phoenix_firebrdyofel: are you there?00:17
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: what do you need to know?00:17
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: good morning00:17
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: I am building libkolabxm and i am getting error i will paste it now00:18
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/655154/00:19
Riddellyour patch doesnae apply00:20
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ya i can see that00:21
Riddellopen the patch and src/uriencode.cpp in an editor and decide if it still needs to apply00:21
Riddellif not delete the patch and entry from debian/patches/series00:21
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: Its not my patch00:21
RiddellI know, it's mine :)00:22
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: so i have to remove the patches?00:23
Riddellyou have to decide if it still needs to apply00:23
Riddellor if whatever the patch was for has been fixed00:23
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: the packagers decide on that?00:24
Riddellthere's nobody here but us chickens00:24
Riddelloh I'm taking wrongful credit, it's apachelogger's patch00:25
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: so looks like a patch to fix a mistake in the code, look at the code and see if that mistake has been fixed00:25
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ok00:26
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: manual patching allowed?00:27
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: how do you mean?00:29
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: If the patch are ok and it was not applied previously? can we patch the source manually?00:29
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: are you still talking about kubuntu_fix_curl_constness.patch ?00:30
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ya and it seems the patch was already applied00:31
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: so, now i have to just delete the corresponding .patch file from debian/patch/ ?00:32
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: both the patches are already applied00:34
Riddelland the name from debian/patches/series00:34
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: does the patch dir have to remain?00:35
Riddellour patches go upstream, we rock00:35
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: doesn't matter either way00:35
phoenix_firebrdi have removed the patch dir00:35
Riddelldebuild it baby!00:36
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ya doing that00:37
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: debuild seems changes in cmakelists.txt which i didn't change and wants to commit using this command dpkg-source --commit and it needs a commit name00:39
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/655160/00:39
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: can i commit with message "removed previously applied patches" ?00:41
Riddellwhat's in /tmp/libkolabxml_0.8.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu13.04~ppa1.diff.6Gm6oh phoenix_firebrd ?00:41
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: checking00:42
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/655166/00:43
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: that's the kubuntu_01_include_dir.diff patch00:43
Riddellso it must have been applied somehow00:43
Riddellstart again00:43
Riddellremove the libkolabxml-0.8.2 sources00:44
Riddellextract the tar00:44
Riddellcopy the debian dir in00:44
Riddellremove the kubuntu_fix_curl_constness.patch patch but not the other one00:44
Riddelladd changelog and debuild00:44
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ok00:46
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: running pbuilder00:51
RiddellI only use pbuilder for a final check, I just compile things locally first00:51
Riddellpbuilder takes ages to run00:51
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: I am running 12.1000:52
Riddellprobably still fine for most things00:52
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: only the internet come in the way00:53
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: If i install all the deps and it will show in the updates00:53
Riddellec2 machines available on request too00:53
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: mine is 2mbps and with a fup of 80gb after that 256 kbps00:53
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: Give me that when you feel i am ready 00:54
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: ubuntu@ec2-54-242-247-61.compute-1.amazonaws.com00:57
Riddellrun poweroff when you're done to kill the machine00:57
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ok00:58
* Riddell snoozes01:01
ScottKcyphermox: Hi03:13
jackyalcineHey, any uses for graphics tablet in KDE/Kubuntu? 04:03
jackyalcineAs per http://blog.dev001.net/post/40681591705/x-org-use-your-android-tablet-as-a-graphics-tablet, looks like it might become more commonplace04:03
soeegood morning06:56
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
apachelogger"I know firefox needs to be patched, and if official firefox maintainer does not want to patch firefox, we could make a fork of Firefox called "firefox-kde" or something."09:29
apacheloggerhe wrote 'we', but he meant 'you'09:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: jreen is not in raring yet?09:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: FWIW not knowing that dbus-launch and kded4 fork, the code does not make sense :P09:49
apacheloggeryofel: regarding the failure notification ... new team with new ml :P09:50
apacheloggerfor all I care we can also make an irc bot for it 09:51
apacheloggerbut who's going to run it and who's going to maintain it etc. :S09:51
yofeltrue, but if we really make one then please for all branches we remotely care about and put it in #kubuntu-commits09:52
apacheloggeryofel: i.e. all repostiories kubuntu-members or kubuntu-dev can upload to09:56
yofelphoenix_firebrd: something else for pbuilder before I forget it: You probably really want this in your pbuilderrc:09:56
yofelexport LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libeatmydata/libeatmydata.so09:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: good morning 09:56
yofelgood morning :)09:57
phoenix_firebrddid you sleep or yet to sleep?09:57
yofelapachelogger: yeah, and IMO maybe even commits to stable kde branches 09:57
yofelI did sleep, it's 11AM here09:57
phoenix_firebrdyofel: good09:57
apacheloggeryofel: well for that we can simply get the kde bots in09:58
yofelapachelogger: but that's for later anyway09:58
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i will add those lines to the pbuildrc09:58
phoenix_firebrdyofel: If a patch need needs fuzz option during build what should i do?09:58
apacheloggeryofel: the problem I have with lunchpad and IRC bots have is: short of getting a server-side hook deployed (which is terribly unlikely), we have to rely on randomly formatted mails09:59
yofelquilt push it by hand and refresh it.09:59
yofelquilt will patch it fine, but dpkg-source doesn't allow fuzz09:59
