G+comm. http://goo.gl/N7Lgq21:31
solarcloud_3scrn** I'm21:31
brobostigonsolarcloud_3scrn: do yu have it yourself?21:33
solarcloud_3scrnonce, but now I do porridge ..21:33
brobostigonthat isnt possible, you will aspergers/autism all your life, it will always be there.21:34
solarcloud_3scrnWell my medical records said I had an asperger incident .. as I paid £50 for them ..and scanned them in .. so maybe the law is different here..21:35
solarcloud_3scrnyou are not aspie all the time IMHO21:35
popeybrobostigon: so the webcam was working but now isnt? what changed?21:36
brobostigonpopey: i havent changed anything, that i know of, i have just changed the quality etc abit in webcam's config file.21:37
popeyis there another thing holding the webcam open?21:37
popeylike cheese or another webcam process running in screen?21:37
brobostigonpopey: not that i know of, let me run lsof on it.21:37
brobostigonlsof returns nothing.21:38
popeywhat type of webcam is it?21:39
brobostigonBus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:089d Logitech, Inc. QuickCam E2500 series21:40
brobostigonoh dear.21:41
solarcloud_3scrnWill the Logitech 9000 make any difference ??21:42
brobostigonsolarcloud_3scrn: not a clue, dont have it.21:45
brobostigonpopey: ie, there is some existing issue?21:48
popeybrobostigon: pass21:52
brobostigonpopey: ok, you bummer just gave me an impression, you knew more. :)21:53
brobostigoni did find https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/32667421:55
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 326674 in linux (Ubuntu Jaunty) "Logitech Quickcam E2500 not supported" [Medium,Fix released]21:55
brobostigonwrong thing entirly.21:57
dwatkinspopey: http://imgur.com/gallery/mDDF022:03
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