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mundonethay alguien??06:41
mundonetque hable español??06:42
Unit193!es | mundonet06:42
ubottumundonet: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.06:42
Unit193Da nada.06:45
xubuntu048so Have a question07:10
xubuntu048regarding the best server to use with xubuntu07:11
xubuntu048whatever... no response i'm out07:14
heraclitisI'm having problems with my networking connection. I try to ping my loopback, no response. My gateway, no response.09:02
baizonheraclitis: post your ifconfig output on paste.ubuntu.com please09:02
moetunesheraclitis:  does   ifconfig -a   show the device is UP ?09:03
heraclitismoetunes: yes pasting in a few seconds. Had to transfer from one computer to another.09:06
baizonheraclitis: post link here ;)09:08
heraclitisI see how that works. That's pretty awesome.09:08
baizonheraclitis: try to ping
baizonor what is your gateways ip adress?09:10
heraclitisI waited 13103ms, 100% packet loss. 14 packets transmitted. And my gateway is
heraclitisip address
baizonheraclitis: yes, saw it on your paste09:11
heraclitisignore ipv6, it's irrelevant (my router doesn't support it).09:11
baizonis it your home network?09:11
heraclitisIt is my home network.09:12
baizonheraclitis: you dont use a mac filter right?09:12
heraclitisNever could get that configuration to work properly. lol09:13
heraclitisWhat baffles me is that I can't even ping my own computer.09:15
baizonyou cant ping localhost?09:15
moetunesis there a /etc/hosts file that mentions localhost ?09:17
heraclitisnegative. And when I ping from my laptop, I get this response: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1557884/09:18
heraclitisAnd no, I can't ping localhost. Give me one second moetunes. I'll check09:18
baizonheraclitis: try to ping
heraclitisI have listed as Localhost in /etc/hosts. And as $compname in the same file.09:20
heraclitisI ping with 100% packet loss09:21
heraclitisI've been monitoring the interface with wireshark, and I get icmp Destination unreachable (host unreachable) errors. All traffic is local, from 46132 using the UDP protocol09:25
moetunescan you paste /etc/hosts ?09:25
heraclitisOccasionally I'll get an attempted ARP to the default gateway. And I'll paste that in a second.09:25
moetunesI'm pretty sure it'll be a config somewhere09:27
heraclitismoetunes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1557904/09:28
moetunesso hostname is unreal?09:29
heraclitisIt was the first thing that came to mind09:30
heraclitisWhile installing09:30
heraclitisYou know, like "unreal, man"09:30
moetuneswhat is setting the eth1 to ?09:30
moetuneswhy is it 127..0.1.1 in /etc/hosts?09:31
moetuneswhy is it in /etc/hosts?09:31
heraclitisMy networking connections is setting it to Manual configuration. And I don't know why it's That caught my attention as well.  Should I make it the same as localhost?09:32
moetunesno - make it
heraclitisOkay one sec.09:33
heraclitisDone, restarted networking. I get this error when restarting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1557947/09:39
heraclitisI'm guessing my /etc/network/interfaces should contain something referring to eth0 or eth1 and their ip configuration, but I don't know the syntax, or if I'm right.09:41
moetunestry    service network restart09:44
heraclitisI believe the syntax of that command would be "service networking restart" and it says stop:Unknown instance:Start: Job failed to start09:46
heraclitisBad formatting there.09:46
moetuneshave you installed xubuntu in ubuntu then manually set the network up?09:48
moetunesseems like you need to set the /etc/network/interfaces file up manually too09:49
heraclitisNo, it was a fairly fresh install of xubuntu from the desktop iso image. I needed something faster than ubuntu. And I just tried setting up the /etc/network/interfaces file manually. No luck. Same error as before. I followed the syntax for static routing as shown here: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/ch05.en.html#_the_basic_syntax_of_etc_network_interfaces09:54
heraclitisI actually have two network adaptors. Both were working until this last boot. Now one says "device not managed". And the other is giving me problems.09:55
heraclitisI've even tried using usb instead of ethernet to connect. I do have dhcp disabled on my modem, and I'm using google's dns servers. So I have to statically route.09:56
moetunesok. I'd try another reboot just to check if it is a one of glitch or check in dmesg for clues on why it filed09:57
heraclitisokay. Rebooting now.09:58
heraclitisThe plymouth splash screen says "Waiting for network configuration". That's new. Doesn't seem to be working. How do I access dmesg? And what sort of clues should I watch for?10:01
moetunesI would start with   dmesg | grep -i net   in a terminal10:04
heraclitisI don't know how to read this output, so I'll send it your way. Give me a sec.10:07
moetunesthere seems to be some fail there on the "terminated with status 1" lines and the last suggests networkmanager is starting10:15
heraclitisI discovered one error, in the /etc/network/interfaces. Where it said "iface lo", it should have said "auto lo". So now I can ping localhost "unreal" (compname).10:17
heraclitisNow I need to gain lan access. I'm going to try to reboot, and see if the changes to /etc/network/interfaces made a difference.10:18
