stgraberjodh: gosh, 15k long test file, there goes my plan to read through test_initctl.c ;)16:06
jodhstgraber: I'd look at test_show_config() and test_reexec() in that file.16:09
stgraberjodh: my plan for an easy test is to add code to test_upstart_open which tests that initctl connects to the bus set in UPSTART_SESSION if it's set and fails if UPSTART_SESSION is unset and user_mode is set16:12
stgraberjodh: that'll essentially test the code I added to initctl.c, the rest is identical to standard upstart, so I'm not sure it makes sense to add a specific test to each of the test function16:13
jodhstgraber: sounds good to me.16:15
stgraberlooks like it's going to be one of those rare branches where adding tests will take less time than writing the initial code ;) that's assuming I don't get into any weird nih bug when writing the tests ;)16:26
xnoxwell.... how long have you already spent sieving through test_initctl.c?16:34
stgraberxnox: just long enough to notice vim telling me how long it was ;) then I decided to use grep to figure out where to add my tests ;)16:51
stgraberanyway, half the tests are done now16:51
xnoxstgraber: i remember onces doing a grep -C 10 & using patch-mode to write a patch and path it in......16:51
xnoxgood old days of not enough ram and patching 10MB file =)))))16:52
* xnox used to do crazy stuff, for little reason.16:54
* xnox doesn't like17:00
xnoxprecise-desktop-base login: <4>init: setvtrgb main process (258) terminated with status 117:00
xnoxupon starting lxc containers on raring.17:00
stgraberxnox: I agree and I had an action to add some "and not-container" to those upstart jobs but slangasek felt we should just let them fail ;)17:04
xnoxstgraber: why does it complaint in my face and not somewhere else?17:04
stgraberxnox: because it'd complain in your face on a real system, so we do that too in containers ;)17:05
stgraberor more likely, it'd do that on a real system if /dev/console didn't support those ioctls and your machine was booting fast enough to cause a race between setvtrgb and tty1 :)17:05
stgraberjodh: branch should be ready for another review. I added the two tests I mentioned earlier and they pass as expected.17:18

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