apacheloggerwhich in turn requires a vastly more complicate server-bot setup09:59
apacheloggeras the bot then needs to get ahold of the mails09:59
yofelapachelogger: I know :(09:59
apacheloggerdoing stuff based on mails is really spooky anyway ^^10:00
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: morning10:00
apacheloggerhey phoenix_firebrd10:00
apacheloggerRiddell: it appears you are overly dismissive of the ideas on the ML :P10:00
apacheloggermore importantly tho, go fix your mail client10:01
phoenix_firebrdyofel: what does those two lines for pbuilderrc does?10:02
apacheloggerI really do not get why everyone is so hung up on the browser question though10:02
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: debault browser?10:02
yofelphoenix_firebrd: it replaces sync() and fsync() system calls with a NOOP, which makes package installation a LOT faster10:03
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: rekonq +110:03
yofelrekonq +010:03
apacheloggercurl ftw10:03
phoenix_firebrdyofel: what do you prefer?10:03
Tm_TKDE browser +1 (Konqueror +2)10:03
yofelrekonq 2.0 is ok, but it took it 3 minutes(!) stuck with 100%CPU to open a simply gzipped buildlog from launchpad yesterday10:03
yofelI'm presonally a firefox person, but I use firefox, chromium and rekonq at the same time sometimes10:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel: but what about the gtk dep10:04
Tm_TI use lynx quite often /:10:04
apacheloggerwebkit > gecko10:04
apacheloggerbecause webkit > khtml > gecko10:05
yofelphoenix_firebrd: I said what I use, please don't use what I use as the default10:05
Tm_Tapachelogger: you mean kthml > all ?10:05
Tm_Tkhtml too10:05
apacheloggerdid you look at the code? :P10:05
apacheloggerlike ... brrrrr10:05
Tm_Tapachelogger: oh yes I have done that10:05
apacheloggerhence why webkit is superior10:05
apacheloggertho its code is also brrrr10:05
apacheloggeryet it is less of a lolwut kind of brrrr10:06
* apachelogger will one of these days get a discussion about who the actual target audience of kubuntu is10:06
yofelbut I'm together with apachelogger that I don't understand why people make such a fuss about the default browser10:06
yofelrekonq works for most things, if you need something else freakin' install it10:07
Tm_Tapachelogger: us ofcourse (;10:07
yofelrekonq 2.1 will even have a usable history tab10:07
apachelogger>>I use a lot the button to "keep Above Others", and I'm quite sure most of the new user not even knows it can be done, instead once is there it's really easy to understand how and when to use it.<<10:08
Tm_TI still miss the bookmark bar from Konqueror when I use other browsers /:10:08
apacheloggerso, if I were not so lazy I'd search for a study on why in fact that is not and easy to understand feature10:08
yofelapachelogger: that would be something I curse windows for not having, but that's probably jsut me10:08
apacheloggeras useful as it is, it entirely requires thinking outside the box10:08
yofelwasn't it enabled in kde3 times though?10:09
apacheloggeralas, I fail to think of one real world example where you can keep something above everything else without having to reorder10:09
apacheloggeroh, well, dirt on ones glasses work that way10:10
apacheloggeryofel: I believe so, yes10:10
apacheloggerit's not that the button being there does any harm10:11
apacheloggerkinda messes with visual balance though10:11
apacheloggerand since normal people will have a hard time grasping the concept it is not worthwhile10:11
yofeli have: 'on all desktops' 'keep above' 'shade' <title> 'min' 'max' 'close'10:12
yofelperfectly balanced10:12
apacheloggeror the supreme reasoning of why not to have it: nuno wanted it gone10:12
yofelah ok10:12
apacheloggeryofel: actually that sounds more like your window will eventually fall over to the right :P10:12
apacheloggerthat's what I mean with visual balance10:12
yofelnote that title is in the middle10:12
apacheloggerso it goes10:13
yofelok, so it's 4:3 including the icon, but still10:13
apachelogger[o]                    super app     [a] [i] [p] [y] [x]10:13
apacheloggerif you had the title left it'd be better10:14
Tm_T[menu]    konsole    [maximize]10:14
apacheloggerbut then the title suddenly becomes an element of visual balance10:14
apacheloggerso that's bad10:14
apacheloggerlike really bad10:14
apacheloggeras a short title will again endanger the window of falling over to the right, and a long one may make it fall ot the left10:15
yofel[o] [a] [i] [j]        foo       [v] [^] [X]10:15
apacheloggeryofel: yeah, that works10:15
apacheloggercrowded though etc.10:15
apacheloggerTm_T: with you on that10:15
yofelwell, I think I'll drop "shade" - I never use that...10:15
apacheloggeryofel: truth be told, I use a lot of that crap, but I do not use it as often as I use max or close for example10:16
apacheloggerin fact it may be 10:110:16
Tm_Tapachelogger: I less is better with those buttons I'd say10:16
apacheloggerso I personally find it perfectly acceptable to right click on the window and activate the magic from the menu10:16
Tm_Ttriple click on menu does close the window, so close button is not needed10:17
apacheloggerTm_T: absolutely agreed, though your 2 button lineup can only be pulled of by keyboard users ^^10:17
Tm_Tand double click on titlebar minimizes so no need for a button with that (;10:17
Tm_Tapachelogger: yeah, my config isn't for others anyway10:18
Tm_Tbut there's a balance what is really needed by default10:18
apacheloggerit's a config made to enjoy .prn I think10:18
apacheloggerless chrome = more prn10:18
Tm_Tnaah, more like this: http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/wut.png10:19
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: didn't we remove quickaccess for lack of maintainership?10:20
apacheloggerTm_T: ascii prn then10:20
apacheloggerall the same to me10:20
Tm_Tapachelogger: yeah, all those log files are pure prn (;10:21
apachelogger"I guess a second panel on the top of the screen can do most of the job "10:21
apacheloggerI seem to have seen something like this before10:21
apacheloggerhm, where was it10:21
yofelplease... no. I have 2 panels, but they're left and right where it hurts the least10:22
apacheloggerbeing a buddhist and all, I have to say the following about 2 panels10:23
yofelif anything go the ubuntu way for 2 panels. We would at least have an excuse for that10:23
apacheloggerif you have so much crap that you cannot fit it all in one panel, the solution is not to add more panels but remove crap10:23
mikhaswould you like a third panel?10:24
Tm_Tare we talking about plasma panels now?10:24
apacheloggeryofel: top-bottom panels do not work well unless they are relatively small in height OR the screen is of appropriately size10:24
apacheloggerlanguage fail right there10:25
apacheloggerthat is why in gnome2 the panels where rather tiny10:25
Tm_Tone panel has to be enough for default10:25
apacheloggerotherwise on a small screen you get the feeling that they are crushing your windows or something10:25
yofelgnome2 worked really well on 4:3 screens10:25
apacheloggeryofel: yeah10:25
apacheloggernow take kde with the super huge panels and try that on a small 4:3 screen10:26