heraclitisOff topic, but how to I read the messages that are listed during shutdown? I keep getting something about "insecure pipe" (to paraphrase immensely). It scrolls by too quickly to read it. I know it's not related to this issue though.10:22
heraclitisI've restarted. I'm now getting a massive packet loss while pinging the default gateway, but I'm getting one. Average packet loss seems to be about 94%. (2 of 35 received). Making progress. Lol10:25
heraclitisNo connection to outside world, though.10:25
moetunesshutdown messages aren't logged anywhere10:28
heraclitisBefore restart, I also edited the /etc/network/interfaces to read: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1558224/10:30
moetunesI'm guessing there is still something upn with your interfaces file10:30
moetunesremove the dns-domain line and eth0 can't be auto and static afaik10:32
heraclitisI just remembered something that may make a difference. I've been playing around with tor for a while, and me being the "monkey see, monkey do" type with computers (i like to see what'll happen)... I edited some of the configuration of ~/.ssh10:35
heraclitisAnd I removed that line. Is there a way to reset ~/.ssh to defaults?10:35
moetunesssh won't interfere with a net connection10:36
heraclitisafter removing "auto" and the "dns domain" lines from the file, I loose connectivity from the default gateway.10:36
moetunes^ says no auto wiyh static10:37
moetunesnameserver should be in /etc/resolv.conf instead of the interfaces file10:38
heraclitisoh okay. I'll change that.10:38
heraclitisWhen I go to change that file it says "Do not edit this file by hand -- Your changes will be overwritten"10:39
heraclitisit says nameserver is
moetunesthat's from networkmanager which you should make sure doesn't run if you are manually setting the network10:40
heraclitisso I should change nameserver to if I want it to be google's dns server?10:43
moetunesyes if you stop networkmanager from running10:45
moetunescan't stress that enough10:46
moetunescan't stress that enough10:46
heraclitisHow do I stop networkmanager from running on boot? I know I can stop it while the comp is running, but at boot it'll try to start automatically, won't it?10:47
heraclitisI'm up and running. I deleted everything in the /etc/network/interfaces with the exception of "auto lo" and "iface lo inet loopback". Then I stopped networking by running "sudo service network-manager stop" then I ran "sudo start network-manager". Worked like a charm. I'm viewing google now from that computer. Thanks for everything, sir. I wish there were a way to repay you for your time and effort.10:55
moetunesyou gave up doing the manual setup you had? glad it's working :)10:56
heraclitisI am still using manual ip address and dns configuration. But through network manager. I can't use auto dns or address leasing through my router. It's a pos from my ISP. I need to get a cisco. Lol. I'm glad it's working, too.10:59
heraclitisNow I can finally get off this Ubuntu 12.04 laptop. After using xubuntu, I can't go back. I'll find you when I log in over on my desktop.11:00
heraclitisThanks again, moetunes!11:08
moetunescheers ;)11:08
heraclitismoetunes: are you using pidgin? If so, I have a movie I'd like to give you in exchange for your help.11:15
moetunesheraclitis:  I use weechat and I saw the movie was ready to be transfered but I have plenty of movies thaks ;)11:20
heraclitisNo thank you. If there's anything I help you with, let me know. I'd be glad to try.11:21
* Yotson (scratching each others back)++ :D11:22
moetunesit's all good. this is what support channels are for :)11:23
niuniomartinezHi. I have a problem with OpenGL.12:40
niuniomartinezIt does work (Open Arena, SuperTux Kart, eDuke32) but Allegro has some problems.12:41
niuniomartinezThey suggested (http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/61153) that it's a problem with drivers.12:43
niuniomartinezBut I don't know which one I'm using...12:44
CristianoPessoal alguém ai poderia me dizer se o conky funciona bem no Xubuntu 12.10?14:09
heraclitishow to proxy all terminal commands like wget, hg, and apt?14:32
koegsheraclitis: http://askubuntu.com/questions/69983/proxy-settings-not-working14:34
koegsthe rest depends on the programs14:34
heraclitisgood voip service for pstn on xubuntu? not cisco?16:23
holsteinheraclitis: "good" is a matter of opinion.. what are you looking for? and what have you tried? and what hasnt worked about what you have tried? i thought pstn was not a voip16:25
heraclitisI have only used Magicjack, but it only works in Windows. I would stay in Ubuntu all the time if my phone service could be transferred here as well. Magicjack uses voip to transfer to pstn. I would like something I could use with a current number, or a new one for little to no cost. Up time of more than 80 percent would be great, as well. secure would be excellent, but not a requirement.16:26
holsteinheraclitis: you can port your # to google voice or a similar service and use it on the operating system or device you choose16:28
heraclitisI've been giving serious thought to nettalk... it can stand alone or be plugged into a computer. Similar to magicjack. I'm using the old usb dongle for magicjack.16:28
heraclitisGood point. I didn't think about google voice.16:28
heraclitisAnd that will allow me to make calls from my computer as though it's my old number, correct?16:28
holsteinheraclitis: im not a google-fan-boy... i just like the service... there are a lot of options with google voice16:29
