snap-lMan, Elite Keyboards is sloooooow.02:13
* snap-l wishes they sold via Amazon Prime.02:13
snap-lgreg-g: You're not going to believe this.04:25
snap-lRemember tha band I posted about yesterday re: being bummed the album wasn't released under a CC license?04:25
snap-lGuess who just got done writing them about the CC license because they wanted to know more?04:26
greg-gsnap-l: nice! good luck ;)05:10
snap-li'll be surprised if anything comes of it, but it's better than nothing.11:33
snap-lLooks like a soft launch of titles, but yay nonetheless.11:47
rick_h_freaking brrrrr12:26
rick_h_ok, who can point me to something that explains wtf "request annotation" is as it concerns web app controllers?13:18
rick_h_jrwren: widox Blazeix ^ ?13:18
snap-lrick_h_: I'm seeing a lot of Spring stuff associated with that.13:37
rick_h_yea, my google fu is coming up with a bunch of stuff, but nothing jumping out that says why someone would file that bug against our code13:39
widoxrick_h_: can't say that I've heard of it13:39
widoxsome annotation that specifies a uri that matches a controller method?13:40
snap-lSeems an awful roundabout way of putting it13:40
rick_h_so this is in the context of our db connection to use for the request13:41
widoxhm, I dunno about that13:46
rick_h_ok, I found the guy and bugged him about it13:49
rick_h_basically he wants to have request.db vs from app.models import getdb; getdb()13:49
rick_h_so by request annotation he means custom property on the request object itself in the view13:50
snap-lWhy didn't he just say so?13:53
snap-ln0p: http://www.indiegogo.com/protestthehero14:02
jrwrenrick_h_: does not sound familiar14:10
jrwrenrick_h_: unless that is a general term for that http form work around for http verb replacement14:10
rick_h_jrwren: yea, he meant s/request annotation/request property for us normal folks14:11
=== jon_e is now known as JonEdney
Blazeixweird way of putting it. i usually s/annotation/decorator/ to translate from java-ese to python-ese14:37
n0psnap-l: awesome, thanks14:38
jjessewhose excited to have a sewer guy cleaning out his drain today?  (not this guy)14:56
_stink_hopefully it will allow you to flush, though14:57
jjesseand not flood the basement14:57
rick_h_there's liquid water out there today?14:58
jjessein my basement there was14:59
brouschgreg-g: Does this description of your talk seem accurate? http://www.meetup.com/grwebdev/events/44262322/16:21
snap-lBuh... buh...16:21
snap-lRemote Greg?16:22
greg-gbrousch: sure thing16:23
* greg-g still needs to make it ;)16:23
brouschThree of us organize the group together. For each meeting, on of us is the "Manager Of Meeting." That is not me this time, so you might get contacted by Ross Hunter16:25
brouschBut I'll be there and helping, so feel free to go through me16:26
brouschThanks again16:27
brouschInteresting http://detroitdevdays.com/mobidevday/17:41
rick_h_yea, didn't someone go to that last year? Blazeix maybe18:28
brouschThis says it's a new conference. Mobile only18:30
rick_h_I thought they did a mobile thing before :/18:30
brouschOr a mobile-only version of the regular one18:30
brouschApparently they had a mobile track last year18:30
brouschI submitted my Kivy talk18:33
greg-gI'm able to view that site with my desktop browser just fine!18:33
snap-lMobile is just a fad18:36
snap-lpretty soon they'll all come back to the nice desktop like good little kids.18:36
* snap-l imagines something similar being said around the PC / Mainframe era18:37
rick_h_ok, I'm wearing a cap inside my house. Maybe I'd better go get the space heater :(18:41
rick_h_hey, this bald heat is a giant heat sink and it works too well!18:42
brouschGrow more hair on your face to compensate18:43
rick_h_I think you need to retake thermal from school :P18:47
rick_h_thermo that is18:47
rick_h_greg-g: <3 the tool check18:47
rick_h_floored it's mitered vs dovetailed18:47
rick_h_if you need to fix a few nails: http://www.leevalley.com/US/hardware/page.aspx?p=40387&cat=3,41306,41324 should hopefully match up18:48
greg-grick_h_: floored in which way? :)18:50
rick_h_greg-g: well since these things take a lot of abuse, normally they'd be dovetailed for strongest joints in the body18:50
rick_h_mitered doesn't give a lot of strength18:50
rick_h_unless mitered dovetailed, so floored the nails held it together that well18:50
greg-gah, right :)18:51
greg-grick_h_: when you have time to answer (no rush, obviously), do you have suggestions on care for the toolbox? I mean, I would love to not treat it like a museum peice. It is rugged still and not likely to break anywhere, but keeping it going tips would be helpful ;) (oils? how to tell when I should replace nails?)19:13
brouschI just realized that with my switch to Kivy I no longer have a need for Eclipse21:34
brouschNow I have to go watch the rick_h_ vim tutorials again21:46
brouschI lost all knowledge of buffers21:47
brouschHm. My talk for MobiDevDay has already been accepted21:54
rick_h_nice, go brousch go...except he left22:05

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