apacheloggerto pull that off almost all plasmoids would have to be redone to not waste space the way they do10:26
apachelogger(though perhaps that should be done anyway ^^)10:26
apacheloggermikhas: we have 4 edges, if anything we should have 4 panels :P10:27
mikhastriangular-shaped screens are the future, I'm telling you …10:27
apacheloggeractually someone told me spherical10:28
apacheloggerthough I cannot remember why10:28
apacheloggerto close a window you shake the sphere10:28
apacheloggeroh one more though on the panel thing ... the more plasmoids you add to plasma the higher the risk it will crash10:28
Riddellug, you want precious screen space to be taken up by toys?10:30
tsimpsonyou could use a "showcase" activity, have the default activity nice and clean and have another full of crud.. er toys10:31
tsimpsonthough that assumes people know how to get from one activity to the other, or even know what they are10:32
yofel"-add more monochromatic icons for all notification-helpers. Please use existing or talk to Nuno Pinheiro. "10:34
yofelWHY? Why does everyone to have anything in mono? Sure, it *looks* good, but usability--10:34
yofeladd want in there10:34
apacheloggeragain I disagree about the problem statement :P10:37
apacheloggerthe icons should not be mono, there should be less notification helper icons10:38
yofelhuh? how much are there? I only see the additional-stuff and reboot ones usually10:38
apacheloggerultimately only reboot and hooks notification10:38
apacheloggerboth of which ought to be drawing attention as they are kinda important usually10:38
apacheloggeryofel: the additional stuff ones should not be there10:38
yofelwhere then? a non-expiring notification?10:39
apacheloggerno notification10:39
yofelnow I'm confused10:39
apacheloggerit should be inside the app10:39
apacheloggerlike the additional wallpaper thingy10:39
yofelwhere in rekonq would you add the flash installer then?10:40
apacheloggerthe notifications were a quick solution with minimally invasive patching10:40
apacheloggeryofel: detect flash plugins and replace the plugin component with a thingy that installs10:40
apacheloggeror if it must be a notification *inside* the app10:40
yofelok, and now something that we have the manpower to do?10:41
yofel(other than patches welcome)10:41
apacheloggeryofel: you sure that excuse qualifies as reason not to target that problem resolution?10:42
yofelnot really10:43
phoenix_firebrdyofel: from which directory i have to run quilt for patching?10:47
apacheloggerRiddell: there is a legit question at the heart of this ... how do we educate/show users what they can or may want to do with plasma10:47
apacheloggerand perhaps at least as important ... do we even want that10:47
yofelphoenix_firebrd: source base dir10:47
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: like force feed the?10:47
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: like force feed them?10:47
yofelphoenix_firebrd: oh, wait10:47
apacheloggerphoenix_firebrd: yes10:48
apacheloggerthough it is a terrible unsuitable phrase to use10:48
phoenix_firebrdyofel: one file is in the sorce dir and the other is in sorce.orig dir10:48
yofelphoenix_firebrd: put this in your .quiltrc http://paste.kde.org/65529810:48
apacheloggeryou cannot be force fed software unless you cannot remove it :P10:48
yofelwell, upstream does have a few "showcase" activities10:49
yofelso that's not wrong pre se10:49
Riddellapachelogger: I recon that users who like wee widgets will be the sort of user to play with settings enough to find them, it's not hard there's a cashew thing to click on right there10:50
apacheloggersuch that you always end up with either an opt-in or opt-out approach, e.g. our default distro comes with very few plunder so you need to install more plunder yourself, out of the box windows computers come with all sorts of plunder from the oem so you need to manually remove stuff you do not want10:50
apacheloggerI personally favor our approach but it has the problem that a user may not know how one can make advanced use of $software and how that may improve ones productiveness or computing experience10:51
apacheloggerRiddell: what about activities10:52
Riddellwrite good docs? make an interactive intro to plasma widget?10:53
apacheloggerpossible solutions indeed10:53
apacheloggerso someone should write that as a reply :P10:53
Riddellyeah I think we should replace default virtual desktops with default activities10:53
Riddellbut I do think the way of interactive with activities is not intuitive at all10:54
apacheloggerRiddell: that's why I thought you were dismissive btw, a first start introduction is not a bad idea as such, it getting in the way of using is10:54
yofelI have one use for them: have a completely empty desktop for presentations at work. End of use case10:54
apacheloggeran issue nicely worked around by making any such intro either an app that does not start by default or is a plasma widget10:54
apacheloggeryofel: lol10:55
apacheloggerI always end up loosing windows in some activity10:55
yofel... or end up having stuff consuming memory that you forgot about10:56
apacheloggernot my kind of concept10:57
apacheloggerthen again I never used vdesktops either10:57
yofelI do, but that's a matter of taste. If there was a pager-like widget for activities I would probably use them10:58
phoenix_firebrdyofel: this is the patch http://paste.kde.org/655316/ take a look at the file locations, now from which dir i should run quilt11:03
yofelafter you created the .quiltrc that I posted, go into libkolabxml-0.8.2 and run 'quilt push' in there11:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel: its cutmp311:04
yofelah, same procedure though11:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel: did you see this https://launchpad.net/~murthy/+archive/test/+packages11:05
yofelnot yet, I can review kolabxml later11:05
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok11:05
yofelkolab would be waiting for shadeslayer I guess - if he can figure it out11:05
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya11:05
phoenix_firebrdyofel: when i run quilt from inside the source dir it fails 11:06
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the source.orig dir is outside11:06
phoenix_firebrdalso i updated the quiltrc with the code that you gave 11:06
yofelit fails with what error message?11:07
phoenix_firebrdthe .quiltrc file is in home dir11:07
phoenix_firebrdyofel: http://paste.kde.org/655322/11:08
yofelcan you please pastebin that Makefile11:09
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok i will paste, i can see it is modified11:10
phoenix_firebrdyofel: http://pastebin.com/pMNYFcKS11:11
yofelthat version number change breaks it I think11:12
yofel$me -> lunch11:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: see you later enjoy 11:12
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: can I shut down the ec2?11:24
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: sure11:28
yofelphoenix_firebrd: please put all the changes you do in the changelog and mention why you drop a patch. I fixed 2 other things too but generally the package is fine. full diff: http://paste.kde.org/655346 11:46