holsteinchase follow... widgets that will go straight to voicemail and not show your #... dialing to and from other #'s... custom voicemail messages... plus, it works in the browser with linux16:31
heraclitisLol. I reserve judgment with Google. And what's this chase follow? Is it in Synaptic?16:31
holsteinheraclitis: if you want to program a few #'s for google voice to try... it'll try one.. then the next.. so on, til you either answer one of the phones, or it goes to voicemail16:32
heraclitisThat's pretty neat.16:33
heraclitisI'm checking it out now.16:33
holsteinheraclitis: its not a "linux" solution, but it works in linux... i would just read about it, and feel free to /join the #xubuntu-offtopic channel and i'll share more specifics16:35
Ronalds_Mhow to reset password in freenode17:13
Ronalds_Mdamn nickserv is saying that I'm not allowed to do that17:14
holsteinRonalds_M: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#changepass17:16
Ronalds_Mtnx Holstein17:34
Ronalds_Mbut in reality17:34
Ronalds_Mfreenode has turned that thing off17:34
Ronalds_Mso you have to go to freenode channel17:34
Ronalds_Mand ask staff to reset it17:34
holsteinRonalds_M: that thing?17:50
holsteinRonalds_M: you should alert the staff in the channel if the documentaion is not current17:51
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heraclitishow to allow virtualbox through ufw?18:04
heraclitisnat or bridged best?18:04
holsteinheraclitis: i usually change settings so the vm gets an ip from the router18:04
holsteinthen, its the same as if it were a normal machine on the network18:04
heraclitisand would that be nat or bridged to config that way?18:05
holsteinheraclitis: i dont think you can bridge, and share the IP of the main machine, and get a seperate IP to the VM18:06
heraclitisI have two network adaptors. (3 if necessary).18:06
heraclitisIf that makes a difference.18:06
holsteinheraclitis: i have only ever set up the VM so it gets an IP from the main gateway, just as a normal machine...18:07
heraclitisI have it set up that way. default gateway is the same, ip lease is the same, dns the same, but only lo ( has any activity or connectivity.18:07
holsteinheraclitis: you are getting an ip from theh gateway? can you ping the gateway? and/or other machines on your network?18:09
holsteindid you "break" the dns settings trying to set a static ip?18:09
heraclitisno ping from gateway on VM, from host, yes. I'm communicating with you on it. And I set up my dns manually.18:09
holsteinheraclitis: then its not set up properly18:10
holsteinheraclitis: when you can ping the gateway, you'll be able to forward ports from the gateway to the VM18:10
heraclitisI'll keep working at it. lol18:10
geoff__Hi - this is my first post here - just observing18:54
knome!hi | geoff__19:01
ubottugeoff__: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!19:01
geoff__Hi knome and ubottu19:03
knomehello geoff. btw, if you are looking for a channel for random (non-support) chatter, we have #xubuntu-offtopic19:04
geoff__Thanks very much for that guys19:04
knomeno problem19:05
geoff__I anticipate I will be normally logged on as BlinkinCat19:05
knomegeoff__, sure, no problem :)19:06
Bon-chancan you guys suggest me a good system monitor? to place it at the workspace. i have the defaults in my window panel but want to try a diferent one19:06
geoff__How come NickServ states I am not logged on?19:07
Picibecause you aren't.19:09
geoff__I don't understand that - if my words can be seen - I won't take up your time - perhaps I will go and observe off-topic19:12
Ronalds_Mtrying to boot Mac OS X in virtual machine give no bootable medium... anyone knows why that happens?19:12
geoff__Goodnight guys and thanks19:13
Ronalds_M(doing that for study purpoises only)19:13
Ronalds_MGeoff you are not logged on in freenode19:14
geoff__I really am sorry for messing that up - a steep learning curve for me - can I just exit the page without registering any damage?19:17
knomegeoff__, yup.19:17
geoff__Thanks knome - now to get into the Guidelines - a good idea eh ?Goodnight all and thanks19:20
knomegeoff__, good night½19:20
xubuntu369I can not connect to the wireless network, can someone help me?21:39
moetunesxubuntu369:  there's a wiki dor that - tried it?21:43
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:43
xubuntu369moetunes: I have ubuntu 12.10, but installed Xubuntu 11.10 is for testing and disconnecting but on ubuntu connects normal!21:46
xubuntu369ubottu: thanks!!!21:47
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JayneilWhile plugging in an external USB device, the eject option in thunar 1.6 does not seem to work properly.. switched to nautilus, it worked fine.. anyone else facing the same issue.. ?22:33
ochosiJayneil: "does not seem to work properly" == ?22:39
ochosiJayneil: strange, what version of thunar 1.6 are you using exactly and where did you install it from?22:53
Troy^Hey just installed xubuntu 12.10 and i also installed plank. I'm trying to figure out how i can get the plank dock to start at boot23:24
holsteinTroy^: in the settings menu, you'll find startup applications there somewhere in session i believe... i gtg or id look and tell you exactly, but keep digging :)23:41
Jayneil1.6.2  and I used xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.1223:56
ochosiJayneil: then it'd be best if you could report a bug23:58

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