SonikkuAmerica__Version 18... is it available through [ update-manager -c -d ] yet? (12.10)00:04
SonikkuAmerica__(I don't mind getting my hands dirty)00:04
FernandoMiguelI always sed my sources00:04
FernandoMiguelwhat's driving me mad is the mouse select hover effect00:04
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gnomefreakfinally all packages can be updated :)04:31
gnomefreakanyone know if kde or xfce are able to use screensavers?04:31
micahggnomefreak: xfce uses xscreensaver04:47
gnomefreakmicahg: they still work?04:49
micahgidk, haven't tried04:49
micahgif not, please file a bug04:49
gnomefreakgnome doesnt support screensavers anymore not since 12.1004:49
bjsniderhighly questionable whether they're stil necessary05:04
gnomefreakbjsnider: i like them and miss them, but since gnome doesnt support them anymore AFAICT there isnt much we can do, but gnome seems to be steadly dropping items since Untiy was introduced05:12
bjsnideryeah but, turning off the monitor is obviously better than running it with a screensaver05:13
bjsniderif screensavers had never existed, at this point in time, would it be necessary to invent them?05:14
gnomefreakbjsnider: yeah it is05:14
bjsniderso you can see their point05:14
gnomefreakyeah i can to an extent05:15
amomagnome terminal wants to install a font. How disable it?05:36
micahg!crosspost | amoma05:37
ubottuamoma: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.05:37
amomaok, but tel me how to turn it off05:39
amomajust point me where to look05:40
micahgit's in the dependency chain somewhere, even --no-install-recommends asks for it05:41
amomai searched web but :(05:41
amomai chceserchad etc for strings but :(05:41
amomai do not install any fonts for browsking binaries05:42
micahgamoma: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1565182/05:42
amomathis do not help, i do not need a font i want to turn this popup off05:45
micahgthat tells you which package needs it05:45
micahghow do you expect to have a terminal without a font?05:46
amomano this is false messsage, i loking at binary content of files05:46
micahg*GUI terminal05:46
amomain gui in terminal window05:46
amomathe binary content of file i inspecting is recognized by random chance05:48
amomaas jabenese , telug, kanda, kilons adromeda_GAI and os on05:48
amoma*and so on, random05:49
amomanot related to any font05:50
amomanow wants to install Thai05:51
amomaand if i closed it popup Hindi05:51
amomascrooling 3 screen down ask for Cherokee05:52
micahgoh, I thought you meant on package install, I have no idea why it would pop up requests like that05:52
amomathe request popup since the binary content looks like unicode05:53
amomathis seem obvius to me, i asking only where is config for this behavior05:54
amomaor should i uninstall gnome05:54
micahgit's the middle of the night for most people, so I'd suggest being patient05:54
amomathis is not helpful, next time say nothing please05:55
amomathis my discourage me from seeking help on ubuntu05:56
micahgamoma: I misunderstood your issue, it was one I thought I could help with05:56
amomaok i understand this "micahg> !crosspost | amoma" was by misunderstanding06:05
micahgno, that was for crossposting, regardless of whether or not I had an answer06:05
amomafor you "micahg> it's the middle of the night" but on the other chanels in diffrent languages is not. earth is round here night somewhere else day06:08
micahgmost of the people in these channels are in the americas or europe, which gives you from ~9PM to 8AM06:09
amomamicahg, thank you06:11
micahgI was only suggesting patience as someone might come along soon and answer your question06:12
c_smithhey, what version of fglrx is currently in Raring? I'd like to know that before I upgrade so I know where I need to get fglrx 13.1 from06:37
mortal_on 1015pem kernel crash on boot07:22
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jemaduxi have dual boot ubuntu lts and ubuntu daily .. i am using chroot to update the 13.04 but now i cant .. .any way to do that?12:18
turgayWhy I can not get sound?13:22
ryeHi. Installing current raring from a DVD (switched laptop UEFI mode to test) - can't get past first screen and I see partman processes running13:36
ryeok, killed debconf process, installation can now be restarted13:42
ryeaha, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/108070114:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [High,Confirmed]14:04
BluesKajHiyas all14:27
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alo21Hi... every time I try to install ubuntu 13.04 on my usb-stick, usb-creator-gtk crashes.20:55
ironhalikwas wondering how usabe raring is at the current stage21:18
ironhalikI used to install later alphas and betas of previous releases and usually managed with the bugs21:18
BluesKajironhalik, depends on your hardware with thios release more than previous one in my experience , if you run AMD64 cpu and nvidia graphics you might want to consider upgrading via the internet from 12.10 if that's what you're running .21:36
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BluesKajubiquity installer has a bug that stalls the install at hardware recognition on some AMD64 pcs21:38
ironhalikI'm planning to install it on a x220 thinkpad21:40
ironhalikx64 mobile sandy bridge with integrated graphics21:40
ironhalikI'm kinda wondering if 13.04 is more buggy then 12.10 ;>21:40
ironhalikwith 12.10, I get service crash every minute or two, on 12.04, I can't get the trackpad to work properly21:41
ironhalikso I thought about 13.04 :>21:41
BluesKajlooks to me like you could install 13.04 without too much trouble, ironhalik21:42
ironhalikI probably should make an emergency 12.xx install drive, just in case the instaler fails at a critical moment ;>21:43
ironhalikanyways, thanks for the info BluesKaj21:43
BluesKajintel seems to be troeble free with 13.04 so far21:44
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turgay http://ompldr.org/vaDdjZQ23:30
turgaywhy i can not get sound23:31

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