yofelphoenix_firebrd: uploaded https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libkolabxml/0.8.2-0ubuntu111:46
phoenix_firebrdyofel: wow thats very detailed, i didn't know that11:48
phoenix_firebrdyofel: nice11:48
phoenix_firebrdyofel: so apart from the changelog , am i ok?11:49
yofelphoenix_firebrd: yeah, as for my changes - you probably didn't look at the cmake output close enough11:50
yofelthere was a message about swig not being found and a warning about Qt not being there11:51
yofelthey're both optional, so it built. But do try to get everything working as long as it's there11:51
phoenix_firebrdyofel: yesterday i added swig11:51
yofel(or as long as we don't have a reason for not using it)11:51
yofelthat was in kolab I think - kolabxml already had swig2.0, but it uses swig, not swig2.011:52
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok11:52
phoenix_firebrdyofel: whats the time?11:53
phoenix_firebrdyofel: where do you live?11:53
yofelso almost 1pm now here11:53
phoenix_firebrdyofel: 12 54 pm?11:54
Riddellhi vassie 11:54
phoenix_firebrdyofel: can you build cutmp311:54
vassieRiddell: hello :)11:54
yofelphoenix_firebrd: as I don't have upload permissions for cutmp3 a MOTU or core-dev should do that11:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: no just build11:56
yofelwell ok, that I can do11:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have doubts in the patching11:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: tell me when the patching fails11:58
yofelpatch works when you change the VERSION from 2.0.2 to 2.1 - the patch initially fails because the patch context changed11:59
vassieRiddell: i have some time now if you are free>11:59
Riddellvassie: awooga12:00
phoenix_firebrdyofel: so you mofify the patch?12:00
phoenix_firebrdyofel: tell me what you did12:01
yofelyep, in this case it's easy. Worst case you would have to force apply the patch, manually integrate all rejected hunks and refresh the patch12:01
yofelin the patch, replace  VERSION=2.0.2 with  VERSION=2.1 - which is what the Makefile has now12:02
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok, now debuild?12:02
yofelrun 'quilt push' to verify that the patch applies fine, then debuild12:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel: works12:05
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i never thought we had permission to mmodify the patch12:05
yofelphoenix_firebrd: patches are modifications to the application added by the packagers - i.e. by *you*12:07
yofeland usually we don't modify the patches, but if the don't apply, we have to fix them12:07
yofelor decide what else we're supposed to do with them12:08
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I thought its a patch for the devs12:08
yofeldefine "dev" - a packager counts as distribution developer. Upstream developers rarley provide patches. But if they do, then it's our job to add them - or not12:09
phoenix_firebrdyofel: can the following message be removed from the log 12:10
phoenix_firebrdyofel: "ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libeatmydata/libeatmydata.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored."12:10
yofelphoenix_firebrd: run pbuilder update once. The eatmydata package isn't yet installed12:10
yofelit needs to be installed in the chroot to work12:10
yofelthat's what EXTRAPACKAGES does, but not during 'build'12:11
phoenix_firebrdyofel: no need to set the distribution for updating pbuilder ?12:12
yofelwhat do you mean? just call pbuilder as you usually do, just with update instad of build12:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: updating12:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i thought a patch is created by the application dev and to patch the source only by them12:13
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I can remember you added my kmix patch once12:14
yofelno, the patches in debian/patches/ are distribution patches. The packagers decide what goes in there and what not12:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya, learned that today12:14
yofelsure, we do have upstream patches, or cherry-picked upstream commits in there sometimes. But we have plenty of kubuntu-only stuff too12:14
yofelkubuntu-only should be prevented if anyhow possible, but sometimes it's simply a distro-specific change12:15
yofellike that makefile patch which is simply needed to get the application to build a proper archive package12:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: so in the case of cutmp3 we have modified the patch, so what should we say in the change log?12:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: "corrected version number in the patch?"12:17
yofeluh... "Refresh <patchname> for the new release" or so12:17
yofelchangelog entries use present tense btw.12:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok12:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: even after updating the pbuilder i am getting the error message12:19
yofeldo mention the patch name in the changelog though when you change it. Makes it easier to find all changes to it when you search through the changelog later12:19
yofelhm, weird12:19
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok12:19
yofelphoenix_firebrd: try update --override-config12:19
phoenix_firebrdyofel: omg its updating to precise12:20
phoenix_firebrdyofel: by default when creating its getting precise12:21
phoenix_firebrdyofel: when we create does the cache get destroyed?12:21
yofelsorry then, I manage my tars by release, so that doesn't happen here12:21
yofelI don't think so, only the base.tgz should be re-created12:22
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i will try to update with --distribution raring12:23
phoenix_firebrdupdating to raring12:23
yofelhere's my pbuilderrc if you find anything useful: http://paste.kde.org/655358/12:24
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have saved your pbuilderrc as a file, i will go throught it12:26
yofelwe need to put a set of defaults somewhere...12:27
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the error messages still show up12:28
phoenix_firebrdyofel: what defaults?12:28
yofelphoenix_firebrd: odd, can you pastebin your pbuilderrc?12:28
yofelsome pbuilder settings that make sense by default for us12:28
yofelthere is one on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/BuildEnvironment but it's a bit outdated12:28
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok12:28
yofel(actually the whole page is)12:28
phoenix_firebrdyofel: http://paste.kde.org/655364/12:29
yofelwth, that looks right.12:30
yofelcan you login to your pbuilder and check if eatmydata is installed?12:30
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok12:30
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have logged in, how can i check if it is installed?12:31
yofelapt-cache policy eatmydata12:31
phoenix_firebrdInstalled: 26-212:32
yofeland you got no ld.so error while looking that up?12:33
phoenix_firebrdERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libeatmydata/libeatmydata.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.12:34
