waltmanIt's SNOWING!00:12
roastedmy better half and I struck a deal tonight04:47
roastedif I get the trim installed in the bathroom, I can have my 2x3TB HDDs I want to order for my server.04:48
roastedShe even agreed to let me order them a while. Only catch is, she keeps the package until I get the trim installed.04:48
roastedAt least it cuts ship time out of the situation, I suppose.04:48
roastedI tried to justify to her that I need to at the very least install them in the server and run a long test against them to ensure their integrity.04:51
roastedShe wasn't buying it. :(04:51
TheLordOfTimeyou could have her send the drives over to here so i can integrity test them for you...04:52
TheLordOfTimeno chance of you ever seeing the drives though :P04:52
roastedI bet you could use a pair of 3TB Reds, eh? :P04:53
roastedI wonder how long it'll take to build a 3TB mirror04:54
JonathanDHey rmg5111:07
jedijfomg mikala.......12:26
waltmanyou mean Michaela on wxpn?12:31
waltmanwhen she said "I never wanted to go to Jamaica because I don't smoke pot."?12:31
jedijfyou nailed it12:35
* jedijf hooked on phonics12:35
jedijfwouldn;t even attempt her last name - always have to look at site12:35
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:13
InHisNamemorning all15:06
ChinnoDognot morning anymore19:13
* pleia2 waves from the past, where it is still morning19:14
* waltman waves from the future, where it's finally warmed up to 21F.19:15
waltmanSo you've got that to look forward to!19:15
pleia2supposed to get up to 65F here today!19:17
ChinnoDogheat wave19:19
pleia2that's normal for here now ;)19:19
ChinnoDogLet's all move to pleia2's for the winter. I claim the couch.19:30
waltmanYou can have the couch. It's probably all covered with cat hair. :)19:31
* waltman wheezes19:31
waltmanAt least it'll be nice weather for rioting if the Niners win the Super Bowl :)19:34
pleia2fortunately it's a leather couch20:26
pleia2woo riots20:26
=== mutantturkey is now known as MobileTurkey
MobileTurkeywhat if i told you i don't know diddly squad about sysadmin and im now a sysadmin21:52
MobileTurkeyworried? yes21:53
waltmansurprised? no21:54
ChinnoDogcongrats Turkey. Try not to break anything.22:10
JonathanDHe's running limerick power plant.22:10
pleia2it's a good thing I moved22:10
ChinnoDogTry not to irradiate anyone22:11
JonathanDHow do you think he became a mutant turkey in the first place/22:11
waltmanAt least it's not something important, like monitoring the brewing tanks at Victory.22:11
pleia2waltman: +122:11
JonathanDAccording to xkcd it's safe to swim in the cooling rod pools.22:11
ChinnoDogSounds like a good way to end up with an odd number of paired organs.22:12
JonathanDChinnoDog: apparently in most of the pool, the radiation level is lower than on the street.22:13
JonathanDWater is VERY good at cutting radiation.22:13
ChinnoDogI'd rather not tempt fate.22:29

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