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LeoNerdEasiest way (in a shell script) to obtain the branch path for a lightweight checkout?13:52
fullermdProbably something under 'config' to spit it out?13:57
mgzconfig doesn't seem to know, but info has what I guess you want, just not in a simple form13:58
LeoNerdYah; I know I could use  bzr info | sed -n s/...../p13:59
LeoNerdbut that's a bit icky13:59
mgznot seeing a nicer way unfortunately14:01
mgzwell, you could poke internals14:01
mgzcat .bzr/branch/location should be reasonably safe14:01
LeoNerdOh, that looks good enough14:03
LeoNerdIt's just a script wrapper of mine.. I just want to check if it is "TRUNK" for sanity purposes, and bail out if not. So that sohuld be fine14:03
LeoNerdgrep /TRUNK `bzr root`/.bzr/branch/location >/dev/null || ....14:04
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