phoenix_firebrdyofel: does this channel have a bot?12:34
yofel2, ubottu and kubotu - depends on what you need12:34
yofelactually 3 counting the logbot12:34
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the one that alerts when you paste huge data12:35
yofelah floodbot, no, intentionally not12:35
phoenix_firebrdya right12:35
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I wont flood :)12:36
yofelweird though that eatmydata is installed and it complains about it not being there12:36
yofel /usr/lib/libeatmydata/libeatmydata.so exists in the chroot, right?12:36
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i will check12:36
phoenix_firebrdyofel: yes12:37
phoenix_firebrdyofel: even looks fine with ldd12:37
yofelI guess disable it for now as I'm out of ideas12:38
yofelwithout that pbuilder is a bit of a pain though :(12:38
yofel(unless you have a SSD)12:39
phoenix_firebrdyofel:  I build with root permission , does that affect?12:39
yofelor enough memory to build in a tmpfs (i.e. 16GiB or so)12:39
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have 999mb left in root12:40
yofelwell, I do too, but I use sudo -E to keep the env settings. But if it would loos those then LD_PRELOAD wouldn't be set in the first place12:40
yofeloops, that might be a bit small for some packages12:40
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya12:40
yofel(digikam for example easily takes 5G)12:40
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya12:41
* yofel wonders what else you could update - library packages aren't exactly the easiest thing to start with12:50
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I added this to the changelog for cutmp3 "-Refresh 01-makefile.patch for the new release" \12:56
phoenix_firebrdI didn't modify anything else12:57
yofelyeah, that's ok12:57
phoenix_firebrdyofel: If its ok with you, i am enjoying building the libs12:57
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I am just learning the basic by unconventional method :)12:58
yofelkile has an update13:01
* yofel was looking for something we keep in bzr though13:01
yofelbut I guess we can throw kile in bzr13:01
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I have no idea what you are talking about13:03
yofelI'll try to clear that up13:03
yofeldo you know what bzr is?13:03
yofelor git or svn for that matter?13:03
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya i am using git and bazaar13:04
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: libkolab all done?13:05
yofelRiddell: that was waiting on shadeslayer who tried to get the tests to build13:06
turgayhi 13:06
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: libkolab built , but tests fail13:06
turgayI can not get sound13:06
yofelphoenix_firebrd: so, for many packages we keep the packaging (the debian folder) in a bazaar branch https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/13:06
turgayturgay@turgay-S:~$ aplay -l13:06
turgayaplay: device_list:252: ses kartı bulunamadı...13:06
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: i am building packages listed here http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html13:07
RiddellI'm still not convinced that is complete13:07
Riddellsomewhere on my todo list is to make something similar for kde packages13:07
turgayhttp://ompldr.org/vaDdjYg  lspci 13:07
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~murthy/+archive/test/+packages13:08
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: that would be nice13:08
yofelphoenix_firebrd: so, if you want I can give you a short intro to our bzr workflow taking kile as example. Without direct commit access it takes a bit longer but you'll learn something new about launchpad too13:11
phoenix_firebrdyofel: that would be awesome13:11
phoenix_firebrdyofel: kile is in official ubuntu repos?13:12
yofelok, do you have the kubuntu-dev-tools installed? That has a small script named kbzr13:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: checking13:12
yofelwhich helps with not having to type lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/... all the time13:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: no13:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: installing13:13
phoenix_firebrdyofel: shall i install kubuntu-dev-tools or just kbzr just for now?13:13
yofelkubuntu-dev-tools, kbzr is part of that13:13
Riddellturgay: user support in #ubuntu and #kubuntu thanks13:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel: E: Package 'kubuntu-dev-tools' has no installation candidate13:15
yofeladd ppa:bulldog98/kubuntu-dev-tools to your sources13:16
yofelthat has snapshots of lp:kubuntu-dev-tools 13:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: muon has a bug, its not refreshing the list after modifying the sources , it updates after second time 13:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: installing kubuntu-dev-tools13:18
yofelfile a bug, but I think that's some mismatch between muon and software-properties-kde13:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:19
turgayRiddell: I installed kubuntu  13:04 :)13:19
yofelfile a bug anyway so it's not forgotten13:19
yofelturgay: user support for 13.04 is in #ubuntu+113:19
Riddellturgay: #ubuntu+1 then (alas we're not sound specialists here)13:19
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the dev tools installed13:20
phoenix_firebrdyofel: open kbzr?13:20
yofelok, now go to your workplace and run: kbzr branch kile13:20
turgaythnx   pai.13:20
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have the source13:21
phoenix_firebrdyofel: only with debian folder13:22
phoenix_firebrdyofel: oops13:22
yofelright, that's all we keep in bzr13:22
phoenix_firebrdyofel: next?13:22
yofelnow you need to download 2.1.3 from the website as the watch file doesn't work13:23
yofelsee http://kile.sourceforge.net/download.php13:23
yofelso just download the file and rename it to kile_2.1.3.orig.tar.bz2 outside the kile folder like uscan did for the other packages13:24
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:24
phoenix_firebrdyofel: 2 min to download finish13:24
phoenix_firebrdyofel: for some reason the file is getting downloaded at 26 KB/s13:26
yofelblame the mirror I guess13:27
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i should put the downloaded file inide kile dir or outside?13:29
yofeloutside, and it has to be named <pkg>_<version>.orig.tar.<compression>13:29
phoenix_firebrdyofel: done13:30
yofelthe source folder would usually be kile-2.1.3, but here kile is enough as we don't need it unpacked13:30
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:31
yofelok, now go inside the kile folder again and run 'dch -i' which'll add a new changelog entry13:31
yofelput 'New upstream release' there for now as usual, and change the version at the top to 2.1.3 and ubuntu113:31
yofelleave it UNRELEASED13:32
yofelnow you would usually run debuild, but with bzr you need to run 'bzr builddeb -S'13:32
yofelwhich will fail for now as I just saw13:33
phoenix_firebrdi have done that13:33
yofelas a patch doesn't apply 13:33
yofelphoenix_firebrd: ok, as we don't have the source unpacked here we can't directly work on the patch13:36
yofelbzr runs debuild in a temporary location so lets go there13:36
yofelthat's ../build-area/kile-2.1.3/13:36
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya, i can see the build fails, so what do we do?13:37
yofelthere we can work on the package as if we wouldn't be using bzr13:37
yofelnow let me read the patch closely, as this doesn't look reverse-applied to me...13:37
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I am inside the said folder13:38
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:38
yofelok, what upstream did between 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 in that file is this: http://paste.kde.org/655514 causing the patch to fail13:40
yofel(I found that out by pulling the 2.1.2 source from launchpad and running diff -ruN kile-2.1.{2,3}/src/data/kilestdtools.rc13:40
yofelafter unpatching 2.1.213:41
yofelok. so we need to fix the patch again, which you should now know how to do13:41
phoenix_firebrdyofel: we need to create a new patch13:42
yofelnot really, we can fix the existing one. Creating the patch fresh might be a good lesson too though13:42
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I sec13:43
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i want to take a look at the log13:44
phoenix_firebrdyofel: so whats the next step?13:44
yofelactually wait, I need to look something up13:44
phoenix_firebrdyofel: shall i do what you did ?13:45
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:45
yofelwe might actually want to drop that patch13:45
phoenix_firebrdyofel: not needed?13:45
yofelthat patch was added 2010 by fabo because kbibtex wasn't avaliable for KDE413:46
yofelfrom what I see we have kbibtex 0.4 in the archive which is kde4 based13:46
phoenix_firebrdyofel: so we have to remove the patch and test with pbuilder13:47
yofellet's disable it for now13:49
yofelI just tried kbibtex, and while the UI is horrible, it seems usable13:49
phoenix_firebrdyofel: you mean delete the patch file?13:49
yofelphoenix_firebrd: ok, so let's go back to our bzr kile folder13:49
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:49
phoenix_firebrdyofel:  iam inside the bzr kile/debian13:50
yofelthere edit debian/patches/series and comment it out (#)13:50
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ah right13:50
yofelfabo: can we just drop that?13:50
phoenix_firebrdyofel: done13:50
yofelphoenix_firebrd: next add a line in the changelog that the patch is diabled as kbibtex is now usable with kde413:51
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:51
faboyofel: yes13:52
yofelphoenix_firebrd: ok, remove the patch name from the series file completely and bzr rm the patch13:53
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok13:53
phoenix_firebrdyofel: done13:54
yofelphoenix_firebrd: ok, now edit the control file and add kbibtex Suggests of kile (and mention that in the changelog)13:55
yofel*to the Suggests of kile13:55
yofelafter that, bzr builddeb will finish fine and we can go to pbuilder13:56
yofelkile isn't exactly small so it'll take a while13:57
phoenix_firebrdthats shouldn't have happended14:00
phoenix_firebrdbuilddeb finished successfully14:00
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ^14:00
yofelnow would be the time for pbuilder, but we could skip that as it built fine here. http://paste.kde.org/65553214:03
phoenix_firebrdyofel: what should i do next?14:05
yofelok, now14:05
yofelas we didn't add any new files, just run bzr commit. Debcommit should fill in the commit message with the changelog contents which is fine14:05
yofelso just use that14:06
phoenix_firebrdyofel: what will be the commit message?14:06
phoenix_firebrdyofel: oops14:07
phoenix_firebrdyofel: sorry14:07
yofelif you messed up run bzr uncommit and try again14:07
yofelnext you need to get your changes to launchpad, so run 'bzr push lp:~murthy/kubuntu-packaging/kile-2.1.3' the last part is the branch name and I just arbitrarily choose kile-2.1.3 for now14:07
yofelthe lp: syntax is lp:<owner>/<project>/<branch<14:08
yofelif you don't have a project '+junk' can be used14:08
phoenix_firebrdyofel: bzr creates a ppa ?14:10
phoenix_firebrdyofel: in that case i should create one or i should push to ppa:murthy/test ?14:10
yofelno, we don't need a package for now14:11
yofelwe need the bzr contents on launchpad14:11
yofelthat's what bzr push lp:~murthy/kubuntu-packaging/kile-2.1.3 will do14:11
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have to see the output to understand14:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: you are pushing the change to this ppa "push lp:~murthy/kubuntu-packaging/kile-2.1.3" using bzr right?14:13
yofelthis is what I did: http://paste.kde.org/65554414:13
yofelthat is *NOT* a PPA14:13
yofelthe result of my push is this: https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kile-2.1.314:14
yofelnow you need to do it14:14
yofelthat's just a bzr repository branch on launchpad, like on github and co.14:15
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok, i did that and i am getting errors14:15
yofeluhm, ok, what kind of?14:15
phoenix_firebrdyofel: http://paste.kde.org/655550/14:16
yofelhm, then I guess you either didn't run bzr launchpad-login yet or bzr doesn't know your ssh key14:16
yofelthe first I guess14:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya14:17
yofelpoke me when it worked14:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok14:19
phoenix_firebrdyofel: finished https://code.launchpad.net/~murthy/14:23
phoenix_firebrdyofel: thats it?14:23
yofelbut we're close14:24
phoenix_firebrdyofel: are you running out of patience?14:24
yofelno, just doing something else in parallel so it can't answer immediately14:24
phoenix_firebrdyofel: no its not that, you have a lot of patience to teach me step by step14:25
yofelphoenix_firebrd: can you please add "* New upstream release" at the top of the changelog? It's a bit of a redundant information but it's convetion to have it in there for a new version14:25
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I never thought that someone could do that for me14:26
yofelphoenix_firebrd: I don't mind doing that if the other person listens to me ;)14:26
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok, i will add14:26
yofelthen commit and push again14:26
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i am all ears14:26
BluesKajHiyas all14:27
yofelafter that we'll need to get your changes into the official packaging branch14:27
yofelfor that, after you've commited and pushed the last change, press on "Propose for merging" on the branch page14:28
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi14:28
phoenix_firebrdyofel: thats like submitting for review? 14:29
yofelthere you'll have to set the target branch, which is lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kile14:29
BluesKajhi phoenix_firebrd14:29
yofelput some useful comment in there (optional), and leave the rest open for now and press Propose Merge14:31
yofelthen give me the link to the merge14:31
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i have updated the changelog, done builddeb, commited the changes and pushed it again14:32
phoenix_firebrdyofel: 1 min14:32
phoenix_firebrdyofel: https://code.launchpad.net/~murthy/kubuntu-packaging/kile-2.1.3/+merge/14471414:37
yofelgood, that's the review page and launchpad will show a nice diff at the bottom once it's done loading14:38
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok14:39
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i can see the diff now14:41
yofelphoenix_firebrd: ok, I'll change Adding to Add in the changelog, otherwise fine14:41
phoenix_firebrdyofel: you can edit that online?14:42
yofelno, but bzr merge will just import your changes which I can then edit before pushing them to the real branch14:42
shadeslayeryofel: I think you should upload kolab14:43
shadeslayerbecause tests will take time14:43
yofelshadeslayer: from where?14:43
yofelah, without tests14:43
yofelcan do14:43
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok14:43
yofelphoenix_firebrd: done https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kile14:44
yofelfiling a merge request isn't *required*, as you can just poke me with your branch on launchpad, but I wanted you to see the full process once. Sometimes it's easier that way14:45
phoenix_firebrdyofel: nice, thanks a lot14:45
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I will do the build process with bazaar and push it here and will poke you to merge14:47
yofelyeah, or someone else can do it. It's only for the packages that we have in bzr, which is the KDE SC mostly14:47
yofelyou'll get to touch that once you're at ninja level ;)14:47
phoenix_firebrdyofel:  soon :)14:48
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I have to summarize and take notes of what i learned today14:49
phoenix_firebrdyofel: that would help be if i forget something14:49
yofelsure, if you have a question just ask around14:50
yofelI added one more change, just for reference: http://paste.kde.org/65558614:50
yofelI should've fixed those right at the beginning14:50
phoenix_firebrdyofel: should i build and put these packages http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html to bazaar branch ?14:51
yofelnah, only if they have a branch linked to in the control file14:52
yofelotherwise use the classic packaging way and put it in a PPA for review14:52
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok14:52
yofelfor the general universe packages a MOTU will have to look at them, you can file a sponshorhip request for those (a bug)14:52
yofelMasters of the Universe ;P14:53
phoenix_firebrdyofel: thats apachelogger right?14:53
yofelwell, he's a core-dev (which implies MOTU)14:54
yofelmore info on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing and they're usually at home in #ubuntu-motu14:54
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ok14:55
shadeslayerit's funny how MOTU sounds so similar to a hindi word which stands for being fat14:55
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha14:55
yofelphoenix_firebrd: reason why I say that: package upload permissions are managed by package sets here, and I as kubuntu-dev can upload: http://paste.kde.org/65558614:56
yofelfor the rest you need to find the appropriate person/team14:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i saw that when i tried to select you as a reviewer14:56
yofelI don't mind doing a review every now and then though. (rarely)14:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I am feeling very sleepy14:58
Riddelllooks like you're getting quite into this phoenix_firebrd, well done14:58
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: thanks a lot14:59
RiddellI've also been training up vassie today, lovely to have some new talent around14:59
BluesKajthis may not be the right place to ask , but i'm having some freeze issues with firefox on 13.04 , can someone direct me to correct log to find the errors14:59
Riddellvassie's first effort appearing in https://launchpad.net/~vassie/+archive/ppa14:59
vassieglad i can help14:59
yofelBluesKaj: #ubuntu-mozillateam might know more14:59
phoenix_firebrdvassie: congrats 15:00
BluesKajok thanks yofel15:00
vassiephoenix_firebrd: thank you15:00
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i am getting up at 3 am 15:01
yofelwow, I can't manage that ^^15:03
phoenix_firebrdyofel: that mean your time will be around 11 pm15:03
phoenix_firebrdyofel: do you hang around at that time?15:03
yofelusually yes15:03
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: if not you can try me or anyone else15:04
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: sure15:05
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: you were awake very late yesterday15:05
Riddelllate to you is not so late to me, the americans are later still :)15:06
phoenix_firebrdRiddell:  :)15:06
* Riddell out for an hour15:06
phoenix_firebrdshall i got go to bed?15:07
phoenix_firebrdshall i  go to bed?15:07
yofelok, kile up15:07
* yofel looks at kolab15:07
shadeslayeryofel: I ran dh_auto_test through xvfb-run for about 16 hours15:07
shadeslayerbut it was still stuck on the first test15:08
yofelyeah, it opens kompare and waits for someone to close the window15:08
shadeslayerso we should ask the kolab people if it's possible to keep running the tests even if the kompare window is open15:08
shadeslayerand not fail if the kompare window is not closed15:08
yofelyeah, or if they could make it not use kompare15:09
shadeslayerI read the code a bit15:09
shadeslayerI couldn't figure out why it would open kompare15:09
shadeslayerbecause it's a macro15:09
shadeslayerwhich doesn't have a kompare call15:09
shadeslayerso will talk to the kolab people15:10
yofelphoenix_firebrd: feel free to, good night15:10
shadeslayerit's only 9 PM15:11
shadeslayeryofel: I probably missed something :P15:11
phoenix_firebrdsorry i was on the phone15:13
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: i wakeup at 3 am daily15:13
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: i have to eat and do some work and i am already feeling sleepy15:13
yofelphoenix_firebrd: reading assignment for home: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ - take your time to read it15:14
yofelas in a month or two15:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel: sure 15:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel: it will be done15:14
yofelthose are the general rules we have to follow in the packages, so you should know them15:14
apacheloggerlike shadeslayer read the make manual15:14
apacheloggeroh wait15:14
apacheloggerhe didn't15:14
shadeslayerI did15:14
yofelor at least remember where to look them up15:14
* apachelogger leaves for lunch15:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: some of it15:15
shadeslayerbut I did15:15
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha15:15
yofelhe also read the make manual (probably...)15:15
shadeslayerright :P15:15
phoenix_firebrdyofel: sure15:15
yofelphoenix_firebrd: as 'rules' is a Makefile, knowing gnu make syntax is useful15:15
yofelphoenix_firebrd: but nobody of us I think really managed to read the whole manual :P15:16
yofelexcept apachelogger maybe15:16
apacheloggeror you'll end up like shadeslayer writing test targets as if they were bash15:16
shadeslayerlike for eg. I was trying to figure out how to loop in make yesterday15:16
apacheloggerultimately being at the discretion of other binaries to work in a way that will make it work15:16
yofelhey! it was beatiful... erm, bash15:16
apacheloggeryofel: you better be glad that I did not write the l10n stuff in make15:16
apacheloggercuz I originallys tarted it in make and then ported to bash because I feared people would not be able to haxx0r it :P15:17
yofel~karma phoenix_firebrd15:17
kubotukarma for phoenix_firebrd: 115:17
phoenix_firebrdyofel: nice15:18
=== rafael is now known as Guest23195
phoenix_firebrdyofel: you checked my karma?15:18
shadeslayer~karma shadeslayer15:18
kubotukarma for shadeslayer: 1615:19
yofelphoenix_firebrd: it's just a play thing really ;)15:19
yofel~karma yofel15:19
kubotukarma for yofel: 1915:19
yofel~karma bzr15:20
kubotukarma for bzr: -515:20
* apachelogger scratches nose15:20
apacheloggerwhat shall I get for lunch? :S15:20
shadeslayerakonadi bugs15:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: also to loop you'd use bash15:20
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha15:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: so I was right? hooray15:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: well depends on the loop15:22
apacheloggere.g. you can dynamically build targets15:22
apacheloggerFILES = foo bar foobar15:23
yofelapachelogger: I know that make does multi-pass parsing on the makefile, but I never  understood how that works15:23
apachelogger\tcat $(@)15:24
apacheloggerall: $(FILES)15:24
apacheloggerwill cat all 3 files15:24
apacheloggeryofel: not sure how to explain it actually :P15:25
apacheloggerwell, I don't see what needs explaining anyway ^^15:25
apacheloggerimagine you have the variables FILES and DIRS from which targets are built15:26
apacheloggerso what happens is that make creates a target with the unique name of each file by copying the generic target, and otherwise subs FILES for the actual names15:27
apacheloggerin the next pass it would use the FILE sub'd output and sub DIRS15:28
apacheloggeruntil everything is resolved15:28
shadeslayerwho has precise here?15:39
alleeshadeslayer: precise on real hw or vm?  what needs verification?15:48
shadeslayerbug 109322015:49
ubottubug 1093220 in transmission (Ubuntu Quantal) "[SRU] Fix transmission-qt to open magnet links from a browser" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109322015:49
shadeslayereither is fime15:49
alleeshadeslayer: mhm, sounds like p2p software.   Better not at work :-(15:54
shadeslayeryes it is :)15:54
shadeslayerallee: that's fine, you can test at home :)15:55
phoenix_firebrdgood night yofel, Riddell, shadeslayer, apachelogger16:06
shadeslayerI'll go and play some GoW myself16:07
mikhasallee, not all torrents point to copyright violations …16:11
mikhasdistros still offer torrents, too16:12
Guest23195what reason gave firefox upstream to not include KDE integration patches?16:17
Guest23195does it breaks firefox-gnome-support?16:29
alleemikhas: of course!  That's right no doubt!16:31
RiddellGuest23195: I think they just don't want to maintain it16:51
Guest23195they want to maintain gnome integration but don't want to maintain kde integration? mmmm suspicious :p16:52
Riddellclosed minded indeed16:54
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Riddellshadeslayer: what's needed from kde4libs and kde-workspace for active?17:58
shadeslayerthere are some patches17:58
shadeslayerbut I haven't tested them17:58
shadeslayerwe need ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/active/3.0/src/patches/kdelibs-plasma-active-patches.diff18:01
Riddellno small patch18:01
shadeslayerband this ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/active/3.0/src/patches/kde-workspace-kwin-touch-mouseevents-translation.diff18:01
Riddellshadeslayer: in kde-workspace changelog you say18:02
Riddell  * Build with KDE_PLATFORM_PROFILE=Desktop18:02
Riddellbut nothing in debian/rules18:02
shadeslayeryeah, ignore that18:02
shadeslayerthat's whats built by default18:03
shadeslayerI probably just forgot to remove it from the changelog18:03
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1066237] log out button freezes kde @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1066237 (by J. Sundermeyer)18:32
Riddellshadeslayer: whee active is active (on my laptop)20:58
shadeslayerRiddell: lol21:01
RiddellI'm kindae suspicious how the patches aren't upstream21:02
EagleScreen/usr/sbin/guest-account script seems to copy files from /etc/guest-session/skel, but there isn't /etc/guest-session directory in my Kubuntu 12.10 system with lightdm ???21:04
RiddellEagleScreen: is there something in ubuntu desktop?21:06
EagleScreenRiddell: sorry your question is ambiguous to me21:08
RiddellEagleScreen: does an ubuntu desktop install have files there?21:10
Riddellshadeslayer: did you apckage declarative-plasmoids?21:10
Riddellshadeslayer: this is a bit incomplete Description: <insert up to 60 chars description>21:10
EagleScreenRiddell: you mean Ubuntu Desktop with Unity? I don't know, but then where Kubuntu copy guest home data from?21:12
jussiraring here we come  :D21:17
Riddelljussi: how did it go?21:43
jussiRiddell: still happening...21:44
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BarkingFishevening guys :)  anyone know what is wrong with do-release-upgrade and why it's causing a traceback?22:41
BarkingFishif its something simple I can fix, i'll fix and try to use it - if not, I'll bugzilla it and leave it for whoever maintains whatever provides it :)22:46
yofelBarkingFish: seeing the traceback would help ;)22:47
BarkingFishok, one sec and I'll pastebin it22:48
BarkingFishyofel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567461/22:50
yofelBarkingFish: uh, if I read EOF as End Of File this doesn't look good23:12
yofela broken file on your system maybe?23:13
BarkingFishthat's what it is23:13
BarkingFishI don't know what's caused it - but apparently, the file comes from (according to dpkg -S) "ubuntu-upgrader-release-core"23:13
yofelhm, I think it's the distutils23:14
BarkingFishi'm not aware of any broken files on my system, yofel - it's been working fine.23:14
yofeldpkg -S DistUpgrade says what?23:14
BarkingFishone sec23:14
yofelpython-distupgrade or python3-distupgrade I guess23:14
yofeltry reinstalling what you get23:14
BarkingFishhold on, wrong package :)23:16
yofelnah, try reinstalling python3-distupgrade23:16
yofeldpkg -S is case sensitive though ;)23:16
BarkingFishThat's what your command gave me :)23:17
yofelwhat are the contents of /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeVersion.py ?23:17
BarkingFishreinstalled python3-distupgrade and it's running now23:18
BarkingFishupgrading me to raring's tar.gz :)23:18
yofelso broken file after all.23:18
BarkingFishyeah - I had no idea it was busted - i wouldn't have had a clue how to find out anyway!23:19
BarkingFishright, I'm gonna drop out - upgrade on the way, and if I sit here, my net will slow down too much. The joy of wifi :(23:20
BarkingFishI'll see you later :D23:20
BarkingFishthanks yofel!23:20
Riddelljussi: any luck?23:28

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